July 2009

So the week’s news is that seven more Muslims have been charged with conspiring to commit or abet terrorism.

You know, there was a time when the big threat was communism, and the public pretty much knew it was bad. People understood this without there being communists arrested on a daily basis for plotting attacks. But here we are with today’s threat: Islam. Related to which, arrests are made on a daily basis.

And yet Islam still isn’t considered a threat by the public at large — not even by the traditionally hawkish right wing, whose intelligentsia insists that neither Islam nor Muslims at large (no pun intended) are the problem. Of course, they say this because they’re playing a numbers game as they compete with the left for the hearts and minds of all Americans including Muslims, the consequences be damned.

How many more terror plots have to be uncovered before everyone realizes that Islam is a threat?

Following are a few excerpts from a report in which neighbors of ringleader Daniel Boyd are interviewed:

“If he’s a terrorist, he’s the nicest terrorist I’ve ever met in my life,” said Charles Casale, a neighbor to Boyd and his sons who often chatted with them…When the two chatted near the pond that separated their properties, Boyd would excuse himself to pray when the sun reached its noon-day height.

In 1989, Boyd, the high school sweetheart he married, Sabrina, and his brother moved to Pakistan to work with Afghanistan’s mujahedeen rebels….The Boyd brothers ran afoul of Pakistani authorities, who ordered they have their right hands and left feet cut off after they found them guilty of robbing a bank. Pakistan’s supreme court overturned the convictions. The brothers came home to the United States.

Now, let me ask you. If you’d gotten yourself into such a bind in the Muslim netherworld, wouldn’t you thank your lucky stars that you got out of it? Wouldn’t you realize that you don’t belong there and kiss American soil as soon as you landed? Wouldn’t it dawn on you first-hand how terrifying Islam is? Wouldn’t you just be glad it was all behind you and say, “I’m just gonna sit my dumb ass on this here porch and swing on the swing in the good ol’ U.S. of A, where nobody gonna cut shit off.”

You would think.

But no. Afterwards, this trouble-seeker went on or funded a bunch of trips to Pakistan.

How did it all start? Boyd’s divorced mother married a Muslim. That’s when little Boyd decided he wanted to be a bad-ass, and converted to Islam, no doubt catching on that other options, such as the KKK, weren’t popular and got away with little.

Back to the rich comments by neighbors:

In 2007, they lost a son, 16-year-old Luqman, in a single-car accident near their home.

Neighbors who watched their family buckle under the grief of Luqman Boyd’s death questioned the impact. They couldn’t help but blame the Boyds’ troubles on such a traumatic loss.

“That was such a huge blow to the family,” said Lorie Sienkwicz, a neighbor who often talked religion with Daniel Boyd. “We’re all looking for reasons. That’s mine.”

She just can’t figure out what would draw this neighbor to terrorislam. It had to be some traumatic experience that the family suffered. And therefore Boyd decided to imperil the lives of his two remaining sons. Makes sense.

You know, six months after their wedding, my sister and her husband were crushed in their car when a dump truck flipped on top of it. Ten years earlier, my 17-year-old cousin was ejected from a car that someone else was driving and landed on his head, dying. Eight years before that, another cousin’s young parents were killed in a plane crash. And yet — mysteriously — none of the parents, children or siblings of these disproportionately departed members of my family had thought to start killing people as a result.

Then again, we aren’t looking for excuses to kill.

7 charged with terror conspiracy in North Carolina


RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina man trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been charged along with six of his alleged recruits with conspiring to support terrorism and traveling overseas to participate in “violent jihad,” according to an indictment unsealed Monday.

Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, and the six other men were arrested Monday and made their first appearances in Raleigh, charged with providing material support to terrorism.

“These charges hammer home the point that terrorists and their supporters are not confined to the remote regions of some far away land but can grow and fester right here at home,” U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding said in a statement. He declined further comment.

The indictment said Boyd, a U.S. citizen, trained in Afghanistan and fought there between 1989 and 1992 against the Soviet Union before returning to the United States. Court documents charged that Boyd, also known as ‘Saifullah,’ encouraged others to engage in jihad.

Two of the suspects are Daniel Patrick Boyd’s sons: Zakariya Boyd, 20 and Dylan Boyd, 22. The others are Anes Subasic, 33; Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22; and Ziyad Yaghi, 21.

Hysen Sherifi, 24, a native of Kosovo and a U.S. legal permanent was also charged in the case. He was the only person arrested who was not a U.S. citizen.

