February 2008

From an AP photo essay:

Ethnic Albanian Adem Mripa gives a thumbs up gesture while he is being detained by Kosovo police, after finding three rocket-propelled grenades in his house in the Albanian neighbourhood of Serb-dominated ethnically divided town of Kosovska Mitrovica, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008. KFOR also detonated another hand-grenade found in the same neighbourhood.

The Soros-funded pro-Western Belgrade-based B92 TV had more:

Extremist Albanian leader in custody

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA — The Kosovo police, KPS, has taken into custody the leader of an extremist Albanian group, Beta says.

The agency stated that Adem Mripa was apprehended in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, in a community predominantly inhabited by Serbs.

The source stated that Mripa was arrested for weapons possession, adding that he had bombs and mines in his possession. The police later confirmed that the arrest did take place.

And text from another B92 report: “Ethnic Albanian head in divided Kosovo town arrested over possession of weapons”

[Presenter] The political leader of Albanians from northern Kosovo was today arrested in Kosovska Mitrovica, because the Kosovo police had found sniper weapons on him.

[Reporter] [On Thursday] members of the Kosovo Police Service [KPS] found three Tromblon [RPG] grenades and several pieces of ammunition for sniper weapons in the house of [chairman of Albanian Council in northern Kosovska Mitrovica] Adem Mripa, the leader of Kosovo Albanians in an ethnically mixed quarter of Bosniak mahala in the northern [Serb-populated] part of Kosovska Mitrovica, it has been confirmed to B92 in the Kosovo Police Service…

Only few hundred metres away, a bomb was found near a house owned by Jovan Ilic [a Serb], which Kfor [NATO-led Kosovo Force] subsequently destroyed.

[Ilic] This has been the eight or the ninth bomb within few hundred square metres here since 1999, which was defused by Kfor. Windows are smashed, children are scared. We have had enough, I think. It is hard life here. We will either have to move our children away or the state of Serbia should help us with strong forces, as strong as possible, and start taking care of us.

[Reporter] Following the arrest of ethnic Albanian leader in Kosovska Mitrovica, the Serbs in this part of the town are concerned over the amount of weapons found on him. This is Branislav Krstic reporting for B92.

That this is the leader of the minority Albanian community within Serb-dominated Northern Mitrovica which intends to stay with Serbia indicates that, as we knew, Albanians had operations planned for that area. The situation that I’ve been working for nine years to avoid is now playing out in Mitrovica — where we’ve forced NATO and UN into a confrontation with Serbs taking the messy matter of protecting their people and defending their country into their own hands. On that subject, a Pristina cabinet minister ominously hints at KLA-run Kosovo’s long-term plans for its Serbs:

Skender Hyseni, a cabinet minister in Pristina, told the Monitor last week regarding Mitrovica that “some issues will take time to resolve. We will continue to be patient. It will be easier to deal with the Serb community later.”

A former KFOR soldier emailed me last night:

Wow. Sitting at my desk today when my fmr. task force commander called me about the Belgrade Embassy.

What do people expect?

Mitrovica will probably be partitioned soon, right along religious, oh, I mean ethnic, fault lines. Expect violence.

Has TMK (KPC) [Kosovo Protection Corps] taken up arms yet?

Watching O’Reilly tonight, he commented on how the US is working for freedom in the region…

I am actually sickened at this whole turn of events. I spent a year of my life there, tracking Saudi funded Wahabbi scum, seeing Serbs murdered, and for what? Cognitive dissonance as to how I, as a US Soldier, can possibly see this as a fight for freedom.

Clintonisms presents this week’s Clintonism Of The Week (not included in the book):

Hey, as Long as his Private Life Doesn’t Interfere with how he Runs the Country…

Hillary Clinton biographer Gail Sheehy tells NBC’S DATELINE…that after the Monica Lewinsky affair was revealed, Hillary Clinton refused to speak to the President for eight months. According to Sheehy, the standoff did not end until one day in March, 1999 when Hillary called the president telling him to begin bombing Kosovo. Sheehy tells DATELINE’S Stone Phillips: “The day after she said that, he [Bill Clinton] announced that he was informing his NATO allies that he was recommending a bombing campaign.”

– Matt Drudge, November 24, 1999, regarding a November 29th broadcast of “Dateline”

It reminded me of:

Which reminded me of:

Man Snoozes During John Edwards’s ABC Town Hall…Then Vanishes

By Scott Whitlock | July 16, 2007

Did “Good Morning America” physically remove a man who appeared to be dozing off during Democratic Senator John Edwards’s town hall meeting on Monday? Early in the 7am hour, the man (pictured at right) appeared to be sleeping, or at least dozing, while Edwards discussed his plan for Iraq.

