April 2006

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reports, “A U.S. Reform Jewish leader compared the plight of illegal immigrants to that of the ancient Israelites. Rabbi Scott Sperling, director of the Union for Reform Judaism’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, made his remarks at an immigration rally Monday in Washington in front of an estimated 100,000 people. Sperling said he would be adjusting the story of the Exodus at his seder to include undocumented immigrants. ”

Hey, wait a second! I thought I was special! Remember when organized American Jewry would keep an empty seder chair at Passover in symbolic wait for a freed Soviet Jew? Turns out, these whores will keep a seder chair out for anybody! You don’t even have to be oppressed! You don’t even have to be Jewish. You don’t even have to be legal. You don’t even have to want to be an American! You just have to want to screw America. Indeed, organized Jewry was very disappointed when the Russian Jews they marched for didn’t become Democrats.

I was one of those Jews they helped bring here–legally–and I just know they’re kicking themselves, muttering, “Damn, if we’d known you were gonna turn out Republican, we would have left your ass in Russia!” (Yeah, well, if God had known his Chosen People were gonna turn out socialist, he would have left all our asses in Egypt!)

In case you think I’m joking, last year, executive director of the American Jewish Committee’s Boston branch Larry Lowenthal admitted, “I am sorry we ever started up with the Russians.”

Who knew Soviet Jews were competing with illegal Mexicans for our brethren’s affections?

“Masse Diop says he kept his eyes closed and tried to sleep during his perilous four days at sea, crammed against the side of an aging fishing boat with 25 other African migrants who hoped the wind and sea would bring them to the promised land of Europe — and not a watery grave,” reports the AP.

“Diop, from Cameroon, and his companions managed to survive the 600-mile journey from the northern Mauritanian port of Nouadhibou to Spain’s Canary Islands, just off Africa’s west coast. But about 1,000 others have died attempting the trip since November 2005, according to the Red Crescent Society in Mauritania.

“Despite the danger, desperation and the lure of an escape from grinding poverty have kept the choppy seas full of people like Diop.”

OK, so I missed this item at the end of January. Referencing the Danish cartoons, Bill Clinton spoke at an economic conference in Doha, Qatar, saying, “‘So now what are we going to do? … Replace the anti-Semitic prejudice with anti-Islamic prejudice?

“‘There was this appalling example in northern Europe, in Denmark … these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam,’ he said.”

Hey, as we’ve known all along: he’s a lover, not a fighter. Just look at this large man’s disproportionately slender, dainty, little hands.


Several pundits noticed that the folks in the ongoing pro-illegal-immigration rallies were waving Mexican flags one day, then spontaneously all showed up with American flags the next day (after being told that this was a smarter idea). Some literally wrapped themselves in the American flag–while still waving their little Mexican flags. Meanwhile, I’m sure I’m not the first to point out the incoherence of waving the flag of the country you’re demanding to not return to.

If for no other reason, then, one must oppose granting these people amnesty for fear of lending credence to the “stupid American” tag.

The AP reported this week: “Cheeta the chimp, star of a dozen ‘Tarzan’ movies in the 1930s and 1940s, celebrated his 74th birthday with sugar-free cake. Although healthy and active, Cheetah is diabetic.”

How do you like that? Tarzan is dead. Jane is dead. And this one is still eating cake.


Cheeta also enjoys painting abstract art, which brings in money for the sanctuary. Between his show business career, thriving art business, and problem-free teeth, the only part I’m not jealous of is the diabetes!

I hear that Michael Jackson has been hired as a consultant to the Muslim world on how they can avoid ethnic profiling in the West by becoming white.

In his 2002 movie “Bowling for Columbine”–about American “gun violence”–Michael Moore travels north to contrast “peaceful” Canadians with “violent Americans.” Moore might be disillusioned to hear that four Canadian women beat a man to death for his bingo money.

And that there’s been a surge in Canadian “gun violence,” which the outgoing Martin administration blamed on the U.S. (Turns out, though, that Canada’s gun problem is more like a gang problem.)

Meanwhile, Canadian teenagers manage violence nicely even without benefit of guns. This 2003 account gives us an idea: “A 17-year-old youth has died as a result of a beating at a Vancouver high school Friday after racial slurs were exchanged between two groups of youths….Youth violence has increased dramatically in Vancouver in recent months.

“A Grade 10 student was charged after another teenager’s hand was badly sliced with a machete on school grounds Oct. 10. The victim, a Grade 12 student, saw a machete coming towards his head and lifted his hand to stop it, she said. Three fingers and bones in his hand were sliced.

“The machete incident came two days after the stabbing of a girl at a suburban Surrey high school and barely a week after the throat of a 16-year-old West Vancouver student was slashed.

“The same week, the family of a 13-year-old boy told reporters the teenager collapsed and died after being chased by some former classmates.”

The following year saw one particularly violence-packed weekend of shootings and stabbings. The Canadian Press reported: “Police were appealing for help in finding the killers of agency owner Paulson Chellakudam as well as Suzette Augustin, 26, of Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, who was visiting a Toronto friend during university’s spring break when she was stabbed to death Friday at the travel business. Also dead in the weekend carnage were Eion Rush, 27, whose body was found lying on a road Saturday night, and music manager Elliott Reid-Thomas, 29, whose body was found in an alley.”

And this is all without mentioning the seal hunt or hockey.

