November 2009

Despite our 1999 protestations that Albanians are non-Muslimy — in order to more easily hoodwink Americans into supporting another war on Muslims’ behalf — and then despite our more recent reminders to Albanians that they’re indeed Muslimy and should wear that badge proudly so that jihadists everywhere can see that we’re establishing a Muslim state in the heart of Europe, at least the Albanians are keeping it real:

Kosovo to hold Balkans Quran competition

International Holy Quran reciting competition will be held in Kosovo on November 28.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Kosovars are holding a competition for the best reading of Quran to maintain their Islamic identity.

Quran volunteers in the Balkans will compete for the best reciting of the Holy Quran.

The competition is organized on November 28, 2009 in Kosovo. Contestants from different countries will be able to compete in the competition.

Other than Kosovo, participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey will join the competition.

Organization committee aims to endear the Holy Quran to the Muslim people with this beautiful competition.

I think this is at least the second such beautiful competition Kosovo hosted. But let’s note the date of the Kosovo Koran Kontest: November 28th.

Now there’s an interesting choice of date by Kosovo. Why would a Koran competition in Kosovo be scheduled precisely on the much-celebrated date of Albania’s independence? Which also happens to be the original target date for the unilateral declaration of independence (Nov. 28, 2007).

I wonder if it’s because the last thing that nationalism would do is morph into Islamism.

What does nationalism have to do with the Koran? And what does the Koran have to do with nationalism?

Well I’ll be darned! It appears that “separatist” struggles, or “nationalist” struggles, or “ethnic” struggles, such as the Albanians claim theirs to be, morph into jihad all along. (I wonder if the Palestinians would know something about that):

Caucasus: “It’s not separatism anymore, it’s a jihadist insurgency”

“Four Die in Shoot-Out as Russia Faces Jihadist Threat (Update1),” by Lucian Kim for Bloomberg, September 25:

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) — Three insurgents and one policeman were killed in a gun battle in the southern Russian region of Dagestan, the latest in a wave of attacks rocking the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus region.

The shoot-out took place after police stopped a car for a document check in Dagestan’s capital Makhachkala last night, state television reported today. The number of violent deaths almost tripled this summer as the fight between the authorities and Islamic militants in the North Caucasus also cost the lives of civilian bystanders and human rights activists.

…Prime Minister Vladimir Putin faces the worst instability in the region since he sent troops to subdue a rebellion in Chechnya a decade ago.

“One of the most dramatic results of that war is a joint insurgency operating under central command,” said Tanya Lokshina, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Russia office. “It’s not separatism anymore, it’s a jihadist insurgency.”

So you mean that, like, when Muslims — no matter how non-Muslimy they appear — start a land grab, it really, really, really could become, like, jihad?

As for the rest of the U.S., UN and NATO-empowered Muslimness in the Balkans, an increasing number of non-Muslim Balkan Muslims are celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan:

Muslims in Croatia and Bosnia celebrating Ramadan Bayram

ZAGREB, Sept 21. (Hina). Muslim believers worldwide, including Muslims in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Sunday celebrated Ramadan Bayram or Eid ul-Fitr, one of the biggest religious holiday for the Muslim community.

During ceremonies in the Zagreb mosque on early Sunday morning, the head of the Islamic community in Croatia, Sevko Efendi Omerbasic, expressed satisfaction with a growing number of believers taking part in prayers and fasting during the Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting that precedes the three-day holiday Eid ul-Fitr.

Omerbasic said that the Islamic religious community had not yet been adapted to democratic multiparty systems and that it was still seeking the right model for its promotion and for the promotion of the true Islamic values.

The dignitary expressed satisfaction with plans that the founding stone ceremony for the construction of the mosque in the Croatian seaport of Rijeka would be held in early October.

He said that so far EUR 1 million had been spend for the purchase of the land where the mosque would be built and for the project documentation.

Commenting on the ongoing global financial crisis and recession, Omerbasic said that it was caused by usury and said religious community must fight against that evil. […]

So the head of the non-Muslimy Muslims of Croatia says that the global financial crisis is caused by usury. That is, the standard banking practice of charging interest on loans. Not Muslimy at all. Good thing we helped these worthy, less Muslimy Muslims kill Christians throughout the 90s.

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the Albanian-involved terrorism plots this year. I was about to do a follow-up to the July-announced North Carolina plot that included a Kosovo Albanian and a Bosnian when, late in September, I got word of a bomb plot involving a Macedonia Albanian living in New York. Everyone has of course read all about that, but it needs to be chronicled here as well, since there will be follow-ups. So, belatedly, I bring you Betim Kaziu:

Man accused in overseas murder conspiracy (Sept. 24)

A New York man was indicted Thursday for allegedly conspiring to commit murder overseas and helping terrorists, the U.S. Justice Department said.

The indictment alleges Betim Kaziu, a U.S. citizen, traveled abroad to try to join several terrorist groups, including al-Shabbab, a Somali group with ties to al-Qaida that is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, the department said in a release. He also allegedly tried to travel to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans to fight against U.S. armed forces.

He was arrested in Kosovo by Kosovar law enforcement authorities in late August. […]

Now, before we go getting all excited about the fact that Kosovo “authorities” helped out with this and therefore doesn’t that show that we are indeed building something like a functioning Muslim-majority state that really, really, really will be on our side, let’s shatter that illusion. First of all, this particular Albanian terrorist obviously didn’t enjoy the kind of “protection” from the Kosovo leadership that the Islamists and double-dealing-with-the-jihadis Albanian drug traffickers do. He was just another lone Albanian acting out of passion for his cause, without any high-level connections. Next, consider cosmetics. It’s very important for Kosovo to prove itself at the moment while it’s still trying to gain more international recognitions, and like its ally Croatia trying to get into the EU, it’s perfectly capable of putting on a show. Finally, just look at Saudi Arabia: It’s always arresting terrorists. Does it mean anything when Saudi Arabia helps nab al Qaeda guys?

More on Kaziu here.

Reuters also carried the story, and here is an excerpt from the NY Times:

Brooklyn Man Is Accused of Trying to Aid Terrorists

…Authorities said the man, Betim Kaziu, 21, a former building porter who was born and raised in Brooklyn…made repeated attempts [in Egypt] to buy weapons and tried to join a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda. In addition, authorities said, Mr. Kaziu made efforts to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

In a three-page indictment, unsealed Thursday in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, authorities said Mr. Kaziu eventually made it to Kosovo, where he was arrested by Kosovar law enforcement authorities in late August and returned to the United States.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

The allegations shocked Mr. Kaziu’s family in Brooklyn. “This is totally unlike him,” said a sister, Sihana Kaziu, who added that he was never violent and had a “big heart.” Ms. Kaziu said her brother, a Muslim, did not grow up particularly religious.

One of four siblings, he played football in high school before dropping out, she said. He later got his high school equivalency diploma and around age 18 became interested in the Koran and said he wanted to dedicate his life to God, a prospect that pleased his parents, she said. He told his family that he was going to Egypt to study Arabic, and kept in touch regularly by e-mail.

In August, Mr. Kaziu notified his family to say he was off to Kosovo and Macedonia, the family’s ancestral home, to visit friends and relatives, Ms. Kaziu said. They did not hear from him again for weeks, then learned that he had been arrested with three other men in Kosovo. A foreign news account said the men were arrested on suspicion that they planned to commit terrorist acts, and it said weapons, including two AK-47s and five hand grenades, were found in searches of locations associated with the case.

Ms. Kaziu said her brother told them that he was visiting a friend when the house was raided and that the weapons belonged to his friend’s father. She also said her brother had expressed confidence that he would be acquitted.