Around 7:11, the individual, who was seated to the back and right of Edwards, mysteriously disappeared… Diane Sawyer even remarked how audience members for the New Orleans-based event had “gotten up early” to join him. Perhaps the network found it unacceptable that someone might perceive the former trial lawyer to be less than enthralling?

So how come one guys gets removed and the other doesn’t?

I got the following letter yesterday morning with regard to the St. Louis minaret that Republican Riot printed photos of, and which Gateway Pundit confirmed with its own photos in a post titled “Islamic Prayer Tower Rises Over South St. Louis City”, which the Little Green Footballs blog picked up. The letter came from a lady named Myra S. [Correction: from her husband, Ira S., he corrected me; the print on the contact form made it unclear]:

[Yesterday’s] story about the STLouis Mosque, info supplied by “Zach. B”, is factually wrong. Story in today’s STL Post-Dispatch states that the Minaret will have no speakers, and will NOT broadcast prayers at any time. Nor, other than Zach. B., have neighborhood people complained.

With all the real problems involving radical Islam, this is NOT one of them. Petty, prejudiced presentation.
Would like to hear from Gorin in response.

Indeed, if you go here, you will see the story printed by St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which I’ll excerpt below:

Mosque threatened, Muslim group says
By Tim Townsend

A national Muslim civil rights organization has asked the FBI to investigate what it considers threats made on the Internet against a Bosnian mosque in St. Louis.

The comments were made on at least two blogs and related to a posting about a minaret being built at the mosque. The mosque is the Islamic Community Center, or Madina Masjid, at 4666 Lansdowne Avenue. A minaret is a tower from which the Muslim call to prayer is traditionally sounded.

The author of a blog called “Gateway Pundit: Observations of the World from the heart of Jesusland,” posted three photos of the minaret covered with scaffolding. One of the photos included the caption: “Those calls to prayers ought to go over really well with the people of this South St. Louis neighborhood.”

The “Gateway Pundit” author also cited another blog, Republican Riot, saying the Muslim call to prayer “is to be broadcast several times a day.” [Incorrect: Republican Riot did not say that; it was a clearly labeled quote by my source, introduced by a sentence specifying that this is a Bosnian mosque that would be broadcasting the prayer he speaks of.]

But Madina Masjid’s spiritual leader, Imam Muhamed Hasic, said the minaret is symbolic, not practical. There is no sound system or speakers on the minaret, which is scheduled to be completed next week. He said the minaret will not be used to call Muslims to prayer.

Another blog, called “Little Green Footballs,” linked to the “Gateway Pundit” post, and several comments on “Little Green Footballs,” caused the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations to contact the FBI, said Ibrahim Hooper, the council’s spokesman.

On “Little Green Footballs,” blogger Amer1can wrote, “Would be a shame if it were to be vandalized or destroyed. Just a shame I tell you….wink wink STL youth.”

Blogger Arthur E. Hippler added: “I suppose dynamite would be considered an extreme response.”

[Note: The reporter is purposely confusing comments posted by readers with those of the bloggers themselves. To make the point, Gateway Pundit posted Muslim-threatening comments left by readers on the Post-Dispatch’s own site.]

Hasic said he was unaware of the bloggers’ comments about the minaret and that he had heard of no complaints about the structure from people in the neighborhood. He said the mosque would officially celebrate the minaret’s completion next month.

Build it, and the sound will come.

Do we really need to spell this out for the fair-minded likes of letter writer Myra S., and the folks of St. Louis who haven’t complained? Today there is no sound, but tomorrow there will be. These things happen in stages — like the boiling frog scenario — and speakers are easy to install. The Muslims in Hamtramck, Michigan didn’t get their call to prayer approved overnight either; they had to overcome a noise ordnance.

Why did my source assume there would be a prayer broadcast from the minaret? Because he knows what a minaret is for. Actually, its job is two-fold. As the paper itself put it, the minaret is “symbolic”. The tall minaret is there to assert the mosque’s supremacy over other houses of worship. An excellent current example of this, in addition to Western Europe, is Kosovo, where the 100 Saudi-funded Wahhabi mosques that have gone up since Western intervention tower menacingly over the Orthodox churches that haven’t been burned down yet:

Do we really think the Serbs didn’t start out as we did? It’s an important question to consider, since St. Louis residents’ immigrant neighbors are the Serbs’ old ones from Bosnia.

