September 2007

Today marked the first of four days of face-to-face negotiations between a Serbian delegation and a Kosovo-Albanian delegation in New York, for a final one-sided attempt at compromise regarding Kosovo’s status. The meeting ended abruptly when the Albanian delegation opened fire on the Serbian delegation, killing everyone. The U.S. and EU condemned the resulting Serbian intransigence, pointing to the massacre as proof that independence for Kosovo is the only rational solution. President Bush announced that the slaughter of the Serbian delegation has made it necessary to once again bomb Serbia. On its way out, the Albanian delegation asked for Madeleine Albright to come in and clean up the place.

The international community hailed the meeting as a success.

In a Monday “post“, I picked up on the fact that the Kosovo girls insisting on wearing their Islamic dunce caps to school are in areas that were U.S.-supported KLA strongholds — adding that Deliso’s book affirms the phenomenon of religiosity taking hold most strongly in areas where the KLA reigned. There is a similar situation in Bosnia, as Deliso continues in The Coming Balkan Caliphate (emphasis added):

Yet the real danger lies with extremist Bosnians now strengthening the networks established in the cities that had been selected by Western intelligence as the clandestine funding channels for the Bosnian Muslim government during the 1992-1995 war years…

There isn’t yet a report available in English, but a summary follows, thanks to Mickey Bozinovich at Serbianna.

Shots Fired on Two Priests in the Village of Binac

Two ethnic Albanians have fired rounds from an automatic weapon at two Serbian priests, Bogomir Stevic and Zvonko Kostic, who were in the gardens of the monastery of St Archangel Gabriel in the village of Binac.

Say, isn’t that just a few miles from Camp Bondsteel?

This particular monastery was demolished with explosives in 1999 by the Albanians. These priests went there to examine the church property. Upon arrival, they witnessed that the ruins were turned into a public urinal with excrement all over, and the church forest was cut down. While inspecting, they ran into two Albanians who were stealing fruits from the fruit garden.

Did you catch that? Albanians are fertilizing their own fruit! (Well, the church’s fruit.)

The Albanians ran off and a few minutes later they came back and started spraying the priests with bullets.

“As we were getting closer to the monastery, we noticed a few Albanians that were stealing fruits from the monastery’s garden. As they saw us getting closer, the thieves quickly left the garden and drove off to the nearby houses. Soon, from that same direction three rounds were unloaded from an automatic weapon at us,” says Stevic. Both priests escaped unharmed.

Phew! That was close. Nothing to be alarmed about, Nicki and Brad; you can go back to sleep together.

Bishop Artemije says that this incident contradicts all statements by the Albanian authorities in Pristina and the internationals who claim that democracy is making progress. The Kosovo Albanian police has been notified of the incident.

New piety squad patrols Ramallah

A new squad of morality police has begun detaining Palestinians who eat or drink in public during Ramadan in the West Bank, where the Islamic month of daytime fasting was always widely observed but never imposed.

The 12-member squad appears to be an attempt by President Mahmoud Abbas’ West Bank government to challenge the monopoly on religious righteousness claimed by the militant group Hamas, the rival ruler of Gaza.

The sudden deployment of Ramadan police was unexpected in Ramallah, the seat of Abbas’ government and the most cosmopolitan and well-to-do of the Palestinian cities. Ramadan squads have not been set up in other West Bank towns.

Watching observers arrive at one of the town’s main mosques one recent afternoon, vice squad Lt. Murad Qendah got a radio call telling him a suspect has been spotted in the street imbibing “karoub” — a local soft drink made from carob pods. He ordered his six-man squad to seize the man’s papers pending investigation. Police say violators are usually held for 24 hours.

“If anybody violates respect for Ramadan in the street, we take their identity papers and hold them for investigation,” said Qendah, 27, whose officers wear red shoulder badges reading “morality police.”
Police spokesman Adnan al-Damari said police have arrested at least 50 alleged public morality offenders in Ramallah since the start of Ramadan, but would not be going after people who break the fast in their own homes.

“The duty of the morality police is to preserve public manners in public places, and to preserve the feelings of the people who are fasting,” he said. “Violating the holiness of Ramadan is a violation of people’s freedom. ”

In addition to booking smokers, snackers and carob juice drinkers, Qendah is also on the alert for young men whistling at girls or drivers playing their car stereos too loud.

