April 2008

Topping off two recent interviews with Serbian media (Press and Vesti), here is one that is similar but in English (except for the interviewer’s intro), appearing on the site Dzejndou.com.

It must be especially hard to be a Jewish Democrat this election year. Your choice is Obama and his Muslim Tea Party, or Hillary and her Arab girlfriend.

RJC Criticizes Obama’s Call for Muslim Nations Summit

Washington, D.C. (February 1, 2008) — Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks responded today to the recent comments made by Sen. Barack Obama in an interview with Paris Match (January 31, 2008).

As reported by Reuters, Sen. Obama said in this interview: “Once I am elected, I want to organize a summit in the Muslim world with all the heads of state, to have an honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap that grows between Muslims and the West… I want to ask them to join our fight against terrorism. We must also listen to their concerns.”

“We are deeply troubled by Senator Obama’s desire to ‘hold a summit in the Muslim world, with all heads of state’ — many of whom have yet to renounce terrorism or refrain from anti-Semitic incitement,” said Brooks. “Nowhere in the Paris Match article does Senator Obama affirm Israel’s right to exist. Nor does he condemn the repeated terrorist strikes against Israel — the only stable democracy in the region.”

“Further in his interview, Senator Obama said he wanted to listen to the ‘concerns’ of these nations. For many, their biggest concern is Israel’s existence. It’s worrisome that Senator Obama wants to ‘listen’ to those calling for Israel’s destruction. It’s also worrisome that he didn’t use this interview to call on Muslims to stop teaching hateful anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda in their schools and textbooks.”

“By asking Muslim nations, some of whom actively train and fund Hezbollah and Hamas, to ‘join our fight against terrorism,’ Senator Obama once again demonstrates his shaky foreign policy judgment and raises questions about his commitment to Israel’s security. For all those who care about Israel, Senator Obama’s Muslim nations summit is a cause for alarm and concern,” said Brooks.

Now that you’ve heard from the smart Jews, read this article from the Jewish Week, a publication by, for, and about Dumb Jews (mostly):

Campaign of Falsehoods on Obama seen Sticking

When Doug Bloomfield, a columnist for Jewish newspapers and popular lecturer on the pro-Israel circuit, spoke in south Florida [in January], he was astonished by what he encountered.

Anonymous e-mails and not-so-anonymous charges by some Jewish leaders about Sen. Barack Obama’s alleged Muslim past have started gaining real traction in the increasingly furious battle for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, he said.

“I was really shocked by the number of people who took these things seriously,” Bloomfield said this week. “One man said to me: how do you know he’s not a ‘Muslim plant’; another used the words ‘Manchurian Candidate.’”

Bloomfield said he tried to “dispel what I see as a concerted hate campaign, coming largely from the Jewish right,” in his speech.

“But people were very skeptical; they said, ‘how do you know he’s not a Muslim?”

Jewish leaders in diverse parts of the country say the year-old campaign to pillory Obama based on the four childhood years he spent in Indonesia and the fact his stepfather was a secular Muslim continues, despite intensifying efforts by the Obama campaign to reaffirm his friendship with the Jewish community and tout his credentials as an active Christian.

Last week, a group of top Jewish leaders representing groups across the religious and political spectrum issued a statement that sought to stem the onslaught of disinformation.

Leaders of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, among others suggested the anti-Obama campaign represented an effort to “drive a wedge between our community and a presidential candidate based on despicable and false attacks and innuendo based on religion.” The group stressed their statement implied no endorsement of Obama’s candidacy.

Other signers included leaders of the United Jewish Communities, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the Wiesenthal Center and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Other messages suggest Obama’s exposure to Muslim culture and a Muslim stepfather implanted within him a pro-Muslim bias that would make him a big risk as U.S. president in an age of Islamic terrorism…Mandell Ganchrow, a former Orthodox Union president and longtime leader of a major pro-Israel political action committee, recently posted an item on his Web site suggesting Obama’s early exposure to Islam could make him a danger to Israel.

