March 2010

We don’t yet know the whole story behind the two female suicide bombers who killed 38 people in Moscow and injured scores of others. Although their affiliation is unclear, the working assumption is that the bombers were tied to the Chechen rebel movement in the North Caucasus.

There is, however, something which we do know for sure, and which we paid no attention to despite its clear connection to the kind of terror Moscow witnessed yesterday morning.

There was a little-noted meeting that took place in December 2009, in Tbilisi, the capital of U.S. ally Georgia. That month Georgia hosted a conference of jihadists to plan “operations” against Russia. There was no news coverage of the event, and so it took a paid advertisement in the Washington Times to make it known. Stubbornly, still no news organization or blog picked up on it. And so here we are.

Below are the relevant parts of the paid-for article from last month, titled “The Georgian Imbroglio — And a Choice for the United States.” (Original emphasis preserved.) It was penned by James George Jatras, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer as well as foreign policy analyst for the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee.

Americans must be made aware of Saakashvili’s extending refuge to jihadists responsible for countless acts of terror in southern Russia and his regime’s extraordinary coordination efforts to permit them to step up attacks in the Caucasus region.

Specifically, according to reliable sources [with lines to two foreign intel services], in December 2009 a secret meeting took place in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, with representatives of numerous jihad groups based in various Islamic and European countries for the purpose of coordinating their activities on Russia’s southern flank. The meeting was organized under the auspices of high officials of the Georgian government; while Saakashvili himself was not present, officials of his ministry of internal affairs (allegedly G. Lordkipanidze) and others acted as hosts and coordinators. Georgian Ambassador to Kuwait Mayering-Mikadze purportedly facilitated travel for participants from the Middle East. In addition to “military” operations (i.e., attacks in southern Russia) special attention was given to ideological warfare, for example, the launching of the Russian-language TV station “First Caucasian.”

Are we to believe that U.S. intelligence agencies were unaware of this meeting and other similar actions? The question then is unavoidable: has Washington decided to turn a blind eye — or even worse, to encourage our “ally” Saakashvili to play the “jihad card” against Russia? Could such a thing be possible at a time when the world’s media are filled with reports of jihad attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Israel, Philippines, and other countries — not least the United States (Fort Hood, Fort Dix)? The threat comes from the same ideology that motivated the 9/11 attacks against our country and which seeks to create through violence a worldwide Islamic caliphate governed by Sharia law.

Every day American troops fight jihadists in Afghanistan, where prospects for cooperation between NATO and Russia are increasingly promising. But many in the West prefer to look the other way regarding attacks against Russia, or when an unstable politician masquerading as a Georgian reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson offers his country’s territory as a terrorist base.

We should have learned this lesson a long time ago. During the 1980s, American support for Afghan mujahidin fighting the Soviets seemed to make sense — but it eventually gave us Islamic “scholars” known as Taliban and the al-Qaeda group headed by one of our most adept proteges, Osama bin Laden. The 9/11 Commission Report is replete with references to U.S.-supported jihadist activity in the Balkans in the 1990s, allowing al-Qaeda to emerge from its birthplace in the Hindu Kush and morph into a global force capable of striking the American homeland. Will we now, having learned nothing, repeat the same mistake in the Caucasus — at the cost of scuttling improved ties with the world’s second most powerful country, which faces one and the same enemy we do?

In a brief email interview with Jatras, I asked if he was surprised that such a newsworthy item received virtually no attention. He replied:

“Newsworthy”? Why? We supported jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo, and it was still the right thing to do, right? This meeting in Tbilisi wouldn’t have been hosted by Saakashvili without our knowledge and at least implicit green light.

The idea is, it’s ok to use jihadists against countries we don’t like. First, the USSR. Then Serbia. Is it ok to use jihad against Russia, if we can? China? Iran? North Korea? In principle, if we can do it, what would the objection be?

As we should have learned, we can’t turn them on and off like a spigot, and the monster we’ve been feeding has a mind of its own. I’d tend to think of supporting jihadists like poison gas or bio war: something you don’t do even when it might seem advantageous.

A March 23rd ad by Jatras appeared in the same space and appealed to the Obama administration to not host Saakashvili when he comes here in April, citing the Georgian president’s latest mischief:

Saakashvili’s newest expression of his provocative and obsessive hostility to Russia unfolded the evening of Saturday, March 13, when Georgia’s Imedi television station broadcast what was designed to look like live coverage of an actual Russian attack on Georgia. The “coverage” included file footage of the August 2008 fighting shown as current and the “report” that Saakashvili himself was missing and may even have been killed. President Obama is shown with a Georgian-language voice-over warning Russia to stop its military action.

Despite official denials, claims that the Saakashvili administration had nothing to do with the “mockumentary” are implausible. Imedi, formerly critical of Saakashvili, was shut down in 2007 and then reopened under strong government influence, if not direct control.

Most pressing for us as Americans, however, is to make sure we are not drawn into Saakashvili’s misadventures. It is now being reported that some officials of the former George W. Bush Administration favored U.S. military action (or at least the threat of it) against Russia in August 2008, risking a direct Washington-Moscow military confrontation that, thankfully, had been avoided during the Cold War. No American interest could possibly have justified such a hazard, nor can any American interest be served by helping to prop up Saakashvili’s sliding standing among his own people.

