July 2007

“Trust Arab states with nuclear technology”

Another American Jew “gets” Kosovo, albeit a bit late:

US should support Serbia, not Kosovo Albanian radicals, expert , March 19, 2007

US needs to stand on the side of democracy and stop supporting radical and quasi criminal elements with separatist tendencies in Kosovo, says Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Security at the Sarah and Douglas Allison Center of the Davis Institute for International Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

“…Implications of Kosovo’s independence can be dangerous if not catastrophic across the world,” says Cohen. Ariel Cohen has often been critical of Russia’s President Putin’s policies but in case of Kosovo, says Cohen, Russia is on the side of international law and that warrants us to listen.

Yes, THAT’S how pathetic we are: Russia has the higher moral ground here. Friggin’ RUSSIA!!!

“It is interesting that Holbrooke blames Russia,” for any violence Kosovo Albanians are threatening to initiate if their independence drive is thwarted but “while I do not support President Putin and frequently in my texts I have been critical of Russia, I must say that when Russia stands on the side of the international law and warns that support for separatism in Kosovo would have ramifications not only in Europe but across the world, I think we need to pay attention.”

In a recent Washington Post opinion piece, former US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke claimed that the forthcoming Kosovo Albanian violence if the world community does not grant them independence should be blamed on Russia because the Muslim Kosovo Albanian leadership believes that Russia should be blamed for their inability to become independent.

By the way, that’s been the plan: Break every international law and resolution, spit on hard-won values such as rule of law, equal justice, freedom of religion, property rights and minority rights, while raising Albanian hopes for the impossible (rightly impossible) — and when it all explodes in our face, blame Russia and Serbia for their “intransigence.”

All so that Richard Holbrooke, Wesley Clark and half of Congress can make an Albanian buck.

In 2004, Holbrooke hosted a Kosovo Albanian fundraiser which raised over half a million dollars for John Kerry’s Presidential campaign and Holbrooke promised there that, if elected, Kerry will pronounce Kosovo independent. That fundraiser was attended by a well-known Kosovo Albanian weapons smuggler.

“We have to be very careful as to the degree and locations of our support for independence movements that can destroy not only sovereign states but also democracy,” replies Cohen.

“I think that US should be on the side of democracy and not radical and quasi criminal elements that have predetermined political objectives,” advises Cohen.

Kosovo province has been administered by the UN since 1999 and since then Muslim Albanians have expelled over 200,000 Christian Serbs, destroyed over 150 Churches, instigated a widespread pogrom and are now threatening wholesale violence in the province if UN fails to give them independence. There are over 16,000 NATO troops in the province whose mandate is to, ostensibly, keep peace.

Thank you, Ariel. But I gotta ask you: WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG?! IT’S BEEN LONELY HERE FOR EIGHT YEARS! Why’d you let it go this long without saying something? The right side might have had other support from the Right if you’d opened your trap earlier! I might not have to be hiding under my desk every time I publish an article explaining what’s what! Our government might have been shamed into taking a different course! Bush might not have defaulted to the Clinton policy on this! Especially after 9/11! Bush might have followed the Bush Doctrine in Kosovo. He might not have gotten his watch stolen! Fewer people might be looking at me cross-eyed when I bring up the word “Kosovo”!

I missed this item from earlier in the year: UK: prison toilets rebuilt to face away from Mecca

Jail bosses are rebuilding toilets so Muslim inmates don’t have to use them while facing Mecca…Muslim lags claimed they have had to sit sideways on prison WCs. But after pressure from faith leaders the Home Office has agreed to turn the existing toilets 90 degrees at HMP Brixton in London.

Do you realize what this means? It means that Islam isn’t nearly as repressive as we thought it was: Muslims are actually allowed to take a shit!

At least the men are.

From Human Events July 23, 1999:

On July 1, by a vote of 261 to 162, the House approved a controversial motion by Rep. Ike Skelton (D.-Mo.) to instruct House members of the House-Senate conference committee on the Defense Authorization bill to Insist on inclusion of a provision commending everyone involved in prosecuting the war against Yugoslavia.

“Customarily, at the end of a conflict, we compliment as a body those who participated in and helped achieve a victory,’ said Skelton.”There is no question about it, this is a substantial victory for the allies, a substantial victory for NATO, and a substantial victory for the United States of America.”

