July 2008

UN official tells court of Gotovina death threat (July 21)

THE HAGUE — The killing and looting of Serb property after Croatia’s Op Storm was organized, a former UN spokesman says.

Alun Roberts on Monday testified at the Hague Tribunal trial of three former Croatian generals, Ante Gotovina, Ivan Čermak and Mladen Markač, indicted for war crimes committed against ethnic Serbs during and after Croatian Army’s 1995 Operation Storm.

Roberts accused Croatian military forces of shelling Knin and crimes committed in the vicinity of that town after the operation, and said that 200 civilian facilities were damaged in the shelling of August 4 and 5, 1995, “which had not been limited to the locations used by the self-proclaimed local military and civilian Serb authorities”.

He said that Croatian authorities, specifically General Čermak, had limited the movement of UN members to the center of Knin “in order to conceal the extent of the shelling”.

Roberts said he had seen wide-scale torching, looting and killing of civilians, most frequently elderly people, during a tour of UN’s Sector South. The witness added that UN members “always saw Croatian Army and Special Police members in the torched villages”.

For this reason, he concluded that there was a tendency of ethnic cleansing, rather than isolated incidents and individual crimes.

In Grubori, six villagers who survived told Roberts that some members of their families had been burned alive in their houses, and then took him to the locations where he took photographs of some of the victims.

The former UN official concluded that they had been shot point blank and that one elderly man was killed in his bed.

Roberts also testified that Gotovina had threatened to kill him, accusing him of “protecting Serb war criminals hidden among the civilians”.

Oh, the Croatian forces also drove tanks over the bodies of the people they killed.

In supplement to today’s article in WorldNetDaily.com “President Obama: The Death of Comedy?” — responding to late-night comedy writers saying that the “too perfect” Obama gives us nothing to laugh at — reader David B. says: “One question I would like to ask the ‘late night’ geniuses: Explain how bowling a 37 is not funny.”

Here is what any Jew who supports Obama should call him/herself:

“Oh Bomb a Jew”

This goes along with the collective female swooning over the likes of Leonarado Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom:

Shimon Peres Aide Thinks Obama is a ‘Hunk!’

On Wednesday night’s Hardball, NBC News reporter Martin Fletcher revealed the quote that “went rushing around the media” in Israel…When asked by MSNBC host Chris Matthews, on the July 23 Hardball, to give his assessment of the media coverage given to Obama in Israel, Fletcher dropped the following nugget:

MARTIN FLETCHER, NBC NEWS: …[H]e’s been seen here really as much as, as, a rock star, as a leader. And people are surprised. By the way when he visited the president, Shimon Peres’ office today, one of Peres’ female assistants came out and said in Hebrew, “Hey what a hunk!”


I’m sorry to point out Obama’s lack of masculinity — which partly accounts for why he won’t be getting much of the Hispanic vote . (Latinos are prejudice against blacks and “maricons”, which is what that community is gossiping that Obama is.) (See also “Latino Immigrants Come to the U.S. with Negative Stereotypes of Black Americans” and “Longtime prejudices, not economic rivalry, fuel tensions.”)

But truly, and despite the staged female fainting at rallies, the man doesn’t exactly exude masculinity. (Messiahs are generally on the asexual side anyway.) In fact I think those two Obama daughters are Bill Clinton’s children. As civil rights activist Andrew Young pointed out, Bill Clinton has slept with more black women than Obama has, but we didn’t know that included Obama’s wife. Meanwhile, if Larry Sinclair is to be believed, Obama has been with more white men than Hillary Clinton has. But no big deal — we’ve had same-sex marriage in the White House before: the Clintons and the Roosevelts. (You really think it was for advice that Hillary was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt in the middle of the night?)

Chris Matthews, meanwhile, has been known to have “man crushes” — particularly on Bill Clinton — and now he’s got one on Barack Obama: Matthews — Obama Speech Caused ‘Thrill Going Up My Leg’

Anyway, Obama may not exude masculinity, but his wife does. She actually reminds me of Hillary. Why did the Obamas have only two kids? Because Michelle Obama got a vasectomy.

I first noticed the way she moves and talks when I watched the famous video of her saying she’s never been proud of her country until now (that is, until she stood a chance of becoming first lady). If you check out her build and posture, you’ll get a distinct high school volleyball player vibe — and with those chicks there’s a 50-50 chance that they play for the same team.

Finally, if the Israeli aide is working for Shimon Peres, she’s a lefty. And lefty women like emasculated men — indeed, they’re the ones who emasculated the men — so naturally the Michelle-beaten Barack Obama would seem like a hunk to this chick.

From the AP:

The Secret Service has asked for an extra $9.5 million to cover unexpected costs of protecting the presidential candidates during what has turned into an historic year for the agency’s campaign security job.

