February 2007

Police Chief Won’t Allow Prejudice to Enter Investigation

(KCPW News) Some bloggers and at least one major news outlet are feeding the rumor that Sulejman Talovic was on a personal jihad when he went on a shooting rampage at Trolley Square killing five. They allege that videotape of the shooting shows the Bosnian national shouting the Arabic phrase Allahu Akbar, or God is Great, before dying in a firefight with police. Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank says none of the evidence supports such speculation:

“You know, the only claims that we have heard of that are coming from Fox News, and we have had several other news stations look at the video and the audio from that, as well as some of our experts here in town have gone through that, and we don’t see it — nor does anyone else but Fox News.”

Burbank says such speculation verges on hate speech and is harmful to the community, especially other Bosnians and Muslims living in Salt Lake. It is an attitude the police chief says he will not allow into the investigation: “In fact, if I find officers that are conducting investigations based on bias or prejudice, well, I’m going to fire them; I don’t want them around.”

Which brings us to the timeless puzzle: If a Muslim yells “Allahu Akbar” while on a homicide-suicide mission, but no conservative or anti-jihadist is around to hear it, was “Allahu Akbar” yelled?


If audio/video equipment records a Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar,” but no conservative is around to watch the footage, did the audio/video record a Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar”?


If a Muslim yells “Allahu Akbar” while on a homicide-suicide mission, but Fox News isn’t around to report it, was “Allahu Akbar” yelled?

That seems to be the timeless, perplexing question. Recall John Kerry’s “You end up in Iraq” comment with which the congressman hanged himself on national TV. That was when audio/video proof officially became a subjective matter, as dispatches from the Associated Press and others reported on the incident as “Republicans say he said…” rather than “The camera says he said…”

So one might ask: If a Democrat embarrasses himself on national television, but no Republican is around to care, did the Democrat embarrass himself?

Now, considering that it took a year for the authorities to rule that the shooting by Hesham Hedayet at an El-Al Counter at LAX on July 4th, 2002 was in fact terrorism, one supposes that the conundrum/riddle should be adjusted to the following: If a Muslim yells “Allahu Akbar” before killing and being killed, but no PC-unfiltered ears are around to hear it, will the sound take a year to travel?

Considering that the family of the man who shot seven people at the top of the Empire State Building in 1997 has finally only now, through the blogosphere, managed to get their message out past the media which censored it 10 years ago that this Palestinian man was making a statement against U.S. support of Israel, it appears that sound can take even a decade to travel.

Let’s try to remember to stay tuned.

To make a related point, considering how hard-won the much heralded hate crimes legislations were for the Left, how are police expected to investigate these hate crimes without asking the relevant questions? That Burbank schmuck has only himself to blame, for saying an hour after the massacre, before even starting an investigation, that it wasn’t terrorism. Had he not been such a dhimmi, he wouldn’t have to worry about covering now.

Russian uranium smuggler caught in Georgian-US sting

Criminals and Terrorists Guilty of Ethnic Profiling:

Georgia’s security services arrested Oleg Khiltsagov as he tried to sell “100 grams of 90-percent enriched uranium” in the sting operation last year, said the interior ministry’s analytical department chief, Shota Utiashvili…Utiashvili said that a Georgian officer posed as a buyer from a radical Islamic group

Well you can’t complain that investigations are targeting Muslims exclusively, as this sting operation of a Russian weapons smuggler demonstrates. But why isn’t anyone complaining that in order to have a believable and successful sting operation, you have to impersonate a Muslim — or you won’t be taken seriously by either the Muslim or non-Muslim perp.

After all, couldn’t the agent have just as well pretended he was a Jew or a Christian?

Israpundit and PipelineNews.org. These are two notable exceptions in the blogosphere, which I berated recently for ignoring the Balkans as a key region that our war on terror should focus on, for buying the msm version of events there hook, line and sinker rather than policing it, and for not calling for the begged-for reevaluation of American policies in the region. With headlines like “10 Years And Counting — Still No Exit Plan From Clinton Created, European Al-Qaeda Base,” PipelineNews.org has been on the case. And starting late last year, Israpundit took notice as well.

