April 2007

My attention was riveted to an article this week in the Asia Times, a news outfit based in Hong Kong. The article was aptly titled “The inconvenient Serbs,” and the author, who goes just by the name “Spengler”, hit almost every nail on the head. I’ll excerpt the most important and accurate points below, with emphasis added, but one thing to keep in mind while reading: It is to America’s eternal disgrace that a country as loathsome as Russia is on the right side of history on this matter while we pigheadedly pursue the path of befriending evil.

…Scholars debate whether the decline and fall of Europe will occur by mid-century, or might be postponed until 2100. The inconvenient Serbs may force the issue on Europe a great deal sooner.

If Serbia and Russia draw a line in the sand over the independence of Kosovo, we may observe the second occasion in history when a Muslim advance on Europe halted on Serbian soil. The first occurred in 1456, three years after the fall of Constantinople, when Sultan Mehmed II was thrown back from the walls of Belgrade, “The White City”, by Hungarian and Serb defenders. The Siege of Belgrade “decided the fate of Christendom”, wrote the then Pope Calixtus III. Not for nothing did J R R Tolkien name his fictional stronghold of Minas Tirith “The White City”.

“Kosovka Devojka” (The Kosovo Maiden) by Uros Predic. A maiden brings water to dying Serb soldier Pavle Orlovic during the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Turks in 1389.

…The Bill Clinton administration, in this writer’s considered view, provoked NATO’s 1999 bombing war against Serbia with malice of forethought, as a gesture to the Muslim world. The United States in effect was willing to bomb Christians in order to protect Muslims, in this case the Albanian Kosovo majority whom it accused the Serbs of mistreating…In a January 3 article in the Financial Times, Democratic Senator Joseph Biden contended that Kosovo independence would constitute a “victory for Muslim democracy”, and “a much-need example of US-Muslim partnership”.

Contrary to American propaganda at the time, no massacres had occurred; the Serbs had shot a few thousand Muslim militants in their efforts to pacify the province. Clinton, then secretary of state Madeleine Albright and UN ambassador Richard Holbrooke deluded themselves that they could cash in the chips earned in Kosovo at the negotiating table in the Middle East. The neo-conservatives cheered the Clinton bombing campaign, believing perhaps that any American show of force was better than no show of force.

Once again Washington’s attention is directed toward the Middle East. Washington proposes to sacrifice the remaining Christians in Kosovo in order to earn Muslim support…I believe that Serbia and Russia are correct to offer partition rather than independence for Kosovo, that is, breaking off the Christian-majority municipalities of the north and attaching them to Serbia proper, while permitting the Muslim majority to determine its own fate.

This is the obvious, humane and commonsense solution; the fact that the State Department refuses to consider it inflames Russia’s worst fears about America’s intent…Washington does not care about Kosovo. It simply wants to put the issue to rest by the most expeditious means possible, the better to deal with its urgent business at hand…

Russia, as I reported in Russia’s hudna with the Muslim world (Asia Times Online February 21, 2007) must face the prospect of Islamification far sooner than Western Europe.

There can be no doubt that Europe is resigned to gradual absorption into the umma. Father Richard John Neuhaus, the conservative Catholic writer, quotes an “influential French archbishop” saying, “We hope for [assimilation of Muslim immigrants], while we work at reducing immigration and prepare ourselves for soft Islamicization.” Western Europe is a beaten, deracinated rabble with no will to fight. Russia is a different sort of beast. The Kosovo question for Russia is not a sentimental, but an existential matter.

No modern people have proven a greater inconvenience than the Serbs. They threw off two foreign yokes unaided — the Ottomans during the 19th century, and the Germans during the World War II…Serbian demands in the case of Kosovo today are limited and reasonable, namely a partition that serves the interests of the small Christian minority. I do not think Russia will let Washington make a horrible example of them in order to create an example of “US-Muslim partnership”.

If Washington does not modify its support for independence, the most likely outcome is a Russian veto of the Ahtisaari plan in the UN Security Council, followed, perhaps, by a unilateral declaration of independence by the Albanian Muslim majority in Kosovo. The aftermath could be quite messy, namely a small shooting war between Christians and Muslims on European soil. “Soft Islamification,” in the words of Father Neuhaus’ French archbishop, may turn out to be no option at all.

