February 2008

So the first “country” to recognize “Kosova” is Costa Rica. This on its own is already material for stand-up comedy. Considering that tourists to Costa Rica are instructed to stay within the confines of the walls that separate their resorts from the natives, or else be mugged, raped and killed upon venturing beyond — already anyone who has gone there as a tourist knows what it’s like to be a Serb in “Kosova” (minus the smorgasbords, dancing and sunning that the trapped tourists get to do).

But it gets even more beautiful. Clearly, Costa Rica is getting something that these Jews don’t. Costa Rica recognized “Kosova” practically in the same breath that it recognized the state of “Palestine,” and de-recognized Jerusalem as belonging to Israel. If that don’t speak volumes about what an independent “Kosova” means!

Israeli diplomat postpones meeting after Costa Rica recognizes Palestinian state

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: Israel has postponed a planned meeting with Costa Rican officials over the Central American nation’s decision to formally recognize a Palestinian state.

The meeting between President Oscar Arias and an Israeli diplomat, scheduled for Wednesday, “was postponed, but we are looking to reschedule,” Costa Rican Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno said Monday.

“We would like to express our disappointment over this regretful decision of the government of Costa Rica to establish full diplomatic relations with the ’state of Palestine,’” Mekel said. “This act of Costa Rica totally contradicts the traditional friendship that characterized its relations with Israel since its establishment.”

Stagno has said Costa Rica hoped to encourage peace talks on Feb. 5 when it recognized a Palestinian state — a key demand on the part of the Palestinians…

“Kosova” and “Palestine”. Recognized together by Costa Rica in the same month. From the criminal enclave that is Costa Rica, I understand that all three are in good company. Let’s see if the rest of the world wants to join the gang. Literally.

To be an Israeli yet sound as historically shallow as an American Jew, you have to be an extra Dumb Jew.

This pathetic website of the Israel Hasbara Committee “covered” Kosovo independence thus:

Should Israel Worry about Independence for Kosovo?

Serbia and Kosovo have been a thorn in Europe’s side since 1914 when a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Ferninand in Sarajevo. This lead [sic] to World War I that eventually lead [sic] to World War II. These two wars caused the largest loss of [life] and destruction of property in history. [The Serbs are even responsible for WWII!!] The fanatical Serbians more recently butchered people in Kosovo when NATO forces had to move in. Most of the population of Kosovo is Albanian Muslims whereas most Serbians are Orthodox Christians. Kosovo is in many respects [a] unique and special case.

The site describes itself:

The Israel Hasbara Committee is a non-governmental, independent organization that specializes in educating the public about the history and aspirations of the Jewish people and the State of Israel…The Israel Hasbara Committee has been established to pursue truth about the State of Israel and the Jewish people. This means it will, as part of the scope of its activities, defend Israel and World Jewry from wanton attacks based on prejudice and misinformation and it will do so in a dignified and fair way.

But apparently, pursuing the truth about another people is too tall an order. This “committee” expects people to do their homework on Israel for the sake of Israeli survival, which depends on a fair assessment of the facts. But don’t ask them to do their homework on someone else’s story.

How about replacing a sentence in the first paragraph with: “The fanatical Israelis more recently butchered people in Gaza when NATO forces had to move in.” How would that go over? Don’t jump to any uninformed opinions about Israel, they ask, but as regards the lowly Serbs, it’s OK to pull a quick conclusion out of your butt based on precisely the same kind of popular mythology that dooms the Jewish state. Creating that kind of karma isn’t going to help their cause.

“Kosovo is in many respects a unique and special case,” they say. Who knew that Israelis moonlight as U.S. State Department spokesmen?

Here was the comment’s momentous conclusion:

The issue puts Israel in somewhat of a dilemma. On the one hand, Israel is undoubtedly sympathetic with the underdog or the oppressed [who would that be?]; on the other hand, Israel enjoys good relations with Serbia and does not want to jeopardize these relations. Also, with negotiations taking place with the Palestinian Authority Israel does not want to set any precedent that could be used by the Palestinian Authority.

So because Albanians say they’re the underdog, that means they’re the underdog? So who’s the real underdog in the Middle East, then?

These Jews are soooooo dumb that they don’t even know why it might be that Israel “enjoys good relations with Serbia” to begin with. A hundred shekels says these Jewpids don’t even know that Serbs died with Jews in the same concentration camps that resulted in the birth of the Jewish state. Another hundred shekels says they don’t know that Albanians formed their own volunteer Nazi units to ship off all of Kosovo’s Jews to Bergen Belsen.

As for the Hasbara Committee’s insinuation (in the first paragraph) that the 1998-99 war was motivated by Christian-on-Muslim violence (consistent, of course, with the current epidemic of rampaging Christian hordes beheading Muslims all over the world), another hundred shekels says these Jupes wouldn’t know what to make of the Serbian-loyal Gorani, or Goranci, Muslims (not to mention the often Muslim Roma). Here was the scene in November 1999, one that helps explain how we got to “Kosova”:

K-For said yesterday that a 40-year-old Roma man was found dead, his throat slashed while he was sleeping in his home in western Kosovo. And an unidentified body was found south of Kosovo’s ethnically divided town of Mitrovica.