No matter how much lobbying money he spends — and given the level of U.S. assistance to Georgia, we can perhaps catch a glimpse of our own recycled tax dollars — Saakashvili needs to be told he is not welcome. Having wisely taken the initiative to begin resetting our ties with Russia, a natural American ally against global jihad ideology, President Obama should make it clear to Saakashvili that he’s worn out his welcome in Washington.

To ward off the puzzlingly cynical eye that some cast on those who today try to foster better relations between the U.S. and a post-Soviet Russia, it’s worth summarizing Jatras’s background, which I asked Jatras for. While working at the State Department in the time of Reagan, Jatras was close to a then-famous dissident named Vladimir Bukovsky. He elaborates:

In some ways, we [Bukovsky, Jatras, and their friends] were the heart of the Administration’s anti-communist line and the “fathers” of the National Endowment for Democracy. (As opposed to the prevailing view that communism was forever and we needed permanent detente with the Soviet regime. Looking back from today, it’s hard to believe how ingrained that view was). We never could have imagined that after the fall of communism the US would keep and even step up an anti-Russian line — in the name of “democracy”.

Vladimir has gone in the direction of Kasparov, Kasyanov, Limonov and those guys [State Dept. puppets], and we have not been in contact with him for years. But [my friends and I] (like those working in Ukraine with me) have taken the line that the US needs to take a positive and cooperative line with Russia against the jihadists, starting with no NATO expansion and no “color revolutions”. “Northern Civilization” (North America, Europe, Russia) needs to stick together. Pushing a new cold war (to what purpose?) is destructive and suicidal.

We’ve been working hard here in DC, with whatever support we can find, to try to build good relations between Washington and Moscow. That keeps getting harder as the US imperial line became stronger. We hope a change of course is possible under Obama. It can’t be worse than Bush, but we still have some big problems in this administration too: Biden, Hillary, and especially Richard Holbrooke (whose people are planted in key positions). But now that the US is almost bankrupt and losing two wars, that line — hopefully — has no place to go.

Indeed, most Americans would be shocked to realize that rather than worldwide jihad, our government is still fighting the Cold War. It continues to be our M.O. to use al Qaeda operatives and other jihadists as a stick against rival world powers, most notably Russia. We still believe that “our” jihadists can be controlled, as if they don’t have their own agendas. But the notion is continually contradicted, its counterproductive effects most recently illuminiated when in December India learned that David Headley, “the Chicagoan arrested in October for suspected involvement in the Mumbai terrorist siege and plots against other countries, may have been a double agent for the al Qaeda-linked Pakistani Lashkar e-Taibe and US intelligence,” DEBKAfile reported Dec. 18. More:

This suspicion is severely straining relations between New Delhi and Washington. DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report New Delhi suspects the CIA knew in advance about the Mumbai attack, in which 177 people died and 500 were injured, and were aware of Headley’s links with its LeT perpetrators, al Qaeda’s operational arm in Pakistan, but omitted to forewarn Indian authorities for fear of touching off a military showdown between India and Pakistan.

Israel was not tipped off either although the Chabad Center of Mumbai, where six people were [tortured and] killed, was a special target.

An official at the Indian Ministry of the Interior confirmed Wednesday, Dec. 16, that his government “is looking into whether Headley worked as a double agent. The feeling in India,” he said, “is that the US has not been transparent.” The atmosphere between the two countries is not helped by the FBI’s refusal to let Indian anti-terror officers question Headley.

More Moscows and Mumbais to come, courtesy of The United States of America.

Maybe one day they’ll even let their readers know that in the 90s their own government sent al Qaeda operatives to stir up terrorism against Serbia in Kosovo and Bosnia. Now, please note these three excerpts in particular:

Macedonia’s law enforcement agencies warn that the European Union and America have failed to recognise the growing problem of Islamic extremism in the Balkans.

They haven’t “failed” to recognize anything. What they recognize is that America and Europe created precisely this situation via the Bosnia and Kosovo “interventions.” And so, having supported this predictable outcome, they consistently try to downplay the problem, sweep it under the rug, and draw attention away from the region.

Bekir Halimi, an imam trained in Syria, runs Bamiresia, an Islamic charity that has been investigated for alleged terrorist links and money laundering. Police raided its offices but failed to find any evidence of terrorist links.

“We are fully entitled to receive funding from both governmental and non-governmental organisations from Saudi Arabia,” said Halimi, who refuses to name the sources of his funding but rejects any suggestion of criminal activity.

Ah, a strident Albanian defense of taking the Saudi money and with it the Saudi influence. This is in contrast to the usual apologetics that Albanians engage in when explaining the “unfortunate situation” that results from the communities’ acceptance of this very much needed money. A predictable progression indeed.

Sulejman Rexhepi, [Albanian] leader of the Islamic community in Macedonia, said a number of mosques had been forcibly taken over by radical groups. Four in central Skopje are no longer under the control of the official Islamic authorities. New imams claim they have been “spontaneously” installed by the “people”.

“Their so-called Wahhabi teachings are completely alien to our traditions and to the essence of Islam, which is a tolerant and inclusive religion,” said Rexhepi.

