February 2007

Utah Killer’s Equal?

I had to do a double take when I read these opening paragraphs in Saturday’s Salt Lake Tribune:

Holocaust survivor mesmerizes students

He was just a little older than his audience when the Nazis starved him and showed him such unspeakable brutality. He’s still talking about it now.

The reaction at Fort Herriman Middle School last week was to stand and cheer his courage. Days after a teenager went on a shooting rampage in Salt Lake City, students at Jordan School District middle schools were mesmerized by David Faber, a Holocaust survivor who weighed 72 pounds when he was freed from a concentration camp at 18. He was the same age as Sulejman Talovic, the Trolley Square shooter.

What was that? Come again? Where did that line come from? What is it doing there? What is its meaning? It appears that the Salt Lake Tribune has made it official: A Muslim killer is no worse than a Jewish survivor. Said differently: a Jewish survivor is as bad as a Muslim killer. Said another way: A Jew who wasn’t killed is as bad as a Muslim who has killed.

The author doesn’t even make a bland comparison of this victim of an atrocity to the victims of the killer. No, she compares a Jew who survived death to a Muslim who caused it. She is equating a villain with a victim, with someone who actually witnessed the Holocaust and didn’t go about killing people later as a result, to someone who left an enclave — which was not a labor or death camp — before any killing of its inhabitants took place. And this is a villain who is guilty of the kind of genocidal behavior and religious persecution that the other person was a victim of.

But the dumbness doesn’t stop there. She also bases the comparison on age similarities, but there isn’t enough even for that. She compares the survivor’s age at rescue to the killer’s age at killing, which gives the whole thing even less sense, if possible, since Talovic left Srebrenica in 1993 when he was four.

Newspaper reporters are pretty clueless in general, but the smaller the pond, the dumber they (and apparently their editors) are. And here’s how dumb this one — a Julia Lyon — is: I emailed her a note asking her to clarify the sentence, and giving her a perfectly good “out” she could have seized on, upon realizing the nonsense she’d inserted. This was my note:

Dear Ms. Lyon,
I enjoyed reading your piece about the speech at the school by the Holocaust survivor. There was just one part where the point you were trying to make flew over my head. [Cited paragraph]. I’m just trying to understand the intention of the last sentence, which points out that this Holocaust survivor was the same age as Sulejman Talovic. Are you saying, “Look–this guy has seen genocide but wasn’t traumatized into killing sprees,” or are you just saying that both young men had seen horrors? Thanks so much. J. Gorin

Sure enough she wrote, “I was just trying to point out that they’d both seen/been connected with horror.”

This is even dumber than that Newsweek cover a few years ago profiling a Palestinian teenager who detonated herself in a supermarket — alongside one of her victims, a teenage Israeli. The magazine compared their looks (similar) and their ages (one year apart) and discussed how both girls are the young victims of the Middle East conflict.

And we wonder how it is that Muslims are able to trick themselves and the world into believing that the more they kill, the more persecuted they feel. Our media gave them the idea!

If being killed is as morally reprehensible as killing, if killing is as excusable as surviving being killed, maybe there really is something to the notion that Muslims are being persecuted just like the Jews of Nazi Germany, as Dr Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, recently said.

Muslims are the new Jews,” read the headline of an October article in the London Times Online:

[Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw] said the veil was a “visible statement of separation and of difference”, and that he asks women who visit his surgery to remove it. And nuns? Does he demand to see their hair, too? It’s open season on Islam — Muslims are the new Jews…Especially since July 7, it has become acceptable to say the most ignorant, degrading things about Islam. And then we all sit around wondering why young Muslim men appear to be getting angrier and more politicised, or why “westernised” young Muslim women whose mothers go bare-headed are suddenly, defiantly, opting for the full-on niqab-style veil that leaves only a slit for the eyes.

As one comment poster responded, “Ms Knight suggests that it’s fashionable to find criticism with muslims. I’d say it is far more fashionable for certain muslims to claim it.”

If Muslims are the new Jews, then I’d like to be a new Jew too, and start killing with impunity. Of course, if Muslims are the new Jews, can they hurry up and self-detonate already?

Meanwhile, can we make up our minds? Are they the new Jews, or the new black man? Are Muslims the new black Jews?

