January 2008

Incidentally, these facts also came out during the Milosevic trial. Which is why there was a media blackout on it:

THE HAGUE — The Hague trial of the six former Serbian leaders charged with Kosovo crimes continued this week.

General Dragan Živanović testified as the defense witness of Vladimir Lazarević, his former commander in the Yugoslav Army (VJ).

He has already given evidence at the trial of [Albanian terrorists and war criminals] Haradinaj, Balaj and Brahimaj as a prosecution witness.

In the Kosovo Six trial, he repeated his allegations about KLA crimes and VJ’s impeccable treatment of civilians in Kosovo. Each soldier carried on his person a pocket edition of the Geneva Conventions, he said.

Živanović, former commander of the 125th Motorized Brigade, accused what he called Albanian terrorists of a series of crimes committed in the Dukagjin area in 1998 and 1999. The VJ had to respond, he concluded in his evidence.

No crimes against Albanians civilians were committed in these military operations, the witness said.

Isolated crimes were prosecuted, Živanović added. In his effort to prove that the military leadership acted preventively, he said that every VJ soldier received a “laminated pocket book” with all provisions of the international law and Geneva conventions on the eve of the conflict.

Also, courses were organized for VJ officers where they were taught about those provisions in detail.

Živanović claims that general Lazarević never gave him any written or oral orders to commit any crimes; other Priština Corps officers who have testified in the defense of their former commander have said the same thing.

On the contrary, he said, Lazarević insisted on the protection of civilians and international observers on Kosovo before NATO launched its air strike campaign.

Now what is it our government was chanting about Serbia losing all claim to Kosovo in 1999?

Indecent Proposal—“We want to offer Shari’a law to Britain”

by Andrew Bostom (mostly quoting a Telegraph article):

“[T]he “more limited” goal of applying Sharia only to “family” law within the Muslim community (with its utterly false and deceitful analogy to Jewish Family Law) is only a temporary milestone on the trajectory to full societal implementation of the totalitarian Sharia….Thank goodness Baroness Cox interjects a sane, and in today’s morally confused and craven British society, rare and courageous objection, to this destructive phenomenon…”

Dr Hasan, who has been presiding over sharia courts in Britain for more than 25 years, argues that British law would benefit from integrating aspects of Islamic personal law into the civil system, so that divorces could be rubber-stamped in the same way, for example, that Jewish couples who go to the Beth Din court have their divorce recognised in secular courts.

Dr Hasan, who is also a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain on issues of sharia law, says there is great misunderstanding of the issue in the West. “Whenever people associate the word ’sharia’ with Muslims, they think it is flogging and stoning to death and cutting off the hand,” he says with a smile.

He makes the distinction between the aspects of law that sharia covers: worship, penal law, and personal law. Muslim leaders in Britain are interested only in integrating personal law, he says…Despite this, Dr Hasan is open in supporting the severe punishments meted out in countries where sharia law governs the country. “Even though cutting off the hands and feet, or flogging the drunkard and fornicator, seem to be very abhorrent, once they are implemented, they become a deterrent for the whole society. This is why in Saudi Arabia, for example, where these measures are implemented, the crime rate is very, very, low,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

In a documentary to be screened on Channel 4 next month, entitled Divorce: Sharia Style, Dr Hasan goes further, advocating a sharia system for Britain. “If sharia law is implemented, then you can turn this country into a haven of peace because once a thief’s hand is cut off nobody is going to steal,” he says. “Once, just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all. We want to offer it to the British society. If they accept it, it is for their good and if they don’t accept it they’ll need more and more prisons.”

Baroness Cox, however, observes appositely that the introduction of Sharia Law in Britain, at minimum, “raises complex questions,” because:

“…some of its basic tenets are incompatible with the fundamental principles of our liberal democracy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is no equality before the law between men and women and between Muslims and non-Muslims; and there is no freedom to choose and change religion.”

Is that a dunce cap?

I love the last line of this thing. Someone at B92 knows how to write:

Serbia is a free country with a fairly high level of political and human rights, a new report says.

The Freedom House latest report, Freedom in the World 2007, qualifies at the same time Serbia’s disputed southern province of Kosovo as “the worst in Europe regarding human freedoms.”

On a scale from one to seven, Serbia was given three for political and two for human rights.

The average mark Serbia was given in the U.S. NGO’s annual report is 3.68, which is slightly better than in 2006, when it was at 3.71.

Freedom House specifies that in Kosovo, which is under UN administration, no progress has been made since 2006, when the situation was “worse than in 2005.”