This Albanian terror plot came out on the heels of a little-publicized arrest made in Kosovo, and for some reason involving the FBI, in late August:

Kosovo police are questioning four suspects, including a U.S. citizen, about their alleged links with terrorism, they said Friday.

The four were arrested for illegal possession of weapons and endangerment, but “charges could be expanded” to include terrorism, pending an investigation, police spokesman Arber Beka said.

He says police found two Kalashnikov rifles and five hand grenades during the arrests early Friday in the western town of Prizren. Beka declined to comment on allegations in the local media that the suspects are linked to Islamist radicals.

Local media said the raid was executed in cooperation with the FBI, but Beka said police would not confirm or deny that.

Police also seized a laptop computer believed to contain information about the suspects’ plans.

Now check out the sequence of the remaining paragraphs:

The arrests come a month after Kosovo police said they shared information with the FBI investigation that led to the arrest of a Kosovar in the United States, accused of plotting with six Americans to carry out terror attacks in other countries.

Earlier this year three ethnic Albanian brothers from the former Yugoslavia were each sentenced to life terms without parole for plotting to kill military personnel at New Jersey’s Fort Dix. The men were arrested in May 2007.

Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians are staunch supporters of the U.S. and see America as the driving force behind Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia last year.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha: “Albanians-were-caught-in-a-terrorist-plot-after-another-Albanian-plotted-other-attacks-which-was-after-three-more-Albanians-were-sentenced-for-plotting-to-kill-soldiers-Albanians-are-pro-American.”

Just to keep you on track in case your mind starts wandering to any obvious conclusions.

So now we can get to the follow-up on the summer’s North Carolina plot, which came the same day that news of this Brooklyn Albanian’s arrest did. What the two have in common, aside from being Albanian-Americans, is that they were targeting U.S. servicemen:

U.S. terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base (Sep 24, 2009)

Two men charged in North Carolina last month with plotting terrorist attacks overseas also planned to attack the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, authorities said on Thursday.


The two were among seven suspects arrested in August for conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and for conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure people overseas.

A new indictment unveiled on Thursday charged Daniel Patrick Boyd, the group’s alleged ringleader, and Hysen Sherifi “with conspiring to murder U.S. military personnel” in connection with the planned assault on the Marine Corps base, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Raleigh said in a statement.

It offered no details, except to say that Boyd had undertaken reconnaissance of Quantico and obtained maps of the base in order to plan the attack.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Boyd also possessed armor piercing ammunition, and had stated that it was “to attack the Americans.”

(Of course, the armor-piercing ammunition would be superfluous in Kosovo, where our troops patrol without armor.)

“These additional charges hammer home the grim reality that today’s home-grown terrorists are not limiting their violent plans to locations overseas, but instead are willing to set their sights on American citizens and American targets, right here at home,” U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding said.

All seven suspects in the North Carolina case were denied bail after a hearing in Raleigh last month at which prosecutors played FBI recordings as evidence that they had discussed waging “jihad” as part of a conspiracy to conduct attacks in foreign nations.

Boyd is a U.S. citizen and Sherifi is a native of Kosovo and a legal permanent resident of the United States.

But don’t fret! Here to reassure you is the AP’s resident Albanian, to underscore that for this Albanian-included plot disruption as well, the Kosovo “government” helped out:

Kosovo police helped FBI in US terror probe


PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) - Kosovo police said Thursday they cooperated with the FBI investigation that led to the arrest of a Kosovar in the United States who has been accused of plotting with six Americans to carry out terror attacks in other countries.

See? Kosovo, Albanians, Albania, Macedonian-Albanians — they’re not that bad. This relationship is doable. But I’m still waiting for discovery of all the plots by our Serbian “enemies.”

Police also said Hysen Sherifi, 24, a native of Kosovo and a legal U.S. resident, had no criminal record in Kosovo and was not considered to have been a security threat here.

Sherifi was the only non-U.S. citizen of the people who were arrested on Monday in the U.S. state of North Carolina…An eighth suspect is believed to be in Pakistan.

“For the moment there are no indications or information that there could be any threat of a potential terrorist attack in our country,” Kosovo police spokesman Besim Hoti said of Sherifi and the other suspects being held in North Carolina.

That’s because you’re not a country, Dingbat. Of course, in what is “your” country — Serbia — 95% of Kosovo is that threat.

He also said in an interview that police had cooperated with the FBI by giving it information on Sherifi, adding that “our notes had registered no criminal background for this person.”

That’s because he’s probably only ever killed, robbed, or raped Serbs, which doesn’t result in a criminal record.

…Sherifi’s grandfather and his neighbors said they could not believe the 24 year old could have been plotting terrorism in the United States, a country that is loved in Kosovo for leading the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia that ended its rule in Kosovo.

Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, just a few paragraphs up — from the family of the NY Albanian’s plot. And from relatives of the Fort Dix Albanian plotters. (”They shouldn’t dare throw a stone at America” — after all, America killed and robbed the Serbs for us!)

“I do not believe he is one of them,” Baki Sherifi, the suspect’s grandfather, told AP Television News. “This is something unbelievable. We live in this neighborhood for centuries, and the whole family never expected such news. We are all shocked. What more can I say?,” the tearful 70 year old said outside his mosque in Gnjilane, 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital.

Hmm, an old Albanian — at a mosque. Why would a 70-year-old “non-religious-Balkan-Muslims” Albanian be busying himself with a mosque? And please note also where in Kosovo this suspect hails from: Gnjilane. A post introducing readers to the significance of Gnjilane to come…

Like many other Kosovars, Hysen Sherifi, his parents and his two sisters had moved to the United States 10 years ago during the Kosovo war. Last year, he was married, and his wife is expecting a baby.

Just like the Ft. Dix Albanians. Thank you, Hillary and Bill! Any more of this, and we’ll have to start importing Serbian “war criminals” to take care of it.

Police said Hysen, who was visiting Kosovo a year ago, was expected to return early next month and join his relatives after they got back from a vacation in neighboring Albania.

“Everybody in the neighborhood is shocked. We feel sorry for the family. We cannot believe that has happened,” said Hakim Rasimi, who lives near Baki Sherifi in Gnjilane.

He lives in Gnjilane, and he can’t believe it. Recall the even greater indignation of the Ft. Dix plotters’ relatives.

Other family members, who have been following the case closely on television and the Internet, declined to be interviewed until charges have been filed in the case in North Carolina.

To help Albanians and American politicians cope with this spate of negative press for Albanians, some Serbs were arrested the same week. Also known as: “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! HERE — LOOK AT THIS INSTEAD”:

EU police arrest four Kosovo Serbs for war crimes

PRISTINA, Sept 23 (Reuters) - European Union police in Kosovo arrested four Kosovo Serbs on Wednesday suspected of committing war crimes, the EU police and justice mission said.

A spokeswoman for the mission, EULEX, said the suspects had been arrested on the orders of [a] EULEX prosecutor near the town of Gnjilane in eastern Kosovo, but gave no further details.

An estimated 8,000 to 12,000 [sic] civilians were killed in Kosovo in 1998-99, the great majority Albanians, as Serb forces tried to suppress a separatist guerrilla insurgency, and were then forced to leave Kosovo by a NATO bombing campaign.

Shortly after the bombing began, more than 800,000 Albanians fled or were driven from their homes.

