November 2008

Obama won the election, and African-Americans across the country are cheering, jumping, and crying tears of joy. They haven’t been this happy since O.J. got acquitted.

Barack Obama’s Kenyan family has announced that when Obama wins, they will sacrifice bulls, chickens and goats to honor the victory.

And we thought Jimmy Carter had some embarrassing relatives.

Many Americans were properly aghast at the Islamic Day Parade that marched through Manhattan and was videotaped earlier this month by Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller. One of the funnier moments was an altercation between a Muslim (clearly a convert, as he was an accentless white American), and a Jewish woman. Feeling that security was taking the woman’s side, he asked something to the effect of: “Why are you taking her side? Because she’s white and I’m Muslim?” Apparently, some people still think Islam is a race, and that by converting, one can change one’s race to something trendier.

Here is an account of the day by fair feminist Phyllis Chesler — an increasingly conservative-friendly Democrat who is increasingly freaked out by jihad and her liberal friends’ non-response to it:

An Ill Wind: Manhattan’s Muslim Day Parade Plus Much More

On my way to Penn Station on Friday afternoon, (on West 29th St. to be precise), there seemed to be some kind of demonstration going on. When we got closer we saw that it was a large Islamic prayer service which had spilled out onto the sidewalk and into the gutter. It was mainly a mass of prostrated men but women in hijab walked nearby. The driver, a silver-haired man of Greek and Bulgarian background, launched into a non-stop monologue.

“I wouldn’t mind it if they came here to become Americans like I did. But no, they hate America. They want to stay the way they are but they want to take over America. You ought to see it in Astoria, Queens! Far bigger than this. You know why they’re on the sidewalk and in the street? Because they are really protesting not having larger and larger mosques.”

Well, their prayer service, (and it was that), did somehow seem like a protest. There was an aggressive rather than a humbled feeling in the air, more anger than love, a separatism but one right in-your-face.

Upon my return, several brave members of the LiberalHawks listserv group, including Pamela Hall, Tom Dolan, (of Gathering Eagles), Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs, and others from the United American Committee were discussing the Muslim Day Parade. I watched a very disturbing Video and read personal accounts of what happened at yesterday’s parade. Unlike the Hispanic Day Parade, which also took place yesterday, the Muslim Day parade was aggressive, angry, confrontational, and did not seem very happy or joyful. No one was celebrating Islam’s many cultures and ethnicities. One sign read “Home of the Free Shari’a Movement.”

A number of super-angry bearded men tried to charge a small group of women who were holding signs which read “We Will Not Submit.” The men called one woman: “A fu–ing bitch,” “You whore,” “Your Talmud says you can rape a three year old,” “You baby murderer,” “The Jews kill little children,” “Rothschild was a Zionist,” (!). The background was a continuous roar of “Allahu-Akbar.”

One woman, (who prefers to remain anonymous), a member of the LiberalHawks listserv group, was threatened by a Muslim man. He threatened to “rape her fifty times.” He, and several other men, walked right through the barrier that had been erected to separate the two groups. Muslim parade marchers also photographed the protesters — a method of intimidation, a threat that they are being watched and might be stalked or worse. The police ended up having to protect the small band of protesters. In my time, it was the police who photographed the demonstrators, the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators did not photograph each other (unless they were FBI or CIA agents disguised as demonstrators or protesters).

Perhaps perfectly peaceful Muslims are paranoid about not being allowed to pray in the public square and are therefore aggressive about it. Perhaps their leaders want to claim public, secular space as Islamist religious space — just as they’ve enjoyed it in the Old Country. Perhaps Muslims who really want to pray have only seen Muslims marching in anger or even rioting in public and believe that this is what Muslims “do.”

This is an ill wind and it’s blowin’ right here in Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens. The March for McCain on Manhattan’s upper west side elicited a solid, ugly wall of hoots, jeers, boos and rage. (Kudos to Pamela Hall who took the footage). When I asked some liberal friends of mine to view it, they were non-plussed. Indeed, they said that the hoots and jeers were proof of a flourishing First Amendment. “The marchers can march and we can express our views of their views.”

