May 2007

Balkan saying #1: “A Serb in Croatia feels like a pig in Tehran.”

Balkan saying #2: “He lies like an Albanian witness.”

Balkan saying #3 (A captured Serb or Croat to his Bosnian captors): “If you let me go, I’ll fill three mass graves for you.”

Serbian Orthodox priest in Jerusalem Father Jovan, on going from one Kosovo parish to another without an armored KFOR escort: “I’d last as long as a rabbi in Gaza.”

Nebojsa Malic, on Serbian indifference to their own security (and rolling over and bearing their necks for the past decade in the hopes that Washington will see Serbia as a partner): “Serbs are too busy trying to be ‘Euro-Atlantic’ to pay attention to people who wish them dead.”

Srdja Trifkovic on people like Stephen “Suleiman Ahmed” Schwartz: “A Jew who converts to Islam is like a turkey that celebrates Thanksgiving.”

My reporter friend Lou: “I was a Democrat before they all became perverts, security risks and baby killers.”

In Israel last month some colleagues and I observed a young Arabic couple walking hand in hand in Jaffa, near Tel-Aviv. It looked as though it was only their second or third date, as the girl seemed rather coy. It was a hot day, and the guy was wearing an old t-shirt, shorts and sandals. She, on the other hand, was covered head to toe in a black hijab; only her face was visible. I remarked, “He’s modern-day, and she’s in the 7th Century.” To which Trifkovic replied, “Together that puts them in the 14th Century.”

From Serbia’s Tanjug news agency:

[Forensic specialist] Srboljub Zivanovic said on Wednesday, speaking at the 4th International Conference on [WWII camp] Jasenovac held in Banjaluka, that “the objective of Croat and Muslim executioners and murderers in the Jasenovac death camp had been to torture their victims as much as possible, because they enjoyed that.”

A team of forensic anthropologists, including Zivanovic, performed the exhumation and forensic analysis of the murdered victims of Jasenovac in 1964, but no filming was permitted, and the press were banned as well, in order to prevent the discovered facts from becoming public knowledge, he said.

To explain the part about preventing it from becoming public knowledge, Yugoslavia’s Communist regime was trying to do the “brotherhood and unity” thing, and so anything that had the potential to disrupt the socialist stuff — such as the murderousness of Serbia’s Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian neighbors — was kept under wraps. This in no small way had something to do with the suppression of information at the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Yad Vashem regarding Serb- and Jew-slaughter by Croatians and Muslims.

“The silence of Jewish organizations is less easily explained,” Andrew Borowiec wrote in the Washington Times in 1994, “particlarly since Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal was aware of the slaughter.”

…For years the gruesome details about the systematic killing of Serbs, Jews, Croats and Gypsies in the huge camp complex of Jasenovac on the banks of the Sava River remained officially taboo.

Although documents and eyewitness accounts were at first ignored, and then mysteriously removed from international archives, the horror surpassing that of some of the worst Nazi extermination camps remains alive in the memory of a handful of survivors and of their kin.

It now appears that a vast international conspiracy involving Marshal Josip Broz Tito, founder of modern Yugoslavia, his ruling Yugoslav League of Communists, the United Nations, some Vatican officials, and even Jewish organizations strove to keep the Jasenovac story buried forever.

According to Yugoslav historicans, Tito’s reasoning was simple: Perpetuating the memory of crimes committed by pro-Nazi Croats would undermine Yugoslavia as a viable ethnic mosaic, so the truth had to be suppressed.

Tito’s watchwords were “brotherhood and unity,” and to pursue these high goals he tried to erase the chapter of Jasenovac.

The West generally went along, particularly after Tito broke with Stalin in 1948. The Vatican wanted to protect Roman Catholic Croats, who had been willing Nazi proxies in the Balkans.

Also playing a role in the suppression is the fact that, tragically yet again for the Serbs, the U.S. Holocaust Museum opened in the midst of the Balkan wars, when it was essential to portray Serbs as the principal evildoers. Therefore Serbs could not — could not — be shown to have been victims of the two groups they were now again forced to fight as the 1940s came raging back when the Soviet Union collapsed.

A more complete exhibit of WWII realities at the museum would have gone a long way to explain the 1990s conflict, and perhaps would have shamed our leaders out of the dangerous alliances they were making, which now imperil Americans and threaten a repetition of the visuals which could have served as our warning had they been shown.