Be still, my heart. Let’s re-read that: Those 800,000 Albanians fled AFTER the bombing campaign began? Well how about that! This is the first time I’m seeing something that’s at least trying to be more accurate than the usual “Serbs expelled 800,000 Albanians and so we bombed”-type thing. And in a report on alleged Serbian war criminals, no less! So actual chronology of events is starting to sneak its way into press reports, 10 years later. It was shocking enough in 2007 when they started doing as the report does above — writing that Serbs were putting down an insurgency, as opposed to just trying to get rid of Albanians.

Meanwhile, notice that the EULEX judge issuing the order for the arrest of the Serbs is in Gnjilane, meaning that the word ‘Gnjilane’ has finally hit American news reports, by virtue of the North Carolina Albanian being from Gnjilane — and by virtue of this:

Serbia tries Kosovo ex-rebels for war crimes

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - Seventeen former Kosovo rebels went on trial Wednesday before the Serbian war crimes court, charged with murder, rape and torture of Serb civilians in 1999.

Nine of the men were arrested in December in a predominantly Albanian-populated region of Serbia bordering Kosovo. Eight of the suspects are at large and were accused in absentia.

The indictment accuses the men of the kidnapping of 153 Serbs and the deaths of at least 80 of them in the eastern Kosovo town of Gnjilane following Kosovo’s war for independence.

They are charged with “murder, rape, detention, mutilation, torture and looting,” the indictment said. The charges carry up to 20 years in jail.

Bruno Vekaric, the spokesman for Serbia’s war crimes prosecution, said the trial brings with it a “high risk” of retaliation by Albanians against the Serbs and other witnesses who still live in the region.

The war in Kosovo - then a province of Serbia - began with an ethnic Albanian separatist rebellion and ended after a 78-day NATO bombing campaign that forced Serbia’s army and police to pull out of Kosovo.

After the war ended, the suspects allegedly launched retaliatory attacks against the Serb minority in Kosovo, where 90 percent of the population is ethnic Albanian.

I think the reporter meant to write “…the suspects launched “alleged retaliatory” attacks.” Otherwise it sounds like he has no idea whether Albanians went on a killing spree or not — when even NATO personnel and U.S. politicians were openly reporting on the out-of-control “revenge-killing” that was going on. What is “alleged” is that these were revenge or “retaliatory” attacks. Since you can’t exactly “retaliate” against something you started. Especially by drowning an old lady. Most likely, the word “allegedly” is being used because any time the Serbs relate confirmed information, or engage in prosecutions against non-Serbs, the charges can only be a Serbian ‘claim.’ As opposed to Albanian- or Bosnian-disseminated ‘fact.’

The piece ends with the following:

…In a related development, Serbian police said they found a large weapons cache in the tense south of the country near the border with Macedonia.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, who heads the police, said Wednesday the weapons included two rocket launchers, anti-tank mines, 16 grenades, a machine gun and ammunition.

Dacic said the weapons were discovered in a pit on state property about 300 meters (yards) from the Macedonian border.

Serbia’s south, which borders Macedonia and Kosovo, was the scene of an ethnic Albanian rebellion in 2000-2001. The unrest ended in a peace plan but tensions have simmered since.

Stay tuned to find out more about the nature of those “tensions.” Meanwhile, this “Serbian south” they keep mentioning refers to either the Sandzak region or the Presevo Valley area. During the rebellion in the latter in 2000-2001, you naturally heard nothing about a rebellion taking place. Because the last thing our government and media needed was for Americans to start asking questions about what it was that we’d just helped Albanians do in Kosovo, if they immediately moved on to Presevo Valley. For the same reason, Americans heard almost as little about the Macedonia insurrection of 2001 that Albanians moved on to like clockwork.

The Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija had an obvious and important point to make about the arrest of the four Serbs suspected of war crimes:

Empirical practice also reveals that not a single crime against the Serbs or other non-Albanians has been processed and resolved since 1999. We still do not know who murdered the Stolic family, the children in Goraždevac, fourteen harvesters in Staro Gacko, who planted a bomb on the Podujevo-Priština bus, and many other crimes.

The logical conclusion after all that is that the justice in Kosovo and Metohija is selective and guided only by one’s ethnicity.

*A name like Llazar Semini requires explanation, since the first name is recognizably Serbian, but given that extra Albanian “L”. Nebojsa Malic explains:

A number of today’s Albanians (or “Kosovars” or whatever) are actually Albanized Serbs, also known as “Arnautash”. These were people pressured into not only accepting Islam, but identifying themselves as Albanians, during the latter stages of Ottoman rule (1700s+). As you can imagine, this produced some rather schizophrenic results, as these people became more militant than actual Albanians, yet retained some elements of Serbian culture and tradition (e.g. epic poetry and gusle, patron saints, etc.). Of course, those elements were twisted and corrupted, to the point where pro-Albanian activist Anna DiLellio writes with a straight face that epic poetry of these “Albanians” is “proof” that it was in fact Albanians who fought the Turks in Kosovo!

This fellow is without a doubt an Arnautash, with a name like that.

So just as the principality of Pec is Albanized to “Peja,” and Kosovo is Albanized to “Kosova,” so was Lazar Albanized to “Llazar.”

It’s when two seemingly unrelated news items make headlines in the same week that one can really formulate some jokes. I read about how the producer of “Matrix” is planning a biopic of Muhammad:

Producer Barrie Osborne cast Keanu Reeves as the messiah in The Matrix and helped defeat the dark lord Sauron in his record-breaking Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now the Oscar-winning American film-maker is set to embark on his most perilous quest to date: making a big-screen biopic of the prophet Muhammad.

Budgeted at around $150m (£91.5m), the film will chart Muhammad’s life and examine his teachings.

Osborne told Reuters that he envisages it as “an international epic production aimed at bridging cultures. The film will educate people about the true meaning of Islam”.

No, I think the “protesters” bombing the set will educate people about the true meaning of Islam.

Osborne’s production will reportedly feature English-speaking Muslim actors. It is backed by the Qatar-based production company Alnoor Holdings, who have installed the Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi to oversee all aspects of the shoot. In accordance with Islamic law, the prophet will not actually be depicted on screen. […]

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sounds like a remake of the 2000 movie “Hollow Man.” Playing an invisible man, Kevin Bacon also got to rape people without being seen.

Anyway, here we’re being told yet again how great Islam is. But the very same week brought us news about a case in which the judge tells a woman that her husband who is trying to kill their daughter needs to be “re-educated” to “renounce his Islamic understanding of [adultery].”

Why would anything Islamic — meaning awesome — need to be renounced?

Here was the Jihad Watch item on it:

… “Exclusive: Sharia Infiltrates German Courts, Schools, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” by Dr. Sami Alrabaa at Family Security Matters, April 6 (thanks to Pamela):

Once again a German court ruled by referring to [Sharia law], which predominantly incites to denigration of women, hatred, violence.

Most recently, Lisa, a German woman (46) married to an Egyptian, called the police seeking protection for herself and her 17-year-old daughter from assaults by her husband. Magdi, Lisa’s husband, threatened to kill their daughter who had been raped by a man. Magdi, a practicing Muslim, believes that his daughter committed “Zena” (adultery). He told his wife that he was always suspicious of his daughter who clandestinely had a German boyfriend. Lisa filed a divorce case against her husband, and requested deporting him.

The judge, Matthias Rau, at a court in Hanover, Germany, ruled (January 21, 2009), Lisa had to wait for at least one year before she is legally divorced. Her husband cannot be deported. “He must be re-educated, in hopes he would renounce his Islamic understanding of ‘Zena,’” the judge said.

The German judge argued, “Muslims have a different understanding of rape than Europeans, and this must be taken into account.” […]

As Robert Spencer cites, “Islamic law regarding rape requires four male Muslim witnesses to establish that it happened, as per Qur’an 24:13.”

