March 2009

Bored with raiding only Muslim Nazis, and to make Muslims feel better, Germany Raids Over 200 Suspected Neo-Nazi Premises. From Reuters:

German police have launched a nationwide search of more than 200 homes and businesses of people suspected of belonging to the country’s extreme right, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said Wednesday.

The BKA said last year that neo-Nazis appeared to have shifted their tactics and stepped up violent attacks. Government figures show anti-Semitic crimes rose at the end of last year. […]

Less worrisome, apparently, is German police forcefully removing a Jewish flag from a private resident’s window, at the Muslims’ command.

Related point: I’ve always said that if someone believes in affirmative action, he or she should equally support ethnic/racial profiling. And after all, what is so wrong with ethnic profiling? What happened to celebrating our diversity? We pay all this lip service to our diversity, but as soon as there’s a practical application, we block it out: “Diversity? What diversity? There’s no diversity here! We’re all the same. People are people!”

Why are we ignoring our diversity? It’s a beautiful thing. God made it just a little easier to catch criminals and terrorists. And we give it a bad name.

So it was written, and so it came to pass. In 1999, a law professor named Mark Almond was published in National Review magazine, which was otherwise among the many — for some reason — conflicted conservative publications when it came to Clinton’s “war”. I only came across this piece recently and have highlighted some of Almond’s revelations and stunningly accurate predictions. If they can be called that, given that even the word “predictability” fails when it comes to Kosovo, a failure almost by design.

Disregard the professor’s common mistake in the sentence referring to “Serb nationalism” which he, like everyone else, seems to think had something to do with the Balkan wars. (Milosevic was the opposite of a nationalist — he was a socialist; hence his efforts to keep Yugoslavia together. You know — the “brotherhood and unity” mumbo jumbo versus deadly Croatian, Albanian and Bosnian hyper-nationalism, racism, supremacy and separatism.)

Our Gang - Kosovo Liberation Army
National Review , July 26, 1999 by Mark Almond

The trouble with the KLA.

Mr. Almond is a lecturer in modern history at Oriel College, Oxford.

Slobodan Milosevic’s forces have retreated from the smoldering ruins of Kosovo. But the replacement for Belgrade’s brutal [sic] misrule [sic] has not been a NATO- led force imposing Western standards of democracy and human rights — the ideals proclaimed by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair during the war. Deployment of the full contingent of NATO peacekeepers has been painfully slow. And the U.N.-sponsored police force for the province is even more notional. Instead, the force on the ground is the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The KLA is the big winner in NATO’s war against Milosevic; its leaders are now determined not to lose the peace. Even as NATO troops moved into Kosovo, the KLA was rushing its forces ahead of them to seize the political initiative. KLA representatives have occupied the administrative posts vacated by Serb officials, and also filled the positions that might have been taken by the forces of local Albanian rivals like the pacifist Ibrahim Rugova, sidelined by the war.

A motley group of cheerleaders from State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin to the Wall Street Journal’s editorial writers has endorsed the KLA and especially its youthful self-proclaimed prime minister, Hashim Thaci, as the way forward for Kosovo. There can be little doubt that Thaci intends to lead Kosovo in the future and has a very good chance of doing so. Whether the West should rejoice at the prospect is another question.

The KLA’s propaganda presents the group as emerging in response to Serb repression in the mid 1990s. In fact, its roots lie in an anti-Yugoslav movement created in the early 1980s by the Stalinist-nationalist regime of Enver Hoxha in neighboring Albania. Thaci’s uncle was an activist in this self-declared Marxist-Leninist liberation movement. It was quickly neutralized by the Yugoslav secret police, which then still had many Albanian-speaking officers loyal to the Titoite regime. Indeed, part of the folly of the Serb nationalism [sic] sponsored by Milosevic [sic] is that it helped to unite the Kosovo Albanians against Belgrade.

Some commentators who acknowledge the Communist roots of the KLA argue that the West need not worry about such ideological hangovers in a post-Cold War world.

True, the economic absurdities of Marxism may no longer figure on the KLA’s agenda for the future of Kosovo, but a different sort of economics obtains.

The KLA has been widely accused by West European police forces of involvement in drug-running as a way of funding its armed struggle. One reason that the Czech Republic, one of NATO’s new members, was so unenthusiastic about the allied cause was the exposure in the Czech press at the beginning of the war of a drug-running ring in Prague linked to the KLA.

Of course, banditry and national liberation have gone hand in hand on all sides in the Balkans for as long as anyone can remember — and elsewhere as well. Those who romanticize the KLA as selfless freedom fighters and bristle at any suggestion that the group funds itself out of racketeering are as naive as fundraisers for Noraid who think that the IRA hasn’t supplemented its income over the years through bank robberies and protection money.

What has changed recently is that, from Colombia to Kosovo, Marxist guerrilla groups have accepted the transition from Maoism to the market. Unfortunately, their preferred product is light, white powder that is easy to ship and very healthy for the cash flow. Even the rivalries between different emigre national- liberation movements that share the same core beliefs can be explained by their competition for the profits from Europe’s black-market economy.