Soon the “Palestinians” — a phony nationality to begin with — will be begging for the Israelis to come back. They’ll decide that being Israeli was nicer than being Palestinian, whatever that was — they won’t even recall — they’ll just know that it hurts. Soon after, the “Kosovars” — a phony nationality to begin with — will be begging the Serbs to come back. (The Coming Balkan Caliphate details what the Islamists have been wreaking upon the Kosovars since we kicked the Serbs out.) The “Kosovars” will decide that being Serbian was nicer than being Kosovar, whatever that was — they won’t even recall — they’ll just know that it hurts.

At a time when disproportionate numbers of Muslim immigrants are raping their host societies’ women and girls, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” decides it would be timely to re-broadcast an episode in which a Serb — having raped Muslim women in Bosnia — is now raping American women. This is the sort of thing I’ve described in the past as Hollywood’s/TV Land’s wishful thinking, which they try to turn into reality, at least on-screen: Unable to deal with reality as it is, they create an alternate reality in the movies and on TV. This is the whole point of retreating into the film business, where you can sculpt the world as you think it should be. As I wrote in 2003:

Hollywood, D.C. It’s a place where the Clinton presidency lives on in the personage of Martin Sheen, and where JFK is always a hero. It’s where problems really can be fixed by throwing money at them, and where the rest of the world wants peace too. It’s where death row inmates have been framed and pedophiles are victims under Megan’s Law. It’s where raising taxes improves an economy and where unlimited social programs still leave the budget balanced. In short, it’s where liberal policies work, because what sounds good on paper and works in theory also works in the movies.

When one lives in a world of make-believe, nothing has to make any sense, and that’s why it’s called La-La Land. With that in mind, sharp viewers seeing programs and movies irrelevantly still trying to demonize Serbs may be able to discern the real message: if this is what TV is showing us, it probably means that in the real world, the opposite is true and this is just wishful thinking: the writers wish they lived in a world where what they had to worry about were Serbs.

Vaguely related is a point I meant to make as an epilogue to the never-to-be-heard-of-again case of Sulejman Talovic, the Salt Lake City Bosnian jihadist whose crime was likewise blamed on Serbs. In addition to the Serb-blaming, there is a smaller but developing pattern of gun-blaming when Muslims kill. At the hero’s funeral for Talovic, his father Suljo “said he would not make excuses for his son, but did not understand how a teenager could buy a gun in the United States.”:

“The authorities are guilty for not alerting us that he bought a gun. In the U.S., you cannot buy cigarettes if you are underaged, but you can buy a gun,” he said.

The father’s transparent gun-control spin is the same route that Brooklyn-based Albanian arms smuggler Florin Krasniqi took when he realized he could get in trouble for what he revealed in the 2005 Dutch documentary “The Brooklyn Connection,” which showed him illegally shipping legally purchased hunting and assault rifles ($15 million-worth) to help arm the Kosovo Liberation Army against NATO, UN and Serbia in the event the province doesn’t get independence. With the goal of deflecting from his activities, Krasniqi went on “60 Minutes” expressing his altruistic concern over how easy it is to acquire weapons in the U.S.

So if your kid or you are a terrorist, keep the focus on gun control, and pass yourself off as someone with progressive values. That way, you can straddle the 21st century and the 7th century at the same time. Indeed, why did the senior Talovic stop at gun-control? He could have used the Salt Lake City massacre as a basis to promote abortion rights and gay marriage too:

My son never would have done something like this if it weren’t for the easy availability of guns in America. In fact, if the world didn’t have such a complex over abortion, then perhaps my wife and I would never have birthed such a problem kid. In fact, if gay marriage were legal everywhere, I may have just married a man, and the subject of children would have been closed from the beginning…

One Child Too Many: Lesbian Couple Sues

In Australia, a lesbian couple is suing a doctor after fertility treatments resulted in the birth of twins rather than a single baby. The court case is provoking strong reaction in the country.

The women are seeking damages from their obstetrician after two embryos were implanted in the womb of one of the women, rather than a single embryo, as they had requested. The doctor admitted that an error was made.

They want the court to order an award of more than $330,000 to cover the cost of raising the second child to the age of 21, and a further $12,000 to compensate for medical expenses and loss of earnings as a result of extended maternity leave.

The non-identical twin girls, whose father is a Danish sperm donor, are now three years old.

The court has been told that the couple’s relationship suffered from the stress of unexpectedly having twins, with the birth mother having lost some of her “ability to love.”

The mother’s partner said the mother had been angry and desperate once she learned that she was pregnant with twins.

The Canberra Times reported that the birth mother told the court the unexpected development had jeopardized their careers, relationship and health.

I’ve never heard of a healthy straight couple experiencing this kind of distress from having one more than expected.

