May 2012

I had recently called attention to the fact that Libyan and Syrian rebels were looking to the “former” rebels constituting today’s KLA government of Kosovo for guidance on post-war Christian-less peace. I wrote that, when a delegation from Tripoli visited Pristina last month because “Kosovo’s post-conflict transition process could serve as a useful model for Libya” and because it wanted to “learn about Kosovo’s experience in reintegrating [KLA fighters],” what they really wanted to know was how Albanians managed to get terrorists legitimized and weaponized by the West.

The Libyans also wanted to learn from Albanians “what [they] did first after the end of the war… and how…the amnesty and disarmament processes went.” I explained that what the Albanians did first was ethnically cleanse every town and village of its non-Albanian populations and of any Albanian opposition, with NATO’s help. As for disarmament, there was none. Unless you’re talking about disarming the already sitting Serbian ducks. And as for amnesty for the Albanian “fighters,” evidently what was meant by that was wholesale immunity for Christian-killing that continued well beyond the “end” of the war, and to this day. (Type in “Kosovo” and “climate of impunity” and find any number of international reports on the matter including by HRW and Amnesty.)

Then came Syria’s turn:

Syrian opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo (Russia Today, May 4)

A delegation of Syrian rebels has made a deal with Pristina authorities to exchange experience on partisan warfare. The Syrian opposition is sending militants to Kosovo for adopting tactics and being trained to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime.

On April 26, a delegation of Syrian opposition members made a stop in Pristina on their way from the US to hold talks on how to make use of the experience of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Syria, reports the Associated Press.

So far, a poorly-organized Syrian opposition has proven unable to self-organize and form a steady front against the forces of President Assad.

Terror tactics used by militants allow them to kill military and governmental officials, but do not help to hold positions against a regular army.

“We come here to learn. Kosovo has walked this path and has an experience that would be very useful for us,” says the head of the Syrian delegation Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian-born human rights activist and dissident. “In particular, we’d like to know how scattered armed groups were finally organized into the KLA.”

Syrian opposition leaders have promised to immediately recognize Kosovo once they seize power in the country.

… The training camp on the Albanian-Kosovo border that has welcomed Syrian attendees was originally organized by the US to help the KLA train its fighters.

That is, the U.S.-sponsored terror-training camps are still active in Kosovo. (On a related note, each KLA brigade had a well-guarded Arabic mujahed officer installed by the American company Military Professional Resources Inc. See also: “KLA terrorists were transported into the battlefield by NATO helicopters…NATO instructors were training as many as 10,000 KLA terrorists at camps in Albania and Turkey…In addition to using civilian homes and places of worship as firing positions, the KLA’s members would often remove their uniforms and intermingle themselves among real civilians.”) Continuing with the current Syria-Kosovo article:

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK and France for years until, in 1998, it was taken off the list of terrorists with no explanation given. The KLA used to have up to 10 per cent of underage fighters in its ranks.

There were numerous reports of the KLA having contacts with Al-Qaeda, getting arms from that terrorist organization, getting its militants trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and even having members of Al-Qaeda in its ranks fighting against Serbs.

In 1998-1999 Kosovo separatists started an armed conflict with Belgrade to split the Kosovo region from Serbia. The war in the region was marked with mass atrocities and executions of the civilian population [the “mass” part of that being by the KLA]. Most of the Serbs that used to live in Kosovo became refugees.

The same horrors that were witnessed during the war in Kosovo are now apparently being prepared for the multi-confessional Syrian population by Islamist Syrian Liberation Army trained in Muslim Kosovo in the middle of Europe.

The Syrian Liberation Army group that actually formed the delegation to Kosovo has been fighting with the Syrian government for over a year now. This stand-off has claimed well over 9,000 lives, about half of them Syrian servicemen, law enforcers and officials.

Lately, the militants have been squeezed out of the Syrian cities and their positions along the Syrian-Turkish border. Being unable to turn the tide independently, the Syrian Liberation Army has been addressing to its foreign sponsors to start a military intervention into Syria to topple President Bashar Assad. [Again, echoes of Kosovo.]

However, Global Research Dot CA Contributor Benjamin Schett told RT the Syrian rebels would not learn much in terms of military tactics from the KLA.

“The so-called Kosovo Liberation Army – this terrorist group – had in fact already been defeated by the Serbian army in 1998.”

Schett says that once Serbia agreed on a ceasefire, pulled back troops, and let in OSCE observers, the KLA used this situation to intensify their attacks so as to provoke a military reaction. [ “And at the same time they managed to present themselves as the innocent ones and the freedom fighters and the victims and the Serbs as aggressors to the Western media, which finally provoked a Western intervention in March 1999 after they staged a fake massacre in Račak.”]

Schett believes the Syrian rebels would go to Kosovo for knowledge in public relations techniques. He says despite their lack of military prowess, they were adept at making the Western public believe they were fighting for a justified cause amid reports they had committed a slew of war crimes and human rights abuses.


Wiping out local minorities after an extensive NATO air-strike were the only combat tactics the KLA had mastered and the only thing the Syrian opposition can really learn from them, foreign affairs editor for the US-based Chronicles magazine, Srdja Trifkovich, told RT.

RT: Just what might the Syrian opposition learn at these camps?

Srdja Trifkovich: Well, first of all I don’t think they can learn much from the KLA veterans in terms of combat efficiency because the KLA was singularly unsuccessful in its rebellion against the Serbian security forces until the NATO bombing. They started their terrorist ambushes in 1997. They intensified their activities in 1998…But even during the bombing the Serbian forces maintained full control of all of the key population centers and they even kept the roads open. It’s only that the KLA came in after the Serbs started withdrawing under the terms of the ceasefire with NATO. And even then they were not engaging in combat, they were acting as marauders ethnically cleansing non-Albanians. So the first point is that there is nothing to learn in terms of combat efficiency and in terms of actually organizing a successful guerilla force.

RT: Words that have been associated with the KLA – assassination, terror, bombings – is that really the kind of thing that the Syrian opposition wants to be associated with?

ST: It seems that they don’t care, because I understand that Ammar Abdulhamid, one of the Syrian opposition leaders who came to Pristina and actually spoke to an AP reporter, said “We are here to learn.” Now this should be a huge wake-up call for those Syrians who are not supportive of the opposition, especially the minorities: the Alawites, the Christians – either Orthodox or Greek Catholic – the Shiites, the Kurds. The moderate Sunni Muslims should remember that if the Syrian rebels learn from the KLA, that means there will be a bloodbath after the fall of Assad and there will be no room for anyone but the majority group which subscribes to its extremist credo, whether it is that of greater Albania in Kosovo or the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Syria.

Russia concerned at Kosovo ‘Syrian militant training’ reports

Media reports suggesting that Kosovo officials have established contact with the Syrian opposition to train Syrian militants in the secessionist province are causing alarm, the Russian Ambassador to the UN said Monday.