For instance, surely the Kurdish PKK-an ethnic group waging its own struggle for liberation in Turkey-would have backed the KLA? But PKK sympathizers were among the most vocal critics of the NATO war. It was not just Ankara’s pro-NATO, anti-Serb line that shifted the PKK against the KLA, it was a turf war between the KLA’s fundraisers in Western Europe and the PKK’s. In the last few years, Kosovar and Kurdish mafiosi have been fighting to control the drug and prostitution rackets of many big West European cities.

After the mayhem in Kosovo, to expect the region to pick up the pieces and return to normal is naive. But what was normality there in any case? As in a dozen other places across the post-Communist world, even with the best will in the world, Kosovo’s new rulers are beginning with a legacy of mismanagement and repression.

Take Chechnya as a possible model for Kosovo’s future. Just like the rebellious Russian province, Kosovo looks set to exist in an international limbo run by warlords. Neither truly a part of Russia nor yet independent, Chechnya finds itself in a halfway status that suits the sort of people who — for all their nationalistic rhetoric — find a legal Never-Never Land very congenial for their type of business. Kosovo too stands at the crossroads of drug — and people — smuggling from the Middle East to Europe.

Albania itself is another template for Kosovo’s future. It is an example of a lawless “state,” and many Kosovar refugees experienced it firsthand during the crisis. The refugees were not always received with solidarity and generosity.

The local Albanian mafia battened on them, demanding protection money or trying to recruit destitute girls for their prostitution rackets in Italy.

Many of the key international bureaucrats who are slated to run Kosovo have served time in Albania since its collapse into chaos and gang-warfare in 1997.

In Albania, these international administrators and European Union peacekeepers were satisfied to appease gangsters and corrupt policemen. The pattern can be expected to repeat itself in Kosovo.

The KLA may have agreed to demilitarize but in practice this means it is going to transform itself into the local police — just in time for running local elections. Meanwhile, the combination of a shattered society and the inflow of humanitarian aid is likely to provide a honey pot for the corrupt and those who feel their service in the KLA deserves reward. It was ever so.

History teaches us not to be surprised, and also reminds us not to ignore the downside of NATO’s victory. In all likelihood, the fragile Balkans are witnessing the establishment of another mafia statelet. The Kosovo tragedy thus continues.

In case everyone on the planet missed my response to WND’s momentary lapse into suckerhood last week — and most likely you did miss it since it was buried in a Saturday commentary section — here is what I wrote:

Another Look at ‘Muslims Save Jews’ Story

I’m normally a fan of Aaron Klein’s, so I was devastated to find that he had WND fall for the Albanian PR ploy regarding World War II that’s been making the rounds since 2005 ( “Forgotten history: Muslims who save Jews; Exhibition honors Albanians who risked lives during Holocaust” ). The Albanian Righteous of World War II are being used quite deliberately at this time to get American Jews to push Israel to recognize Kosovo. Essentially the same “exclusive” piece WND published this week had graced the pages of the Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh just two weeks ago, as the PR makes its rounds to all Jewish and Jewish-friendly publications, for the fourth year now. The same coverage that Klein gave to Muslims saving Jews appears on Islamic sites as well.

In 2007, I wrote a response op-ed for the New York Jewish Week after they also fell victim to the scheme. (The original Jewish Week link is no longer available, but the provided link serves.) More important is the direct response to Norman Gershman’s and Yad Vashem’s exhibit – and therefore Klein’s piece – here: “Can We Please Stop Using the Jews?”

One important point is that while Albanians are on top of their Jew-saving PR, it never occurred to Serbs – exponentially more of whom saved Jews during World War II – to compile a list of their Jew-saves for credit and flaunt it in the event that an expansionist rival would use its own Jew-saves as a weapon against them. Among the thousands of Serbian families who risked their lives to save Jews, only about 150 are documented at Yad Vashem, still more than the 60-some Albanian Righteous documented there and getting all the attention.

There is an insidious and ironic motivation behind this parading of World War II’s Albanian Righteous: to promote the birth of the supremacist state of Kosovo. Gershman is one of a handful of Jewish front men helping out with the Kosovo theft, wittingly or not. Last year he got his exhibit into the famed 92nd St. Y in New York, as well as into the halls of the UN. Here is one eight-minute film by him, meant to be positive, which nonetheless reveals the true nature of “Besa,” the Albanian honor code that Gershman’s exhibit, and now WND, celebrate. Besa is part of the blood code that makes Albanian society so terrifying. It is primitive, and it’s nothing to be glorified.

In general when dealing with questions of Albanian Righteous vs. Serbian Righteous and who has the greater affinity for/history with the Jews, in addition to the numbers that tell the story one must look at the wider history: Jews and Serbs died together in World War II concentration camps and mass executions. Both were targeted then. And both are targeted today. Albanians were not targeted; Albania was an Axis ally that contributed SS divisions to the Nazi cause. And the Albanians are not imperiled today; indeed, they are getting a second state – they are expanding.

