November 2005

A while ago, I wrote an article explaining that part of the trouble with France is that we miscalculated when we counted it among civilized nations. Today, I have to take it back, at least temporarily. The Muslim rioters in France make the French look civilized indeed!

Newspaper people are funny. For decades, they would go out of their way to keep you from thinking that a perpetrator in a crime was black; they wanted you to think that maybe the East New York or Compton suspect was something other than black. Now that 300 neighborhoods in France are being destroyed by Muslims, we’re reading that the rioters are “West Africans and North Africans,” with the word “Africans” appearing twice just so in a Nov. 8th New York Times cover story. So today, they do want you to think the criminals are black.

The progression of French-rioter descriptions in international news reports has gone from “French rioters” to “French youth,” to “the young disaffected,” to “African,” to “north African,” to “North Africans yelling Allah Akbar!” No word of any Muslim involvement yet, so we won’t jump to any conclusions.

There have been Internet death threats to actor Omar Sharif for his portrayal of Saint Peter in an Italian TV movie. The threatening post on an al Qaeda-affiliated forum, endorsed by numerous respondents, accuses the 73-year-old Sharif of being an infidel “crusader who offends Islam and Muslims,” and advises, “My brothers, you should kill him.”

Good thing the jihadis didn’t catch Sharif playing Fanny Brice’s (Barbra Streisand’s) Jewish husband in Funny Girl. That bought him 37 years of life.

But it just goes to show you: Neither France nor Sharif gets any brownie points for his coming out of retirement two years ago to portray a saintly Muslim shopkeeper in “Monsieur Ibrahim”, where he proselytizes the Koran to a wayward young boy named Moses, whose slutty Jewish mother leaves him and whose cowardly Jewish father commits suicide. By the end of the movie, Ibrahim adopts Moses, and Moses calls himself Mohammed.

In a nutshell, Sharif’s career–in which he has played Muslims, Christians and Jews–embodies the pluralism that jihad is “struggling” against.

And if in the course of these orchestrated riots, a Muslim gets hurt and requires a band-aid, it’s a recruitment poster for al Qaeda. Damn that George Bush!

You know, you try to give your country away peacefully, but no! Unless it has that bombed-out Middle Eastern chic, it’s just not good enough. Besides, it’s not any fun if there’s no blood and no one’s yelling “Allah Akbar!”

The AP reports a 2.6% drop in overall newspaper circulation, with the San Francisco Chronicle suffering the biggest tumble—a whopping 16.4%.

You think maybe it has something to do with Sean Penn’s reporting?:

“We were sitting in Nayeb restaurant in central Tehran. I’d been holding a piss through the hours of prayer service…I excused myself to the men’s room…I stepped into the water closet, grateful to just have a piss. If I’d had more serious business there, it would’ve been a squat job with no hook for one’s jacket.”

Actors Jake Jyllenhaal and Heath Ledger portray gay cowboys in Ang Lee’s upcoming film “Brokeback Mountain.” Madonna hailed them as “brave” for doing so. Why? Because they’re making a gay-sympathetic movie in North Korea? Because they’re doing it in Cuba? In the Middle East? I don’t understand—where’s the brave?

Friday morning, we took in a lovely view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower; all was peaceful. Afterwards, we ate at a quaint little outdoor bistro. On Saturday, we enjoyed a gondola ride through the canals of Venice before heading to Monte Carlo. Sunday we toured the Egyptian pyramids—without anything exploding around us. That’s because our weekend abroad was spent in Vegas, thanks to which there’s really no need for other countries!

Two weeks ago, a U.S. appeals court in San Francisco heard the case of the California school district that was teaching seventh graders to dress, fast and pray like Muslims, as well as say “Allah Akbar” and take Islamic names, wear a crescent moon and star, play “jihad games,” and remember Allah so that they may prosper.

Now that’s what I call a preemptive surrender! The French could learn a thing or two from California educators!

As World Net Daily reported, a San Francisco federal district court judge in 2003 determined the school district had not violated the constitution, and the 9th Circuit Court hearing the case now is widely considered to be among the most liberal in the country. Which means the left-leaning Islamophiles may win again.

World Net Daily first reported the story in January, 2002, soon after 19 Muslims killed 3,000 Americans. Funny thing, after Bush won the election, Democrats didn’t suddenly start converting to Republicanism. But within three months of Muslims attacking us, they yelled, “I’ll be a Muslim! I’ll be a Muslim!”

In other words, liberals are OK with an Islamic America, just not a Christian or Republican one. Because that would mean they lost. It’s time the party called itself by its rightful name: Dhimmicrats.

Anyway, between this development and all the bilingual schools in the country—where Spanish-speaking kids aren’t learning English, but English-speaking kids are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in fluent Spanish–what’s next for American public school children? Islamic prayer in Spanish?

On a related topic, the Los Angeles-based Board of Islamic and Arabic Education—which plans curricula for the New Horizons Islamic School (winner of the Dept. of Education’s “Blue Ribbon for Excellence” award) already offers an alternate pledge on its website: “As an American Muslim, I pledge allegiance to Allah and his Prophet…” And at the Saudi Islamic Academy in Fairfax, VA, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance as “One nation under Allah, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, ‘Inshallah’ (”God willing”)”.

Meanwhile, we’re debating whether to take our god out of the Pledge first, or out of the courts. Is this really a good time to be getting rid of deities?

Apparently so, judging from the removal last year of a small cross from the Los Angeles official county seal. One is left mystified, however, as to why the ACLU didn’t also insist that the county change its name all together. As political columnist Cathy Young points out, “Los Angeles” (“the angels”)—just like Santa Fe (“holy faith”) and Corpus Christi (“body of Christ”)—doesn’t seem to bother the ACLU types and the judges who find in favor of them. Neither do Islamic calls to prayer being broadcast publicly five times a day in Hamtramck, Michigan. So since God doesn’t offend when he’s Spanish or Muslim, perhaps we could simply change the Pledge to “one nation, baja Dios,” or “one nation, baja Allah.”

BBC has announced that it will close 10 local language radio services in Europe in order to finance a new Arabic-language channel. Said a BBC spokesperson, “Obviously, there’s a very large Arab market out there to be appeased–I mean served—I mean addressed.”

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