January 2011

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Bosnia: Dutch offer Bosnians monthly repatriation benefits (Jan. 5)

The Netherlands has offered life benefits to Bosnians who settled in the country in the wake of the 1992-1995 war, if they decide to return home, Bosnian Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees said on Wednesday.

The ministry said it was informed by Netherlands authorities that the Dutch government would pay travelling expenses to returnees of up to 1,500 euros and life benefits to persons over 45 years of age.

The monthly benefits for individuals would be 470 euros, or 670 euros per married couple, the ministry said.

It is estimated that some 30,000 Bosnians settled in the Netherlands after the war and many have failed to integrate into Dutch society.

The Dutch government said it was a “quality solution for all foreigners who have failed to integrate into Dutch society”.

The participants in the repatriation program would be allowed a one year trial period, after which they would have the right to return to the Netherlands. After that period, they would have to renounce Dutch citizenship and lose residential rights, the government said.

In view of Bosnia’s crippled economy, huge unemployment and average monthly wage below 300 euros, it is generally expected that the repatriation program would yield good results.

I don’t get it. I thought these were the AWESOME Muslims. The Balkans Muslims. Why would these “not-like-that,” ‘non-Muslimy’ Muslims also have integration issues in western Europe, and a crappy country to return to?

Kosovo Protestants tell of hardship, survival (Dec. 22)

The small Protestant church in downtown Pristina has been around since 1985. Since then, its flock has grown to around 6,000 faithful, and 21 additional churches have been built around Kosovo.

But the denomination faces ongoing barriers in a country where the majority religion is Islam, says the community’s spiritual leader, Pastor Arthur Krasniqi.

“In this part of the Balkans, among Albanians as well, religion has always played a role in, or [rather] has been abused by, politics for electoral or other purposes,” he told SETimes.

Protestants, he said, have to deal with an atmosphere of unease. “They are visited at home, threatened there will be no place for them to be buried when they die, and their families are frequently isolated,” he said.

Sometimes, the pressure takes the form of physical violence. In Prizren, Krasniqi says, Muslim extremists beat a Kosovo Protestant, Besim Ajeti, earlier this year. Six people were arrested but released for lack of evidence.

As we know, Kosovo’s other name is Lack of Evidence. In fact, if someone ever were to do a feature film about Kosovo, it should be called “Lack of Evidence.” Abundance of Albanians results in lack of evidence. Anyway, I think this is the guy that was beat up:

In what the Protestants say was another example of intimidation, the Islamic community in Gjakova decided to post a list of Protestant missionaries and leaders, together with their addresses, on a website.

The information was taken down after complaints to authorities.

According to Krasniqi, Protestants face legal obstacles when they seek to build churches and, in some cases, do not even have the right to bury their dead.

Instead, he said, they must ask Islamic imams to perform the burial and pay a fee to the Islamic Community for this service.

“The Muslims then say, you can become Protestants, but in the end you have to come to us to get buried, because there is no other place to go,” he said.

The community has challenged what it says are onerous restrictions and is presenting its case before the Supreme Court. A particular concern, Krasniqi says, is the current law on religious freedom.

“The law clearly says religious communities aren’t legal entities in Kosovo. That means we don’t have the right to have properties or employ people.”

Similarly, the group plans to challenge the education ministry’s financing of an Islamic madrasa in the capital. Calling for clear separation of religion and state, they say the government should not be in the business of funding religious communities.

No sooner did this news item come across my desk than I heard from a Christian missionary in Kosovo asking me to remove an article about him/her that I’d excerpted, adding, “As you must know by the article you wrote, Kosovo is an Islamic country, and this article could be very harmful for us in the country. Thank you for your understanding.”

I removed the article right away, even though it was innocuous, saying only that Islam is more than a faith for Albanians — it’s an entire culture, and that converting betrays heritage and family. But apparently, the fact that the article identified someone as Christian was enough.