­”The training of militants would run counter to the efforts of the UN and Arab League special envoy, which are supported by the entire international community,” said Vitaly Churkin, speaking at a session of the Security Council devoted to the situation in Kosovo.

The UN Ambassador went on to warn of the possible global implications of such paramilitary exercises.

“Apart from this, turning Kosovo into an international drilling ground where the militants of paramilitary formations would get training might become a serious destabilizing factor reaching out to places far beyond the boundaries of the Balkans,” Churkin said.

Diplomats and media reports said that at least three exiled Syrian activists have been in Kosovo recently for talks with the former Kosovo rebels who fought a separatist war against Serbia in 1998-99, which culminated in NATO unleashing a ferocious, 78-day aerial bombardment (March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999) on Yugoslavia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed its concern over the media reports.

“Lately there have been media reports about contacts between Syrian opposition representatives and the authorities of the so-called Republic of Kosovo,” the ministry said in a statement issued on Monday. “This is not just about ‘exchange of experience’ in organizing separatist movements aimed at toppling existing regimes, it is also about training Syrian militants in Kosovo.”

They intend to use areas that are geographically similar to the Syrian landscape, the ministry statement continued. It is likely that training centers will be opened at the former bases of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

“Such intentions raise concerns. They run counter to the efforts of United Nations – Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan, backed by the entire international community. We are calling on international organizations present in the province to take whatever steps are necessary to foil such schemes,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.

While Rodney Atkinson reminds us that it was the hasty, illegal, and “deliberate breakup of Yugoslavia by Germany and NATO” that “provided great opportunities for Islamic terror organisations to infiltrate Kosovo and Bosnia,” Lee Jay Walker and Boutros Hussein of the Modern Tokyo Times website comment on Russia’s concerns about Kosovo’s ratlines helping Syrian terrorists:

The Russian Federation is alarmed by reports that Kosovo under the leadership of ethnic Albanians and in complete collusion with America, is being prepared to train Syrian Islamists in this disputed territory. Irrespective of what people think about the Kosovo crisis, the end result is the most telling…[U]nder various Western organizations vast numbers of Orthodox Christians have fled Kosovo.

Indeed, it is appalling to think [there is] a part of Europe where Orthodox Christians have to be protected by outside forces when venturing into many parts of Kosovo where Serbians have been cleansed, or reside in small pockets; that despite this fact, Kosovo under Kosovo Albanian rule is still deemed worthy to instigate more violence. The Western organizations based in Kosovo are meant to show “a caring side” to the intervention of Kosovo whereby non-Albanians are protected. However, the truth couldn’t be further away when it comes to the elites of Washington and London. This applies to the bigger picture being a disguise in order to “pull the strings” in a strategic part of Europe…

The ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, stated in relation to Syria, that…”turning Kosovo into an international drilling ground where the militants of paramilitary formations would get training might become a serious destabilizing factor reaching out to places far beyond the boundaries of the Balkans.”

…After all, several radical Sunni Islamists who were involved in September 11 had obtained training in Bosnia, [where] killing Orthodox Christians was…tolerated by the Bill Clinton administration. Therefore, once more it would appear that certain important individuals in America have no qualms about using Kosovo in order to train terrorists and mercenaries.

News about possible new ratlines…which aren’t under the influence of Western governments and important players who stay “in the shadows,” reached the Russian Foreign Ministry [which] commented that “contacts between Syrian opposition representatives and the authorities of the so-called Republic of Kosovo…is not just about ‘exchange of experience’ in organizing separatist movements aimed at toppling existing regimes, it is also about training Syrian militants in Kosovo.”

[G]iven the fact that the Kosovo Albanian leadership relies on Western support, it is abundantly clear that ratlines lead back to Washington and London. [And remember that] if it wasn’t for economic, political, and military support from outside nations which support the Kosovo Albanian leadership, then this “Washington-London imposed nation state” wouldn’t exist independently outside of Serbia….

Enver Hoxhaj, a spokesperson for the Kosovo Albanian leadership, commented that “We were among the first governments in Europe who was supporting the opposition in Libya and in other Arab countries last year, because we were fighting for the same aspirations, for the same values…We have the same approach to Syria and have some diplomatic contacts between my government and (the) Syrian opposition…We are supporting very much their cause.” […]

Can there be any doubt left as to what the KLA was, and what Belgrade was responding to in 1999 — after decades of politically correct inaction that by now should ring familiar to us as well? And Milosevic wasn’t even an Assad, so the case is doubly made. Yet to this day, all that Americans hear — and usually believe — is the continued parroting of their government’s KLA-planted propaganda. (There was another case of it just last week in The Washington Times which, separately, also included a slap in the face to hundreds of WWII vets in time for Memorial Day.)

It’s quite sad that all of the preceding items come to us by way of Russian media. As I quoted Jim Jatras in that previous Syria-Kosovo blog: “In each case — Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria, and of course Chechnya — U.S. and NATO come down on the side of Saudi-supported Sunni jihadists, while Russia is against them.”

It begs the question, Why are only the Russians defending Christianity, and why are they alone in opposing jihad? If you consider that even while this is the case, Vladimir Putin’s closest bodyguards are Chechen, then you might start to suspect that maybe, just maybe, when one respects their own religion, one gets a little respect back.

We’ve arrived at a sad state of affairs indeed when the American conscience, as represented by soulless Washington, is so far gone that it takes Russia to remind America of what falls within international sanity, not to mention legality, as the former tries to contain the chaos that the latter is proliferating.

Here’s where Americans might finally start to realize that our concern is not the jihad, but still Russia. That the apparently less suicidal and more jihad-rational Russia is our target speaks to a self-killing impulse of huge proportion, leaving us with a US-less world gone mad, and about to go madder.


Related: From a local Kosovo “Criminal Incidents” log, with few details provided:

Gjilan/Gnjilane 17.05.2012
Four suspects (three Syria citizens and one K/Albanian) have been arrested since three foreigners illegally crossed the border from Serbia whereas the suspect K/A male helped them to enter into the territory of Kosovo.

Which -ich? It doesn’t matter, as long as the name ends with that Serbian suffix.

Apparently still high on last week’s Mladic Fever, U.S. authorities this week deported Las Vegas convenience store owner Dejan Radojkovic to Bosnia, because he was a police commander who received 200 Muslim soldiers in his custody for a few hours or less in 1995.

So yet another Serb learns what happens when you help nail a fellow Serb in cooperation with a West that hates your blood: You’re next. On a larger scale, this is what happened to, among others, Slobodan Milosevic (who initially cooperated with the West against those more “nationalist” Bosnian Serbs), and Vojislav Kostunica (who helped oust Milosevic, only to be conspired against himself a few years later by us).

Notice how the notoriously Islam-serving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) obligingly provides this publicity shot of their “diligent investigative work” (i.e. rounding up as many Serbs as possible).