Now, given that Myra S. seems to be aware of the “real problems involving radical Islam,” what might she think this tower is “symbolic” of? Since we know that non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries are oppressed and killed, what beauty of Islam is it that the St. Louis Muslims are so proud of, and that the minaret symbolizes to them? Their pride in the fact that non-Muslims are third-class citizens (behind the second class — Muslim women) in their society? Or is it that Muslims all over the world blow stuff up hourly? Or is it symbolic of jihad’s arrival in St. Louis?

There’s no chance, is there, that jihad is a multi-pronged strategy? Myra S. certainly sees no connection between the ascendance of “radical Islam” simultaneously with that of Islam overall and everywhere.

P.S. Speakers can always be added later. We’re boiling frogs, after all, and don’t notice when the heat is turned up in stages.

There’s no disagreement even among the most bitter rivals, when it comes to taking an anti-Serb position. After all, we drank that poisoned Kool-Aid together way back in the previous century: Clinton, Obama and McCain Endorse Kosovo

They may be busy on their respective campaign trails, but supporting an independent terror state — that’s a no-brainer! Even Hillary was able to answer that without first conferring with her staff:

Though caught up in two new nominating votes, which take place in Wisconsin and Hawaii [yesterday], Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) both took a moment to endorse Kosovo’s declared independence from Serbia. Obama expressed hope that “Kosovo’s government and people act with urgency to ensure that Kosovo becomes a positive example of democratic governance and the rule of law.” He also said the reelection of Serbian President Boris Tadic was a “critical step in moving Serbia closer to the goal of full integration into the democratic West.”

Clinton called Kosovo’s independence “a historic step,” and called on the international community to press for full protection of minority rights in Kosovo.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) also welcomed Kosovo’s independence and said the United States and international community should “help solidify these gains by quickly recognizing Kosovo’s independence.”

Between a machine Democrat (Hillary), a stealth Democrat (McCain) and a Hezbollah Democrat (Obam-duh!), they can all agree that Kosovo should be independent. After all, Hillary ordered Bill to bomb the Serbs; McCain was purchased by the Albanians before Hillary heard of Serbs; and Obama, well, how could he resist the creation of yet another Muslim state? That’s one more invitee to his Muslim summit.

Even among Muslims, their Serbian decency shines through:

Islamic Community of Serbia slams Kosovo independence

Excerpt from report by Serbian private independent news agency FoNet

Belgrade — The Islamic Community of Serbia (IZS) today condemned the unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence as an act of political violence, which may deepen divisions among peoples, and it urged Islamic countries to take into account the needs of the Islamic community living in Serbia when they make up their mind over this issue.

“As a community of Muslims whose home is Serbia, we condemn any act of political violence that may further deepen gaps and divisions among peoples of the world,” the [chief] Mufti of the Islamic Community of Serbia, Muhamed Jusufspahic, said.

“A unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence is really what this is. With it, many countries, members of the Organization of Islamic Countries, would face trials and tribulations, the same or similar ones,” Jusufspahic assessed.

As he put it, “we also condemn the violence in Serbia’s streets perpetrated by fans, and we call on the people of Serbia to be reasonable and wise.

Places of prayer should not be set on fire, let them cheer our state and its interests in a dignified and non-violent manners”.

“Serbia’s youths, let us not ever ruin our own things any more,” Jusufspahic said on behalf of the IZS.

The Islamic Community of Serbia advised Islamic countries in the region to refrain from comments, “because it is in our interest to live in accord with our Orthodox, Christian neighbours”.

Responding to journalist questions about the support of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to Kosovo’s independence, Jusufspahic called on this organization to alter this decision.

Commenting on the possibility of riots, Jusufspahic said that mosques were well guarded.

That’s right. Well-guarded mosques in Serbia. Got that?

Meanwhile, it’s clear here that many Serbian Muslims never got with the jihad program, in which case I highly recommend these Slavs convert back to Orthodoxy, before they confuse any more Mulims — such as the OIC ones that they think they have something in common with.

But what is it about Serbia that keeps even a Muslim loyal? And what is it about an Albanian-run Kosovo that has these Muslims terrified? And what is it about Bosnia that has this human-rights Muslim crying foul?