If this is what he thinks, it’s Rexhepi who is the alien. But this useful idiot is just doing his part to keep the charade up, thus buying more time for the takeover.

Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West

SAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

According to officials in Macedonia, Islamic fundamentalism threatens to destabilise the Balkans. Strict Wahhabi and Salafi factions funded by Saudi organisations are clashing with traditionally moderate local Muslim communities.

Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centres as well as handing some followers up to £225 a month. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the niqab, or face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans.

Government sources in traditionally secular Macedonia (official title the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), said they were monitoring up to 50 Al-Qaeda volunteers recruited to fight in Afghanistan.

Classified documents seen by The Sunday Times reveal that Macedonian officials are also investigating a number of Islamic charities, some in Saudi Arabia, which are active throughout the Balkans and are suspected of spreading extremism and laundering money for terrorist organisations.

“Hundreds of millions have been poured into Macedonia alone in the past decade and most of it comes from Saudi Arabia,” said a government source. “The Saudis’ main export seems to be ideology, not oil.”

Sulejman Rexhepi, leader of the Islamic community in Macedonia, said a number of mosques had been forcibly taken over by radical groups. Four in central Skopje are no longer under the control of the official Islamic authorities. New imams claim they have been “spontaneously” installed by the “people”.

“Their so-called Wahhabi teachings are completely alien to our traditions and to the essence of Islam, which is a tolerant and inclusive religion,” said Rexhepi.

In some mosques believers are being told that Macedonia, which sent 200 soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, has been tricked into supporting a crusade against Islam spearheaded by Britain and America. Radical clerics have shown footage from Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian territories to illustrate their claims that the West is waging war on Islam.

Rahman, a 35-year-old cab driver from Skopje, Macedonia’s capital, said he had stopped going to his local mosque since it was taken over by extremists. “Following the Haiti earthquake the new imam said God would punish the West for their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with natural disasters,” he said.

Bekir Halimi, an imam trained in Syria, runs Bamiresia, an Islamic charity that has been investigated for alleged terrorist links and money laundering. Police raided its offices but failed to find any evidence of terrorist links.

“We are fully entitled to receive funding from both governmental and non-governmental organisations from Saudi Arabia,” said Halimi, who refuses to name the sources of his funding but rejects any suggestion of criminal activity.

Macedonia’s law enforcement agencies warn that the European Union and America have failed to recognise the growing problem of Islamic extremism in the Balkans.

Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, has declared stability in the region to be her top priority, but local politicians complain that the EU and Nato are reducing their presence in troublespots such as Bosnia and Kosovo.

Last month, Bosnian security forces raided a village strongly influenced by Salafi extremists and found a weapons cache. In raids elsewhere rifles, bombs and rocket-propelled grenades have been uncovered.

The West has put considerable political and financial efforts into helping build democracy in Bosnia following its civil war in the 1990s. Saudi organisations have also asserted considerable influence, giving more than £450m to build more than 150 mosques and Islamic centres.

In Macedonia, Fatmir, a former disc jockey, explained how he became an adherent of Salafism. The father of two has grown a beard and instructed his wife to wear a niqab. He now makes his living by selling Islamist literature. “Ours is the Islam of the 21st century,” he said.

Well said, Sir!

Earlier this month French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who was the UN chief in Kosovo from 1999 to 2001, was asked to comment on the KLA’s 1999 organ-removal operation from kidnapped Serbs, Russians, Albanians, Arabs, Montenegrins and others, and respond to accusations that he himself bore some responsibility in either covering it up or else turning a blind eye.

If only his outburst mocking the Voice of America reporter had stopped at calling the man crazy for thinking that he, a doctor by profession, could be involved with such a thing. But Kouchner didn’t stop there. He went on to scoff at the notion of the now infamous “Yellow House,” where it all took place and is the subject of more than one active investigation, as Carla del Ponte — herself a reluctant investigator into the whole thing — mentioned in her 2008 book “Madame Prosecutor.”

So far, I haven’t suspected Kouchner of anything close to knowing about the operation at the time, much less involvement in it. After all, every article connecting his name to the whole thing points to him only because he was the UN guy in charge of Kosovo at the time (that is, in the immediate post-war period that started in June, 1999). The words that have been repeated in these articles are that it all took place “with his blessing,” but these items offer no substantiating paragraphs or even sentences explaining that or offering evidence.

The closest thing to elaboration on this accusation came in from the Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti (”Evening News”) in May, 2008. As translated and excerpted by the blog:

“Serbian officials were an inch away from the kidnapped [victims] in Kosovo and Metohija on a number of occasions, but were always prevented from reaching them”, the members of the former investigative teams of the state’s Coordinating Center for the province said.

“This is why not a single search had produced any results, even though many of the kidnapped were still alive at the time, and were imprisoned in Kosovo and Metohija”, Serbs who were leading the investigations after the war said, adding that the whole “business” took place in the years 2000 and 2001, when Kosovo Albanian butchers held Serbs in the numerous concentration camps and prisons throughout Kosovo province, and when the Western officials, including Kouchner, [had] already been firmly established in the southern Serbian province, through their various institutions under the NATO and UN umbrella.