In this photo provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, former Bosnian-Serb police commander tied to Srebrenica genocide Dejan Radojkovic, 61, arrives at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, for the initial leg of his removal flight back to Sarajevo. The former Bosnian Serb police commander accused of playing a leading role in the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica has been deported to his native country, U.S. officials said Thursday May 24, 2012. (AP Photo/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

In this photo provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, former Bosnian-Serb police commander tied to Srebrenica genocide Dejan Radojkovic, 61, right, is escorted by an ICE agent at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas for the initial leg of his removal flight. The former Bosnian Serb police commander accused of playing a leading role in the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica….

A LEADING role, no less!

By the time we’re through, the entire 1990s Bosnian-Serb and Serbian armies will be in prison cells, in what effectively will have been an outlawing of war itself…unless you’re the Muslim army that started it. So what’s actually being criminalized, as we know, is defending oneself against Master, that is insolence.

Anyway, between yet another Serb behind bars, and the Islamic community center opening down the block, I feel so much safer! Thanks for being there, America! (Where are you, again?)

US deports man accused of war crimes to Bosnia (May 24)

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former Bosnian Serb police commander accused of playing a role in the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica has been deported to his native country, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Dejan Radojkovic arrived in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, aboard a commercial airline after an overnight flight from Las Vegas accompanied by federal agents, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lori Haley said.

Radojkovic’s immigration lawyer in Las Vegas said he was surprised by the deportation. Don Chairez said he knows of no evidence linking the 61-year-old client he knew as a lawful permanent U.S. resident, widower, father of two and owner of a modest grocery business with the execution of Muslim boys and men in an event considered Europe’s bloodiest mass killing since World War II.

“He is not a war criminal,” the attorney told The Associated Press. “There is no evidence that Mr. Radojkovic ever killed anybody.”

Chairez said Radojkovic’s national guard unit accepted the surrender of about 200 Bosnian Muslim soldiers and turned them over to Bosnian Serb forces. Radojkovic didn’t know the men would be killed, Chairez said.

U.S. and Bosnian authorities said Radojkovic was handed over Thursday to police at the Sarajevo airport for prosecution based on evidence collected by investigators from the U.S. customs agency, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague and prosecutors from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“He’s wanted on genocide charges,” said Nicole Navas, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman in Washington, D.C.

“For the families who lost loved ones at Srebrenica, justice has been a long time coming,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said in a statement announcing Radojkovic’s deportation. “But they can take consolation in the fact that those responsible for this tragedy are now being held accountable.”

The Immigration and Customs chief also pointed to the January 2010 deportation to Bosnia-Herzegovina of Nedjo Ikonic, a Milwaukee, Wis., resident identified as another former special police commander linked to the Srebrenica massacre.

Ikonic was Radojkovic’s police commander, Navas said.

Morton promised to ensure the U.S. “does not serve as a haven for human rights violators and others who have committed heinous acts.”

Prosecutors allege Radojkovic commanded a special police brigade that rounded up about 200 Muslim men in the nearby Konjevic Polje region for execution, the ICE statement said.

Court documents show Radojkovic and his family were granted refugee status and admitted to the United States in June 1999. The family lived in Las Vegas, where Radojkovic’s wife, Radojka Radojkovic, died in a car crash in September 2000. A newspaper obituary said she was 43.

Radojkovic became a permanent U.S. resident in January 2002. Chairez said he used money from an insurance settlement following the crash to open a business that records show sold food, tobacco, sundries and videos.

The business withered and licenses expired after Radojkovic was arrested in January 2009.

(No American Dream for you, Serb!)

ICE officials said a joint investigation by Bosnian authorities and U.S. Homeland Security agents linked him to possible war crimes.

(No kidding! What are the chances of a joint investigation with a Muslim-dominated country linking a Serb to war crimes?)

Court documents show he was accused of failing to report that he had been a squad commander in the Republika Srpska Special Police Squad.

(While you’re at it, you might want to re-check some of the immigration applications of the celebrated Bosnian-Muslim communities of St. Louis and Salt Lake City. Morton’s familiar quote about America not serving as a haven for human rights violators was somehow missing when we realized that the Trolley Square killer’s father hadn’t disclosed his war record in his visa application. I also don’t remember this chest-beating upon the arrest of Azra Basic, Croatian-Muslim Serb-torturer.)

Chairez said Radojkovic, an ethnic Serb, had been a police dog trainer in Sarajevo before the breakup of Yugoslavia and was drafted by the Bosnian Serbian military after the war began.

In the U.S., Radojkovic testified in Milwaukee against Ikonic, who Chairez said commanded three special police units, including Radojkovic’s.

Radojkovic remained in U.S. custody for more than three years. An immigration judge in late 2009 ordered him deported on multiple grounds, finding that he ordered or participated in “extrajudicial killing.”

“The government merely alleges that as an individual who was part of a group that accepted the surrender of these enemy soldiers, it is presumed that Radojkovic should have known that the Bosnian-Serbian military forces were likely to kill them,” Chairez protested in an appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

The Muslim soldiers were loaded on buses and driven away, the lawyer said. “There is no evidence and there is no allegation that Radojkovic shot and killed a single prisoner.”

The appeals court in February denied Chairez’s appeal, clearing the way for Radojkovic’s deportation.

What a surprise. The show trials must go on.

I couldn’t help noticing this news item a few weeks ago:
Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ to be reprinted in Germany for first time since 1945
By Klaus Tscharnke
April 24, 2012

BERLIN— dpa (MCT) Local authorities in Germany are to reprint “Mein Kampf'’ (”My Struggle'’), Adolf Hitler’s hate tract, for the first time since the death of the Nazi dictator in 1945.

Tuesday’s decision by the state of Bavaria, which controls the copyright, means the book will be available again in three years, when its German copyright expires, but with content warnings throughout.

It follows years of agonized debate about whether Germans remain susceptible to Nazi ideology and how to stop it reviving. The book is available in many other countries.

After meeting anti-Nazi activists in Nuremberg, the city that once hosted Nazi Party rallies, Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Soeder said a complete edition, with annotations throughout by historians warning against Hitler’s errors, would help demystify the book.

A separate edition for schools also would be issued, with historians already at work writing the commentary.

“In all the editions, we want to make clear what nonsense the book contains as well as its fatal consequences,” Soeder said.

Bavaria also will fund scholars to analyze Hitler’s speeches to the Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg to see how he recycled his ideas.

Hitler published “Mein Kampf'’ in two volumes, in 1925 and 1926, seven years before he was elected German leader in 1933. The book set out race theories, claiming the Germans were superior Aryans, whereas Jews and others were inferior.

Nearly 10 million copies were printed in the Nazi period. A free copy was given to every German couple when they got married.

Bavaria took over all of Hitler’s assets, including his copyrights, after his 1945 suicide. It has since blocked all attempts to republish his writings.

A change of approach is necessary because copyright in Germany expires 70 years after an author’s death.