The WWII exhumations continue to this day.*

* If you click on this link, you’ll see that, consistent with Balkan reporting protocol, this February AFP item doesn’t say who the exhumed victims are until the very last line — so the whole time that you’re reading, you’re assuming these are Croatian or Muslim victims of Serbs, rather than the other way around. (I described last month the sleight-of-pen reporting that has been pandemic among Balkans correspondents, quoting from Peter Brock’s book:

[Schork] wrote about a man named “Zarko Spasic” who disappeared near the village of Sipovac in Kosovo….Finally, in the eleventh paragraph of the reort, readers could figure out that Zarko Spasic was a Serb who was kidnapped and murdered by Albanian Muslims in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Maddeningly, journalists used this method of allowing presumption and mistaken inference to occur until deep into the narratives of thousands of such accounts — and long after copy editors had excised the most critical information — throughout the war reporting of the 1990s!)

Slovenian intelligence recently confirmed a Kosovo link to the March terror-camp raid and arrests in Sandzak, southern Serbia:

A Slovenian intelligence source has confirmed for a claim made recently in the Serbian media — that the Wahhabis arrested at a training camp broken up near Novi Pazar on St. Patrick’s Day had connections with Kosovo militants, the final status process there and potential violence again Serbs in the North Mitrovica enclaves.

The March 17, 2007 Serbian police operation against a suspected Islamic extremist mountain training camp near Novi Pazar, which yielded weapons, ammunition and assorted paraphernalia, has inspired unprecedented interest in the phenomenon of Wahhabi extremism in this forgotten area of western Serbia in the international media.

What is perhaps most interesting about the recent foreign media coverage, however, is that no one has cast doubt upon the Serbian government’s version of events. For the first time in a long time, a Serbian counter-terrorism operation has gotten the “benefit of the doubt.”

According to Serbian counterrorism expert Darko Trifunovic, who has compiled a lengthy report identifying numerous members of the Sandzak Wahhabi substratum, “All but one of the arrested men were bearded in the fashion of jihadis, but all were white Europeans.”

Although Albanian Muslims in Kosovo base their identities much more on secular nationalism than do the Bosnian Muslims just north of the border, Wahhabism has nevertheless caught on in pockets of Kosovo, including even the capital.

New information received by from a Slovenian intelligence source confirms Serbian media allegations that at least some of the weaponry found in the Wahhabi training camp had arrived from Kosovo — and for a reason: according to our information, extremist Albanians in Kosovo opposed to negotiation with Serbs are collaborating with the Wahhabis [in Sandzak]… in the case of new violence, the goal would be a show of force against Serbs from both sides.”

Adding that both groups have different ideologies and purposes, both the ex-KLA militants and Islamic extremists have similar needs. “Both use weapons, and both [rely] to varying extents on organized crime to fund their movements,” said the Slovenian source, adding that his country had recently taken a more active role in Kosovo/Serbia intelligence-gathering.

(And still, the march toward Kosovo independence continues apace, with the Bush administration itself making the case against the famous Bush credo — and demonstrating that, indeed, you can be both “with us” and “with the terrorists”.)

Slovenian intelligence-gathering operations have been enhanced of late, according to an OSCE officer in Kosovo, who points to the replacement of Italian security officers by some 600 Slovenes a month or two ago, in the area of Pec. One of the most dangerous areas of Kosovo, nationalistic Pec also has a thriving Wahhabi community and was visited by Pakistani al Qaeda member Arfan Qaeder Bhatti at the behest of the powerful former narcotics trafficker, Princ Dobroshi, who exerts considerable influence locally despite being jailed in the Czech Republic. Bhatti had been arrested after plotting to bomb the Israeli and American embassies in Oslo…

Meanwhile, the non-Wahhabi Balkan Muslims of Novi Pazar — where Wahhabis last year broke up a concert — aren’t averse to Wahhabism necessarily on the grounds that Balkan Muslims have a more secular tradition; many actually believe that the Wahhabis are perverting early Islam.

BBC is continuing its petition drive to secure the safe return of pro-Palestinian BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped in Gaza in March. The petition is up to 100,000 signatures, and states:

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate release of BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston. We ask that everyone with influence on this situation increase their efforts to ensure that Alan is freed quickly and unharmed.

Hmm, I wonder if his kidnappers were Israelis, or Palestinians. That sure is a tough one. According to the law of probability, based on all the other pro-Palestinian journalists, filmmakers and “human rights” activists who have been kidnapped, I’d venture that it was Palestinians whodunit.

So why don’t BBC and the Brits deal with this the way their Middle East coverage usually does, and protest the Israeli government for the kidnapping?

