July 2006

This is a letter from reader M.V. Pejakovich in response to my post from Thursday about the Greek government’s confounding condemnation of Israel’s self-defense, and about an Armenian-American reader’s anti-Israelism:

Yes, I agree that far too many people of the Balkans who were once victims of a 400-year Muslim genocide too, seem to again be behaving like “dhimmi-in-training”. It’s hard not to wonder if they are suffering from some kind of historical amnesia or are plain anti-semitic! However, I submit that neither is the case. I believe that it is deeper than that and it is not based on anti-semitism, it is based on sheer terror and trying to make sense out of this insane world.

Right next door, the Serbs have become the poster-children for what happens when you fight Islam without the permission of the UN and the West — your country goes on the chopping block with its pieces sold off to the highest bidder or it is given to “the most deserving minorities”. Then you are left with nothing, other than populace held hostage to the subpoenas of a UN World Court and a reputation & economy in tatters for generations. Even dhimmitude seems better than this, because you at least know who your enemy is when you are conquered by Muslims.

But if you fight Islam without permission, you will not just be punished by Islam — that Balkaners could handle. But now, you will also be punished by the US, the UN, the EU, the OSCE, the media and every other organization that the Western world can throw at you. And then add whatever militant Islamic organization who attacked you to that enemy list — and you are completely surrounded and without hope. This is where most Balkaners are in their thinking — compromise in order to survive and say anything that will please your masters so they won’t attack you, too.

In short, many Balkaners are acting like victims of Stockholm syndrome, identifying with their own attackers and challenging anyone who displeases those attackers. And if this is the case for them, they ask themselves why this should not be the case for Israel? If Balkaners aren’t allowed to defend themselves from militant Islam without permission, then what right does Israel have to do so?

Frankly, the level of psychological submission of once proud and brave Balkan Christian people scares the hell out of me. Because if a rugged, take-no-prisoners people who could once shout “Better to be in a Christian Grave than a Muslim’s Slave!” are jumping through hoops like trained poodles, then what hope do we fat and flabby Western weenies have in standing up to the threat of militant Islam?

Reuters: Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said Pope Benedict and his aides were very worried that the developments in the Middle East risked degenerating into ‘a conflict with international repercussions.

In particular, the Holy See deplores right now the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation, and assures its closeness to these people who already have suffered so much to defend their independence,’ he told Vatican Radio.

Yes, God forbid the war on terror should become “a conflict with international repercussions.” Meanwhile, it should be noted that the Vatican was early to recognize the “Independent State of Croatia” in early 1992 after that Nazi satellite–whose sadism made German Nazis blush and whose population remains nostalgic for the Third Reich–began a civil war against the Orthodox Serbs, whom the Croatian Catholics had killed by the hundreds of thousands in WWII. A freshly reunified Germany followed suit two days later. Now THAT was a war the Vatican could get behind!–unlike our war in Iraq or Israel’s struggle in the lion’s den. Unfortunately, the U.S. followed the Vatican’s and Germany’s leads and supported the wrong side as well, sending retired generals to help the “former” Nazis.

So it’s no surprise that eight dead Israelis and three kidnapped ones would elicit a shrug from the Vatican. History, here’s looking at ya again! Clearly, those who study history all too well are eager to repeat it. Perhaps the new pope’s visit to Poland last month to commemorate the Holocaust should have given us a clue that the Vatican remains blind. Benedict asked, “How could God tolerate the Holocaust?…Why, Lord, did you remain silent?”

Such a question would be understandable coming from an agnostic or atheist, but a pope?

If life is everlasting and we never die and there is a heaven, then there must be a reason we live part of our lives on earth, and it’s surely not to never experience hardship, because heaven is the place for that. So although God has no obligation to act, we do know that he is present in our hearts, the he guides our actions and that generally, if meant to be, he provides us with the tools to complete those actions successfully.

The Pope, serving as God on earth to Catholics, has the responsibility to help people find God in their hearts so they can ask themselves, “What would God do?”, and then act accordingly. By asking, “Why, Lord, did you remain silent?”, Benedict shifted the blame onto God instead of facing up to the failings of the Germans, of the Poles, of the Church, of other countries and of the Jews themselves.

In fact, God was present in the hearts and actions of every nun and other Christian that saved Jews, and in every Jew who acted to save his own and others’ lives. God’s hand was abundantly evident in the improbable smoothness with which Abba Kovner’s resistance operations suceeded. God’s hand was evident on the last boat out of Odessa, which my father’s family took and which was 10 times over capacity and should have sunk before it ever left shore.

As this world war progresses and history starts to repeat more blatantly, it’s time again to rely on the independent minds and righteous souls of individual Catholic priests, nuns and believers to see past the enemies’ smoke and mirrors and do the right thing. The Church clearly hasn’t been moving in that direction. Indeed, with his words during his visit to the Holocaust memorial last month, the Holy See has prepared the way for the world to once again just blame God.