That’s right, Folks: It just ain’t rape unless it’s gang rape.


A recent top yahoo news item was about why the filmmakers behind the new film release “2012″ skipped blowing up that boxy thing in the middle of Mecca:

The One Place on Earth Not Destroyed in ‘2012′ (Nov. 3)

…For “2012,” [director Roland] Emmerich set his sites on destroying [some of the] biggest landmarks around the world, from Rome to Rio. But there’s one place that Emmerich wanted to demolish but didn’t: the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure located in the center of Mecca. It’s the focus of prayers and the site of the Hajj, the biggest, most important pilgrimage in Islam.

“Well, I wanted to do that, I have to admit,” the filmmaker told “But my co-writer Harald [Kloser] said, ‘I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie.’ And he was right.”

Emmerich went on: “We have to all, in the western world, think about this. You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have … a fatwa, and that sounds a little bit like what the state of this world is. So it’s just something which I kind of didn’t [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out.”

Emmerich has no qualms about wrecking other major landmarks, however. The massive dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican rolls on top of a crowd of churchgoers. The huge Christ the Redeemer statue that looms over Rio de Janeiro disintegrates. And, of course, the White House gets crushed when a wave drops the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy on top of it. […]

I was shocked to see such an “Islamophobic” article so prominently linked on the Yahoo! home page, so pathetically enough this is actually progress. Emmerich was also politically incorrect enough to refer to the consequences of destroying “an Arab symbol”, which essentially dismisses all Arabs as crazy when in fact it’s a mutually feeding craziness between Islam and Arab culture. The symbol is actually Muslim, which many Arabs are not. However, it’s true that Islam corrupts the Arab soul, and Arabism intensifies Islam’s insanity. Robert Spencer had a different and probably more accurate take than mine on Emmerich’s use of the term “Arabic symbol”:

“Arab” is not the point. “Muslim” is. Emmerich knows innocent people could be killed because of this, and rather than stand up and call for sanity from Muslims and law enforcement from non-Muslims, he takes the dhimmi way out, destroying a Christian symbol instead. For while he would almost certainly avow moral equivalence if asked, he really knows better. As do many others.

Of course, the problem with doing as Emmerich does — acting based on these realities — is that you cement those realities. We’ve been acting all along as if the Muslims have already taken over, even when they were just testing the post-9/11 waters, and giving them more than we have to, and often more than they ask — for now. This of course creates a sense of entitlement to engage in and/or continue precisely the behavior we’ve encouraged.

Madrid-based legal scholar Juan F. Carmona y Choussat put it well last year:

“Is censorship regaining its grounds in the heart of Europe?” he asked in an article written for the Strategic Studies Group think tank. “How far will Europeans go to defend freedom of expression? What are the limits of this freedom where Islam is concerned?”

What does seem clear, Carmona said, is that “once you give up a bit preventively, chances are you will only be hated more.”

Further to the point of cementing realities, what do we think it says to Muslim audiences when they see Western landmarks being destroyed by god’s wrath as depicted by our own self-loathing art — while their symbols are left intact?

The Emmerich interview gives me an excuse to also bring up something we should ask ourselves: Why is it OK to tear down a relgion that liberates the world, but not OK to tear down a religion that enslaves it? Though this naturally makes sense by definition, we should be aware that that’s what we’re doing.

Robert Spencer touches on yet something else I’ve wanted to bring up for a while when he writes, “Emmerich knows innocent people could be killed because of this, and rather than stand up and call for sanity from Muslims and law enforcement from non-Muslims, he takes the dhimmi way out, destroying a Christian symbol instead.”

Indeed, there has been similar behavior from Western media and Western governments when it comes to this. They are precisely *not* calling for sanity from Muslims, or for vigilant law enforcement. I’ll never forget how when several European countries had published the Muhammad cartoons, to show solidarity with the Danish newspaper and to stand up for free speech, a U.S. State Dept. spokesman — receiving praise from one Muslim figure or another for the fact that no American papers had followed suit (at that point) — proudly replied something like: “That’s because in the United States we respect religion.”

It would have been flabbergasting, if it weren’t already so par for the course. On that point, I stumbled onto a youtube video that goes to the heart of the matter. It was a response to Random House last year pulling the novel about Muhammad’s first wife Aisha (The Jewel of Medina) when threats started coming from Muslims. It was titled “How is Islam Not Already Controlling the USA?” Here is an excerpt from Part 2:

Occasionally there comes a time in history when a seemingly insignificant event can change the whole destiny of a nation…I’ve had responses to the fact that I mentioned the word “coward” in Part I…People have said that they understand how ordinary people at Random House are not supposed to be the ones on the front line within their own country…

Here I would just respond that what makes the current world war unique is that we are all on the front lines. We are all in a position to fight and have an opportunity to be warriors. Doing our part is the least we can do in the face of the sacrifices of our young men and women fighting on the real front line. The narrator continues:

Where is this great nation now when its citizens really need it?…What use is it to the people inside America that tens of billions of dollars [and thousands of lives] are being spent in fighting against intimidation in distant lands when its own flesh and blood cannot even go about their legal and constitutional day-by-day business without the very real terror of imminent death? How can its politicians sleep in their beds? How can they look themselves in the mirror? How can they have any sense of dignity or even a sense that they are earning their public-funded wages when the hour is already come, and gone, that they should have leapt into action and placed all its available resources between the violent freedom-haters and those good, honest and hard-working Americans who simply wish to exercise their right to free expression?

Indeed, it does seem like we’ve made a deal with the devil. It’s as though we’re saying, “OK, if you loosen things up a little on your side of the world, we’ll tighten things up a little on our end.”

But here the video gets to something even more critical — a possible solution that neither the government, nor the equally cowardly media or public, has lifted a finger toward implementing: The concept of spreading the risk around:

I understand the fear that these ordinary people have — fear for themslves, fear for their families…I don’t know what the U.S. government is going to do about this. Perhaps organize dozens of publishers to print the book and all future books that might offend Islam — spread the risk so that there simply is no way of targeting one organization or one small group of individuals. Perhaps even the government publishing it themselves to prove that they stand by the people, for the people…

If the U.S. government doesn’t stand up now and do something very public to support freedom of speech in this particular case of Sherry Jones and her book The Jewel of Medina, then I fear that the USA is no longer being controlled from the White House. It, like much of Europe, will have succumbed to the vicarious control of Saudi Arabia and the monsters that similar political theocracies are spawning…

Don’t let the government give away everything that those before you fought and died for. You do not own your freedoms and liberties. Your forefathers fought and died so that they could make you the custodians of these glorious gifts. So that you in turn, having taken good care of them, could hand them on safe and in tact to future generations.

I often lament the solitude of doing anti-jihad humor, which I feel like I’m the only one doing. It certainly keeps a comic ostrasized and unemployed. To one audience last year that was at first hesitant to laugh — for even that feels dangerous now — I implored, “Come on, People. You’ve heard of suicide bombers — well I’m the suicide comic. Please laugh now, since I may not be around much longer.” They loosened up, and appreciated the courageous jokes.

Of course, if the thousands and thousands of other comedians out there were to decide to start doing their jobs in this age of jihad by doing material that’s relevant to the Islam-dominated headlines, and by being the sages who stand up to evil — as many comics purport to be — then it would certainly reduce my risk, wouldn’t it? It might even help the public stop blocking out the reality at its door. For, while audiences did have an appetite in the immediate months and years after 9/11 for knocking Muslims the way comedians knock other groups of human beings for attributes that are distinct to those groups, the comics didn’t capitalize on it. Such that now the public has lost its taste for it and cowers in fear when faced with the subject from a comedy stage. And so what we have is that the more people Muslims kill, the less we can even make fun of them.