K-For peacekeepers who recently ended round the clock surveillance on a Serb Orthodox church near the northern town of Podujevo came back in the early hours of Tuesday to find it burned to the ground.

A confidential UN document seen by the Guardian [newspaper] yesterday pleads with K-For to set up a permanent checkpoint on a road leading into the Zupa region in southern Kosovo where a cluster of Serb Goranci (Serb speaking Muslims) and other minorities have faced terrifying intimidation at the hands of ethnic Albanians trying to force them to leave.

K-For, the document says, refused, saying occasional patrols were enough.

Should Israel worry about independence for Kosovo, ask the Dumb Jews of the Hasbara Committee. Israel should worry more about having Jews like the Hasbara Committee “informing the public”. With Jews like these, who needs Muslims?

Wal-Mart Apologizes to Muslim Woman who Complained she was Mocked by Cashier in Utah Store

RIVERDALE, Utah (AP) — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. apologized to a Muslim woman who said she was mocked because of her face veil.

“Please don’t stick me up,” a cashier told the shopper on Feb. 2, according to The Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Wal-Mart apologized Monday in a letter signed by Rolando Rodriquez, a vice president and regional general manager. It was released Tuesday by the council’s Nevada chapter.

“I can assure you that the associate in question was disciplined in accordance with our employment policies as a result of the situation,” Rodriguez said without disclosing details.

Rodriguez said employees at the Riverdale store would undergo “sensitivity training,” specifically in the Islamic faith and Muslim culture.

You see what happens when you try to be personable with one of the body-snatched zombies in our midst? In fact, the cashier was giving a compliment, pretending to mistake the customer’s terrorist garb for that of an old-west bank robber. The poor employee thought that by showing some personality, he or she could bring out this customer’s personality — only to find that there is but one, collective, Islamic personality.

The cashier also clearly didn’t realize that Muslims dwelling among infidels are starved for offense and therefore live for these moments, limited as they are for the most part to mere blogs for their insult-scouting. It was a satisfying day for a Muslim, as evidenced by the fact that the exchange with the cashier was prosecuted to the fullest extent of attention.

Soon our society will be as humorless and morose as the Muslim world. Think final scene of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. — Ayatollah Khomeini

Serbian Royal Family appalled over Kosovo declaration
February 17, 2008


The 17th of February 2008 is a date which will live in infamy!

On that day Europe had diminished its own morale, embarassed its own history and shown that it carries within its organism the virus of its own downfall! On that day America gave up on Washington, Lincoln, and Wilson.

It is not only the denied defeat of us Serbs, it is a defeat of an idea of a world without violence, of a unified Europe, of a society of equality, law, legality, and justice!

It is a defeat of the idea of democracy! It is a defeat of the universally accepted rules of international law.

The part of the project of Mussolini and Hitler has finally been accomplished, in the territory of Serbia! For that, we need not blame the Albanians, but those that have supported them, recognised them, encouraged them, and financed them! It is them whom we should acknowledge for their endurance in their hatred against the Serbs, for their dedication to the goals they had tried to accomplish in both world wars that they had fought and lost.

The world has, once again, started approaching its downfall in the territory of Serbia. We are not happy to know that tomorrow the fate of Serbia and Serbs, on whose misfortune they have worked so hard and so united, many will see this happen in their own country, in their own home.

Kosovo remains to be our history and destiny, but it is their future!

Today we feel ashamed for them, leaving them to feel ashamed for themselves tomorrow!

We pray to God of justice for the life and health of our citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija.

Make sure you caught the part where they’re saying: “Kosovo may be our past, but it is your future. Good luck with that.”

Election 2004:

(Albanians destroy churches during an orchestrated, three-day pogrom in which hundreds of Serbian homes were burned, 1,000 people were injured, throats of Serbian farmers’ pigs were slashed, and 31 people died, including up to six NATO peacekeepers.)

Election 2008:

Serbian Girl Stoned
Tanjug, Feb. 23, 2008

LIPLJAN - An 8 year old girl of Serbian nationality, from Rabovca near Lipljan, was injured today in the yard of her house when stoned by boys playing soccer next door on a soccer field.

The father of the injured girl, Ljubisa Mihajlovic, said that today around 15:30 a group of Albanian boys began to stone the yard in which his daughter was playing.

The girl is now in the emergency medical facility in Gracanica…Spokesman for the Kosovo police service, Veton Eljsani, confirmed that the incident occurred and that the police are working on examining the circumstances surrounding the stoning.

The father of the injured girl confirmed that he had reported the incident to the police but doubts that anything will be done about it.

“This happens every day. Every day they stone us, curse us and try to provoke us. We have no feeling of security. Today they attacked my daughter, tomorrow it will be someone else’s. There is no end to it. Serbian children fear to go to school. They don’t dare leave their homes. The yard has become their lockup, said Ljubisa.

In Rabovca, in addition to the Albanians, there are 40 Serbian families that live there. “Kosova” Prime Minister Hasim Thaci said recently during his visit that this place is a good example of multi-ethnic life in Kosova.