It’s true that the Albanians have never particularly had it in for the Jews, but they’ve always been out to exterminate the Serbs – and when opportunity knocks (WWII, 1999), they make new friends fast. Let’s keep in mind that it wasn’t Serbs who rounded up almost all the Jews of Kosovo (annexed to Albania) during World War II for the Nazis; it was Albanians. That is not a reflection on the Albanian Righteous, but it is key to the big picture.

Among the Albanian-generated buzz phrases going around is that “all of Albania’s Jews were saved” and that “Albania had more Jews at the end of the war than at the beginning.” That’s because Albania had only 200 Jews to start with. One must ask why. The answer is that most had left Albania by the end of World War I because of persecution. In addition, Italy controlled Albania early in World War II and was not interested in the Final Solution. Today Kosovo has 50 Jews left and Albania has fewer than 10.

This is what is relevant. For Yad Vashem’s purposes, both the Albanian Righteous and the Serbian Righteous are correctly viewed as equal. But before setting pen to paper, as the responsible journalist that I know he is, Aaron Klein should have first asked why we are hearing exclusively, and so much, at this time about the Albanian Righteous, far less numerous than their enemy Serb Righteous. What I have stated above is well chronicled at the Jewish Virtual Library.


While the WWII Albanians-Saving-Jews propaganda continues making its rounds to Jewish and conservative media to help get Israel to commit suicide by recognizing an independent Kosovo, let’s remember what former leader of Kosovo’s tiny Jewish community said in an interview in 2000, about 1990s Kosovo:

[Cedomir] Prlincevic: First of all, a large part of the ethnic Albanians wanted to return to the situation that existed a hundred years ago, under the Ottoman Empire, and again during World War II, when Kosovo was under Nazi- Albanian control. Most of the Albanian population had been won to this goal by the secessionist movement…And of course, many Albanians believed that during World War II the German Nazis had set Albanians free.

The Yugoslav constitution of 1974 didn’t help. It weakened the central government and thus encouraged those in Kosovo who wanted to return to the W.W. II regime when Albanian nationalists ruled Kosovo under the German Nazis and terrorized the Serbs, Roma [’Gypsies’] and Jews. After 1974 the abuses against Serbs and Roma increased. This was openly manifested during the ethnic Albanian riots in 1981.

These were race riots, with Serbs as the targets, both the Serbian clergy and ordinary Serbian citizens. After that the Americans entered the picture and magnified the secessionists’ political strength ten times over.


In his own letter in response to the offending WND article, Author William Dorich recalls this additional bit of Albanian history from WWII (the Jasenovac camp complex being the third-largest yet least known concentration camp, where hundreds of thousands of Serbs, plus 40,000 Jews and 80,000 Roma were put to death): In addition to the Albanian Nazi SS Skanderbeg division that helped round up Jews in Kosovo, there were three hundred Albanians among the Bosnian-Muslim Nazi SS Handzar division, which assisted in guarding the railway links in the Balkans that transported victims to Jasenovac and Auschwitz.

These events are touched on in Andy Wilcoxson’s pre-published book manuscript:

During World War II Kosovo was invaded by the Axis powers, and in 1941 Kosovo was annexed to Albania until Allied forces liberated the territory and returned the province to Yugoslav sovereignty.

Many Kosovo Albanians saw the Axis powers as guarantors of their ambition to create a greater Albanian state in Kosovo. In order to realize this goal, many Kosovo Albanians volunteered for service in the Nazi SS.
Several Albanians joined the 13th Waffen-Gebirgs Division der SS “Handschar” (Kroat Nr.1). Although this division was primarily made up of Muslims from the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), it did contain an entire battalion of Albanians commanded by Nazir Hodic from Kosovo.

In the spring of 1944 Heinrich Himmler established the 21st Waffen-Gebirgs Division der SS “Skanderbeg” (Albanische Nr.1). This division numbered more than 9,000 men and was made up primarily of Albanian volunteers from Kosovo.

The Skanderbeg division’s first operation was a raid on May 14, 1944, against the Jewish community in Pristina. Kosovo-Albanian SS troops raided apartments and homes belonging to Jews, looting their possessions and rounding them up for deportation to Nazi death camps. The SS Skanderbeg Division apprehended 281 Kosovo Jews, which included men, women, and children. From May to June 1944 they apprehended a total of 519 Jews and Serbs from Kosovo…They took full advantage of the Axis occupation to wage a second extermination campaign against the Serbs.

And yet it is only the handful of Albanian Righteous that we hear about incessantly when it comes to the Balkans. So that we might help re-deliver on Albanians’ Nazi-fulfilled ambitions of a Greater Albania.