When I and others had to be protected by police officers when we spoke on campus about Islamic gender and religious apartheid and about Islamic imperialism and pro-slavery views, many of the students looked and acted a lot like the upper westsiders — but that too was defended as the First Amendment in action. I have been a radical feminist for most of my life and have always voted Democratic. I voted for Bush once and reaped the whirlwind. However, I have not seen conservative students boo, jeer, and move menacingly against speakers who opposed the military, the War, etc. Have you? They just seem to wear their bow-ties and behave in civilized ways. Why? (Needless to say, I do not agree with many items on the conservative and Republican agenda but I do appreciate their civility in these times).

The Muslim Day parade in Manhattan seems to be another example of the First Amendment and freedom of religion being used to censor other views in an ugly and threatening way.

I am afraid for our country. There seems to be an escalation, an acceleration of Islamist aggression in many of our cities, and not just via prayer-protest but also via lawsuit. Even now, the United Nations is preparing a truly racist document against the Jews, (Durban II), and yet it’s being promoted as an “anti-racist’ document. Why is the mainstream media so silent about all this? Why are the intelligentsia silent, why do they once again make common cause with totalitarians and fascists? What will it take to connect the dots?

Chesler deserves credit for the honest intellectual road she has traveled, including recognizing the lack of civility that her fellow Democrats show conservatives. She also deserves credit for trying to find her way through the Balkan morass after initially penning — like everyone else — a piece repeating the ubiquitous Bosnian propaganda upon Radovan Karadzic’s arrest (I couldn’t stomach the read, but here is the link).

Of course, as readers of this blog know, the Balkans is where it all started just as Chesler describes it starting in Manhattan above. Here is a snapshot of the Balkan trajectory — something that we helped put multi-ethnic Yugoslavia, and particularly the Serbs, through — and for which we now reap the whirlwind. From libertarian writer Nebojsa Malic’s “The Harsh Constant“:

Many years ago, Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andric wrote about a peculiarity of Sarajevo; none of the bell towers in the Old City tolled at the same time. However slight, there would always be a lag between the chimes of the Catholic cathedral, the Orthodox basilica, and the Turkish clock tower that rises alongside the grand mosque. Andric saw that as a metaphor for Bosnia, in which differing communities lived not together, but alongside each other, and uneasily. Hatred, he wrote, was the only constant in this turbulent land.

This is a far cry from the myth forged in the West during the brutal 1992-95 civil war that ravaged Bosnia, that of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, harmonious paradise destroyed by outside aggression. Some places, like Sarajevo, were mini-oases of tolerance that lasted long enough – four decades of Communist rule – for a generation to grow up believing that “brotherhood and unity” was the normal state of affairs. For the vast majority of Bosnia’s inhabitants, however, Andric’s prophetic analysis remained true.

It has been five years since the death of Alija Izetbegovic, Islamic revolutionary and wartime leader of Bosnian Muslims…the Muslim seat in the country’s three-member Presidency is in the hands of Haris Silajdzic, Izetbegovic’s wartime Foreign Minister.

The perpetually scowling Silajdzic has always had a one-track mind. This went a long way in making him popular in the West, where the strength of one’s convictions is more important than the actual facts presented…Silajdzic…pleaded for the abolition of the Serb Republic and wallowed in the most preposterous, debunked wartime propaganda such as “200,000 killed and 50,000 raped.” Shame, however, is a foreign concept to Silajdzic, and apparently to his followers as well.

Last [month], Wahhabi fanatics rioted in front of the Arts Academy in Sarajevo, where an exhibit of photographs was part of a low-key “Queer Festival.” Photographing the people entering and leaving the building, the Wahhabis then ambushed them in the surrounding streets, beating up several visitors, organizers and journalists. The festival was called off.

