June 2007

A letter from Alex in Pittsburgh:

Thank you for posting the concert pix article. How sad beyond belief. I almost had nightmares over the bumper sticker the one girl held up.

It says: “CROATIA: A thick fog will descend again.”

I am not sure, but I believe that is a reference to Operation Storm, and minorities being swallowed up in the night — in other words, “we are going to kill you again, so get out.” It literally gave a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Nice to know Bush met with the Croatian foreign minister in Albania. I guess World War Two and all those dead veterans fighting Nazism really meant nothing after all. …At the rate we are going, other than a few bland editorials, I am not sure that we would react adversely even if fascism made a comeback in Germany. I am sure that there would even be commentators saying it is good for the global economy, the world bank, whatever.

Germany helped attack Yugoslavia again fifty years after WWII and no one blinked. Members of the government seig heil’ing and no official repercussions for Croatia, nothing, but there’s lots of continued adverse PR to set the Serbs up for attack, just like the Jews endured in the 1930s. Looks like no one cares.

Thank you, Alex. And really, where else do hot chicks dig the killing fields like this? Recall this week’s earlier post, and never forget:

Stara Gradiška: “The camp was specially constructed for women and children of Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, and guerrillas. Eventually more than 50,000 men, women and children were incarcerated and then massacred by the Ustaše in the medium camp….All of the women guards were sisters or wives of the male guards and they were known throughout the camp for their cruelty.”

The caption under this photo identified these people as the “Zuzul Family.” A quick search of Croatian newspapers by my pal Nebojsa Malic produced a matching photo: the man in question is Miomir Zuzul , former Croatian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the US and UN.

The Mesic government in Croatia, meanwhile, issued a response to Sunday’s Nazi concert on Tuesday after the Jewish Municipality of Zagreb expressed displeasure that there was “no official reaction from Croatian authorities about the public display of Ustasha symbols at the concert…Such indifference does not only directly harm Croatia’s reputation, but it harms the country’s future as well, ZOZ president Ognjen Kraus said in the statement.” (From the Croatian news agency HINA, via BBC Monitoring.)

The government’s statement:

The Croatian government rejects any attempt at using and displaying insignia and salutes from the World War Two Ustasha regime…Contemporary Croatia rests on the values of the [1990s] Homeland War as well as on the foundations of antifascism and resistance to all forms of totalitarianism.

The problem with this statement, of course, is that the “Homeland War” was drenched in the same imagery of the 1940s Ustasha regime (and even some of the same crimes) — all the while a pro-Ustasha patriotism was whipped up by the pro-Ustasha government of Franjo Tudjman, so as to regain Croatians’ Hitler-bestowed independent state.

There is no reforming Nazi Croatia. So after a few more superficial gestures and words, it will be embraced the way it is by a unified Europe. I’ll be in the attic. With this diary.

It’s like Croatian reader “Ivan” wrote me not too long ago:

…keep spilling your hate on paper all you want. Just know this: In 2010 [the anticipated year of Croatia’s EU membership], millions of tourists will visit Croatia. That includes our Serbian neighbors, as well as scores of your US countrymen. The one thing we’ll make sure to tell them when they cross our border is to have a pleasant stay in the European Union.

Enjoy this short poem from the autumn 1993 issue of the Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society of America newsletter:

“The New World Order–Central European Division” by Calvin Trillin

Croatians are the good guys now,
Although their past is slightly shady.
So worry not that these same guys
Chased both your bubbe and your zayde.

In this week’s issue of People Magazine, Sharon Osbourne is quoted as saying, “Elisabeth needs a lobotomy! How can she defend the Bush administration? Being pregant doesn’t [screw] with your head that much.”

But Sharon, if Elisabeth gets a labotomy, she’ll think like you.

(She might even dump her NFL husband for a bird-head eater.)

The Wall St. Journal’s OpinionJournal.com was promoting a book last month, titled Jerusalem 1913. Here is one of the featured excerpts:

After the state of Israel had been founded and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was well under way, many looked back, trying to pinpoint the moment when they realized that that conflict was inevitable. David Ben-Gurion, who became Israel’s first prime minister, said it was the day in 1915 that he sat on a train waiting to leave Jerusalem at the order of [Ahmed Djemal, the city’s Ottoman ruler], who banished many known Zionist activists from the city.