It’s all very confusing, since according to the State Department, Kosovo just isn’t “like that.” And also since Kosovo’s structures are always touting its religious pluralism.

I refrained from correcting the missionary about Kosovo being an “Islamic country.” It’s not a country.

By now, most readers of this blog have seen the piece below by Victor Sharpe. So I’ll just excerpt most of it, and ask: Victor Sharpe, who are you and where did you come from and how do you know so much about Serbian history and the parallels with Jewish history and their comparable current struggles and where have you been for the last two decades and could you please take over for me?

Two nations under Islamic duress — Serbia and Israel
By Victor Sharpe
Renew America December 28, 2010

In the 14th century, the Byzantine Empire began to crumble, finally falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. But in 1389, the Ottoman Turkish sultan, Murad, 1, began to lead his forces against the armies of the Serbian prince Lazar.

The Serbian prince had already been active in resisting increasing Muslim raids against Christian lands in the Balkans and had called his barons, knights and warriors together to ask them if they should fight or become slaves, dhimmis, to the Muslims. The decision was made to fight although their forces would number some 35,000 against a Turkish Muslim host of 100,000. But better to fight than to be enslaved.

The place chosen to make a stand against the Muslim Turks was at Kosovo Polje (the Field of Blackbirds) in Kosovo — the heartland of the Serbian nation. It was in June, 1389, on St. Vitus Day, (Vidovdan), that the rival forces met.

It was not a mere military defeat but the end of Serbian independence and the beginning of 500 years of Christian suffering under the Muslim yoke. But worse still, the Serbian heartland of Kosovo was lost. For the Serbian people, the blood shed at the Battle of Kosovo in the Field of Blackbirds marks Kosovo as eternally Serbian.

Another year in history that haunts the memory of a different people, who also suffered the loss of their heartland, is the year 70 AD. It was in that terrible year that the Roman general, Titus, finally came with overwhelming force against the people of Judea and the Jewish capital city, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was finally destroyed after a frightful siege in which hundreds of thousands died of disease and hunger. Eliezer, one of the leaders of the resistance managed to escape with his followers and their families to the immense rock of Masada that overlooks the Dead Sea.

There, high upon the mountain that had been a winter palace of King Herod, the 960 Jewish men, women and children held out for three years. But in the end, Eliezer called them together and asked them if they should surrender. Rather than be enslaved or crucified they took their lives.

It was later in 133 AD that the Second Jewish Revolt against continuing Roman depredations and occupation occurred, which also was successful in the first years of the uprising, but finally led to Emperor Hadrian destroying what was left of the Jewish state in 135 AD and — in a frightful insult to the Jewish survivors — renamed the Jewish homeland, Palestina, after the hated and long extinct biblical enemies of the Jews; the Philistines.

Centuries pass but history has an almost supernatural way of repeating itself. Fast forward to the twentieth and twenty first centuries and both Serbia and the Jewish homeland are linked by eerie circumstances. Both are demonized in the mainstream press and both are under relentless aggression from Islam. But let us consider the new gold of our times and how it shapes politics and war: Oil.

The need for oil makes and destroys states and peoples and too often befouls humanity. It is still a necessary evil, but much of this black gold happens by fate to lie under the sands of the Arab Middle East and the Islamic Republic of Iran and thus morphs into a terrible weapon wielded by Arab despots and Islamo-fascist fanatics.

The late 20th century insane rush that created Kosovo as yet another Muslim autonomous region in the heart of the Balkans, was a testament to the curse of oil. Ever ready to enrich their economies, the Europeans and, sadly, the Clinton Administration combined to appease and placate the Arab and Muslim kings, emirs, imams and assorted dictators. The price demanded by the Saudis and the Gulf States for example was, as always, a steep one; namely to pave the way for more and more Muslim influence throughout the world…European and American universities hold out their begging bowls to receive Arab money and in return help facilitate the spread of anti-Israel and anti-Western falsehoods masquerading as Middle East studies.