Milorad Pejcinovic, leader of the Serbian investigative team assigned with the task of finding the secret makeshift prisons and concentration camps in Kosovo and Metohija, said that there can be no doubt UNMIK [had] been purposely thwarting every single investigation.

“There is no question that every serious search of our team has been thwarted by the UNMIK police, claiming that the locations for which we had solid evidence that they contain our kidnapped people, are not safe. Whenever we would come within an inch of uncovering them, UNMIK police would forbid us to move further, claiming that the Albanians have learned about our intentions and that our lives are at stake,” Pejcinovic said.

He revealed that the UNMIK police was also preventing every individual attempt by the families to find their kidnapped loved ones, telling them that they must have a court order to enter certain locations, which “served to provide sufficient time for the Albanians who held kidnapped Serbs imprisoned to move them to other locations”.

“The biggest problem was the fact that Albanians had their men in UNMIK, who would inform them about each of our intentions to search the terrain. The same thing happened during one of the most complex searches which lasted three days. When we came to the entryway of one of the secret locations, UNMIK ordered us to turn back, because ‘they can’t guarantee our safety’,” Serbian investigators said.

So what this sounds like to me is the usual: the internationals covering for Albanian crimes and preventing their investigation, something the U.S. engages in itself when, to name just one example, our military diverts international investigations of the KLA’s heroin factories. As a Swedish OSCE official put it, according to Chris Deliso’s book: “The KLA, and its criminal partners, it was tacitly understood, would not be touched. ‘[T]he deal was, you leave us alone, we leave you alone,’ a former Swedish OSCE official in Kosovo sums up. ‘It had its benefits, mainly, that we were allowed to live.’”

The UN people knew the KLA were dangerous, and had no intention of interfering with these “freedom fighters’ ” illegal activitites, and still don’t today. This may fall short of direct “involvement,” as Kouchner is being accused of, but if you’re Bernard Kouchner, it’s still a crime of omission worth covering up. It’s called complicity. And so he impugned himself by denying even the existence of the well-proved “Yellow House.”

And THAT, almost more than anything else, puts responsibility right in his lap, and casts suspicion on his claims that he doesn’t know anything about any such operation. So he’s just dug himself deeper.

The Vecernje Novosti item from May, 2008 also has the following, according to

The spokesman of the Serbian War Crimes Tribunal Bruno Vekaric told Vecernje Novosti the War Crimes Prosecution is in possession of the informations according to which numerous criminal charges have been brought up against one UNMIK [United Nations Mission in Kosovo] official for trafficking internal organs of Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo-Metohija province, and also earlier, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vekaric explained that the official charged for the most macabre crimes of extracting organs from the healthy young Serbs for sale was a forensic expert within the UNMIK, who has since fled to South America.

Vekaric said that the Prosecution has evidence that UNMIK had opened an investigation about the human organ trafficking in the Serbian province at some point, but that they are not given access to the documentation which would allow them to learn the results of UNMIK’s investigation.

So an actual UNMIK official was charged, and the UN mission that Kouchner headed had started an investigation — and yet he acts like this is the first he’s hearing of any such preposterous crimes. He might as well have turned himself in right there.

Of course, let’s keep in mind that Kouchner is also the founder of Doctors Without Borders, whose record on saving Serbian lives we are reminded of by Stella Jatras:

Even the 1999 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, France’s Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors without Borders (DWB) expelled the Greek arm of DWB because the Greeks showed compassion by treating those injured or dying Serbians in Yugoslavia during NATO’s bombing campaign. Apparently the Hippocratic Oath by France’s Medecins Sans Frontiers stopped at the Serbian border.

World War II hero Arthur Jibilian, the sailor who stepped up to risk his life as an OSS radioman in the rescue of hundreds of downed U.S. pilots from behind enemy lines, passed away yesterday, Sunday March 21, 2010.

Soon after, he was partying so hard with his beloved friends, Serbian general Dragoljub Mihailovic and U.S. Major Richard Felman, that I could hear them as I tried to fall asleep last night — all the way from Paradise’s highest plane, commonly known as Heaven.

No doubt Jibby will continue his fight to let the world know the meaning of the name Draza Mihailovic, with even greater effectiveness, from where he is now.

Aleksandra Rebic, a writer and daughter of a Serbian-American military veteran, gave Art a nice tribute on her blog, including these pictures of what I believe to be physically the most adorable man I’ve ever seen:

Arthur and Aleksandra

Arthur “Jibby” Jibilian: April 30, 1923 - March 21, 2010

Over the years, in addition to hate mail, I’ve gotten letters from Albanians that were polite and even warm but bewildered and hurt in tone; hurt over my not being pro-Albanian the way everyone else is — especially when Albanians, they remind me, are pro-American and pro-Jewish. (Something that I’ve addressed here, here and here.) On these occasions I’ve written back that even though today they are convinced that they were the victims, their horrifying experiences during the war made them victims of something that their own people set in motion by virtue of their designs on the region and their ethnic separatism and supremacy — which, I allow, the particular letter-writer may or may not have shared. I also remind them that it was an ethnic separatism and supremacy that the United States empowered and made king, leaving individual-minded Albanians nowhere to go but the KLA. And so I have told them that we, the U.S., actually owe them an apology for taking their side in that war.