If we can’t so much as laugh at the enemy, how do we expect to fight it? From the looks of things, however, the plan seems to be not to fight it, but to join it. Indeed, jokes about how Americans are trying to deal with the ubiquitous threat — for example, via new security measures by flight crews or passengers just bursting into tears when someone who looks like Osama is sitting on the plane, go over much better with audiences who are the very targets of the intimidation and violence.

But my main point concerns the very similar behavior between government and media in how they treat those who are talking back. Instead of increasing the ranks of those who take the risk — by government and media figures taking on their part of the risk and thereby spreading it, as the narrator suggests — they isolate the risk-takers and even make a pariah out of them. Last year security expert Steven Emerson illustrated this phenomenon:

New Danish Book Draws Jihadist Ire

It is an equation becoming all too familiar. A new book released in Europe contains essays critical of Islam and illustrations of the Prophet Mohammed. In response, some are calling for blood. Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard’s book Groft Sagt (Rough Talk), was released in Denmark Monday.

An Israeli security center is sounding the alarm about calls for a violent backlash after noticing a series of incendiary posts on jihadist web sites…His book is being used by jihadists looking for an excuse to justify their violence. “It is quite obvious that they think it is the right moment to strike a new offensive against Denmark and against free speech. It could be anything. This is planned. This is orchestrated.”

In February, Danish police arrested three men suspected of planning to kill Westergaard, who had been forced into hiding after the 2005 publication of his Mohammed illustrations.

These incidents make it more important to continue issuing work that may offend some people, Hedegaard said. “The point has to be made again and again. We live in a country with free speech. Unless we make this point again and again, every day, we don’t have free speech.”

Hedegaard’s newspaper, Berlinske Tidende, let him go earlier this year. His bosses told him he was getting boring and repetitive but he said he thinks they were bowing to pressure from his critics. As the new controversy brews, he said he feels he has strong public support, but felt Danish journalists and academics were either passive or hostile toward him.

Despite the controversy and the threats accompanying it, Hedegaard vowed to continue speaking his mind. Whether those threats should ever target him personally is not something he thinks about.

“I cannot live that way,” he said. “I might as well be dead. It’s like dying before you die… Death is when you are forced to shut up. I don’t want them to shut me up before I die physically.”

Of course, the ultimate example of one citizen standing alone in defense of the First Amendment is Rachel Ehrenfeld. In what should have been the case of the century, and the story of the century, Ehrenfeld took on libel tourism, which one American publisher after another was buckling to regardless of the unconstitutional nature of English laws affecting American citizens. Her one-woman struggle led to a New York State law and a Federal law being passed, to keep Americans’ free speech rights safe from England’s anti-free-speech laws. This should not have been a lone, and quiet, case.

I’ll close with a short story about a conversation I had in May with my former literary agent when I mentioned the curtailing of free speech in this country. What I had in mind when making the off-hand comment, of course, was not only the libel tourism laws affecting the publishing world, and not only the threat of violence causing publishers to pull books, but also the very real efforts to literally criminalize criticism of Islam. (Which started two years ago at the UN, and President Obama has been approached by CAIR to “act against the ‘denigration’ of Islam in newspaper columns, on talk radio and in religious sermons nationwide.”)

So it was with all this Islamic curtailing of our rights in mind that I made a comment at lunch with this agent about how scary things are right now in terms of what we “can” and “can’t” say anymore. In response, she looked at me blankly for a moment and then related the following instance to me, to show that she knew what I was talking about:

“Oh yes,” she chirped brightly in her Australian accent, “it really is scary right now. I was in line at the security check at the airport and there was a sign that said ‘No joking allowed at security.’ Can you imagine?”

Let me underscore that this stupid woman is in publishing — her passion and livelihood depend on free speech. And yet she refers me to a sign at an airport, posted there because of too many people making too many terrorism-related cracks to a staff that is already very tense from a combination of having to be both vigilant and at the same time catatonic (politically correct) in responding to what they’re being vigilant about. What made her “example” of free speech incursion all the more striking is that when I’d expressed a similar lamentation about diminishing free speech to someone else a few months earlier (I don’t remember who), the response was almost identical. That person said something like, “Oh yeah, I know what you mean: They almost detained me at the airport when they were going through my bag by hand and I said, ‘Well I’m not a terrorist.’ Man, you can’t say anything anymore.”

These are the pod people. Ripe for the takeover. Turning a blind eye to the very real incursions into the First Amendment being made by an alien ideology, from a foreign soil, they instead continue straining themselves to point the finger at U.S.-based authority figures, such as the controlled environment that one encounters at airports.

Did anyone else find it funny that on the day of the Fort Hood massacre Obama was telling us to not jump to conclusions about the probable ethno-religious-ideological background of the shooter? Was this really coming from the man who, upon hearing that his pal was arrested in Boston last summer, said that the Boston Police Department “acted stupidly”?

Good thing we have an “intelligent president,” huh?

Personally I would never jump to any silly conclusions about a massacre on a military base, such as thinking the shooter wasn’t Muslim.

And check this out: Fort Hood shooter was member of Homeland Security Panel advising Obama. And of course there’s this: Obama Appoints 2 Devout Muslims to Homeland Security Posts

For all the Truthers’ worries that “9/11 was an inside job,” they just elected the inside job.

To “explain” the attack, the possibility that Nidal Malik Hasan has a mental disorder is being brought into the equation. As we know, a lot of mental health professionals — which the shooter was — are stricken with mental disorders themselves, which is often what interests them in the mental health field to begin with. The other thing we know is that Islam is a mental disorder. Making Hasan a doubly classic case.

The Palestinian shooter’s parents had been against his going into the military, but no doubt they’re proud of him now.

The heroic Slavenka Drakulic wrote the following about the Clinton statue in Kosovo — entirely missing the whole point of Bill Clinton, and the whole point of Kosovo:

The former US president should have been too embarrassed to attend a ceremony in Kosovo with unpleasant historical echoes

…[W]hat should we make out of people cheering a newly erected 11ft high 2,000lb statue of another “beloved leader” now? No, not in North Korea, China or Cuba – but in a newly independent democratic Kosovo…As the red cover was removed, Clinton could see his younger self sprayed with gold, with a left hand raised, a typical gesture of a leader greeting the masses. In his right hand he is holding documents engraved with the date when Nato started the bombardment of Serbia, 24 March 1999.

It is true that Clinton deserves gratitude. Without US involvement in ending the war in Bosnia in 1995 (while EU states stood by and watched the carnage) – the end would have been more uncertain.

OK, so she’s apparently also confused about Bosnia — like about the fact that the U.S. actually caused the war to happen when Ambassador Warren Zimmermann encouraged Bosnian fundamentalist president Alija Izetbegovic to remove his signature from the 1992 Lisbon Agreement, with a wink and a nod that the U.S. would have his back. The Lisbon Agreement was about to accomplish what the Dayton Accords did, but without bloodshed. I also find it hard to see how one could still be applauding helping Muslims in an aggressive war against Christians that was the great Islamic galvanizer that globalized al Qaeda.

Then, after the Albanian exodus started in March 1999, the Nato’s bombing campaign followed, stopping the persecution of ethnic Albanians in Serbia.