Even more recently, this week the Conservative Liberal blog confirms that my FrontPageMag article confirmed its long-held suspicion that we took the wrong side in the 1990s. This confirmed my own suspicions that more than a few Americans are suspecting as much.

I heard from Mickey at Serbianna.com in response to my earlier post, “Letter from a Mormon Albanian,” and he illustrates my point better than I do:

Just as the Muslim Albanians use folks like this Mormon Albanian, or for the forceful matter, Christian Orthodox Albanians such as Koco Danaj who is the leading ideologue of a “natural” Albania (euphemism for Greater Albania), so is radical Islam, from Hamas to al Qaeda, using the ideology of another Christian, Michel Aflaq.

A Christian Arab, Michel Aflaq is the ideological father of the Islamic terrorism in the Middle East just like the Albanian Christian Koco Danaj, who is the leading ideologue behind the Muslim Albanian fundamentalism that is only now in its nascent stage of envelopment as you properly demonstrate in your analysis.

A Christian, Aflaq was an ideologue of the Baath Party that funds Islamikazees on Jews in Israel, but according to the ex-ambassador to Iraq, Sami Sadun, Aflaq abandoned Christianity and converted to Islam before he died.

If the fate of a Christian nationalist is to convert to Islam as illustrated by Aflaq, then logic dictates to wonder what fate will befall the Albanian nationalist movement that Mormons and Christian Albanians now believe in?

According to witnesses and a video, “non-religious Bosnian Muslim” and Utah gunman Sulejman Talovic shouted Allah Akbar repeatedly before being killed himself. From a FoxNews.com article yesterday by John Gibson:

[Talovic] was reported to have been shouting “Allah Akbar” at the end of the shootout when he was cornered, at least according to some witnesses.

So why do we get all prissy about the fact that he was a Muslim? Do we think that European Muslims don’t do terrorism? That his Muslim religion was just another fact in all the other facts about him?…The New York Times dropped a hint when it mentioned Islamic burial rites.

And here is the video.

A fetus survives the most premature birth in history, at five months gestation — in brazen disregard for the feelings of women who have aborted fetuses twice its age, and undescoring the importance of Roe v. Wade:

No baby born at less than 23 weeks was previously known to have survived….When she was born on October 24, Amillia Taylor weighed just 280 grams (10 ounces) and measured 240 centimeters (9.5 inches,) slightly longer than a ballpoint pen, the hospital said.

She was breathing without assistance at birth and even made several attempts to cry. The American Association of Pediatrics indicates that babies born at less than 23 weeks of age and 400 grams in weight are not considered viable.

“It may be that we need to reconsider our standard for viability in light of Amillia’s case,” said [neonatalist William] Smalling.

Here’s one you don’t see every day. Kreshnik Bejko wrote me from Canada:

I am as much a neo-con as the next Jew, and I am also Albanian. I am distressed that you keep harping on some alleged Albanian lobby effort to bring American Jews to its side, when the Albanian lobby is so fractured and penniless that any Jewish-American it gets is on merit not on punditry. If anything, it is the Serbian lobby that dished out 15,000 to pay Canadian Gen Lewis MacKenzie to voice their view of things.

Also, why to you always associate Albanians with Muslims anyway? Have you ever been in Kosovo or Albania? Have you see how nominally muslim we are? What would you make of a Mormon Albanian like me?

I would submit to you that your “Muslim Albanian” word association is as realistic as to say “Mormon Albanian”.

I would also accuse you of being paid, and I’m going to suggest to Eric Margolis to keep a close eye on you.

Kreshnik Bejko “Mormon Albanian”

Kosovo Albanians are more than 99.9% Muslim. Albania is more than 70% Muslim. When these two join up — as was the “Greater Albania” plan from the beginning (Albanians in Kosovo, Albania and America have been coveting maps of it for decades) — even a neocon can do the math. “Nominally Muslim” is the buzz phrase that the media used to dupe us into joining the Albanian-nationalist crusade for the Kosovo land grab in Europe, which bin Laden’s men trained them for. As I wrote in last week’s FrontPageMag article:

Albanians argue that their fight for Kosovo is not an Islamic movement but a national one. (DioGuardi himself is Christian.) Palestinians, of course, make the same claim. But the big picture is the same: jihad.

