January 2006

“First, I worry about climate change,” said the reputedly intelligent Bill Clinton at Saturday’s World Economic Forum, according to the AP. “It’s the only thing that I believe has the power to fundamentally end the march of civilization as we know it.”

Clinton is indeed brilliant when it comes to camouflaging spinelessness. Note that this warning on climate is coming from a man who when he was president declined to bring bin Laden to justice when Sudan offered him on a silver platter–instead allying us with bin Laden in Kosovo and Bosnia. It’s coming from a man who didn’t respond to the 1993 World Trade Center attack or any of the numerous other terrorist attacks against us on his watch. It’s coming from a man who quashed the FBI investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing despite evidence pointing to Islamic/Middle Eastern complicity, so that he could instead blame radio talk show hosts for the attack. Unable to combat any real threats, this faux man is trying to look tough combating the climate. If I were Clinton, I’d prefer to talk about the weather too.

Clinton is not alone. The Left side of the public, along with that of Congress, has been taking the same approach. In fact, the more terrorism that’s threatened against us, the more liberals worry about global warming. Scared out of their wits and at a loss for how to fight terrorists–which requires testicles–they play up global warming as being just as scary, and fixate on the environment: “Let’s show ‘em we can be tough, too. Let’s flex our muscle on this Mother Nature thing.”

And why not? Confronting “climate change” doesn’t actually require anything of a person aside from wasting other people’s money like a bitch.

In fact, this whole global warming “scare” is just another scheme to bankrupt the American economy–so the socialists can turn around and say, “See? We told you capitalism doesn’t work.”

Memo to the Left: That heat you’re feeling isn’t global warming. It’s global Islam. It’s real, and it’s getting closer.

But having found a warm and happy place to hide in this scary, scary world, they make movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” to promote signing of the Kyoto Treaty. Yes, the Kyoto Treaty is what’s important, not the Patriot Act–who needs that? You really have to adore the Lefties. They worry about junk science that may or may not kill them in 500 years instead of the people who really are trying to kill them the day after tomorrow.

For some reason, the common thinking is that Democrats are better for the environment than Republicans. But it’s liberals who are polluting our water supply with all their anti-depressant medications. That’s not Republican Prozac in the water; Republicans are well adjusted–they can function in reality. They don’t have to create alternate universes for themselves like Hollywood or academia. This just proves that liberalism is a mental illness; the proof is in the water. But if they were to become Republican, they wouldn’t need so much medication. They might even be able to face their enemies.

You mean Palestinians want to kill Jews? Who knew?

Last month, Newsmax reported that Al Sharpton is looking to get his own sitcom. He’s not the first spotlight seeker to have tried to use politics as a stepping stone into show biz. Bill Clinton, too, was rumored for a while to want his own talk show, and has had a cameo role in a film or two. It’s a logical progression, really. Both men are professional liars; as well, destructive, down-on-America ideology and politics are the perfect segue into Hollywood.

Compared to Spielberg and “Munich” screenwriter Tony Kushner, Mel Gibson is a Judeophile.

Last weekend, I attended the American Film Renaissance Festival in Hollywood. One of the more important films screened was titled “Islam: What the West Needs to Know.” In it, we see Nevada Senator Harry Reid delivering the following speech on the Senate Floor in October, 2001:

“I have been on the floor before, speaking about Islam and what a great religion it is. I have said before and I repeat that my wife’s primary physicians are two members of the Islamic faith, her internist and the person who has performed surgery on her. I know them well. I have been in their homes. I have socialized with them. I have talked about very serious things with them. We have helped each other with family problems.

“I have been to the new mosque with them in Las Vegas. They are wonderful people with great families. I have come to realize Islam is a good religion, it is a good way of life. Muslims maintain a good health code as their religion dictates, and they have great spiritual values as their religion dictates. It is too bad there are some people–evil people around the world–who would target the innocent in the name if Islam.”

More striking than Reid’s words was his body language: as Reid delivered the speech, which was halting and reverent, his head was bowed throughout. It appeared that the senator had already submitted.

The film also includes a short piece of a wrap-up of an al-Jazeera interview with Tony Blair, in which the power dynamic is bizarrely off. It isn’t clear who is doing whom the favor of an interview—the British prime minister, or the Arabic interviewer. Blair’s body is concaved and his tones hushed, making him seem rather obsequious in contrast to the al-Jazeera interviewer, who is sitting tall, with a nonchalant confidence, legs crossed calf to knee, exposing the full length of his white sock to the prime minister. At the end, we hear Blair lean in to say, “Shukran l’al-Jazeera” (“Thank you, al-Jazeera”). At no point does the interviewer return the thanks to the prime minister—at least not audibly or noticeably. The image of the British prime minister supplicating to the imperious Middle Eastern interviewer isn’t one that will go away soon.

One observes a similar dynamic in interactions between our Albanian KLA terrorist allies and former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark, who in the 90s led the free world in doing the Muslims’ bidding to dismantle Yugoslavia. Watching the four-star American general pal around with the seedy, gangster-like rebel fighters, one gets a sense that the current balance of power is but temporary, and that the former general is addressing his future masters.

