July 2006

Mel Gibson has apologized for his behavior last week when he was stopped for drunk driving and went on a tirade that included blaming Jews for all the wars in the world. In his statement he wrote, “I have battled with the disease of alcoholism for all of my adult life and profoundly regret my horrific relapse [into anti-Semitism].”

At least now Mel has something in common with Dubya, whom he has criticized. They’ve both been stopped for DUI, though Gibson points out that Bush was driving under Jewish influence.

The Malibu incident has stirred some debate once again about “The Passion of the Christ” and whether it was indeed an anti-Semitic work. Unfortunately, a Jewish person did get beat up somewhere in the country because of that movie, apparently by another Jew trying to convince him that the film was in fact anti-Semitic.

But why were Jews so worried that this movie would incite violence against them in America? I mean, if Barbra Streisand hasn’t managed to do it…I don’t think any movie can.

So was it or wasn’t it anti-Semitic? Well, Yassir Arafat said it wasn’t, so there you have it. Audiences in the Middle East agreed, saying it just showed everyone how terrible the Jews are.

AP Headline about the attempted massacre of Jews in Seattle by Naveed Haq: “Family Friend: Washington Suspect was Troubled.”

Uh, yeah–he was troubled by Jews. The same excuse was attempted just last month when a wealthy young Muslim shot up a movie theater in Baltimore County that was heavily frequented by Jews. His family claimed that he had had psychological problems for a while. Police and media tried to pull the same number in 2002, when Hesham Hedayet shot up the El-Al counter at LAX, before quietly ruling the incident a terrorist act some time later.

How much longer do we have to wait before we finally acknowledge that Jew-killing is a state of Muslim mental health?

Little Green Footballs yesterday carried a radio interview with General Lewis MacKenzie, a Canadian who served as the first UN commander in Bosnia. He related that, based on emails from one of the Canadian UN peacekeepers killed at the UN post in Lebanon, he understood Hezbollah to be using the UN post as a shield from which to fire into Israel.

The tactic is a familiar one to General MacKenzie, who has written of the Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims doing the same thing. Here’s the pattern, as outlined in Peter Brock’s stunning book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting, Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia: The UN declares a safe haven, the Bosnians/Hezbollah/Albanians (fill in blank) use it to attack Serbs/Israelis/Serbs (fill in the blank), then the Serbs/Israelis respond, and the Bosnians/Lebanese/Albanians accuse them of war crimes and call for international intervention.

Fool us once (in Bosnia), shame on you. Fool us twice (in Kosovo), shame on us. At least for Israel’s sake, we won’t be fooled. But it’s too late for the Serbs, as we continue to dismember their country and cripple their security. Well America — how does it feel to be outsmarted by Bosnians and Albanians?

The Boston Herald’s Virginia Buckingham has caught on to what politically conservative Jews have joked about among themselves: that it’s more important for Jewish voters that Jews be aborted than that they be protected. Which is why Bush’s popularity among Jews hasn’t inched very far, despite his strong, lonely stand in defense of Israel.

Even the embryonic stem-cell debate which, as Buckingham points out is largely symbolic, governs their vote more than Israeli well-being. If a rationale exists, one wonders whether the stem cells aren’t the Jews’ secret hope for Jewish continuity. Is it their hope that cells from discarded Jewish embryos will be implanted into millions of patients, who will then have Jewish genes to pass on?

Even amid the Middle East turmoil, calls to shut down the American detention camp at Guantanamo Bay continue. Certainly we’ve all heard the stories: people not having access to showers for weeks after arrival, then having rocks, urine and feces hurled at them, plus getting spat in the face and even ear-bitten—all the while unable to do anything in response. And that’s just the U.S. soldiers stationed there.

No one ever mentions the hypocritical element in Democrats calling to close the facility, considering all their fretting over the environment: think about all the free radicals that would be released!

The Rolling Stones are gearing up to kick off their new tour in September. It will include the song “Why are you so wrong, my sweet neo-con” — a criticism of the current American administration’s policies. The name of the tour and CD is “A Bigger Bang.” Hey, Mick:

As in a bigger bang than taking advantage of your best friend’s daughter on her 18th birthday after telling her you’ve been wanting to do that since she was 10?

Now there’s a policy worth criticizing, no? Not to mention an inspiring subject for music.

(For those who never heard, Mick Jagger pounced on the messed up young star of the sitcom “One Day at a Time” — Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of Jagger pal John Phillips, of The Mamas and the Papas.)

Last week Bush vetoed legislation that would ease restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

In the few short years since “stem cells” entered the national vocabulary and took center stage, the scientific community has had breakthrough after breakthrough with adult stem cells. But no, some sick people and their advocates want their stem cells to come specifically from embryos.

Given that in contrast to adult stem cell research, embryonic stem cell research is only in its embryonic stages, according to its proponents this means that it’s not really research and therefore abortable. In other words, if embryos aren’t people, then the embryonic stage of embryonic stem cell research isn’t science.

No one’s talking about aborting the research, of course. It isn’t illegal; the question is merely whether government should be in the business of experimenting on embryos. But for some people, it simply isn’t enough that they get to create and destroy human embryos; they want stem cells in them from embryos that have been touched with the magic wand of taxpayer money. I guess some people want to literally be owned by the government.

These federally-financed Frankenstein wannabes shouldn’t worry; as soon as George Bush is out of office, public school students will be experimenting on human embryos in no time.

Apparently, male fish are changing sex because female hormones from birth control pills are getting washed into the water from the sewage system. But fortunately, the males are not having identity and depression issues over this, thanks to all the Prozac that also ends up in the water system.

This makes me questions the common perception that Democrats are somehow better for the environment than Republicans. Because look who’s polluting the water supply with their birth control — sexually liberated ‘hos who usually lean left of center. And whose anti-depressants do you think those are? That’s not Republican Prozac. Repubs are well adjusted, they can function in reality — they don’t have to create an alternate universe for themselves like Hollywood or academia. This just proves that liberalism is a mental illness. The proof is in the water. Maybe if more people became Republican, they wouldn’t need medication?

Well, well, well. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Boy it’s a good thing that the Jewish community went along with the Clintons and the media in taking up the Bosnian-Muslim cause against Christian Serbs throughout the 90s. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back. The Jerusalem Post reports:

“Jewish groups are troubled by a new property restitution law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that officially discriminates in favor of the country’s Muslims.”

Gee, didn’t see THAT coming. Boy, it’s a good thing we bombed Europe on behalf of these folks! I sure do miss Clinton. I can hardly wait to see what happens when Clinton, Clinton, Albright, Holbrooke and Clark are back in power.

The media are still buzzing about Dan Quayle’s walkout a week ago from a John Mellencamp concert after Mellencamp dedicated a song to “all the poor people who’ve been ignored by the current administration.”

Really, will these artists, musicians and actors ever just go back to doing what they do best? Like drugs?

Today’s “stars” should take an example from the old-time movie stars. For example, Arthur Miller and acting teacher Lee Strasberg used to take Marilyn Monroe to all their Commie suarees, trying to corrupt her mind into taking up the cause. But they couldn’t do it. When Krushchev came here on a visit and requested an evening out with Marilyn, someone had to tell her who he was. Marilyn was like, “Khrushchev WHO??” That’s my girl! That’s what a movie star is supposed to be. That’s when stars knew how to be stars and actors knew their place.

How odd that Communism didn’t appeal to Marilyn. Surely instead of being in front of a camera she’d have preferred to be behind a plow.

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