Republican Riot

I’m more active on twitter these days than on this blog, but since there is no room for letters on twitter, I’m publishing them here.

Sent to NY Post Apr. 13 and again on Apr. 18th:

Dear Editor:

What a predictable disappointment to read the following sentence in Mike Gonzalez’s “Why the ‘Trump’ State Dept still loves George Soros” (Apr. 7): “Soros’ Open Society Foundation and network of groups does some good in some places — by fighting Vladimir Putin’s bullying of Ukraine, for example.”

There is no contradiction between the things Mr. Gonzalez doesn’t like about Soros, and Soros “standing up to Putin’s bullying of Ukraine.” Both things are bad. Mr. Gonzalez needs a reminder of the Ayn Rand maxim: If you encounter a contradiction, check your original premise, because it’s probably wrong.

Soros isn’t just some leftist figure about whom “conservatives find some things repugnant,” as Mr. Gonzalez also writes. He is a malevolent force of nature who in addition to toppling economies — which everyone does know about — works in the shadows as an unofficial arm of the U.S. and UK “deep state” to topple governments.

The Western narrative on Ukraine (and on Russia in general) — like its cartoonish narrative on the 1990s Balkans wars — is made out of whole cloth, for gullible American consumption. Soros’s people were instrumental in toppling the democratically elected Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych, yet another of our hands-on revolutions after which we had the nerve to force the issue of whether Russia meddled in our election. Seriously? It’s that latest US meddling that pushed ethnic Russians in Crimea to have a referendum to rejoin Russia, as they didn’t want to be governed by our approved Ukrainian fascists. We labeled Russia’s engagement in this as “aggression.” Never mind the Kosovo blueprint we laid out for it — much less justifiably and self-relevantly, but more violently –18 years ago. That’s where this all began. And yet we insist on bringing it full circle.

What the public caught onto with the 2016 election was the parody of the blame-Russia canard. But this was not just some DNC foible; it was an over-the-top expression of an already in-place, bipartisan target-Russia mentality that made the Democrats feel they could take it to satirical levels with a straight face.

And so here we are. Allied with Islam against a fellow-infidel nation that tried to be our partner in what everyone in ‘91 agreed was a new era of US-Russian cooperation against a common global threat. We chose the threat, sending the message that we’ll take barbarians over Slavs. Nice. The last time there was near unanimity on an illegal bombing of a sovereign nation (in this case Syria), we inexplicably leveled Yugoslavia and unleashed jihad. Keep digging, America.

I come from a family of refusenik escapees from Russia, and was raised a Russophobe. But this is ridiculous. Shame on America for out-propagandizing and out-Sovietizing the USSR’s successor state, which has been on the right side of international legality for the past 20 years as we’ve dismantled the very order we helped build after WWII, while “democratizing” the world right back to the 7th century.

Submitted to Washington Times on Apr. 19 7& 20th:

Dear Editor:

Tammy Bruce disappoints (“Hillary Clinton’s Revenge Tour, and Nikki Haley’s Ascent,” Apr. 12). What Ms. Bruce hails in Haley is the very thing that made Hillary Clinton so dangerous, voted Most Likely to Lead us to Nuclear War. Ms. Bruce refers to Haley’s “virtuoso handling of an international crisis, replete with chemical weapons, mass murder, terrorist groups, Russia and Iran…She did not bend, she controlled the environment, and led.”

The reason Russia’s UN rep had such a disgusted look on his face during Haley’s “leadership” display is he knew the charade that was playing out, the “crisis” manufactured (the rebels had every reason to stage a chemical attack while Assad had every reason not to).

Enter the plethora of columns like Ms. Bruce’s, unwittingly reinforcing America’s road to perdition. Haley’s laudable UN-scolding aside, she represents continuity not only of Obama’s Russia-hawk pentagram of harpies — Power-Rice-Jarrett-Nuland-Clinton (“If women ran the world there’d be no war”?) — but also of stuck-in-cold-war Obama supporter Condoleezza Rice, who likewise did the chest-thumping thing where it wasn’t deserved or constructive (toward Russia), while glad-handing our Islamic “friends.” The former hasn’t killed an American in decades, while the latter…well, you do the math. Rice herself was a continuity of Clinton-era Madeleine Albright, who led the march toward our Target-Russia mentality when she targeted the previous designated villain–those surrogate Russians known as Serbs–in a war that’s proving to have been a dry-run against Russia. Indeed, the last time we saw this kind of near unanimity on foreign policy, we leveled Yugoslavia and unleashed jihad.