They decided not to abort one baby — a move that would have put the other at risk — and they dismissed the option of putting up one child for adoption, saying it would be unfair to both.

Well that was decent; thank God for small miracles.

…The civil case is the first of its kind in Australia, inasmuch as the children born following alleged medical negligence are healthy.

“Evidently this couple wanted just one child, a trophy child, added to their list of wants,” said Bill Muehlenberg, a leading social and ethics commentator. “Two children were not what they had in mind. But there are no cash-back return policies for unwanted children.”

For Muehlenberg, the case went beyond treating children as a commodity.

Australian Family Association spokeswoman Angela Conway said Thursday the case revealed a shift in society’s attitudes to children that was cause for deep concern.

“In this case it appears that two adults have pursued the acquisition of a child with what appears to be a narrowly defined and consumerist mentality,” she said.

She said people have always understood that having babies is a “messy and unpredictable” business. “Families might end up with none, some or more than expected but their children were seen as gifts and blessings.”

Conway hoped the case would be thrown out and that the defendants would not agree to a settlement…In newspaper letters columns, many readers are accusing the women of being “selfish” or “ungrateful.” One Sydney paper said it had been inundated with hundreds of messages from “disgusted” readers.

Others have taken the media to task for highlighting the fact that the women are lesbians.

“What has the sexual preference of the woman actually got to do with anything?” asked one Canberra Times reader. “Like any minority group, we are all judged on the actions of a few, and this couple’s selfishness does unfortunately have a negative impact on many people’s views of ‘gay women.’”

While this reader has a point, there is still something to be said about the chutzpah of these yentas. Not only are they lesbians living in a society where gays are respected; not only are they allowed to make a baby despite the questionable well-being of the child who will be at-risk because a) she’ll obsessively wonder who her father is and will spend years trying to find him and b) she’ll be raised in a two-mother home, which is always confusing; not only did they not even bother trying to adopt an unwanted or disadvantaged child (the least that a lesbian couple could do), instead inseminating each other so they could spawn their own — not only did they do all this, but now they have the chutzpah to, essentially, sue God for giving them one experiment more than they felt like playing with. That’s why people are pissed.

At least we have gay people like this:

Group for Gays and Lesbians Continues Unlikely Pro-Life Outreach

Steve Cook of San Jose, California…tells the California Catholic newspaper about the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. He says the members of PLAGAL are genuinely opposed to abortion and try to reach out to a segment of people that most pro-life groups can’t reach. But he says he has another concern about legal abortion. “If prenatal tests could detect a tendency toward homosexuality in the unborn, some mothers would abort their babies because they did not ‘choose’ to have a gay son or daughter,” he explains. That’s similar to what already happens to disabled unborn children, such as the 80 percent of unborn children with cerebral palsy who are routinely aborted. Despite possible disagreements with other pro-life people on homosexual issues, Cook says the members of the national group are strongly pro-life and tells of one experience. “I was on a medical ethics committee connected to an Episcopal Church,” recalled Cook in a phone interview with California Catholic Daily, “and I was amazed at people who said that infants are ‘not necessarily’ human beings. I said, ‘They’re different from you, and maybe you don’t want them, but that doesn’t make them less human.’”

The aforementioned lesbian couple could learn a thing or two from these members of their own community. One thing that’s always confused me about lesbians is that one day, they’ll be at a pro-abortion rally, saying that a woman should be able to abort up to a day after delivery — and the next day they’re rallying for their right to have kids. Does it ever occur to them that maybe if they helped abort fewer kids every year, they could just adopt those?

A featured Yahoo! News item titled “How the French Stay so Slim” explained that in France people stay thin by eating slowly and drinking wine instead of liquor.

That, and having sex with anything that moves.

Oh, and it helps if instead of working at a desk job from nine to five, you’re always on strike…so you can have sex instead:

Vendredi Soir ( “Friday Night”, 2002) — Laure (Valerie Lemercier) is about to move in with her boyfriend, but on her way, she gets stuck in traffic: because of a metro strike, the streets are overwhelmed. Laure, a slave to the traffic light, does what the radio announcer recommends and offers a ride to a stranger (Vincent Lindon.)

Afterwards, having an abortion helps the French keep their weight down too.

Kosovo - hotbed of crime, UNMIK officials corrupt

UNMIK officers are linked to the local Albanian mafia in Kosovo, and the international mission, which is supposed to protect the security, property and rights of residents and set democratic foundations, has achieved exactly the opposite, claims a journalist with an influential Sweden daily, Dagens Nyheter, Maciej Zaremba.