“In the Jewish religion when someone is far away from observance, however at a certain time he has a spark of Jewishness, we call it a ‘pintele Yid’ — a smattering, or a deep-seated unconscious attachment to one’s roots,” Ganchrow wrote. “With a Muslim father, and being surrounded in his early youth in a Muslim environment, is there such a thing as a ‘pintele Muslim,’ with deep-seated feelings which could color decisions re: terrorism and the Middle East?”

In an interview, Ganchrow conceded he had no evidence that the Democratic contender is influenced by Muslim theology or that he would be hostile to Israel.

“I just have this question in my mind” about Obama, he said. “I don’t know what’s in this man’s heart and mind.” He said his concerns are based on a “feeling in my gut; you can’t quantify it.” And he said there’s little Obama can do to change that feeling.

Rabbi Jack Moline, spiritual leader of a Conservative synagogue in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Va., said he sees some of the same receptivity to unfounded charges about the religious views of presidential candidates in his own congregation — which is known for a well-educated, politically connected membership.

Rabbi Moline was so concerned that this week he wrote a letter to congregants warning against the rumor attacks.

“This stuff is scurrilous,” he told The Jewish Week. “Anybody who writes it is a criminal, anybody who passes it on is an accomplice and anybody who believes it is a bigot.”

We know of course that Barack Obama is plenty more Muslim than he’s let on. But I call your attention to three of the above-named Jewish organizations telling Jews not to buy into the “scurrilous” allegations, and suggesting that “the anti-Obama campaign represented an effort to ‘drive a wedge between our community and a presidential candidate based on despicable and false attacks and innuendo based on religion.’”

They are: Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee. Precisely these organizations were fooled before, and mis-steered the Jewish community at a vital turning point in American history a few times already — when they threw their support behind Albanian Muslims in Bill Clinton’s Kosovo war. From an April 2, 1999 article in the Jewish newspaper the Forward:

[Foreign Miniser] Ariel Sharon…indicated earlier in the week that he would neither condemn Serbia explicitly nor declare support for the bombing…Jewish groups [in] America are generally lining up in support of the air war, with such major organizations as the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations weighing in with support for the [Clinton] administration.

And here are some of those same organizations a few years earlier, being duped yet again, taking the side of Bosnian Muslims and Croatian Nazi-rehabilitators. From an interview between French journalist Jacques Merlino and head of the PR firm Ruder & Finn James Harff:

MERLINO: What achievement were you most proud of?

HARFF: To have managed to move the Jewish opinion to our side. This was extremely delicate, as the dossier involved a major danger. [Croatian] President Tudjman was too imprudent in his book, “Wastelands: Historical Truth.” A reading of his text could find him guilty of anti-Semitism. In Bosnia, the situation was no better: President Izetbegovic, in his book, “The Islamic Declaration,” strongly supported the creation of a fundamentalist Islamic state [in Bosnia]. Moreover, the Croatian and Bosnian past was marked by a real and cruel anti-Semitism. Tens of thousands of Jews perished in Croatian camps. So there was every reason for intellectuals and Jewish organizations to be hostile towards the Croats and Bosnians. Our challenge was to reverse this attitude. And we succeeded masterfully.

At beginning of August 1992, the New York Newsday came out with the [fake] affair of (Serb) concentration camps. We jumped at the opportunity immediately. We outwitted three big Jewish organizations. B’Nai Brith Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. We suggested to them to publish an advertisement in the New York Times and to organize demonstrations outside the U.N.

This was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the (Muslim) Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind.

We won by targeting Jewish audience, the right target. Almost immediately there was a clear change of language in the press, with the use of words with high emotional content, such as ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, etc. which evoked inmates of Nazi Germany and the gas chambers of Auschwitz. The emotional change was so powerful that nobody could go against it…

The American Jewish Committee, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League supported Muslims in Bosnia. Then they supported Muslims in Kosovo. Now they are supporting the false defenses of a Muslim seeking the Oval Office. The first time the Muslims fooled the Jews, shame on the Muslims. The second time the Muslims fooled them, shame on the Jews. But if these dolts allow a Muslim to fool them a third time — as they try to fool the rest of us a third time — they can write their own ticket to hell.