Only the radical region of Sandzak in southern Serbia (itself with secessionist goals) doesn’t have any loyalty to the infidel society it’s part of. Though, gee, this sure was an interesting title coming from a Sandzak radical in October:

“Muslim leaders haven’t been treated like this in a hundred years”:
Sandzak Muslims say police raided mosque

Leaders of the Islamic community in Novi Pazar [southern Serbia] say a group of policemen allegedly attacked imams in Sjenica last night.

A statement from the Meshihat, or the seat of the Islamic Community organization, says that some 30 officers allegedly raided a mosque using force, and removed “a high Islamic delegation” from the building, physically assaulting its members and several worshipers.

The Novi Pazar Meshihat chief is mufti Muamer Zukorlic, who advocates Serbia Muslims’ organizational ties with the Sarajevo [Bosnia] Islamic Center.

Another group, which believes that the center for Serbian Muslims must be Belgrade, gathered around Belgrade mufti Hamdija Jusufspahic, decided to relieve Zukorlic of his duties earlier last week, but he received backing at home in an Islamic Community meeting in Novi Pazar Saturday.

The tensions among the two groups have been running high, and yesterday police confiscated weapons and made several arrests in another mosque in the region, this time in Prijepolje.

“We express our deepest indignation and most serious protest over such behavior on the part of the police, as the Islamic officials have not been treated in this way for a hundred years.”

So they’ve been treated…well…by the genocidal Serb “nationalists” and cleansers.

As a group, Jews don’t generally have drinking problems. But clearly, this Jew’s mother did while she was pregnant with him:

[Hebrew University Political Science Professor Shlomo Avineri] noted that any attempt made to draw parallels from the Kosovar situation to other regions in the world is deeply influenced by the “Serb propaganda machine”, which he believes is attempting to make the world forget about the greatest tragedy to befall Europe since World War II.

“NATO only intervened after the sweeping ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Serbs, who displaced and killed nearly a million Albanians. Now the Serbs want the world to forget this tragedy, and so they want to make the world believe that Kosovar independence has grave implications for the rest of the world, which is decidedly not the case,” said Avineri.

And only because he decided that’s so.

Since Kosovo’s Declaration of Theft on Sunday, about 38 times a day I’m seeing sentences in articles to the effect of, “Serbia lost its right to Kosovo when it tried to ethnically cleanse the ethnic Albanians.” Despite the fact that this never happened. But if one were to admit that much, it would dissolve the case for Albanian secession. (Not that there would be a “case” in the first place, given that there is no international law stating that ethnic cleansing means you lose land.)

But how would Avineri like it if someone wrote that Israelis killed or displaced a million Palestinians? How many letters would be sent in to the newspaper publishing such defamation? Then again, Israeli leftists probably wouldn’t be among the letter writers.

As for that “Serbian propaganda machine,” does that mean this other Israeli professor who was interviewed for the same article is speaking merely from a deep intoxication by “Serbian propaganda?” —

Is Kosovo’s independence applicable to the Palestinian situation? According to [Bar Ilan University Professor Gerald] Steinberg the parallels to the Palestinian question are plainly evident. Professor Gerald Steinberg, Chairman of the Political Science Department at Bar Ilan University

“This is the same exact strategy that Former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat had championed back in the day,” said Steinberg. “He wanted UN forces to come into the Palestinian territories in order to pave the way for a unilateral declaration of independence…”

Oh that Serbian propaganda — coming out of the woodwork, just spilling out onto the streets and drowning us, convincing us to…repeatedly bomb the Serbs and gift their lands to Albanians, Croats and Bosniaks.

Here’s what a genius this Avineri is. Last month this Fetal Alcohol Syndrome case wrote for the Jerusalem Post a “Letter to a Serbian Friend,” as follows:

Dear A - I am writing this because some of my best friends are Serbs, and because of the historical links between Serbs and Jews.

Did you catch that? Some of his best friends are Serbs! Normally, that line would hang its author right there. But nothing that applies to the rest of humanity applies to Serbs, and so no one would even bat an eyelash at his use of it. As for those Serbian friends, did I mention that the only people more self-loathing than Jews are Serbs? No wonder they’re friends!

[A]s Jews, who have been stateless for such a long time, many of us understand and support [the Albanian] quest for self-determination and independence.

In other words, as a Jew whom 52 Muslim states aren’t allowing to have one state, he can understand the Muslims’ desire for a 53rd state. A 53rd state to eventually oppose the Jews having the one state.