The phenomena of the so-called sovereign funds are instruments through which European and American financial institutions receive desperately needed infusions of Arab money to bail themselves out of their own greed and monetary shortcomings. And the financial help bestowed upon them always comes with strings, thus adding yet another layer of Arab and Muslim pressure.

Islamist influence grows with every passing day. Facts are being created on the ground, which are changing the demographics and national characteristics of one European state after another. And it was in Europe that Arab oil drove the creation of a Muslim statelet, Kosovo, that is rapidly becoming a radical Islamist Balkan beachhead to threaten what is left of Christian Europe. In time it will inevitably become a springboard for terror into both the United States and Russia.

The U.S. State Department’s Nicholas Burns some years ago had congratulated the Kosovars in obtaining their independence from Serbia. This was a betrayal of the Serbian people and has left a disfiguring scar on the United States. For the Serbian people, the province of Kosovo is their very ancestral heartland. The long suffering Serbs were forced to witness the witless and perfidious Western powers rip away Serbia’s heart while the hated ethnic Albanian and Muslim historical enemies took possession of it. The Serbs, in fact, call Kosovo their “Jerusalem.” That is how holy they consider their lost homeland.

And we must realize that Israel, too, is threatened by the same evil created by Arab oil. The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians demand Judaism’s eternal holy city of Jerusalem and the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria (known by the erroneous Arab name of the West Bank). In this, the baleful influence of President Barack Hussein Obama looms, just as the Serbian people’s heartland of Kosovo was stolen from them with the connivance and brute force of President Clinton and his diplomats, Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright..

Under relentless U.S State Department pressure, the Israeli government of Prime Minister Netanyahu is enduring the same attempt at the dismemberment of its biblical, ancestral, aboriginal, spiritual and physical Jewish heartland as the brave and ill served Serbian people suffered with the loss of their beloved Kosovo.

…[A] new Arab state called Palestine will be judenrein — the forcible removal of Jewish villages and their inhabitants…Jordan is historically in possession of nearly 80% of Mandatory Palestine and its population is over 75% Palestinian. There already thus exists a de facto Palestine. [Similarly, there already exists an Albanian state.]…[T]he world demands that Israel returns to the highly vulnerable armistice lines that existed before June 5, 1967 when it was only nine miles wide at its most populous region.

These are the striking similarities between the Serbs and the Jews. Serbia originally lost its province of Kosovo after being defeated in battle by the Muslim Turks at the Field of Blackbirds in June, 1389. Like the Jews, who in their 2,000 years of exile dreamed of restoring their ancient homeland and their holy city of Jerusalem from alien conquerors after losing it to the Romans, so too the Serbs dreamed of Kosovo and wove their folk music and national identity around the lost Serbian heartland. Kosovo was partially restored to Serbia but it was not to be for long. Judea and Samaria was liberated by Israel in its defensive 1967 Six Day War. But the world is coming against Israel and in 2011 will bring terrible pressure upon the Jewish state to again abandon its very biblical and ancestral heartland and give it to a terrorist and Islamic state to be called Palestine.

During the late 1990s when President Clinton and his Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, launched a disgraceful war against the Serbs, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Draskovitch said of Kosovo: “Our faith was born there, as was our language, our nationhood, our pride. It is incumbent upon us to defend Kosovo, even if we all die.”

His words were uttered as American bombers, repainted in NATO colors, bombed Serbia for several months inflicting some 3,000 civilian deaths and destroying all the bridges over the Danube River in Belgrade. This was not America’s finest hour but it is now largely dead and buried by the mainstream media.

The same mainstream media rarely, if ever, tells us about Serbia’s passion during the many centuries leading up to the present and latest shameful act of the West. When Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, it was the Serbs who fought alone and unaided against the German divisions during World War 2; fighting them to a standstill. No other people alone in occupied Europe achieved that remarkable and heroic feat.

