January 2007

My editor at the Baltimore Sun tells me that the secretary, who has been there for ages, has never in all her years in the newspaper business, witnessed the storm that my article last week elicited. In case you missed it, the piece was titled “When Will World Confront the Undead of Croatia?” and it called attention to the fact that not only has Croatia not sufficiently acknowledged its zealous Nazi past of WW2, but the past followed it into the 1990s — and the criminals of that decade are widely celebrated by Croatians even today.

Apparently, this was the first piece of mainstream American journalism that didn’t place the blame for the 1990s Balkan wars squarely on Serb shoulders. For unlike the Serbs — who are accustomed to being vilified in the press on a daily basis for 15 years now — the hundreds of Croats, Croat defenders and Serbophobes I heard from were breathless in their fury and disbelief.

I will make an effort to post some of their letters, including letters in support of the article. But I will start by posting a letter, with my comments, that The Sun published on Saturday, written by Josip Babic, press attaché for Croatia’s embassy to the United States:

It is important to get the facts straight. Croatia has never justified, nor does it purport to justify, the crimes of the Nazi puppet regime that ruled parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina during World War II.

It is a favorite Croatian ploy to refer to the Ustasha regime as a “puppet state” of Nazi Germany, when in fact it was a member of the Axis powers. As one comment on FreeRepublic.com asks, “[T]ell us how many ethnic Croats were imprisoned by the Germans during WWII. You ever hear of any? Can you name any? Do you have any photos of Germans hanging Croats like there are photos of Germans hanging and shooting Serb civilians, including women?” Croatians were only too happy to finally get an independent state (this is corroborated even by my detractors, whose letters I will be quoting) and fight as a member of the Axis powers.

More from Mr. Babic:

And if the author had observed more closely and been more judicious, she would have noted that Croatia has, over the past 15 years of its independence, undertaken numerous initiatives to confront and overcome the dark aspects of its past.

This has been done mainly through education programs in schools and universities but also in public information campaigns.

Official textbooks in Croatia have always espoused Croatia’s contributions to the anti-fascist alliance during World War II, including those by leading Croats such as former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito, while not shying away from addressing the less comfortable details of Croatia’s past or, more precisely, that of the non-legitimate, quisling regime installed by the Nazis during World War II.

In other words, “We teach the children about what the Germans made us do.”

In recognition of these long-standing efforts, Croatia was, in November 2005, invited to become a full member of the Task Force on International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.

That says very little, considering that, in an even bigger perversion, when the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. opened an exhibit in 1994 titled “Faces of Sorrow — Agony in the Former Yugoslavia,” one invited guest was Croatia’s then president Franjo Tudjman, who as late as 1996 was trying to get Croatian Nazi soldiers reburied next to their victims; who sought to diminish the crimes committed at the Jasenovac camp; and who had written the none too Jewish-friendly book Wastelands: Historical Truth. A September, 1994 AP description of the exhibit: “Except for a handful of victims identified as Bosnian Serbs, nearly all exhibited pictures show wounded, emaciated or dead Moslems and Croats.” Back to the attache’s letter:

Moreover, in stark contrast to what the author suggested with regard to Croatia’s attitude on the former World War II internment camp at Jasenovac, Croatia’s president, prime minister and parliament speaker took part in the November 2006 opening of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum and Education Center at the Jasenovac Memorial Park to pay further tribute to its victims and foster education on the Holocaust.

On that occasion, Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader stated that “not to forget the truth about our past and to draw a lesson from it is the only guarantor of our peace of mind and our peaceful future.”