To further illustrate the ludicrousness of continuing this irrelevant tripe about the “non-religious” Balkan Muslims, consider that it’s like saying, “Oh, Soviet Jews have a very ’secular’ tradition of Judaism…they don’t really practice.” Uh-duh. That’s because Communism oppressed everyone’s practice of their faith. But as soon as they could, Eastern European Muslims picked that ball right up, didn’t they? Notice that their activities in the 1990s belie their “secularness”: It appears they knew quite well how to practice the most salient aspect of Islam. Such images should be familiar by now.

The “nominally Muslim” Albanians weren’t going to stay that way, as longtime Balkan-Muslim shill Steven Schwartz recently found out. That was the whole plan. With the NATO bombs came Wahhabis and Saudi mosque-building money. Young Albanians — like young nominally Muslim folks everywhere — are keenly receptive to the radical message:

Muslims of [Kosovo] became hosts to the Wahabis and other Islamic extremist sects that are relentlessly building mosques across the province and recruiting local Muslim Albanians by the droves. Saudis, Kuwaitis and others have built mosques to supply the surging pious among Kosovo Albanians.

Reliable sources on the ground in Kosovo confirm that Wahabis are tremendously popular among young Muslim Albanians, that UNMIK is afraid to patrol certain quarters where Kosovo Wahabis dominate and that even the peacekeepers themselves are afraid that their action may trigger a violent reprisal.

The popluarity of radical Islam among young Albanians is something that was a source of concern to the Yugoslav government as early as the 1980s: “In Yugoslavia, Rising Ethnic Strife Brings Fears of Worse Civil Conflict” —

The current hostilities pit separatist-minded ethnic Albanians against the various Slavic populations of Yugoslavia and occur at all levels of society, from the highest officials to the humblest peasants.

A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others.

The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided.

Hey, Mormon Albanian — good thing you weren’t in Utah last week, huh? Your Bosnian compadre against the infidel Serbs killed a few Mormons. Here was our warning about this, from a 1992 House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare report:

Islam experienced an unexpected renaissance in communist Yugoslavia in the mid-1970s.

The revival increased the number of mosques throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina and led to a growing number of local youths being sent for higher Islamic studies in the Middle East, especially Iran, where the classes in schools for radical mullahs included some 250 Bosnians a year.

According to a [recent] TFTUW report, the Yugoslav government in Belgrade was concerned about what it saw as evidence that within its 40 percent Muslim population there were ‘’Muslim terrorists operating against the West'’ and that ‘’Yugoslav Muslim youths were drawn into cooperation with and emulation of Arab terrorists.'’

Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, with help from Iran, have recruited and trained brigades of blond, blue-eyed Bosnians and indoctrinated them for martyrdom, according to a report in Insight magazine… “The next wave of terrorism could be carried out by people with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.”

Iran and the al-Qaida terrorist network began recruiting and training Bosnian Muslims more than 10 years ago for war against Orthodox Christian Serbs and Catholic Croats in an effort to expand the Muslim base in Eastern Europe.

With his fair skin, the only thing Salt Lake martyr Sulejman Talovic was missing was the blond hair. Boy, civil rights folks and politically correct investigators are going to be longing for the days when “racial profiling” was even an option.

To get a clue about the “secular” Balkans Muslims, watch this short Sky News video about the “new” Bosnia.

More evidence that Kosovo Albanians weren’t quite as secular as we wishfully thought, Mr. Bejko: the presence in New York and Wyoming (among, I’m sure, other states) of things called the “Albanian-American Islamic Cultural Center.

Here are your still secularish Albanians, Mr. Bejko. Say good-bye.