All were residents of North Carolina, but it wasn’t immediately known where they lived. It was not immediately known if they had attorneys. No attorneys for the men were listed in court records.

The indictment claims Boyd traveled to Israel in 2007 with several of the defendants, hoping to engage in “violent jihad.” The attempt was unsuccessful, though, and the men returned home, officials said.

Boyd was also accused of trying to raise money last year to fund others’ travel overseas to fight. One of the men, Hysen Sharifi, allegedly went to Kosovo to engage in violent jihad, according to the indictment, but it’s unclear if he did any actual fighting.

Several of the defendants, including Boyd, were also charged with practicing military tactics on a private property in Caswell County in June and July of this year.

Well. Well well well.

Gee, this all begs a few key questions, doesn’t it?

Why would a “not like that” Kosovo Muslim have anything to do with people who are trying to kill Israelis?

An exception, the apologists might say. Not representative of the Albanian people at large — despite their siding with the Nazis for their own purposes.


So then let’s get to the more pertinent, ever-present and ever-ignored question: Here we have yet another Albanian exception to add to the ever-growing pool of Albanian exceptions. I am not being entirely sarcastic with the word “exception.” My point is this: If the number of Albanian exceptions is continuing to grow, please tell me again: Why did we and are we taking the side with so many exceptions over the side that doesn’t have this “exception” problem?

There is one other question that needs asking. Why is the Kosovo Albanian being charged with anything at all? According to the article, he was merely sent back to Kosovo by the ringleader in order to engage in violent jihad there. How is that different from what the United States has supported materially and militarily in Kosovo since the dawn of the 90s?

Another report is here.

Note the last name of “Subasic” which appears in both reports. That makes one of the defendants a Bosnian Muslim.

A relevant note on that point: the earliest known donor list for al Qaeda was found in Bosnia in 2002, dated to 1988 or 1989, two years before the Bosnian war ever began.

While we’re at it, let me point out that videotapes of a sniper picking off American soldiers, at least one a day, are a hot commodity in Bosnia these days. Plus, volunteering to kill Americans in Iraq are veterans of Bosnia’s El Mujaheed unit — of Middle Eastern origin but holding Bosnian citizenship, married to Bosnian women, and attending radical mosques at which the imams are in fact Bosnian Muslims. Check it out:

Bosnian Jihad cinema
Jan 16, 2009

A half-hour long film about a Muslim sniper who is killing American soldiers in Iraq is being shown in Bosnia, reports Bosnian Muslim television.

The film is shown in central Bosnia where [the] concentration of radical Islamists is the greatest, reports Bosnian government TV station.

The film is about a mysterious Muslim named Juba who is using a sniper to kill an American soldier once every day. The sniper has been doing this for several years now and each soldier is hit with one bullet in the forehead, the movie shows.

Bosnian TV news show 60 Minutes reports that the mysterious sniper has killed several hundred Americans so far. After each killing, the sniper leaves one shell and a message in Arabic that says “What’s taken by blood cannot be brought back without blood.”

The DVD also says that Bosnian Muslim Jihad veterans from the notorious Bosnian Muslim Army unit El Mujaheed are also volunteers among the Jihadists in Iraq that are killing the Americans.

Clip showing American soldiers falling dead from a sniper

During the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s, United States blamed and then bombed the Bosnian Serbs who were targets of massacres by the El Mujahedeen units and other Bosnian Muslim government forces.

The film about Juba is also sold as a DVD in Bosnia, and is narrated in the so-called Bosnian language, reports Bosnian TV.

Parts of the movie are also available on the Bosnian Muslim religious site islamika.net where it shares space along with Islamic hutbas, or teachings.

Some analysts say that the purpose of the movie is to be used to recruit Bosnian Muslims into al Qaeda.

These analysts say that Bosnian Muslims are especially prized by al-Qaeda leadership because of their European features that can blend into Western society much more easily and be less noticeable during Islamic terrorist planning.

Bosnian TV says that there are increasing number of visits by Wahabis from Austria and Germany into central Bosnia where the film is being shown.

Everyone has probably seen this video on Drudge by now, but it is worth explaining that while the Ringling Brothers Circus as an institution emphasizes ethical treatment of animals, many of those who apply for the low-paying animal-handling jobs are human garbage. And so since the likelihood of hiring trash is high in a circus, it leads directly and therefore systematically to the kind of behavior you see in this video.