Then there are letters like this one, which was sent to the Political Mavens blog in July, 2007 :

You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing that racist bitch Gorin to spew her anti-Albanian venum as one of your contributors. Especially since Albanians, while Albania was under Nazi occupation, risked their lives to save every Jew that sought refuge in Albania. Unlike Gorin’s Greek Orthodox cousins who turned 60,000 Jews over the Nazis on a silver platter so they could be shoved into gas chambers. But this is typical of Jews. Go f yourself.

Note: I don’t have any Greek cousins. But if he’s talking about the Serbs’ Greek cousins, let me be clear: When it comes to Jews, the Serbs and the Greeks are two very distinct creatures (as are the Serbs and the Russians), and I’d sooner cast my lot with the Serbs. But it’s interesting that the best this complainant could come up with in terms of painting negatively the Serbs during the Holocaust is telling me what the Greeks did. That’s more honest than what the Croatians try to get away with when they equate their enthusiastically Hitler-aligned, genocidal regime with the reluctantly Hitler-cooperative Nedic regime in Serbia.

I mentioned the other day that the only Albanians who are capable of thinking outside their skin are either dead or biting their tongues. Or they’re of mixed parentage. Here is a 2007 letter I’ve been meaning to post from Vic, who is of both Albanian and Montenegrin parentage, which apparently facilitates rational thinking. He also can tell that despite my deserved slamming of that tribe, I don’t do it because I have something against anyone’s blood — only against their actions and agendas. And, of course, against their culture when that culture considers itself above others:

I greatly enjoy your posts about the Balkans. You are one of the few people who writes the truth about what goes on there.

…I am actually of Montenegrin-Albanian background. My last name believe it or not is actually of Albanian origin. Having a background from both sides, I think I know both cultures very well, and the Albanian culture is a lot more nationalistic and fanatical, especially in Kosovo and Macedonia. I am actually Catholic while my mom is of Orthodox Christian background. Most Albanians I dare not talk to about this issue because they are so, well you know how most Albanians feel about the Kosovo issue. It’s hard to discuss this issue sensibly with them, and actually I fear sometimes ramifications from them if I discuss it with them. People of Serbian background you can discuss the issue intelligently with. Knowing both sides, I know that the Albanians are the more violent people. I know the history of Kosovo, and it’s historically always been Serbian. The whole 1999 bombing campaign was based on a bunch of lies, starting with Rambouillet, where Appendix B stated that NATO would in effect occupy all of Yugoslavia. Any sane country would have rejected being occupied. I could go on, but you know the whole story already anyway.

That was sad what you wrote about the Serb person who died because he was not allowed to be treated by an Albanian doctor. There is no question that NATO’s presence has exacerbated relations between the Serbs and Albanians. Of course one factor most people don’t mention is that Tito played a huge role in aggravating relations between Serbs and Albanians, and between Croats and Serbs. Tito did this to keep his grip on power solid. Unfortunately, Yugoslavia suffered as a result of this. Interestingly, one of Tito’s most devoted followers, Alexander Radosavljevic, said in 1971 that Tito made a historical mistake in worsening the relations betweens the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians, and that Yugoslavia would pay a heavy price for it.

Another thing Tito did in addition to letting illegal Albanian immigrants come into Kosovo was to forbid Serbs driven out of Kosovo during WWII from returning, and this also destroyed the balance in population. It is interesting that Tito gave autonomy to the Serbian provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina in 1974 to limit Serb power, but not to the Serbs in Krajina, despite the fact they had been there for centuries and that Krajina had never been really Croatian historically.

Not sure if you are familiar about these old articles about Kosovo from the 1980’s. These were written when 99.9% of America never heard of Kosovo. It discusses things like the Serb exodus from Kosovo. Some of them are even from the New York Times, believe it or not. Check out this web site for the articles: [Title: “Articles Written when Kosovo was not Famous]

The reporting back then was much less biased. Now of course Bosnian Muslim terrorists that are arrested are referred to by Fox News as from the former Yugoslavia, just like the Fort Dix terrorists were.

This is the point of the below, in a nutshell. From Nebojsa Malic:

The Ustasha sought to counter the horrors of their genocide by claiming that “Serb Commies” slaughtered 60,000 of them at the end of the war, and calling this the “Stations of the Cross.” Revolting, ugly stuff. So now the Muslims are trying to make Srebrenica into a genocide, so they can cover up their own Nazi ties - and also their 1990s jihad - and shift the blame onto the Serbs. And Bleiburg provided them with an inspiration.

Blogger Nebojsa Malic, who lived through the Bosnian war, posted a very sharp column today that demonstrates the parallel between the memorial to the “8,000” Srebrenica “victims” and the memorial at Bleiburg. The 1945 Bleiburg memorial is a monument to the fleeing Croatian/Bosnian Nazis (”Ustashas”) who were killed by Tito’s Partisans at the end of the war. It was an attempt by the surviving Ustashas to hide their Hitler-aligned genocide of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, by accusing the Partisans of a “greater” crime – the massacre of Nazis and their sympathizers. The image below shows the Croatian-Nazi flag on the memorial stone, alongside the Muslim crescent/star — as victims in WW2. Malic explains how the Srebrenica memorial attempts pervert history in the same way that the Bleiburg memorial did. (The Srebrenica memorial is in a nearby town called Potocari).