Croatia allied itself with Hitler and established a Nazi state. The Croatians exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serbs and tens of thousands of Jews. If you visit the Yasenovatz [phonetic for Jasenovac] death camp in Croatia, you will find Jews and Serbs buried there together in mass graves.

The anti-Jewish Arab Mufti of Jerusalem during the British Mandate, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who spent many days with Hitler in his Berlin bunker plotting the destruction of Mandatory Palestine’s Jewish population, encouraged the Bosnian Muslims to form several SS divisions who subsequently carried out mass murders and deportations of Jews to the German death camps.

Serbia emerged from the Second World War with the distinction of defeating the German invasion and inflicting severe losses on the German army. But the Serbs paid a terrible price, losing nearly 2,000,000 dead or some 12% of their population. The Serbian partisans [and the Serbian anti-Nazi, anti-Communist “Chetnik” fighters], who included many Jewish fighters, were able to save thousands of Jews from death at the hands of the Croatian, German and Bosnian murderers.

During the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, the Croatians expelled some 250,000 Serbs from their homes in the Krajina district. As soon as the Muslims in Kosovo received autonomy in 1974, they drove out 400,000 Serbs. At the same time a vast influx of ethnic Albanians fleeing Communist rule, flooded across the border to take the place of the disinherited Serbs. Albanian Muslim birth rate was so high that within 60 years the Kosovan population within Kosovo grew from 70,000 in 1947 to 2,000,000 by 2004. Similarly, the Arab Muslim population within Israel has grown from 200,000 in 1950 to 1.2 million in 2010.

The Serbian people have been reduced to only 10% of their original population in Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing against the Serbs began long before the Western press ran their lurid stories of Serbian ethnic cleansing against the Bosnian Muslims. Predictably, the mainstream press ignored the earlier attacks by the Muslims against the Serbs, which first led to the war.

The lesson for Israel is that foreign powers have conspired to strip the expendable Serbs of their ancestral heartland and give it to the Muslims. In doing so, these same western powers believe that by placating and ingratiating themselves with the oil rich Arab and Muslim world they enrich their own economies. After all, Serbia does not possess any known oil reserves.

Israel, too, has been until quite recently bereft of meaningful reserves of oil. It too is thus expendable. The pressure upon Israel to give away its own ancestral, historic, spiritual and biblical heartland in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) grows relentlessly and insidiously.

Sadly and tragically, there has not existed since the time of Prime Minister Shamir an Israeli government or leader with the intestinal fortitude and spiritual certitude to adamantly and resolutely resist the cynical and perfidious machinations of western leaders. Israel desperately needs a leader who can talk to the world as Draskovitch once spoke for the Serbian people. Perhaps Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu may yet be that leader, though he has not fully removed the fears of many Israelis.

Caroline Glick, writing in the Feb 23, 2008 edition of the Jerusalem Post summed up the Israeli government’s confusion at that time: “What the Serbs made NATO fight its way in to achieve, Israel is offering NATO on a silver platter.” She added, “… the lessons of Kosovo are clear. Not only should Israel join Russia, Canada, China, Spain, Romania and many others in refusing to recognize Kosovo. It should also state that as a consequence of Kosovo’s independence, Israel rejects the deployment of any international forces to Gaza or Judea and Samaria, and refuses to cede its legal right to sovereignty in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem to international arbitration.” Israel gave Gaza to the Arabs in 2005 in the hope the Arabs would create a peaceful Palestinian state. They did not. Hamas occupies Gaza and has bombarded Israel with over 12,000 missiles since 2005 and vows the extermination of the Jewish state.

Serbia and Israel must be supported by all who still cherish morality over expediency. Historical correctness must in all such cases trump so-called political correctness. As goes Serbia, so goes Israel.

Neither nation deserves to become victim to the international greed for black gold and the attendant groveling acceptance by oil-importing states to the demands of the oil producing dictatorships and Islamic theocracies. The failure to withstand Islamic triumphalism is dhimmitude or death.