The Kosovo that America built is a disturbing picture indeed:

(Courtesy, Russell Gordon)

In Kosovo, an intolerantly violent nationalism (the Albanian flag) has its complement in the Islamic jihadism as Albanian mosques are springing up across the province while churches are being destroyed and looted. (Russell Gordon)

Bali i Kombetar, the Albanian NAZI party insignia on Pristina wall, 2006. Bali i Kombetar was a volunteer Kosovo Albanian Nazi organization formed in 1939 and reported on by Himmler to Hitler as the most elite of Kosovo Albanian Nazis that have killed and expelled thousands of Serbs and Jews in WWII. Today, this Albanian Nazi organization is freely flourishing under the protection of NATO troops. (Russell Gordon)

With “UCK” spray painted (Albanian for the “disbanded” KLA), a primitive Kosovo inhabitant uses state-of-the-art technology to snap a photo of his fellow tribesman urinating on a burned-out church that hasn’t yet been reduced to the rubble that the rest of the churches and monasteries in Kosovo are (except the ones that are behind barbed wire):

(Russell Gordon)

A more typical-looking church in Kosovo (the red lettering reads “Death to Serbs!”:

Dubbed the “Bin Laden” mosque by foreign visitors because of all the Osama bin Laden photos on its walls (since removed), this is the Turkey-financed Medina mosque. (Photo courtesy Stella Jatras)

Speaks for itself.

Hey, how come Albanians can’t be even as minimally honest as Palestinians: “We Don’t Deserve A State

What do I make, you ask, of a Mormon Albanian like you, Mr. Bejko? The same thing I make of the Catholic, Muslim, Eastern-Orthodox and other Albanians who signed on to the nationalistic land grab and ganged up against Yugoslavia. You’ve made a bed that we’ll all have to lie in.

Note: There were plenty of pro-Yugoslav Albanians who didn’t have a problem with their Serbian neighbors. During the 1998-99 hostilities, one Albanian farmer handed his gun to his Serb neighbor, warning that “the troublemakers are coming; you’ll need this.” That kind of Albanian is in short supply and certainly isn’t the one dominating the Kosovo debate. Talk to virtually any Albanian, of any religion, and he/she is pro-”Kosova”.

Oh, and about that lobby stuff: I guess the National Albanian American Council doesn’t count? (See this letter to them from Wesley Clark.) I guess the names Wesley Clark, Tom Lantos, John McCain, Eliot Engel, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton — all of whom have been getting millions of dollars from the Albanian lobby over the decades — don’t ring a bell? Clark, Clinton and Dole didn’t get streets named after them in Pristina because of their altruism.

The Serbian lobby, meanwhile, has only kicked into gear in the past year, realizing that they really were going to lose Kosovo because they were outspent and out-schmoozed by the Albanians. (Incidentally, Albanian-Americans raised $30 million to bring us to war on their behalf in 1999, and most recently, U.S.-based Albanians are helping fund and arm Albanian terrorists in Montenegro; that’s how “fractured and penniless” the organized, multi-front Albanian effort is.) About not targeting the Jews, Mr. Bejko, see The Forward article from Feb. 2nd “Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence“:

DioGuardi has been cultivating Jewish groups that supported NATO’s intervention to dislodge Serbian forces from Kosovo in 1999 but have been quiet since. In order to elicit their backing, his group has been distributing literature and appearing at synagogues to educate Jewish audiences about the little-known fact that Albania had protected all its Jews during World War II.

Considering that individual Serbian towns saved more Jews than did all Albanians combined, this is blatant exploitation; the most that can be said about the Albanian record on Jews during WWII is that they were no worse than many other European nationalities, as I outlined in my Jewish Week article responding to THE ALBANIAN PITCH TO THE JEWS THAT THE JEWISH WEEK RAN.

As for my getting paid — wait ’til I tell Mom and Dad that one! But notice what an alien concept it is to an Albanian — even a Mormon one — that an outsider would take sides in the Balkans without getting paid. Doesn’t that just say it all. Mr. Bejko, not only do I not get paid by Serbs to write what I write, half the publications I write for don’t even pay for the articles! That’s how pathetic my endeavor is. I WISH the Serbs had Albanian kind of money! As for General MacKenzie, sure it’s possible that in one of the Serbs’ two or so limp attempts to counter the lies that three Balkan entities have been spreading against them, they tried to buy a grain of sand to push against the tide. Bad Serbs. For even attempting to not roll over and just take whatever the propagandized world says they have coming to them.