Bleiburg in Potocari

…the mainstream news picks up on the boldness — and insolence toward our masters– and demands that the hero apologize and be “disciplined.” Below is some hack, grind, mainstream journalist’s report on this “shocking” video, in the Detroit News — with my translations.

Notice what the very tone of the title reveals: While a person from the community/ethnicity that Americans insist on being dumb about is TELLING us that these people were *not* the victims they claimed to be and that we’ve done something policy-wise that is not only self-destructive but destructive to the maturation of the Albanian community, here comes the mainstream media to *correct* the man about his fellow countrymen, and keep steering you wrong.

With video: Catholic priest called ethnic war victims ‘dogs’

Local religious leaders upset by videotaped remarks against Bosnia, Kosovo populations

by Oralandar Brand-Williams

Rochester Hills — A local Catholic priest is at the center of an international controversy after a tape of him calling victims of a massacre during President Slobodan Milosevic’s regime “dogs” went viral.

The Rev. Anton Kcira, pastor of St. Paul Albanian Catholic Church, is seen in a 2007 videotape making offensive remarks in Albanian about people killed during the reign of former Serbian and Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic, who was accused of genocide of Bosnian Muslims and Albanians in Kosovo.

Accused of. And apparently still being accused, despite both charges being officially disproved as propaganda.

The videotape was recently released by an unidentified person who shot it at an event in Metro Detroit in 2007 attended by Albanian-Americans.

In the video, Kcira says, with English subtitles, “Milosevic should have done to the 1,900,000 dogs in Kosovo what he did to the 260,000 dogs in Srebrenica.”

Local Muslim activists say the remarks are references to crimes against the Muslim population of Bosnia and the majority Muslim population of Kosovo.

Well, the priest is Albanian, after all, and therefore wouldn’t have heard (i.e. would have blocked out) the fact that the 260,000 figure of Bosnian War dead has been reduced to 100,000, and it includes deaths on all sides. He’s using the word “Srebrenica” as short-hand for the overall war casualties, since Srebrenica only held 40,000 people to begin with. Eighty percent of whom survived, including the women and children who were bussed out to safety with Bosnian-Serb help. Now that’s a good deal for a “genocide.” Especially if you still get to vote after you’re dead, as 3,000 of the supposed “8,000 slaughtered men and boys” did. (The military records of 70% of the 8,000 “genocided civilians” survive as well.)

Kcira was recorded shortly after the arrests of three ethnic Albanian men who were charged with and later convicted in a plot to attack the military base in Fort Dix, N.J.

The baby journalist couldn’t even get this right! There were four Albanians arrested, not three. The one named Agron Abdullahu — who was not one of the three little filthy Duka brothers that my friend had the pleasure of growing up around — was ultimately brought up only on gun charges, since he *merely* provided the guns to the would-be Ft. Dix terrorists. (He also assured prosecutors and investigators that he did express some slight disapproval to the brothers about their plan to massacre U.S. soldiers at Ft. Dix, where he was given refuge after coming here in 1999. But apparently he didn’t disapprove enough to turn them in, even anonymously.)

In the tape Kcira appears frustrated that the three men have betrayed the United States by planning a terrorist attack on a U.S. military base.

The Archdiocese of Detroit was contacted recently by many in the Albanian community about Kcira’s remarks.

“The Archdiocese did look into the situation and Father Kcira himself took another look at the tape,” said Joe Kohn, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Detroit, which planned to release a videotaped apology by Kcira on Friday night to YouTube.

Kcira did not return phone calls from The Detroit News.

In a text of the archdiocese videotape, Kcira says he used “provocative names” to describe the massacre victims.

“That wasn’t right,” he says. “That was my anger talking … not my heart.”

Kcira further adds: “In expressing my anger, I used what an English teacher would call hyperbole, an exaggeration used for effect … to make my point.”

Kohn added that Kcira, who has been pastor of St. Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church for the past two decades, has done a lot of work in the Albanian community and has “earned the respect” of Albanians across interfaith lines.

Dawud Walid, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan said Kcira owes the Albanian- Muslim community in Metro Detroit an apology and that actions should be taken against the priest by his superiors.

“He should be sanctioned for this irreligious speech,” said Walid. “We’ve received complaints about him before going back to 2008.”

Walid added that “in no way do we think this one pastor represents the sentiments of the Archdiocese of Detroit.”

“We’ve always had good relations with them,” added Walid.

Of course the Muslims have good relations with the Catholic Church! The two have a longtime alliance in Slav-killing/Orthodox-killing, and of course Jew-killing, particularly in Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia (with regard to the former). This is a mere blip on the otherwise undisturbed continuum of solid relations and co-agendas, just as Pope Benedict’s 2006 “oops” was when he quoted a medi-eval text explaining what Islam really is. Such little blips soon fade into oblivion as the Catholic Church and Islam re-commit to good relations and cooperation. Until it’s time to turn on each other, of course.