The Washington Times made the majority of requested corrections to my article, so that it is now at least readable. As originally published, however, it was so unreadable that the editor didn’t even understand what she was reading, as evidenced by the headline she gave it: “Silence is Golden.” This was an article railing against Ann Coulter’s silence on terror, blackmail and Christian-cleansing in the Balkans. I did manage to convince her to change the headline.

I’ve counted six or so remaining grammatical, punctuation and attribution errors, which I’ve asked to be fixed but got no response. Apparently, this level of sloppiness meets Washington Times standards. Let this be a warning to any other prospective contributors to that publication.

Ivanovic Nominated for Women of Courage Award

The US State Department has nominated [Serbian tennis player] Ana Ivanovic for its 2008 International Women of Courage Award. The accolade was created by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in order to recognise exceptional women around the globe.

Apparently, Condi thinks honoring Ivanovic will make Serbs forget that we just swiped 15% of their land.

Condoleezza Rice recently announced that Israel would remove 50 roadblocks…from her brain.


Serbia is faced with having to choose between Russia and NATO. In the first scenario, Serbs would risk alienating the West and continuing to be bombed twice a decade because of their recalcitrance. In the second scenario as part of NATO, Serbs could help bomb themselves twice a decade because of their compliance.

You can’t really have Serbs in NATO anyway, now that Albania and Croatia have joined the alliance. Can you picture the joint exercises the first day on the job: “OOPS! Friendly fire!” — and the whole Serbian battalion is dead.

(The UN already has such experiences with “friendly fire” — in Kosovo, no less.)


April 21, 12:57 a.m.
JERUSALEM (AP) Former President Jimmy Carter says Hamas is prepared to accept the right of Israel to “live as neighbor next door in peace.”

April 21, 8:27 a.m.:
DAMASCUS (AP) Hamas’ leader Khaled Mashaal says the militant Islamic group will not recognize Israel.

To clarify what Carter might have been talking about, Hamas explained that it was referring to Israel the guy, not the country. (E.g., the Jew who won’t leave Gaza and decided to be Palestinian)


N-A-U-R-U, What R U?

The 38th entity to recognize an independent Kosovo is something called Nauru.

It’s a 13 square-mile island and it’s got a lagoon, a parliament building, an airport and a reef. The CIA World Fact Book reads:

The exact origins of the Nauruans are unclear, since their language does not resemble any other in the Pacific.

For a similar phenomenon, see “Albanians.”


Albanian-Hebrew Association in Kosovo

An Albanian-Hebrew Solidarity Association was established on Wednesday in Pristina in order to promote relations between the two peoples.

Lisen Bashkurti, a diplomat from Albania…said the foundation of the association was of a great importance bearing in mind the two people’s experience of persecution.

That’s peculiar. When Jews were being slaughtered or ethnically cleansed, I don’t recall them stopping to pull out their neighbors’ organs.

“The Nazis are coming — run for your life!”

“OK — let me just grab Wolfgang’s liver!”

So yes, both Jews and Albanians had “experience of persecution.” Jews were persecuted, and Albanians did persecute.

NOTE: The Washington Times today published the article that appears below. However, all original punctuation was excluded, even quotation marks, most likely because of systemic glitches. These glitches now give the impression that I am genuinely calling the Kosovo war a war “against genocide”, and in other places where quotation marks are missing, the result is just plain plagiarism. The piece on The Times‘ website currently reads incomprehensibly, and in places seems to contradict the point of the article, starting with the title it was given, “Silence is Golden”. All documenting links were removed as well. How a piece could have been published in such condition by a professional outfit is beyond me. Below is the professional version of the piece, as I’d handed it in to The Times.

Penn State’s student newspaper The Daily Collegian reported on Ann Coulter’s hour-long speech there this month:

For possibly the first time in her career as a conservative commentator, Ann Coulter had nothing to say about a political issue.