Yesterday I mentioned that Kosovo warps even the Heritage Foundation, and cited a criminally negligent blog post by the think tankers Sally McNamara and Nile Gardiner. In addition to the inherent dangers in conservatives swallowing and propagating the liberal media-spun narrative on the Balkans, which has the effect of removing the otherwise ubiquitous check-and-balance on mainstream media “truths”, the conservative media and think tanks confuse their readers who look to trusted pundits for the real story behind what they hear in the mainstream.

Sure enough, Fox News — which looks to include Right wing views and therefore gleans guests from the Heritage Foundation, a few days ago had McNamara on to talk about Kosovo independence, as a colleague informed me. She assured viewers that all was well with Kosovo being independent and America’s support for it. And so, having heard from the Heritage Foundation, Fox News was satisfied that it got all possible perspectives on this; it just happens that they all match. But the network’s duty was done, as far as it was concerned.

In that previous post on McNamara and Gardiner, I mentioned that the two writers work for Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, and that while Thatcher had the same blind spot which every other conservative has to the truth in the Balkans and which places conservatives in league with the liberal media that sold us the lies, her late national security adviser and co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, Sir Alfred Sherman, did not suffer from the same illusions about the region, and for this reason he signed on to the advisory board of the American Council for Kosovo, where his name still stands in memoriam. I quoted briefly from his September 30, 1994 article in London Jewish Chronicle (titled “Let’s remove the blinkers”), but current events demand that I quote more of the article, and I reproduce the relevant, stunning portion below:

Shortly before his trip to Washington in a bid to work out common policy with the US Administration, President Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia visited Zenica, de facto capital of Bosnia’s Muslim heartland.

His purpose was to carry forward arrangements for the re-imposition of sharia — Islamic law — in the republic. This would restore unified religious authority such as existed in Ottoman days.

Among measures proposed are the restoration of polygamy, which existed before Bosnia’s incorporation into the Yugoslav monarchy in 1918 (to be limited to a maximum of three wives per man); the criminialisation of marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men (the reverse is permitted); and the prohibition of alcohol.

Western media reports of the war in the former Yugoslavia have led us to believe that a majority of Bosnian Muslims were always enlightened and Westernised. Journalistic gullibility apart, this was a half-truth at best.

True, some middle-class Muslims wanted to fit into the secular-cum-Christian world of Yugoslavia. But Mr Izetbegovic’s minority government was backed by a fanatical and brutal militia, and thousands of militants from abroad, in alliance with that section of the old Communist Party which chose to stay put. Heterodox Muslims — or Yugoslavs of Muslim descent, as some put it — had the choice of joining the bandwagon, keeping their own counsel, or leaving, whether for Serbia, as thousands have done, or abroad. The changed world balance-of-power has meanwhile encouraged the Muslim leadership in Bosnia to press for a fully Muslim polity, and for maximalist territorial ambitions, now evidently supported in Washington and Bonn.

Discerning support in Washington for Muslim claims on the former Sanjak of Novi Pazar…Mr Izetbegovic is working actively to create a “Green Corridor” from Bosnia through the Sanjak to Kosovo. [”Green” refers to the Islamic green.]

This would separate Serbia from Montenegro and Greece and facilitate Albanian pressures on Montenegro and Macedonia, with their Albanian minorities, many of them illegally resident there.

With US support, Germany is in effect fostering this Islamistan, and developing increasingly close working relations with Iran, whose rulers are keen to establish a European base for their politico-religious activities.

By contrast, Washington is keen on involving its NATO ally Turkey, which has been moving away from Ataturk’s secularist and Western stance back to a more Ottomanist, pan-Muslim orientation, and is actively helping the Muslim forces.

Mr. Izetbegovic is mooting mass immigration of Turks into Bosnia from Anatolia. This would strengthen the new Muslim state’s demographic and military base for further rounds against the Serbs, and also against the Bosnian-Hercegovinan Croats.

Muslim-Croat collaboration suits Croatian President Tudjman, whose hatred of the Serbs virtually excludes other considerations. He and his circle are not only extreme nationalists, but have been actively discriminating against Croats whose Serb forebears converted to Catholicism less than four generations ago.

In the opinion of Croats, and many Serbs, the root of the present conflict lies in the creation by the late Yugoslav leader, Tito, of a separate Muslim nationality, a regression to the system which had operated under Turkish rule.

So long as Islam is treated as a nationality in the former Yugoslavia, multi-faith, polyethnic entities are ruled out by the Muslim leadership’s drive to restore the sharia.

The Serbs and Croats, whether beleivers or not, wish for a more or less secular state in which religion is depoliticised and seen mainly as a private matter, permitting religious pluralism in areas where various religious groups cohabit.

In the Bosnians’ and world Muslim view, however, God’s hand is working on their behalf. Their diplomatic backing and their multi-million-dollar public relations campaign in America and Europe have left the Serbs as isolated as the Czechs at the time of Munich.