Imam Shuaib Gerguri of the Albanian American Muslim Society of Detroit, based in Harper Woods, said, “People are angry (over Kcira’s remarks) and it’s not just Muslims.”

That’s right! Dhimmis are angry too! We won’t put up with unruly people spreading this kind of truth about our masters! String him up by the thumbs! May our bottomless indignation echo throughout the world, so our masters might see that we are behaving properly.

“I’m trying to understand myself what people did to him for him to call them dogs,” said Gerguri, who said he had close family members and friends who were killed by the Milosevic regime.

Translation: Gerguri’s relatives were KLA terrorists. And the reporter has no idea that this is what Gerguri has just revealed.

Gerguri urged Kcira to apologize as soon as possible.

“This kind of language is unaccepted by any religion,” Gerguri said.

UPDATE: In his written apology to our mutual Muslim masters, Father Kcira does express support for “our independence” — that is, the common dream of both Muslim and Catholic Albanians for Kosovo independence. So he thinks inside his skin after all, and this means that my interpretation of his words — “this is a tragedy, America with its ample heart…” — was not referring to the tragedy for Albanians (and the world) of Kosovo independence but to the Ft. Dix plot, which was a betrayal of America’s ample heart.

OK, then. Still looking for an Albanian with his/her own brain. Oh wait a second. Except for one very cool Christian Orthodox Albanian chick I know, and the Orthodox Albanian who comes to the Kosovo churches to pray with “my Serbian brothers” (featured in this DVD series), they’re all either dead or biting their tongues. But sometimes it only takes someone of mixed blood. An interesting letter from 2007 by a gentleman who is half-Albanian and half-Montenegrin to come…

The New Haven Register in Connecticut, along with Congregation Mishkan Israel, the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, and the Southern Connecticut State University’s Ethnic Heritage Center were the latest victims to fall for the WWII-Albania-Saving-Jews PR that’s been on a big push since 2005. While I’ve explained before what the problem is with this approach (the end goal is to get Israel on board with Kosovo independence), there were a couple points I neglected to make. First, let’s remember that far more Germans saved Jews than did Albanians, so Albanian Jew-saves don’t say anything about the Albanians as a people. Second, the propaganda has the reader assuming that the individual Albanian efforts on Jews’ behalf was somehow unique to the region. A contrast to Serbia and Serbs is assumed. Retired Air Force Colonel George Jatras injected the following monkey wrench into this “contrast.” It’s from a July 7, 1997 letter in the Washington Times, in response to a letter by a typical Croatian. Mr. Jatras reveals what the Serbs went through to save not only Jews, but Americans. In return we bombed them on behalf of those who not only declared war on America, but who also turned Americans and Jews in to the Nazis.

…Rather than collaborating with the Nazis as claimed by Mr. Udbinac, Serbian forces under Gen. Mihailovich were loyal to the Allies in WW II and rescued over 500 downed American pilots while at the same time Croats and Muslims were turning our airmen over to the Nazis. Due to disgracefull politics (we did not want to offend our Communist friend, Josef Tito — himself a Croat), our State Department denied the efforts by American pilots to have a monument erected to honor those brave Serbians who sacrificed their lives to rescue them. In his account of the rescue, Major Richard Felman, an American Jew from Tucson, Arizona, recalls, “I watched in horror with binoculars as the Germans executed the entire village of Serbians who refused to disclose my hideaway with Draza Mihailovich’s forces.”

On June 9, 1994, The Times carried an open letter to President Clinton from Major Felman and his fellow survivors deploring the bombing in Bosnia where Americans were killing “ the very Serbian people who saved our lives while at the same time helping some of the people who were shooting at us and turning us over to the Germans.”

Mr. Udbinac’s accusation of Serbian anti-Semitism is even more egregious considering Serbian families took in Jewish children as their own in order to protect them from the horrors of Croatia’s death camps. Upon being discovered protecting these children, entire Serbian families were executed.

John Ranz, Chairman of the Survivors of Buchenwald, USA writes, “In the Serbian mountains Jews were welcomed by the Serbian partisans with open arms, and the 5,000 that survived in Yugoslavia survived among the partisans. The Serbs protected them until the end of the war at the risk of endangering their own lives.” […]

Reader Frank Zavisca, of Shreveport, Louisiana, has his own problems with the Albanian approach:

I am always suspect when people bring up past atrocities, or past good deeds, to support an agenda.

There are MANY stories (mostly untold) about Europeans of all nations risking their life to save those targeted by the Nazis, with great risk to themselves. I am certain Albanians did this — why would a few not? Not everyone lost their moral courage under gunfire.

Aside from sentimental value, it has no value in the present. Most of the “players” have long since gone, and those living there presently have no virtue passed on from past good deeds. It is not relevant. It’s just “spin.”

When people still love the past, there isn’t much future. Likely many of the old farts in Kosovo would feel the same about the “good old days” when the Nazis were in charge.