…[O]ne cannot draw 21st century borders according to historical links which overlook the wishes of the present population. The question is not territory, but people. It is for this reason that most Israelis today are willing to give up claims to the historical regions of Judea and Samaria, even willing to consider Palestinian rule over parts of Jerusalem…I KNOW you claim that for centuries Serbia has been a bulwark of Christian Europe against Islam.

Uh, it has been. And to translate the rest of Shlomo’s paragraph: “Why can’t you just be suicidal wusses like we are?!” Note also this Israeli’s use of the word “claim” — the mainstream media’s favorite verb to use against Israel in describing Israelis’ everyday realities as “claims”, while promoting Palestinian-terrorist propaganda as fact.

I leave aside the unpleasant “clash of civilizations,” if not racist overtones, of this claim. But - let’s again be realistic: after all, you lost the battle of Kosovo in 1389 to the Ottomans, so you were not that successful in defending Europe against Islam (whatever this may mean).

Translation: You didn’t manage to save civilization against barbarism last time, so why bother now? Not that there’s anything superior about civilization over barbarism, unless you’re a racist…Since as an Israeli Jew I have no idea what you mean about there being anything to defend against in Islam.

As I blurted out to Zvi Rav-Ner of the Israeli Foreign Ministry last May, suicidal Jews make for homicidal anti-Serbs.

Since Shlomo Shmuck Avineri prefers to listen to enemies and future enemies, here is what they have to say:

Hamas founder Ahmad Yassin reacting in 2005 to Israel’s planned evacuation of Israeli towns in Gaza Strip:

Today [Sharon] says: “The day is near when we will leave Gaza.” That’s it, it’s lost, Tel Aviv is gone. They are defeated, they have no words left…When this process will end, they will become a state with no ability, helpless. They established a state to protect the Jews from death and murder. If death and murder chase them in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya and everywhere among them, then they will say: “What am I doing here? I founded a state to protect me from death, and if death chases me, I want to flee and go back to Europe and America.”

PRISTINA, Serbia (AP, September 20, 2006):

[Agim Ceku] on Wednesday dismissed Serbia’s fierce opposition to the province’s drive for independence, insisting that decades of bloodshed in the Balkans are over and Serbs will never dare to invade Kosovo again because they have “no courage.”

On a side note, here are the photos that accompanied the first article cited above:

The first shows the rather benign, UN-selected, Euro-flavor Kosovo flag, while the second photo shows the one that the rest of the Albanians were waving — the Albanian flag. Just to spell things out, the yellow and sky-blue flag ain’t gonna stick. I mean, if you were a former Nazi running a narco-terrorist gangster state, which would you go with? Sky-blue and sunshine?

50 Cent gives Clinton public ‘respec’

US rapper 50 Cent has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democrats’ presidential candidate, saying her rival Barack Obama would probably be killed… “I’m not sure America’s ready to have a black president. I think they might kill him.”

Well since most of the people killing blacks are Latinos and blacks, then we know who Obama needs to watch out for….Or would he be ethnically profiling?

In supplement to my recent article “Unborn Activists“, in which I methodically prove that the unborn are not only people but are politically active, and as a voting bloc often dole out punishment for our betrayals and rewards for our solidarity, here is yet more scientific evidence of this natural and supernatural phenomenon:

Twin Unborn Babies Save Mother’s Life, Loosen Tumor After Abortion Refused

London, England (LifeNews.com) — Doctors sometimes suggest to women who become pregnant while dealing with cancer that they should have an abortion to save their own life. However, in the case of a British woman, her twin unborn children saved her life when they knocked loose a tumor that had been developing on her cervix.

Unbeknown to 35-year-old Michelle Stepney, a tumor had been developing insider her and she headed to the hospital thinking she may have had a miscarriage.

Doctors diagnosed her with life-threatening cervical cancer and suggested she have an abortion on her twin babies to be able to have chemotherapy, according to the London Daily Mail.

Stepney declined and physicians agreed to give her lower doses of chemotherapy with the hope of stopping the cancer during the pregnancy, the newspaper said.

Ironically, the babies ultimately saved their mother’s life as their constant kicking dislodged the developing tumor.

“I knew I could have an operation straight away and it would cure me of the cancer, but that would mean getting rid of my babies and I couldn’t do that,” Stepney added.

…Other than having no hair because of the chemo, the babies were healthy and in fine condition…Stepney is now free from cancer and the babies just celebrated their first birthday and are happy and healthy.

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