Just over a week before Albanians and America (Alberica) stole Kosovo, the province’s Bishop Artemije gave the following interview to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the only mainstream American publication that has not been one-sidedly pro-Albanian for the past 20 years, thereby earning its name.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Serbian Orthodox Bishop Artemije’s deep cynicism is unsurprising. The seat of his Kosovo diocese is about to be spun off as part of a new country, without his or his flock of 130,000 resident Serbs having much to say about it.

What is surprising is how little of his previously expressed moderation and ecumenism remains.

At one time, the diminutive 73-year-old prelate with the flowing white beard used to talk readily about his contacts with ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. He spent years pressing for a local, negotiated solution to the future of the Serb province.

But in an interview ahead of a lobbying visit to Washington this week to plead the case of Kosovo’s Serbs, Bishop Artemije said he definitively cut ties to all Kosovo Albanian officials five years ago after an anti-Serb pogrom. He said that was because none of them moved to stop the March 2004 attacks throughout Kosovo that left more than a dozen Serbs dead and at least 36 churches in ruins, or to catch and punish the chief perpetrators.

Now he expects the Albanian response to Kosovo independence to be a final expulsion of all Serbs, he said Saturday at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma. “That is why the people are so scared.”

In 1999, Artemije took a different approach.

Opposed to Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic and trying to head off war with the West, he tried to offer a plan for devolution of power to Albanians in Kosovo. Yet his delegation was barred at the door of the Rambouillet conference in France convened by U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Instead, a Kosovo Albanian delegation “negotiated” an outcome guaranteed to inflame Serb opinion and bring on war. And since that 78-day NATO air war - ending with a U.N. Security Council resolution that recognized Belgrade’s continued sovereignty - NATO peacekeepers have had to act as part border patrol, part anti-organized crime squad and part security guards for remaining Serbs.

NATO troops understandably want out. Yet, ironically, the solution being offered smacks of the same one-sided approach that set the stage for the 1999 war.

Sometime over the next few weeks, Kosovo will declare itself to be independent of Serbia. The United States and most European countries will then clap it on the back and congratulate it with recognition.

Yet this will all happen without the benefit of Serbia’s agreement or indeed without any definitive negotiations or written guarantees between majority Albanians who effectively run the province, and the minority Serbs holding on in isolated enclaves such as the one where Artemije resides near the Gracanica monastery in Kosovo.

Artemije charged that since NATO took over Kosovo security in June 1999, more than 1,000 Serbs had been killed and another 1,000 kidnapped and never heard from again, while a quarter million Serbs were expelled from the province. Hundreds of abandoned Serbian villages were razed, he said, along with 150 Serbian medieval religious monuments, yet little was ever heard of these atrocities.

Instead, the international community, he said, was proposing to reward violence with an embrace of the same government under whose auspices the violence happened.

“It’s like life . . . in a concentration camp,” said Artemije. “We are just living day by day, trying to survive.”

These days, far from being seen as a moderate, Artemije is considered one of the more radical voices within Kosovo, urging Serbs to boycott Kosovo elections and rejecting independence out of hand.

He also now looks to Belgrade for a solution, saying that despite hard-fought Serbian elections - narrowly won Sunday by pro-reform incumbent Boris Tadic - politicians were united on Kosovo.

For Serbs, Artemije said, “Kosovo is not simply an issue of real estate. Kosovo is a spiritual concept, a place that shelters in its very essence all the spirit of a nation, the Serbian nation.

“In that, you can be assured that everybody is very much unified, and that they are, by the same token, ready to defend this right - this right of history and this right of sovereignty.

“Those who think that Serbia is going to nag a little bit, and then accept the facts [of unilateral independence], they’re wrong. They’re very, very wrong.”

I’d say he was right about that.

In a late January interview with a website called KosovoCompromise.com, the bishop revealed the following about the new Kosovo’s claimed commitment to multi-ethnicity, protection of the Serb minority and cultural and religious landmarks:

Bishop Artemije: Kosovo Albanians want to take over Serb heritage

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Bishop Artemije, warned on Monday that the Kosovo Albanians “are increasingly attacking the Serbs’ cultural and spiritual heritage in Kosovo,” in order to take it for their own and forge history.

“I think that is a tendency that must worry every well-meaning man, not only within our people but in the entire cultured world, because this is an attempt at forging the history of Kosovo and Metohija. There is not even the slightest mention of the Serbs in Kosovo, as though they had never even existed here,” the bishop said.

To illustrate his claims, the bishop stated the example of a Kosovo travel agency at a recent tourist fair in Ohrid offering visits to the Pec Patriarchy and the Decani and Gracanica monasteries, presenting them as Byzantine-Albanian or Kosovo monuments, without mentioning the fact that they are the monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Bishop Artemije said that due to growing pressure aimed at declaring Kosovo’s independence as soon as possible, it was necessary to find a way to protect the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Serbs.

“We must find a way to protect that which we have been building and keeping for centuries, so that we could pass it on to our younger generations,” Bishop Artemije added.