Ben-Gurion had tried to turn himself into an Ottoman — studying Turkish, attending law school in Constantinople, trying to organize a Jewish legion to fight on behalf of the Ottoman Empire in the war, and even donning a red fez. But all these gestures had been to no avail, for at the end of the day, Djemal had looked at him and seen not an Ottoman but an advocate for a future Jewish state, and had him jailed in Jerusalem. . . . Upon his release from jail, he was exiled to Alexandria. Later, in his books and memoirs, he recalled vividly a particular moment on the train, when an Arab acquaintance of his, whom he called Yeya Effendi, walked by and saw him waiting to leave. The men embraced, exchanged news and greetings, and then Yeya Effendi asked him where he was going.

Ben-Gurion told him that he was being exiled, ordered never to return to Jerusalem. Yeya Effendi held him in the embrace of a true friend, mourning his loss of their shared city. Then he looked at Ben-Gurion and said something that Ben-Gurion pondered for the entire train ride to Alexandria. “As your friend, I am sad,” Yeya Effendi told him. “But as an Arab, I rejoice.”

I was in Jerusalem last month, the most Arab-Jewish mixed city in the world. I met the manager of a restaurant inside the David Citadel Hotel, and observed the endearing way in which she interacted with her mostly Arabic wait staff, using cute nicknames and at one point blowing the head waiter a kiss for handling some complication or other. I asked her if she was Jewish or Arab, and though her name was Medina, she told me she was Jewish. (”Medina” means “State” in both Hebrew and Arabic.) I asked about her warm relationship with her Arabic staff, and how they manage to stay that way amid the constant turmoil, especially knowing where their loyalties lie, and she told me a story from her childhood, which she never forgot.

When Israel was fighting for its life in the 1948 War of Independence, Medina was a baby, and the Joint Distribution Committee was getting food to Jerusalem’s residents, who were confined to their houses and had nothing to eat. A lot of the actual, physical distribution was being done by Arabs. When an Arab rang her family’s doorbell with a box of powdered milk for the baby, the Arab said to Medina’s parents, “Look, I know what you named your daughter, and I don’t like it. But a baby is a baby and she has to eat.”

Beign a sap, I then shared my own story — of how during the evacuation of Odessa, when my grandparents were living in Uzbekistan, it was my grandmother’s Uzbek landlady who talked her out of aborting my father, and so I am alive today because of a Muslim woman’s persuasion. But in both cases, I told Medina, those were not jihad eras, and so the Muslim world wasn’t galvanized the way it is today, everywhere with its eye on the prize, and cynically I doubted that both of us would be as lucky today, given the same circumstances. Though she didn’t want to agree, she told me another story:

It was 1979 and the Iranian Revolution was going on. Medina was working with Peace Now!, being a typical young Israeli peacenik sympathetic to the Palestinians. One fine day, out of the blue, one of the Arabs she worked with came up to her out of the blue with the following bizarre statement: “Listen, the Islamic Revolution is coming, and we know where you live. We’re not going to kill you, but we won’t stop them from killing you.”

Medina replied, “Look, I’m not stupid. If it’s between you and me, it’s gonna be you.” She then told me, “After that, I was no longer a member of Peace Now.”

The American-made Balkan caliphate solidifies ties:

(Tip from Serbianna.com’s Mickey Bozinovich, who is able to read this Serbo-Croatian)

The Bosnian-Palestinian Friendship Society just formed in Sarajevo. Bosnian mufti Mustafa Ceric [who last year was hosted by a Birmingham synagogue for one of those interfaith dialogue routines] called for an end in killing between Hamas and Fatah.

“Reis-ul-ulema Dr. Ceric congratulated the [Palestinian] ambassador [to Bosnia & Hercegovina Dr. Zuheira Alšena] on the formation of this society, and said it is a significant event for Bosnia & Herzegovina and Palestine,” according to the report.

In contrast, the Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society was formed in Belgrade in 1987.

Here is a snippet from an interview with Betsy Lalich, the Jewish head of the Chicago chapter of the Society, taken in the middle of our 1999 assault on Yugoslavia:

She recalls that during World War II, Belgrade was bombed for six straight days and suffered tremendous civilian casualties. The bombing began on April 6, 1941. “A lot of Serbs are remembering that now” because of the congruence in dates, she says. “We never forget what the Nazis did.” The constant suffering “has made people defiant,” she says. “When they feel attacked, they become a warlike nation.” Lalich believes that Jews, in particular, should understand this mindset.