“I have no opinion,” she told a student who asked her about Kosovo and Ukraine. “That may be the first time those words have passed my lips.”

During her hour-long speech to a crowd of more than a thousand last night in HUB Alumni Hall, though, Coulter spoke candidly about her opinions on a variety of controversial subjects ranging from the war in Iraq to global warming to terrorism.

The usual, in other words. The easy stuff. And on the easy, day-to-day stuff, every conservative loudmouth in the country has a strong and ready opinion. But on the fact that in the Kosovo giveaway of 2008 we’ve just repeated the Munich surrender of 1938 — nothing.

While Americans can’t be expected to have strong opinions on whether the Ukraine gets an invitation to NATO or not, the Kosovo question is a different story. So let me see if I have this non-opinion on Kosovo straight: The U.S. is aggressively creating another Muslim state in Europe, openly calling for a heightened Islamic presence on the continent, and Ann Coulter has no opinion.

In the case of Kosovo, it’s a Muslim state whose leaders and inhabitants have killed or cleansed most of the Christians (and Muslims who didn’t mind being part of a larger Christian nation) from its borders. But Coulter has no opinion.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, investigators flew to Albania after discovering a cell there that was connected to the hijackers — and she has no opinion.

In the weeks before 9/11, six Albanian-American fundamentalists arrived in the Kosovo village of Skenderaj, telling locals that the U.S. would soon be attacked. And Ann Coulter has nothing to say about it. (Not coincidentally, Skenderaj was a stronghold during the 1998-99 war of America’s past and present ally, the KLA.)

Less than a year ago, four out of six jihadists arrested for planning to massacre American soldiers at Ft. Dix were Albanian — the weapons provider among them (Agron Abdullahu) having been sheltered at Ft. Dix during the 1999 resettlement process. And still Ann Coulter has no opinion on whether this kind of behavior deserves American-enforced independence for Abdullahu’s horde. That we fought alongside this former Kosovo sniper in Bill Clinton’s war of aggression is for some reason insignificant to this and all other pundits.

We’re well post-9/11, and George W. Bush has been replicating and completing a strong-arm war of might-makes-right started by Bill Clinton — whom Ann Coulter distrusts and despises — and it elicits a shrug from this opinionist.

After we helped the ultranationalist Albanians with the Kosovo leg of their jihad, they moved on like clockwork to destabilize Macedonia and southern Serbia using the same terrorist provocations they employed in Kosovo, in Macedonia winning U.S. support — but Ann has no opinion.

Bin Laden set his sights on, and traveled throughout, the Balkans in the 90s, meeting with Albanian leaders (as he did with Bosnian ones), and assigning al Qaeda capos to different areas there, including Ayman al-Zawahiri’s brother Mohammed. Today, America solidifies this radical base for bin Laden, while presiding over the construction of 400 new Saudi- and UAE-financed mosques amid systematic church destruction. But this isn’t significant enough for Ann Coulter to have an opinion on.

The U.S. is redefining the concept of the nation-state along ethnic boundaries, with implications for every region of the globe including Southern California and every other state of the Union that has majority ethnic enclaves, but don’t look to Ann Coulter to have an opinion on that.

The U.S. is dismantling principles of the international order that have guided and protected statecraft for sixty years, which is CURRENTLY being used as a precedent from India to Sri Lanka to Catalonia in Spain to the Galilee in Israel to Quebec to Vermont, but this isn’t opinion-worthy, apparently.

The American-backed “prime minister” of Kosovo oversaw the butchering of civilians for their organs during this war for “independence” and against “genocide” — among countless other creatively brutal exploits by the U.S.-anointed KLA — but Ann Coulter doesn’t have an opinion on that either.

Of course, “I have no opinion on that” sums up the negligence of the whole of American punditry, and explains why we’ve arrived at this staggering but ignored precipice in history. If even the intelligentsia — both Right and Left — has no opinion on a matter of such grave consequence to the free world, on issues as vital as “the sovereignty of countries with minority populations and the challenges to a basic principle of international law,” what hope is there for the rest of the country?

