April 2009

Today Drudge linked this UK Daily Mail report on the sycophantic British Prime Minister being mesmerized by the black U.S. president — but it was all foretold in a new HBO sketch show called “Little Britain”. The display described in the Daily Mail article below IS this two-minute sketch (audio in English but available only with Polish subtitles):

Now read this excerpt from the UK Daily Mail article, for comparison:

Obama told a joke and Brown laughed… and laughed… and laughed… and laughed
By Quentin Letts

Oh Gordon, your smile! The Prime Minister, appearing alongside Barack Obama after breakfast today, stared at his American visitor and almost shattered the TV camera lenses with his moony grin.

You could have played Jewish harp with his lower lip, it was stretched so twangy tight.

Messrs Mills and Boon, when next looking for a book cover for one of their romantic novellas, when next seeking an illustration of doggy devotion, could do worse than use a photograph of the Prime Minister at the meeting.

Mr Obama uttered a sentence. Mr Brown nodded. Mr Obama paused. Mr Brown froze, frowning. Mr Obama made a very slight joke. Mr Brown gassed himself, laughing for a good 30 seconds, eyelids fluttering like the wings of a soft-flapping Cabbage White.

My friend Obama: Gordon enjoys Barack’s jokes. Possibly a bit too much

…Mr Obama fiddled with the cuff of one sleeve, Prince Charles-style, while Mr Brown hosed him down with treacle. The Prime Minister, fluffing with nerves in a couple of places, spoke of the president’s ‘leadership, vision, courage, dynamism, energy, achievements…’

The President ushers his host from the room

Love fest: Gordon praised and praised … and praised and praised Obama

…On and on it went. Stop, man! But he would not. ‘A partnership of purpose, resilient, constant.’ We were in total love mode.

Mr Brown had by now turned his profile to us and it meant we could see the silhouette of his pouchy-cheeked, greedy grin.

His lips puckered, forming the shape of a robin’s beak, and he nodded slowly, repeatedly, at times even swallowing, so much was he salivating.

When he turned back to face us his eyes were narrow with creamy pleasure and he pushed forth his chin, stretching his lower neck.

Now he placed his hands behind his back and bounced a half inch or so on the balls of his feet, relishing the sound of Solomon Obama’s replies to a few questions from the Press.

They left with Mr Obama snaking an arm round his host’s shoulder and ushering him from the room. Very much an ‘I’m in charge’ gesture.

Meanwhile, why is Barack Obama so happy with this kind of reception, given that he wrote this about white people in his book Dreams From My Father, which Ann Coulter cited:

Obama tells a story about taking two white friends from the high school basketball team to a “black party.” Despite their deep-seated, unconscious hatred of blacks, the friends readily accepted. At the party, they managed not to scream the N-word, but instead “made some small talk, took a couple of the girls out on the dance floor.”

But with his racial hair-trigger, Obama sensed the whites were not comfortable because “they kept smiling a lot.”

So if you’re white but you’re not Gordon Brown, when you meet Obama, be sure to scowl.


‘OBAMA BEACH’ SALUTE (Post Wire Services, June 7)

It was supposed to be a tribute for D-Day veterans, but British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had another hero in mind.

The embattled PM referred to historic Omaha Beach as “Obama Beach” during his speech at ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, France.

“And so, next to Obama Beach, we join President Obama in paying particular tribute to the spectacular bravery of American soldiers,” Brown said, oblivious to his Freudian slip.

He nearly made the same mistake again seconds later, while lauding the US soldiers who battled on “Oba . . . Omaha Beach for people whose names they never knew and faces they never saw.” […]

While that “yahoo” Bush spent a week educating himself and searching his soul so he could come up with the right policy on embryonic stem cell research and deliver that stunning 2001 speech on the issue, Bill Bubba Clinton doesn’t even know the difference between an embryo and an egg. Check out this one-minute CNN video of his interview with Sanjay Gupta, another genius, who doesn’t correct him on either occasion — and therefore naturally Obama’s one-time nominee for surgeon general.

If you don’t want to check out the video, LifeNews.com summarized its contents:

Bill Clinton Shows His Ignorance on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Biology:

So, there’s the former leader of the free world, ex-President Bill Clinton, discussing embryonic stem cell research…But the more Clinton talked, the more apparent it was that he did not know what he was talking about.

“…If it’s obvious that we’re not taking embryos that can — that under any conceivable scenario would be used for a process that would allow them to be fertilized and become little babies, and I think if it’s obvious that we’re not talking about some science fiction cloning of human beings, then I think the American people will support this….” Clinton said.

Over and over during the course of the interview, Clinton falsely indicated that embryos are not fertilized:

“I believe the American people believe it’s a pro-life decision to use an embryo that’s frozen and never going to be fertilized for embryonic stem cell research….”

You would think that with all the fertilizer Bill Clinton has released into the world, he would know the difference between an egg and an embryo.

No wonder he didn’t understand the need for condoms. If there’s no embryo in the woman, then nothing can be fertilized.

So now one wants to ask him: Has Chelsea been fertilized yet?

This confusion also may be related to Clinton’s inability to tell the difference between consensual and compulsory sex.

(Note that in the video Clinton refers to the past eight years as having “politicized the issue”, which is the code phrase often used for when the conservative position on an issue is heard or is guiding policy. In contrast, when the leftist position is put forth or is in power, that’s just sound policy and therefore not “politicizing the issue.”)