I can’t tell if this is harmless or ominous. Nonetheless it’s a sign of the times. I also couldn’t help noticing the date of the article, just four days after Hitler’s birthday on April 20th. Clearly, someone in Bavaria was reminiscing about the man on his birthday and realized his copyright would be in jeopardy in a few years.

What the hey — they might as well reprint it, since Germany has finally won WWII.

Aside from Hitler’s vision of a unified Europe under Germany having come to fruition, and aside from the Free World-enforced ascendance of Hitler’s Muslim accomplices, I must excerpt most of Nebojsa Malic’s May 9th article on this point, with emphasis added:

Victory Day

Sixty-seven years ago, Nazi Germany officially surrendered to the Soviet forces in the ruins of Berlin…The war that had devastated Europe for a second time in a generation was officially over.

But who won? Oh, we’re supposed to believe it was the “good guys,” the noble Allies who bravely sacrificed millions of lives to stop the unprecedented evil of Nazism and its genocidal plans. Yet the cold hard truth is that no one but the Jewish resistance fought Hitler because of what he was doing to the Jews. British, French, Soviet or American governments couldn’t have cared less. They all entered the war for entirely selfish reasons: London and Paris to keep their empires, Washington to make America into one, and Stalin to stay alive.

Of all the major Allied powers, only the people of the Soviet Union actually had a legitimate reason to fight: they were being invaded and murdered en masse. Perhaps that is why only the Russians still commemorate the victory today.

The West doesn’t dwell on the actual facts of WW2. It prefers useful myths, such as that D-Day and the campaign in France equaled the struggle on the Eastern Front (which was 90% of the actual war effort against Germany). Or that the war was about stopping the “Final Solution.” Or that the Nuremberg trials were about the genocide ([what] the Nazis were actually condemned for [was] starting the war)…Hypocritical cries of “Munich!” and reductio ad Hitlerum are used against the ruler of any country the American Empire wishes to invade.

Yet when you look at the EU, it resembles nothing so much as what Nazi slogans described as the “European family of nations” working together for the prosperity of all. The whole endeavor has roots in National-Socialism. Modern managerial state lives up to Mussolini’s definition of fascism…”Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” All demands to retain national sovereignty, or stop social engineering through the flood of immigrants and the tyranny of diversity, are branded “fascist”…

Then there is the bizarre situation that the map of Europe today looks suspiciously like the one from 1942, and all of Hitler’s allies in the Balkans are now the staunchest allies of the American Empire. In that corner of Europe, at least, WW2 is still being fought. Only this time, the Luftwaffe and the panzers are supposedly the “good guys”.

In April 1941 Hitler made it a personal mission to obliterate a country called Yugoslavia. Partly to make an example of anyone attempting to weasel out of surrendering to his demands, and partly to indulge grudges from the previous war. Remember, WW1 started with an Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia. After two failures, the Austrians and their German and Bulgarian allies finally thought they’d crushed the Serbs, only to have them return in 1918 and win a decisive victory that collapsed the Central Powers’ southern flank.

So Hitler wiped Yugoslavia off the map. Parts of its territory were annexed directly to the Reich, others given to Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Albania (an Italian protectorate until 1943, a German ally thereafter). An “independent” Montenegro was set up as an Italian protectorate, while most of today’s Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina became the Independent State of Croatia (NDH). The remainder was dubbed Serbia and placed under German occupation.

While the Serbs in the NDH faced wholesale extermination (the visceral brutality of which appalled even the Nazis), the brutality of the occupation forces in “Serbia” rivaled that of the Eastern Front. In June 1941, royalist guerrillas (commonly mislabeled “chetniks”) launched an uprising against the Germans. With Germans executing up to 100 civilian hostages for every one of their soldiers killed, and 50 for every soldier wounded, the royalists were quickly compelled to adopt a lower profile. Soon they were engaged in a shooting war with the Communists, who launched their own insurrection in June, after Hitler invaded the USSR. While the royalists expected an Anglo-American landing, the Communist waited for the Soviets, meanwhile slaughtering each other and occasionally raiding German supplies.

In the end, the Communists prevailed. By 1944, they had secured British backing, and successfully lobbied the Allies for massive air strikes against cities in Serbia, which did little damage to the German war effort but caused great loss of civilian life in royalist strongholds. In September 1944, Soviet forces – reinforced by Bulgarian troops, who had switched their allegiance from Hitler to Stalin – entered Serbia and drove out the Germans.

Think about that for a second: the territory of Nazi-occupied Serbia had to deal with four years of brutal repression, a civil war [Royalists vs. Communists], tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Croatia’s genocide, heavy bombing by the Allies, and a Communist takeover. Having been thus despoiled, Serbia was then ground into dust by the Communists, who in the true tradition of victim politics claimed the principal problem had been the old kingdom’s alleged “Greater Serbian hegemony”, rather than alliances of other groups with Axis powers, and the atrocities they committed.*

After the war, the Communists made Hitler’s dismemberment [of Yugoslavia] more or less official. Parts annexed by Germany ended up the “republic” of Slovenia. The NDH was split into Croatia and Bosnia, with Croatia getting the entire Adriatic coast. Montenegro remained separate, while the territories held by Bulgaria became Macedonia. The stump Serbia created by Hitler became the “Republic of Serbia”, while the Hungarian- and Albanian-occupied areas in the north and the south became its “autonomous provinces” of Vojvodina and Kosovo. The borders didn’t correspond exactly, but the spirit of the division was what counted.

Future generations were taught that “Yugoslavia” had been among the victors in WW2. Official history claimed that Tito’s multiethnic Communist partisans were the only real resistance movement, fighting the very few Croatian Ustasha, the Albanian Balli Kombetar, and the worst of the lot - the bloodthirsty Greater Serbian nationalist “chetniks”. Any suggestion that the royalists had actually helped the Allied war effort was suppressed - and the West went along with it.

Ten years after Tito’s death, the myths collapsed under their own weight, no longer propped by Western credit and Eastern markets. The newly reunited Germany, the nascent European Union and the rising American Empire all saw an opportunity in dismembering Yugoslavia.

What followed was an eerie re-run of the 1940s carnage. Croatia’s “democratic” president, Franjo Tudjman, led [an] NDH revival - but because he was allied with the U.S. and not Hitler this time around, he succeeded where his predecessor [Croatian Fuehrer Ante Pavelic] failed. In Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic had Washington’s support to make a bid for an Islamic state, causing a bloodbath when both Serbs and Croats objected. Albanians were likewise armed and supported to re-establish the “Natural Albania” of 1941-45.

But the cruelest twist was that these Imperial allies accused the Serbs of Nazism - and their PR flacks used Communist propaganda to do so. And they are still at it, even today. The Serbs, for their part, reacted with utter confusion. They didn’t create a grievance lobby, as is common in modern politics. Rather, they followed their instinct and history and reached for their guns - fighting first for Yugoslavia, then for independence, then for survival, but all the while unable to understand what was happening. That confusion is also an enduring condition, unfortunately.