The Prizren League — the famous meeting that set out to combine into a “Greater Albania” all lands where there were large populations of Albanians — took place on June 10, 1878. Once again, here is how its organizers were described, from Andy Wilcoxson’s forthcoming book:

In 1880 Kirby Green, the British consul for Northern Albania, wrote about the situation in Kosovo, saying, “The Albanian League is an organization of the most fanatical Muslims in the country. Those people are now taken up with extreme religious fanaticism and hatred of Christians. With the exception perhaps of Mecca, Prizren is the most dangerous spot for a Christian to be in all Mohammedan countries.”

It has only now come to my attention, thanks to an Albanian newspaper, that Bush’s recent historic visit to Albania — the first ever by a sitting American president — to endorse Kosovo independence and ceremonialize closer ties between the U.S. and a Muslim Greater Albania, was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren — June 10th.

It doesn’t do wonders for my conservative creds on this issue, but in the battle for Kosovo one learns to not be picky. From a Serbian TV news report, as translated by Svetlana:

Famous Hollywood actor, activist and campaigner George Clooney in a statement to the Frankfurt daily News announced he intends to organize a protest with his colleagues against the unilateral declaration of independence of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

“With my coworker and friend Sharon Stone and her childhood friends of Serbian ancestry, I’ll soon organize a protest against the attempts to grant independence to Kosovo,” the popular American actor said.

“I strive to use my popularity to help the mankind, to contribute to solving the number of problems afflicting today’s world,” he said.

This is a surprising breath of fresh air, to be sure, and I’ll take it; fame helps. But as I’ve been saying to all the welcome naysayers coming out of the woodwork only now: Thanks for waiting ’til the 11th hour, when we’ve had 9 years to make this not happen.

And considering his anti-war creds, one is also left wondering where Clooney’s protest was in 1999 when America was bombing Yugoslavian children in their beds. Oh yeah — to quote Janeane Garofolo: protesting Clinton’s wars “wasn’t hip.”

Still, better late than never. And better Clooney-Stone than no one.

Though I should remind George that he’ll only anger the Muslims by doing the right thing — something he faults America for rather frequently. In Kosovo, he has swapped places with his nemesis on this, the other George. George Bush — whom Clooney credits with creating “thousands more bin Ladens” every time we fight back. Well Clooney will be “creating” a few thousand of them in Greater Albania by fighting back. That’s just how it works.

Here is an important detail from the same report which, I think, reveals something fairly huge:

According to the AP, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon designated George Clooney as a U.N. “messenger of peace” Friday, January 18, 2008. He will become the ninth U.N. peace envoy.

While many U.N. agencies have goodwill ambassadors to promote activities ranging from helping children and refugees to promoting human rights, “messengers of peace” are selected by the secretary-general to promote the broader work of the United Nations.

U.N. spokeswoman Michele Montas said Clooney was recognized “for focusing public attention on crucial international political and social issues.”

As a messenger of peace, he will have “a special focus on United Nations peacekeeping,” Montas said.

The revelation: Clooney is taking a stand against Kosovo independence at the same time that he has been hand-picked to represent the UN on “crucial international political issues.” This makes Ban Ki-moon’s unstated position on Kosovo abundantly clear — and he reveals it in a backhanded way, through the actions of George Clooney.

Clearly, while NGOs and Western governments have been trying to ram independence through, the UN entities at work in Kosovo have been sending distress signals to headquarters, and flashing a red light.

Is it possible that, for the first time in its pathetic, futile and counterproductive existence, the UN could save the day? It’s worth recalling that the UN never did, after all, approve Clinton’s war in the first place.

There is a controversy and actual “human rights commisson case” in Canada over author Mark Steyn’s warning that Muslim birthrates are outpacing those of women in Westernized, Christian countries. One Scandinavian mullah whom Steyn quotes in his book America Alone cites the statistic that while a Western woman in the EU produces an average of 1.4 children, a Muslim woman in these countries produces 3.5 children.

The Washington Times quotes Human Events magazine:

There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

So what we have is this: Moderate Muslims are peacefully reproducing at a rate of almost three times that of moderate infidels, such that in 50 years or so peace should reign on earth, as there will be only Muslims left.

While the implications are most imminent and dire for Europe, we know that such trends eventually apply to North America as well. Which means we need to stop abortion and abstinence education. It also means that blacks and Hispanics obviously aren’t having enough sex and need to get busier.

Despite being a lifelong conservative, in light of current trends, I would certainly welcome tripling the welfare budget if employment is taking time away from sex and reproduction in inner cities. I’m also reversing my opinion on leaving water bottles in the Arizona desert, to support it — and perhaps the additional wall-building that’s been going on could be put on hold. I would also like to tell illegals that they don’t even have to worry about learning English, as I, for one, will be brushing up on my high school Spanish. Besides, it’s good for kids to be bilingual, a side benefit to having an illegal nanny raise one’s kids.