I mean, they’re not going to get anywhere appealing to an irrational, irresponsible, terrorist-run entity that…On second thought, since they expect Israel to do just that, let them keep hitting their heads against the wall.

According to a Pew Center for Research study released last week, 25% of U.S. Muslims under the age of 30 support suicide bombings in some capacity. Such a significant minority of Muslims supporting such violence stunned many Americans, but the 25% of U.S. Muslims supporting suicide bombings isn’t as shocking as the fact that 25% of young U.S. Muslims are actually honest.

If you think Kosovo should be independent, then you think like George Soros. One of his think tank fronts — the International Crisis Group (which has been creating crises in Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other Balkan and Caucasus states) — was the first to suggest the creation of a Kosovo army:

Serbia-Western powers and United Nations should allow Kosovo to create an army as part of resolving the final status of the disputed province, a think tank said in a report [on July 28, 2006].

The International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think tank, said that the…international community “must avoid creating a weak state”…It proposed that the force should be made up of up to 3,000 personnel and
have no tanks, heavy artillery, ground to ground missiles or attack aircraft until Kosovo and Serbia have joined NATO’s partnership programs.

Since coming under U.N. rule in mid-1999, authorities in Kosovo have built a new police force of some 7,000 officers. The province also has a 3,000-strong Kosovo Protection Corps, or KPC, a civil emergency organization, mainly consisting former ethnic Albanian rebels which fought Serb forces during the 1998-1999 war [and beheaded some monks].


Armed KLA units take over Kosovo roads — November 2005

Uniformed and armed individuals were stopping vehicles and asking travellers for identification on Sunday night on the road leading to the southern Kosovo village of Dubrava, according to Albanian language daily Koha Ditore…Witnesses say that the unit members told travellers that they could freely tell the police about them…Sources tell the daily that the unit responsible for these actions is made up of former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

There has been speculation that the reason for the activity of this group is to let local and international politicians know that they are ready to resort to military actions if the Kosovo status discussions veer of the direction that the former members of the KLA and the people of Kosovo wish for the talks to move in; towards independence.

Armed Kosovo Albanians reportedly enter Serbia, fire shots at former Serb mayor
August 15, 2006

Masked, armed persons reappear in Kosovo — December 7, 2006

The KPS [Kosovo Police Service] stated that unidentified armed persons wearing masks have opened check points around the region…Police quickly responded to calls from citizens.

In a village near Đakovica, there was gun fire exchanged between the armed group and police officers. There were no injuries and the armed assailants fled into a nearby wooded area.

Early last week, police commands reported that there are serious threats to UNMIK personnel and property, which increased the level of security in the province.

(One is reminded of the rivalries among Fatah, Hamas and their various offshoots.)

Regrouping of Armed Groups Intensified near Drenica, Pec and Djakovica
March 10, 2007

International representatives have observed intensification of regrouping of armed groups in black uniforms with the insignia of the Kosovo Liberation Army in the past few days in the areas of Drenica, Pec and Djakovica, writes Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

Novosti writes that UNMIK and KFOR forces have received strict orders “not to get involved in conflicts or disagreements with the armed groups and, when they observe them, to abandon their mission and return to their base”.

The paper says that Albanian extremists are assessing that “the status of Kosovo is a done deal” and that after the official proclamation of independence in the Kosovo Assembly and recognition of sovereignty by certain countries in the region, a new exodus of Serbs from Kosovo should be provoked.

The extremists estimate that the greatest number of Serbs, some 80 percent, will immediately head in the direction of (central) Serbia. During the Serb withdrawal period, the paper says, extremists plan to provoke incidents with Serb refugee columns.

Novosti writes that the plan also includes provoking the Serb security forces to react to protect the Serb convoys, which would result in requests for intervention of international forces to protect “the endangered Albanian population in the Presevo Valley”.

The radicalization of the security situation is also expected by the international forces, writes the paper, adding that Albanian terrorist groups deployed along the border with Macedonia have regrouped at the
junction of Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia, and that the so-called terrorist paramilitary Albanian National Army has intensified transfer of arms and materiel from Kosovo to the territory of Sandzak.

According to Novosti, at a meeting held in the Aleksandar Palas Hotel in Skoplje [Macedonia], Hasim Thaci has asked Albanian extremists in Macedonia to prepare volunteers who will be sent to Kosovo when needed…

Kosovo Protection Corps transforms into Armed Forces of Kosovo (March 26)

Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) is transforming into Armed Forces of Kosovo, KPC’s spokesman Shemsi Sulja said, adding that the transformation has begun some time ago.