A 2006 photo of Obama in traditional Somali dress, ostensibly circulated by the Clinton campaign, was top news today after Drudge Report published it. Here, however, is a lesser-known photo:

Whether Obama is or isn’t a closet/future Muslim, and whether or not Hillary has an infinite number of terror-connected folks as campaign contributors (and these are just two), we will never have a better Muslim president than George W. Bush:

A Clinton campaign spokesperson said it was ludicrous to think the Somali Obama photo originated with the Clinton campaign, given that Hillary herself has donned the local dress of the places she’s visited. The second photo above is one such example. But this got me thinking: god forbid there is ever a Jewish president. How would a Jewish head of state show respect for the traditions of the countries he or she visits: “Out of respect for the traditions of the local culture, I am wearing a truck whose rear fender I’m attached to, and this is how I will be getting to my official meetings here.”

As I’ve chronicled a multitude of times, there is a widespread phenomenon of the Dumb Jew. Suicidal to themselves and homicidal to their friends, they lack a sense of history in addition to survival instincts. Recently, I blogged about the Jerusalem Post’s Schmucko Avineri, who had written an open “Letter to a Serbian Friend” explaining how as a Jew struggling to hold on to the only Jewish state, he believes Serbs should understand the Albanians’ desire for two states, and a 53rd Muslim state. Today we bring you a Uri Avnery, whose article last week “Three Cheers for Kosova!” I don’t need to read. All that needs to be known about Avnery is that his pro-”Kosova” piece was published on an Arabic website called Middle East Online.

I wrote recently that a Jew who is suicidal for his people is homicidal for the Serbs. Conversely, a Jew who betrays the Serbs, betrays himself. Just look at what happened to these Croatian-Jewish loyalists who betrayed the Serbs in the early 90s, despite having died alongside them in Croatian concentration camps less than 50 years earlier. While every word in this November 18, 1993 issue of UK’s Guardian is delectable, some things required additional emphasis and are in bold:

Jewish leaders in Zagreb are calling on the Croatian government to halt attempts to rehabilitate the second world war fascist regime. They warn that the disturbing trend is fuelling ethnic, religious and racial intolerance.

Among the most vocal campaigners for international recognition of Croatia two years ago, Jewish leaders are distressed by “extensive” condonation of the Quisling Ustashe state, which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

The Croatian authorities have tacitly condoned efforts to play down Ustashe atrocities and have exonerated some of the perpetrators.

President Franjo Tudjman set the revisionist ball rolling several years ago with his book Wastelands: Historical Truth, which minimises the number of victims at the Jasenovac death camp[s].

Since then streets, squares and schools dedicated to anti-fascist fighters have been renamed and a monument in memory of 1,500 Jews executed at the Jadovno concentration camp has been demolished.

Recently the Zagreb leadership announced plans to revive the kuna, the currency in circulation during the Ustashe regime.

President Tudjman has proposed that the remains of Croats executed by the partisans should be transferred to Jasenovac. This was the final straw for Croatia’s Jewish community. They stressed, in an unprecedented protest letter to the government, that while many innocent civilians were murdered by the communists, Ustashe were also among those killed.

The prospect of fascists being buried side by side with their victims sickened Croatian Jews.

Jewish community leaders have called on the Zagreb district attorney to file war crimes charges against Ivo Rojnica, a senior Ustashe official who escaped to Argentina after the war and has been appointed ambassador by the Croatian foreign ministry.

“We are asking the government to fulfill its anti-fascist declaration. We will exert pressure and it will not take the form of mere protest letters,” said Srdjan Matic, leader of Zagreb’s Jewish community.

Jewish representatives believe the sanitisation of Croatian brutality in the second world war reflects Mr Tudjman’s effort to reconcile Croats of different political persuasions. On the one hand, they say, he patches over fascist crimes, while on the other he talks about the republic’s contribution to the anti-fascist movement.

The Croatian government, many observers believe, cannot afford to ignore protests from its Jewish community, whose support bolstered the republic’s request for international recognition after it seceded from Yugoslavia.

“Our lobbying gave them moral credibility at a time when they were often depicted as anti-Semitic or neo-fascist,” said Mr Matic, who feels the charges were then largely unfounded.

But if attempts to rehabilitate the Ustashe regime go unchecked, he warns, such accusations may soon have some justification.

So far Jews have been spared the state-sponsored discrimination visited on the Serb minority, but they are keenly aware that no one is immune.

“Revisionism encourages religious, ethnic and racial intolerance. It’s already reached incredible levels,” said Mr Matic, who believes that Croatian independence has been soured by moves to paint over Ustashe crimes.

Looks like someone missed the whole point of Croatian independence, no? Perhaps the “depiction” of Croatian anti-Semitism and neo-fascism by those who were resisting supporting Croatian independence, was more than a depiction? Especially with that Wastelands book out there for several years by that time? But apparently, it wasn’t apparent to this Jewish “leader” that Croatia really was proud of its Ustashe; after all, it was just the Serbs being targeted by that society’s rampant, state-sponsored discrimination. One of my favorite parts was how the Jewish leader wagged a finger at the Croatian state, saying it couldn’t afford to ignore Jewish protests, because Jews had lobbied for international recognition after Croatia’s illegal secession. That’s like me telling a one-night-stand the next morning that he can’t afford to ignore my feelings or demands, because I gave him what he wanted the night before.