Final word from Dorich:

It also appears that Mr. Klein is ignorant about the rescue of 513 American airmen downed over occupied Yugoslavia as well as any reference that thousands of Jews were saved by the Serbs who hid them in their barns and basements — revealing a level of contempt Klein has for the history of the Jews in former Yugoslavia. I remind Klein that the oldest Jewish choir in the modern world is not in Israel, it’s in Belgrade, formed after the war in Spain when Jews fled to Serbia where they were welcomed with open arms. Those Jews prospered under the Serbs for decades and they share common grave with those Serbs who hid them from the Nazis.


I’m excerpting below from a Russian Pravda article from July, 2009 by Lisa Karpova, titled “Albanian Fascist Crimes,” which has good additional information on the Albanian-Fascist axis:

…A monument and memorial park were dedicated to the members of the notorious Skanderbeg SS Division, the Kosovo Regiment and the Albanian fascist collaborators, to be built on a surface of 1.5 hectares in Pristina, in Kosovo, the NATO stolen province which is by international law Serbian territory. NATO has made Kosovo into a people and drug trafficking mafia state. Serbs who fought against the Nazis were ethnically cleansed from Kosovo….

During the war, the Axis powers dismembered and occupied Yugoslavia. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini detached Kosovo from Serbia and annexed it to Albania in 1941. Germany formed a Shqiptar “Kosovar” Waffen SS Division, the 21st Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS “Skanderbeg” which engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Orthodox Serbian population of Kosovo. The result was that the Shqiptars, with the help of Germany, were able to virtually exterminate the Serbian and Jewish populations of Kosovo, thereby creating an ethnically pure, Nazi German-sponsored Greater Albania or Greater Shqiperia.

Italian authorities in Kosovo seemed a bit distressed by the terror against Serbs and occasionally intervened to prevent Albanian attacks, at least in urban areas. A Serbian historian wrote: “Italian troops were stationed in the towns of Kosovo and acted as a restraining force …” And Carlo Umiltà, a civilian aide to the Commander of the Italian occupation forces, described several instances where Italian forces fired on Albanians to halt massacres of Serbs.

The anti-Serb pogroms intensified after Italy’s collapse in 1943, when the Germans assumed control of Albania, including Kosovo. Although the Germans raised the Albanian units as an anti-partisan force, its Albanian members were interested solely in murdering or expelling the Serb population. The 21st SS Skanderbeg Division indiscriminately killed Christian Slavs. About 100,000 Slavs were expelled from Kosovo by Albanians. The Albanian Skanderbeg Division and the Croats were guilty of unspeakable atrocities against Serbs and Jews…

[The] Albanian conflict in Kosovo was always motivated by secession, making Kosovo a part of Albania. This was the Greater Albania nationalist ideology established by the 1878 League of Prizren because Albania itself was always poor, backward, weak and powerless. At the same time, Albanians started to send their women into the Serbian region to breed more Albanians.

It was expected that after all Serbs had been killed or expelled from Kosovo and their Orthodox churches and cemeteries destroyed, a Greater Albania would result. In other words, what Albanians sought was a Kosovo taken over by ethnic Albanian Muslims who would expel the Serbian and other non-Albanian populations and eradicate any non-Albanian cultural or religious monuments or symbols. It entailed the total and complete extermination and eradication of any non-Albanian population or culture or religion in Kosovo. The Greater Albania nationalist ideology presupposed genocide: biological, cultural and religious. Even back then the US and Britain gave quiet support to these pro-fascist elements.

Prizren was a base for the Albanian “Kosovar” Muslim Nazi SS units. The participation of the Prizren League through its military formations in the extermination of Kosovo Jews is one of the most shameful episodes in the history of Kosovo. The military formations were the Albanian gendarmerie, the Kosovo Regiment, and the Skanderbeg SS Division, which numbered a total of more than 11,000 Albanian collaborators.

Recorded in the chronicle of acts of terror by Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija are crimes in Babuska municipality, forcible expulsion in Urosevac, executions in Velika Hoca, forcible detention of the population from Prizren and Grbol, murders in the village of Vitomirica…. Two hundred Serbs were killed just in the district of Djakovica and 5,000 Serbs were taken away to fascist camps in Albania.

A definitive work concerning the elimination of Yugoslav Jews, “The Crimes of Fascist Occupants and Their Collaborators Against the Jews of Yugoslavia” (revised 1957, published by The Federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia) estimates that there were approximately 550 Jews in Kosovo at the time of Hitler’s takeover of Yugoslavia, and that 210 of them, or 38 percent, were murdered, primarily by Kosovar Albanians. In fact, the Skanderbeg division’s first operation was to act as “einsatzgruppen” against the Jews. The entire Jewish population of Kosovo was destroyed and never recovered to its pre-war numbers.

Interesting to note, also, that the KLA has named its units after “heroes” of Albanian Nazi fascist units. It has adopted the exact same insignia that was used by the Skanderbeg division. Many of its leaders and earliest members are the sons and grandsons of members of the Skanderbeg and Ballista units.