The family can’t seem to decide:

Mr. Talovic’s motive remains a mystery, investigators say…The gunman’s aunt, Ajka Omerovic, and his father, who was visibly exhausted, spoke to a reporter just hours after Mr. Talovic’s body was cleansed in an Islamic ritual in preparation for its burial in Tuzla, Bosnia…

No religious Balkan Muslims to see here, move along.

Until Serbian forces began a siege of Talovici in April 1992, they said, theirs had been a humble but happy life…

How about: Until fundamentalist Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic decided he wanted to carve out an Islamic state in Europe, theirs had been a humble but happy life in Bosnia, “when that country was a peaceful and a relatively prosperous part of Yugoslavia.”

Meanwhile, the family can’t seem to agree on the most effective way to portray the grandfather’s death for the media: they can’t decide if he died as earlier reported — by shellfire — or whether he was executed point-blank in front of toddler Talovic. From Reuters last week:

They spent two years in the town, during which Bosnian Serb forces besieged the enclave and Talovic’s grandfather was killed by shellfire, Redzo Talovic said.

And from today’s NY Times:

Some family members believed he had seen his grandfather’s execution, though there was disagreement over that.

Perhaps tomorrow the grandfather will weigh in by phone: “That’s not how I died!”

Back to today’s NY Times article:

In 2004, two classmates threatened Sulejman with a knife, his father said. His mother, frightened, then signed a form releasing him from attending school, the family said.

Ah, the story changes again. Before, the story — according to a radio interview with Talovic’s father — was that they pulled the kid out of school because he was caught looking at AK-47s on the Internet.

More from the NYT:

Ms. Omerovic said the Bosnian civil war alone as an explanation made no sense to her because all Bosnians had been “touched by war” but had not committed crimes.

Lest the family soon unanimously agree — or be convinced by Americans — that emotional trauma from the war must have taken seed in young Talovic, an email I received from forensic psychiatrist and special consultant to ABC News Dr. Michael Welner — who has examined several of this country’s most well-known mass killers and is associate professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine — contradicts that, confirming the aunt’s (current) take:

In my experience examining mass shooters…they do not kill for having witnessed or having survived anything. The most I have seen are those numbed by the trauma of witnessing violence, not inspired to perpetuate mass violence. Otherwise, of course, the US would be full of refugees who carry out such attacks for experience in Africa and other sorry origins.

Shooter’s relatives in disbelief over Monday’s tragedy, say they had no explanation for the rampage…A Muslim, he sometimes attended a Salt Lake City mosque for Friday prayers before landing a full-time job to help support his parents and three sisters.

Sulejman Talovic’s aunt, Ajka Omerovic, said she doesn’t know why her nephew became a mass murderer, but claimed neither he nor the rest of her family has any lingering psychological effects from the war in Bosnia.

So why would an unscarred “secular Bosnian” who left his country very young be going to a mosque in America, considering we were told that Balkan Muslims don’t *do* mosques?

Now check out this sentence from the Salt Lake Trib article linked above:

Sulejman Talovic was born in Bosnia in 1988, when that country was a peaceful and a relatively prosperous part of Yugoslavia.

What was that? Can I repeat that, please? OK:

Sulejman Talovic was born in Bosnia in 1988, when that country was a peaceful and a relatively prosperous part of Yugoslavia.

I’ll offer a translation in Islamic: “Us Muslim. Things good in infidel country. Need war.” Now consider a key western notion that this unwitting admission from a mainstream media source debunks: that all human beings have the commonality of wanting to live in PEACE and PROSPERITY, and to work for a better future for their children. Throw that right out the window. The point is not peace, prosperity and a future; the point is an Islamic state, an Islamic future. If you’ve already come to this realization, all you have to do now is apply that healthy cynicism to the Balkans as well. NO, you CANNOT make an exception here just because the infidels in this case were Serbs and they’re easy to finger because for once the Muslims picked on someone capable of responding to their barbarism with barbarism.