The Jerusalem Post reports today that Greece government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros said, “Greece calls on the government of Israel to avoid the use of excessive and pointless force which cannot provide a solution to the problem.”

Let’s remember that the Greeks themselves were victims of genocide by Muslim Turks. It’s amazing that the Greeks properly saw Serbs as the victims, and not the provocateurs, of Muslim aggression throughout the Balkans. Ah, but they weren’t Jewish, so clarity prevailed. Meanwhile, on Tuesday I got the following letter in response to my article knocking Rachel Corrie, from an Armenian named Ruben:


….What bothers me is that you; as a Jew, belittle this girl who left her comfortable life in the US to fight for a cause she believed in. What if Jews in Germany had simply given up and renounced being Jewish? Why did 6 million people have to die? It would have been much easier if they all converted, or simply denied having ever been Jews. They died because they believed in their cause.

Maybe you haven’t heard of non-violent protesting; or maybe you’re mocking it. I am a violent person myself; and if I believed in anything that strongly, I’d probably die fighting for it….If Ghandi hadn’t gone on hunger strikes, maybe India would still be the jewel of the English Empire. Maybe the English should have bombed Ghandi; then he wouldn’t have given them any more trouble. What Rachel Corrie was trying to do was attract attention to a cause largely forgotten by the world; a reenactment of the Holocaust in the 21st Century….Who are you and what cause do you fight for??…

Yes I know - now you’re thinking about calling me a Nazi. But the fact is I’m Armenian, and my ancestors we’re nearly exterminated by the Ottoman Empire 50 years before your own Holocaust; so that’s not gonna work this time. Call me what you will; but the fact is, this girl was ten times a better person than you will ever be. You’re a pretty sorry excuse for a Jew. You’re racist, you’re prejudiced, you’re narrow-minded, you’re a bigot. Maybe you’re the Nazi…

So Muslims almost exterminated his ancestors, but it’s the Israelis who are bad because they’re preventing Muslims from exterminating the last of the non-Muslims in the Middle East. And it’s the Jews who are committing a “Holocaust” today. I think I changed my mind about history: It wasn’t the Muslim Turks who were killing Armenians and Greeks; it was Armenians and Greeks who were killing the Muslim Turks. The Turks were just fighting for their “cause.”

The Palestinians started out with 400,000 in the disputed territory. They screamed “Genocide!” and became four million. Boy, whoever’s in charge of that ‘genocide’ program ought to be fired. You see what happens when you leave Holocausts up to Jews?

Meanwhile, this “forgotten cause” gets more airtime than Paris Hilton.

Bill Gates has reportedly contributed 34 million dollars to pro-abortion causes. Why is he killing his customers? Any given fetus is less than four years away from being Microsoft proficient–ask any parent. What kind of businessman is he?

CNN reported Friday that terror attacks have escalated along the Mexican border, apparently in response to the increased vigilance that the Minutemen have been providing. You see how counterproductive it is to address threats to this country? If you impede our enemies’ entry into the country rather than let them do as they please, they get very, very angry! Just like Bush putting a bat to a hornet’s nest in Iraq, these minutemen vigilantes are creating terrorists who otherwise wouldn’t be up to any mischief.

I usually dismiss U2 lead singer Bono’s crusade to give ever more first-world money to the third world with: “How do you like this guy? He thinks we should do everything pro Bono!”

But Newsmax reports that he does tend to put his money where his mouth is, most recently dissing the terrifying Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez by investing in a video game “that casts the current nation of Venezuela as a banana republic led by a ‘power hungry tyrant.’

“Evidently, a private investment company set up by Bono provided $300 million in financing to Pandemic Studios, creator of the video game ‘Mercenary 2: World in Flames.’”

Which makes me very pro Bono.

According to an item on DhimmiWatch.org, titled “Swedish Chancellor of Justice: Muslim Calls for ‘Death to Jews’ are just part of the debate on the Middle East,” Swedish Chancellor Goran Lambertz earlier this year “decided to discontinue his department’s pre-trial investigation into the Grand Mosque of Stockholm, where audio cassettes” exhorted listeners to kill Jews and referred to Jews as being related to apes and pigs. The investigation was stopped on the grounds that such statements “should be judged differently – and therefore be regarded as permissible – because they were used by one side in an ongoing and far-reaching conflict where calls to arms and insults are part of the everyday climate in the rhetoric that surrounds this conflict”.

Even in the U.S., I myself have been admonished that as a Jew I must tolerate the differing opinions of the Arabs and Muslims among us; especially as their numbers grow and they gain political strength, it’ll be harder and harder to ignore or exclude their views on foreign policy and other matters.

And that’s what’s so great about this country. I may feel that I want to live, but they have the right to disagree. Just a difference of opinion, that’s all. I want to stay alive, they want me dead–we can agree to disagree in America.