I’m sorry, but this “toughness” is Foreign Policy for Dummies, and these days that includes my previously exalted fellow conservatives. In fact, the toughness masks a pusillanimity: reluctance to fight the more intractable and politically sensitive but more real, hostile and deadly threat — which professes itself such hourly.

Like many conservatives, Bruce and Haley are inclined to believe that in foreign affairs we’re the “good guys.” The bullet-points that Haley (and everyone else) is hitting Russia with are not eliciting current US actions and responses; they are responses to U.S. actions, intrigues, broken promises, and trampling of the postwar order we ourselves helped build. The sleeping bear is finally, belatedly behaving the way we poked and poked at it to behave. This was all scripted a long time ago. Just because Americans weren’t paying attention to U.S.-Russia relations until cued to do so by our Political-Intel-Media Axis — as it conveniently started the clock for us at Crimea 2014 — doesn’t mean some of us didn’t notice (and futilely warn) that the stage was being set all along.

Sending the message that we prefer barbarians to Russians — and the enmity of the former to the friendship of the latter — tells Russia there’s no place for it in the civilized world, so forage elsewhere. Enter the ever-closer relationship with Iran. My father scoffs that he once scoffed at the prophecy pamphlet the missionaries handed him when he came to this country in 1974: the Soviet Union would fall; airplanes would fly into buildings; and Russia would help Iran build a nuclear bomb.

What a sick twist that it’ll be Trump — clearly goaded into “showing strength” (while showing Muslims he cares) — who will prove prophecy inescapable. After all, we voted against the candidate enthusiastically leading us toward it while Trump had the instincts to avoid it.

Ms. Bruce concludes with, “Everyone at the U.N. now knows who is in charge. And it’s not the boys from Syria, Russia or Iran.”

Actually, it will be. Because when you’re playing war games and justifying them with shallow rhetoric packaged for American consumption, you’re going to get schooled by more ancient nations. Nations which, incidentally, have lived with Muslims in their midst a lot longer and smarter than we have.

As an escapee from Russia, I was raised a Russophobe, but this is ridiculous. I’m sorry for the lesson coming to America, but we asked for it.

Those who live in fear of information, such as what conservative news sites like Breitbart might reveal to them about themselves or the world they pretend not to live in, go to pains to uncover an “anti-Semitic” undercurrent on the site. Having exhausted their efforts to make an anti-Semite out of former editor and current White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, they then turned to the comments section to see what anti-Semitism they could find.

As everyone knows, the comments section of any site is a free-for-all, but because Breitbart’s realism does also attract a pro-white element, that’s all the proof that Breitbart’s detractors think they need. Never mind that white-supremacist minority reading the site has NOTHING on the anti-Semitism of the “non-anti-Semitic” MAJORITY who read “mainstream” sites like Huffington Post (FrontPageMag, CAMERA, and HuffWatch have all been monitoring that Jew-hating cesspool). But here I present to you a hefty excerpt of the comments under a single Yahoo! News story last week about Jews protesting last Sunday’s AIPAC conference (now apparently available only on a Japanese URL):

Garret H
Far-right Israeli Zionists are the real terrorists.

It was reported that Israel’s two largest banks — Bank of Leumi and Hapolim Bank — assisted US citizens (you take a guess whether it was Gentiles or Jewish) in dodging over $400 million of personal income tax. My guess was neither bank reported earned income and capital gains in exchange for large deposits. Somewhere the AIPAC biggies are gathering for their next pow wow. No way they will allow the books of those Jewish banks to be opened up exposing what Americans took advantage. The smoking gun just might lead right back to some of them. That is sickening! And it’s done from our “greatest ally” in the Middle East. Well if that is an ally doing stuff like that then no thank you. Cut off Israel from any aid right now!

If Jews would just top breaking Yahweh’s commandments everything would be fine. They cant help themselves.

If these Jews love Israel so much then they need to leave America and move to Israel! America needs to STOP giving Israel $4 BILLION of our hard earned tax dollars every year!

Shekel Trader
98% of the Jews make the rest look bad. I guess the remaining 2% are at least making themselves known. Gotta give them credit.