But other Republicans strongly disagreed and opposed the motion. Combat veteran Rep. Duke Cunningham (R.-Calif.), while supporting the troops, said, “I disagree extremely with the laudatory comments about our diplomatic corps and the President in this effort. As a veteran, it is sickening to me, and I will tell my colleagues why.

“The total number of people killed in Kosovo prior to our bombing was 2,012. We have killed more than five times that amount in our bombing, and yet we are supposed to be saving people. Rambouillet was a joke to start with and, in my opinion, caused us to go there…”

Further, he said, the mission in Yugoslavia has worn down America’s aging military infrastructure. “So, yes, our troops were exemplary, we did the job. But, in my opinion, the President of the United States and the whole diplomatic corps, through their failure, caused the war in the first place. I am very concerned that this [cease-fire] could be misconstrued as an endorsement of support for our policy in Kosovo.”

Tadić and Mesić discuss WW2
28 June 2007 | 11:26 | Source: Beta

A Zagreb daily reported Wednesday that Boris Tadić and Stjepan Mesić, both attending an energy summit in the Croatian capital last Sunday, “talked and agreed that the two countries ought to put the World War II issues behind them for good.”

The initiative reportedly came from Mesić and was accepted by Tadić.

Večernji List says the Serbian president agreed that “for the sake of cooperation between the two countries, issues from history should not count among open questions on the agenda.”

According to the daily, Croatia sees closure of the World War II question in the shape of “Serbia’s official historiography abandoning the claim of 700,000 Jasenovac victims and placing of the Chetnik movement in a realistic context.”

However, Tadić’s cabinet has denied the report.

“Tadić and Mesić met and talked about the innocent victims of Jasenovac, Jadovna, Operation Storm. The president said that he will never engage in determining the number of victims, leaving that to historians.”

“The president said in his meeting with Mesić that each innocent victim was one too many and that death camps such as Jasenovac and other locations must never be forgotten. He also said that victims ought to be treated with respect and repeated that all those guilty of crimes must face justice,” Tadić’s office said.

This is just beautiful. The European country that has zero compunction over having been a Nazi ally, the country that was never held accountable collectively for its crimes the way Germany was, wants to “move on” — before someone besides me and the Serbs notices.


TIRANA, Albania, Jul. 19, 2007 (IPS/GIN) — Beer bottles and plastic wrappers are a common sight along Albania’s coast, which lacks the garbage cans necessary to contain waste produced by the country’s growing tourism industry.

The sewage produced by Albanian cities flows untreated into the sea. Merita Mansaku-Meksi, an expert in waste management working for the Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking, said that although the water is largely safe for swimmers at the moment, the situation is not sustainable.

“Not only is sewage water dumped into the sea, but also used oil from restaurants and industrial production, and this increases the danger,” Mansaku-Meksi said.

The country faces similar problems with solid waste management. Traditionally, the authorities have simply dumped trash into empty fields close to the residential areas. Two decades ago, when the rates of consumption and waste production were much lower, the inappropriateness of the method passed unnoticed. Now, the trash is too much and too pollutant.

Over the past years, the authorities and specialized civil society organizations have started working their way through the problem of solid waste…[F]rom the beautiful medieval castle towering over the town, one can see piles of trash emitting clouds of smoke.

The picture is similar in most Albanian cities. Tirana and the nearby urban areas that make up the large city of Durres dump their waste in the nearby fields of Shara. The population of the neighboring villages is now getting increasingly concerned about the health risks arising from the garbage, and the municipality is planning to build a landfill…Tirana is one of only three cities in Albania to have concrete plans for constructing a landfill.

I was just about to publish the third letter from an American soldier in Kosovo when the military command discovered his correspondences with me and now he’s in deep doo-doo because our government doesn’t want you to know what’s going on in Kosovo. But the following excerpt from said letter is relevant here:

If these people are ready for independence, how come they don’t clean up their streets, towns, and cities, and remove the trash that has been sitting on the curb for several weeks to several months (the smell is getting to me)?…A lot of us feel like the Albanians here don’t really care nor give a crap about this place by the way they treat their countryside. Trash, filth — driving out into sector is a plethora of pungent aromas from burning trash, sewage, and God only knows what else. I suppose that’s because they really don’t know if this land will be theirs or go back to Serbia, but still. It doesn’t look good for them to want independence yet do nothing to clean up their community. Granted they are still very poor and don’t have the services we’re used to at home, garbage disposal, a good public health department to ensure that the living conditions are up to par, it still doesn’t give them the reason to just say “screw it”.