In a little noticed item last month, when a Spanish “super judge” — a rising phenomenon that claims universal jurisdiction — went after Israeli military figures for crimes against humanity over a 2002 Gaza bombing, a member of the Israeli Knesset opened proceedings against Spain for being party to the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia:

MK Eldad: Charge Spanish Officials With War Crimes in Serbia (Feb. 2)

Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) has called for Israel to put former Spanish officials on trial for their role in the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. His official request was sent to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Friday, in the wake of a Spanish court agreeing to try senior Israelis for an IAF operation that killed senior Hamas terrorist Salah Shehadeh in 2002.

Eldad is seeking to have Israel charge the former Spanish Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Army Chief of Staff for war crimes against the people of Belgrade and other Serbian areas. Spain, as part of NATO, was involved in massive airstrike sorties targeting Serbia during the civil war in Yugoslavia.

“In those bombings,” Eldad’s petition said, “hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent civilians were killed because NATO pilots dropped their bombs from extremely high altitudes in order not to endanger themselves. They thus caused mass civilian casualties. It is fitting that the State of Israel try the Spanish political and military leaders for war crimes if Spain does not immediately revoke the charges against the Israeli Defense Minister and Chief of Staff.”

MK Eldad wrote to the Attorney General that “in the event that Israeli law does not allow charging and trying someone for war crimes not committed within the national jurisdiction, I would appreciate it if you would instruct the State Prosecutor to turn to the International Court in The Hague so that the Spanish leaders will be tried for war crimes by the international court.”

Failing to see the hypocrisy inherent in the charges against Israel for its actions while NATO carried out the same, or worse, actions against Serbia, Eldad concluded, “is testimony to hatred for Israel - Israel the people and Israel the state equally - and the State of Israel must fight back against this wave of anti-Semitism.”

The Spanish court agreed last week to hear the case for prosecution of former IAF commander Dan Halutz, former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, and five other senior Israeli officials for war crimes over their decision to assassinate Shehadeh while the Hamas leader was in a building in Gaza City. Sixteen other people people were killed in the Israeli airstrike, including Shehadeh’s wife and child and other children. Israeli leaders called the Spanish court “delusional,” however, pointing out that Shehadeh was a terrorist mastermind responsible for the deaths of up to 100 innocent people.

On Friday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni claimed that she had succeeded in getting the Spanish legislature to amend its laws regarding universal jurisdiction, to avoid such cases in the future. “I think this is very important news and I hope that other states in Europe will do the same,” Livni said.

In doing some research recently, I came across a Charles Krauthammer article from a 1990 issue of Time Magazine, titled “Judging Israel“. In it are a few paragraphs that apply to both Palestinians in the “occupied territories” of Israel and to the Albanians in the “former” territory of Serbia — Kosovo. In it, he makes the very same analogy between Israel and Mexico that I made between Serbia and Mexico when Kosovo illegally seceded:

Last fall New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis excoriated Israel for putting down a tax revolt in the town of Beit Sahour. He wrote: “Suppose the people of a small town decided to protest Federal Government policy by withholding taxes. The Government responded by sending in the Army…Unthinkable? Of course it is in this country. But it is happening in another…Israel.”

Middle East scholar Clinton Bailey tried to point out just how false this analogy is. Protesting Federal Government policy? The West Bank is not Selma, Ala. Palestinians are not demanding service at the lunch counter. They demand a flag and an army. This is insurrection for independence. They are part of a movement whose covenant explicity declares its mission to be abolition of the state of Israel.

Bailey tried manfully for the better analogy. It required him to posit 1) a pre-glasnot Soviet Union, 2) a communist Mexico demanding the return of “occupied Mexican” territory lost in the Mexican War (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California) and 3) insurrection by former Mexicans living in these territories demanding succession from the U.S. Then imagine, Bailey continued, that the insurrectionists, supported and financed by Mexico and other communist states in Latin America, obstruct communications; attack civilians and police with stones and fire bombs; kill former Mexicans holding U.S. Government jobs (”collaborators”); and then begin a tax revolt. Now you have the correct analogy. Would the U.S., like Israel, then send in the Army? Of course.

Further down in the article, Krauthammer hits on the indulgence the world shows toward violence by the “victimized” population — harkening back to the “revenge killings” by Albanians that went unchecked and shrugged off, without anyone ever asking how a victim people, presumably unpracticed in the art of killing, could kill so easily and wantonly. As in Krauthammer’s Israel example, this never led anyone to question whether the “victims” mightn’t have been the ones killing all along:

When other people suffer - Vietnamese, Algerians, Palestinians, the French Maquis - they are usally allowed a grace period during which they are judged by a somewhat lower standard. The victims are, right or wrongly (in my view, wrongly), morally indulged. A kind of moral affirmative action applies. We are asked to understand the former victims’ barbarities because of how they themselves suffered. There has, for example, been little attention to and less commentary on the 150 Palestinians lynched by other Palestinians during the intifadeh. How many know that this year as many Palestinians have died at the hands of Palestinians as at the hands of Israelis? [This is even more so the case among Albanians.]