Ah, thank you. Efraim Zuroff, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s coordinator of Nazi war crimes research, called the museum “a big diappointment,” adding that “it lacks materials or explanations about the development of the Ustasha ideology before the war — hatred against Serbs and anti-Semitism, which helped the spread of genocidal policy.” From his recent op-ed in the JTA:

Despite the ostensible glitter of the high-power ceremony, and the modernistic design of the museum replete with the latest audio-visual gadgets, the new Croatian exhibition borders on total failure from a historical and an educational point of view. Completely absent, for example, is the general context. There is nothing on World War II or the Holocaust and, even worse, there is no explanation of Ustasha ideology. Thus the museum has no answer for the most obvious and pressing questions that every thinking visitor will ask: Why and how did the crimes committed in this terrible place happen? Without explaining the origins of the Ustasha’s genocidal policies, none of the artifacts and testimonies make much sense.

Also disturbing is the absence of any identification of the individuals responsible for the crimes described. Can you imagine a museum on the site of a camp nicknamed the “Auschwitz of the Balkans” without a single photograph of any of its commandants or even a list of major perpetrators? The issue of personal responsibility is ostensibly covered by repeated references to “the Ustasha,” but if not a single Ustasha personally connected to the crimes at Jasenovac is named and not a single photograph of any of the camp commanders is exhibited, then the image is created as if no individual Croatians are actually guilty.

In this regard, I was amazed that none of the speakers mentioned what is undoubtedly democratic Croatia’s greatest achievement in facing its Ustasha past — the prosecution and conviction of Jasenovac commander Dinko Šaki, whom it extradited from Argentina in 1998 and who is still serving his jail sentence in Lepoglava Prison. Could it be that the punishment of such a criminal whose fanatic Croatian patriotism led him to the Ustasha and his responsibility for the murder of several thousand inmates is so unpopular, even in today’s Croatia, that he was not mentioned in the politicians’ speeches, nor does he appear anywhere in the historical exhibition?

Across the river in Republika Srpska, none of these failures is surprising. The hostility toward the Croatians and the mistrust of their handling and interpretation of the historical events of World War II are legendary. They also partially explain the intensity of the ethnic hostility that fueled the Balkan wars of the ’90s, which only deepened the scars and traumas of World War II. In that respect, the murder in Jasenovac of approximately 10,000 Jews, according to the new Croatian museum, or of 33,000 Jews, according to the old Serbian memorial, was actually only a sideshow to the mass murder of Serbs by the Ustasha.

This glitzy farce was put together in cooperation with the National Holocaust Museum in D.C. Please note also that the attache has just called the notorious Jasenovac death camp — by all historical accounts the worst and most sadistic camp of the Holocaust — an “internment camp.” Go back and look. He really did.

Back to the letter:

It should also be noted that Croatia is the only country in the region that has cooperated, and continues to fully cooperate, with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.

Croatia has extradited or mediated in the extradition of 35 Croatian citizens or ethnic Croatians from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the ICTY, and has fulfilled all other requests (720 in all) put to it by the tribunal.

Croatia’s judiciary has also processed numerous war crimes cases on its own, including several high-level cases involving senior military commanders and a parliamentary deputy, as well as cases transferred to Croatia by the ICTY.

Croatian citizens, regardless of ethnicity, are being held accountable for war crimes and other violations of the rules of war, much as those in any other democratic country subjected to a protracted conflict on its territory would be.

Thanks again. Note this 2004 admonition from Human Rights Watch:

To the authorities in Croatia:

War crimes prosecutions need to be brought without regard to ethnicity.

Croatia should enhance efforts to investigate and prosecute incidents in which ethnic Croats were responsible for crimes against ethnic Serbs.

Charging standards and sentencing practice should be the same for all defendants, regardless of their ethnic origin. Croatian prosecutors should cease the practice of indicting Serbs for war crimes on the basis of minor offences, where Croats alleged to have committed the same acts are not charged.

Croatia should not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity in hiring judges. Returnee Serbian judges should not be discriminated against and should have an opportunity for employment in Croatian courts.

In cases of group indictments, prosecutors for the special war crimes chambers should specify the role of each individual in the commission of the crime and not merely ground the charges on, e.g., membership in a specific military unit to which alleged perpetrators belonged.