It was partially for that reason that the Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society was formed in Belgrade some 10 years ago, when the Soviet Union fell and Yugoslavia began to break up into separate countries.

When that happened, Lalich says, “there was a big campaign to separate the Serbs and the Jews, because people knew there was a common history and a lot of historical parallels.”

The “friendship” in the name of the society is no accident, she says: Serbs and Jews have had a long-standing and friendly relationship, and in Belgrade, where the largest Jewish community was, Jews enjoyed cordial relations with non-Jewish Serbs.

“(Former Yugoslav dictator Marshall) Tito had not taken a favorable view of Israel,” she says. “He sided with the Arabs, and a lot of the Serbian people didn’t go along with that. The Serbian people never had ill feelings for Israel.”

The Friendship Society has more than 5,000 members worldwide, Lalich says. Many are non-Jewish Serbs. In the United States, there are some 500 members, with about 100 in Chicago. There also are chapters in the New York area and in Los Angeles. The largest number of members are — or were — in Yugoslavia, particularly Belgrade.

Just a note on Ceric. It seems he’s gotten more with the program after this commentary in the Bosnian newspaper Dani last summer criticized him for not being radical enough: Bosnian commentary condemns Islamic leader for understating Israeli “crimes” –BBC Worldwide Monitoring

If there is any doubt that for decades now, Israelis have pulled off a systemic and systematic eradication of the Palestinians in their Palestinian homeland, all the while terrorizing the entire Middle East, one need only read the sermon given last Friday [21 July] by Mustafa Ceric, the religious leader of Bosnia-Hercegovina Muslims.

Even as the entire civilized world, aside from the United States and Tony Blair, is appalled by the massive Israeli crimes in Lebanon and Gaza, the Bosnia-Hercegovina reisu-l-ulema “led the prayers at the Gazi Husrevbegova mosque in Sarajevo”, after which he gave a sermon. In it, according to Dnevni avaz, he “called on the world to stop the war in the Middle East” and to “end the suffering of innocent civilians in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel”. He then expressed to the assembled worshippers his disappointment with the “lethargic conscience of humanity”, which cannot be awakened even by “the hundreds of bombs dropped on Lebanon and Gaza, nor by the hundreds of rockets fired at Israel”.

Ceric also explained to the worshippers “no one has a greater right, or obligation, than we in Sarajevo to raise our voices against the bombardment of Beirut and the rocket attacks against Haifa, because we know best what it means to live in a city under siege, without water and food, without electricity and defences against shells”.

Precisely because they experienced first-hand the full hypocrisy of the international “appeals for an end to the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina”, the equation of the bloodthirsty aggressor with the helpless victim…for that very reason it is incumbent on Sarajevans most of all to be ashamed of Reis Ceric’s quoted sermon.

By October, Ceric was already sure to not dabble in the veneer of moderation:

Reis-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, Islamic Community leader in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in his address to the faithful on the first day of Bairam in Sarajevo’s central mosque, sent a political message for an umpteenth time.

Ceric said that “the Muslims in B-H have experienced having to move, and jihad”. He asked them “to pay respect to those who died for their faith, that is, to shahids,” thereby recognizing that the Muslims waged a religious war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Political analyst Tanja Topic… [said] we should not forget that the religious institutions and their leaders are very influential in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and their words carry much more weight than those of the politicians.

“The best illustration of this is the recent election. By openly supporting Haris Silajdzic [who doesn’t believe there is a terrorism problem as such], Ceric ensured him a seat in the B-H Presidency, because Ceric’s words have the strongest influence on the Bosniaks [Muslims],” Topic has said.

The Nazi rock concert was held in Croatia’s biggest stadium, Maksimir, and although this time Thompson himself did not make any pro-Ustasha references or Hitler-style salutes, the kids sure did. (Thanks to a website titled Lupiga.com)

Girl wearing WW2 Ustasha-insignia cap.

T-shirt with “Za Dom Spremni” slogan — “For the Homeland, we are Ready.”

Girl wears a T-shirt with Croatian hero and indicted war criminal Ante Gotovina.

A rock concert that Mom and Dad approve of.

This guy’s also got the Ustasha hat and everything.

The reason you don’t see this kind of stuff in Germany is that everyone knows what the Germans did, and the Germans know what the Germans did, because they were made to admit and apologize for what they did, and so they are embarrassed. But the above photos illustrate what happens when you are a nation that isn’t made to acknowledge its crimes: the crimes remain unknown, untalked about, and you get the whole world on your side, scrutiny-free, when you repeat history — as happened in Croatia’s 1990s war for independence.