Is there anything in this world that Jews do see coming? One begins to understand how god feels looking down on us — mice trying desperately to navigate an L-shaped maze.

Because of the heavy Balkan news cycle right now, we are privileged to have an article published yesterday by yet another Dumb Jew, if he can be called a Jew at all (more on that in one minute). What we have is one Eric Margolis, writing in the Toronto Sun:

Bush gets it right
U.S. knows a nation when it sees one

…The U.S. was the first major power to recognize the new Republic of Kosova — as it should henceforth be called. [If you’re an Albanian nationalist, Muslim or dhimmi.] There were almost as many American flags in the streets of its capital, Prishtina, as Albanian ones. [Barf.]

President George W. Bush deserves a hearty salute.

After communist demagogue Slobodan Milosevic sought to build a Greater Serbia in the 1990s through ethnic terrorism, Washington forced NATO to halt Serb genocide in Bosnia. [Someone didn’t read a single day’s transcripts from the tribunal.]

In 1999, while Europe watched impotently, Milosevic’s forces killed 13,000 Kosovar Albanians [not], blew up mosques [forts used to shoot from], gang-raped Muslim women [he wishes], burned Albanian villages [KLA strongholds] and drove one million Albanian Kosovars into frigid winter fields where they would have died of exposure without outside help. [NATO bombs and the KLA did that.] The U.S. saved the Kosovars by launching a short air war on the Serbs.

Albanians also were divided between Albania proper, and Yugoslavia’s provinces of Kosovo and Macedonia. So Albanians…remain Europe’s divided peoples. [Making the case for Greater Albania.]

But there is no hint free Kosova will join neighbouring Albania anytime soon. [Nope, no hint here.] The Kosovar leadership, under able PM Hasim Tachi [former petty crook/terrorist/war criminal], rejects any talk of union; so does Albania’s capable prime minister, Dr. Sali Berisha. Kosovars are not eager to merge with impoverished, struggling Albania; they want to be in the EU. [As Greater Albania.]

It certainly is a tonic [Kool-Aid?] seeing people abroad joyously waving American flags and blessing the U.S. [No thanks.] This is what my America used to be about.

I pray that under new presidential leadership, the U.S.A. will resume this honourable tradition as liberator and defender of human rights. [For ubermenschen.]

Now, don’t let the Jewish name Margolis fool you. According to his Wikipedia entry:

Margolis was born in New York City in the 1940s to Henry M. Margolis, a New York businessman, restaurant owner, theatrical producer and investor, and Nexhmie Zaimi, his Albanian born mother who was a journalist and author…In addition to being a contributing editor at the Toronto Sun newspaper, Margolis writes for Dawn, Pakistan’s leading newspaper, the Gulf Times in Qatar, the Khaleej Times in Dubai, and The American Conservative. He appears regularly on such television outlets as CNN, Fox, CBC, Britain’s British Sky Broadcasting News, NPR, and CTV National…

Margolis identifies his politics as “Eisenhower Republican”. Though his domestic political persuasion is moderately conservative (he is a staunch anti-communist and a supporter of capitalism), Margolis’ views on the Middle East are sharply at odds with the neoconservatives.

Margolis is best known from his coverage of Palestine and Kashmir. Margolis’ mother, Nexhmie Zaimi, was also a journalist who spent a long time in the Middle East documenting the plight of the Palestinians during the 1950s. Her influence, plus Margolis’s role as a foreign correspondent in the Mideast and travelling with the mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War, has given Margolis a strong interest in the Muslim World. He strongly supported NATO’s intervention in the Kosovo war and also supports the rebels in Chechnya.

He opposes the Bush Administration’s invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hmmm. He certainly saw the Kosovo intervention the way the neocons did. Gee, what could account for this inconsistency? Maybe we can find the consistency in it. Surely it couldn’t have been Margolis’s anti-Serbness that put him in bed with the well-intended but idiotic neocons?

Between Jewish genes and Albanian ones, we can see here which are dominant. For we’ve ended up with a half-Albanian, half-Jew who is pro-Muslim, anti-Serb, and anti-Jew. We’ve even got an Albanian mother feeling enough kinship with Palestinians that she hauled her Balkan ass to the Middle East right after the decimated Jews finally got a sliver of a state.

Good thing Albanian-supremacist genes work in perfect symbiosis with the self-loathing Jewish ones he got from his Dumb Jew cliche of a father who married an Albanian sympathetic to the Jew-killers of the PLO. The spawn of such a pair could only be an Eric Margolis.

Margolis came up on the radar in Honest Reporting’s Dishonest Reporter Award” for 2005. Here was his distinction:

The February assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri shocked even the most cynical Mideast experts. Syrian propaganda, predictably blaming Israel, was echoed by the North American syndicated columnist Eric Margolis. Ironically, the same week that the Mehlis report to the UN on Hariri’s murder was released, Margolis gave a soapbox to unsubstantiated claims that Israel had a hand in the 1988 plane crash that killed Pakistani dictator Zia Ul-Haq.