Busy trying to out-clever one another on the election-oriented petty issue du jour, the commentators haven’t noticed that the bottom has just fallen out from under Western civilization before their very eyes, as the international order is dismantled under their noses.

Once again, as in 2001 when we decided to back Albanian rebels against the Westward-facing, multi-ethnic nation of Macedonia — which took in 400,000 Albanian “refugees” from Kosovo — we see that it’s possible for America to be at war without its public or the public’s “hard-nosed” messengers noticing. Indeed, if our war on behalf of Muslims is against the expendable Slavs. it’s more than possible. It’s applauded.

Never do our “thinkers” stop to ask: Why all the sweating by world powers — foremost by the U.S. — over such a small, seemingly insignificant Balkan province? Why the absolutist approach (e.g. Condi Rice: “Kosovo must be independent”; Nicholas Burns: “Independence is the only solution…”)? After all, everyone seemed to get the joke last June when George W. Bush found his only friend on the planet in Albania. The answer is that the United States of America is being blackmailed in Kosovo. The U.S., bitten by the Balkan bug, today serves as a mafia enforcer for the criminal gang that is Greater Albania. Such is the position we have allowed ourselves to be placed in.

Whether you like her or not, Ann Coulter is considered an informed American. Her “no opinion” on Kosovo speaks volumes about how much the rest of our populace knows or cares about this underappreciated catalyst for the demise of Western values and civilization. I’m reminded of the time I pitched a book project to a conservative imprint at a major publishing house, about the fallout and implications of America’s taking all the wrong sides in the Yugoslav wars. The editor replied, “Try a European publisher. Americans aren’t interested in other countries.”

To succinctly sum up in a way I didn’t manage to in my article about Illinois Republican congressional candidate Steve Greenberg’s attack on Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean for her opposition to Kosovo independence: It’s the same as if Greenberg slammed a liberal Jewish opponent for opposing the Bush administration’s current Israel-devouring course in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Is next: Day Wear

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Is next: Lingerie

You really do need to buy the whole rack!


(Thanks to Nathan Sheets for the find.)

Muslims in Serbia Clash; Church Desecrated

Earlier this month in the “multi-ethnic” Sandzak area of Serbia (i.e. majority Muslim):

Two rival Muslim groups have clashed over the right to hold prayer in a mosque while a Serbian Orthodox Church was desecrated in a separate incident in southwest Serbia.

The Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Serbia, headed by reis Adem Zilkic, charged that rival members of the Islamic Community headed by mufti Muamer Zukorlic stopped Zilkic’s followers of holding prayers at the mosque in the town of Trnava, near Novi Pazar, the biggest town in Sandzak, the mostly Muslim populated region in Serbia.

Zilkic’s Riyasat is close to Belgrade’s authorities while Zukorlic considers Bosnia and Herzegovina as the centre of his Meshihat.

The division of the two communities has led to many clashes in the past.

In the meantime, Zilkic sternly condemned an incident in which unknown perpetrators wrote “vulgar and offensive” graffiti on the wall of the Serb Orthodox Church in Novi Pazar.

“Desecration of any religious object causes discord and, according to the Koran represents a greater sin than murder,” said the statement issued by Zilkic’s Riyasat.

The church of St. Peter in Novi Pazar was built in the 9th century, and is the oldest preserved Serbian place of worship.

Emphasising the good relationship with the Serbian Orthodox Church, the statement said that ‘’those who do not wish well to their own people, especially when it comes to multiethnic territories such as Sandzak, cause this and similar provocations.’’

“Bosniaks and Serbs have been sharing this mutual space for years, living in peace, tolerance and successfully resisting all temptations,” it added.

I’ve written about the Belgrade-loyal Muslims of Serbia before here and here, commenting how well these Muslims (and even the anti-Belgrade Muslim Zukorlic) have admitted to being treated in Serbia.