South Serbia Albanians rally to be annexed by “soon-to-be-independent” Kosovo, hint at possible armed clash Report #1

Hundreds of ethnic Albanians from Serbia’s volatile south rallied Friday in the town of Presevo and demanded secession of Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedja in order to become part of Kosovo.

The protest was staged by the Association of War Veterans, an organisation that rallies former ethnic Albanian guerrillas who fought Serbian security troops during the 2000 insurgency.

The association’s head, Lulzim Ibishi, told some 500 protesters that the main goal of the ethnic Albanian minority in the area is to join Kosovo…”Albanians have the right to decide about their faith [fate]…”

This is something we often hear from Albanians and other proponents of Kosovo independence — that Albanians have the right to decide their fate, and they are the majority of Kosovo, so they should decide what happens to it. But the truth is, Albanians decided their fate when they chose to move to Serbia, mostly crossing illegally into Kosovo and then intimidating the local population into moving out, plus using the familiar tactic of strategic reproduction to become the majority in that particular province of Serbia. They then call it the “legitimate will” of Albanians to decide the fate of the places they take over.

There were no incidents during the rally, which was supported by mayor Ragmi Mustafa, who is also the head of the Democratic Party of Albanians, and by Jonuz Musliu, the deputy mayor of neighbouring Bujanovac and a former guerrilla commander.

“This is the legitimate will of Albanians, and soon we will officially forward our demand to the Serbian parliament to join Kosovo,” Musliu told Balkan Insight.

Other key ethnic Albanian leaders from the region, Skender Destani and Riza Halimi, who is also a deputy in the Serbian parliament, distanced themselves from the rally. Destani told Balkan Insight that the position of his supporters is “in accordance with the position of the Contact Group”, a group of Western powers and Russia, “that advocates for an independent Kosovo but without changes of borders”.

And this is something I’ve talked about before: Albanians being caught off-guard by the Albanian end game. Albanians whose feelings I’ve hurt with my factual writings about the Albanian end game write to me complaining and trying to discredit me for attributing all kinds of devious goals to Albanians when the particular Albanian writing me has no such intentions, and doesn’t know any other Albanians who have such intentions, and so on. Then they’re always surprised when the flawed cause they signed on to — regardless of its architects — spirals out of their grasp and beyond their own original intentions.

Text of report by Belgrade-based Radio B92 on 15 June, via BBC Monitoring

…Based on the results of the referendum in 1992 [held in the three municipalities], we seek the annexation of the Presevo Valley to Kosovo, the chairman of the association of the Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac veterans, (Lulzim) Ibishi said. Ibishi also urges all relevant international political organizations, including NATO, to send their emissaries to southern Serbia in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja.

Asked by journalists how he thought this idea would come about, Ibishi said that they would fight for the realization of the 1992 referendum results using all disposable means. To a repeated journalist question as to what he meant by that, he said that they would first use political means and later — you know, Ibishi said, the way in which Yugoslavia disintegrated.

The American strategy in giving away Kosovo is to achieve Peace in Our Time.

“President Clinton started the NATO intervention, while Bush would be the one remembered as granting Kosovo its independence, so in a certain way a historical circle is closed by both of them,” Enkel Demi, editor of Albania’s private broadcaster TV Klan, said on Monday.

He can say that again. The Albanian network (rather aptly titled “Klan”) was commenting on the invitation to Albania that Prime Minister Sali Berisha has now also extended to Bill Clinton. As the ongoing developments above illustrate, the Kosovo giveaway will not bring an end to the demands of the Albanian supremacists. With regard to Bush and Clinton, all one can say is that in Munich, even Hitler insisted that the Czech president sign a document agreeing to give up the Sudetenland, to make the Munich Pact legal. But when it comes to the Balkans, we dispense even with the veneer of legality.