Presidential candidates are traveling overseas with Secret Service protection more than ever before.

The 2008 presidential campaign cycle is the longest in Secret Service history by about five months. The Secret Service budgeted $106.65 million for the 2008 campaign cycle, compared to $73.3 million in 2004.

Naturally: The more useless the candidates, the more expensive they are.

This month I had a piece titled “Islamic Virginity Restoration,” about Muslim women in the West having their hymens sewn back into place so they can marry Muslim men (yes, you need a hymen to marry an asshole). Well, a few days later, thanks to my pal and source Melana, I stumbled across a 2002 article in The Scotsman newspaper. Turns out that in yet another of the countless similarities between the violent and backward Albanian culture and the violent and backward Islamic “religion,” the practice of honor killing persists in Kosovo villages (as it does in Albania and Macedonia and elsewhere that Albanians have enclaves). As Melana wrote me, “It appears that that Muslim non-virgin brides in other regions fare better than their Albanian cousins; they are only sent back to their families. In Albania, the bride’s family presents the groom with a bullet on their wedding day — if she is not a virgin or is disobedient, he is free to use it on her, with her parents’ permission.”

Medieval murder marks tragedy of Kosovo (The Scotsman, August 26, 2002)

HAXJERE Sahiti was married on a Sunday, murdered on a Monday, and buried in the woods the same afternoon. Married life lasted less than 12 hours for her. It ended with the 20-year-old Kosovar Albanian woman lying dead on her family’s living room carpet, with seven pistol bullets fired into her torso.

The killer was her elder brother, Ismet. The murder was witnessed by her mother and brother. Her crime was supposedly not being a virgin on her wedding night, thus bringing the honour of her family into disrepute.

Under an Albanian traditional law dating from the 15th century, laid out in a massive tome known as the Kanun of Leke Dukagjini, a husband may return his bride to her family if he should discover that “she is not as she should be” on her wedding night.

Alternatively, he may kill her himself, sometimes with a bullet traditionally given to him at the wedding by the bride’s father, just in case.

In 21st century Kosovo such practices are in conflict with the modern democratic systems being introduced by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the United Nations, who have administered the province since 1999.

The Kanun of Leke, which is known as the “code”, says that if a woman is not a virgin on her wedding night, her husband may “cut her hair braids” and return her to her family. Any bride whose hair has been cut, says the code, may then be legitimately shot.

That is not how the United Nations Police Force in Kosovo sees it. Ismet Sahiti, who murdered his own sister in front of his mother and brother, and then tried to cover up the evidence by burying his sister in the woods, recently began serving a five-year sentence at a UN prison in western Kosovo.

A number of other related “honour-killings” are being investigated by UN police, as the province’s international administration tries to drag the socio-economics of the crime-sodden aspirant statelet out of the traditional absolutism of the 15th century and into the liberal democracy of the 21st.

The UN police post-morten examination carried out on the body of Haxjere showed that she had been indeed a virgin when she died, and that her brutish Albanian husband, Skender, to whom she had been wedded in an arranged marriage, didn’t know any better.

Haxjere was a pretty Kosovar Albanian girl from the tiny farming community of Velika Goden, a beautiful hillside village set half-way up a mountain near Kosovo’s border with Macedonia.

The mound of stones and red earth that now make up her grave lie in a tiny cemetery on the fringes of an oak forest overlooking the village. The view is one of bucolic splendour. The air smells of wild thyme.

On Sunday, 7 October last year, Haxjere was picked up from her family home by her new husband, Skender Rrahimi, a 30-year-old man from the village of Zegra, which lies across the mountain.

Mr Rrahimi, described by the Kosovo Police Service officer who interviewed him as “really stupid”, decided after a few hours in Haxjere’s company that she was not a virgin.

Telling her that her mother was really sick and needed her at home, Mr Rrahimi delivered the terrified Haxjere back to her family house, despite her pleadings that she would stay with him and be a dutiful wife.

At 3am on the Monday morning, Haxjere was dumped at home. Her mother was woken by the noise, as was her eldest son Ismet, a short-tempered and traumatised former guerrilla fighter from the Kosovo Liberation Army. “Haxjere was saying, I’ve betrayed you, I can never look you in the eyes, you know this is not true,” says her mother, sitting crying last week under a row of damson trees in the family garden.

Versions of subsequent events then differ.

Haxjere’s mother says that the irascible Ismet rushed into the kitchen, picked up a pistol and shot his sister in horror at the shame she had bought on the family, after which her mother says she passed out, conveniently not remembering anything for most of the following week.

David Peace, an experienced American criminal investigator from Louisville, Kentucky, working for the United Nations police in the town of Gnjilane told The Scotsman at the weekend that things happened differently. “By the time we were called in, Haxjere was already buried. At first we were told that she had drunk poison, then that she had been really sick and died. We spoke to her brother Ismet, the head of the household. He said that she had shot herself.”