From Jewish World Review: “1941, the German and Italian invaders of Yugoslavia set up the Independent State of Croatia (also including Bosnia and Herzegovina) and place nationalist leader Ante Pavelic’s Ustashe, pro-fascist insurgents, in control of what is no more than a puppet Axis regime.

“The Ustashe began a relentless persecution of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and antifascist Croats. As many as 350,000 to 450,000 victims were massacred, and the Jasenovac concentration camp would become infamous as a slaughterhouse.” [Note: the figure is actually 750,000.]

Fifty years later, Croatia would announce its plans to secede from Yugoslavia, and Germany–in its very first foreign-policy initiative as a reunified state–immediately recognized the Independent State of Croatia. The Vatican, the United States and the rest of Europe quickly followed suit, emboldening the civil wars that ensued. While Croatia was ethnically cleansing half a million Serbs–the largest mass exodus of European refugees since WWII–retired U.S. generals were helping train the Croatians.

In 1991, according to Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, “Croatian President Franjo Tudjman had all the buildings at Jasenovac–which had been preserved as a memorial, with many artifacts and records inside–bulldozed to make way for a ‘rare bird sanctuary’. Jasenovac was the third most ‘productive’ of the Third Reich’s concentration camps, but because the War Crimes trials focused almost solely on Germany itself, many Ustashi killers of Jasenovac escaped trial and punishment and are free today.”

In April 1993, the Chicago Tribune reported: “Instead of road signs pointing the way north from the embattled enclave of Srebrenica, travelers see markers with the letter ‘U’–a chilling symbol of Croatia’s pro-Nazi Ustasha movement in World War II. Troops operating chickpoints along the route for the Croatian Defense Organization in Bosnia, known as the HVO, also have taken to wearing Nazi swastikas and Iron Crosses.”

Soon, the daughter of Hitler’s man in Croatia, Ante Pavelic–whose Ustasha soldiers carried out the genocidal orders in ways that humbled the Germans–was re-admitted to Franjo Tudjman’s Croatia, where she registered a party aiming to rehabilitate her father.

Israel was the only exception when the world–organized Jewry included–sided with the Croatians and the Bosnians as they once again targeted Serbs in an attempt to repeat ugly history.

As we can see now, that repetition has spread beyond its Serbian victims to the rest of us. What does “Never Again” mean when we just spent a decade helping it happen again?

Some relevant quotes:

“The gigantic campaign to brainwash America by our media against the Serbian people is just incredible, with its daily dose of one-sided information and outright lies….What is today’s reality? The murderers of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies are back (in Croatia) from the U.S., Canada, Argentina where they fled after World War II. The Serbs fought the Nazis, they paid a terrible price for standing at the side of the allies against Hitler. Humanity owes them a debt of gratitude.” –John Ranz, Chairman of Survivors of Buchenwald Concentration Camp, USA, Jewish Frontier January/February 1995

“This organized anti-Serb and pro-Muslim propaganda should cause anyone believing in democracy and free speech serious concerns. It recalls Hitler’s propaganda against the allies in World War II. Facts are twisted and, when convenient, disregarded.” –Yohanan Ramati, Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Western Defense, Midstream, April 1994

“What worries us, is that those in power in Croatia are largely the same as in the Nazi era. In some cases, they are exactly the same people, now in their seventies and back from exile under Communists. In other cases, they are children of the Ustasha.”–Jewish leader, scholar and historian Klara Mandich, The London Independent, October 21, 1991

“Genocide is a natural phenomenon, in harmony with the societal and mythologically divine nature….Genocide is not only permitted, it is also recommended, even commanded by the world of the Almighty Yaweh, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the kingdom of the chosen nation or for the preservation and the spreading of its one and only current faith [Catholicism].” - Former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman from his book Wastelands of Historical Reality

“But you can understand Croatia best by saying flatly that if there is one place in the world where a statue of Adolph Hitler would be revered, it would be in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia).”–Edward Pearce, the [London] Evening Standard, August 7, 1995: “Victory smiles that hide the roots of evil.”

“Pictures of dead or wounded (or raped) Serbs often fill the screens of the world’s television and print media, only to be re-labelled as dead or wounded or raped Croats or Muslims. Many Serbian victims — and the bulk of the victims of the conflict, contrary to popular reports, have been Serbs either from Bosnia and Herzegovina or from Croatia–not only suffer the indignity of defeat in death; they also are used in death as models in the macabre image, manipulation operation of the Croatians and the Muslim Bosnians. If the Vietnam War was lost to the United States by the negative television images of its own reporters, then the Balkan wars against the Serbs are being won by Ustashi Croatia and the Muslim Bosnians by an active, planned manipulation of international television.” –Gregory R. Copley, Editor-in-Chief, Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, (London) 31 December 1992.

I thought of this joke first! (See entry below.)


The AP noted that Hillary Clinton is recycling her husband’s speeches. Speaking before a Hispanic organization in D.C. yesterday, she said, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by what is right about America.”

It was a slight revision of a line from Bill Clinton’s 1993 inaugural address: “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

She also copycatted his lateness, arriving 20 minutes late for the speech, though that’s better than the three hours he’d often make people wait.

I do hope the press will make at least a little stink over this, considering the way they pounced on Nancy Reagan for recycling Christmas presents; those jokes stayed around for more than 10 years, and gifts aren’t as important as political speeches, nor was Nancy Reagan an office holder.

Since Hilary is on autopilot, what other familiar speeches can we expect to hear? A few years into her presidency, will we hear “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

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