This woman has as much of a clue about Kosovo as my grocery clerk. Not only is her chronology off as she implies that the Albanians were fleeing because of Serbian actions, but she is still referring to the “persecution” of the Albanians when everyone knows — even if everyone still lies — that the Yugoslavian government was targeting insurgents and clearing out areas where civilians could get caught in the crossfire between the army and the terrorists. The “persecution,” of course, was what we called the “voluntary” boycott that all Albanians had to engage in as they built up a parallel society in anticipation of stealing a chunk of land from Serbia — and called this “exclusion” Serbian “repression.”

But one wonders if there was not another, perhaps more appropriate way of expressing gratitude? Wouldn’t the name of the main boulevard in Pristina be enough? Kosovars are not the only one involved in this odd practice: several years ago Croats erected a statue to Hans-Dietrich Genscher, then the foreign minister of Germany, which recognised Croatian independence first.

Appropriateness and subtlety isn’t exactly the Albanian way when someone helps them do their killing. Isn’t Drakulic from the region while I’m not? Why do I know more about the Albanian mentality than she does? Especially since she sees enough of a parallel with how the Croatians behaved toward the Nazi — I mean, German — who revivied their Hitler state? Getting that big a prize — just like the U.S. resurrecting the Hitler-defined borders of Greater Albania — isn’t going to elicit a classy kind of thanks from the Nazis you just handed a victory to. The only people who are surprised by these over-the-top reactions are those who don’t realize what we’ve done. In Croatia, or in Kosovo.

There is something pathetic in building such monuments to living people today. It smacks of a long tradition of the personality cult during communism – a sad and (one would have hoped) outdated practice. In Clinton’s case, the statue is even gilded, as an angel in a church or Enver Hoxha, who also had a gilded statue in Tirana, a long time ago.

Aside from aesthetic and historical considerations, was the erection of the Clinton statue really a politically smart gesture now, when Serbia and Kosovo need to find a way of living together in a peaceful and civilised way? Albanians must be aware that, by engraving the date of the bombardment of Serbia, they could antagonise their neighbouring country – as well as their own Serbian minority. Paradoxically, it was Clinton himself who urged Kosovars to build a multiethnic country.

Apparently, Drakulic has missed the whole point of the new Kosovo — and of all the other monuments lining the “democratic” province — erected in honor of the terrorist heroes who slaughtered and dismembered the “multi” part of that phrase, but simply didn’t finish the job. Hence the “multi-ethnic” “country.” As for the “urging” that she attributes to Bill Clinton, apparently she doesn’t even know that this is just lip service so we can push through the supremacist Greater Albania agenda. As we know, the whole point of the NATO operation was to empty the place of Serbs. Unfortunately, nobody told the hapless NATO troops, who were and are caught in the middle trying to protect and resettle them and — alternately — keep them subdued when they start to resist their ill fate.

There is another nagging question: why does Clinton feel the need for this kind of worshipping? By accepting such a gesture, he only proved that his ego is at least the size of his statue. The former American president should have known better.

Has she never been introduced to the concept of Bill Clinton? Only NOW he proves the size of his ego to Ms. Drakulic? “He should have known better”? Whom is she talking about? Especially now, upstaged by a bigger, blacker and equally charismatic dictator aspirant, Bill needs worship even more than before. He’s sorely missing it. As I said in my recent video where I played Bill Clinton responding to Obama’s Nobel: “Norway, do you even have black people over there? Or is that why you’re kissing the asses of ours? Even Obama can see through it, you know. I mean, there’s only so much fawning a person can take. Unless you’re me, of course.”

So, Ms. Drakulic, allow me to introduce you to Bill Clinton. And to Albanians. Neither of which you seem to know anything about. To make the understatement of the century, they’re both kind of…well…tacky. So a golden statue showcasing the date of our ethnic cleansing of the “multi” part of the multi-ethnic society is actually quite appropriate for this tacky twosome. Welcome to the world, Ms. Drakulic.

A final note about the Clinton monument: I’d have thought that any statue of Bill Clinton would have been nude, no? Indeed, how can you erect a Bill Clinton statue without the erection?

In a monumental cover-up that only begins to approximate the colossal, decentralized conspiracy that brought you an Islamic Bosnia and a KKKLA Kosovo and revived Hitler’s Independent State of Croatia, our “security” and “intelligence” agencies, along with all of Congress, have been keeping from you the obvious fact that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was an al-Qaeda plot involving several Iraqis. It was because of the Clinton-directed coverup of Oklahoma City that the Bush administration couldn’t tell you the real Iraq-9/11 connection, and why during the pre-Iraq hearings all that Dick Cheney could manage was: “There’s a connection. There’s a connection.”

Oklahoma-based investigative reporter Jayna Davis was all over national media in 2002 about this, but then disappeared from the airwaves when no one was interested in pursuing her story to its logical conclusion: that our law enforcement agencies are just as capable of doing the opposite of protecting us.

The night before the start of Tim McVeigh’s trial in 1997, she tendered her resignation at her ABC-affiliate station KFOR-TV that had recently been bought by the NY Times, which had no intention of publicizing a Middle East connection to the bombing. Only Bill Clinton’s Rush Limbaugh connection.

Not only were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols front men for an extensive Middle Eastern operation that included mostly Iraqis but also Palestinians and others, but on pages 270-71 of her 2004 book The Third Terrorist, Davis reports what American troops found when they arrived in Afghanistan in October 2001:

Validation arrived in October 2001 when President Bush deployed U.S. troops to eradicate the fanatical ruling Taliban in Afghanistan. Strewn across the basement floor of a Kabul mansion which once housed a hideout and makeshift headquarters for bin Laden loyalists was a do-it-yourself guidebook to construct an “Oklahoma-style” bomb. A Bosnian soldier in the Al-Qaeda army of terrorists had penned the step-by-step instructions and components needed to replicate the Murrah Building explosive device.

What a shocking discovery that Timothy McVeigh’s legendary bomb-making skills were referenced halfway around the world, being emulated as an effective technique in the terrorists’ toolbox! Imagine the incredulity on the faces of bin Laden’s devotees upon hearing they would implement a bomb formula which McVeigh perfected through exhaustive research from a book checked out at a Kingman, Arizona, public library. In the sage words of Stephen Jones that McVeigh “couldn’t blow up a rock,” the Afghanistan find transformed the Justice Department’s “lone bomber” theory into a work of science fiction.

On June 11, 2001 — the two-year anniversary of the official “end” of our latest war against Serbs as we fortified “their” enemies — Timothy McVeigh was executed. That night, America closed its eyes and soundly went to sleep. We woke up exactly three months later.

The unanimous glee over McVeigh’s execution had to do not only with the “whiteness” of the terrorist, but also with the fact that he would take his secrets with him — and even the mainstream news accounts at the time revealed that there was much he wasn’t revealing. The public and our law enforcement were happy to not look any deeper, affording ourselves some denial and the illusion of safety. But the attack to take place three months later would lead investigators right back to Bosnia, where five of the 9/11 hijackers trained, fought, or had citizenship — and to Albania and Kosovo.

I think it’s a cross between irony and poetic justice. But of all the yummy chickens-coming-home-to-roost situations that one expects, and duly gets, with regard to the Kosovo issue (the Russia/Georgia war was just one), I couldn’t have foreseen, nor asked for, something as delectable as the notion of Bill Clinton — “liberator” of Kosovo — being sent to the Middle East to make sure that his Kosovo scenario isn’t repeated with the Israelis and Palestinians. That is, to make sure that his Kosovo precedent isn’t used as a precedent. Debka File has the story:

Obama Enlists Both Clintons to stop a Palestinian state
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, November 14, 2009

Bill Clinton heads from Kosovo to Ramallah

After US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton warned Mahmoud Abbas on Oct. 31 that he was going against the wishes of president Barack Obama, the White House hauled out a heavy contingent of big American guns to make him see reason. They visit Ramallah Sunday, Nov. 15, to lean hard on him to back off his plan for a unilateral declaration of the Islamic Republic of Palestinian within 1967 or 1949 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, following the Kosovo example of 2008, according DEBKAfile’s Washington and Jerusalem sources.