Then there was this 2006 Amnesty report of prosecutions in the Balkans. Zagreb, we have a problem:

CROATIA: Domestic prosecutions

Trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity continued or started before local courts, often in absentia. In some cases these trials did not meet internationally recognized standards of fairness. In general, ethnic bias continued to affect the investigation and prosecution by the Croatian judiciary of wartime human rights violations. There continued to be widespread impunity for crimes allegedly committed by members of the Croatian Army and police forces.

Details are here. And just for fun, see the Amnesty reports for 2003, 2004 and 2005.

End of Mr. Babic’s letter:

Croatia and its government recognize that it is in our best interest, and the region’s best interest, that all countries of Southeast Europe work toward the common goal of membership in the European Union and NATO, and in so doing, create a better and brighter future for all our citizens based on our shared values and commitments. Croatia is dedicated to building this common future.

It is wrong and misleading to focus on three or four individual acts and use them to incriminate a country and its entire population, as Ms. Gorin did.

Good God. Did he really say “three or four individual acts”? A fitting press attache for Croatia indeed!

In last week’s post “Fourth Reich to Rise with Islam,” about an increase in the number of Germans converting to Islam, as well as about an alliance between jihadists and neo-Nazis, and about German neo-Nazis fighting in the 1990s Balkans, I neglected to include the following relevant item:

Swede on trial for war crimes in Bosnia

STOCKHOLM — Proceedings opened against a Swedish national for war crimes committed when he served as a Bosnian army volunteer…In interviews on the eve of the trial, [Jackie] Arklov has admitted to many of the alleged crimes including threatening and assaulting victims when he served as a volunteer with Bosnian-Croatian forces in 1993.

Although Liberian-born — as a boy he was adopted by Swedish parents — he was part of a neo-Nazi group that [in] 1999 robbed a bank in southern Sweden, and shot two police officers who had set up a road block.

The war crimes probe was re-opened in May 2004 after one of his former victims who lives in Sweden approached authorities.

Writing recently about the taunting behavior of Muslims — such as that of the U.S. Airways imams in November — Rabbi Avi Shafran describes his own prayer behavior in travel situations:

As a visibly Jewish man, whenever I am on a plane or train, I always consciously try to alleviate any discomfort others might have with my own appearance or actions. Even well before September, 2001 — even before a young lady at a bus stop asked me to please tell her cowering 5-year-old that, despite my in-need-of-a-trim beard, I wasn’t Osama bin Ladin — I would always make sure to apprise seatmates, with a friendly smile and a pleasant demeanor, of the fact that I was about to say my prayers, and that my swaying and whispering were only parts of the ritual. And Orthodox Jews, to the best of my knowledge, haven’t ever hijacked airplanes.

So Muslims hijack and kill, then display the most menacing possible behavior so as to provoke a reaction that they can later sue for and use to recruit more angry terrorists — and the Jews are apologizing and explaining.

You see this? Jews weren’t behind 9/11, but they still feel guilty. Because the world needs someone to feel guilty! The Muslims won’t, so who’s good at the guilt? Jews, of course. (The Catholics as well, but no one thought to connect them to 9/11.)

No wonder a Jewish man was removed from an Air Canada Jazz flight in September when his praying made passengers uncomfortable. As I’ve said before, the more people Muslims kill, the less popular Jews become.

Can you imagine the Jewish behavior that would ensue if Jews had pulled something like a 9/11? Every Jew would be walking around saying, “Ohmygosh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how this could have happened. I didn’t know those boys personally…they must have come from bad families…maybe they were adopted. Me? Jewish? No, I’m Italian…What — this little thing around my neck? No, that’s not a star — I’m a sheriff, that’s all. Officer — would you like to search my bag? Please, search it again!…In fact, just arrest me, I can’t take it anymore…Have you met my mother-in-law? You can arrest her too. We’re not busy.”

The Crusade, that is.