Even though they were the principal victims of Nazi aggression, and the overwhelming majority in both the Communist and the royalist resistance movements, the Serbs first became second-class citizens in Yugoslavia (which they allegedly “dominated”) and then got smeared as Nazis reborn - by actual Nazi heirs, people who had their own Waffen-SS, two-time winners of WW2. Who would have ever thought to see American bombers, German tanks and Communist propaganda working together towards a goal Hitler once had: to crush Serbia as an example to others.

When Hitler invaded, Yugoslavia had been rotten already. Croats actually greeted the Wehrmacht with flowers. Few have dared ask how Tito could have put Yugoslavia back together, after all that. Yet the answer is very simple: he allowed many of the Nazi collaborators to change their uniforms at the last moment, defecting to the winning team, while smearing the Serb royalists as traitors and quislings, thus imposing moral equivalence. The laundering process was completed in the 1990s, by projecting the stigma of Nazism onto the Serbs.

No wonder only Russia still celebrates Victory Day. In the rest of Europe, it’s Hitler’s ghost that rejoices.

* I asked for clarification on a few points, and Nebojsa added the following:

The Communists, arguing from the standpoint of victim/identity politics, claimed that Yugoslavia’s problem (in general) was the alleged “Serbian hegemony”, in effect absolving everyone else for their WW2 behavior (as it would be a “reaction” to the Evil Serbs). The same script was recycled in the early 1990s, with blaming everything on Milosevic. So the breakup of Titoslavia was blamed on the phantom “Greater Serbian hegemony” of the Kingdom, rather than the unchecked chauvinism of groups that were allied with Hitler in the 1940s, and with the Atlantic Empire today.

You know how to liberals everything is ultimately about “racism”? To Communists, everything was ultimately about how evil Serbs evilly oppressed everyone else. Even when that oppression was largely fantasy, and the horrific atrocities perpetrated against Serbs were very real. But no — the Ustasha state and its extermination policy that predated the “Final Solution”; the pogroms in Kosovo and Metohija; the butchery in Montenegro; the Hungarians throwing Serbs and Jews into icy rivers; the Waffen-SS — NONE of that was important, or rather got mentioned solely as the backdrop for the glorious goodness of Tito.

The point I was trying to make is that the Communists KEPT the Nazi partition of Yugoslavia, in principle if not exactly in lines on the map.

I’ll leave room for the possibility that Ratko Mladic did go ahead and draw a finger across his throat toward the professional victim who claimed he did so last Wednesday May 16th, figuring he might as well since the media mistakenly had him doing it last year anyway. (In a case of the AP misreporting itself about a Bosnian woman who’d made the gesture toward Mladic.)

Leaving room for the possibility that the disproved incident did finally occur a year later — in precisely the same way — one must point out the following: Once again we have no video and, in the wall-to-wall news coverage about this, no one but Munira Subasic — the one he supposedly aimed the gesture at — was cited as witnessing it.

So are we to believe a professional victim, head of Mothers of Srebrenica, Munira Subasic, who is well acquainted with the fellow professional victim to whom it supposedly happened last year (Kada Hotic, who boasted that she taunted the defendant by drawing a finger across her throat)? Naturally, when news reports came out last year — without any footage — that Mladic was the one who had done the gesture “taunting the gallery,” Hotic didn’t do anything so honest as correct them. Something that would have been easier for her to do than it was for me, who nonetheless got a printed retraction by the AP.)

Knowing how well such Serbian War Criminal(TM) behavior plays in the media, isn’t it possible that last week Subasic was merely acting her part in the ongoing Western-directed play about her country? Picked up on the media lie that Hotic’s gesture was turned into last year; grafted it onto herself; and recycled it. Balkan Muslims being expert at internalizing the uber-victim roles bestowed upon them by the West.

Again, you’d think that if Mladic really did something like this, there’d be a sumptuous video of it, and that video would be plastered all over the evening news. And Jon Stewart would replay it and build a routine around it the way he did Medvedev saying to Obama, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

“Yet,” writes reader Nick T, “when I looked for a picture or video, there is none anywhere. Youtube has one piece by [ITV] news. And the lead by the female journalist is that Mladic made the “hand across the throat” gesture. So i thought, ok, they will now show it. Nothing. The rest of the piece shows the judge, Mladic sitting quietly and then the prosecutor rambling on. Did these journalists graduate from the Goebbels School of Journalism???”

Or from the school of Vampire Journalism, where “a designated villain should look properly villainous.”

Nick continues, “CBC’s ‘Connect with Mark Kelly’ had the host ask a Bosnian guest, ‘What did you think when Mladic ran his finger across his throat…?’ Kelly said a person in the gallery saw him do it. That’s the only direct reference. But with so much media there covering this, of course no picture.”

Not this time, and not last time. The most likely scenario? The original lie went over so well that the Muslims and Media reused it. With “Mothers of Srebrenica” being instrumental in both cases, knowing of course that reporters take everything they say at face value. It’s only decent, as the Srebrenica Mothers are victim royalty. (Nebojsa Malic points out that these ladies “live quite well of their professional victimhood. One of them, either Subsasic or Hotic, I can’t recall which now, actually boasted of having a house, a chauffeur and ‘living like a lord.’”)

In the AP version of the throat-gesture story, which repeats the debunkedGreater Serbiacharge and sympathetically quotes the son of the fundamentalist Muslim president who started the war, the incident is given to us thus:

After [a] brief exchange between Mladic and the gallery, Orie rebuked both about “inappropriate interactions” and said he might shield the defendant behind a screen if the outbursts continued.

Munira Subasic, who lost 22 relatives in the Srebrenica massacre, claimed Mladic made a throat-slitting gesture toward her after she had held up both her hands, wrists crossed to indicate Mladic was in captivity. Mladic’s lawyer, Branko Lukic, did not confirm her version of events, but claimed that somebody in the audience raised their middle finger at Mladic.

“He is very easily provoked and we had that gallery full of people very ready to provoke,” Lukic said.

So we don’t know what, exactly, the judge was rebuking, though it seems it was something two-sided. Nor do we have any record of what Mladic’s actual “outbursts” were, but only Subasic’s account. Mladic’s lawyer, possibly being asked for a reaction before he could get the story straight himself, neither confirmed nor denied it, and seems to have mistook reports of Subasic crossing her wrists at Mladic as as middle-finger gesture. (Yet another report has that Subasic “wagged her finger” at Mladic.)

This time, AP writer Mike Corder — who had misreported last year’s incident — is being more careful, attributing the claim to the claimant, and not saying outright that Mladic did it. Not so for the rest of the pack.

Reliably repeating and embellishing the tale were Fox News’s Shepard Smith, Los Angeles Times,, and everyone else who gets AP and Reuters news feeds. A source named Nikole — who originally caught last year’s throat-slitting inversion — heard it on NPR from reporter Sylvia Poggioli and found an NPR blog by a Mark Memmott headlined “At Trial, Serb Gen. Mladic Taunts Survivors With Throat-Cutting Gesture.” At the bottom of the post, there was a short audio by Poggioli which had the then Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic’s trial as lasting five years rather than four, and Milosevic somehow “triggering” the Bosnian war (similar to The Guardian reporting him as “orchestrating” it from Belgrade, with Reuters having him as the “architect”).

