July 2006

From Michael Goodwin’s column today: “The New York Times reported that Sunnis, the fiercest opponents of our troops, now say they want Americans to stay to protect them from other Muslims. Some Sunni leaders want us to send more troops.”

Say again? Muslims are asking for protection from Muslims? But all of our Muslim spokespeople in the West have been telling us the main problem is Islamophobia. Now I’m confused. What are the Muslims scared of? There’s nothing to need protection from, is there? Only from Islamophobia, right? Isn’t that what attacked us on 9/11?

The Times article recounted this scene at a Baghdad mosque: “When an American convoy rolled in recently, a remarkable message rang out from loudspeakers of the Abu Hanifa Mosque… ‘The American Army is coming with the Iraqi Army — do not shoot,’ the voice said … ‘They are here to help you.’”

Yeah, hold that fire ’til later, after the Americans have worn out their usefulness to the expansion of the caliphate. Unfortunately, although they account for the likely self-interested, Iran-fearing motives of Arab countries opposing the Hezbollah onslaught, Goodwin and others have optimistically quoted the Saudi foreign minister calling Hezbollah’s attacks “inappropriate and irresponsible,” and warning that the attacks “will pull the whole region back to years ago.”

All the guy is saying is that Hezbollah is undoing all the years of progress that the Arab world made together in turning the world against Israel. That’s why the attacks are “irresponsible”–because they’re counter-productive.

Amid all the rockets and bombs falling, BBC actually bothered to report on the existence of what was heretofore thought to be mythological creatures: Israeli victims

Impersonating Yasser Arafat, Pat Buchanan finally offers his opinion on the situation in the Middle East, stating that Israel’s actions are “un-American and un-Christian” and asking, “Why is Pope Benedict virtually alone among Christian leaders to have spoken out against what is being done to Lebanese Christians and Muslims?”

Actually, Yasser — I mean, Pat — the Lebanese Christians are supporting Israel’s destruction of Hezbollah, and they hate Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah as much as you hate Israel.

Serbs Escape Lynch in Kosovo Village

Sunday, 16 July 2006

Istok. Serbs who visited their property in the Kosovo village of Srbobran were lucky to escape after they were attacked by Albanians residing in the village, Serbian newspaper Politika reads today. The Serbs were made to leave the village in order to escape the clash with the group of Albanians. Only a few days ago Albanians robbed a house which was being built for a returning Serb, after which they set fire to it. Meanwhile the work on five of the 59 Serbian houses, which existed in the village before 1999, is almost finished.

From yesterday’s ArabicNews.com: “British Muslims feel that the biggest problem they face is the negative media coverage, according to a new survey published today.

“An overwhelming 92 percent feel the media coverage is either a very significant or significant problem….The study, carried out by Global Market Insite, Muslim Voice UK, Queens University in Belfast and the University of Liverpool, found also that Muslims are most concerned about Islamophobia, Western foreign policy and human rights violation of Muslims” and that these factors are responsible for the alienation that UK Muslims feel.

I’ve just checked myself into therapy. Because I realize I must suffer from this Islamophobia. Because every day I imagine that there are news reports telling of all kinds of horrors all over the world: car bombings, beheadings, suicide bombings, mutilations, even air planes crashing into buildings—it’s wild what my mind comes up with. And I must be a real bigot, because every time I imagine it, it’s Muslims who are doing these things. Like — every time. Isn’t that awful of me? So I’ve finally realized that the problem must be inside myself and that I just need to work out my own bigotry. Then it’ll all stop and peace will prevail.

In April, the LA Times reported on this story connected to the University of Montpellier in France (link no longer valid, unfortunately):

The cellphone’s trail led from bloodstained Fallouja to the engineering school here, a modern campus where researchers in white coats stroll past labs and the breeze rustles through trees in courtyards dotted with pine cones.

Two years ago French investigators, aided by U.S. intelligence, detected calls from Iraq to a central figure in a suspected extremist cell in Montpellier. French intelligence officials say the calls came from a militant leader in Fallouja involved in the grisly killing of four American military contractors by a mob on March 31, 2004, an incident that became an icon of the savage conflict in Iraq.

The suspected cell included a group of Moroccan students accused of studying electronics, computer technology and telecommunications in the service of a North African terrorist group allied with Abu Musab Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. The group is sending fighters to Iraq, developing alliances across North Africa and plotting attacks in Europe, investigators say.

Officials say the case of the students, several of whom are under arrest, also illustrates a wider effort by terrorist networks to use universities and the Internet to replace former training camps in Afghanistan.

What a surprise: college campuses provide a safe haven and training ground for terrorists. And why can’t it be like the good old days — when Moroccan boys stayed in Morocco and made a killing the old fashioned way: from wealthy Western men who paid to have sex with them.

I figured out why The New York Times is doing treasonous reporting: to deflect from all its fake reporting. They want to prove themselves, to say, “Look, we can still get it right — and endanger you children!”

They must not like the fact that these days, you can’t just start a sentence with “The New York Times reported…” You have to say, “The New York Times reported — accurately…”

It’s more of a punch line than a paper, really. It’s going to get to the point that people will blush the way they do when admitting they read The National Enquirer. It’ll go: “I was reading The New York Ti — I know, I know, but this was confirmed to be true…”

Maybe they’ll stop those damned smug commercials that go, “The only thing I like better than doing the crossword puzzle — is finishing it.”