It is also worth pointing out that circuses may have had a purpose when there were few amusements for children and families. But today we have countless ways of entertaining ourselves, inside and outside the home, and no longer need the traditional traveling circus shows with their sadistic proclivities.

If you want the kiddies to see animals, take them to a well-reputed zoo. If you want them to see animals doing tricks, turn on Letterman.

As I’ve written repeatedly, this whole enviro doomsday and global warming nonsense is the bogeyman that scared leftists and inept governments which have already surrendered to Islam use to distract from real threats. So here, finally (in May), we have a Muslim leader encouraging precisely this kind of sublimation:

‘Climate Change’ Is the Terrorist the U.S. Should Be Fighting, Muslim Leader Says

The Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare, and on Monday, the agency held the first of two hearings to hear what the public thinks of its finding.

Among the dozens of people offering comments on Monday, one Muslim leader claimed that the war on terror is “really a euphemism” for the battle to control the world’s oil supply.

Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, the director of outreach at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia and the head of government relations for the Muslim Alliance of North America, told EPA officials his comments might be upsetting to some.

“I believe sometimes the war on terror is really a euphemism for the wars for oil and natural gas,” Abdul-Malik said at the all-day comment session held at EPA headquarters in Arlington. “Maybe if it were the Hindus who had oil under their feet there would be Hindu fundamentalists and extremists.”

Abdul-Malik called for the creation of new sources of energy that are clean and renewable: “America has the opportunity once again to lead — to lead the world against the new terror, climate change.” Abdul-Malik said.

The EPA’s finding that greenhouse gases “endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations” — as stated in the Federal Register on Friday – paves the way for the agency to regulate pollution under the Clean Air Act, without waiting for Congress to pass “global warming” legislation.

Some of the speakers at Monday’s hearing urged the EPA to act quickly, even before Congress does.

Now, here comes blaming a scapegoat for the non-existent threat, the bogeyman:

At a midday press conference, environmental activists and two members of Congress blamed former President George W. Bush and the oil and gas industries for the alleged global warming crisis. At the same time, they heaped praise on the Obama administration.

(Rep. Jim) Moran (D-VA) praise[d] the Obama administration for finally recognizing “the importance of global warming“ and for being “ready to use EPA the way it was intended to be used.”

Indeed, the EPA was meant to break the U.S. economy. So that these socialists can turn around and say, “See? We told you capitalism doesn’t work!”

An old but wise email that I’ve kept explains this whole thing:

You wonder why people fear white supremacists more than Islamofascists, La Raza, etc. Liberals tend to be cowards who are always afraid of the wrong things. They are afraid of our president, the Patriot Act, hearing the name of God or Jesus, and global warming. They are afraid of their food, their appliances and their medications. They want to reassure themselves that the big, bad man in the room is some Christian white guy, like John Ashcroft, because deep down they know he poses no real threat. Freud called it displacement.

Leftists are too scared to be scared of the right things. And so they create less scary things to be scared of. And what they were too scared to fear at that comment session at EPA headquarters — but the one thing truly worth fearing — was the 800-pound gorilla in the room, the Muslim leader. The Muslim leader directing them to focus their attention on the environment so the caliphate can proceed unhindered.

There was a whole lot of controversy today over whether Obama gave a girl’s rear end the once-over — or not. A ridiculous thing to have any question about to begin with. I mean, why would a gay man look at a woman’s behind?

Turns out, he didn’t even notice it.

Reports are saying the girl is 17 years old. But she’s from Brazil, so in Brazilian years that’s 45. (They start early over there!)

Anyway, the snapshot of Obama seeming to notice the passing tush is part of a campaign, directed by the first lady and reported last month in “The Globe” tabloid (so it’s up to your discretion), to have Obama look as heterosexual and macho as possible — because Larry Sinclair’s book is coming out this summer. Expect the power of suggestion (today’s incident) to lead to some actual, intentional ogling by the president.

Also part of the campaign is to make Michelle look as gorgeous and desirable as possible, and so Maxim magazine helped out several weeks ago by voting her into its Top 100 hottest women. As I said at the time: I agree that she’s hot. She totally reminds me of a guy I dated when I was 15. No wonder Obama likes her.

My conservative comedy competitor Evan Sayet is having his next semi-monthly performance of “Right to Laugh,” starring himself and a striking female conservative named Al Sonja Schmidt. I heard her act the last time I did the show and was pleasantly surprised, which means unpleasantly surprised, because now I’ve got more competition. And she’s even more interesting than I am, because she’s a black Republican:

(I should have been a black Republican instead of a Jewish one. What a great gimmick! Why didn’t I think of that?!)