Man from Nantucket
AIPAC is the most corrupting factor in our government today. Know your enemy.

AIPAC and Saudi agents in our Congress are the greatest danger to American people’s safety.

a.i.p.a.c. is the cancer in the United States government infecting every traitorous politician.

Omg, too much migrants Jews will take over USA. They are United in singing in Hebrew……People keep throwing U.S. dollars at them!

Israel is a powerful country that does not care what little Americans even little Jewish Americans think. They control the U.S. Congress, local governments, etc. They just laugh and count the money.

The Jew cries out in pain as he extorts your Congress.

Shekel Trader
Now that we know who was making all the bomb threats to Jewish centers around the country and the globe, I wonder how many AIPAC supporters and Israel First Jews turned out to overturn head stones in Jewish cemeteries around the country? Does the Jew know no shame?

The only true solution is the final solution.

The Jewish people are GREAT people. The Jews and Judaism should be respected and protected like any other faith all around the world. THE PROBLEM is EVIL ZIONISM and ZIONISTS. It is the most dangerous, corrupt, filthy, immoral, GREEDY, manipulating ideology ever existed. The ZIONISTS are 100% responsible for the creation of all TERROR groups in the Middle EAST. The ZIONISTS are 100% behind 9/11 attacks on USA. Please watch, “The Experts Speak Out on 9/11” Documentary.

Did you ever hear of a crooked business deal that didn’t contain at least one Jew.

ANY group that promotes terror and apartheid states as they ignore U.N Resolutions including AIPAC should be labeled a terrorist organization, everyone of the people at that sing-a-long needs to be arrested and charged with war crimes and face a collective punishment. Only jews support filth and terror, NOT Americans.. Americans do nothing because the jew has convinced America that ‘Jesus’ is their Messiah, Jesus is also a jew, they are jews, and hence related to jesus , and therefore by default related to your god.. so the jew is your ‘GOD in-law’.. tell me I am wrong you simpleton followers..and the jew counts on it!! there is a reason the jew has been hunted all through history.. ‘109 times’.. google it

Dr Zaius
Let them eat camel dung for all real Americans care about that bizzare cult. They send their sissy boys to join the Israeli Army rather than serve alongside Americans in our Army. They hate us, which is fine, but we owe the Nothing.

Pedorific Talmud
Jews are evil.

Israel Mossad did 9/11…count on it.

F Israel
The fake Jews of Isntreal. The question no one ever asks is “why is the Jew so hated, world over, for thousands of years.” It’s not just a big fluke or huge misunderstanding.

They have no afterlife!

Just hurry up Iran

Kick all the Jews out

Illuminated One
Dispersing Jewish protesters is easy, just roll a few pennies down the street.

There’s a lot of decent Jews left. The rest should make Aliyah. The sooner the better.

The Jew(ish) state by its name is racist. America is a free state.

Greenblatt and Kushner in the White House? I guess we know what will happen next, the Palestinians have no chance with these guys. They will be forced into a corner they can’t get out of without a fight.

Pro-American Republican Whip
I wonder what President Trump will do to AIPAC and Israel after he finds out Israel did the 911 attacks on AMERICA.

F Israel

The people who rule America and suq it dry like parasites

Jews protesting against Israel… Are flying pigs next?

What are they protesting? WE the Turkeys ALREADY pay for Israeli Abortions…thank God, one less… They didn’t upkeep that cemetery in NY and blamed vandals on the tombs turning over AND a 19 year old Jewish Man was caught being behind all the threats against Temples!

Take a guess where the unaccounted-for billions that Madoff made-off with ended-up?

Zionism is a cancer!

Deport them all. They are as bad as the muslims. never trust either cult.

There’s probably a reason the restaurant reviewed here is the only Nigerian restaurant in Las Vegas. The review and a translation below. But first, let’s start with the fact that this was the dish that was featured in the photo in the print edition:

A bowl of fish pepper soup cost $12.99. (Brian Sandford/View) @nweditor


Online there was also this photo:

The lunch special, jollof rice, came with chicken and plantains. The rice was cooked with blended tomatoes, onions and spices. (Brian Sandford/View) @nweditor

(Would you eat something that appears to be looking back at you?)

Las Vegas Valley’s only Nigerian eatery offers distinctive food and decor


Nigerian food might well be an acquired taste. If so, one probably needs to visit Chiamaka Food Nigerian Cuisine more than once to acquire it.