Memmott’s blog post quoted both Reuters and UK Telegraph dispatches, which didn’t attribute the gesture claim to Subasic, but stated it as actual fact, as if the reporters had observed it themselves:

“Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic taunted Srebrenica survivors on Wednesday at the start of his trial for genocide, running his hand across his throat in a gesture of defiance to relatives of the worst massacre in Europe since World War II,” Reuters writes from the Hague.

The wire service says Mladic “made eye contact with one of the Muslim women in the audience, running a hand across his throat, in a gesture that led Presiding judge Alphons Orie to hold a brief recess and order an end to ‘inappropriate interactions.’” [Notice how the narrative starts to get crafted: We now have Judge Orie’s admonition and recess being caused by, and specific to, Mladic’s actions.]

According to The Telegraph, “Mladic made throat-cutting gestures to Munira Subasic…as she watched the trial from the glassed off public gallery.”

For those who caught the fact that Fox News and NPR appear in the same sentence, I’ll point out the usual: It’s that Balkans-specific phenomenon, in which there is NO DIFFERENCE between Left and Right media, between traditional and alternative media. All are on the same page when it comes to Serb-wilding.

In fact, what made Nikole again become suspicious this time — in addition to the blatancy of the repetition of a disproved incident — was that she saw it reported in Canada’s relatively conservative National Post after originally hearing it on the leftist NPR. “Suddenly it was in headlines,” she noted, and forwarded the following, even more embellished, gore-giastic version of the incident from Telegraph:

Ratko Mladic trial: with a clap and a cut-throat gesture, the ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ faces justice (May 16)

Ratko Mladic, the so-called Butcher of Bosnia, finally faced trial accused of genocide and murder among other charges. Bruno Waterfield was in The Hague to witness the chilling scene unfold.

(CHILLING! The dutiful Western dhimmi is in a roomful of Muslims and he’s chilled by a Serb behind glass. Liberals never know what to be chilled by. First they got goosebumps seeing “Butcher of the Balkans” Milosevic, and now “Butcher of Bosnia” Mladic. Indeed, it must be hard to look into the eyes of men who dared get fed up with Muslim attacks and territorial pretensions, and gave them the fight they sought. That is, until we stepped in and castrated them. While our Muslims were doing so literally.)

The gesture was slow, deliberate and aimed at the bereaved mother in the public gallery – two fingers pressed together and drawn in a cutting motion across his throat.

But it was just before the first rest break – 72 minutes into proceedings – that for his victims, two decades later, memories of Mladic came back when he caught the eye of members of the Mothers of Srebrenica. Using the cut-throat sign he looked into the eyes of Munira Subasic, 65….[Again, describing without attribution, as if he witnessed the exchange himself.]

Branko Lukic, Mladic’s lawyer, defended the conduct of his client who had to be told by the judge that he would be screened off from the public if there was any further “interaction”.

But according to the AP, the judge wasn’t speaking to Mladic directly when he said this, but announced it generally. So here we see again how the narrative begins to evolve from one thing into something else.

Next is another Reuters report, the one that National Post ran:

Mladic makes throat-slitting gesture to victim’s mom at genocide trial (by Anthony Deutsch and Ivana Sekularac, May 16)

(Nice touch with the word “Mom” in the headline. They want us to see the womb that birthed an Islamic warrior as a Mom just like the ones we know. And now, having learned how to play the Western presses, this media warrior continues Izetbegovic’s war, demonstrating her utility to the cause.)

Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic made a throat-slitting gesture to a woman who lost her son, husband and brothers in the Srebenica massacre at the start of his trial on Wednesday for some of the worst atrocities in Europe since World War Two.

In the public gallery, Munira Subasic, whose 18-year-old son, husband and brothers were killed in Srebrenica, stared at him from behind a glass barrier, crossing her wrists to imitate handcuffs.

Mladic stared back and drew a hand across his throat. Presiding judge Alphons Orie promptly called a brief recess and ordered an end to “inappropriate interactions.”

In the next day’s Reuters report, the same two writers in the byline above, with editing by a Kevin Liffey, made sure to repeat the throat-slitting bit, now fluidly morphing the judge’s warning as being directed at Mladic alone, and in response to that particular gesture:

Mladic, 70, sat listening with his back to the public after being warned at the start of his trial on Wednesday for making a throat-slitting gesture to a relative of Srebrenica victims.

And then my eyes fell on the earliest dispatch from the trial, by The Guardian newspaper at 5:08 EDT on May 16, revealing the potential origin of the current round of throat-slitting-or-not reports. Unlike the others, neither the headline nor the lead paragraph mentions the gesture, with the piece being titled simply “Ratko Mladic war crimes trial begins.” Accounting for the calm approach is, apparently, the boring reality of what actually took place (unless, of course, you’d rather believe Munira Subasic’s version of events):

After nearly an hour and a half, he called for a bathroom break. The manner in which he did so – pulling a finger across his throat – momentarily caused consternation among the Bosnian families in the gallery.

So after all this, the defendant was asking for a bathroom break.

One wonders how all those hundreds of “journalists” missed their fellow reporter Julian Borger’s version before running with Subasic’s? No doubt they didn’t. But Subasic’s version was more fun. As she knew it would be.

But 12 hours later, at 17:37 EDT, apparently feeling upstaged by the more dramatic galleys of the non-incident being printed by their competitors, Guardian editors released a new article — under the same byline — with the more exciting headline “Ratko Mladic’s trial opens with a cut-throat gesture,” this time with the pop version of events. And why not? It’s not like there are ever any professional consequences for Balkans misreporting. Only for those who don’t go along with it.

Julian Borger’s 5:37 p.m. article, with its juicy tidbit about what he had previously reported as a non-incident, read:

And when the furious mother of one of the 8,000 men and boys killed in 1995 in Srebrenica could restrain herself no more and made a dismissive hand signal at him, he drew a single finger across his throat.

Please notice that since there is a discrepancy between whether Subasic crossed her wrists at Mladic, showed him her middle finger, or wagged a finger at him, we now get the more general-sounding “dismissive hand signal.”

A chill went through the old Dutch insurance building where the Hague war crimes tribunal does its business. [There’s that chill again.] Even a seemingly empty gesture from a bitter old man has the power to shock when that man is facing 11 charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including two counts of genocide. [Here the writer is trying to justify Western wussiness, or explaining its feigned fear of Slavic generals.]

Mladic’s lawyer, Branko Lukic, made light of the incident, as you might shrug off the growling of an old attack dog that it had never been entirely possible to tame.