Seriously, though, the material in this show is truly excellent, and I can’t say that about any other conservative stand-up comedy I’ve heard aside from my own.

Expect to hear more and more about those ornery “nationalist” Serbs as sanity once again dictates them to break away from Bosnia while the Muslims try to do as in 1992: create an Islamic state that Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs are subject to:

Bosnian Islamic head wants shari’ah as part of constitution

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - June 5, 2009, Friday

Excerpt from report by Zoran Kresic: “Reis Ceric demands that shari’ah becomes part of Constitution”] posted on website of Bosnian edition of Croatian daily Vecernji list, on 5 June

A speech by the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, in which he argued that shari’ah should be institutionalized as an integral part of the Muslim rights has caused numerous reactions, above all regarding the debate about constitutional changes in the country which should be taking place under the auspices of the Prud three [leaders of the three main ethnic parties: Sulejman Tihic, Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic].

“In line with Constitution”

“Shari’ah is a moral code for Muslims, which prompts them to do good and avoid evil. Not just that this is not contrary to the state constitution, whose aim is to ensure the rights of all people regardless of religion and nation and to ensure peace and safety at home, work and street. [sentence as received]

“It is not that important how we shall call the constitution, what matters is that the constitution guarantees, protects and nurtures values without which there can be no coexistence between peoples and nations,” Ceric said during a lecture entitled “Shari’ah and Muslim Social Response in Europe” held at the Catholic Academy in Berlin.

Reis Ceric said “in principle” that shari’ah is not a state constitution, but he linked his argument in favour for turning the religious code of conduct for Muslims into the highest legal act in the state with the suffering of Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims] in Srebrenica!

“The most important thing for the victims of the genocide in Bosnia-Hercegovina was to survive. That is why fears spreading across Europe are groundless since there was no shari’ah rule in Srebrenica,” the head of the Islamic community stressed.

Continuation of Policy

This is a continuation of thinking of the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, who earlier advocated that all Muslims in Europe should have a single political and religious leader. Initiatives like this have been advocated by a section of the Bosniak politicians in B-H earlier. Among the most serious ones is the one voiced in the writings of the late Bosniak leader Alija Izetbegovic, who spoke openly about the Muslim issue through his Islamic Declaration. [passage omitted: shari’ah with roots in Koran]

More on the topic

Shari’ah differs drastically in many paragraphs from the laws in force in western countries, even in countries where the Muslims are in majority.

1. According to shari’ah, women are not allowed to drive cars. Women in Saudi Arabia were recently signing a petition calling for this ruling to be revoked, but there has not been any reaction.

2. Shari’ah strictly bans make up for women.

3. Shari’ah bans men from touching women, unless they are related to them. Punishments for violation of this prescription are drastic.

4. According to shari’ah, Muslim women are strictly banned from marrying someone who is not of their faith. Their husband must be a Muslim.

5. Shari’ah still envisages death by stoning. This sentence is used frequently in Iran. Apart from Iran, several other mainly Middle Eastern countries use these legal prescriptions. Lately mainly African countries, such as Somalia, are introducing shari’ah.

This is from December, but I’ve only gotten to it now. He says it all. The first caller is a good Croatian whose grandfather actually told him the truth about who sided with whom in WW2 (regarding Serbs, Croats AND Albanians). Then there’s an Albanian caller who calls Savage a Nazi, and then another Albanian caller later, plus some intelligence toward the end from a colonel being interviewed by Fox News, which cuts him off, and then an American caller who knows what’s going on. But it’s Savage’s condensed take that is truly hard-hitting, a perfect encapsulation.

This item below was linked on Drudge two weeks ago, but did anyone catch the sentence I’ve bolded?

Bill Clinton: United States growing more diverse (Jun 14)


WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Bill Clinton said Saturday that Americans should be mindful of the nation’s changing demographics, which led to the election of Barack Obama as president.

He told an Arab-American audience of 1,000 people that the U.S. is no longer just a black-white country, nor a country that is dominated by Christians and a powerful Jewish minority, given the growing numbers of Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups here.

Excuse me? What was that? A former president is playing the Jews-control-everything card? We know that Bill Clinton panders to whatever audience is paying him to speak, but he wasn’t even paid for this one. Did anyone else catch this blatant nod to a racial slur, or has it so entered our language and culture lexicons that we’re not supposed to bat an eyelash anymore?