Related: “Brilliance is Overrated” by Dennis Prager, an echo of my 2004 article titled “You Take ‘Nuclear’, I’ll Take ‘Nucular’

According to New Yorker scribe Seymour Hersh, Jimmy Carter is advising Obama on Israel. From a Republican Jewish Coalition press release:

…Carter has met with President Obama to discuss foreign policy…Carter is advocating that the Obama administration become actively involved in Syrian-Israeli talks…[which] would be predicated on Israel giving up the Golan Heights, including their strategic control over Israel’s water sources…[T]he President is being advised to pursue warmer relations with Syria based on pressuring Israel to make strategic concessions….

I don’t get it. Aren’t there plenty of other Jew-haters out there that Obama could tap? Why does everyone always latch on to Carter?

This comes just as I was thinking how between appointing the entire Clinton administration and appointing Zbigniew Brzezinski, the only person Obama forgot to reinstall was Jimmy Carter. But now here he is.

Does anyone know why these people are still even alive? I swear it seems like sometimes God just forgets about some folks, usually the ones who do the most damage. But just because God doesn’t take them doesn’t mean Obama has to.

Everyone keeps wondering when Fidel Castro is going to drop dead already, but he’s actually two years younger than his best friend Jimmy Carter. I know you’re not supposed to talk about presidents dying, but what if they’re already brain-dead? Jimmy Carter has been in a Permanent Vegitative State for 40 years. We killed Terri Schiavo and she wasn’t nearly as brain-dead as Carter.

I know he’s a great multi-cultural humanitarian. He builds houses for poor people and helps Arabic people kill Jewish people.

But still. Obama could at least find someone who gets better marks from Hezbollah, which in December refused to meet with Carter, explaining that he supports “Zionist terrorism.” (Not openly calling for the destruction of Israel qualifies as support for Zionist terrorism, which is also what implicates all Western media as being “pro-Israeli.”)

Rather than Carter, why not Jeremiah Wright? When Carter went on his rogue Middle East tour in December, Wright praised him and went a step further by denouncing Zionism itself. Or how about Ingrid Mattson instead of Carter — chosen to speak at Obama’s inaugural prayer service, and president of the mainstream Islamic Society of North America, which has actual ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups and is included as a co-conspirator in the Dallas terrorism case against the Holy Land Foundation.

Then again, Obama and Carter do have a lot in common — moral relativism, anti-Americanism, pacifism, and embarrassing relatives.

I know we’re not supposed to talk badly about the second black president, because it can easily be perceived as racism. But I’ve got nothing against the idea of a President Obama. After all, some of my best friends are anti-Semites. Including a few black ones.

Of course, one shouldn’t assume that the man is anti-Semitic. Just because he always surrounds himself with a multicultural cornucopia of Jew-haters doesn’t mean that he hates Jews. Apparently he just didn’t know there was anything wrong with hating Jews.

“What are you talking about, Julia? He appointed Rahm Emanuel his chief of staff — and he’s Jewish.”

So was Stalin’s chief executioner.

OK, so black people voted for Obama because they think he’s black; Muslims voted for him because they think he’s Muslim; gay people voted for him because they heard he might be gay; Democrats voted for him because he’s a communist; and Jews voted for him because they’re suicidal.

Seventy-eight percent of Jews voted for Obama — and he won. Oh my God, we really do control everything. You can tell by the fact that there’s a black part-time Muslim in the Oval Office. Where no Jew will ever be. Indeed, Jews made sure that a black man became president before any Jew, any woman, any Italian-American or any Mormon did.

Because to a Jew there is no higher achievement than this. The thinking goes: “We got a black man into the White House. Our work is done. It’s OK for the world to let Ahmadinejad kill us now. The important thing is we elected a black man president, and it shows how far the world has come since the Holocaust. So they can go ahead and kill us now.”

For some reason, Jews think they have more in common with black people than with white people. Unfortunately for them, black people feel they have more in common with Muslims.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: When people tell you that you’re racist if you didn’t vote for Barack Obama, tell them that they’re anti-Semitic if they did. Especially the Jews.

Any Jew who finally and belatedly eschewed Jimmy Carter in 2006 when he released his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid and then voted for his intellectual clone in 2008 needs to be reminded of what Carter said to Menachem Begin in 1979, when the latter cited the Holocaust to underscore why a secure Israel is important. Carter shot back, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust!”

It had been just 35 years since one-third of the world’s Jewish population was exterminated, and seven years since that encore in Munich — and Carter had had enough of hearing about it. Imagine him rolling his eyes about slavery — 113 years after it was abolished — in the same way, and saying “Get off the plantation already!” Siblings estranged by the Holocaust are still being reunited; WWII Nazis are still running loose; and mass graves of Jews are still turning up in the Ukraine — but just 30-some years since the event itself and Carter was saying, “Quit yer whining and get out of the oven already!”

I think the state of the world can be summed up with a selection from the 1982 book Truly Tasteless Jokes:

Sammy Davis, Jr. stepped onto a bus…and the bus driver said, “[Ethnic slur], get to the back of the bus.”

“But I’m Jewish,” protested Davis.

“Get off.”

The Obama-Carter World is truly tasteless.

Carter does have a point, however, when he says that in America one can’t freely discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — that in a way, there is more freedom of speech outside America. Indeed, you can go almost anywhere else in the world and hold a press conference announcing that Jews suck, and you’ll be applauded. Here it’s not so easy still. But we’re getting there.

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