America Ferrara, star of “Ugly Betty,” was a presenter at Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards. In an exchange with co-presenter Zach Braff she said, “America’s supposedly the ‘land of the free,’ right? Or at least we will be in 2008,” implying that America won’t be truly free until a Democrat replaces Bush in the White House.

She then announced that she will be changing her name to Venezuela Ferrara.

Indonesia could lose 2,000 small islands by 2030 due to a rise in sea levels as a result of climate change, Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar has said.

That’ll be 2,000 fewer islands that Israelis are barred from traveling to. (Indonesia doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence. Of course, it sounds like soon it’ll be pretty hard to recognize Indonesia.)

The flooding has prompted some Indonesians, who are 88% Muslim, to accuse the U.S. of causing global warming as part of its war on terror. Asked for comment, Bush replied, “All options are on the table.”

Ironically, last fall Indonesia hosted the Global Intermedia Dialogue, whose main theme was “the role of the free media in promoting greater tolerance around the world.” Addressing why no Israeli journalist was present, Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda “admitted that the presence of an Israeli journalist could potentially take the focus of attention away from the main topic of the dialog.”

Lights out across Europe to raise environmental awareness

The lights went out at major tourist attractions [and millions of homes] across western Europe for five minutes, including the Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum, to raise awareness about climate change.

Europeans spent the five minutes without lights as they normally would: having anonymous sex with invisible strangers.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) U.N. court clears Serbia of legal responsibility for genocide and complicity in genocide in Bosnia.

Key to the court’s findings was its conclusion that no one in Serbia, or any official organ of the state, could be shown to have had the deliberate intention to “destroy in whole or in part” the Bosnian Muslim population — a critical element in the 1948 Genocide Convention.

Unusually for such an important case, the judges were in accord, voting overwhelmingly in unison on the various points of the decision with only one or two dissenters.

Now look at this item from a Belgrade news wire and see if you can’t start putting together what really happened in Bosnia: SERBS AGAIN FLEE BOSNIAN FEDERATION DUE TO DISCRIMINATION

TUZLA, Feb 26 (Tanjug) - The Association for the Return of Displaced Persons to the Tuzla Kanton (canton) has warned once again that the position of somewhat 7,000 Serb returnees in 13 cantonal municipalities is unbearable, due to the deprivation of their rights and discriminatory attitude of the Bosniak and cantonal authorities towards them.

There is no one to protect the rights and the vital national interests of the Serbs, because there is not a single Serb representative in the new convocation of the the cantonal parliament, which proves that Bosniaks have
committed ethnic cleansing against local Serbs whom there used to be 82,000 in this region before the war, the Association underlined.

Now see this news item from the AP about yet another explosion in Kosovo in the past week, and see if you can’t piece together what happened in Kosovo. (Oh, and it looks like the “disbanded” Kosovo Liberation Army — our terrorist buddies from Clinton’s ‘99 war — were responsible for the U.S. embassy bombing in Athens last month. Duh.):

Explosion in Kosovo damages vehicles of international security organization

PRISTINA, Serbia (AP) - An explosion west of Kosovo’s capital damaged several vehicles belonging to an international security organization early Monday, police said. No one was hurt.

The blast may have been caused by a hand grenade, said regional police spokesman Avni Gjevukaj…Two other vehicles that did not belong to the organization were also damaged.

OSCE spokesman Sven Lindholm…said another unexploded hand grenade was found in the street outside the parking lot. OSCE is part of the U.N. system that has administered Kosovo since 1999.

Monday’s explosion came on the eve of a visit to Serbia and Kosovo by the OSCE’s chairman-in-office, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Tension has been running high in the province amid negotiations between ethnic Albanians and Serbs to settle the dispute over Kosovo’s future status. A U.N. plan proposes granting Kosovo internationally supervised statehood.

Three U.N. vehicles were bombed in Pristina a week ago, while two people were killed in clashes between police and ethnic Albanians protesting the U.N.’s plan.

I missed this item when it came out in December, but it’s worth commenting on:

A southern California company responsible for building much of the border fence that helps keep illegal immigrants out of the country will pay nearly $5 million in fines — for hiring illegal immigrants…Two executives could also face jail time, but their attorney says the case merely proves that construction companies need a guest worker program.