“Kosovo has become the hotbed of injustice, anarchy, crime, a European center of women and drugs trafficking,” daily Politika quotes Zaremba, who spent six months in Kosovo.

Zaremba alleges that in the eight years since it first set up its mission in Kosovo, the United Nations has spent EUR 22bn, and pointed out that the black market is still thriving in the area, while the province is on the verge of legal collapse.

During his several month long investigation of the Kosovo system, Zaremba concluded that the overly paid UNMIK officials are not there to fight organized crime which is the worst evil in the province, “but that they rather feel responsibility only towards their own career, in which Kosovo is but an episode.”

“This is why the only thing which all of the seven Kosovo governors, that is heads of UNMIK, have ever mentioned in their reports are stability and progress, the Swedish journalist specified,” pointing out that only in that way could they advance their careers.

As Chris Deliso writes in The Coming Balkan Caliphate, after the NATO bombing:

the KLA, and its criminal partners, it was tacitly understood, would not be touched, and in exchange the ‘internationals’…could enjoy the spoils of peace — everything from mafia-supplied prostitutes to multimillion dollar embezzlement on privatization deals and budget ‘discrepancies.’

The reasons why the West is fixin’ to lose in the Balkans…stem first of all from the weaknesses inherent to all peacekeeping missions, such as an emphasis on careerism naturally resulting in local political appeasement, gross negligence and dereliction of duties, unprofessional disinterest and unaccountability…

[T]he unwillingness of the mainstream media and political establishment to investigate cases that might prove embarrassing for the West’s Balkan legacy, as well as an unaccountable, “don’t-rock-the-boat” mentality among peacekeepers, has kept these developments largely out of view of the Western public.

In other news:

Serb store in Kosovo comes under fire

Central Kosovo chronic patients without medicines for a week

GRACANICA, SEPT 24 (Tanjug) — …Rada Trajkovic told Tanjug that in question are patients with heart diseases, diabetes and psychiatric illnesses who require daily doses and whose lives are thus directly threatened, Trajkovic set out.

She underscored that the medications are most probably currently at the UNMIK customs depot in southern Kosovska Mitrovica where they have been held for the past 5-6 days without any valid explanation.

This is not the first case that UNMIK customs procedures directly threaten the lives of patients in Kosovo and Metohija. Earlier in the month a truckload of oxygen for the Kosovska Mitrovica Health Care Center was detained by the Kosovo customs for almost 30 hours.

On a lighter note, meet the exploding Bill Clinton — Bill Clinton Boulevard, that is (not the first time):

A powerful blast struck a busy part of Pristina early Monday (September 24th), killing two people and leaving at least another 11 injured, a Kosovo official said several hours after the incident.

“The blast occurred at about 2 am in the business area in which some coffee shops and restaurants were still working,” Kosovo Police Service (KPS) spokesman Veton Elshani told reporters.

Part of a two-storey business centre on Bill Clinton Boulevard in Pristina’s Dardania district collapsed in the strong explosion, which also damaged vehicles and other buildings in the vicinity. Photos showed glass and debris scattered at the site.

The victims are believed to have been in a nearby café, according to Elshani. One reportedly died on the spot, and the second at hospital.

According to reports, the explosion occurred near the café-bar Sekiraqa. Its owners are believed to be members of a local gang and are suspected of involvement in the late-August murder of an elite police officer.

Condemning the incident, authorities said there was no evidence to link the attack to the ongoing internationally-sponsored negotiations on Kosovo’s final status.

The UK Guardian’s take:

The explosion scattered glass and debris from at least a dozen shops on Pristina’s Bill Clinton Boulevard, and caused a building to collapse.

The blast comes amid growing concerns over the future of the province, which remains officially part of Serbia following the 1999 Nato bombing campaign that forced the withdrawal of Serbian troops.

Last month, police arrested several ethnic Albanians working in the mall who were suspected of involvement in the shooting of a policeman.

Kosovar Students Defy Headscarf Ban

SRBICA, Serbia (AP) - Three students were suspended from school in Kosovo this week for wearing Muslim headscarves, reflecting a debate that is echoing across Europe and complicating the province’s quest for independence…[S]ome in the breakaway Serb province fear its bid for statehood could suffer if Kosovo is perceived as overly Islamic.

“Not only does religion damage the quest for independence, it damages our entire concept,” said Rexhep Ismajli, the head of Kosovo’s Academy of Science, a body that includes the province’s leading thinkers. “It damages Kosovo’s society, it damages our vision.”