[ ‘Nigerian food be nasty. You’d have to force-feed it to yourself for years to stop noticing its nastiness.’ The dinner-table scene from “Mommy Dearest” comes to mind.]

The restaurant, fairly well-hidden in a nondescript shopping center just southeast of UNLV, has its charms. [ ‘The restaurant is a storefront in a ghetto strip mall.’ As for the charms:] No two tables or sets of chairs in the dining area were alike, giving the place an antiques-store vibe. [ ‘They got the furniture out of a dumpster, like the hippy-run places do.’] A sectional couch faced a flat-screen TV that played overly loud music videos until the restaurant’s operators accommodated a request to turn it down. [ ‘In case the grossness of the food and the whole scene wasn’t enough, it’s loud too.’]

A warm greeting from a restaurant employee was followed by a half-hour wait until the food arrived. [ ‘We had to wait half an hour to get our stomach-turning dishes.’] The lunch special, jollof rice with chicken and plantains, was a good value at $9.99; the fish pepper soup, which was served in a bowl about 6 inches in diameter and cost $12.99, was not….The bitter soup consisted primarily of thin broth and chunks of whitefish, the latter of which included skin and bones. That made it difficult to consume; a couple of the bones were more than an inch long, while others were too small to be picked out easily. [NO TRANSLATION NECESSARY.]

Chiamaka was empty at 11:30 a.m. but nearly full an hour later. The swelling crowd might explain why it took a long time for the bill to be processed. [ ‘Then we had to wait a long time to pay for our nasty lunch.’]

I’d say a restaurant may be the biggest Nigerian scam yet.

I’ll tell Nigerians what I tell Texas transplants who insist on still buying Blue Bell ice cream because it’s from back home: Just because you’re from a certain place doesn’t mean you have to keep eating the shitty food. Nigerians, you’re in America now — there’s edible food here, with civilized menu options. Just look at me: My first day in America saw me liberated from the Russian frozen-fat delicacy known as holodetz, and upgraded to Frankenberry.

I wasn’t going to post anything this March 24th, as it all goes into a black hole anyway, but then that Impact Award was announced for our next First Female President. And so I’ve drafted the following for the “Hillarisms” facebook page, where it will appear in a few hours and where I’m lately more active than on this site.


News that Chelsea Clinton is to receive an Impact Award from Variety and the Lifetime network for her work fighting childhood obesity is being met with wide scoffing. After all, we already have a cure for childhood obesity. It’s called puberty.

One can, however, understand this issue — which Chelsea pursued through an affiliate of The Clinton Foundation — being dear to a Clinton heart. After all, childhood obesity is the very scourge over which her father bonded with a 21-year-old intern as they lamented their difficult and insecure childhoods to each other, according to the 1998 Lewinsky exposés in NY Post and NY Times.

In contrast, as a young boy of 12, Novak Djokovic successfully fought off obesity by training in tennis while dodging the impact of our NATO bombs that were dropping to hand over Christian land to Albanian-Muslim terrorists backed simultaneously by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It was today, March 24th, in 1999 that Chelsea’s dad announced this workout for Novak and other Yugoslavian children who also never got the chance to get fat, as their lifetimes were impacted into oblivion while they slept. For variety, in the case of three-year-old Milica Rakic, she was on the potty when her lifetime was cut short.

Indeed, the Impact Award — set for an April 21st Power of Women luncheon — was announced as we enter the 18th anniversary of the 78 days that the impact of the Clintern relationship was felt most acutely by Yugoslavia — the designated decoy — which itself started getting skinnier and skinnier until it disappeared in 2003. (Thanks in large part to the Power of the Woman giving the man the order to give the order to impact.) Since then, we have fattened NATO with spoils such as Croatia, Melania’s Slovenia, and — currently being fought over in Congress—Montenegro…with Kosovo and maybe even emaciated Serbia to join eventually. All to encircle Russia and cut her down to size (ultimately even physically), as is the goal of the repurposed NATO alliance.

Instead, however, we’ll all feel the squeeze when Russia bites back, and in the end Chelsea’s Alliance for a Healthier Tomorrow will have been intimately connected with a Dalliance for an Unhealthier Day After Tomorrow.

Why Trump towers: America inaugurates its first male president since 1985

Amid a tumultuous year of, among other things, migrants-gone-wild and Britain having the sanity to leave the EU, two names belonging to overpaid human waste have reared their heads.

