November 2006

Terrorism is Protest, but Humiliation is Never Justified

Just a “how-to” post script for today’s article foreshadowing the advent of Muslim-only flights: If the airlines were to put a dog on every plane, devout Muslims wouldn’t fly. But the airlines would offer non-dog flights, which would be a big draw for Muslims: “U.S. Air-Allah: No dogs or Jews”

Dear Readers,
If you haven’t yet seen the second episode of “The America Show,” please view it on the Yahoo Talent Show, where you can vote for it by rating it. The contest ends Monday, and this site is on a bigger radar for the TV industry than YouTube at the moment, as the prize is a potential show.

(And if you’ve already seen it, no need to watch again — you can just vote.) Thanks in advance for the support.

…on the American Spectator site: “When Parkinson’s Just Isn’t Enough.”

Well it looks like my people are back to their pathetic old ways. Whereas the ‘04 elections saw Jews voting only 60-something percent Democratic, now they’re back up close to 90 percent, meaning that they’re still voting with the Muslims, who want them dead, and with the Muslims’ leftist fellow travelers at and such. reports that this past Nov. 7th Jews displayed “the highest percentage of support for Democrats since the Republicans took over Congress in 1994.” And here’s the gem:

“In this election, Jews voted for candidates they thought would be good for Israel, but not necessarily the ones who would be the best for Israel, said Steve Rabinowitz, an elections expert.”

That should work out nicely.

“Jews didn’t vote for anti-Israeli candidates, but also didn’t ignore other issues important to them: the war in Iraq, the economy, immigration, the environment and abortion, he explained.”

Imagine what Jews trying to survive the Holocaust would make of today’s Jews, to whom it’s less important to save Jews than to abort them.

So in between fretting about intermarriage and assimilation and lack of Jewish observance and communalism and a depleting Jewish population, Jews are fretting over their right to kill more Jews.

Or is it just the non-Jewish babies they want to see aborted — and increase the Jewish population percentage that way?

I’m trying to understand.

Rosie O’Donnell recently accused a germophobe of being a homophobe. Rosie, when we said it was OK to be gay, we didn’t mean THAT gay. I mean, what’s next — being accused of homophobia if you don’t let a gay person defecate on you?

With the growing popularity of “designer embryos” — screening for 200 diseases, as well as picking the sex and hair color — you can now design the embryos you destroy. Which means you can grow a tall, blond, blue-eyed tumor!

Western Innovation: Woman, 63, Becomes Oldest New Mom.
Family Very Proud.

Islamic Innovation: Woman, 64, Becomes Oldest New Suicide Bomber.
Family Very Proud.


You can now watch and rate the new installment of “The America Show,” currently viewable on YouTube. It’s “The View” meets “The Daily Show” and takes a right turn. Or, as The Peoples Cube has described it, a “Republican Girls Gone Wild!”

I was interviewed this week for a newsletter that the comedy site sends out every week. It’s a site where top comedians blog topical jokes. Contributor Julia Gorin Waxes Political

With Democrats recently taking control of the House and Senate, what should the Republicans’ and Democrats’ first course of action be?

The first course of action for Republicans should be to seek refuge in show business, where they can create an alternate universe for themselves by making TV shows and movies in which they are still in control of Congress, and doing everything right while the evil, conniving Democrats try to subvert their good intentions at every turn. Sort of like what the Democrats have been doing for years: living in denial and pretending that a Democrat is still president with shows like “The West Wing” and “Commander in Chief.”

Democrats, on the other hand, should bask in their success for a while and continue the gloating, given the overwhelming support and praise they have received from their constituency: France, Syria, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il and, I hear, even their “Uncle Joe” Stalin from the grave. Then the Dems should do what they’ve been itching to do: make the UN General Assembly an official arm of the legislative branch; close the gap between rich and poor by shooting the rich and redistributing their wealth; bankrupt civilization by signing Kyoto; support the troops by bringing them home; repeal the Patriot Act; outlaw Christianity; replace morning announcements at schools with Islamic prayer in Spanish; declare Sharia Law and circumcise Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

What purpose do seemingly extremist pundits like Al Franken and Ann Coulter serve?

Ann Coulter has given meaning and purpose to the lives of many leftists, such as Al Franken, who are obsessed with destroying her. I’m not sure what purpose Al Franken serves, and apparently neither is Air America since they haven’t paid him in months.

If Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani ran for president in 2008, on which main platform should they run?

They should run on the platform that if Giuliani runs against Hillary again, this time his ass won’t get cancer (no pun intended). Because that’s all I’d need– for him to pull out of the race once more at the last minute so they can bring in Rick Lazio again. As for Hillary, I understand why she wants to be president, but does it have to be of this country? Can’t she do like last time and find some place she’s never lived before, and run there? Anyway, she should run on the platform that she will be the second black president since, as the spouse of the first, we can assume she too is black. Or else it would mean that Bill Clinton is a self-loathing African-American who married a white woman. Hillary’s other platform should be that if she wins, she’ll finally come out of the closet and reveal who the real First Lady is — other than Bill.

You are stranded on an island and doomed for certain death. You could contact only one of three people to save you. Which one person do you pick from these choices: Dick Cheney, Neil Patrick Harris, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Well definitely not Schwarzenegger. I don’t think I’d want to place my fate, surrounded by water, in the hands of someone who married into a family where drowning women – whether by car or airplane — seems to be a pattern.

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Yeah, I don’t know why Islamic and Communist countries find these so funny.

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