The following paragraph again applies to Serbs as well:

With Jews, that kind of reasoning is reversed: Jewish suffering does not entitle them to more leeway in trying to prevent a repetition of their tragedy, but to less. Their suffering requires them, uniquely among the world’s sufferers, to bend over backwards in dealing with their enemies. [Note: With the Serbs, this double standard is applied without their unique WW2 or 1990s suffering even being acknowledged.]

During the recent Gaza war, several letters appeared making similar points about Israel’s and Serbia’s struggles. One was in a local California paper called the Ventura County Star, by Zoran Bogunovic in January:

Israeli vs. Serbian politics

Re: your Dec. 31 article, “Israel rejects truce call, pursues bombing Gaza”:

What do Palestinian Hamas and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) have in common? They both are labeled terrorist groups, according to the U.S. State Department, but that is where all similarities end as far as the U.S. is concerned, as well as most of the world.

When Hamas targets Israeli people…and when Israel retaliates like it knows how, the U.S. blames it on the Palestinians, Hamas. And let’s not forget Hezbollah, who is being very quiet now.

Yet, when Serbia does the same thing against the terrorist group KLA, which also hides among civilians and kills Serbian people all over Kosovo, the U.S. and the world condemn the Serbs. Let’s not forget, in case local readers did not read in the newspaper, how KLA was taking Serbian people hostages and removing their body organs for sale all over the world before they killed them. (Referenced in Karla Del Ponte book and now the case is being investigated).

Where is [the] world’s outcry now for this barbaric act by the Kosovars? Just two weeks ago, three [Albanians] were found guilty for plotting an attack on a U.S. Army base in New Jersey, but 6,000 miles away, the U.S. supports their actions in Kosovo against Serbian people. Funny how that works: not in my back yard, but it’s OK across the street.

We, the Serbs, also have the same rights to defend our land and people in Kosovo, just like Israel does. Yet, the U.S.-led coalition supports the KLA terrorist actions, but condemns the Hamas terror actions. Funny how that works.

Hamas is a terrorist group and don’t be fooled with the front-page pictures of its civilians, as they would cut you to pieces if you are American or Israeli. The world was fooled with the civilian images in Kosovo and is being fooled again in Gaza. I fully support Israeli actions and its right to defend its people and land.

Also adding insult to Serbia and their people, the U.S. pushed for and got its way for an independent Kosovo, which is part of Serbia and is the birthplace of our Orthodox religion, where more than 150 Serbian churches have been destroyed ever since the so-called piece [sic] force was brought in Kosovo in 1999.

I would like to see the same efforts being exercised by the U.S. government, i.e., push for and forcibly take away Jerusalem and the sacred Wailing Wall from the Israelis and give it to the Palestinians and Hamas.

Once again, the double standard is being shown by the U.S. when it comes to Balkan politics versus Israeli politics. Support the terrorists in Kosovo, but condemn them in Palestine….

A shorter letter by Michael Pravica in Nevada appeared in The Toronto Star in January:

Ignatieff stance hypocritical

Re: “Ignatieff says Israel must be allowed to defend itself,” Jan. 8

It’s interesting that Michael Ignatieff supports the rights of Israel to “defend itself,” and act outside of its internationally recognized borders in Gaza but did not support the similar actions of Serbia to fight the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army inside Serbia’s internationally recognized borders. Even the U.S. State Department declared the KLA to be a terrorist organization that had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of Serbian and non-Serbian civilians. Such hypocrisy is a primary reason why the world is currently so unstable and why we are inching ever-closer to World War III.

Indeed, if the KLA was deemed a “liberation army”, why not Hamas, Hezbollah, FARC and al Qaeda (which helped the KLA while we were helping the KLA)?

In the midst of war, meanwhile, stories emerge revealing that Israeli doctors and hospitals are treating Jewish and Arab patients alike, with no preference for friend over foe as patient. That’s why the following piece of reportage from March, 2000 had a familiar ring to it:

The surgeon flourished a handful of Polaroid photos. At first sight they looked as if they showed a variety of gnarled pieces of blackened and gristly meat. In fact they were human organs and intestines.

“Look”, he said, “it’s part of the liver of a young girl. Look at the shrapnel damage. I fought to save her but she died on the operating table. And you know what - she was an Albanian.”

“And look at this one” - he brandished another photo - “it’s part of another woman’s gut. She had bad shrapnel wounds too and unfortunately I also lost her on the table. And SHE was a Serb. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference. They’re all patients and I want to try to save them.”

The surgeon’s rapid Serbian sentences kept on coming out of the gloom, explaining what happened to the casualties in the recent bout of ethnic violence in the town.

Another parallel emerges from a 2001 article by Joseph Farah, of It was titled “What is a Palestinian?” and debunked the myth of Palestinian nationhood. The piece might just as well have been titled “What is a Kosovar?”, since that nationhood is at least as false. Everything in the paragraphs below about the Arab Palestinian “nationality” applies to the Albanian Kosovar “nationality”:

Arabs have been flocking to Israel ever since it was created and even before, coinciding with the wave of Jewish immigration into Palestine prior to 1948.