That’s why it was particularly galling to stumble upon this idiotic February article in JewishWorldReview.com:

By Tom Hundley
In Serbian city, tolerance rules: A visit to an island where Muslims manage to get along with Jews — as well as Croats and Hungarians

Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the city is in SERBIA, as opposed to in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia or Greater Albania. The article begins with the sentence “SUBOTICA, Serbia — Serbia is not a place that has been known for its ethnic tolerance.” That is, if you’re brainwashed.

The piece continues:

Tomislav Nikolic, the candidate of the Serbian Radical Party, which espouses the kind of ultra-nationalism that devoured the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, won the first round of last month’s presidential elections, and many in Europe are concerned about the country’s direction.

Sitting on the faultline of several civilizations, Subotica is a place where Serbs seem quite content to live as an ethnic and linguistic minority, where they don’t feel threatened by sharing space with Hungarians, Croats, Montenegrins, Bunjevcis, Ruthenians and more than a dozen other obscure nationalities that last flourished during the golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Subotica also is the rare place in Europe where the indigenous Muslim community is building a new mosque complete with minaret and dome — and nobody seems to mind.

And where a minuscule Jewish community — about 260 strong — is restoring the city’s monumental synagogue…

“Subotica is a special place,” said Fetis Kurdali, leader of the city’s Muslim community. “I tell people about the good relationship we have with the Jewish community, and they look at me like this cannot be true. But it is true.”

Hungarians, who make up 38 percent of the municipality’s population of 150,000, are the largest ethnic group, followed by Serbs (24 percent) and Croats (11 percent).

For Tatiana Bjelosevic, a Serb, and her partner Admir Delic, a Muslim, Subotica has been a safe haven. Both are refugees from Bosnia.

“This is the only place we could survive,” said Bjelosevic.

The unwillingness of Belgrade politicians to bend on the question of Kosovo has left Serbia on Europe’s doorstep and deeply frustrated most people in Subotica, including many Serbs who say they would trade Kosovo — reluctantly — for a seat at the European Union table.

Kucsera undoubtedly speaks for the majority of his constituents when he says “The EU is our only alternative. The EU is our dream.”

That depends on how much shit you can fit down your throat. Any Serbian citizen who recognizes that he or she has tolerated more than his or her fair share of said shit, here’s an alternate plan, as defined by John Bosnitch, president of the Washington chapter of the Serbian Unity Congress:

The upcoming condition of having to recognize Kosovo in order to join the EU is an obvious certainty. This is proof more than ever that Serbia should never join the EU. We need to come to grips with the reality that Serbia would only ever be allowed to join the EU by begging on its knees and by renouncing its essence. Serbia would then have to turn over its rich resources and even then would only see some little benefits flowing down to it through the intermediaries of Croatia and Slovenia, the two German pseudo-colonies trusted by the EU oligarchs to “handle” Serbia within the EU…

Outside the EU, but bordered by it on all sides, Serbia could be an economic landing pad for the gargantuan Chinese and Indian economies to enter geographic Europe without having to submit to the terms of the German-dominated EU. There is no new “EU-Berlin Wall” that Germany can build high enough to stop the combined productive output of Russian resources and Asian economic support from flooding out of a properly realigned Serbia into surrounding states, leaving Serbia as the sole vibrant economic center in southeast Europe for a hi-tech and high-volume Eastern production base. What Marco Polo did for Italy must be replicated by a coordinated Serbian outreach to the East.

Far too many uninformed Serbs have been brainwashed into looking only to the West and to seeing the West as some kind of paradise on earth…The near-pathological identity crisis that guides EU-centric Serbs and collaborators…is nothing other than an inferiority complex based on materialism and an ignorance of the long history of the limitless energy and independent-mindedness of the Serbian people.