Balkans-watchers will recall the Miocene names Alastair Campbell and Paddy Ashdown. The former was British former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s communications director during the West’s 1999 assault on Yugoslavia, and spent 2013 promoting to Albanians his memoirs boasting of the disinformation campaign he helped run on their behalf. (While he was at it, he hustled a lucrative consulting deal from that poorest of countries for his old boss.)

Paddy Ashdown, meanwhile, is the Israel-hating, Serb-hating British former Liberal MP who was the UN’s High Rep for Bosnia and who helped force a fabricated report on the Srebrenica “genocide,” not to mention perjured himself as a prosecution witness at the Milosevic trial. He’s been criticized by former colleagues for his unequivocal acceptance of Islamic propaganda, and bears responsibility for the earliest swamping of Europe with Muslims, via Kosovo and Bosnia. He’s also been known to make absurd WWII analogies, and this week he graces us with another one:

[Remainer] Paddy Ashdown ludicrously claims Brexit is ’similar’ to rise of Hitler (UK Express, Jan. 2, 2017)

The peer and former Liberal Dem leader branded Brexiteers as “dispossessed and voiceless” as he compared the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to the referendum result.

He made the outrageous claims during an interview on the BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics show.

Speaking alongside Vote Leave and key Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith, Lord Ashdown said: “I’m deep into the 1930s and boy does this age remind me of the 1930s.

“All the things are there, the revolt against the establishment, the retreat from multilateralism to unilateralism.

“The beginning of protectionism, with those who shout loudest getting heard and the small voice of reason doesn’t.”

Despite 17.4m voters opting for Britain to leave the crumbling European Union, the 75-year-old suggested the country was now retreating away from democracy.

“The reason why the 1930s produced such an apocalyptic end was because the progressive centre was fractured, broken and voiceless,” he continued.

“What we heard in the Brexit debate, Trump too for that matter, was that scream of rage from the dispossessed and voiceless.”

Lord Ashdown’s remarks were quickly shot down by Mr Duncan Smith who said the Remain backer was offering a “complete misreading as to what has happened”.

“People who felt left behind have actually said ‘we’re tried of the kind of system that is being imposed on us and we want to change it’,” he said.

“I think this is the real voice of democracy.” […]

And this was Alastair Campbell just before Christmas:

Sky News viewers slam Alastair Campbell after he defends free movement and attacks Farage (UK Express, Dec. 23, 2016)

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL has taken a swipe at Nigel Farage after he said Angela Merkel was to blame for the Berlin terror attack.

Tony Blair’s former spin chief said the Brexiteer’s comments were setting a dangerous precedent across the Continent.

In the wake of the Berlin terror attack, which killed 12 and injured many more, Mr Farage said the German Chancellor had made the “worst policy decision” in the last 70 when she openly welcomed almost a million asylum seekers into Germany in 2015.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Farage warned over a lack of vetting and said: “We should not let our compassion imperil our safety and indeed our civilisation.”

“Mrs Merkel has directly caused a whole number of social and terrorist problems in Germany and it’s about time we confronted the truth.”

Mr Campbell told Sky News on Friday: “I think you’ve got to be really careful not to say it’s his fault or her fault.

“I thought Nigel Farage the other day suggesting Angela Merkel was responsible for this killing we’ve been talking about because of her tolerant – if you like – attitude to immigration and the refugee crisis [–] I think we’ve got to be very careful….”

He added: “My worry at the moment is the sort of leadership we are seeing in the world – particularly following the election of Donald Trump – is not the leadership that is going to solve this problem but probably exacerbate it.”

Following the shooting of Anis Amri, the suspected Berlin terrorist, in Milan, Mr Campbell tweeted to say it was a victory for “co-operation between EU security forces”.

However in response several users argued the more concerning aspect was how Amri was able to move between Germany, France and Italy.

“He was found by accident according to Italian police,” one said. “Nice to see you still spinning all the same.”

Don Murray said: What cooperation Alastair? The Germans were convinced he was still in Berlin? Porous borders, easy for terrorists to cross.”

A third said: “Someone wanted and dangerous was able to cross borders with no trouble at all, that’s the actual reality.”

Mr Campbell did admit during the Sky News discussion that immigration was central to the Brexit vote.