What’s wrong with the arrangement as it is? Everybody wins: the company saves money, the illegal workers get some last bit of work as the fence goes up. The only thing the foreman has to do is say, “Hey Manuel — you think you could lay those last couple of bricks from the other side of the wall?”

Reuters recently reported this disturbing but predictable persecution of an American minority: Across the country, over the past 15 months,

US authorities have arrested 26 Bosnian Serbs….The suspects had allegedly concealed their service in the Bosnian Serb military when they applied for refugee status. They were…and were charged with visa fraud, perjury or making false statements, the [Washington Post] said.

It said the arrests were part of an intensified effort by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to root out unacknowledged members of the Bosnian Serb military using data supplied by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, located in The Hague.

“Only a few of those arrested here are accused by the Justice Department of directly taking part in the Srebrenica killings, but all allegedly were in units that did,” the Post said.

Previous immigration roundups led to the arrests of 24 Bosnian Serbs in Phoenix and Salt Lake City, Utah, in September 2005 and June 2006.

Julie Myers, assistant secretary of homeland security for ICE, told the Post in a statement that her office “will not allow the United States to be a safe haven for those who failed to disclose their service in military forces that were known to commit atrocities.”

Hmmmm! Now that makes a lot of sense: The U.S. will NOT be a safe haven for those who failed to disclose their service in military forces that were known to commit atrocities. So has anyone checked the visa application of Sulejman Talovic’s father? You know — Sulejman — the guy who just gunned down nine Americans in our heartland? The guy whose father separated from his family in Bosnia to “hide in the hills with the other men”? Which means he was a fighter in the Bosnian-Muslim army that committed unspeakable atrocities against Serbian and Croatian civilians.

Can somene please remind me — because I keep forgetting the exact count: how many Americans have Serbs killed? I can’t seem to recall if it’s zero, or slightly less than that? Can someone help me out?

So it seems that the U.S. will NOT serve as a haven for those who fail to disclose their military service — unless those people and/or their spawn also kill Americans. Then it’s OK. Good thing they’re cleaning the Bosnian Serbs out of Salt Lake City, and leaving about 10,000 Bosnian Muslims.

A group called the Serbian Bar Association of America issued a statement indicating that many more Serbs will be facing immigration-related deportation charges on similar grounds and that, “by way of example, one woman was arrested for omitting ‘military service’ due to her position as a cook for local military personnel.”

Hey, Sulejman Talovic may have been a jihadi terrorist, but at least he wasn’t a Serbian cook!

Also disturbing is the fact that, no matter of ethnicity, all refugees from Bosnia were conscriptive soldiers during the war, yet only Serbs are being singled out in what appears to be a discriminatory purge of Serbian refugees.

…In almost all instances, U.S. Department of Homeland Security agents made early morning raids of individual homes and made arrests at gunpoint frightening innocent women and children, where communication and notice to individuals would have sufficed.

Meanwhile, government officials are holding lunches with Bosnian Muslims, assuring them that, just because they’re shooting at us, it doesn’t mean that we mean them any harm. More from the Serbian Bar:

While the U.S. Governmental agencies purport the premise for these arrests was to capture those in this country “known to commit atrocities”, no such charges are leveled against any of these individuals. Moreover, no indictment carries war crimes charges yet these individuals are being treated like terroists.

(They’re forgetting: Serb=Atrocity.)

It is of grave concern that the U.S. government is targeting Serbian refugees from the former Yugoslavia while other ethnic groups from the same region with ties to terrorist organizations are not being investigated. “These poor people fled the wrath and oppression of a fascist mujahadeen and relied upon the counsel of US appointed immigration officials in order to seek refuge and legal entry into the United States. Unfortunately, they again find themselves inappropriately targeted by authorities simply because of their ethnic background,” says Metropolitan Christopher, the senior Serbian Orthodox Bishop in North America.

As I’ve pointed out before, when governments or media worry about being accused of “selectively targeting a particular ethnic group (meaning Middle Easterners),” they know they can always make up for it by also targeting Serbs.

Maybe if they bothered to check everyone’s background as thoroughly as they check the Serbs’, then the Salt Lake City attack could have been prevented.