Thanks, WikiLeaks!

Muslims with war records watched (Dec. 20)

Detailed reports on potential terrorist activity in New Zealand included warnings from police to United States officials that some local Muslims fought in wars such as Afghanistan and Bosnia, WikiLeaks cables show.

The warnings, in cables from 2005, showed the US embassy’s emergency action committee in Wellington had no information to indicate a terrorist cell was operating in New Zealand.

But it said police were investigating several individuals in a cable that noted there were about 50,000 Muslims in New Zealand, including 708 Maori converts.

“The New Zealand Police recently provided information indicating some New Zealand Muslims have fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia and possibly Chechnya,” the cable said.

Most investigations did not involve law enforcement agencies because there had been no indication of criminal behaviour. […]

I wonder, if we’d considered Bosnia war veterans to be a red flag, whether Sulejman Talovic would have gotten to leisurely prepare for his 2007 Salt Lake City massacre as he did. Oh never mind — Dad lied about his war record on his citizenship application. Like so many other Bosnian-Muslim families living here now. I guess it won’t help.

Kosovo Important Precedent for Karabakh Conflict (Nov. 24)


NEWPORT BEACH—Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh) President Bako Sahakian said Friday the Kosovo precedent was important for the resolution of the Karabakh conflict and rebuffed Azeri attempts to poison his appearance at a gathering hosted by Orange County World Affairs Council at the Pacific Club, where Sahakian was the keynote speaker.

Sahakian spoke to an audience of about 250 guests, mainly members of the Armenian community and the WAC, but peppered with members of the Azeri community, who asked biased questions during the Q & A session at the end of president’s speech. Another group of 15 to 20 Azeris was protesting outside of the venue.

In reference to the parallels between Karabakh and Kosovo, which was brought up in one of the questions, the President said that “Kosovo is an important precedent of the implementation of international law, where the principle of self-determination prevailed” and stated that the International Court of Justice confirmed Kosovo’s independence. Just like in Kosovo, the people in Karabakh made their choice to live independently, and that decision is “not subject to speculation and interpretation.”

Sahakian said that Karabakh must return to negotiation table because “no settlement of the conflict is going to be possible without the agreement of Stepanakert.” The President said the government of Azerbaijan was unwilling to take any real steps to resolve the conflict peacefully and pointed to the continued military rhetoric and the constant ceasefire violations initiated by the Azeris.

He called upon the international community to condemn the “destructive position” of Azerbaijan, stating that “the international community can have an influential role in curbing Baku’s militaristic rhetoric and stopping the Azeri government from continuous increase in military expenditures.”

In response to a question about the status of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Sahakian stressed that the “recognition of Arstakh is just a matter of time” and expressed confidence that “most Western countries are interested in the establishment of a new, free, and democratic state” in the Caucasus.

On the domestic front, Sahakian reported that the gross domestic product of the country has increased fivefold from 2003, when it was only $427 per capita, to 2009, when it reached the $2,000 mark.

While addressing statements made about the “Khojaly Massacre” in his response to an Azeri member of the audience, Sahakian stated that the “Khojaly issue was a tactical move [adopted by the Azeris] to divert attention from the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.” […]

Jewish Commando Shark Alert!

I’d heard about the sharks attacking Western tourists at Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh earlier this month. Since these Westerners were lucky enough to avoid the kind of jihadi attacks that hit British tourists at Sharm el Sheikh in 2005, I figured the sharks were mauling them just for being idiotic enough to vacation in Egypt.

What I didn’t hear, though, was the following — which Nebojsa Malic brought to my attention:

“So, earlier this month a shark ate some tourists at Sharm el Sheikh. Egyptian officials actually claimed that Israel was behind it.”

From Foxnews.com:

An Egyptian official believes that Israel’s intelligence agency might be behind the fatal shark attack of a German tourist in Sinai over the weekend, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark (in the sea) to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha told egynews.net.