…No-one, least of all Russia, wants an open conflict with Muslims. But there are limits to what the Orthodox Christian world will tolerate, and they may have been reached in Kosovo.

And let’s be realistic: A “US-Muslim partnership” — of the sort that many delude themselves is possible with the “moderate” Muslim world — can mean only one thing: our own soft Islamicization.

In the past, I’ve written:

Anyone who has read descriptions of the country’s “intolerance” and “abuse” against Arab-Americans can guess that anti-Islamic hate crimes include some incidents in which a Muslim might have discerned a dirty look or wrinkled nose from a passing stranger.

Apparently, in Scotland a look doesn’t even have to go that far. From the Little Green Footballs blog:

PUPILS and teachers have been told by an official body not to stare at Muslims for fear of causing offence.

A document intended to educate against religious intolerance and sectarianism urges teachers to “make pupils aware of the various forms of Islamophobia, ie stares, verbal abuse, physical abuse”.

The document [issued by Learning Teaching Scotland] states: “Some Muslims may choose to wear clothing or display their faith in a way that makes them visible… Staring or looking is a form of discrimination as it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, or as though they are not normal.”

Hey, does this mean that if someone is gawking at a Jew in a yarmulke, the Jew can claim to be the victim of Islamophobia?

It took an Osama to try and pull the bureaucrats back:

Osama Saeed, a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, accused officials of going too far. “There are far more serious elements of Islamophobia. People look at all sorts of things — that can just be a glance. A glance and a stare are two different things — glances happen naturally when all sorts of things catch your eye whereas a stare is probably gawking at something.

But Master, they were only trying to please you. After all, isn’t it a good way to pump up the desperately sought numbers of anti-Muslim hate crimes? Besides, dhimmis really shouldn’t be gazing at Master directly in the eye.

To make sure no such offense is caused, I think the solution could lie in headdresses: Muslims can continue to wear hijabs over their heads, and the rest of us should just put trash bags over ours.

Police gaffe makes Muslims pray in wrong direction

A Dutch police station trying to help Muslim detainees face Mecca for their prayers painted arrows in cells pointing in the wrong direction…Muslims pray five times a day, facing east in the direction of Mecca. But the arrows in Segbroek pointed west.

“This is a really gigantic, stupid blunder,” a police spokesman told the De Telegraaf. “The faulty compass marks have been immediately corrected. It is a mystery for us how this could have possibly happened”.

I think Theo Van Gogh was just having some fun.

Regardless, what does it matter if they’re facing eastward or westward? As long as they pray downwards, they’re facing their paradise.

The latest display of British anti-Semitism comes in the form of a vote to boycott Israeli goods by the UK’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Delegates, 66 to 54, made the South Africa comparison, and called for the [Trades Union Congress] “to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel by the British government,” according to Honest Reporting, which quotes writer Tom Gross:

“The motion called for the end of Israeli aggression in Gaza.” In case they haven’t noticed, Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005, and indeed is maintaining a ceasefire even while Palestinian rockets continue to be fired from Gaza on an almost daily basis into Israel, aimed at civilians.

Though there have probably been dozens of other such developments and incidents in the past month, I’ll just cite the following item which caught my eye in mid-March, in a local Las Vegas Jewish paper called Jewish Reporter:

British Jews came down on a local soccer team after fans’ racist chants were displayed on the Internet. Some 30 West Ham United fans were captured on a cellphone video chanting “I’d rather be a Paki than a Jew” at the team’s Sunday game against Tottenham Hotspur, a reference to the team’s large Jewish fan base…The West Ham club promised to investigate the incident, including why ushers at the game didn’t intervene.

The funniest part of all this business is that “Pakis” is exactly what the Brits will have to become — it won’t be a choice.

Meanwhile, France is cracking down on Evangelicals:

Pastor Jean-Arnold de Clermont, president of the French Protestant Federation, told Cybercast News Service he had learned from several member churches that they had been contacted by the police service (the Renseignements Generaux or RG) and asked to pass along any information they had about evangelical churches in their region.

The RG has been sending Protestants a series of questions asking the names of evangelical churches and whether any of their activities might be causing harm…According to the federation, government officials in France had long viewed evangelical churches with suspicion.

The Protestant Federation said it has also been examining instances where local authorities have repeatedly set up hurdles stopping evangelicals from building or enlarging houses of worship.