Obama took advantage of the Sadan Forum’s sixth session taking place in Jerusalem Saturday to assign key participants to this mission, including former president Bill Clinton, governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, five US congressmen and several presidential advisers including Dennis Ross.

It now transpires that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ dramatic resignation and his obstruction of peace talks by demanding that Israel first halt settlement activity were stunts behind which he and his aides have been actively lobbying world capitals to support his independence project.

Our sources disclose that the US president’s objections are shared by Cairo and Riyadh. Still, Abbas refused to heed Secretary Clinton when they met in Ramallah, or Obama in two subsequent telephone conversations. He is so fixated on his plan that even if Binyamin Netanyahu were to stop all settlement construction on the West Bank and Jerusalem, Abbas would not come round. At best, he would let the Americans force him into a meeting and then abort it.

The details of his plan are simple: Ruling out further negotiations with Israel, the Palestinian Authority will unilaterally proclaim an independent state with Jerusalem its capital within the 1949 armistice borders, transitional boundaries which ended Israel’s war of liberation. To obtain maximum international support, Abbas will refer to the 1967 - not the 1949 - boundaries in the first stage, thereby making the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in West Bank settlements and the Arab districts of Jerusalem sovereign Palestinian citizens.

Even before taking on the Obama administration, however, Abbas has his work cut out to beat his way through insurmountable thickets at home: Under the Palestinian constitution, his presidency, government and parliament are illegitimate. He first tried scheduling an election to Palestinian institutions for Jan. 24, 2010, to rectify this lacuna and make his government legal, only to discover that the legal difficulties besetting the Palestinian Authority and its rule of the West Bank (the Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas) were even more complex than the status of Kosovo.

Even that Balkan territory only attained partial recognition (63 members excluding Serbia) for its self-declared independence; its de facto control of the territory does not include Serbian enclaves; and Kosovo’s independence is still awaiting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice for which Serbia has filed.

Meanwhile, the Albanians of Kosovo live under the interim administration of the European Union Rule of Law Mission which took over from the United Nations in Dec. 2008.

Most UN members have avoided recognizing Kosovo for the same fundamental reason they will deny Palestine majority recognition: the danger of a violent secessionist pandemic overtaking their own ethnic and religious minorities. The UN, including Europe, therefore stopped short of granting Kosovo’s independence full recognition.

Even so, the Balkan enclave has a major advantage over the Palestinians; its people are united, whereas the Palestinian people are deeply split between two illegal entities, the Fatah-ruled West Bank and the Gaza Strip under Hamas rule.

And because Iran and Syria are also opposed to the Abbas unilateral independence initiative, they egged the Palestinian Hamas on to block elections, to deny the PA Chairman and his “Kosovo initiative,” legal validity both domestically and internationally.

But none of this has stopped Abbas. Last week, he withdrew his candidacy for re-election. This was no bluff to bring hs backers running to hold him back, but rather a device to free his hands; he sees himself as the national figure who will go down in history as having delivered independence to the Palestinian people.

The Obama administration is determined to stop him.

Sunday, the formidable group led by Bill Clinton will present itself to Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad in Ramallah for two tasks: One is to show Abbas that he is not irreplaceable as the preferred Palestinian leader and the other is to persuade Fayyad to lead a general movement in the Palestinian leadership to force the PA chairman to give up his plan.

Saturday, Nov. 14, the Palestinian Authority’s senior diplomat Saed Ereket said that the PA would ask the UN Security Council to recognize a unilaterally declared Palestinian state within 1967 borders and its capital of Jerusalem. He claimed the plan had won the support of Russia and the United Nations, but omitted to mention the United States. When he spoke, Erekat knew perfectly well that any such motion would run into an American veto and so die in its tracks.

He appears to have got the message from Washington that if Bill Clinton is against Abbas’ unilateral move, the opposition it faces is formidable. After all, Kosovars hold him up as the father of their independence; on Nov. 1, they unveiled a large statue portraying him as a hero.

Of course, the funniest part is that a unilateral declaration of independence by “Palestine” would probably get more international recognitions in its first week than Kosovo has gotten in over a year. At the same time, this effort by Abbas couldn’t have come at a better time — just a month before the International Court of Justice is to rule on the illegality of Kosovo’s independence; no doubt the court will take such devastating and very real repercussions into consideration.

Meanwhile, this delicious whoops-ee-doo was on the heels of an almost-as-delicious appetizer on Wednesday. Who would have thought that one narco-terrorist war criminal mobster — tired of not being the guy in the spotlight — would accuse his rival narco-terrorist war criminal mobster of being “connected to organized crime”? I guess it was just a matter of time before these heroes to Albanians everywhere — for their “liberation” of Kosovo — exposed their true priorities and motivations behind the whole thing.

Haradinaj accuses Government that it coexists with the mafia

The paper [Koha Ditore] reports that in its closing election rally in Prizren, AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj said he will be the next Prime Minister of Kosovo and accused the current government led by Hashim Thaçi of coexisting with mafia and corruption.

“Mafia and the government are coexisting together, two years after independence,” said Haradinaj. “What I am telling you are not words to get to power or words to win over your votes but explanations about the real situation in the country. These are also explanations by international mechanisms.”

In a different article, the paper quotes Haradinaj as saying that the Thaçi Government is involved in corruption together with mafia groups.

This was two days after the following incident occurred:

Attack on PM casts shadow over Kosovo election (Nov. 12):

An attack on Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as he left a campaign rally cast a shadow over preparations for Kosovo’s first election since it proclaimed independence from Serbia.

But the size of a threatened Serb boycott of the poll on Sunday could decide the success of the municipal elections that Thaci has said is “the most important historic event for Kosovo” since it split from its neighbour in February 2008. Thaci’s motorcade came under a hail of stones and eggs late Wednesday as he left the western town of Decani after a rally organized by his Democratic party of Kosovo, or DPK.

The U.S. embassy in Pristina voiced “distress” over the violence and called on “all political leaders, parties and activists to refrain from all violence and provocations.” General Markus Bentler, the German head of the NATO-led international peacekeepers, KFOR, has vowed that his almost 13,000 troops would be ready to react at very short notice if needed. […]

This report craftily — and rather typically — leaves out who attacked Thaci’s motorcade. Notice that the first sentence following the mention of the attack refers to a “Serb boycott.” AFP wants you to think it was an attack by Serbs. God forbid you should discover that this was actually an Albanian-on-Albanian incident: Haradinaj’s people versus Thaci’s. And that’s what accounts for the U.S. embassy’s very stressed reaction to this otherwise small incident: because god forbid the charade should fall apart before we’ve gotten some more international recognitions under our belt for our misbehaving, schizophrenic demon child that we fathered with Germany. The report below gives a few more details:

Kosovo: PM’s convoy attacked after political rally, days ahead of local poll (AP, Nov. 11):

Kosovo police says Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s convoy was pelted with stones after a political rally in western Kosovo, days ahead of Kosovo’s first local polls since declaring independence from Serbia. Thaci was not injured.

Police spokesman Baki Kelani says three suspects were arrested and that police are investigating reports of gunshots. Car windows were smashed following a tense political rally in the town of Decan, a stronghold of Thaci’s rival politician, Ramush Haradinaj.