Muslims in England are boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day. This comes a few months after a commission, set up by Blair to combat extremism, recommended scrapping Holocaust Memorial Day as the first order of business. Muslims don’t like Holocaust Day because it doesn’t mention non-Jewish victims of genocide. They cite places like Vietnam and Rwanda, but most often and especially Bosnia, Chechnya and “Palestine.”

Let’s understand something: Muslims have always been jealous of the attention that Jews have gotten for their suffering (though, contrary to popular mythology, Jews are not thrilled that the Holocaust should be their defining historical event). The Muslims can’t stand it that no one ever killed six million of them, when they have so many to spare–an event that would lend credence to their constant crusade promoting themselves as “victims” when they know plain well that no Western entity ever targeted them for mass suffering. That’s why they get so pissed off, for example, when Israelis kill only two or three Palestinians in the course of military responses to suicide bombings. It’s the excrutiatingly slow pace of this “genocide” that’s killing them (which is why they’re always padding the numbers of their dead). This also explains why they engineered the Bosnian “genocide” and the Albanian “genocide”: to dupe us into thinking that Serbs were trying to create a “Greater Serbia” when all the while the plan was to create, with the help of NATO and the U.S. Air Force, a Greater Bosnia and a Greater Albania (as part of the Greater Islamic empire). They’ve since exported this successful strategy to the rest of the world, wherein they go about killing anything that moves, while claiming that Islam is under attack.

News of the boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day comes soon after a mosque in Stockholm was caught distributing cassettes calling for the extermination of Jews. You see, once they’ve killed the competition, they can get all the suffering spotlight to themselves.

There is one other, crucial reason that Muslims don’t like Holocaust Memorial Day or the Holocaust Museum industry. A lot of research goes into these things, and if we dig enough, we’ll find that Hitler had help from the Mufti of Jerusalem, the Bosnian Muslim SS Handzar Division and the Albanian SS Skanderbeg Division. The fact that the Holocaust memorialization industry, and organized Jewry in general, were slow to admit and reveal this to the world–defying their very purpose–is the reason we’re back to where we started.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez is expanding his offer of cheaper heating oil–to more low-income Americans who would never think of saying no to a handout, regardless of what its ultimate purpose may be. Citgo, an arm of the Venezuelan government, has already started selling cheaper fuel to parts of Massachusetts and New York City, and will move on to Vermont and Rhode Island, as well as to some Native-American tribes.

The AP reported that Venezuelan ambassador Bernardo Alvarez, who signs an agreement with the tribes this week, “was accompanied by a group of American activists on a tour of a state-funded cooperative in Caracas where the poor receive free health care and hundreds work in textile and shoemaking shops.” Those activists include singer Harry “Millions of Americans support your revolution” Belafonte, actor Danny Glover, professor Cornel West and PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley.

Capitalizing on the stupidity of some of our poor communities to further his socialist goals, Chavez certainly knew where to start–in The Bronx, where people would respond to such an offer with “Cheaper oil? Venezuela rocks!”

As we sit back and watch Chavez export socialism to our country by giving the most easily bought Americans a taste for it, let’s recall that it’s not the first time a Commie leader has exploited the ignorance of American minorities. Stalin had a knack for this as well, making a friend out of singer and Communist sympathizer Paul Robeson, who did Soviet PR in America and refused to speak out against the Soviet Union even as all his Jewish writer friends there were “disappearing.”

Fortunately, by picking places like New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to subsidize a Fifth Column in America–Chavez is being redundant.

Let’s not tell him.

On Friday, E! Online reported that Today show film critic Gene Shalit “has been taken to task by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation over his negative review of the gay cowboy western, in which he referred to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Jack, as a ’sexual predator’ who ‘tracks Ennis down and coaxes him into sporadic trysts.’…GLAAD demanded an apology from both Shalit and NBC News and urged supporters to contact the network and complain.”

GLAAD said Shalit’s “predator’ statement “reflects a fundamental lack of understanding” of gay relationships and defames gays in general.

Is GLAAD admitting that gays tend to be predators? If so, it’s disturbing to think that the non-predatory gays I’ve known constitute the exception rather than the rule. Then again, if one were to listen to some of the gay comedians at New York City open mics, he or she would certainly get that impression. This screed doesn’t do much to allay fears either.

In its statement, GLAAD went on to quip, “It seems highly doubtful that Shalit would similarly claim that Titanic’s Jack ( Leonardo DiCaprio) was a ’sexual predator’ because he was pursuing a romantic relationship with Rose ( Kate Winslet).”

Ah, but there’s a difference between pursuing someone of the opposite sex who isn’t interested, and pursuing someone of the same sex who isn’t interested. The latter needs to be corrupted into going along, and Ennis wouldn’t be the first boy to get corrupted out of heterosexuality, if only for a spell. The corruptor, meanwhile, could certainly be characterized as predatory.

Gene Shalit (who, by the way, has a gay son) needs support this week; a Today show producer has already promised to bring GLAAD’s concerns to Shalit’s attention. You can email the producers at Today@NBC.com.

A German documentary lays out a solid case for Cuba having paid Lee Harvey Oswald and being behind the assassination of an American president. Isn’t it time to finish Kennedy’s abandoned Bay of Pigs invasion? Unlike Iraq, this one really would be a cakewalk.

Or are too many Americans just too fidel to Fidel?

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