Suspicions have also allegedly increased because of anti-U.S. sentiment, she said. Media reports of evangelical ties to the Bush presidency arouse concerns because such links would be considered unacceptable under the French secular system.

France with the Evangelicals, and England with the Jews, are engaging in the practice of looking for a lost quarter in the street though it was dropped in the alley. Because the lighting is better in the street. Jews and Evangelicals are a lot easier to harass than an actual enemy.

Counter-American Islamic Revolution

Protestors in India burn Gere effigies…after he swept a popular Bollywood actress into his arms and kissed her several times during an AIDS-awareness event.”

Since before the midterm elections, it’s been a goal of the DNC chairman to reach out to evangelicals, and he’s been playing up what they have in common with the Democratic Party, namely something about the materialism of the culture. (He and Al Gore also have referred to the fact that both groups discerni Armageddon in weather patterns.) But as the Dems try to cozy up to them, evangelicals should remember what Dean said about them in 2005. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that Republicans “all behave the same. They all look the same. It’s pretty much a white Christian party.”

Just a reminder, ala the sort that Democrats like to give Jews about Christians, except in this case it’s accurate: they don’t like you; they’re just using you.

The other week, I wrote that after her trip to Syria:

Nancy Pelosi already has her outfit picked for her next trip:

And then came the news: Pelosi, Lantos may be interested in diplomatic trip to Iran

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, just back from a trip to Syria that sparked sharp criticism from Republicans and the Bush administration, suggested Tuesday that they may be interested in taking another diplomatic trip - to open a dialogue with Iran.

So it looks like I wasn’t kidding after all. As usual.

From Newsmax:

In a mass e-mail sent to her closest supporters, the Democratic presidential hopeful [Hillary Clinton] wrote… “Don Imus’ comments about [the Rutgers women’s basketball team] were nothing more than small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism. They showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African-Americans and women everywhere.”

A brief flashback to 2004:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized for joking that Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis, saying it was “a lame attempt at humor.”

The New York Democrat made the remark at a fund-raiser Saturday. During an event here for Senate candidate Nancy Farmer, Clinton introduced a quote from Gandhi by saying, “He ran a gas station down in St. Louis.”

In yesterday’s post, I quoted the Deseret News dutifully quoting its favorite mujahid-imam Nezim Halilovic pulling numbers of raped Bosnian Muslim women out of his tush: “40,000…among whom 10,000 were girls.” To help debunk this fiction, I quoted reader Michael Pravica from his unpublished letter to Deseret:

Many of the claims…such as the “40,000 raped (Bosnian Muslim) women” were investigated by such respected agencies as the Red Cross and found to be wildly exaggerated. Neither has Mr. Bauman discussed the hundreds of Bosnian Serbian women who were raped.

and also former NY Times reporter David Binder:

Others pouncing on the allegations of “up to 60,000 rapes” of Muslim women by Serb soldiers included Newsweek’s Charles Lane and colleagues for a cover story and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Judy Bachrach for a magazine piece. Conspicuously ignored then and later, as Brock points out, were the 800 cases of raped Serbian women copiously documented for the United Nations.

But I should also mention a reader named Alex, an attorney in Pennsylvania, whose family is from Yugoslavia. Alex traveled back and forth to Yugoslavia in the ’90s, alternately as a translator and as a fact-finder. In March of 1993, he was part of a “mass rape” fact-finding mission to Bosnia, and he writes:

Serb Net, Inc. sent a young lady from Chicago and myself to the old country to figure out what was going on with the allegations of mass rapes. We toured Bosnia. I remember her interviewing one Serbian victim of rape — she may have spoken to more — we talked to Moslems (who told us that all three sides were lying). I remember coming away from that experience learning that one of the international organizations concerned with the mass rape issue concluded that there were not enough rapes in all of Bosnia during the war committed by all three sides to warrant opening anything more than one rape counseling center. It would take some digging to find that source. The conclusion stuck with me because I wondered how many rape counseling centers there are in each major western city — and that in peacetime — and I wondered how many rapes there were in Bosnia before the war. There are gruesome stories of Serbian women locked in makeshift brothels by the Moslems but when we talked about it back home many people shrugged it off as ridiculous, just like the human trafficking that the Albanians engage in, and the beheadings that the Moslems do.

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