And the Israeli government actually responded: Shark attacks not linked to Mossad says Israel

South Sinai governor Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha (6 December) The South Sinai governor reportedly said Mossad’s involvement was “not out of the question”

Israel has dismissed Egyptian claims that a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea could have been the result of a plot carried out by its foreign intelligence agency, Mossad.

An elderly woman was killed by a shark in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday. Several other swimmers have been mauled in the past week.

Rumours had circulated in Egypt that there could be an Israeli connection to this unusual spate of Red Sea shark attacks.

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Igal Palmor then told the BBC: “The man must have seen Jaws one time too many, and confuses fact and fiction.”

It has also been pointed out that visitors to Israel as well as Egypt might be alarmed by the shark attacks. Israel has its own holiday resorts on the Red Sea coast, and Sharm el-Sheikh is popular with its citizens. [And yet no Jews were attacked! If that isn’t proof of the sharks’ Zionist intent!]

The upshot? As Nebojsa reports:

A Serbian faux-news site (kind of like The Onion here) decided to add to the farce by posting an article about how the killer shark was offed by a drunken Serb. Well, a Macedonian wire service picked it up and treated it as a legitimate news article… and from there on it went viral online:

Sharks Wary of Drunk Serbs (Dec. 16)

Dragan Stevic of Serbia is the new Egyptian hero who killed a large shark which had previously terrorized numerous tourists (injured 4 and killed 1) at the famous Egyptian resort Sarm El Sheikh.

The Serbian hero was too drunk to remember what had happened, though one of his friends who witnessed the incident explained it all for the Belgrade based media.

…Egyptian media [dubbed Dragan Stevic] the “Shark El Sheikh” and thanked him for saving their tourist season.

Milovan Ubirapa, one of Stevic’s friend who witnessed the incident explained that Dragan had decided to go to the beach for a swim after a long night of drinking. As Dragan and his friends approached the beach, he saw a fairly high positioned jumping board utilized earlier in the day by divers.

“Dragan climbed on the jumping board, told me to hold his beer and simply ran to jump. There was no time for me to react or to try to stop him, he just went for it” says Milovan.

“Dragan jumped high and plunged down to the sea, but didn’t make as much splash as we thought he would”, explained Milovan.

The reason could be because Dragan Stevic ended up jumping straight on the shark which was lurking near the beach, probably looking for its next victim. Dragan had nailed it right in the head, killing it instantly. The Egyptian police found the shark washed out on the beach that morning.

Dragan was able to swim to the shore and told his friends he had twisted his ankle, telling them the water was not that soft.

The water is soft buddy, you just landed on a shark. At the moment, the fearless hero is in a hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning. After Dragan gets well, he will get a chance to have some more drinks as the resort had awarded the Serb tourist with a free vacation for his heroic deed. // Pero Stamatovski

As if that weren’t enough the NY Post also reported on the “incident”: Hammered-head shark dies

A Serbian man reportedly has become a hero in Egypt — by accidentally killing a shark with his butt while drunk.

Dragan Stevic was soused to the gills while partying at the Red Sea resort Sharm El Sheikh when he inadvertently felled the beast that had been terrorizing tourists for weeks.

Stevic cannonballed into the water from a high-diving board, according to a Macedonian news agency. Instead of making a splash, he came down right on the shark’s head, killing the toothed terror instantly.

The fun-loving party boy was immediately touted as a local hero who saved tourist season, which had dried up after the shark had injured three people and killed one vacationer.

Stevic swam to shore and is currently in the hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning.

So there you have it, Folks. We live in a world that can’t tell the difference between reality and satire. And actually, that says a lot about the reality.

Besides, any idiot can tell that the sharks are not Israeli, but Egyptian. Their bodies are weaponized and they can’t be reasoned with.

That’s definitely more Arab than Jewish.

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