June 2006

A reader informs me that his workplace has recently begun to block the site Jewish World Review, so he can no longer access my or anyone else’s articles there. While the Texas company may have its own reasons for making JWR inaccessible, it harkens back to this JTA story about state employees in Kentucky being unable to access three Jewish sites including JWR for several months. Is “Jewish” now officially synonymous with “inappropriate” or “pornographic”?

The question has been posed: Why are women fighting to keep the burqa on in France (in public schools) while fighting to take it off in Iran?

I think I finally figured out at least one answer. The overall plan is to spread Islam. So in France, Muslims having their way is part of the takeover, but in Iran–where Islam is already the law of the land, the people are reminded that it sucks. But apparently, Muslims who leave Muslim countries in favor of Western lands instantly forget why their countries sucked and try to reestablish them here. So in addition to all the other challenges facing us in sharing the planet with Muslims, it seems we’re dealing with a society of folks who have a very short-term memory.

I realize it’s from a February story, but did anyone else catch this line from the UK Times article describing the raid on Finsbury Park Mosque, which yielded a cache of chemical warfare protection suits, three blank-firing pistols, a stun gun, CS spray, a gas mask, handcuffs, hunting knives, stolen or forged passports, laminating equipment, credit cards and checkbooks:

“Illuminated by a beam from a helicopter, dozens of officers in body armour used an ‘enforcer’ battering ram to get in before donning overshoes as a sign of respect.”

Benny Hill couldn’t have come up with better sketch material! If only British newspapers had figured out that they could reprint the Mohammed cartoons as long as they had the parenthetical “Peace and blessings be upon him.”

Do we really have to respect a religion whose god approves of terrorism and child sacrifice? If so, then we certainly shouldn’t wrinkle our noses at the Aztec and Mayan cultures, whose gods were pleased by seeing as much pain as possible inflicted upon children before they were sacrificed.

Islamic culture is in a way worse than those primitive cultures in that its religion is a mere shroud for a sadistic political movement whose only god is conquest. Islam itself is a veil, and Brits should take heed that in their pronunciation, there is no difference between the words “mosque” and “mask.”

BBC News: “Last Tajik synagogue to be razed.”

Donald Trump has announced plans to build a Trump tower in Tel-Aviv, setting the stage for a potential Apprentice competition in the holy land. “The Apprentice-Israel” would work a little differently from the current format, such that there would be two simultaneous interview processes happening: Arab candidates would compete to become the apprentice who demolishes an existing building while an Israeli apprentice would be selected to build a new one.

Christianity: Bible Belt

Judaism: Borscht Belt

Islam: Belt Bomb

I realize I’m a bit late with this develoment, but apparently a librarian at Ohio State University is being sued for sexual harassment because he recommended four conservative books for freshman reading.

According to the Alliance Defense Fund, which is defending librarian Scott Savage, “Savage was put under ‘investigation’ by OSU’s Office of Human Resources after three professors filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment against him, saying that the book suggestions made them feel ‘unsafe.’”

Someone should explain to the threatened-feeling liberals–who relate everything to sex–that they don’t have to have sex with the conservative books, just consider including them in the curriculum.

What our canine friends can look forward to from open borders:

Illegal Alien Rapes Puppy
Suspect felt there was no problem, claiming animal was his to abuse

STUART, Fla. – This South Florida community some 90 miles north of Miami is outraged after a suspected illegal alien allegedly raped a puppy.

The man, who initially told police his name was Junio Trenta but is believed to be Enrique Garcia, was taken into custody after Martin County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a possible animal in distress.

When they arrived, officers “saw Garcia sexually assaulting a 28-pound, 14- to 16-week-old dog of mixed breed,” according to the sheriffs office.

Upon being seen, the Mexican transient said, “It’s my dog,” and, “What’s the problem?”

The arrest affidavit indicates the male dog ran and hid behind the deputies.

Like one posting on The Stuart News’ messageboard read, the guy was just doing a job that most Americans are unwilling to.

This is just an example of one of those much celebrated “other cultures” that we’ve embraced and equalized with our own–cultures in which animals are for human amusement and whim satisfaction. A few years ago in the Bronx, one family celebrated an unnamed tradition in which boys learned from men how to skin rabbits alive while they’re dangling upside down and while other family members egged their Miniature Pinscher to tear apart another rabbit. No doubt we can also look forward to ever more dog-fighting and cock-fighting rings.

At least Muslims have the decency to reject canine advances, thinking them dirty, though they’ve also been known to kill dogs who are too forward.

Jewish Air Force vet Michael Weinstein’s suit against the Air Force is building steam. He is suing the Air Force over nebulous charges of Christian “proselytizing” (i.e. chaplains mentioning the name “Jesus” in multifaith contexts).

If the Air Force wants to get out of trouble, it should go the Marine route: They’re non-nebulously building a mosque in Quantico, VA, for 24 Muslim Marines and for indoctrination purposes, and no one’s suing.

Anyway, such is America today: while mosques are going up faster than Starbucks, we’re trying to figure out whether to take god out of the pledge first, or off the money. Is jihad really a good time to be getting rid of deities?

If I were god, I wouldn’t know whom I’d want to see win this holy war. I’d be thinking, “Yeah these Muslims are crazy, but at least they don’ t hate me.”

I was watching last week’s Matt Lauer interview with Britney Spears and once again contemplating why Madonna would be so infuriated with Britney’s decision to forsake Kabbalah for Christianity.

Practicing Kabbalah (or at least the Kabbalah-light version that celebrities are drawn to) allows Madonna to be “spiritual” without having to acknowledge the existence of an actual god who saw her spread eagle in her 1992 book Sex.

Like many others, Madonna likely believes that instead of a god, there is a “force”–an organizing energy, as George Carlin calls it. I’ve often wondered what this force is that we keep hearing about. Centrifugal? Gravity? Star Wars?

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