Winston Churchill said in 1939: “So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population.”

And that raises a question I never hear anyone ask: If Israel’s policies make life so intolerable for Arabs, why do they continue to flock to the Jewish state?

According to the most liberal claims by Arab sources, some 600,000 to 700,000 Arabs left Israel in and around 1948 when the Jewish state was created. Most were not forced out by Jews, but rather left at the urging of Arab leaders who had declared war on Israel.

Yet, there are far more Arabs living in these territories now than ever before. And many of those who left in 1948 and thereafter actually had roots in other Arab nations.

It’s also worth revisiting a piece that came out in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper in the days following Kosovo’s secession:

Kosovo is already here

…The day may not be far off when the Arabs of Galilee start clamoring for political independence, too. In recent years, many of them have been cutting themselves off, psychologically and physically, from the Jewish-democratic State of Israel.

The Muslims of Kosovo constitute an absolute majority of the population, and the same is true for the Galilee Arabs. Quite a few Jews have been leaving the Galilee, especially since October 2000, and not many are joining the sparse Jewish population there, despite an array of financial incentives…Israeli governments have resigned themselves to the blatant, unconcealed separatist actions of the Galilee Arabs, and this only perpetuates the phenomenon. Shimon Peres, who was appointed by several governments to oversee measures ultimately aimed at increasing the Jewish presence in the Galilee, talked a lot but did little. Political correctness, such as halting the campaign to “Judaize Galilee,” was his guideline.

Kosovo is already here, even without a formal declaration of independence…This inertia will probably continue, with the Zionist state financing, via education, health, national insurance and other state monies transferred to citizens, a population that is de facto establishing a Palestinian state within the sovereign State of Israel - separate, of course, from the Palestinian state that the Arabs are pushing for in Judea and Samaria. [Note: Serbia continues several of these kinds of subsidies for the breakaway Albanians, who still line up for their Serbian passports.]

So Kosovo is already in Israel, and by the same token, Gaza is already in Serbian Kosovo. Note the last sentence of this paragraph that I wrote back in 2006:

Balkan-update dispatches used to start, more or less, like this: “Lifting themselves up from under the the ash heap of communism, the very secular and very peaceful, not-very-Muslim Albanians are rediscovering their roots and religion and have built a mosque to honor their peaceful religion…” Now, as we can see, these articles are starting with: “In a rare foray into politics, Islamic leaders in Kosovo…” Next they’ll read, “In a rare foray into suicide bombings, the Islamists of Kosovo…”

Lo and behold what the one-year anniversary of Kosovo’s “independence” in February brought with it:

Kosovo Albanian with Suicide Vest Arrested (Feb. 16):

A Kosovo Albanian from the city of Kacanik has been arrested in a cafe in the southern village of Strpce in Serbia’s province of Kosovo[,] report[s] police spokesman Arber Beka.

The arrested Albanian wore a suicide vest loaded with explosives.

He was arrested in the cafe called Kvatro around 8:00 pm today. Police and NATO troops have surrounded the perimeter and are investigating.

The arrest came after a cafe patron spotted that one of the three Albanians who just walked into the cafe had wires under his jacket.

The police [were] immediately called in and after a search, the police found explosive[s] in a suicide vest on the body of Arben Husi, one of the 3 ethnic Albanians who came into the cafe.

In addition to the explosives, the police found a grenade and a Kalashnikov.

The witnesses say that one of the Albanians ran out of the cafe, while the second one was held on. After the search, the police tied Husi up to the chair and then took him to the police station.

It is not clear whether Husi planned to commit a suicide bombing or to just plant the explosive inside the cafe and activate it after.

Strpce is located just under the slopes of the Sar mountains and is populated by Serbs.

[A] Few weeks ago, 2 Albanians stabbed a Serb from Strpce in [the] chest.

There is one overarching point that needs to be made. Notice that while the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has festered for decades without world mediators feeling any immediate fire under their bottoms, in contrast there is a “get it done — and now” approach to Kosovo, where world leaders have been in a frantic hurry to declare a two-state solution completed, after just four years. (Entreaties by U.S. politicians to give the “long-waiting” Albanians a second state started openly at least as early as 2004, with independence having barely just been given the international nod as the official agenda.) Below are some examples of such declarations coming from U.S. lawmakers and bureaucrats, but the point is: This dichotomy between the Balkans and the supposedly more horrific Middle East is a screaming admission by world leaders that they view their celebrated “Kosovars” as exponentially more violent than Palestinians.

Palestinians, of course, being among the “like that” Muslims which Albanians and their Western parrots go to great lengths to convince us they’re not like. One Hungarian parliamentarian was honest enough to explain Europe’s U.S.-mandated pro-Albanian policy in Kosovo thus: “Because we’re afraid of them.”

In other words, superpower America sees the “pro-American” Albanians as a greater danger to itself than the vocally anti-American Palestinians.