To Albanian supremacists everywhere: Yes, Albania is ascending. The world is your dumpster.

Just an update to Monday’s post: Iranian ambassador visits Serbia’s Muslim-majority region [Sandzak], discusses economy

Excerpt from report by Serbian local TV in Novi Pazar on 19 July:

[Presenter] Iranian Ambassador to Serbia [Sayyed Morteza Mirheydari] paid an official visit to Novi Pazar today [19 July]. During his visit, the ambassador met political parties’ representatives and the Mesihat [executive body] of the Islamic Community in Serbia chairman [Muamer Zukorlic]. Potential economic investments in the Sandzak region were discussed at the meeting with Mufti Muamer Zukorlic.

[Reporter] The Mesihat of the Islamic Community in Serbia chairman, Mufti Muamer Zukorlic, today received Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade Sayyed Morteza Mirheydari. During one-hour cordial talks, collocutors mainly elaborated on the topic already discussed at their previous meetings, i.e., potentials for investing into the Sandzak region by Iranian entrepreneurs and financial organizations.

Iranian “entrepreneurs”!! I love it!! Terrorpreneurs!

And here’s from Mickey at Serbianna on Iran in Greater Albania:

What Iran sees here is a ripe, failed state, ready for a takeover because Iran has a much more sophisticated and organized terror network that is internalized domestically inside Iranian institutions and will operate much more efficiently than al Qaeda under its diplomatic cloak in Albania.

Washington’s support of Kosovo independence is like gifting the enemy with operational space instead of having a rational plan to contain him.

That Albania is quietly undergoing radical Islamization is evidenced by the recent problems in electing a president. Parliament took 4 tries, and the opposition which wanted a Christian finally gave up and elected Bamir Topi, a Muslim and a choice of the ruling prime minister Berisha. This Muslim cadre is what will silently open doors to more radical Albanian Muslim elements such as Bashkim Gazidede, Berisha’s ex-chief spy, responsible for bringing in al Qaeda investors into the country [in the 90s]. Gazidede went into exile in another terror-friendly state, Syria.


Albania calls for Iran investment (Nov. 13, 2008)

Albanian President Bamir Topi on Tuesday called on Iran to make investment in Albania.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Albania Ali-Eqbal Zarech, president Topi discussed the latest regional developments as well as the issues about the Balkans and Kosovo.

Bringing stability in Kosovo would restore peace in the Balkans, the Albanian president said.

He also called for further Tehran-Tirana cooperation in the economic field.

Topi urged Iran’s participation in the Albanian investment projects.

Meanwhile, Iranian ambassador expressed Iran’s readiness to invest in the Albanian infrastructural projects and provide engineering and technical services for that country as well. –IRNA #

Yesterday, after meeting with Condoleezza Rice, Kosovo “prime minister” Agim Ceku decided, and promised, that Kosovo would not declare independence unilaterally. However, a day earlier November 28th was the date announced for an independence declaration. Nov. 28th is Albania’s day of independence:

Kosovo sets Nov 28 independence date

Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku called on Parliament yesterday to declare unilateral independence from Serbia on November 28, faced with diplomatic stalemate between the West and Russia at the United Nations.

“November 28 is a day of celebration,” he said when asked by reporters why he had chosen that day.

November 28 marks independence day in neighbouring Albania, a date also celebrated by Kosovo’s 90-per cent Albanian majority.

“The United Nations has failed to act,” Ceku said after meeting UN Kosovo governor Joachim Ruecker. “My idea is a way out of this situation. We are offering our partners a solution.”

Technically, the UN mission would have to annul any unilateral declaration, and risk a violent backlash.

Serbia said the choice of November 28 pointed to the creation of a Greater Albania, something Kosovo and Albania have [denied].

And here we have Greater Albania preparing to fight for its Kosovo contingent:

Macedonian Albanian veterans prepared to fight for Kosovo

Text of report by Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik on 10 July - BBC Monitoring

I am prepared to lead 10,000 former ONA [National Liberation Army, NLA - UCK in Albanian] members from Macedonia to demonstrate solidarity by joining their brothers of the UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army] and, if necessary, using arms to gain Kosovo’s independence, Fazli Veliu has told Dnevnik. He is the chairman of the ONA Veterans’ Association and a DUI [Democratic Union for Integration - BDI in Albanian] deputy in the Macedonian Assembly.

Veliu’s message follows the UCK veterans’ demand that the negotiating team should not accept any postponement of the Kosovo status resolution, or else they would act as UCK soldiers. They also asked the international organizations not to obstruct the resolution.