Received this morning from Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel Director Efraim Zuroff (bold emphasis added): “Wiesenthal Center Expresses Outrage At Massive Outburst of Nostalgia for Croatian Fascism at Zagreb Rock Concert

Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center today expressed its sense of outrage and disgust in the wake of a massive show of fascist salutes, symbols and uniforms at a rock concert by popular ultra-nationalist Croatian singer “Thompson” attended by 60,000 people in Zagreb last night. In a letter sent today to Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, the Center’s chief Nazi-hunter Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff noted the presence of Croatian dignities, including the Minister of Science, Education and Sports, at the event and called for the banning of concerts by singers like Thompson who glorify fascism and racism. According to Zuroff:

“According to the Croatian media, the concert turned into a massive fascist demonstration with tens of thousands of people shouting the infamous Ustasha salute of “Za dom spremni.” In addition,… numerous participants came wearing Ustasha uniforms and symbols. To make matters worse, in attendance last night were officials and members of Parliament, as well as the Minister of Science, Education [!!] and Sports.

“Under the current circumstances, I believe that the time has come to prohibit public concerts by those who write songs of nostalgia for Jasenovac and inspire the show of Ustasha symbols, which constitute open and blatant incitement against all the minorities in Croatia.”

Here is the just-released AFP report. This development comes as I was about to post the following:

After a soccer match last month between two local teams in the town of Jasenovac, Croatia — infamous for its particularly sadistic WWII concentration camps — Croatian fans sang an old tune that glorifies the butchers of the Hitler-aligned Independent State of Croatia, known as the Ustashe. According to a Croatian newspaper (in translation):

Marina Lovric, Commissioner of the Sisak district has sharply denounced singing of the Ustasha song “Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska” after a soccer match in Jasenovac, while the police were questioning a wide array of individuals. According to a statement from the visiting team from the village of Odar, near Sisak, the song…was played over the loudspeakers after the game, without any reaction from the municipal authorities or representatives of the provincial soccer federation.

The Wikipedia version of the song was coined in 1942 as a glorification of Nazism, but a reworked version by the band “Thompson” a few years ago favorably compares Croatia’s nationalist and anti-Jewish 1990s president Franjo Tudjman with WWII Nazi leader and Ustashe founding member Ante Pavelic, although Pavelic remains the favorite Croatian son of folks like Thompson (also the stage name of the lead singer Marko Perkovic). From Wikipedia:

Many of Thompson’s songs (such as “Lijepa li si”) have become major hits in Croatia, and are played at football games and other large events. He has [been] performing annually on Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, with all benefits going to families of Croatian soldiers. Thompson has won the Croatian music competitions Melodije Mostara (in 2001) and the Croatian Radio Festival (in 2006).

He is also controversial, as he openly promotes Ustasha ideology, wears black uniforms and salutes in corresponding way, and performed Ustashe songs such as Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara…. He has been banned from performing in the Netherlands due to allegedly fascist lyrics.

The lyrics to the song, more or less as sung at the game last month, follow below — but first some quick references you’ll need:

Stara Gradiška: “the fifth subcamp of the Jasenovac concentration camp…The camp was specially constructed for women and children of Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, and guerrillas. Eventually more than 50,000 men, women and children were incarcerated and then massacred by the Ustaše in the medium camp….All of the women guards were sisters or wives of the male guards and they were known throughout the camp for their cruelty.”

Maks: Vjekoslav “Maks” Luburić, Jasenovac camp commander

Capljina: a town in Bosnia-Herzegovina near the Neretva River

Imotski: a town in Croatia’s Dalmatian hinterland

Black uniforms of Jure Francetic: This refers to the elite unit called Black Legion, which made up the 1st and 5th Ustaše Brigades during WWII and whose uniforms were black, unlike other Ustaše units. Led by Commander Jure Francetic.

Lady Sinjska: a protective Slavic goddess.

“Take away Stipe…”: Stipe is Stjepan Mesic, the current president of Croatia, whose recent record includes many anti-Fascist statements and attempts to coax Croatia to fess up to its WWII and 1990s crimes.

Racan: Ivica Racan, the recently departed Croatian prime minister who was less nationalist than the Tudjman mold.

Metkovic: a town near the Neretva River, into which Serb bodies were dumped by the Ustashe.

Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška,
That’s the house of Maks’s butchers.
There was a slaughterhouse in Čapljina,
Neretva carried away many Serbs (from there).

O Neretva, flow downhill,
And carry the Serbs into the blue Adriatic.
Through Imotski trucks rush,
Driving the black uniforms of Jure Francetić.

I am Ustasha and so was my father,
Father left the craft to his son…
Whoever said that Black Legion is not coming back,
May his father fuck him.