Kosovo’s government condemned the attack as a “politically motivated criminal act.”

Haradinaj’s opposition party said in a statement that Thaci’s supporters attacked their sympathizers during the rally. Police could not confirm the claim.

David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle

Bad Eagle Takes on the Evil Double Eagle:

Bill Clinton Honored by anti-Christian Albanian Muslims

…The thieving Muslim masses of Kosovo have honored Clinton for his perceived loyalty to them, by naming a boulevard after him, and now hoisting an eleven-foot statue of him in downtown Pristina, capital of the Kosovo province.

The American government leaders since Clinton, have all promoted the independent nationhood of Kosovo. Why? Kosovo is a precious piece of land. The problem? Kosovo was owned by someone else. Kosovo is a province in Serbia. Kosovo is a special land, with special meaning to the Serbians. It is like the Black Hills of the Sioux, or Medicine Bluffs to the Comanche. The problem is, Albanian Muslims (along with Turks and Arabs) have been migrating into Kosovo for a long time, and now there are so many of them that they are the majority, and they are claiming this cherished land of Serbia as their own! Just by being there.

But their migration was encouraged. Their take-over was planned. Bill Clinton was a great supporter, all along. Under Clinton, NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark bombed the daylights out of the Serbian Kosovites, destroying cities, civilians, and infrastructure. This was hailed as a wonderful accomplishment. The white, Christian Serbs were to be denigrated, destroyed, and displaced, while the great Liberal powers of the West would uplift, promote, protect, and deliever the tresspassing Muslims from Albania.

The whole world seemed anxious to honor the thieving Muslims, with the corruption, the cocaine [heroin]connections, the mineral wealth, and strategic advantages they would bring in Kosovo…And so now, the supreme evidence of the international travesty, a statue of Bill Clinton is displayed in Pristina, the “capital” of “Kosovo.” The disgusting betrayal of Serbia, by the West, by Bill Clinton, is ‘immortalized’ for all future generations. Like his successor, Barry “Obama” Soetoro, Bill idolizes himself, and much of his actions were about making history for himself, making a name for himself. Ah, but in the matter of Serbia, and the international alliance against Serbia, George Bush was no different. He visited Albania, where he was greeted with hysterical “rock star” enthusiasm. has always taken the side of the Serbians. To this day, we are bewildered at the betrayal which the United States government wreaked upon the nation of Serbia. In this strange case, it was only Russian Moscovites who seriously supported their linguistic cousins, the Serbians. So, what does this mean, the United States valued relations with Muslims more than Serbians? That the United States chose to side with the Muslims than be associated with Russia?

The Albanian Muslims who have moved into Kosovo have committed, openly, a war crime. They have robbed a nation of its land and its sovereignty. Of course, they could never have done this without the support of the United States, and the Muslims of neighboring nations. “Christian” Europe did not support Serbia. Why? Who knows? Most of Europe is Roman Catholic. Serbia is Orthodox (Eastern, Serbian Orthodox). Serbia stood completely alone. Even Russia’s support was ineffective.

It is a strange, blatant, egregious phenomenon in the modern world, that a civilized country of the West (Europe) could be robbed of its national land — in broad daylight. It is unforgivable, and unthinkable, that the United States would support such an international crime.

However, is it not unthinkable that Bill Clinton would snatch a permanent, historical ‘photo-op’ out if it. Personal glory was probably not his only motive, but, that’s the one that generally meant most to him, as it does to the even more vainglorious Barry “Obama” Soetero. This statue of Bill Clinton, in Pristina, is a monument not only to Bill Clinton’s unprincipled betrayal of Serbia, but the traitorous liberal attack on all things American. Never was there such a vomitable event in modern world history. Bill Clinton, associated with the American flag. Honored in the cesspool of Albanian Muslim stolen property, lauded in a political ghetto — of his own making. This is Bill Clinton.

And this is where America is. Still.

“Bill Clinton, in awe of himself, in the heart of illegitimacy: Kosovo”

Dr. Yeagley’s only limitation on this issue is revealed in a comment he posted under his column, which reads:

Generally, I have always been fascinated with Albania. It has been one of my favorites. So very unique.

However, the Islamic [episode] of its history brings a terrible blight upon an otherwise fascinating place, and a strangely beautiful people.

I blame Islam for this crisis, not Albania. When Islam controls, a people forget their nationhood, and all honor and dignity concomitant.

In fact, it is distinctly Albanianism that causes Albanians to behave as they do. The usurpation, the supremacy, the irrationality, the historical and intellectual dishonesty, the Albanian blood code with its honor killings — and at least a dozen other qualities that Albanianism shares with Islam — have been in the Albanian culture since well before Islam introduced itself to this people as the next avenue to promote Albanianism. Now, imagine Albanianism compounded by Islam. Well, we don’t have to imagine.

As for “fascinating” Albania, it was a key player in the Kosovo theft, without benefit of Islamic guidance — but always accepting its favors and benefits. Albania is as wily as Islam itself, and has always angled itself for the best possible position, devoid of any principles other than the promotion of Greater Albania. Albania accepted patronage from the Ottomans, then from Hitler, then from the Soviets, and now from us. Albanians’ Slav-killing never needed any additional fuel from their strategic adoption of Islam. But it certainly helped.

So you see, Albanians are incapable of forgetting their nationhood. They have never, and will never, forget who they are. And what they are is whatever you want them to be if you help promote Albanian supremacy.

Good for Debbie:

I Stick to My Guns: The Call from That Albanian Muslim Chick

I stick by my guns. (And I get upset when others do not. Especially the others who know better, but do it anyway.)

On Monday, I got a call from a woman with a thick accent. She told me she and her husband are both from Albania, that they’re looking for a lawyer to help them with immigration.

Me: Are you Muslim or Christian?

Albanian Chick: We are both Muslim.

At that point, I know for sure I’m not helping them. This is the only kind of Muslim I’ll help. Islam is at war with the West, at war with America, and I know on which side of that war I am.

We need less Muslims (from Albania or wherever else) in our country, not more. Do you have the magic decoder ring that tells you which Muslims will be like Nidal Malik Hasan and which won’t? I will not be helping to increase their presence…

Me: Are you here legally?

Albanian Chick: I have a U.S. passport, but my husband doesn’t. He snuck in here through Mexico.

Me: I’m sorry. I can’t help you. What’s wrong with your own country that you can’t live there? Why would you help a man enter our country illegally?

I could use the money, but I’m no whore. We need more criminals and followers of the religion of Nidal Malik Hasan in this country like a hole in the head. Sadly, this won’t be the end for this woman’s husband. I predict he’ll become a U.S. citizen pretty quickly. And that’s the problem.

Rather than America doing the right thing and stripping this woman of her citizenship for helping harbor an illegal alien, we’ll enable this situation. This woman will find some immigration lawyer to help her and her illegal alien husband. And they’ll find a way to adjust his status, so he can stay here, because he’s married to her, and our immigration laws allow this absurdity.

Say good-bye, America. Because there are plenty of lawyers who will help these people. And plenty of laws and bureaucracy, which will help them.

Let’s just recall that the Albanian Duka family, three of whose sons were among the plotters of the foiled Ft. Dix massacre of servicemen, came here via the Mexican border. And the Albanian Florin Krasniqi, America’s one-man KLA hub who smuggles American guns to kill Serbs and any internationals who get in the way — and whose cousin was a cop-killer in Kosovo — got here at the age of 18 in the trunk of a car, via the Mexican border.

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