“…London has very much benefited from immigration. Other parts of the country – the north and the midlands – MPs say, ‘look, we’re getting it all the time, immigration is what made us vote for Brexit…’ You have to accept peoples’ concerns without necessarily reaching the wrong policy conclusions. That is afraid what I think we’ve done as a country with Brexit.”

In case there was any question as to the sanity of those who have been running our world, these two old dolts leave no room for further question.

This is the gay Hunter College professor who harassed and tried to intimidate Ivanka Trump and her babies at the airport two weeks ago. (Apparently breaking his own rule of staying away from pretty girls.) Look at this nebbish! Good thing he’s gay.


In related news, a bunch of artists whose paintings Ivanka has are actually doing the kindergarten thing and telling her to take their work off her walls. While Ivanka is otherwise perfect (in my view), her taste in art could use work, and I would therefore agree that she should take down these children’s “work,” which looks like splatter and finger paint. Check it out:




The group of New York artists is called Halt Action Group, and their website reads: “Dear Ivanka, we need to talk about your dad. Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere — least of all in the White House….Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House.”

Now, maybe one day someone will explain to me how a registry for Jew-killers and gay-killers amounts to anti-Semitism and homophobia, but in the meantime, look at the intellectual level of the “Dear Ivanka” cards that the group is having people fill out in front of her apartment:


Join the club. Muslims are killing everyone. (I’d say, “Not fun when the shoe’s on the other foot, huh,” but then I’d be equating trying to prevent Muslims from killing, to Muslims killing.)

I must emphasize how mystified I am not just over the “anti-Semitism” charge against Trump, but the homophobia charge. What evidence is there that he has anything against gays? But then I’m reminded that it’s not enough to not have anything against gays. Nor even to accept them. You have to actually love and celebrate them. They require your devotion. And when it comes to the gay agenda, whatever its full range may be, they require your submission.

This of course starts to sound a lot like those folks who want gays dead. The ones whom the gays defend so passionately. Submission-demanding Islam. This would make no sense at all, unless the sacred cow that’s being protected is a common political M.O. (Let’s dub the Gay/Islam phenomenon ‘Gayslam.’) Do I really need to write an obvious article that draws out just how similar their legal, political, cultural, medial, semantic, and psychological methods have been?

Brought to you by:
Everything you thought in 2016 but didn’t have the means to broadcast. Buy the book. Life will be better.

Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is on the left, but check out the giddy little girl on the right:


Hopefully, after the final tally, I can change the subtitle to “The UNMAKING of the would-be last female president.” But for now the book that’s kept me away from my blog all these months is finished and available at Amazon, and funny. Please support it, as the bookshelf has woefully few Hillary humor offerings. Like zero. And it’s been an election year. Check out the Amazon page. It’s a fun ride in itself:

Buy a copy, and please share on facebook or twitter. I’m told that if even 30 people buy a copy in a single week, then the book will come up in an Amazon search for Hillary Clinton. It would be nice to have even one success before dying, so let’s please help that happen. Even if she loses, if you don’t get this book, Hillary wins. Don’t let Hillary win.

Two weeks ago, my husband was facebooking something about Kosovo.  And either the Google spell-checker, or the facebook system’s corrector, “corrected” him that he was misspelling “Kosovo.” That the proper spelling was “Kosova.”

I’d been wondering, since about 2002, how long it would be before that started happening. So I’ll mark it down in my memory as Summer 2016, unless someone has an earlier experience with it that they want to tell me about.

In separate news, I thought there was some interesting phrasing in this article about the righteous Turkish coup general from Kosovo (”righteous” if the coup really was what it seemed and not staged for purging purposes; meanwhile, I can’t seem to find out Gen. Adem Huduti’s fate). Huduti comes from a Bosniak family in Kosovo, and his relatives were quoted thus:

Another presumed relative of Huduti from his mother’s family, named in the news piece as Axhira, also said he was of Bosniak ethnicity. “He is Bosnian, not Albanian, we do not have anything [to do] with Albanians,” Axhira said.

Clearly, this Bosnian-Muslim family has ‘enjoyed’ the Albanian experience in Kosovo.

Alleged Coup Leader in Turkey ‘Born in Kosovo’ (Balkan Insight, July 18, by Ervin Qafmolla)

The most senior Turkish army commander arrested following the attempted coup in Turkey, Adem Huduti, General of the Second Army, was born in Kosovo, Turkish media said on Monday.