“We have been working on transformation of KPC into defense forces of Kosovo from some time back. The process is in accordance of the Martti Ahtisaari’s plan that includes forming of Armed Forces”, Sulja told Belgrade’s Fonet Agency.

He explained that the newly established Armed Forces have a need of human resources that will meet the standards of the modern armies included in NATO.

According to Sulja, employment of the few members of the Serbian minority that served in KPC is guaranteed.

Amid the changing landscape of American society, the Democrats are going to have a harder and harder time. How will the Party of Inclusion pander to “diverse” people who hate one another’s diversity? A full article to come (in a month or so), but for now here’s just one illustrative nugget it’ll contain:

Hate-crime charges in haircut attack

A Queens high school student was charged with hate crimes Friday for violating a Sikh student’s religious beliefs by forcing him to remove his turban and cutting his hair, the Queens district attorney said.

Umair Ahmed, 17, of 42-49 77th St., was arrested in the Thursday attack in a bathroom at Newtown High School in Elmhurst.

Ahmed and another student allegedly forced the 15-year-old victim into the bathroom, and after threatening him forced the boy to remove his dastar, a traditional Sikh turban.

The other boy, also 15, is being treated as a juvenile.

Ahmed used scissors to cut off his victim’s waist-long hair, then threw it in a toilet and on the floor, according to a spokesman for the district attorney. Cutting a Sikh’s hair is contrary to the Sikh faith, which considers hair a gift from God that should never be cut.

Ahmed was charged with second-degree unlawful imprisonment as a hate crime, second-degree menacing as a hate crime, second-degree aggravated harassment, second-degree harassment and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He faces up to seven years in prison.

That’s because he’s being tried as an adult. As well he should be, since by Muslim standards a kid who hasn’t blown himself up by age 17 is practically a senior citizen. Of course, Ahmed could always try using a senility defense. (And really, considering that every time another Muslim suffers from Sudden Jihad Syndrome the family (and police) claim mental illness, let’s note that most of these perpetrators have indeed been over the age of 14 — so yes, by Islamic standards, the perps certainly could be suffering from Dementia.)

The victim told officials that he only went into the bathroom and took off his dastar because he feared that Ahmed would stab him. Police initially described the three youths as friends, but said they had an argument before the attack.

Brown’s office said that Ahmed and the other boy approached the victim - whose identity is being withheld by Newsday - and that Ahmed said, “I have to cut your hair.”

The boy said it was against his religion, but Ahmed showed him a ring and said, “This ring is Allah. If you don’t let me cut your hair, I will punch you with this ring.”

See, infected by Democrat thinking, these two boys thought they should and could be friends, because they’re both non-white “diverse” people. But their respective Old Countries caught up with them.

From something called “”:
Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats

The leader of a gay and lesbian youth advocacy group and his staff have today received death threats which the police initially refused to take seriously.

The threat email was sent to the leader of Centre for Social Emancipation (QESh), Mr. ‘K.Z’.

Starting “In the name of Allah”, the email condemns ‘Mr. Z’ for his activities with the youth group and says he will end up in hell.

The email continues, in translation: “We will fu** you mother, burn you with all your belongings, and will make you carry your intestines in your own hands, you lewd man”.

They’re not exaggerating. They’ve done this much before. More:

Mr. Z and his group are accused of “smearing the pure and freedom-seeking nation”, and [told] that members of the group “will have their heads cut off”. The email is said to have come from an email address that begins (in translation) “sharpknife”.

QESh is taking the email very seriously, especially as it says that Mr. K’s family should “prepare his funeral within two weeks”.

The group, who was joined by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demanded that the Kosovo Police Service conduct a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice.

But the police initially refused to open a case — they were said to have considered the case not serious enough. The chief of the shift said that such threats are not considered serious and that he should initiate a private lawsuit…

Just a small glimpse as well into the “functioning democratic institutions” that, our lawmakers promise, an independent Kosovo will have. In this case we see the nature of the police force that’s been entrusted to ensure the safety of the non-Albanian minority, which it so far hasn’t done. Apparently, in addition to non-Albanians, the police force also doesn’t work for gay Albanians.

And how much do you want to bet that these gay Albanians were as gung-ho as the next Albanian about wresting Kosovo from Serbia?