“We visited him before the trial and tried to persuade him to be quiet, not to say anything at all,” Lukic said. “He told me he made that sign at a woman in the gallery who provoked him by showing him the middle finger. He is like that. He does the same to me.”

Here’s where the whole affair remains confusing. Unless the lawyer is just coming up with an answer to satisfy reporters and attributing it to his client, this means that the throat-cutting gesture happened twice. It’s how Mladic asked for a bathroom break and, according to his lawyer, how he responded to the woman’s initiating gesture. And yet other reports say that later Lukic wouldn’t confirm the gesture.

The Dutch presiding judge, Alphons Orie, called a toilet break and afterwards told Mladic to ignore the gallery and focus on the trial.

Observe the writer slickly placing the bathroom break as just organically following the interactions, rather than resulting from a specific request made by Mladic — the way the same writer had it earlier.

He warned the angry women in the gallery to avoid “inappropriate interactions in the future” or he would lower the curtain once more on the oval goldfish bowl of a courtroom and continue in camera.

That last sentence gives lie to the reports which had the rebuke directed at Mladic specifically, and we see that the warning that Mladic would be screened off was directed at the angry gallery, not at Mladic.

But the tale served its purpose.

One might ask: Why get stuck on this one little detail when the guy is, like, a huge criminal anyway and so a small lie about him is the least he deserves?

Because it’s media lies like this, fed by lies from the Muslim and Fascist-Croatian sides in the Balkan wars, that led to the Western construct of Ratko Mladic et. al. in the first place. And if a lie is big enough, and repeated often enough…

Meanwhile, for a reference point on Munira Subasic, see this anti-Israel protest, with signs reading “Srebrenica 1995 — Gaza 2009″:

Bosnia genocide victims protest Gaza offensive

Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims protested in front of the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo on Thursday to call on Washington to stop Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Munira Subasic, who lost her son and husband when Bosnian Serbs took over the eastern town of Srebrenica, said she felt solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“In 2009, Palestinian mothers are going through ordeals we experienced in 1995 and we are raising our voice because we know about pain and suffering. We know how it feels to lose a child or husband,” said Subasic.

Hundreds joined the Sarajevo protest, some with placards reading “Stop the killing of innocent children” and “Srebrenica 1995 — Gaza 2009.”

“I believe the United States, as the leading world power, could stop the bloodshed of civilians and, even worse, of children in Gaza,” said Murat Tahirovic, the head of an association of Bosnian wartime camp inmates.

“During the war, the blood, the suffering and the pain were our everyday scenes and I cannot help but sympathise with the Palestinian people,” said another protester. “It all reminds us of what we went through during the war and it must stop.”

You hear that? The Bosnian Muslims again want us to “do something” — again to “STOP” it. Last time by bombing their Serb enemy, this time by bombing their Jewish one, for which the Serbs served as precedent. Samantha Power, are you listening? You certainly were in Bosnia.

The day after The Telegraph’s multiple climaxes over the finger-across-the-throat, it printed the following by Brendan O’Neill:

Ratko Mladic is a substitute Hitler for today’s bored and mission-less Western hacks

The cut-throat gesture made by Ratko Mladic on the opening day of his trial at The Hague sent a frisson of excitement through the press corps. Never mind that it’s now reported that the gesture could have been a demand for a toilet break rather than a threat to the Bosnian Muslims sitting in the gallery (ie. Mladic was saying, “Let’s cut for a minute, I need a leak”). The media still lapped it up, cock-a-hoop that their favourite evil man had done a really evil thing on the first day of his trial for being evil. They had the image they wanted, the image that would further boost the shtick they’ve been performing for 20 years now: the one in which the Serbs play the role of modern-day Nazis who love killing and raping people, and the moral crusaders of the Western media play the role of unimaginably brave witnesses to this Nazi-style nastiness.

The trial of Mladic has nothing to do with “justice for Bosnia”. It is better understood as a cut-price Nuremberg for modern moral crusaders who, lacking a Hess or a Goering, will make do with a Mladic instead. Mladic is a substitute Nazi for self-styled reincarnations of Churchill, those middle-aged bores of the liberal international media who fancy that their brave reporting from Bosnia in the mid-1990s helped to expose that Nazism was alive and well and living in the DNA of every Serb man. No mention of Mladic is complete without the deployment of Holocaust-echoing terminology, whether we’re being reminded that he is responsible for “the worst crimes in Europe since the Nazi Holocaust[TM]”, or that he is the “architect of genocide”, or that he was hellbent on cleansing, exterminating, wiping out, and so on.

…[T]he use of Nazi analogies in every discussion of the Serbs has more to do with the emotional needs of Western observers than it does with what really happened in Bosnia in the 1990s. It is their desperate need for an historic-sounding mission, for a political thrill in their otherwise cushioned, uneventful lives, which has led to the tragic, messy, profoundly complex war in Bosnia being reimagined as a simple re-enactment of Nazi wickedness. This, you see, allowed Western liberal writers and activists who had the misfortune to be in the ascendancy in an extraordinarily bland political era – the 1990s – to fantasise that a new Holocaust was unfolding in Europe and that it fell to them to tell the world about it and to STOP IT.

From Bosnia in the mid-1990s (when the New Statesman referred to the Serbs as “Satanic”) to Kosovo in the late 1990s (when the Sun ran a headline saying “Nazis 1999: Serb cruelty has chilling echoes of the Holocaust”), the Serbs have continually been compared to the Nazis. This whoring of the Holocaust by Western commentators is designed not only to condemn the Serbs (depicting them as “stark, raving, mad, vicious, mean bastards”, in the words of Misha Glenny), but more importantly to flatter the egos of Western observers. Guardian writer Ed Vulliamy rather gave the game away when, in one of his many pieces on the Bosnian War, he wrote that where his father “had the honour of fighting fascism”, he had the “strange privilege” of watching people fight against “a pale but unmistakeable imitation of the Third Reich” – that is, the Bosnian Serbs. Across the Western media in the 1990s, journalists were trying to live up to daddy’s expectations, to the higher achievements of that more inspiring wartime generation, by declaring a war of words against “New Nazis”.

We can now expect the trial of Mladic to be treated as a kind of denouement to this self-flattering branding of the Serbs as Nazis. Every gesture and comment made by Mladic will be held up as evidence that he is more than your average wicked warlord, of which there are actually many around the world – he is a new Hitler, a maker of Holocausts. It took Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the actual Holocaust, to challenge this teenage exploitation of the history of the Holocaust by mission-seeking journalists. In the late 1990s, he said: “The Holocaust was conceived to annihilate the last Jew on the planet. Does anyone believe that [the Serbs] seriously planned to exterminate all the Bosnians, all the Albanians, all the Muslims in the world?” Let’s hope those words have at least some impact as Western hacks rush to The Hague in the coming months in the hope of glimpsing “the new Hitler”.