In addition to Ethiopia showing the free world how it’s done, in addition to Wal-Mart’s recent F-you to CAIR about selling the “Left Behind” video game, in addition to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport putting its foot down with suddenly religious cab drivers, and in addition to Russia and other European countries paying women to have kids and swell the non-Muslim population, the year opened with a very interesting article in the otherwise Weakly Standard. Apparently, ironically, and appropriately — Holland is Crusades Central.

Holland’s Post-Secular Future

…Holland’s manifest destiny was to become a fully secularized country, in which prayer was considered at best an irrational but harmless pastime. That was then. Cue forward to 2006, when prayer in the workplace is fast becoming a universally accepted phenomenon. More than 100 companies participate. Government ministries, universities, multinational companies like Philips, KLM, and ABN AMRO — all allow groups of employees to organize regular prayer meetings at their premises.

Holy crap! The Dutch are praying to Jesus to save them from the Muslim onslaught! Without calling a spade a spade, they are praying to Christ to save them from this plague! The Dutch are taking the Muslim-demanded introduction of prayer rooms in workplaces and schools, and turning it around on them. Christians and Muslims are going to have a prayer-off: While the former prays for the destruction of the infidels, the latter prays for the destruction of the invaders.

Trade unions have even started lobbying the government for recognition of workers’ right to prayer in the workplace.

Woah, when Labor and religion unite, look out!

According to [Adjiedj Bakas and Minne Buwalda, authors of a new study called “The Future of God”], God is back in Europe’s most notoriously liberal country. Or rather: The Dutch are moving back to God…Take the almost unnoticed reintroduction of crucifixes and other religious artifacts into the classrooms of Catholic schools throughout the country…In a recent newspaper interview, a head teacher at a Catholic secondary school in Rotterdam observed, “For years, pupils were embarrassed about attending Mass. Now, they volunteer to read poems or prayers, and the auditorium is packed.”

I’m sorry, did someone just say the “reintroduction” of crucifixes into Catholic schools? What had Holland come to that crosses and other religious artifacts needed to be “reintroduced” into CATHOLIC schools! Speaking of schools, America and the rest of Europe also had better get over their aversion to prayer in school. As things stand now, it’s like: distributing condoms in schools — absolutely. But a minute of voluntary prayer — god forbid! Instead of a little prayer before class, they want the kids to have a little sex before class. I don’t know, I think prayer is a better idea. Let them pray for sex, for all I care.

There’s also the remarkable critical and commercial success of a number of openly Christian writers. Holland’s most prestigious literary prizes were awarded in 2005 to books dealing in a sympathetic way with Christian issues of faith and redemption…The success in the Netherlands of the so-called Alpha Course program — a sort of Christianity 101 for beginners — is another case in point…The number of related courses is growing by around one hundred a year…

The reason the Christian population of Holland has stopped shrinking and is likely to avoid further decline is a phenomenon that until now has been largely overlooked by commentators on Dutch politics and society: Christian immigration. Analysts usually focus on the one million Muslim immigrants and their offspring who have made the Netherlands their home since the early 1950s. But in the past decade, Muslim immigration has been overtaken by a larger stream of immigrants, namely Christians from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. An SCP [Social and Cultural Planning] estimate puts the number of Christian immigrants in Holland at around 700,000 — and rising fast. Recent immigration reports suggest that for every new Muslim moving to Holland, there are at least two new Christian immigrants…Amsterdam already counts around 170 immigrant church communities, and new ones are founded every month.

So all that proselytizing, back when Europeans knew who they were, wasn’t for naught. The once heathens who were touched by the word of Christ when the white man spread the good news to the godforsaken corners of the world will be the saviors of Europe. These people have come to the lands of their converters, to remind the colonizers who have forsaken Christ of their roots. They have come to save our Christian souls, and with them our civilization, which — lest we forget — is still appreciated in certain corners of the third world. Just look at Ethiopia.