Meanwhile, other Serbian parts of Greater Albania have been making moves to attach themselves to Kosovo in preparation for the province’s independence and eventual merger with Albania:

Valley Albanians Push for Talks on Merging with Kosovo

The Movement for Democratic Progress on June 5 called on the Albanian parties from the southern Serbian municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo to form a joint body, a national council, which, as a representative of the Albanian community, would start negotiations with the Serbian government about merging these municipalities with Kosovo.

This pushing for the next thing before you’ve gotten the first thing reminded me of this:

Gays Expand Battlefield

After a decade of fighting for same-sex ‘marriage,’ some homosexual activists are breaking their silence to say it’s time to fight for benefits for all kinds of relationships.

Other kinds of relationships that they say deserve marriagelike benefits include senior citizens who aren’t married but live together; single-parent families; blended families; ‘committed, loving households in which there is more than one conjugal partner’; ‘queer couples who decide to jointly create and raise a child with another queer person or couple, in two households’; and nonsexual cohabiters, such as friends or siblings, the statement said.

But some observers, both homosexual and heterosexual, are alarmed by the statement’s sweeping agenda…Washington Blade executive editor Chris Crain wrote in a recent column [that] calling for benefits and recognition for any kind of family group “really is the radical redefinition of marriage and family that the conservatives have been braying about for so long. Realizing the Right’s worst fears is the last thing that our movement needs to do at this critical juncture.”

In other words, the jig was up and the move backfired.

Of course, in the Balkans the jig is never up. Meanwhile, here was my favorite comment in response to the Kosovo-Bujanovac-Presevo merging news item — by “Jack”:

This is outrageous! Anyone that supports or promotes the creation of mono-ethnic states is a xenophobic racist. This is not only a racist plan, it is land grabbing. Thirty years from now the Republic of Kosova-Preshevo would still be so poor that many residents would be going across the [Serbian] border into Nis for work. Then when they had reached a significant majority in Nis they would claim it as ancestral Albanian land and demand independence.


Albania, Iran look to expand economic cooperation
4 April 2007 Source: MNA

President of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania (UCCIAL) said on Tuesday the chamber is keen to expand economic ties with Iran.

Ilir Zhila explained the chamber is eager to develop relation with other countries, particularly Iran, Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported.

Ambassador Ali Beman Eqbali Zarech, elaborating on Iran’s growing economy, said that the Islamic Republic is prepared to participate in Albanian reconstruction projects and to expand bilateral relations.

Albania urges enhanced ties with Iran
Belgrade, June 2, IRNA

Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha Friday in Tirana said the Iranian and Albanian peoples are keen to bolster bilateral relations in various economic and political areas.

Basha made the remark in a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Tirana Ali-Beman Eqbali Zarech while pointing to broad and deep-rooted cultural ties between the two countries.

The Iranian ambassador outlined regional and international developments and said the Islamic Republic of Iran has played a significant role in reinforcing peace and stability in the region.

He expressed Iran’s readiness to promote ties and cooperation with Albania in different political, economic and cultural fields.

In related developments, Eqbali Zarech met with Albanian Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration and former prime minister Ilir Meta.

The Albanian official called for active presence of Iranian exporters in his country’s markets…He further voiced Tehran’s readiness to expand all-out cooperation with Tirana.

Iran ready to help Albania’s renovation
Belgrade, July 14, IRNA

Iran’s ambassador to Tirana conferred with Albanian deputy minister of economy, trade and energy on the issues of mutual interest. In the meeting on Friday, Ali beman Eqbali Zarach elaborated on Iran’s economic and industrial abilities on power stations, transfer lines and distribution of electricity and dam building…

Hm, I wonder why Iran is more interested in places like Albania than Serbia. I mean, if there’s no Balkan Muslimness going on…what would be the difference?

Ah, you know peace is on the horizon when America draws closer to Albania AND Iran draws closer to Albania. This could bring us closer to Iran!! Albania could act as the bridge we’ve needed all along! War can be avoided! As it is, all three of us support a Greater Albania, so just think what else we can soon have in common as we move closer together: stoning, blood feuds, honor killings…

Look — we’re even on the same side as Iran in the coming Balkan war:

Crossfire War — Iran Primes Albania and Nationalists for War
by Willard Payne, July 2
Iran Increases Weapon Support to Albania - Priming The Balkans - Avenue of Invasion

TIRANA - Tehran has instructed its Ambassador to Tirana, Ali Beman Eqbali Zarech, to meet the Albanian Minister of Transports, Sokol Oldashi, in order for Iran to ship more military equipment to Albania, which will enable Tirana to increase its military support for the Albanian nationalists in Kosovo when they declare their independence from Serbia in July.