Earlier in the Subotica article the author wrote that many in the EU “are concerned about [Serbia’s] direction.” That would be the same EU that fast-tracked the ethnically-cleansed Croatia which is in the news at least once a week either for Hitler-honoring sugar packets, mainstream Nazi concerts, Pavelic-honoring restaurants and so on. (Croatian leader Ante Pavelic was the far-more-bloodthirsty-than-Hitler exterminator of Serbs and others during WWII.) So after welcoming Croatia (and the equally ethnically pure Slovenia), it’s Serbia that the EU is worried about. Are we getting a picture yet of the nature of this EU? Like I always say, when I first heard that Europe was re-unifying, I gave away all my Star of David pendants, locked the doors, turned out the lights, hid in the attic and started a diary.

So the irony and inversions of an article that raises an eyebrow at a tolerant “side” to Serbia are thick all around, given that here was otherwise “intolerant” Serbia’s adversary during the war that gave this writer the impression that Serbian “nationalism” had something to do with the problems of the 1990s:

Another 200 Jews flee from Sarajevo
Herb Keinon
The Jerusalem Post International Edition, April 25, 1992:

Another group of 200 Jews was airlifted out of war-torn Sarajevo to Belgrade last week, bringing to nearly 380 the number of Jews who have fled the city this month, according to Michael Kleiner, head of the Knesset’s aliya and absorption committee.

Kleiner said the airlift is being organized by the Jewish community in Yugoslavia, a group of Israeli businessmen there, and the Serbian Federal Army, which is helping “as a humanitarian gesture.”

“I met someone who just arrived from Yugoslavia and described for me the nightmare for the Jews in Sarajevo,” Kleiner said. “There are Croat groups terrorizing Jews and Serbs, using tactics the Nazis used,” he said.

According to Kleiner, the Jewish community is planning to get the remaining 900 Jews out of Sarajevo as soon as possible. He said it is much easier to evacuate Serbs, since the Jews are spread throughout the city.

Kleiner called upon Yugoslavia’s 5,500 Jews to leave the country “before it is too late.”

And here, once again, was Croatia at the time — the other major adversary of “nationalist” Serbia in the 90s, from the Nov. 18, 1993 issue of the UK Guardian:

Jewish leaders in Zagreb are calling on the Croatian government to halt attempts to rehabilitate the second world war fascist regime. They warn that the disturbing trend is fuelling ethnic, religious and racial intolerance.

Among the most vocal campaigners for international recognition of Croatia two years ago, Jewish leaders are distressed by “extensive” condonation of the Quisling Ustashe state, which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

The Croatian authorities have tacitly condoned efforts to play down Ustashe atrocities and have exonerated some of the perpetrators.

President Franjo Tudjman set the revisionist ball rolling several years ago with his book Wastelands: Historical Truth, which minimises the number of victims at the Jasenovac death camp[s].

Since then streets, squares and schools dedicated to anti-fascist fighters have been renamed and a monument in memory of 1,500 Jews executed at the Jadovno concentration camp has been demolished.

Recently the Zagreb leadership announced plans to revive the kuna, the currency in circulation during the Ustashe regime.

President Tudjman has proposed that the remains of Croats executed by the partisans should be transferred to Jasenovac. This was the final straw for Croatia’s Jewish community. They stressed, in an unprecedented protest letter to the government, that while many innocent civilians were murdered by the communists, Ustashe were also among those killed.

The prospect of fascists being buried side by side with their victims sickened Croatian Jews.

Jewish community leaders have called on the Zagreb district attorney to file war crimes charges against Ivo Rojnica, a senior Ustashe official who escaped to Argentina after the war and has been appointed ambassador by the Croatian foreign ministry.

“We are asking the government to fulfill its anti-fascist declaration. We will exert pressure and it will not take the form of mere protest letters,” said Srdjan Matic, leader of Zagreb’s Jewish community.

Jewish representatives believe the sanitisation of Croatian brutality in the second world war reflects Mr Tudjman’s effort to reconcile Croats of different political persuasions. On the one hand, they say, he patches over fascist crimes, while on the other he talks about the republic’s contribution to the anti-fascist movement.

The Croatian government, many observers believe, cannot afford to ignore protests from its Jewish community, whose support bolstered the republic’s request for international recognition after it seceded from Yugoslavia.

