July 2010

I just wanted to post one of the comments that appeared under my compilation on “Atlas Shrugs,” of Andy Wilcoxson’s work about the Karadzic trial:

Arius said…

You will be much closer to the truth if you revert all the claims that the Serbs were mass murderers. This is the result of my ten years studying what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. I started that decade believing that the Serbs were mass murderers and ended the decade, based on the facts, supporting the Serbs. Note that I started with belief and ended with thinking based on facts. The West is stuck in belief which is mostly Muslim and Croatian agitprop and disinformation. What the Muslims did in the Balkans they are trying to replicate to bring down Israel. Muslims also tried it on the Armenians over Nagorno-Karabakh but were stopped cold by Armenians threatening CNN which backed off. The Western media is a critical part of the Muslim playbook. If the media doesn’t play along then the Muslim deception gets nowhere.

I recently got an email from Nikolaos Taneris, press officer for the Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA). It contained the following June article by Savvas Iacovides, which appeared in the Greek-Cypriot daily paper Simerini in Nicosia, Cyprus (translated by Fanoulla Argyrou in London):

We need a Defence Cooperation Agreement with Israel

…The Republic of Cyprus is powerless. It does not have the luxury to choose friends and enemies. The enemies, they impose on you. The friends are chosen, based on mutual interests, how near each one’s objectives are to the other’s, and mutual aims. Let us talk straight and [cynically]: Our enemy’s enemies, those of the Turkish invaders of Cyprus, are or can be our friends and allies.

At this moment in time there is a very serious and deep crisis between the relations of Turkey and Israel. This crisis was fueled methodically by Turkey initially starting some 8 years ago, reaching its climax with the tragic Gaza events and the death of activists. For years, Cyprus retains friendly relations with the Arab world and always supports the Palestinian cause, without getting anything in return. Without damaging these relations, which are not reciprocated from the part of the Arab countries as one would expect in a framework of mutuality, Nicosia must develop and reinforce, in all aspects and without exceptions, its relations with Israel. And let us not have again all those sentimental explosions, which do not serve a bit our state interests. Israel is a great regional power, with strong ties with the United States of America and other powers. The Jewish Lobby is incredibly strong.

In the face of an ocean of Arabs and Muslims, most of whom seek consciously its destruction, Israel regards Greece and Cyprus as its natural and nearest allies. Before the Imia crisis (in 1996), Israel proposed to Greece a Defence Co-operation Agreement, which would have facilitated the Israeli Air Force and widened the cooperation in all aspects of defence and security.

Because of Greece ’s relations with the Arabs, Athens did not respond to Israel’s proposal. And naturally, Israel turned to Turkey. The Imia crisis, the turning of the Aegean into grey zones, the failure to come into an agreement with Israel, the earthquake diplomacy and the since then gradual undermining and neutralising of the Dogma of Mutual Defence between Greece and Cyprus all these together, helped Turkey to kick Greece out of the Eastern Mediterranean, a position Greece held in this area for thousands of years vis-à-vis culture, history and geopolitics.

Turkey, with her methodical activities in the area around the greater Middle East, is aiming at turning the tables over and changing the hold of power. [A] powerful obstacle against this Turkish aim is Israel and of course, the United States of America, Russia and the European powers. The developments that will develop in the area in the future, dictate that from now, not later, Nicosia should ask Israel, as a first step, for a Co-operation Defence Agreement, as Israel since long ago is seeking for a closer cooperation with Cyprus. We believe president Christofias has [a] unique opportunity to strengthen and fortify Cyprus. He must not lose this chance, driven or moved by sentimentalities or ideological dependencies.

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is a grass-roots, not-for-profit movement created to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the people of Cyprus.

So hopefully Israel, Greece and Cyprus are learning a lesson that never should have needed learning, because of its painful obviousness. Now that all three find themselves “betrayed” by the Muslim world, they can try working together rather than against one another while trying to win over the Muslim and Arab world.

I missed this from December:

Greek admiral’s visit signifies deepening military ties with Israel (DEBKAfile Special Report)

25 Dec. The strategic and military ties between Greece and Israel are deepening in reverse proportion to Turkey’s estrangement from Israel and its growing closeness to Iran and Syria. Significantly, when the commander of the Greek Navy, Vice Admiral G. Karamalikis visited Israel earlier this month, he was given a rare red carpet. He was even taken by Israeli Navy chief Vice Adm. Eli Marum on unusual tours of the top-secret INS submarine and the Saar V class corvette.

The Dolphin is ranked as Israel’s premier long-distance deterrent weapon and believed by Western military experts to carry nuclear-capable cruise missiles.

The was part of the Israeli submarine’s escort when it passed through the Suez Canal last June, starting out from the Mediterranean and heading to the Red Sea and back.