Haxjere’s body was exhumed. There were eight 7.65mm bullet holes in it. Her bloodstained clothes were still in the house. It was clearly not suicide. Ismet then confessed to the crime, although Mr Peace estimates that the entire family was involved in the killing and that Haxjere’s mother and brother were almost certainly in the living room watching it happen.

“He was a very polite boy,” his mother says about Ismet.

“But after the fighting in Croatia and Kosovo he was not the same. Now he is in prison and I don’t have the money to visit him.”

“What happened was meant to be, it was ordained,” says Haxjere’s other brother, Ahmet, 20, sitting next to his mother on the grass. He says the family feels that their honour in the village has been redeemed.

“I can look the village in the eye,” says his mother “and I’m more worried about my son than my daughter.”

So we’re not just talking about a bad apple here, folks. We’re talking about an entire village. We’re talking about the Albanian way. In the developed world, learning to not hang your head in shame in public when people expect you to–overcoming that–is called character growth. In Kosovo, you can avoid it by putting a bullet in your sister’s or daughter’s head. And what was this “traumatised former guerrilla fighter from the Kosovo Liberation Army” so traumatized about? All the Serbs he killed before killing his sister?

Meanwhile, note the mother’s Muslim-similar priorities: “I’m more worried about my son than my daughter.” Also note that the mother referenced that her killer son just wasn’t the same after “the fighting in Croatia and Kosovo”. In other words, her KLA kid was among the 5,000 Albanians who went off and volunteered for the Croatian army to get an early start on the Serb-killing bonanza.

More on the non-Islamic Albanian honor killings:

Mentioned here:

It seems strange that in the 21st Century people are still living by 500-year-old rules. At modern-day weddings, the groom is given a bullet from his bride’s family. The tradition is straightforward. If his wife cheats on him, then he doesn’t need to waste time looking for a bullet.

From High Beam:

Marriages in Albania are socially and legally restricted to heterosexual couples. They often are arranged at an early age in the countryside, traditionally by the parents of the groom with the help of a matchmaker rather than by the couple. Remaining unmarried is looked on as a great misfortune. ….. In zones such as Mirditë and the northern mountains, the father, brother, or another male relative of the bride still presents the groom with a bullet wrapped in straw. The new husband is thus free to kill his wife with the approval of her family if she proves to be disobedient…Traditionally, weddings take place during the full moon to ensure offspring. [More moon worshippers.]

From the NY Times, 1997:

In male-dominated Albania, a dowry is not a sign of wealth but rather a sign of servitude. Until recently, the bride’s parents put a bullet inside the dowry box to show that if their daughter was not dutiful, the husband could shoot her. Bullets are no longer de rigueur, but the attitude prevails.

The Pecan Abroad: Missionary Trips to Kosova & Albania

Another quaint little custom is for the father of the bride to give the groom a handful of bullets on the day of the wedding. That’s the groom’s assurance that he is marrying a virgin. The implicit message is that if he discovers that his wife is not a virgin, he has the father’s permission to shoot her. It is no longer a common wedding gift in the cities, but can still be found in the villages.

Hijacker returned to Croatia after US jail term

ZAGREB, CROATIA (AP) - A man who served 32 years in a U.S. prison for hijacking a plane and planting a bomb that killed a policeman returned home to Croatia on Thursday after being paroled.

Zvonko Busic, 62, was welcomed at the airport by several hundred supporters, who consider him a national hero who fought for Croatia’s independence from communist Yugoslavia long before it was achieved in 1991.

Busic led a group that hijacked a TWA jetliner in 1976 as it left New York’s LaGuardia Airport. They forced the plane to fly to Montreal, London and Paris, planning to drop leaflets to draw attention to communist repression of national and religious beliefs.

Police finally shot out the plane’s tires and persuaded the five — who were not armed — to surrender. But a bomb they stashed in a locker at New York’s Grand Central Terminal exploded when police tried to defuse it, killing one officer and blinding another.

Busic was convicted in 1977 of air piracy and sentenced to life in prison, but he was granted parole earlier this month. His associates had been freed earlier.

As a condition of his parole, Busic was deported to Croatia and barred from returning to the United States.
New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly had called Busic’s parole “outrageous.”

Arriving at Zagreb airport, Busic told the gathered crowd that it was “the happiest day” in his life “to return to my free homeland.”

His supporters, many waving Croatian flags and singing patriotic songs, also were delighted.

“He has paid for what he did,” said Branimir Pajdic, a 43-year-old music teacher. “He used radical means for the just cause, but those were radical times.”

Drazen Budisa, a former politician who spoke for the Busic family, said Busic “regretted his act.”