As far as the recruitment boost that our military will have an ongoing need for in this battle, in addition to the children of undocumented migrants — whom the Army has targeted for recruitment recently — I would certainly reverse myself on the issue of gays in the military. So, gay people — go ahead, as far as I’m concerned: Join the military, impale whomever you’re attracted to there, teach our kindergarteners about fisting and taking poppers and whatever other values you and your champions want to impart on schoolchildren. It’s all good now.

Omar Osama bin Laden bears a striking resemblance to his notorious father — except for the dreadlocks that dangle halfway down his back. Then there’s the black leather biker jacket. The 26-year-old does not renounce his father, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, but in an interview with The Associated Press, he said there is better way to defend Islam than militancy: Omar wants to be an “ambassador for peace” between Muslims and the West.

Omar — one of bin Laden’s 19 children — raised a tabloid storm last year when he married a 52-year-old British woman, Jane Felix-Browne, who took the name Zaina Alsabah. Now the couple say they want to be advocates, planning a 3,000-mile horse race across North Africa to draw attention to the cause of peace.

“It’s about changing the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people think Arabs — especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama — are all terrorists. This is not the truth,” Omar told the AP last week at a cafe in a Cairo shopping mall.

Uh-huh. Got it. As usual, the problem with violent jihad is the Western mind. And it’s still about defending Islam. So the peacenik son’s stripes are simply a few shades lighter than the terrorist father’s. Omar is yet another validater of the Muslim-as-victim perspective, a non-violent enabler of Islamic violence. The father handles the dirty work; the son handles the propaganda.

“Omar thinks he can be a negotiator,” said Alsabah, who is trying to bring her husband to Britain…

Good. Britain could use another Muslim.

Omar lived with the al-Qaida leader in Sudan, then moved with him to Afghanistan in 1996. There, Omar says he trained at an al-Qaida camp but in 2000 he decided there must be another way and he left his father, returning to his homeland of Saudi Arabia.

“I don’t want to be in that situation to just fight. I like to find another way and this other way may be like we do now, talking,” he said in English.

Omar doesn’t criticize his father and says Osama bin Laden is just trying to defend the Islamic world.

Omar is convinced a truce between the West and al-Qaida is possible.

Another jihadist who doesn’t get what jihad is all about. In fact, it’s a case of “like father like son”:

In the tape, bin Laden also went into a tirade against capitalism, expressed concern over global warming, criticized JFK for not stopping the Vietnam War, praised Noam Chomsky (a Jew), and said that the war against the U.S. is about our foreign policy — the last two items indicating that the leading face of jihad doesn’t quite get what jihad is all about, or that it’s not within his power to stop it even if he wanted to.

Back to the Omar article:

Since leaving his father’s side, Omar has lived in Saudi Arabia, where he runs a contracting company connected with the Binladen Group, but he spends much of his time in Egypt. It was during a desert horseback ride at the Pyramids of Giza that he met his wife.

The couple has applied for a visa to Britain. And they are planning their endurance horse race across North Africa, which they hope to start in March…Teams from around the world will be encouraged to join in what the couple envisions as an equine version of the Paris-Dakar car rally. That rally was canceled this year due to fears over terrorist threats made by al-Qaida-affiliated groups in North Africa.

Omar, however, said he isn’t worried.

“I heard the rally was stopped because of al-Qaida,” he said. “I don’t think they are going to stop me.”

Indeed. Because he advances their cause. Omar, why can’t you be more like your cousin:

‘My values are like yours,’ says Wafah Dufour, who distanced herself from her al Qaeda-leader uncle and changed her last name.

Wafah would definitely have cause to worry about al Qaeda stopping her dreams. And that makes her one of us.

I missed this from July, but was captivated enough by the points made in the last two paragraphs:

ROME — Italian geopolitical magazine Limes Plus printed a pessimistic set of articles on the future stability of Kosovo.

The new issue is dedicated to Kosovo in its entirety and includes pieces from Serbian, Albanian and Italian politicians and analysts.

Dušan Janjić, director of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, writes about the Kosovo status crisis, citing an article by Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku, who said the province was a special case because the international community began to create a country, “which does not have much material for becoming a country.”

“And then Ceku says ‘go ahead, finish the job.’ Essentially, the international community came to the Balkans and caught the Balkan virus, and Kosovo will be an open problem and under some sort of international supervision for some time,” Janjić said at the presentation.