Clash of Civilizations 2006: Today Kosovo — Tomorrow Jerusalem?
February 08, 2006

Special to Jihad Watch: Professor Miroljub Jevtic assesses the situation in Kosovo and beyond. Professor Jevtic is a professor at the College of Political Science at the Belgrade University…

…This is how the Muslims will reason when Kosovo becomes purely Muslim and when the last traces of Christianity are erased from it, erased moreover with the help of countries which claim to be Christian. Granting the independence to Kosovo will be taken as proof of Europe’s own wish to cease to exist, as it not only allows the expansion of Islam but is actively promoting it by aiding those who are destroying churches, raping nuns, spitting on crosses and daubing with excrement holy images of Christ. And Christians represented by KFOR personnel, far from trying to stop these acts of desecration, stand idly by averting their eyes. Such a Kosovo will be a base for jihad aggression against Europe keeping Christian forces tied in the Balkans while the center of the Islamic world will devote itself to the unimpeded destruction of Israel.

The only way to change the situation, to avert this next escalation in the clash of civilizations is to mobilize the entire Christian world against the independence of Kosovo and Metohija and to support its continuance within Christian Serbia. The Muslims would not like this, but they understand that this is what should be done. Because in their minds they know that it is logical for the Christians to act together. And so they will understand that the Christian world is strong and should not be provoked. Regimes now in power in Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria would not lose the support of the West. It will be understood that the relations of these regimes with the West are the only possible path for the Muslims, because the Christian West is strong.

This is the way of averting the clash of civilizations, which will be inevitable if we continue on the path we are following now. This does not mean that there will be friendship between the West and Islam, but there will not be open war either. There will only be the necessary collaboration. Besides the Koran orders the believers to respect those who are strong, because according to Islam strength always comes from God. […]

Check out the title. (We know what kind of “stability” Iran would back in the Balkans)

Tehran backs stability in Balkans: Mottaki tells Albanian envoy

Tehran Times | March 15, 2010

TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that Iran will support stability in the Balkans.

“We, along with Albania, support stability and peace in the Balkans,” Mottaki told the new Albanian ambassador to Tehran, who submitted his credentials on Saturday.

He went on to say that Iran is ready to expand comprehensive ties with Albania particularly in the economic area.

Mottaki also said that the two countries should make more efforts to expand relations as the two nations share historical and cultural affinities.

The Albanian ambassador, for his part, said Tirana is keen to expand economic and political relations with Tehran.

The diplomat also said that the two countries should share technological experiences particularly in energy sphere

We’ve heard from Nancy before, and this was her latest note to me, after I posted this on Atlas Shrugs:


I went with my son who pushed me in the wheelchair I have to use right now… to the fireworks display on the 4th. As we approached the BEST viewing area, I saw a Serbian man from Bosnia. A single fellow who is now about 29 years old. I had helped him and his friend get an apartment and jobs back in 1998 when they came to our city. I bought them food and toiletries. I took them to church because they wanted to light candles for their dead families back in Bosnia.

This young man was captured back in early 1990s by the Bosnian muslims and tortured, starved and had all his teeth knocked out. He has scars and had to have several operations on his feet when he got here because all the bones that the Bosnians broke in feet never healed well. HE WAS NOT a soldier at the time. He was a teenager taken prisoner from a small Serb village. His family was murdered. He has never married. He is bald like an OLD man. He looks 45.

He grabbed my hand… Ms Nancy hello remember me?? Of course I do. He is working at a printing company but hopes to get a better job. He was so happy to see me again. He asked if was ever coming to visit their church again. We had a small conversation and then the fireworks started. He left a few minutes later, said he had to go to work because he works nights.


As the first rockets went off, I CRIED tears in sadness.

WHAT IS THERE to celebrate anymore.??? We have a president who is all for ending the existance of the State of Israel… and is working to destroy OUR AMERICA.


Nancy also posted a comment under my Atlas Shrugs piece yesterday. Here is the relevant part:

I KNOW THOUSANDS displaced people from the Balkans. I was a resettlement worker for several NGO/agencies here in the USA and Europe at the time. The Serbs were the worst-treated people in regard to this war. I came to respect them and loathe the…selfish Bosnian muslims I had to assist. The Croats I helped were ALL married to Serbs and were tossed out of Croatia along with their Serb Spouses…


An item worth highlighting from JihadWatch last month:

Gaddafi: “We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse”

He said it. “Gaddafi: God did not create a Europe for Europeans only,” from Firas Press (Google translation), June 8 (thanks to Elder of Ziyon):

Tripoli - Firas Press: urged the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Muslims in the European Union to unite and join the People’s Leadership of the Islamic World, which he chaired, to counter what he considered a threat to the Muslims there, pointing out that God - the Almighty - created the earth for all people and not for sex particular, in reference to the Europeans.