The Croatian independence movement was about the Croatians getting their Hitler-bestowed Nazi state back, and they succeeded masterfully, as Croatians were able to enshroud their agenda in an anti-Communist context, just as the Bosnians and Albanians did subsequently. All received American support — morally, officially, financially, militarily — against the Serbs.

It should be noted that — unlike Serbs — Croatians, Bosnians and Albanians have all committed terrorist acts against America, and every one of them duly received, and continues to receive, American support against the Serbs. It sends a very clear message about how to get America to take your side and do your bidding.

Here is a useful log of Croatian terrorism against the U.S. in the 1970s, compiled by Andy Wilcoxson, an analyst of the Milosevic trial.

Today Croatia is the Balkans’ frontrunner for EU membership and this month got the green light for NATO admission.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been taking a lot of heat for their latest public service announcement, in which the following dialogue occurs between a set of parents and their teenage daughter:

Dad: Honey, we need to talk. It’s about sex. We think you should be having it.

Mom: A lot of it.

Dad: Yeah, get out there and nail everything you can.

Mom: If it’s got a pulse, you should be wrapped around it.

Daughter: But what if I get pregnant?

Dad: So what — you should pop out all the kids you want. We can leave ‘em in the shelter, dump them in the street — whatever.

Mom: It’s really not important.

(Writing appears: “Parents shouldn’t act this way. Neither should people with dogs and cats.”)

Dad: I’m really glad we had this litte talk.

Mom: My little girl is gonna get some.

(Closing writing: “Always spay or neuter.”)

This commercial is right on. Everyone, and conservatives in particular, seems to be upset by it because of the sarcastic encouragement (read: opposite of encouragement) of teen pregnancy and promiscuity. But the message is clear and cleverly delivered — and, like, hell-o-o: as if teenagers don’t get sarcasm.

One reason I was happy to see someone do this kind of commercial is that the cause of New York’s abandoned/neglected/abused/overpopulated animal problem, in a word, is the Bronx. After adopting a second dog that had been abandoned in the Bronx — and when a stray dog hails from the Bronx it’s NEVER neutered — I muttered to myself, “The people who live in that cesspool manage their dogs’ reproductive habits the way they manage their own: a free-for-all.”

So it’s refreshing to see a commercial that makes the same connection. Given that so far, nothing else has hit home about the importance of spaying or neutering animals, maybe this will penetrate the human conscience a little more than previous attempts.

People who are worried about an increase in teenage promiscuity resulting from the commercial should put together a creative public service announcement of their own. If they need ideas, here’s a premise they can use: more and more young people are getting into the habit of semi-strangulation of one partner by another during sex, in an attempt to heighten sensation. That is, they’re trying to make sex more exciting. Which just proves what I’ve been saying (to comedy audiences and my husband): sex is boring.

If sex needs to be made more exciting, it’s obviously not that exciting. And if teenagers are already bored by sex, this is a great opportunity for the pro-abstinence program to seize on. The message should be: Forget sex. Have some cake instead. It almost never disappoints.

Thanks to our enlightened promiscuity-mongers, it increasingly looks that by high school graduation most young people will be completely over sex.

Several teens (and adults) have died from trying to make sex more exciting — whether by choking or other dangerous innovations — and yet the promiscuity-mongers fault conservatives for scaring kids into thinking that if they have sex, they’ll die from AIDS or other STDs. Well thanks to liberal sexual indoctrination, the kids aren’t even giving STDs a chance.

So, conservatives, stop being jealous of PETA’s brilliance — and get busy cultivating your own. Here’s a new slogan: SEX: Even when it’s good, it’s still pretty annoying.

Two Serb policemen beaten up in Suvi Do

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, July 17 (Tanjug) - Members of the Kosovo Police Service of Serb nationality Mirko Jokanovic (25) and Milenko Aksentijevic (37) from Socanica were brutally beaten up in the Albanian part of Suvi Do, near Kosovska Mitrovica.

While carrying out a routine control at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, the patrol waved a van to stop but it failed to pull over. The policemen followed it in pursuit, commander of the northern police station in Kosovska Mitrovica Milija Milosevic told Tanjug.

During the chase, another civilian vehicle blocked the road near the bridge and brought the police vehicle to a stop, while passengers of the van and a bus that happened to be there got out and stoned the Serb policemen, said Milosevic, adding that the police vehicles was damaged during the assault.

Suvi Do, which is two kilometers far from Kosovska Mitrovica, is populated by both Serbs and Albanians and some 40 Serb families are surrounded by Albanians.

From Yahoo! News on Thursday:

Japanese and Mongolian scientists have successfully recovered the complete skeleton of a 70-million-year-old young dinosaur, a nature museum announced Thursday.

And here is President Bush meeting with the prehistoric creature:

After all, dinosaurs are what oil comes from.

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