Fatmire Jashari, 18, was suspended from her high school in the central Kosovar town of Srbica — a former stronghold of the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, the guerrilla group that fought Serb forces in the
1998-1999 war.

STOP RIGHT THERE. The areas where Kosovo’s predictable trend toward religiousness is strongest are those that happen to be former strongholds of the Islamist-allied KLA. This isn’t the first time I’m hearing this. From Deliso’s book The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

In Kosovo, the Wahhabis have cleverly concentrated on those areas historically most susceptible to radicalization and rugged individualism, areas such as Drenica, Skenderaj, Djakovica, and Decani, all strongholds of the former KLA. By concentrating on these centers of Albanian nationalism, the foreign Islamists are banking on the idea that any sort of extremism is just extremism and can simpy be redirected, like a stream, as and when needed. Indeed, as one active global charity, the Birmingham, UK-based Islamic Relief makes a point of noting, Skenderaj is “a place with a long history of Albanian defiance of Serbian authority.” Eventually, hopes the foreign Islamic movement, that defiance can be redirected toward the West.

Media and policymakers in the West, however, have always blindly assumed that since the KLA and its supporters were once “pro-American” any Albanian extremists remaining among them will always remain eminently controllable nationalists. However, as has been noted, the end of the national question in Kosovo is the beginning of the religious one…

Call it the Big Duh of our Kosovo intervention. But back to the girl who wants to wear her shmata:

“I hope I won’t be pushed to choose between the two,” she said. “But if I am, I will choose the headscarf.”

We’re shocked.

Another girl in Fatmire’s school and a student in a different school were also suspended this week…Some countries in Europe remain hesitant to accede to the ethnic Albanian majority’s demands for independence, and analysts in Kosovo have raised concerns that this skepticism is due in part to Kosovo’s Islamic heritage.

“It was easy to proclaim adherence to the democratic principles of the West in during the repression of the Serb regime,” said Dukagjin Gorani, an ethnic Albanian commentator. “But when the West actually came to Kosovo, people started going to mosques. This will not necessarily make Kosovo a religious state, but it will certainly start a heated debate on what it should be.”

That last paragraph is key. Here’s a translation: “For the moment, we’d be whatever the West wanted us to be for the sake of getting that priceless intervention against the most West-like part of Yugoslavia — Serbia. As soon as we got what we wanted, lo and behold: we’re Muslims after all!”

The Albanians have been playing a similar image game in neighboring Macedonia. According to Deliso (all brackets his):

the infamous Yahya Pasha Mosque, where radical jihadi DVDs can be freely purchased…was the organizational nerve center for the February 10, 2006, protests against the Danish cartoons of Mohammad, in which some 5,000 angry young Muslims targeted the Danish Consulate and the office of a newspaper, Vreme (Time), that had printed some of the cartoons.

The event reached spectacle proportions when a vehicle containing notable persons from the then-opposition Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) pulled in front of the mob, blocking its path. DPA leaders…pleaded with the demonstrators to go home, as they were damaging the image of the Albanian people in the eyes of the world. DPA Secretary-General Ruzhdi Matoshi…later stated that “we worked for 30 years to build a partnership with the West…and [the protesters] would like to destroy that in 5 minutes. What if it had been broadcast on CNN, with images of Albanians in Macedonia looking like something out of Beirut or Pakistan — it would have been a [public relations] disaster!”

That’s right: “We mustn’t let on that anything is afoot while we still need something from the West.”

[A]s everywhere else in the Balkans, the official Islamic community on occasion takes part in supporting radical groups…In conversation, most officials state that their goal is merely to uphold the tradition of Ottoman Islam of the Hanafi school. However, this is not exactly the truth….[C]ertain factions of the IVZ [Macedonian Islamic Community] would like to see foreign varieties of Islam take root in Macedonia. It is also indisputable that senior figures from within the IVZ supported, in one form or another, the Izetbegovic government’s radical Islamist policies in Bosnia during the 1990s.

In a Friday post titled “Columbia University: See? We’re not an Anti-Semitic Institution. Just ask Ahmadinejad!” I joked that Ahmadinejad’s opening act on Monday would be the ghost of Adolf Hitler. The latest from Columbia, via Fox News Channel and Columbia dean John Coatsworth:

If Hitler were willing to engage in a debate, and a discussion, to be challenged by Columbia students and faculty, we would certainly invite him.

While it’s nice that he at least made the analogy, the point is that, like Ahmadinejad, Hitler would require much less security at Columbia than would the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, George Bush, Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilly.

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