April 2006

The merger is almost official now. World Net Daily reports:

“‘In solidarity with immigration activists around the country, the Muslim Public Affairs Council as well as the Council on American-Islamic Relations - Los Angeles, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, the L.A. Latino Muslim Association, the Muslim American Society - Los Angeles, and the Muslim Students Association - West are calling on American Muslims to participate in a day of action on May 1, 2006,’ says a statement from the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

“‘Islam’s message is one of social justice, economic fairness, and fair treatment in the workplace. The Quran urges the proper treatment and respect of workers.’

“Choosing May 1, the day Communists worldwide celebrate the worker, activists have vowed to ‘close’ major American cities as millions of Latinos, both legal and illegal, mark what some organizers are calling ‘a day without an immigrant’ and others refer to as the ‘Great American Boycott.’”

Earlier this month, the AP reported: “Religious groups nationwide have been coordinating the protests in recent weeks, along with dozens of unions, schools and civil rights organizations. Part of their goal has been to recruit more Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. Most protesters have been Hispanics and high school or university students.”

See also “Islamarxism” or “Marxislam.” Suggested postergirls: Salma Hayek, Shakira, or Ricky Martin.

So far this year, Bill Clinton–whom some people in this country twice made president–has compared free speech to anti-Semitism, has called upon the EU to jail cartoon publishers, has helped try to push the Dubai ports deal through, and has said he would shake hands with Hamas if their word was as good as Arafat’s.

The question is: Is Monica Lewinsky more embarrassed now than she was before?

I wrote an article this week about a rabbi in Birmingham who invited a mufti from Bosnia to do Islam’s PR at an interfaith evening at his synagogue. This, of course, seems mild in comparison to what one reader reported from St. Louis: “On Rosh HaShanah of 2000–right after the start of the second intifada–one of our rabbis taught her congregation an Arabic chant for ‘Allah is great.’ My wife and I walked out and never went back.”

Another reader shared the following: “I stopped answering to different Jewish organizations collecting money or calling me to participate in demonstrations for ‘gay rights to marry.’ And I simply delete invitations to ‘participate in joint prayer with a Rabbi, a Christian Minister and a Muslim Cleric.’ I even do not send them as a public service your article ‘Dumb Jews’ anymore.”

And a third reader gave me a window into the mind of another Jewish genius: “I’m embarrassed by liberal Jews, especially after a Jewish acquaintance was arguing with me that the situation for Muslims in France is comparable to the Jews in pre-WWII Germany. Hence, she was worried there may be a Muslim Holocaust.”

As the St. Louis reader put it–quoting the late former West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer: “In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity.”

In a belated AP report last week citing al Qaeda’s recruitment of “white Muslims” from Bosnia and describing a raid on a Sarajevo apartment of precisely such a suspect, the following paragraph appeared:

“What they planned, investigators believe, was to blow up a European embassy. But compounding their concern, they say, was the ringleader’s background: Maximus turned out to be Mirsad Bektasevic, a 19-year-old Swedish citizen of Serbian origin with ties to a senior al-Qaida operative.”

“Mirsad” is not a Serbian name. It’s a Muslim name. The terror plotter is known to be Muslim and is believed to be either of Bosnian or Serbian nationality. But in the mainstream media’s tireless efforts to confuse the otherwise graspable world situation as much as possible and muddy the lines of the jihad that asserts itself every day, they couldn’t resist throwing you a curve ball.

So that just when things start to fit, just when you think you have a handle on the current conflict and on the character of the terrorism we face on a daily basis, just when you think you can put your finger on the enemy and start coming to some obvious conclusions and making some accurate generalizations, here come the PC brigades to portray terrorism as a multi-cultural enterprise. Why? In order to make the world look as messy and un-navigatable as it seemed when you were an infant, so that the enemy remains shapeless and you are left feeling impotent to fight back.

Incidentally, bringing Serbia up in this context recalls 1993, the first time the Muslims bombed the World Trade Center and initial intelligence reports and radio personalities attributed the attack to Serbs—in the most tireless effort of all: keeping the Serbs demonized so as to justify our backwards, self-destructive policies in the Balkans even as they backfired before our eyes. Likewise, in the 1994 and 1995 bombings of a busy marketplace in Sarajevo, the U.S. was warned by European intelligence agencies that the mortars likely came from the Bosniaks and not the Bosnian-Serbs, so we bombed the Serbs. A few years later, in the 1997 movie “The Peacemaker” starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney, it was a “Yugoslav nationalist” who came to bomb the UN.

So there you have it: While in reality, Muslims are wreaking havoc upon the earth at every turn and killing anything that moves, in the government, media and the movies, it’s the white, Christian Serbs who are doing it.

A Czech public television station took some heat last month for airing a documentary that included footage from a hidden camera. Here’s the background, from the Prague Post: “The footage in I, Muslim shows a reporter pretending to be someone interested in converting to Islam. He conducts several conversations with members of the mosque, located in Černý Most, about Islam, Europe, terrorism and the role of women.”

Producer Jiri Ovecka said, “It’s like this: During official shooting they were peaceful, nice. Hidden camera footage showed something else — aversion, hatred toward Europe, the entire world, and a mild attitude toward terrorism.”

But let’s talk about headlines like “Muslims Angered by…” Isn’t it a little redundant by now? After all, how many headlines do you see beginning with “Muslims Tickled by,” or “Muslims Warmed by…” or “Muslims not Offended that…” or “Muslims Amused by…” or “Muslims Mollified by…” or “Muslims Gratified that” or “Muslims Content that…” (when it doesn’t concern successful terrorist attacks against Westerners, of course)?

of the Europeans’ love for Jews and compunction over the Holocaust:

Europe Objects to El Al’s Anti-Missile Shield
European countries set to bar Israeli aircraft equipped with anti-missile system from landing at their airports

Sorry to be a bit late with this news item from last month, but it makes me think: No wonder the head of every Jew-hating European country showed up for that 60-year commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz last year. Chirac, Putin, Kohler, Yushchenko–everyone made an appearance. And people said, “Look how reverent–they’re laying down wreaths, they’re bowing their heads in sorrow–how can anyone call Europe anti-Semitic?”