Following the failed coup by elements in the Turkish military, which began on Friday and ended in Saturday morning, about 6,000 individuals have been arrested, in what the Turkish government has dubbed a cleansing operation.

Kosovo media meanwhile reported that Huduti is a Bosniak in terms of his ethnic background, tracing his background to Recan, a village near the city of Prizren in Kosovo.

Klan Kosova, a Kosovo TV station, said that relatives of Huduti who belong to the Bosniak minority in Kosovo confirmed that he was not ethnically Albanian.

A person who claimed to be a relative from Recan, identified by the TV as “Ferati”, said the General was only five years old when he left Kosovo.

“He was born here on May 1952, and his family moved to Turkey in 1957,” Ferati said in Bosnian.

Another presumed relative of Huduti from his mother’s family, named in the news piece as Axhira, also said he was of Bosniak ethnicity. “He is Bosnian, not Albanian, we do not have anything [to do] with Albanians,” Axhira said.

While BIRN could not verify independently these claims, Huduti is a common surname among the Bosniak minority in the region of Prizen.

Again separately, the below was hilarious, and something I would have titled “Scared of Their own Shadow.” Because as we know, independent Kosovo was created in the shadow of jihad, a specter that loomed large as the unintended logical conclusion of “the Albanian struggle” that has turned Kosovo into a top contributor of ISIS recruits. Apropos to the observation that opened this blog, it seems that Israel National News was also “corrected” in its spelling of “Kosovo.” Something that appears to have been de-corrected in the article but not in the summary sentence at top.

40 wounded in Kosovo ISIS panic (Israel National News, Aug. 2, by Rachel Kaplan)

A crowd at a beer festival in Kosova panicked when someone in the crowd yelled “ISIS.” 40 people were wounded in the stampede

40 people were injured, two seriously, in a stampede at Kosovo’s Beer Fest, after someone yelled “ISIS” as a joke.

A beer festival in Prestina [sic], Kosovo’s capital, turned ugly when someone in the crowd yelled “ISIS.” As people ran for their lives, locals report that a gunshot was heard.

Similar reports indicate that a 15 year old boy was shot. The gun may have been fired in a panic. Around 20 percent of Kosovo’s citizenry owns firearms. [She means “carries” firearms, given that nearly 100% own them.]

People reportedly hid in alleys and smashed their way into buildings to find a place to hide.

Albaniball posted on social media site Reddit: “I was there. Right in the middle of the amphitheatre, dancing and suddenly people pressed against me. I didn’t hear shots so I was afraid some Islamist bastard was gonna blow up, was just waiting for the boom. On the other hand I tried to stand strong in order not to trip and get stamped. Fortunately…I left, but many people were wounded in the stampede, mostly girls.”

[In other words, Albanian males ran for their lives, over the females.]

Pontiffsully also reported on Reddit:

“I was there, in the left side of the crowd enjoying the music, then me and my 2 friends went to get more beer (the bars were towards the camera), after 2 minutes people started screaming and I turned around, everybody was running for their life (away from the middle).

“I was stuck between the bar and some people, I didn’t even hear the gunshots because the music was so loud. I heard some people scream “ISIS, ISIS!”, a lot of girls were crying. I was just expecting an explosion at that point. I thought about crossing the bar and hiding behind it, but then the music stopped and the guy singing (Lyrical Son) said something like ‘Everything is okay, nothing happened, please calm down’, but people were still running out, and I didn’t see anybody leading the crowd outside or anything, everyone was just running for their life.

“I looked for my friends but didn’t see them anywhere, I tried to call them but my phone didn’t work. Saw some people on the ground, one of them said “It’s ISIS, we are f******”, then I heard one young guy screaming “Allahu Akbar” (in a joking way), so I was confused as **** at the whole situation.

“I finally got out of the crowd and found my friends, the police was there en masse and the crowd was almost fully dispersed. One waiter from a nearby cafe shop was screaming his lungs out because he was angry people ran out without paying. Chairs, broken glasses were on the ground everywhere, some people fell on them.

“My guess: Either a guy trying to be macho and getting in a fight with someone, or some drunk…shooting in the air, because we still have a culture of shooting in the air to celebrate here. But still, because of recent events in Europe, people are getting more and more scared of public gatherings like this, because they assume that ISIS is going to attack us.”

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