In February, 2005, an entire Honest Reporting dispatch was devoted to Margolis:

[W]hen a columnist regularly demonizes one side of the Arab-Israeli conflict — while resorting to outlandish conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated allegations — the columnist has crossed the bounds of ethical journalism.

Case in point: HonestReporting Canada reports that the Toronto Sun’s Eric Margolis, who has a long record of Israel-bashing, recently accused Israel of poisoning Yassir Arafat:

“Arafat’s convenient death removed a major obstacle to U.S.-Israeli plans. This writer continues to suspect Arafat was murdered by an untraceable nerve or blood toxin. He was being held prisoner by Israel in his Ramallah compound. (Feb. 13)”

And this week (Feb. 20), Margolis likewise implied with no substantiation whatsoever that Israel may have murdered former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Observing that ‘the professional expertise of the bombing strongly suggests a state intelligence agency,’ Margolis names only one such likely agency in his column: ‘Israel’s Mossad.’

In a 1998 column, Margolis even propagated allegations (originally published in the Times of London) that Israeli scientists were working on an ‘ethnic bomb’ that would kill Arabs — while sparing Jews. Western scientists dismissed this claim — embraced by the Arab media and lunatic-fringe ideologues — as utter nonsense. Yet Margolis’s column, which appeared in the Edmonton Sun and Ottawa Sun, quoted ‘numerous reliable sources’ who claimed, ‘Israeli scientists are attempting to engineer deadly micro-organisms that only attack DNA within the cells of victims with distinctive Arab genes.’

Margolis, who appears often on Canadian TV, has also claimed ‘a group of Likudniks’ brought the US to war in Iraq, and that ‘bloodthirsty neo-conservatives’ with Israeli allegiance drive Washington policy.

[A]s James Hill, managing editor of the Washington Post Writers Group, has stated: “You have to hold columnists to the same standard as anyone at the newspaper. If a column writer is making egregious errors in the process of stating his or her opinion, eventually it’s not the columnist who’s doing that, it’s the paper that’s doing that.”

Eric Margolis has established a pattern of violating this standard, promoting wholly unsubstantiated accusations against the State of Israel for allegedly perpetrating illegal, unethical and diabolical acts. Margolis has crossed the line of journalistic standards, and calls into question the credibility of his primary platform, the Toronto Sun.

Certainly if Margolis gets away with making up tall tales about the Jews, he can do it against the even easier target — Serbs — who unfortunately don’t have a Serbian version of Honest Reporting. Indeed, Margolis has been writing Serb fiction for years. And for this reason, one can understand his buying into the idea of Jews inventing an Arab-only killer bug, given what Serbs did to Albanian school children in this tall tale:

In March of 1990 several thousand Albanian teenagers were brought to hospitals and clinics across Kosovo. [Former Kosovo Health Secretary Dr. Vukasin] Andric said that they were brought to the medical centers en masse with great urgency, and with great publicity.

The Albanians claimed that the Serbs had poisoned the teens with gas while they were attending school. According to press reports, between 4,000 and 7,000 ethnic Albanian teenagers were admitted to hospitals in Kosovo complaining of a mysterious illness.

Dr. Andric said that the sudden flood of Albanian teenagers forced the hospitals to discharge existing patients some of whom were seriously ill. Dr. Andric testified that toxicology tests performed on the teens revealed no traces of poison gas in their blood or urine.

Dr. Andric, who was a doctor treating these people, noted that the alleged illness became more severe when TV cameras were around. He said that the Albanians would be up walking the hospital corridors when there were no cameras, but as soon as the press would show up they were suddenly struck ill and had to return to bed.

It was Dr. Andric’s conviction that these Albanian teenagers were faking. He based his conviction on the fact that no Serbian students, who were studying in the same schools at the same time, fell ill. It was exclusively Albanians who were [a]ffected…

So if the Serbs could create a “smart gas” that selectively targeted Albanian genes, surely the Mossad scientists can make a bug that’s only interested in biting Arabs.

If Eric Margolis is any indication, “Albanianism” indeed is capable of transcending all other religious and ethnic affiliations a person may have, recruiting even a part-Jew to a cause whose strings are ultimately pulled by jihadists. Hell, Albanianism that enables jihadism even transcends Mormonism, if we recall this Mormon Albanian I’d introduced months ago:

I am as much a neo-con as [a] Jew, and I am also Albanian. I am distressed that you keep harping on some alleged Albanian lobby effort to bring American Jews to its side, when the Albanian lobby is so fractured and penniless that any Jewish-American it gets is on merit not on punditry…

Also, why to you always associate Albanians with Muslims anyway? Have you ever been in Kosovo or Albania? Have you see how nominally muslim we are? What would you make of a Mormon Albanian like me?

I would submit to you that your “Muslim Albanian” word association is as realistic as to say “Mormon Albanian”.

I would also accuse you of being paid, and I’m going to suggest to Eric Margolis to keep a close eye on you.

Ah, they found each other.