Since the founding of the first Dutch youth churches in 2001, their numbers have risen significantly–from 45 churches serving around 10,000 young people in 2003 to 88 serving more than 20,000 in 2005… A CBS survey noted that between 2003 and 2004, church attendance among under-20s rose seemingly inexplicably, from 9 percent to 14 percent.

“Inexplicably” is a dhimmi code word for “because of Islamic inroads and terrorism.”

Dutch Christianity is now largely an underground phenomenon…If they do enter the public sphere, as in the case of the Alpha course, they do so under a neutered, de-Christianized guise: not imposing their views, merely inviting people to come along, have a meal, and ask any questions they like…Any genuine seeker might stumble past it without knowing it was even there.

Like I’ve said before: There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is that Jesus is coming. The bad news — so is Jihad:

What that seeker will find, and very visibly, is Islam. While Dutch Christianity is making the move from church buildings to living rooms, sports centers, and factory halls, Dutch Islam is moving in the opposite direction. At the Kostverlorenvaart in the Amsterdam suburb of De Baarsjes, the foundations are being laid for a new mosque, with a 110-foot-high dome and 140-foot-high minarets. “We don’t want to pray in basements and school buildings anymore. We want a proper mosque,” is how Fatih Dag explains the idea behind this project…Indeed, in all major towns in Holland, building projects are under way for the construction of supersized mosques.

I’m telling you, it’s on! Churches are proliferating, so mosques are supersizing.

They’re symbols of Dutch Islam’s remarkable growth over the past 30 years, from less than 1 percent of the population in 1970 to 6 percent today. According to SCP predictions, that growth is set to continue to around 7.5 percent in 2020 — a significant increase, to be sure, but nowhere near the apocalyptic figures predicted by those who fear Holland will become a majority Islamic country by the end of the 21st century. One reason it won’t is that Islam, at least in its Dutch variant, is not a proselytizing faith. When asked about the importance of proselytizing, Dag volunteered that, on his list of priorities, trying to convert the indigenous Dutch population comes “just about last.”

Converting not a priority? That’s right. It comes on the what-to-do-with-Infidels list right after “kill them.”

Here the Weakly Standard continues with a rosy perspective on the future of Islam in The Netherlands:

Even the most optimistic estimates of Dutch Muslim organizations put the number of converts to Islam at no more than a few hundred a year. With immigration from Islamic countries grinding to a halt and birth rates among the Muslim community further approximating average Dutch birthrates with each new generation, it seems unlikely to say the least that visions of a caliphate in Holland will come to pass in this century — or the next, for that matter.

…With government sponsorship — and the accompanying demands of gender neutrality — of university-based imam training courses about to become a reality, the day is not far off when the first feminist and gay imams will start preaching in mosques in Holland. There is no reason to assume Islam will be any better placed to deal with this liberal onslaught than mainstream Christianity was in the 1950s and ’60s.

(The magazine thinks there will be feminist and gay imams who are still breathing after finishing their theological studies.)

In the meantime, Islam is already finding itself in a difficult position fighting off another threat, namely that of apostasy. Traditional approaches — honor killings and fatwas — have caused outrage among Holland’s general public and political class. That doesn’t mean these intimidation tactics won’t be effective in the short term — in a recent article in a Dutch political magazine about Islamic converts to Christianity, most sources would talk only on condition of anonymity.

Hmm, “traditional approaches” like honor killings and fatwas. I thought such things were “rarities”? All that stuff about “a tiny minority” of violent ones…?

But in the long term, they won’t work if they don’t have the full force of the law behind them (as they do in most Islamic countries).

Sort of like terrorism isn’t an issue since it doesn’t have the “full force of the law behind” it.

Inevitably, Christian evangelists will try to develop ways of communicating with the Islamic community with a view to converting its members. At Alpha Course Netherlands, they’re already receiving requests for Alpha course material specifically aimed at an Islamic audience.