In January 2009, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle became the latest of the Jewish sucker press to swallow and print the propaganda:

…Although there were not too many Jews living in Albania at the time, many Jews fled to Albania in search of safety. During World War II, there were only two countries in Europe “that actively refused to cooperate with the Nazis: Denmark and Albania,” said Gershman…[O]ne Albanian told him earnestly, ‘“I would sooner have my son killed than break my besa.’ It’s more than strong.” …The honor of helping someone in need is so prized, Gershman explained, the Albanian people actually fought over who would take the Jews in. [Indeed, they probably had shootouts over it, resulting in blood feuds, which are linked to besa.] And, Gershman continued, there is no evidence of any Jew ever being turned over to the Nazis by an Albanian.

Actually, 10-12 Jews were turned over in Albania itself, and several hundred were rounded up and turned over by Albanians in Kosovo. So that last sentence, along with the claim that Albania was one of only two European countries that actively refused to cooperate with the Nazis, ignores the enthusiasm with which Albania greeted the Italian-fascist invasion as opposed to any kind of resistance — because in return for cooperating Albania was promised Kosovo and western Macedonia. Albanians were so grateful that they created the SS Skanderbeg Division for the Germans. Also being brushed under the rug is the Albanian participation in the invasion of Greece and the Fascist organization that exists in Kosovo to this day, Balli Kombetar, which ran the north while the Communists ran the south. Many of the northern Albanians switched sides when they saw that the Fascists weren’t going to win. Historian Carl Savich described one of the roles of the Balli Kombetar in WWII:

Christopher Simpson, in Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and its Effects on the Cold War, noted that relatively few [Albanian] Jews were captured and killed but “not for lack of trying by the Balli Kombetar organization and the Albanian SS” which had orchestrated “a series of anti-Semitic purges that rounded up about 800 people, the majority of whom were deported and murdered.”

In closing, it’s worth pointing out that all these newspapers writing about the beauty of the Albanian honor code “Besa” are irresponsibly omitting the fact that Besa is actually this: “[A] murderer must request security from the victim’s family — in the form of a word of honour known as “besa” — that he will not be shot if he steps outside his home.” That is to say, Besa is linked to the violent blood code that accounts for there being thousands of children in Albania and Kosovo who are confined to their fort-like houses, unable to go outside for either school or play, because the relative of someone whom their relative killed is waiting for an opportunity to take a life in return, as per the Besa-dictated revenge.

It’s not an easy task for any ethnicity to do, and you may take offense at how he does it, but this Catholic Albanian priest in Detroit makes some important and difficult points for Albanians to take. Four days after a plot against soldiers at Ft. Dix was revealed in May, 2007 — one that included four Albanians — Father Anton Kcira said the following, in a video that only became available last week. Thanks to Mickey at Serbianna:

1. Kosovo Albanians do a disservice in representing Albanians.
2. Kosovo did not/does not deserve independence from Belgrade. (Here people start exiting the room immediately.)
3. “America, with its kind heart” was wrong to support this.
4. There are many more like the Ft. Dix jihadists, “including here in Detroit.”
5. Not enough Muslims or Albanians condemned the plot.
6. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, get out.

May God protect him.


The video below has been removed, no doubt because viewers weren’t taking it the way the person who posted it intended — that is, they weren’t coming away critical of the priest. Mickey managed to download the video in time, so his appears below the defunct youtube version:

Instead of all hell breaking loose and the editors being threatened with firing and I being unofficially banned from the paper — as usually happens when I write on the Balkans from a non anti-Serb perspective — there were just some mostly supportive comments posted under my piece, titled “The Blackmail of America.” The last line of my article quoted a Hungarian member of the European parliament saying that the reason we were rewarding Albanians with state power was that “we’re afraid of them.” Here are two semi-related comments to that line, from people who apparently have a little more of an inside view of our Kosovo machinations:

Posted by “lightdivision”:

I am a member of AFIO [Association of Former Intelligence Officers]. A couple of years ago the retired director of operations of the Hungarian Intelligence Service addressed our group. I asked about the kosovars. He said Hungary views them as a criminal tribe and that Hungary was adding new border police as fast as possible to protect the country from them. This is just another example of American ignorance getting us into a heap of garbage that is none of our business.

Note: Hungary recognized an independent Kosovo a month after the unilateral declaration, so picture this cartoon of European nations: feverishly promoting Kosovo independence, recognizing it almost immediately, then immediately running to reinforce their country’s borders to protect from the empowered Albanians. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Posted by Radem12:

…As mentioned by “lightdivision” and the Hungarian Intelligence Officer the Albanians are a criminal tribe. The countries bordering/near Albania/Kosovo have experienced this criminal tribe like noone else, Hungary, Italy and even in the USA. The FBI has recently announced that ethnic Albanian gangs, including immigrants from Kosovo, are replacing the Italian La Cosa Nostra mafia as the leading mafia in the USA. Noone seems to realise that the Albanians won’t stop at Kosovo, this is just a stepping stone, next will be Southern Serbia, Greece, Macedonia etc… It seems that the Albanians don’t value life like the rest of us, they multiply like rabbits literally, have no discipline and don’t really care. Who in the world allows their children to stone the elderly and attack graves/churches? The Western support will back fire, as mentioned by Julia once the Albanians don’t get what they want they will turn. This day is coming very soon, especially when the ICJ votes in Serbia’s favour!

(Post script: Naturally, the ICJ — International Court of Justice — found a way around voting in Serbia’s favor, thereby buying us a little more “peace in our time.”)

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