Just as gay Palestinians flee to Israel, so too should we expect to see reports in the near future about gay Albanians fleeing Kosovo for Serbia. (Which a number of Albanians did during and after the war anyway.)

From Friday’s Daily Telegraph:

GLOBAL warming alarmists actually make a great deal of sense. That is, once you imagine that every time they open their mouths they’re talking not about the environment but about Islamic terrorism.

…Al Gore’s hard-hitting documentary about the Islamist threat — An Inconvenient Faith — might face the occasional bombing attack, but would otherwise be crucial viewing for those wishing to be informed on the great menace of our age.

…there’s one guaranteed way to make things uncomfortably warm for our children (or at least our girl children). Require them to wear burqas every time they set foot outside.

One person can make a difference.” — actress Mimi Rogers

Unlikely, Mimi, in environmental terms. Why, you can take the whole of Australia out of the greenhouse equation and the production of alleged global warming gases would decline by only 1.5 per cent or so. Each Australian represents just 1/20,000,000th of that 1.5 per cent. By contrast, individuals have a fine record of combating terrorism.

…[R]ecall Todd Beamer’s words as he led the charge to wrest control of United Airlines flight 93 from terrorists on September 11, 2001: “Let’s roll!”

The individuals who backed Beamer gave their lives to prevent an attack on Washington DC. “Let’s roll!” isn’t usually the sort of thing you hear from someone setting out to buy low-energy lightbulbs.

There is no reason why (climate change) should be a left-right issue.” — The Melbourne Age’s Tim Colebatch

There are plenty more reasons why left and right should not be divided over the West’s response to terrorism.

In fact, the left stands to lose far more, given extreme Islam’s hatred of their pet causes (feminism, gay rights, art, tolerance, music, diversity, everything).

Yet many on the left seem ill-inclined to do anything that might offend even extreme Islamists, much less directly confront them.

US stand-up comedienne Julia Gorin first identified the environmental left’s fondness for terror motifs in a column last year.

“Tough language is borrowed from the war on terror and applied to the war on weather,” Gorin wrote — presciently, since at that point the trend was nowhere near as obvious as it is now. “Freud called it displacement. People fixate on the environment when they can’t deal with real threats.”

You wonder how these people would cope were they ever themselves to face the real threat of terrorism. As their hijacked jet banked for a final charge into the skyscraper, would they worry about the environmental impact?

Tim blogs at

This time, the prize goes to Ken Timmerman and Newsmax:

U.S. Selling Out Bosnian Christians to Muslims, Serb Leader Says

The man who helped overthrow Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic says the State Department is pressuring him to hand over Christian Bosnia to its powerful Muslim neighbor, threatening the delicate balance that ended the Bosnian War.

The Bosnian Serbian entity was created under the 1995 Dayton peace accords.

“At the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo, I was threatened that if I did not agree to these U.S. demands, I would have problems,” Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik told NewsMax in an exclusive interview.

In a meeting on Wednesday at the State Department, Dodik said that Assistant Secretary Daniel Fried didn’t repeat the threats, but insisted that Dodik and the Christian Bosnian Serb government agree to dissolve its independent police force and parliament, and merge them into Muslim-majority federal institutions.

“The United States is trying to assimilate us into Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which is a Muslim entity,” Dodik said.

Nearly 1.4 million Serbian Christians live in the Republic of Srpska, the autonomous Serbian entity that Serbs say was “forced down [their] throats” under the 1995 Dayton agreement.

Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. official who negotiated the 1995 agreement, told a forum marking the 10th anniversary of the Dayton accords in November 2005 that among his “mistakes” were the words “Republika Srpska.” He called for the Serbian entity to be dissolved into Muslim Bosnia.

State Department spokesman Tom Casey was taken by surprise when a reporter asked him at the daily briefing on Wednesday about the visit of Dodik and BiH president, Sulejman Tihic, a Muslim.

That’s right. He was taken by surprise. Because he’s not used to anyone giving a rat’s behind about the Balkans, much less knowing what to ask about it. Plus there’s the de facto media blackout on this subject for the past eight years, which has relied on there being enough disinterest, confusion and propaganda that, even in the midst of a jihad, no one will dare risk seeming “pro-Serb” by pointing to the fact that the U.S. is promoting an Islamic Europe.

“Bully” is a term commonly used to describe the U.S.’s post-9/11 behavior — in every region but where it applies: the Balkans…where it acts as an Islamic supremacist, continuing to do the jihadists’ work through coercive diplomacy.