Lady Sinjska, if you can, take away Stipe and bring back our Franjo.
O Racan, may a dog fuck your mother, and the ones who voted for you.
Shining star above Metković,
Send our greetings to Ante Pavelić.

You can hear the rocked-up version of the song set to an illuminating visual aid. Go to the Croatian version of YouTube, called CroTube and see a video montage that includes Hitler-Pavelic greetings and hollowed-out Serbian bodies floating in a river, which may or may not be the Neretva.

The AFP reports that at Sunday’s concert, Thompson refrained from making pro-Ustasha references and Hitler-style salutes.

This line of mine from the blog below — “Boy, what a pro-Western pal that Albania is, huh!” — was meant to say that the Albanian government was aware of the fraud that its citizens were engaging in to come to countries like UK and US by saying they were Kosovo refugees. So if Albania is such a pal, immigration officials might have given receiving Western countries a heads-up that this was happening.

Crackdown on Albanians who lied about fleeing Kosovo war

Hundreds of successful asylum seekers could have their British citizenship revoked after investigators uncovered a massive immigration fraud.

The Home Office is targeting Albanians who claimed to be victims of the war in Kosovo.

According to the Daily Mail’s sister paper, the Evening Standard, more than 80,000 refugees settled in Britain when Nato expelled Serbian forces from the province amid accusations of “ethnic cleansing” in 1999.

Now the Home Office has evidence that many were not refugees fleeing the war but economic migrants from neighbouring Albania who adopted fake Kosovar identities to claim asylum.

The clampdown, launched last month, is being aimed at those whose identities have been checked and proved false — genuine refugees from the Kosovo conflict are not affected.

London’s 25,000-strong Albanian community has been thrown into panic by the move, with internet forums flooded with posts from people anxious about their future in Britain.

A genuine asylum seeker, who was given permission to remain, said: “It’s been an open secret for years that thousands of Albanians were getting refugee status here by saying they were from Kosovo. It used to be the fast-track route into Britain and lots of people took it.

“There was a network that included traffickers and intermediaries. People were told to say they were from Kosovo — it never failed.”

And all those loyal, grateful British asylum grantees, such as this one, never thought to mention it to the authorities. (Boy, what a pro-Western pal that Albania is, huh!)

The Home Office letters warn that those suspected of getting a passport by deception could face three months in jail or a £5,000 fine.

This week, another letter was sent out by the Border and Immigration Agency, ordering those suspected of trickery to hand in their passports.

The clampdown began when British embassy officials in the Albanian capital, Tirana, examined applications from so-called Kosovars who had been given leave to remain in Britain and wanted to bring their families over as well.

Embassy staff noted that the families all seemed to be from Albania, not Kosovo, and further checks revealed that a massive fraud had been operating for years.

A Home Office spokesman said: “…Where we can prove fraud we will strip individuals of their citizenship and remove them from the country.”

No. The country will be removed from YOU.

Looks like the Brits don’t know their place. Albanians are going to have to show it to them. In fact, NATO may have to show it to them. After all, didn’t someone just say “Crackdown on Albanians”?! Wait a second — England is ethnically cleansing Albanians!! It’s singling out Albanians from Albania — who came to Britain illegally! Isn’t that what Milosevic was doing?! Isn’t this what we needed to bomb the Serbs back to the Dark Ages for? Oh no, wait a second…it’ s not the same thing. The generations of illegal Albanian immigrants in Serbia were engaging in terrorism, ambushing and killing Yugoslavian police, officials, Serb refugees and Albanian “collaborators” with the government (e.g. postal workers). Never mind. Not the same thing.

After this blog ran, I heard from an American Serb, who pointed out the unconnected dots about the fraudulent Albanian immigration that the West is now dealing with:

It was common knowledge before the US-led NATO bombing that some 40% Albanians were illegal. They simply crossed the Serbian border from Albania (with Tito’s encouragement and open borders) and all those Albanians stayed there.

…After the bombing stopped in June of 1999, situation got even worse. With NATO opening the southern border, anyone who wanted to come to Serbia (Kosovo and Metohija) came in on the “refuges” pretense. NATO did not care who came in, or if they were criminals, or known terrorists (like KLA…etc.)

And now we should be surprised that Albanians were lying again and playing that known “victim status” to get the legal status in England, and most likely in the USA, Switzerland and other Western countries?

Well, governments of Western Countries were stupid enough, long enough, and it is time to “find out” who the Albanians really are. Go cry to President Bush…he may even believe you!

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