Hopefully the hysteria over human impact on global warming will be curbed by recent findings that cow emissions are more damaging to the planet than carbon dioxide from cars, and that trees share the blame for global warming because they give off significant amounts of methane just by growing.

It’s time to consider that maybe we weren’t meant to worry about breathing and planting trees. It’s time to consider the possibility that maybe God just isn’t the asshole that leftists think he is. When we’re told that God made men in his image, it doesn’t mean liberals.

Really, only an atheist could come up with the idea that people control the weather, and that by advancing society industrially and technologically, we’re summoning the planet’s wrath. That human advancement is punished. (Actually, that does sort of sound like some religious beliefs, doesn’t it?)

But God wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t make us creatures who strive, only to have everything blow up in our faces.

Meanwhile, Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist magazine and co-author of the new book The Chilling Stars, wrote an article this month making the case for a reappraisal of the climate change theory, concluding that “humility in face of Nature’s marvels seems more appropriate than arrogant assertions that we can forecast and even control a climate ruled by the sun and the stars.”

This is a more eloquent way of saying what I’ve been saying for years: Weather is like any other diva. She’s got attitude, and she doesn’t like to be predictable. We don’t like it when someone knows our every next move, and neither does the weather. Why do you think it’s called the “weather”? Because you don’t know whether it’s going to behave the way it’s supposed to.

The next episode of The America Show is up on Youtube: “Jesus and Mordy

Oh no! You know what this means. Brace yourselves! When Muslims fear a backlash because a Muslim has killed again, it can mean only one thing: a preemptive backlash against the non-existent backlash. This is the genius of the Muslim strategy. They figured out how to not get in trouble for stuff: When people come at you pissed off, you be MORE pissed off! It’s actually an old children’s ploy, which can be described as preemptive pissed-offness. (I pointed this out previously in a post titled “Preemptive Fury“.)

Recall that in the wake of the 2005 London bombings, the angriest people were Britain’s Muslims. One headline after another reported the rage of British Muslims and their “understanding” of the bombers. Similarly, after Albanian Muslims organized pogroms against Serbs in Kosovo in 2004, resulting in more than 30 dead, 34 churches destroyed, 800 homes torched, and another 4,000 Serbs cleansed from the province, Muslims in Serbia protested that an “anti-Islamic campaign” was spreading through the region.

And remember how angry the Muslim world was right after 9/11? The Bush administration was taking a month to figure out how to respond to the attack, but before we even decided on a plan, hate rallies against America sprang up across the globe. We hadn’t even done anything yet except get attacked — we were only thinking about what to do — but they were protesting in anticipation of what we were only thinking about doing! In fact, revenge was already being threatened for the response that we hadn’t even decided on yet. I got worried that the revenge would come before we could even answer the first attack. Which would have given us two things to retaliate for. Can you imagine how mad THAT would have gotten them? Can you picture the protests over our having two things to get back at them for? Boy, would we have been in for it!

Maybe we should consider that it was in anticipation of how we might respond to an attack that incited it in the first place! It’s like, “The reason I killed you is that I knew you’d get mad if I did, which made me mad.”

This explains how it is that every time another Muslim kills, it’s proof that Muslims are discriminated against.

Somehow, these geniuses have engineered a way of garnering world sympathy for their aggression, whereas the only way Westerners can acquire world sympathy is by being killed. It’s actually a rather symbiotic relationship. (The only exceptions to the rule are Israelis and Serbs, who can’t win sympathy either by dying or by killing.)

Look here — Americans are already in trouble for getting killed again:

[Bosnian] Ambassador Bisera Turkovic appeared at a Bosnian-American restaurant where Mayor Rocky Anderson and the police chief assured Bosnian immigrants that authorities would not stand for any threats against them.

It’s one thing to kill Americans, but don’t even think about dissing immigrants.

One hopes that the off-duty police officer who put an end to the massacre will face disciplinary action as well. What was he doing there having a Valentine’s dinner, anyway? Doesn’t he know that Islam forbids the celebration of this infidel holiday — and that the shooter particularly targeted people defying this fatwa?

Ambassador Turkovic said, “We owe this country much for our freedom, our prosperity. So for this to happen to people who are welcoming to us is shocking.”

But Mayor Anderson set her straight, and condemned commentators “who in blogs, e-mails and phone calls have been so incredibly hateful and misinformed.”

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