In honor of the Margolises, Avineris and Avnerys of the world, I introduce the word Jewpidity into the language lexicon.

Oops — just got another Jewpid one in my inbox. (”Israel should use the new Kosovo to reach out to Muslims” — since that’s what Serb-killing’s always been about: reaching out to Muslims.) But he’s a Brit, so he’s doubly impaired.

The perverseness of the Kosovo situation is such that on the eve of the land theft last week, conservative Heritage Foundation writers Nile Gardiner and Sally McNamara co-blogged a piece titled “The West Must Back Full Independence for Kosovo,” filled with the usual talking points referencing Srebrenica as the “biggest atrocity in Europe since the Second World War,” and a quick gloss over the supposed case for independence — in much the same language that’s being parroted by every country supporting Kosovo independence to avoid unpleasantness from Albanians:

In 1998 and 1999, Serbia waged a barbaric campaign of ethnic cleansing against ethnic Albanians that left more than 10,000 people dead.

Although the “barbarism” was debunked even in the mainstream media, like our politicians, Gardiner and McNamara know that the American public was long sold on its mythology, so they easily build a false argument off this faulty premise and move on to the next point. Doing so involves swallowing all the media-circulated, State Department-spawned, and Muslim-financed propaganda that conservatives otherwise are very suspicious of when it doesn’t concern the Balkans or Serbs.

And so new rules are made up as we go along in which its fabled butchery “exempts [Serbia] from the rule that international borders can only be changed with the agreement of all parties,” as Thomas Landen recenty wrote in the Brussels Journal. “They want to ‘punish’ Serbia for its misbehavior in the 1990s, but fail to see that they are ‘punishing’ the whole of Europe by saddling it with a state run by criminal gangs.”

Activist Liz Milanovich seconded the notion, writing in an email:

The rampant common stupidity of ‘the West’ in not focusing on their real enemy is a very real danger. Bosnia and Kosovo, and adjoining areas, are now crawling with Islamic extremists and jihadists but the US / NATO war on terrorism makes a u-turn in the Balkans in the mad dash to recognize a crime-infested, intolerant and extremist Islamic state in Europe.

Such is the “political reality” that according to Gardiner and McNamara “should be welcomed by Washington, London, and other European capitals.”

Wanting to build a third Muslim state in Europe at the expense of Christians, and to implement a Clinton/Soros policy in an area to be ruled by gangsters, with an economy run on the drug- and sex-trade, reminding us where the word “slave” comes from — Slav — is an interesting new direction for the Heritage Foundation, whose actual outlook is hopefully more represented by their writer Ariel Cohen in his March 2007 article “US should support Serbia, not Kosovo Albanian radicals.”

The most delicious part of the McNamara-Gardiner “analysis” was the section heading “The West Must be Tough with Serbia”.

Yes, time to get tough on those Serbs after kicking their teeth in for two decades, dismembering them, defecating down their necks — each time after they’ve made whatever concession was asked of them, most recently electing the American-backed president; before that it was ousting Milosevic, then allowing him to be kidnapped to the Hague, with the Western-installed government even blackmailing at least one witness for false testimony against him; before that it was agreeing to pull out of Kosovo while the KLA reneged and fortified its positions; and before that it was Dayton. It goes on and on.

With the exception of Milosevic not agreeing to full occupation of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999 — something the Rambouillet architects knew that no sovereign could ever agree to, and which was the intended trigger for the bombing — Serbia has repeatedly and consistently bore its neck for the West in a desperate, slavish and suicidal attempt to lose its pariah status, and get onto the EU track. And every time, we kicked it in the groin.

Having Russia for a best friend is not where Belgrade envisioned itself being in 2008. It is where we forced it to be, kicking and shoving Serbia into Russia’s arms, which they didn’t seek as they desperately tried to be America’s pet instead, even sending troops for the Iraq war. So take with a grain of salt the ubiquitous descriptive half-phrase “traditional allies Serbia and Russia,” or “long-time Slavic allies Russia and Serbia.” Especially considering this, from the late Sir Alfred Sherman, former national security adviser to Margaret Thatcher, writing in a September 1994 issue of the London Jewish Chronicle during the Bosnian war:

Though putative Russian public opinion in favour of the Serbs is played up by the Western media, Moscow’s policy has, in fact, been tilted in favor of the Muslims. Otherwise Moscow could simply have vetoed the devastating sanctions imposed on Serbia by the United Nations on the occasion of the shelling of Sarajevo.

Arms, mainly from former Soviet-bloc countries financed by oil-rich Muslim states, are reportedly reaching the Muslims despite the blockade. Some are said to have been delivered to Croatia by Soviet planes.

According to the bio on the Heritage piece in question, Gardiner is “Director of and Sally McNamara is Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation.” And sure enough, their article cites Margaret Thatcher’s similar stance on the region where, like every other respectable conservative mind, had a blind spot. Sir Alfred Sherman, who also co-founded the Centre for Policy Studies with Thatcher could attest to that. Sir Alfred died in August 2006 — just a few months after signing on to the advisory board of the American Council for Kosovo.

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