Chief of the Serbian Government’s Media Relations Office, Milivoje Mihajović, wrote that the Kosovo situation is known to the media only through comments made by politicians and that there are no examples of the real situation facing residents of the province.

“235,000 people have not returned to Kosovo. There are many statistics which compromise the UNMIK mission,” Mihajović said, adding that according to data, every fifth Kosovo student is armed, “which does not speak well for the future of Kosovo.”

Related, from the AP:

Former KLA rebels are believed to have stashed away huge caches of rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons in Kosovo’s forests and in their own backyards. More than 500,000 handguns alone remain in circulation, according to U.N. estimates.

Also from the AP article:

Thousands of wildly cheering pro-independence demonstrators marched through Kosovo’s gritty capital Monday [Dec. 10] as a sense of euphoria swept the breakaway province preparing to gain statehood early next year.

“No more delays. No more deals,” said rally organizer Burim Balaj, as 3,000 demonstrators outside parliament set off firecrackers, waved U.S. and Albanian flags and held posters that read: “Independence is the only option.”

“UCK! UCK!” the crowd shouted back, using the Albanian acronym for the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA…

“I don’t believe it’s possible for Serbs and Albanians to live together peacefully,” said Mimoza Sejdiu, 24, an ethnic Albanian at Monday’s rally. “I don’t see a common future as citizens of one country.”

But just to make sure:

[U]nknown assailants tossed a bottle of flaming liquid into a vacant house owned by Serbs in the town of Gnjilane southeast of Pristina and sprayed this menacing message: “Death to Serbs.”

CORRECTION about Tudjman and Yad Vashem appended here.

In another one of the countless examples of the modern world commemorating tragic history even while repeating it (for example, commemorating the Holocaust while facilitating the next one), herewith Bush’s visit to Yad Vashem last week:

Bush: US should have bombed Auschwitz

President Bush had tears in his eyes during an hour-long tour of Israel’s Holocaust memorial Friday and told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the U.S. should have bombed Auschwitz to halt the killing, the memorial’s chairman said.

Wearing a yarmulke, Bush placed a red-white-and-blue wreath on a stone slab that covers ashes of Holocaust victims taken from six extermination camps. He also lit a torch memorializing the victims.

At one point, Bush viewed aerial photos of the Auschwitz camp taken during the war by U.S. forces and called Rice over to discuss why the American government had decided against bombing the site, [chairman Abner] Shalev said.

‘Cause it had no balls? Kind of like…now.

The Allies had detailed reports about Auschwitz during the war from Polish partisans and escaped prisoners. But they chose not to bomb the camp, the rail lines leading to it, or any of the other Nazi death camps, preferring instead to focus all resources on the broader military effort, a decision that became the subject of intense controversy years later.

Western powers had detailed reports about the vast infrastructure used by Palestinian terrorists. But they chose not to bomb the ‘refugee’ camps, the ambulances or boats used to transport their weaponry, or any of the other Islamic operations around the globe, preferring instead to focus all resources on winning over the Islamists and the broader Muslim community, a decision that would become the subject of intense controversy years later among the one Christian and one Jew left standing.

Between 1.1 million and 1.5 million people were killed at the camp.

Then again, thought Bush, it’s easier to kill 1.5 million Jews than piss off a billion Muslims.

“We should have bombed it,” Bush said, according to Shalev. In the memorial’s visitors’ book, the president wrote simply, “God bless Israel, George Bush.”

Israel. And if you want to see it, soon you’ll have to go to a museum too.

Bush can visit Yad Vashem all he wants. The late Croatian president Franjo Tudjman also got a guided tour of Yad Vashem — after writing in his book that Jews were the ones killing everyone at Croatia’s WWII concentration camps. And when I was in Israel in May I saw a bunch of wrapped-up Muslim chicks visiting Yad Vashem too. Probably taking notes.

And thinking, “See? We’re not the only ones who think that Jews suck.”

Orthodox church desecrated near Presevo
10 January 2008 | 18:06 | Source: Beta

PRESEVO — A Serbian Orthodox church near Presevo, in southern Serbia, has been desecrated, a SPC statement says.

The church, dedicated to St. George, has been broken into, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) reported on its website, pinning the blame on ethnic Albanians in the region.

It remains unclear whether the case was reported to the police. The unknown vandals have broken into the church to desecrate it, having previously ripped out the cross from the temple’s roof.

The SPC also said that “after 1996 and the expulsion of Serbs from Oraovica, Albanian extremists desecrated a Serb cemetery in the village.”

Oraovica’s 3,800 residents are all ethnic Albanians. The village is located two kilometers north of Presevo. The region borders with the administrative line with Kosovo.

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