Gaddafi said at the meeting, on Thursday evening, in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the heads of delegations of leaders of the Social Popular Islamic Forum Muammar friendship and networking in the Balkans, and the Association of Gaddafi to young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were visiting Libya, «You are a rarity in Europe, you get the large number of willing God in the day, you will have the upper hand and higher levels, you will be imams and Oarthyn of the European continent ».

He added: «If Turkey joined the European Union, and the presence of both states the Balkans in the European Union and Albania in the European Union, the meaning of this is that the European continent is no longer a crusade or a Christian as it was, but Islam has become a strong partner in the European continent to the ground and human beings and actually».

«We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse, which tells the history».

And reduced-Qadhafi, who holds the rotating presidency of the Arab summit, of the importance of statistics that declare the number of Muslims in Europe, said it was not true, because it is tendentious statistics show that Muslims are a minority. However, he added: «Muslims more than the number declared by the official statistics».

He added, saying: «Fortunately, the Muslims started to multiply and multiply more than the rest of the other religions, maybe this is a sign of God. Thus the will of God, made Muslims multiply times higher than other breeds. Perhaps this is proof that God wants to be more Muslims than anyone else in the end »….
He said: «We must unite in Europe, and to be an Islamic state and one under the banner of the World Islamic People’s Leadership», pointing out that God created the earth for all people….

From a December Spiegel article that I missed at the time:

For the time being, what has been stopped is the minaret of the Islamic religious community in Langenthal. Mutalip Karaademi, 51, an ethnic Albanian who emigrated from Macedonia 26 years ago, is standing in front of the building used by his religious association, a former paint factory on the outskirts of town. There is a wooden construction on top measuring 6.1 meters (20 feet) It shows the height of the planned minaret, the first one that cannot be built.

Karaademi is the leader of the local Islamic community, whose 130 members come from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. The small mosque has been here for 18 years. At the outset the minaret wasn’t so important, says Karaademi. It was simply an ornamental addition. But now it’s a matter of principle. He wants to take legal action — if necessary going all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, where it is very possible that the judges in Strasbourg will end up reversing the Swiss constitutional decision. He loves Switzerland, this model country, says Karaademi. But this ban is “racist and discriminating against us,” a scandal for the civilized world.

On the contrary, as Italian politician Roberto Castelli was quoted in the article: “The Swiss have once again given us a lesson in civilization. We have to send a strong signal to stop pro-Islamic ideology.”

Wouldn’t it be something if, after being just about the first in line to open an embassy in “independent” Kosovo, Switzerland ended up getting its minaret ban reversed by those same Albanians they supported?

The guy behind the ban, meanwhile, is “Daniel Zingg, 53, a balding man with wire-rimmed glasses…The minarets, those ’spearheads of the Sharia,’ those ’signs of territory newly conquered by Islam,’ can no longer be built, he says….It’s a well-known fact that first come the minarets, then the muezzins, with their calls to prayer, the burqas and finally Sharia law, he says. According to Zingg, the ban is not directed against Muslims, although it is naturally true that ‘the Koran gives (people) the mission to Islamize the world, and the Muslims here have no other mission, otherwise they would not be Muslims.’”

And just a few more paragraphs from the article:

For the past 15 years, Zingg has been giving lectures in support of Israel and against Islam. He’s a politician with the ultraconservative Christian party, the Federal Democratic Union, which received 1.3 percent of the vote in the last election.

American author and journalist Christopher Caldwell recently published his latest tome, “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West,” a widely-read and skeptical book on Europe and its Muslim immigrants. What fascinates him about the result of the Swiss vote is the gap between the rejection of the ban in surveys and the considerable support that it received during the referendum. “It means there is an official discussion of Islam and that there is a subterranean discussion of it,” he says.


“That should worry Europeans.”

It should reassure Europeans.

Caldwell doesn’t sound the same alarmist tones in his book as other conservative authors who have dubbed the old continent as “Eurabia” and see it — due to higher birthrates among immigrants — as a future outpost of the “Islamic world empire.” But he also writes: “It is certain that Europe will emerge changed from its confrontation with Islam. It is far less certain that Islam will prove assimilable.”

So he’s saying the same thing except in as round-about a way as possible.

Caldwell believes that Muslim immigrants have had greater difficulties than other groups integrating themselves into European society…

Translation: “difficulties” = “reluctance”

Caldwell says that Muslims are a small minority, but Europe is changing its structures because of them: “When an insecure, malleable, relativistic culture meets a culture that is anchored, confident and strengthened by common doctrines, it is generally the former that changes to suit the latter.”

Well said, finally.

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