On March 18th, 2004, at the height of the Kosovo-wide pogrom against Serbs, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) — who had said he wanted to be the first U.S. lawmaker to stand on independent Kosovo soil — presented a Resolution on Kosovo and addressed the House of Representatives:

When there is no resolution of the final status, the people in a country become restless because they see no future…Self-determination and, ultimately, independence for the people of Kosovo is the only solution. When people do not see a chance for self-determination, tensions fester beneath the surface when you do not move to resolution… What we have seen…is this ridiculous plan called standards before status. To me, it only means status quo. We put forward benchmarks and we tell the people of Kosovo they have to achieve these benchmarks before we can even look at a resolution and at self-determination.

This speech could have come from Hamas itself, making the case for immediate Palestinian statehood as a way to end “understandable” violence against Israelis. The irony of it coming from a Jewish Congressman is too thick for intelligent comment, and yet it gets thicker as it incorporates a likewise familiar moral equalizing and platitudes calling for “both sides to end the violence”:

The ethnic violence which happened yesterday is a tragic undertaking, a tragic tragedy, and I must call on both sides to stop the violence. Violence is never a solution to anybody’s perceived problems or indignities. It must be solved peacefully.

All the while, of course, citing Albanian violence as the key reason that we need to hurry up and give the Albanians what they want. In April 2007, Engel joined other U.S. bureaucrats and lawmakers in a D.C. meeting and went at it again:

And I want to in a bipartisan fashion commend President Bush and the administration, President Clinton as well. Both presidents understand that this issue needed and needs to be resolved. And the president, President Bush, has been steadfast in saying that this really needs to be done now.

…And I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Burns [Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns], that the possibility of violence if we delay is something that increases as we delay. People there have been waiting for years, and now really is the time.

Clinton holdover Burns reiterated the U.S. position that immediate independence without standards or compromise is the only acceptable solution, because the growing violence is what guides our Kosovo policy:

It’s our view that we have now [to] act resolutely in the coming weeks…we looked at this very carefully with our European friends. And we said, are we better off supporting a solution in the spring of 2007 or delaying a year or two? We became convinced in looking at it, all of us, that the prospects for violence would be greater if we waited. Because 92 to 94 percent of the people who now live in Kosovo are Albanian Muslims. They have been waiting a long, long time…And so we the international community must act.

Engel’s enthusiasm for the terrorist state of Kosovo is no accident. His Bronx district is filled with these violent Albanians. And it is precisely because of “the Albanian reach,” as law enforcement professionals call it, that U.S. lawmakers are embracing the criminal infrastructure of Greater Albania. Indeed, one begins to get a clearer understanding of what drives American prioritizing and absolutism about Kosovo independence when one considers the vast quantities of Albanian flags that were waving in Times Square and throughout America the day that Kosovo declared independence last year, accompanied by cheers of “KLA! KLA! KLA!” (As John McCain told his Albanian campaign contributors and KLA financiers while campaigning in January 2008: “I saw your people in Michigan, and in South Carolina and in New Hampshire.”)

Our policymakers know full well that if we were to reverse course in Kosovo and apply evenly the Bush Doctrine that states “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists,” Americans could start dropping like flies, as this 2008 report makes clear:

… “Albanian extremist crime groups have emerged in [New York] city and became [sic] more active. So far, we cannot say whether these groups dominate, but they commit the cruelest felonies,” [Manhattan Attorney Michael] Garcia said.

Albanian organized crime penetrated in the European Union countries as well as in the United States since the start of the war in Kosovo, when Albanians were granted a status of ethnic refugees, Russian Ria Novosti news agency said.

A number of experts estimate that Albanian narco-mafia was directly linked with Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), seen by many US experts as terrorist group.

Experts say the Balkan route provides 25-40% of the entire heroine market in the United States.

FBI says in its report that Albanian mafia have emerged as a serious organized crime problem, threatening to displace La Cosa Nostra families as kingpins of U.S. crime.

Official statistical data show that in New York only, there are around 150.000 Albanians - migrants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

In other words, correcting our Balkans policy to a post-9/11 approach would mean an exponential increase in the domestic terror threat — whether from non-Islamic nationalist Albanians or Islamic Albanians such as three of the four Albanians who were planning a slaughter of U.S. troops at Ft. Dix in 2007.

I close with two paragraphs from an article that appeared upon Kosovo’s “independence” on the “Israel e-News” website, titled “Kosovo’s and Islam’s Balkanization of the World”:

Kosovo and the Palestinian Authority are both triumphs of terrorism, victories by racist nationalists whose aim has always been religious and ethnic cleansing who have nevertheless managed to portray the countries they have torn to shreds as racist nationalists practicing ethnic cleansing.

Time and time again, Muslims continue to transform nation after nation into Czechoslovakia, convincing the world that there will be peace if a country is carved up and they are given a peace [sic]. Yet even as Western Europe itself is being balkanized, its leaders give little thought that tomorrow’s Kosovo is Paris or London or Oslo. That the sacrifices for tomorrow’s peace will come from their own territory.

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