It seems unlikely, then, that Dutch Islam will prove to be a serious long-term competitor with Christianity. The latter has little to fear from a rival that refuses to proselytize and has yet to go through the refining fire of the struggle with religious liberalism.

Isn’t the non-liberalism of Islam the whole appeal? The Weakly Standard thinks it’s Islam’s lack of liberalization that the West has nothing to fear from when that is precisely what makes it a threat.

As for my use of the word “Crusade,” don’t get all excited, Libs. Remember, “Crusade” is just the un-PC word for “jihad.” The only difference being that the Crusades were (and are) a defensive movement in response to the aggression of jihad.

So for all those dinosaurs out there who are still fighting to keep prayer out of the classrooms and take “god” out of the public square, and writing books about the “threat” from the religious right, as you can see, jihad really isn’t a good time to be rejecting any deities. Instead, you should be getting your Infidel on and helping proselytize. And Jews should help out too. I know we’re not supposed to proselytize Judaism, but there’s no rule that says a Jew can’t spread Christianity, right? We should try it: “Vell, I’m normally a rabbi, but today I’ve come to bring you the good news about Jesus Christ!”

then so, apparently, does cruelty to fetuses: Abortion Practitioner Will Soon Get Trial on Murder, Rape Charges

A Mississippi abortion practitioner who has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed his wife 10 years ago and raped a patient five years before that will eventually be put on trial. Prosecutors say they are trying to get a trial date for Malachy DeHenre, the 56 year-old man who lost his medical license over botched abortions.

Six years ago a jury failed to convict DeHenre in the shooting death of his wife Dr. Nyasha DeHenre. A gunshot to the head while she was in the couple’s home resulted in her death…

Local authorities have filed new indictments in the case saying they have more evidence to prove DeHenre’s guilt. They also filed a second charge accusing the abortion practitioner of raping a patient in March 1992.

From the AP:

Rescued from a great flood while he was just a frozen embryo in liquid nitrogen, a baby boy entered the world Tuesday and was named after the most famous flood survivor of them all, Noah.

This item from Tuesday was a follow-up on a story from Jan. 3rd, which described the harrowing rescue:

Markham is about to give birth via Caesarean section, nine months after being implanted with an embryo that nearly thawed when the flooded hospital lost electricity [during Hurricane Katrina].

The baby…will be one of the first children to be born from the more than 1,400 embryos that were rescued from New Orleans’ Lakeland Hospital two weeks after the storm.

Fearing the embryos would be ruined, she contacted a state lawmaker, who called Gov. Kathleen Blanco, and on Sept. 11, Illinois officers on loan to Louisiana set out in National Guard trucks, towing flat-bottomed boats.

A flat surface was essential: The 35- and 40-liter nitrogen tanks, which weigh 75 and 90 pounds, had to stay upright. If one tipped over, the nitrogen would spill.

In the hospital parking lot, the boats puttered past cars still flooded almost up to their windows. The boats were taken through the flooded halls, and the embryos were floated out. They were taken across town to a hospital that had not flooded.

But look at the angle that the AP staff took in explaining the urgency of the rescue. The following point was emphasized in both articles, lest you think the cops’ urgency in saving the embryos had anything to do with human life:

If the embryos had thawed, each woman who wanted another baby would have had to undergo another expensive round of fertility drugs, egg harvesting, and in vitro fertilization. Markham estimated her first pregnancy cost $12,000; the second $2,000.

In other words, we’re supposed to think the police officers who hauled ass to the hospital and paddled through it in search of the embryos did so not to save babies, but to save people’s investments.

As I’ve pointed out before, it’s a natural progression: Rise in Germans converting to Islam

Around 4,000 Germans converted to Islam between July 2004 and June 2005 which is four times as many as in the prior space of time, said the study which was conducted by the Islam-Archive Central Institute, based in the western town of Soest.