And if members of America’s intelligentsia — including the so-called hawks — had deigned to pay attention to the havoc their government was wreaking in the Balkans, they’d see that it’s following through precisely on what Bosnian Muslims have been calling for this year: the abolition of Bosnia’s Serbian entity.

Under the current arrangement, the Bosnian Serbs have 22 members of the federal parliament, and the Bosnian Muslims have 24 members. Simple majority rule, as advocated by the United States, would allow the Bosnian Muslims to transform the Bosnian federation into an Islamic Republic.

Good morning, America. This is what your leaders have been doing for the past eight years — in the shadows — since no one ever bothered to scrutinize Bill Clinton’s war and keep track of its fallout.

In addition, the assimilation of the independent Bosnian Serb police force into a single, federal force “would mean we must accept terrorists who have been recruited into the police by the Bosnian Muslims.”

Dodik and several advisers who also spoke with NewsMax in Washington warned that Muslim Bosnia has become “a platform for attacking the United States and Europe using ‘white’ Al Qaeda members who look like Europeans.”

“When I was asked by [former State Department official] Bob Gelbard why we have to stay in Bosnia, I said it was to prevent the creation of a Muslim state in the heart of Europe,” Dodik said.

Well before the Dayton accords, the Bosnian Muslim authorities forged a close relationship with Osama Bin Laden, even providing him a Bosnian diplomatic passport after his Saudi passport was revoked by the Saudi government.

Five of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were trained in Bosnian Muslim al Qaeda camps.

During the Clinton administration, “the U.S. gave its blessing as 4,400 jihadis came to Bosnia from Afghanistan,” Dodik said.

“The areas where these jihadis operated were also the scenes of horrible crimes against Christian Serbs,” he added. “Until now, there is no data on crimes against Serbs in the UN human rights data bases.”

Only a handful of the jihadis who came to Bosnia during the 1990s have been extradited to the United States and imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. More than 700 of the original group of jihadis have been given Bosnian passports and are still based in the country, Dodik said. Among them are 87 Egyptians, 75 Algerians, 80 Jordanians, 28 Lebanese, and 108 Syrians.

Dodik also warned of the involvement of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran in Bosnia.

“The Saudis have funded and built more than 1000 new mosques” in the Muslim areas, he said. “These mosques serve as bases for training Muslim extremists.”

Many of the humanitarian organizations funded by the Saudis in Bosnia have been identified as key elements of the Wahhabi jihadi movement. “Thirty percent of the Bosnian Muslims approve of or are directly involved in the Wahhabi movement,” Dodik said.

Just to illustrate the double standards employed in the bipartisan U.S. effort to eradicate the Serbs and other Balkan Christians so that we have a purified Islamic partner for peace in Europe, here is Balkan observer Nebojsa Malic’s nutshell description of how logic works when applied to the Balkans:

There are two major unresolved issues in the Balkans today, both consequences of Imperial [American/UN] intervention… One is the ongoing existence of Bosnia under the peace agreement that forced it together yet kept it partitioned; for the past eight years, Imperial viceroys have sought to gradually abolish the partition. The other is Kosovo, a province occupied by NATO and the UN on behalf of ethnic Albanians who have ethnically cleansed it of nearly all others and demand to be granted independence.

…the Empire supports both unitary Bosnia and independent Kosovo. Yet the principle of sacred borders that keeps Bosnia together is somehow not valid when it comes to Serbia, of which Kosovo is a province. Nor is the self-determination that is supposedly applied to Albanians of Kosovo a principle when it comes to Serbs or Croats of Bosnia. Much tortured reasoning has been developed to make the Imperial position seem rational, but it still defies comprehension. So the tactic has now shifted to considering each case separately, so as to avoid the unpleasantness of logic.

…it is imperative that Serbia is politically broken into accepting, seemingly of its own free will, both the wanton centralization of Bosnia and the arbitrary separation of Kosovo.

And just when you think double standards are bad enough, they triple, as I demonstrated recently:

At the House hearing, in response to concerns about the safety of non-Muslims and the possibility of partitioning off areas that have a significant minority presence, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said (emphasis added), “…those communities will be encouraged to have a great deal of autonomy from the central government in Pristina, which would reflect the fact that local self-rule in many ways might be the best way forward to preserve the internal integrity of the country itself.”

Are there any straightjackets in the House? In case you didn’t catch it, the architects of “autonomy from Serbia is not good enough” are proposing autonomy rather than secession here, so as to preserve national borders — that which they denied Serbia’s borders vis a vis Kosovo. And Serbia is actually a country.

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