That will of course set off the next war in the Balkans, a conflict Tehran had long planned to use to not only keep NATO and European Union forces busy put to prime the Balkans as Iran’s avenue of invasion into Europe. That would destroy the West’s ability to have any major influence in West Asia (Middle East) in the near future. I suspect Zarech is suggesting to the Albanian officials in Tirana that it may be more effective if the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo continue to emphasize attacks against the offices of the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)…

…Tehran is meeting the Albanian Minister of Transports in order to ship-transport more equipment that will find its way to Albanian nationalists who Iran wants to target NATO-UN. There will of course be some fighting between Albanians and Serbs as the Serbian militias react immediately in defense of Belgrade’s control over the province, but I would not be surprised if Tirana also convinces the Albanians in Kosovo that Brussels and NATO are more of an enemy…

Oh, and looky here — I was wrong: Iran is interested in more than just non-Muslimy Albania. It’s also interested in non-Muslimy Bosnia:

Iran stresses bolstering economic ties with Bosnia
11 June 2007 | 10:19 | Source: Irna

SARAJEVO — Ali Baqeri in Sarajevo on Sunday called for an expansion of trade and economic ties with Bosnia.

Foreign Ministry Director General for Central and Northern Europe Ali Baqeri made the remark during a meeting with Bosnian Minister of Trade and Economic Relations Slobodan Puhalac.

The Iranian official said grounds have been prepared for the participation of Bosnian companies in Iran’s economic affairs.

Puhalac, for his part, stressed the importance of promotion of bilateral economic ties and called for final conclusion of an agreement on trade preferential tariffs between Tehran and Sarajevo.

That’s just another example that the U.S. and Iran have common cause. For an earlier example, see Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base , Jan. 16, 1997

So we can all get along! We can! We were a threat to ourselves long before Iran was, so let’s just be friends. Whatever happened to “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Iran is an enemy of the U.S., and the U.S. is an enemy of the U.S., so the U.S. and Iran should be friends!

Wait! Stop the presses! It appears I was wrong AGAIN: It’s not just Muslim countries that Iran is interested in. It’s been working with non-Islamic Croatia too. Let’s see if we can figure out why:

Iran Gave Croatia Millions for Help to Bosnia, July 20, 2007

In 1994 and 1995 Iran paid Croatia more than 50 million dollars so Zagreb could deliver weapons and ammunition to the Bosnian government necessary for the defence of Bihac, former Bosnian diplomat, Ivica Misic, said.

In a brief interview published by the Nezavisne novine daily from Banja Luka (BH), Misic said that he had personally witnessed talks between the then Bosnian foreign minister Haris Silajdzic, former Croatian foreign minister Mate Granic and Iranian official Ali Akbar Velayati.

“At the meeting it was agreed that Croatia deliver weapons, ammunition and other assistance to Bihac and that everything would be paid for by Iran”, Misic said, explaining that the talks had held place in New York in the autumn of 1994 when Silajdzic had asked for help to prevent the occupation of Bihac.

“Velayati asked Granic how much money was needed. I was shocked with the number Granic came up with and Velayati just said: Send the weapons to the Bosnians and tomorrow you will get the check”, Misic said.

A relevant point from the Willard Payne op-ed cited above:

When Tehran established relations with Zagreb, the seat of Croatia’s government in 1992, Iran announced Croatia was their entry into Central Europe.

Here we arrive at one final point. Notice that throughout Yugoslavia’s tribulations with the Bosnians and then the Albanians — as stories filled with bogus claims and doctored photos were being concocted against Belgrade — Croatia, which knew better as to what the Bosnians and Albanians were up to and could have set the world straight — instead kept its lips zipped. To do otherwise would defeat the whole point: bring down the Serbs any way you can. (This also helps explain why I don’t get letters from Albanians telling me I’m wrong about Croatians, and why I don’t get letters from Croatians telling me I’m wrong about Albanians, and why I don’t get letters from Bosniaks telling me I’m wrong about Croatians, or from Croatians telling me I’m wrong about Bosniaks.)

Well, mission accomplished. Serbs down. Enjoy Islamicized EU rule instead.

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