That’s just it, Folks–they LIKE dead Jews. It’s the ones who are still living that annoy them.

Just a small observation about the selective use of hyphens and multicultural adjectives preceding the word “American”: We’re used to seeing words like “Latino-Americans,” “Chinese Americans,” “African-Americans,” “Arab Americans” and so on, the ubiquitous bow to ethnic pride when the subject concerns entitlement, achievement, grievance or something neutral. But interestingly, the hyphens and/or descriptives disappear when the headlines read “Bush Administration Wiretapping Americans,” or “Israel Imprisons Americans,” as one Baltimore Sun article about Palestinian terrorists with American citizenship was titled. In other words, acting as usual against the interests of democracy, the media generally promote ethnic delineations. Except when it’s worse for democracy to ignore or suppress those ethnic delineations.

All of which gets me thinking about ethnic profiling. What’s so wrong with it? What happened to celebrating our diversity? We pay all this lip service to diversity, but as soon as there’s a practical benefit to it, we block it out. Diversity? What diversity? No diversity here! We’re all the same!

Why are we ignoring our diversity? Diversity is a beautiful thing. God made it just a little easier to catch criminals and terrorists, but we have to go and give it a bad name.

The Europeans within, otherwise known as American liberals, make a habit of pointing to Europe for examples of how America should be. They invoke “the way it is in Europe” on issues ranging from parliamentary multi-party systems to socialized medicine to jurisprudence to drug legalization, euthanasia, sexual openness and the RU-486 abortion drug. So it’s quite glaring that, amid the wiretapping hulabaloo here, the liberals didn’t look to Europe for an example on that one. Reports the AP:

“Wiretapping on the Increase in Europe”

“In Europe, Big Brother is listening — and being allowed to hear more and more.

“Since the Sept. 11 attacks and the terrorist bombings that followed in Madrid and London, authorities across the continent are getting more powers to electronically eavesdrop, and meeting less apparent opposition than President Bush did over his post-9/11 wiretapping program.”

From a Thursday report by Reuters: “Poland is trying to change the name of Auschwitz concentration camp to emphasize that Nazi Germans, not Poles, were responsible for the most murderous center of the Holocaust.

“The government has asked the United Nations to change the name of its World Heritage site from ‘Auschwitz Concentration Camp’ to ‘the Former Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz’….Warsaw is incensed by references in foreign media to the ‘Polish concentration camp’ and ‘Polish gas chambers.’”

This has caused a wave of objection from several Jewish groups, one of whom points out that “although the camp had been built and run by Nazi Germany, everyone in the area had known about its existence and workers were recruited from the Polish population in the neighboring village.” Additionally, there were Polish pogroms against surviving Jews returning to their homes, as well as Poles who would capture or kill Jews during the war itself. Poland, however, is outraged by accusations of Nazi complicity, considering that three million non-Jewish Poles were also killed and Warsaw was razed. Poles also point out that they “are the largest group awarded Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations title for helping to save Jews.”

This controversy stands in sharp contrast to the shrug that Croatia met when its president did something far more vile than renaming a former concentration camp for the sake of accuracy. No one said boo in 1991 when then President Franjo Tudjman “had all the buildings at Jasenovac–which had been preserved as a memorial…bulldozed to make way for a ‘rare bird sanctuary,’” according to Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy.

In fact, it’s interesting that no one seems to have ever even heard the name Jasenovac, considering that it was the third-most “productive” death camp of the Third Reich, where 750,000 Serbs and Jews were exterminated. Not to mention the fact that the Croatian role in WWII went well beyond “complicity,” Croatia being an official Nazi ally. The world’s ignorant indifference to all this certainly made it easier in the 90s to portray Nazism’s Serbian victims as the Nazis, and their Nazi-bred Croatian adversaries as the victims, enabling us to send our generals over to help Croatia reassert its Hitler-defined borders.

A professor at Northern Kentucky University encouraged her students to vandalize a pro-life display on the campus last week. The display, erected by a student right-to-life group, consisted of hundreds of crosses symbolizing a cemetery for aborted people. The tenured professor, Sally Jacobsen, defended her and the students’ actions:

“I did, outside of class during the break, invite students to express their freedom-of-speech rights to destroy the display if they wished to,” Jacobsen said.

As NKU President James Votruba said, “Freedom-of-speech rights end where you infringe on someone else’s freedom of speech.”

But Jacobsen complained of the way the pro-life students’ freedom of speech made her feel: “Any violence perpetrated against that silly display was minor compared to how I felt when I saw it. Some of my students felt the same way, just outraged.”

This recalls the jihad logic of the recent Mohammed cartoon controversy. That aside, it’s well known that Islamists exercise their freedom of speech by destroying churches, synagogues and cemeteries, and by killing people. Interestingly, the vandalism in this case included throwing 400 crosses into trash cans.

With one killing Christians and the other aborting Westerners, it would seem that jihadists and abortionists further each other’s goals.

NKY.com reported that after the desecration, Jacobsen went on to compare the display’s life-affirming message to Nazism: “Pulling up the crosses was similar to citizens taking down Nazi displays on Fountain Square, she said.”

Jihadists, too, compare their enemies to Nazis. But we know who the groups are that really carry the Third Reich’s torch–both when it comes to world domination, and to population control.

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