“Our lobbying gave them moral credibility at a time when they were often depicted as anti-Semitic or neo-fascist,” said Mr Matic, who feels the charges were then largely unfounded.

But if attempts to rehabilitate the Ustashe regime go unchecked, he warns, such accusations may soon have some justification.

So far Jews have been spared the state-sponsored discrimination visited on the Serb minority, but they are keenly aware that no one is immune.

“Revisionism encourages religious, ethnic and racial intolerance. It’s already reached incredible levels,” said Mr Matic, who believes that Croatian independence has been soured by moves to paint over Ustashe crimes.

We are now up to 37 international entities recognizing Kosovo’s independence, out of 192. Following the lead of the great powers and Costa Rica, Number 36 was some dude named Liechtenstein. And just this week Marshall Islands followed Liechtenstein. (Marshall Who?)

Anyway, let’s welcome Mr. Liechtenstein and Mr. Islands to the club. Kosovo and its Uncle Sam must be so proud.

It looks like Saudi Arabia will be next:

Saudi King: We Will Recognize Kosovo

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has promised his country will recognize Kosovo. The King confirmed his stance during a meeting that he held with Albania’s parliament speaker, Jozefina Topalli in Riad.

Saudi Arabia’s number one expressed his support for the cause of Albanians and congratulated the newest country of Europe. Jozefina Topalli gave special thanks to the King for his promise to recognize the Republic of Kosovo, stressing that such a move by the most powerful country of the Arab world would have a great influence on the Islamic Conference, which consists of around 56 countries…

Let’s make a mental note that Albania’s parliament speaker is a woman. This is a good example for Albania to set for its future appendage Kosovo, given the following recent report:

Ahtisaari Kosovo talks criticised for neglecting women

The peace negotiations for Kosovo, led by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, have been criticised for not having any women.

Speaking at a seminar of the Crisis Management Centre in Kuopio on Thursday, British expert Lesley Abdela, who specialises in the position of women in conflicts, noted that half of the population of Kosovo were excluded from the peace negotiations.

Abdela said that women are unlikely ever to be seen in peace talks on the national level, even though a resolution by the UN Security Council requires that women be taken into consideration.

According to the local newspaper Savon Sanomat, Abdela lamented that in peace negotiations it is easier to speak with war criminals and even the mafia than with women.

That’s because the women have their hands full in the male delegates’ brothels.

As a solution, she proposed gender quotas for peace talks.

Of course, it’s a little hard to show up to peace negotiations with two black eyes.

Chelsea stops traffic on gay bar crawl

PHILADELPHIA — Chelsea Clinton stopped traffic Friday night as she wandered the streets of Philadelphia on a gay bar crawl, winning rave reviews for both her politics and her appearance.

Led around the neighborhood by Gov. Ed Rendell, Chelsea was mobbed by local gays and lesbians, as she walked from one club to the next. They ran up to hug her, posed for pictures and certainly invaded her personal space.

“I grabbed her ass,” one young woman exclaimed to her friends after snapping a picture with her arm around the former first daughter.

“Chelsea, the gays love you!” one fan exclaimed, as she took the microphone at Bump, a restaurant and bar that was her first stop. “Oh, gosh, I don’t know if everybody loves me,” she responded.

Most of those at the bar seemed to, squeezing past one another in the cramped space to get a photo. Even some patrons, donning Obama stickers — a rally for the Illinois senator had taken place a few blocks away earlier in the evening — tried to get a snapshot as well.

In all, she visited four bars in Center City, concluding her tour at Woody’s, the city’s most famous gay bar. Getting from one event to another proved difficult at times, as she was constantly stopped by admirers while walking down the sidewalk. She reached into car windows to shake hands and was followed by several young women who tried to pose for photos on their camera phone, but seemed incapable of properly saving the pictures.

While she acknowledged she often is asked who her mother will choose as a running mate, this crowd had other questions, with one man asking what Hillary would wear on inauguration day…

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