Are we starting to get a better idea about who “started” the Bosnian War yet? Here’s a clue: It wasn’t a dead guy whose last name starts with an “M.” Which could also explain why the Talovic family doesn’t have any psychological scars from the war.

This inadvertent admission about the Bosnia that was peaceful and prosperous enough for the 1984 OLYMPICS TO BE HELD THERE also illustrates the following Islamic maxim: You can make a deal with, and live among, the infidel when you are in a position of weakness. Wait until you can act from a position of strength, and then attack. (Precisely the advice given to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat when he came to the head imam with his dilemma: what to do about the Carter-brokered “peace” purchase with Israel. And precisely the path pursued by Arafat and Kosovo Albanians.)

More from the Salt Lake Tribune article:

Although he quit school at 16, Sulejman Talovic often attended Friday prayers at the Al-Noor mosque on 700 East in Salt Lake City, said Salih Omerovic, Ajka’s cousin.

I like the “although” — as if these two developments are somehow contradictory.

So here we’ve once again experienced the collateral benefit of “rescuing” Muslims. Right in our heartland again. Just wait ’til we get a taste of the collateral benefit of resettling Kosovo Liberation Army fighters here. (A blog on that to follow soon.)

I said it before and I’ll say it again. The Serbs weren’t fighting just their enemies; they happened to also be fighting ours.

A follow-up article from the Salt Lake Tribune offers some insight for the Talovic family, who were left *mystified* by this tragic *turn* in their “good boy”:

At age 12, Talovic was before a judge for allegedly holding a knife over the head of girl while stating, “I’ll kill you,” according to a source who is familiar with the case.

Hmm, hostility toward females — that doesn’t sound even secularly Muslim…

Two years earlier, Talovic was referred to juvenile court for throwing rocks at a little girl.

Nope, doesn’t ring a bell either.

About the same time, he threatened his parents’ landlord with a knife.

The first girl was not struck by the stones. And the mother of the second girl snatched her up in the nick of time, just as Talovic took a swipe with the blade, according to the source, who has seen court documents relating to the case.

If knifing and throwing stones at females makes for a “good boy” to this family, I wonder what makes for a bad one. Not doing these things?

Based on the premise that the family truly didn’t see this coming, I was going to explain that such occurrences go along with the younger generation of Muslims everywhere returning to their Islamic roots beyond anything their parents or even grandparents ever exposed them to, and being keenly receptive to radical Islam as a way of bringing meaning to their lives.

But then came this follow-up:

Talovic Caught Looking up AK-47s Online at School in 2004

KSL Newsradio has learned that in November of 2004, officials at the Horizante School contacted Sulejmen Talovic’s parents to tell them he’d violated the school’s Internet use policy, he was found looking up AK-47’s on the Web.

So what did the concerned parents do?

That’s when a source tells us the parents took Talovic out of school. We contacted Talovic’s Aunt who said school officials did speak with his mother.

The school district says it can’t comment on any academic records or disciplinary action.

There are some who think his background and his leaving two other schools should have sent up some red flags.

Croatia probes why Hitler image on sugar packets

“The local district attorney in [the eastern town of] Pozega has opened an investigation and is currently looking at the matter,” said Martina Mihordin…The incident will embarrass the government which has been keen to play down the country’s past links with Nazism.

The Jerusalem-based anti-Nazi Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a statement it had protested the matter to Croatia’s authorities…”If nothing else, this is a disgusting expression of nostalgia for the Third Reich and a period during which Jews, Serbs and Gypsies were mass-murdered [in Croatia],” it said.

[Director Efraim] Zuroff urged Croatia to force the factory owners to recall the sugar packets immediately, in line with a law against racial, religious or ethnic hatred.

Under President Franjo Tudjman, who governed Croatia from its 1991 independence until 1999, some of the Ustasha symbols were tolerated and their crimes often dismissed in public, which strained relations with Israel. [And, perhaps, with the Serbs?]

Subsequent Croatian leaders, who set the country on the road to European Union membership, apologized publicly for the Ustasha crimes.

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