In a statement, Silajdzic’s party excused the Wahhabi fanatics, calling the festival a “provocation” and pointing out it was scheduled during Ramadan. They were not alone: at a prayer celebrating the end of Ramadan, one Sarajevo imam told the 5,000 faithful that the festival was an insult and an “attack on the Muslim family.”

And yet, the festival organizers did their best not to provoke. What they tried to do was not a pride parade down the main street, but rather an exhibit of photographs and a showing of short films. None of that mattered, and neither did the scheduling; in the eyes of the Wahhabis, and apparently Muslim clerics and politicians in general, there is never a good time for such a festival, and no good place. By attacking the festival, the Wahhabis were asserting the right to physically put down anyone they disagree with…As one Muslim journalist put it in a TV appearance following the Wahhabi attack, “This isn’t reminiscent of Kristallnacht – it’s exactly the same.”

Having demonstrated what they mean by “tolerance,” Silajdzic’s followers decided to prove their stupidity as well. On September 27, newspapers carried a statement from the party condemning Daniel Serwer of the U.S. Institute of Peace as a “Greater Serbian propagandist.”

Serwer’s “crime” was giving an interview to a Bosnian Serb daily, in which he allegedly said that the Muslims opposed the census because it would show they were no longer the majority. This latter part could be speculation, but it’s absolutely true that the Muslims have opposed a new census for years (there hasn’t been one since 1991).

Criticizing Serwer’s statement is one thing, but Silajdzic’s party did not do that. Instead, they attacked Serwer himself, as a “peddler of Greater Serbian propaganda since 1992″ and “mercenary of Karadzic.” Yet it is hard to find an American official who has more consistently championed the cause of Bosnian Muslims, or Montenegrin and Albanian separatists, over the past decade.

Serwer isn’t the first foreign official to be denounced by Muslims even though he’s been their steadfast supporter; anyone who ever questioned the Official Truth in any way has faced such hyperbolic vitriol, without regard to their contributions to the Muslim cause. Even so, many American policymakers continue to believe that helping the Balkans Muslims would ingratiate them with the Islamic world, so perhaps the Muslim nationalists aren’t the real fools here.

September this year coincided with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when the faithful are supposed to show their piety by abstaining from any food or water during the day…Though there are no official figures, Sarajevo is now thought to be more than 90% Muslim. Except early morning and after sunset, when tens of thousands of the faithful flocked to the city’s numerous mosques, the city was empty and silent. Traffic was sparse, and most businesses, shops and eateries were shut.

The evening prior was Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the year 5769 by Hebrew reckoning. A handful of Sarajevo’s remaining Jews gathered in the Sephardic synagogue to mark the occasion. Were it not reported on public television, hardly anyone would have noticed.

Once upon a time, the Jews – who had settled in Bosnia following their expulsion from Spain – numbered in the tens of thousands, and owned more than half the shops and buildings in old Sarajevo. They were almost wiped out in WW2, when Bosnia was part of the Nazi-allied state of Croatia. Most of the remaining Jews left for Israel in 1992, and less than a thousand altogether remain in Bosnia now.

Celebrity journalists, agitators and professional victims can talk about their multi-ethnic myths all they want. Sarajevo is simply not the city it once was. Serbs, Croats, Jews – there aren’t enough of them to fill a single church or synagogue, while even the host of mosques built after the war in every neighborhood aren’t enough to hold the Muslim faithful on a major holiday. […]

Poetically, among the national flags being waved by the marching Muslims in the video is an Albanian one. It appears at the 7:25-minute mark in the video and is visible continuously from that point. A man with “Bosnian and Herzegovina Islamic Center of New York” on his T-shirt also shows his Muslim solidarity. Followed by a young man with a Bosnia-Herzegovina scarf around his neck and a teenager in a Bosnia-Herzegovina T-shirt behind him.

So now it is our turn. As we experience the takeover by Muslims generally, we should take note that it will be assisted by those whom we helped thrust upon the Serbs.

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