December 2006

To mark Gerald Ford’s passing, federal employees will not be working on Tuesday. Though no one could say how that’ll be different from all other days.

Actually, only Republicans should get the day off. That way, you’re honoring the man, but all government workers are still reporting to their jobs.

Jews owe Jimmy Carter a debt of gratitude. He has made it that much more difficult to hide one’s anti-Semitism behind a fixation with Israel. He has exposed this pastime for the ploy that it is, whether one uses the ploy wittingly or unwittingly. “Criticism” of Israel is no longer the effective shroud for what amounts to double standards for the lone Jewish state — especially when it comes from people whose other pastime is defending Cuba.

As former Carter aide Ken Stein recently said, Carter’s new book is “replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments.” If Israel is the scourge that it is, why the need to make anything up?

Just to review, this best-selling criticism of Israel comes from a man who:

has hailed the UAE as an “almost completely open and free society”…where the government handpicks a select group of citizens to vote and strictly controls the editorial content of the newspapers and where Islamic Shari’a courts judge “sodomy” punishable by death…Now that Arafat’s Fatah has been replaced with Hamas, Carter has again proven himself a reliable ally…. Scarcely had the terrorist group ascended to power last January than Carter launched a media blitz urging the United States to circumvent its own laws against financing terrorism in order to fund Hamas.

And Melanie Morgan, of, offers a further reminder of what this leftist icon is:

No other prominent American has so often pursued appeasement and kinder treatment of the agents of evil: the communist Soviet bloc, the crack-pot communist regime in North Korea, the murderous communist regime in Cuba, Islamic radicals in Iran, Palestinian suicide sponsors, Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East and Hugo Chavez’s Marxist regime in Venezuela to name a few…[Venezuelans writing to me] were desperate to secure freedom and democracy for their nation, having lived under Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez’s iron fist of fear…Chavez had come to power in an illegitimate election, sanctioned by Jimmy Carter.

Add this love of tyranny to Carter’s early vow as president to emasculate the CIA and other American intelligence organs (as Martin Andersen wrote in Revolution: The Reagan Legacy), and it’s safe to apply George W. Bush’s quote to Jimmy Carter:

He hates us for our freedom.
He hates our way of life.
He fears our open society.

After long journey, Bosnian refugees get U.S. citizenship

Fifty disabled Bosnians and Croatians

became U.S. citizens at the federal courthouse in a special ceremony Friday after a court fight let them bypass the normal citizenship tests.

They had struggled for years to become U.S. citizens. Most do not speak English, the language of citizenship tests, said Ann Lever, an attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Inc., which filed a lawsuit to speed up the process.

The new citizens are part of a community of some 40,000 Bosnians and Croatians who settled in St. Louis after fleeing the [self-inflicted, so-called] genocide in their home countries that raged during the 1990s.

Friday’s proceedings were conducted in English, then translated to the Bosnians, who cheered and applauded at almost every step in the process.

U.S. Judge Stephen Limbaugh oversaw the proceedings and was the first to greet the new citizens as “my fellow Americans,” which won a round of applause.

Now a drumroll, please, for the climax:

“[Stephen] Limbaugh encouraged the group to maintain their cultural traditions and share them with their new neighbors in the Midwest.”

As if they weren’t going to do that! Our Muslim “fellow Americans” have given us a whole new window into the word “sharing.” But in case they don’t share emphatically enough as it is, here’s a little help from an archbishop, to keep the charade going:

Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis said during a speech before the ceremony that America has long accepted immigrants from all nationalities and religions.

“I know that some of you are of a Christian background and some are of an Islamic background,” Burke said. “We do share in common that teaching…that the stranger is to be welcomed as a member of the family.”

Aren’t these one-way relationships a bitch!

(Oh, to explain the Catholic presence at these proceedings: The Croatians are Catholics, and the Vatican was quick to recognize the Independent State of Croatia when it broke away from Yugoslavia, back to its Hitler-defined borders. I am not one of those anti-Catholic Jews by any stretch of the imagination, but when the Vatican abets evil, I will point it out. Just as I will give it kudos for being pro-life.)

Spain cathedral shuns Muslim plea

The Roman Catholic bishop of Cordoba in southern Spain has rejected an appeal from Muslims for the right to pray in the city’s cathedral, a former mosque [in the 13th Century]. Juan Jose Asenjo rejected the request made by Spain’s Islamic Board in a letter to the Pope.

It had asked that the cathedral become an ecumenical temple where believers from all faiths could worship.

Shared use of places of worship could make sense in airports or an Olympic village, said the bishop, but not in a consecrated Catholic cathedral.

Hasn’t this bishop caught on yet that you don’t say no to Islam? With choices like “We can kill you now,” or “We can kill you later,” and everyone else on the planet opting for the latter, what beam is this guy on?

This isn’t European of him at all. Because of this bishop, it’ll turn out that Spain caved in to the Madrid attack and voted in the Leftists for nothing.