Eventually we’ll be able to look forward to new bumper stickers in the style of “I’m a woman and I vote!”/ “I’m handicapped and I vote!”/ “I’m retired and I vote!” Coming soon: “I’m Muslim and I bomb!” (I already saw a New York livery cab driver with a “Hands off Syria-Iran!” sticker.)

As well, Holocaust education in our schools is going to have to be adjusted. After all, Hitler may seem like a villain to little Schlomo, but little Qudsia may see things differently.

At any rate, it’s nice to know that Israel and Sweden have made up after the spat in which Sweden declined to cooperate in international military training exercises if Israel was to be involved. Obviously, the reconciliation meant a lot. Just this weekend Sweden’s brand new foreign minister already called the West Bank security fence illegal, and it looks like there won’t be any hard feelings about Sweden’s plans to grant entrance visas to Hamas activists. Nor about Sweden’s helping the Nazis prevent Germans and Jews from marrying and suppressing criticism of Hitler and reports of atrocities.

One wonders if the Swedish officials’ tolerance for Jew-bashing has anything to do with what a Swedish-American reader named Charles wrote me in all caps:


As for my being related to apes and pigs, allow me just one jab in my defense: It’s not as bad as being related to Muslims. (On second thought, Jews are related to Arabs. Why are Muslims calling Arabs apes and pigs?)

My husband was watching the World Cup finals yesterday when the camera panned to a conspicuous audience member. There was Bill Clinton’s mug, and here I was with a flashback to this month in 1999: The U.S. was competing against China in the Women’s World Cup finals in Pasadena, CA, and won. The after-game quote from the man we’d elected president (of this country):

“The many fans here wanted the American team to win,” he said. Without attributing the sentiment to himself, he continued, “They were all so great, if I were not a partisan, you almost hate to see either side lose.”

Our then president couldn’t be a cheerleader for America even in sports; either he was rooting for his Chinese benefactors, or he was hoping for a tie–a reflection of how he ran our foreign policy as well.

To keep some perspective amid all the piling on the current president, there was this news item from last month:

Bush calls U.S. World Cup team
Mon Jun 12, 10:57 AM ET

“The U.S. World Cup soccer team got good luck wishes from the world’s most powerful sports fan Monday when President Bush dialed them up before their opening match against the Czech Republic…. ‘He told them that they had prepared well and urged them to play hard, to keep their heads up and that he can’t wait to see them win,’ [White House Spokeswoman Dana] Perino said.”

It’s refreshing to have someone in the Oval Office who knows which side he’s on.

A Boston Globe article earlier this year quoted a West African immigrant in France about the torture-death of Jewish 23-year-old cellphone salesman Ilan Halimi: “It’s too bad this happened, because we immigrants are always blamed,” said Ibrahim Ag Ahmalou, a lanky man of West African heritage who shares his girlfriend’s apartment in the project. “But Jews have all the money and power. Everyone knows this and resents them. That’s why they have these problems.”

Yeah, Jews have all the money and power–especially all that oil money that guides our pro-enemy foreign policy and all that media influence that demonizes Israel. And I guess it was the Jewish money that Mujtaba Jabbar resented when he left the enclave of million-dollar homes where his family lives in Baltimore County to open fire at a showing of “X-Men” at a movie theater heavily frequented by Jews, killing a Jew who drove a Chevy Malibu.

If an ethnic group is targeted because it has money and power, I take it we can expect to see some tortured and killed Saudis anytime now?

Notice also from the quote that even when a Jewish kid is tortured by Muslims for three weeks and then killed, the victims are still Muslims. To the West African, the tragedy of this incident was that it’s bad for Muslims, who will be “blamed.”

According to ArabicNews.com, Madeleine Albright told a German newspaper that the Iraq War is the biggest mistake in U.S. history.

That’s right, folks. Madeleine Albright says that the Iraq War–and not allying us with Balkan Islamists throughout the 90s–was our biggest mistake. The Balkan connections to the bombings in New York, Madrid, London and Netanya have nothing to do with our facilitating al Qaeda’s 1990s jihad in Europe. No Sir, the 9/11 Commission’s finding that the groundwork for al Qaeda to become a truly global network was laid in 1990s Bosnia says nothing at all about Albright’s hard-won policies while in office.

Albright continues to easily trumpet her war as a success while criticizing this administration’s war–in which we’re fighting an actual enemy instead of for the enemy–because she knows that fewer than six Americans have actually been following the fallout from the unfinished war in the Balkans, which shows on a daily basis what happens when you sell a friend down the river to score points with an enemy. She knows we’re just chumps who haven’t figured out that she and the rest of the Clinton cronies sold America out–such that now the eye gougings, beheadings and staged massacres that the Serbs were contending with–are happening to Americans.

Meanwhile, there’s an uncanny resemblance between Albright and the John Leguizamo character in the movie “Spawn.” Check it out:


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