Because the only thing my dog likes better than peeing on that puzzle — is pooping on it.

Hmm. It’s all quiet on the anti-Israel front, at least from the Buchananite Right. Haven’t heard much from columnist Bob Novak in the past couple weeks. Pat Buchanan has also been MIA during WWIII. Could it be that as history unfolds it shows us that Jew-hating doesn’t make for coherent political analysis?

In his last column on the subject, Novak found and promoted the one priest nutty enough to object to the recent House resolution that blamed the Palestinian Authority for Christian decline in the region, instead blaming the Jews for Muslim persecution of Christians.

To these two geniuses, I’d like to dedicate the first two stanzas of the People’s Cube rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”:

Imagine there’s no Israel
It’s easy if you try
No Jews around us
Why can’t they all just die
Imagine all the Hebrews
Pushed into the sea…

You may say I’m a schemer
But I’m for progress of mankind
Life could be so much simpler
If some people would just die.

In a little-circulated update, it turns out that after an embarrassing public backlash, Penn State University did ultimately allow art student Josh Stulman to exhibit his anti-terrorism paintings. Initially, Stulman got an email from the School of Visual Arts director that his exhibit Portraits of Terror would be cancelled because it “did not promote cultural diversity” or “opportunities for democratic dialogue.”

This language is very telling. It confirms what I’ve long suspected, namely that Jew-killing is considered cultural diversity. By saying that artwork protesting the killing of the Middle East’s virtually only non-Muslim-Arabic population doesn’t promote cultural diversity, the implication is that killing off this minority does promote cultural diversity. Recall that when white, German people were killing Jews, it was unmitigated badness. But as soon as an “ethnic” group took up the torch, it became something other than pure evil.

I myself have fallen victim to this kind of thinking. When Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad retired in 2003 with the remark that Jews control the world and get others to fight and die for them, I recall thinking, “Now there’s something you don’t see every day — the anti-Jewish stuff coming from someone of the Asian persuasion. Arabs and Europeans, yeah, but not from someone of Mongoloid stock. This is what diversity is all about! Why should Far Eastern folks be excluded from Jew-bashing?”

People say there’s no freedom of speech in the Muslim world. But you see it’s not true. Anyone can go over there and, without any consequences, announce that Jews suck. Here it’s not so easy.

But since we’re on the topic of art and culture and being sensitive to diverse people’s sensibilities on such topics, maybe terror-friendly academia is right, and we simply need to be more tolerant. Maybe what we call “terrorism” is actually just a different culture, with a different aesthetic. We may think human beings look good as they are; Muslims happen to think people look better as Picasso paintings. It’s just a different lifestyle, that’s all–more like a deathstyle.

Reader M.V. Pejakovich gets the big picture:

I had mixed feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a long time. While I had always admired brave little Israel — a sort of David against the Goliath Arab-Muslim world surrounding it — I had also met some Palestinians (some of them Christians) with horror stories about what happened to them at the hands of Israelis some years ago. Then one day, I met an Armenian woman from Lebanon who sort of set me straight.

This Lebanese Christian woman told me that she too had sympathized with the Palestinians (as had many Lebanese) — until they destroyed her country. Lebanon had been the Switzerland of the Middle East — beautiful, prosperous and comfortably multi-religious — until they took in the Palestinians when none of the other Muslim Arab countries would.

But the Palestinians used their new ‘home’ in Lebanon as nothing more than a base to launch attacks on Israel and to eventually start a civil war between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon. She thinks that this was part of their plan — and this is why Palestinians came to a mixed Christian/Muslim country and not to another purely Muslim country like Jordan (which was actually the ’settlement land/country’ in return for the founding of Israel.) It was part of the Muslim plan to get Lebanese Christians to hate Israel as much as Muslims hated Israel, so that eventually all Christians and the Western World might hate Israel, too. (Much like hating the Christian Serbs for what happened to Muslims in Yugoslavia, at the same time when we in the U.S. are fighting radical Islamic terrorists who perpetrated 9/11. Divide us against ourselves and we spend our energy fighting each other, instead of fighting our real enemy — militant Islam.)

She then asked me if I ever intended to visit The Holy Land and I said that I did. She wondered whom I would rather ask for permission to visit The Lord’s Birthplace — the Israeli government, or some Muslim sharia government? Because those were the only choices. If Israel gets condemned every time it defends itself, then Israel cannot survive, and Muslim fanatics will win.

The Muslim Palestinian fanatics are not going to stop until they are either stopped by Israel and by the rest of us who stand up to them — or until they totally destroy Israel. If Israel gets destroyed, we’ll be wearing burkahs to visit the Sea of Galilee and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (unless the Muslims decide to destroy that too). And with the Muslim hatred of all things Jewish, most remnants of Old Testament history would likely be destroyed in the process too, if it is considered ‘unessential to Islam.’

There is no peaceful co-existence with Islam, as our 1990s partner in the Balkans, the late fundamentalist Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic said and wrote, though we chose not to believe him. Either you fight them with all you’ve got — or you surrender and get annihilated. Those are the only choices for Israel and those are the only choices for all of us. Our ancestors were not wrong or ‘backward’ when they shut the gates of Europe to Muslims centuries ago!

I personally think that Bush not condemning Israel is the most gutsy thing he’s done in years! Now, if he’d only say the same thing to the Serbs re Kosovo, and to Greeks re Cyprus, we’d be in business.

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