The head of the German Islam think-tank, Salim Abdullah pointed out that most of those who converted to Islam, have been women and well-educated.

…Meanwhile a sociologist of religion, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, pointed out that many potential converts view Islam “a very genuine alternative.”

…Based on statistics released by the Islam-Archive Central Institute in May 2005, some 14,352 out of 3.5 million Muslims in Germany are of German-origin.

Apparently at least one German Jew is on board:

According to a Berlin-based Muslim leader Mohammad Herzog, there are various motives for the sharp rise in the number of converts, saying many have been former devout Christians who had cast doubts about their faith.

Talk about preemptive surrender!

Meanwhile, this 2005 article warning of an alliance between the jihadists and neo-Nazis actually puts the trend at a higher number. There is “a community of 100,000 ethnic German converts to Islam.”

All this really got a jump start more than 10 years ago. From The Wiesenthal Center World Report, Fall/Winter 1995/96:

Ernst Uhrlau, head of the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, warned that German neo-Nazis fighting as mercenaries in Bosnia may return to Germany with “a new attitude to violence, with fighting experience, with wide-ranging contacts abroad to like-minded people and access to weapons and explosives. We cannot expect them to remain inactive,” he said.

There have been growing fears about the activities of neo-Nazis in the former Yugoslavia since a former German member of the French Foreign Legion, Eugen Kammerer, revealed he had spent 18 months with the mercenaries in Bosnia for German intelligence. “There are over a thousand foreigners there, mostly Germans, fighting on all sides.” Ewen Southby-Tailyour, a former Royal Marine colonel who served with the European Community monitoring mission in Croatia from 1993-1994, said recently he had met German mercenaries, some wearing swastika armbands, serving in the Croatian army.

After last week’s article “An Embryo a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” was published, I heard from reader James Kelly, a biotech writer and director of The Cures 1st Foundation, Inc. in Colorado. Mr. Kelly, who debated Christopher Reeve about embryonic stem cell research and wrote an excellent article on the subject in NRO, emailed the following:

Ten years ago I was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, causing me to study the science of SCI (spinal cord injury). Five years ago I began to actively oppose the global embryonic stem cell and human cloning charade — because I’d rather not sit in this wheelchair for the rest of my life to serve biotech and pharmaceutical financial agendas. To expose the truths of these issues I’ve written articles in The Seoul Times, National Review Online, and Human Events.

The embryonic stem cell and cloning charade is a colossal farce. If so many weren’t suffering and dying while having their trust betrayed it would be a joke — but since we’re paying for it with our money, lives, and futures, I’ve had a hard time writing in your present [fully justified] tongue-in-cheek style.

Thank you for putting the embryonic stem cell and ‘therapeutic’ cloning farces in perspective.

Even though Mr. Kelly is paralyzed, he isn’t interested in having his tax dollars fund dead-end research (pun intended). Why is this such a difficult concept for others to grasp?

Take a seemingly hopeless liberal like Alan Dershowitz, and look at his recent track record: going after Jimmy Carter, writing a book titled The Case for Israel, and even defending John Bolton last year, saying “Mr. Bolton understands that his job is to represent the United States and our interests to the world, and not the other way around.”

You’ve got to love Israel. It’s the only thing that makes liberal Jews see the light.

Dog shot defending owner from mugger

A 7-year-old German shepherd named Buffy may lose a leg after jumping into action to protect her owner from a mugger. The dog was shot in her left front limb by an armed man who approached Oakland resident Will Bartley, 44, as he pulled into his driveway after work Wednesday night.

Buffy ran out to greet him and was there when the gunman demanded Bartley’s wallet, he said.

As Bartley complied, the German shepherd lunged at the mugger, who fired off two shots…Buffy’s family, which has had the German shepherd since puppyhood, described her as naturally protective.

“She won’t let children fight each other, she won’t let me get too close to my husband if we’re play-fighting. She’s against violence, period,” said Bartley’s wife, Lagree Bartley.

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