Even “Sex & the City” in its final season dealt with the medical finding that not going through a pregnancy cycle increases a woman’s risk of getting cancer. As the Kim Catrall character, Samantha, put it, “When did having a baby become your ticket out of cancer?”

As well, women who interrupt a pregnancy cycle unnaturally (i.e. abort) have an increased chance of getting cancer. Not only that, but the more babies you make, the less cancer you’re supposed to have. Furthermore, breast-feeding protects you against cancer and diabetes. And of course taking birth-control pills increases one’s cancer risk.

Alright already! I’ve gotten used to the idea that God really may prefer me barefoot and pregnant — and that he won’t be happy unless I’m also breast-feeding. But this latest finding is just too much:

Housework cuts breast cancer risk

The research on more than 200,000 women from nine European countries found doing household chores was far more cancer protective than playing sport. Dusting, mopping and vacuuming was also better than having a physical job.

Out of all of the activities, only housework significantly reduced the risk of both pre- and post-menopausal women getting the disease. Housework cut breast cancer risk by 30% among the pre-menopausal women and 20% among the post-menopausal women.

In my house there are no children, and a cleaning lady comes once a month. The writing is on the wall, and I can’t even be bothered to wipe it off.

Like everyone else on the planet, I was musing recently on Barack Obama’s name, in particular his middle name Hussein, which I guess he has the taste to not include in the full name he uses — at least for now. I, for one — like many Americans, who are decent to a fault — would have disavowed that name decades ago, so that anyone who discovers that I once had the name “Hussein” would also learn that I officially changed it by the age of 18.

But this isn’t the era of decency. Quite the opposite. Which, I guess, is why there’s a local doctor named Osama-Somebody who still gets business and advertises his name on a marquis without shame. Should an innocent medical healer practicing in America have to change his name when he personally has nothing to be ashamed of and had nothing to do with the man whose name is the icon of the current battle against civilization? Of course not. But I would. Then again, I’m American, so my sense of decency is stronger than my sense of defiance. I also know of a guy whose last name is Hittler, and I’m pretty sure I’d change that too.

When encountering such names, rather than react to them as if they were any sort of affront, we’re supposed to just shrug and embrace the diversity and act as if we’re not bothered by it, least of all have any expectation that someone would change their name over such a little thing as global jihad.

But until they do change their names, it also shouldn’t bother anyone that a lot of them miss their flights because their names appear on the no-fly list.

In an AP poll asking people to name heroes and villains of the year, Bush won for both hero and villain. But the percentages naming him villain (25%) were higher than the percentages naming him hero (13%), and he outdistanced Osama bin Laden for the villain title. Then again, this comes from a pool of people whose pick for “best entertainment role model” was Oprah.

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Upon Augusto Pinochet’s death earlier this month, Front Page Mag’s Jacob Laksin wrote:

Whatever else may be said of Pinochet, he was not in the same league [as the much less reviled “Uncle Joe” Stalin and Mao Zedung]. Thus it does not trivialize their tragedy to point out that [most] of the deaths attributed to his rule occurred in the weeks immediately following the 1973 military coup that brought Pinochet to power, when his army forces were clashing with Communist insurgents allied with deposed president Salvador Allende…[Pinochet] not only prevented the country from plunging into anarchy and civil war but saved it from what was, by all the early warning signs, a far more menacing force in the form of Allende’s Marxist regime.

…Allende pledged to “destroy the bourgeois state” and impose “total, scientific Marxist socialism” on the country…Foreign companies and domestic farms alike were seized by the government while gangs of leftist marauders, armed by the authorities, stalked the countryside…It was this germinating tyranny that the 1973 coup uprooted. That fact alone earned Pinochet the Left’s undying scorn. Less forgivable still was that, even as he brutally crushed the Marxist vision, he set Chile on the road to economic prosperity through the free market.

So can we finally set the historical record straight and put an end to the rumors? Augustine Pinochet did not “torture and kill” people. He tortured and killed Communists.


…is supposed to be on Neil Cavuto pretty soon. Why is everyone making such a big deal about one rabbi embracing a will-be Jew killer? I’m sure we can come up with one imam who embraces Jews, can’t we? Anyone? …Anyone? …Bueller? …Bueller?

Well someone screwed up. The Angel of Death just took the wrong ex-president.

I got into this country during a Ford presidency, only to have to suffer through a Carter presidency that didn’t even want me here. Former Carter speechwriter Patrick Anderson mentioned in his 1994 book Electing Jimmy Carter: the Campaign of 1976 that Carter would become impatient at the mention of the plight of Soviet Jewry, and didn’t see why this was something he had to worry about, much less take a position on.

On the bright side, Carter did succeed Ford to the presidency, so maybe at Ford’s funeral, Carter will catch the bouquet — I mean wreath. And then, rather than fixate on Israel to end terrorism the way Carter wants, we can just arrest all the terrorists who show up at his funeral.

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