And we know how the rest will go down. After showing up with their notebooks on the first day of the trial and basking in the horrors that, we’re told, Mladic will be found guilty of — and more speedily than in Milosevic’s case — we won’t hear from these “journalists” during the crux of the proceedings which — if other ICTY trials are any indication — is when the charges they’ve so heavingly outlined this week get pummeled by inconvenient facts, and prosecutors and their star witnesses start to stumble. Rest assured that when some truly sensational facts are revealed in court, they will not be revealed to the public. The wires may have an understated dispatch here and there, but the usual suspects won’t pick them up to treat you to history the way they treated you to a throat-slashing-or-not detail from last week’s media orgy.


One wonders if this January 2009 photo from Sarajevo was taken at that January 2009 anti-Israel protest Mrs. Subasic attended:

Woman Protesting Against Israel’s Gaza Action, as Bosnian Muslims donate 100,000 Euros for Gaza

I was rather surprised when I looked up two weeks ago at the TV screen at the gym and saw the headline for Fox News Channel’s coverage — which was rather extended — of the conviction of Adis Medunjanin: “Bosnian-born Immigrant Convicted of Planning to Attack NYC Subways.”

Not only was “Bosnian” unabashedly specified (as opposed to the favored, but by now busted, “former Yugoslav“), but it was the first friggin’ word. As I’ve been saying a lot lately, it seems like more and more people in the West are increasingly getting fed up with our Balkan clients, and are covering for them less and less.

If I recall correctly, I think the specific Fox show was Sean Hannity’s. His guest expert was reporter Judith Miller, but the sound wasn’t on and so I had no idea what she was saying. I can’t imagine it was at all specific to terror from the Balkans or its Western-sponsored evolution. More likely it was some generic stuff about terrorism in general. (Did anyone catch it?)

For reference purposes, I’ll just paste two bits of coverage — which even mention the “non-existent” terror training camps of Bosnia.

Daily: Terrorist attack on U.S. planned in Bosnia (Tanjug, May 4)

BANJA LUKA — A probe into a planned terrorist attack on New York shows that a part of the training network was located in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a Banja Luka-based daily says.

According to Glas Srpske, the training and preparation of the attack were performed within global terrorist network’s “El Mujahideen” detachment in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Naturalized Bosniak Adis Medunjanin aka Muhamed is in the U.S. standing trial for planning attacks on targets in the U.S. and Great Britain. Aside from him, Najibullah Zazi, Zarein Ahmedzay and Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah aka Ahmad are also charged.

El Shukrijumah is an “El Mujahideen” member and he is on the run.

According to the indictment, El Shukrijumah is one of the leaders of al-Qaeda’s “foreign operations” which include attacks on the U.S. and other western countries.

El Shukrijumah between September and December 2008 in Pakistan recruited Medunjanin and Ahmedzay to perform a suicide attack on New York.

FBI placed El Shukrijumah on the list of the world’s most wanted terrorists on July 8, 2010 after the authorities exposed the terrorists’ plans to attack New York’s subway and Time Square.

El Shukrijumah also took part in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. [No kidding?!]

The daily writes that he was close to Abdu Ali Sharqawi, another member of the “El Mujahideen” detachment in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The U.S. intelligence services believe he is a high-ranked al-Qaeda member who pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

New York man convicted in subway bomb plot (Sydney Morning Herald, May 2)

A New York man has been convicted of plotting an aborted suicide mission against New York City subways in 2009 - a case that featured the first-time testimony from admitted homegrown terrorists about al-Qaeda’s fixation with pulling off another attack on America soil.

A jury found Adis Medunjanin guilty of all counts for his role in a terror plot that federal authorities say was one of the closest calls since September 11, 2001.

Medunjanin could be ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison when he is sentenced September 7.

The defence admitted that the Bosnian-born Medunjanin wanted to fight for the Taliban, but they insisted he never agreed to spread death and destruction in the city where his family put down roots.

Medunjanin, 27, went overseas to fulfill a “romantic version of jihad. … His plan and intent was to join the Taliban and stand up for what he believes in,” defence lawyer Robert Gottlieb said in his closing. “That was his purpose.”

[Gottlieb? Really?]

The government’s case was built on the testimony of four men: two other radicalised Muslim men from Queens who pleaded guilty in the subway plot, a British would-be shoe bomber and a man originally from Long Island who gave al-Qaeda pointers on how best to attack a Walmart store.

Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay, both former high school classmates of Medunjanin, told jurors that the scheme unfolded after the trio travelled to Pakistan in 2008 to avenge the US invasion of Afghanistan.

While receiving terror training at outposts in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan, al-Qaeda operatives encouraged the American recruits to return home for a suicide-bombing mission intended to spread panic and cripple the economy. Among the targets considered were New York Stock Exchange, Times Square and Grand Central Terminal, the men testified.

In a later meeting in New York, the plotters decided to strap on bombs and blow themselves up at rush hour on Manhattan subway lines because the transit system is “the heart of everything in New York City,” Zazi said.

Zazi told jurors how he learned to distil explosives ingredients from nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide and other products sold at beauty supply stores. When leaving Pakistan, he relocated to Colorado, where he perfected a homemade detonator in a hotel room and set out for New York City by car around the eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The plot - financed in part by $US50,000 ($48,000) in credit card charges - was abandoned after Zazi noticed that everywhere he drove in New York, a car followed.

“I think law enforcement is on us,” he recalled telling Ahmedzay. Later, he said he told Medunjanin in a text message, “We are done.”

The other convicted terrorists were called as witnesses to give a rare glimpse into al-Qaeda’s training methods and the mindset of its leadership.

Bryant Neal Vinas, of Patchogue on Long Island, testified that he went to Pakistan in 2007 and later joined al-Qaeda forces in an attack against American soldiers. […]

Adis Medunjanin Convicted Of Plotting To Attack NYC Subways (May 1)

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A New York man was convicted Tuesday of plotting an aborted suicide mission against New York City subways in 2009 — a case that featured the first-time testimony from admitted homegrown terrorists about al Qaeda’s fixation with pulling off another attack on American soil.

A jury found Adis Medunjanin guilty of all counts for his role in a terror plot that federal authorities say was one of the closest calls since Sept. 11, 2001.

There was no reaction from the defendant at the reading of the verdict. Medunjanin‘s family, refugees from Bosnia who’d literally been saved from persecution there by this country, [Um, MAYBE NOT?] also sat silently, in contrast to almost constant tears during the trial proceedings, CBS 2′s Don Dahler reported.

WCBS 880′s Irene Cornell With More On The Story

Testifying against Medunjanin was Najibullah Zazi, the confessed ring leader and bomb maker, and Zarein Ahmedzay, the New York cabbie whose job was to pick out their terror targets.

Prosecutors said Zazi and Medunjanin were friends who met as students in Flushing High School and became more and more radicalized by listening to lectures by radical Islamists. They eventually plotted to kill as many New Yorkers as possible by setting off bomb vests inside subways during rush hour, prosecutors said.

The taxi driver, Ahmedzay, testified that even though Medunjanin was eventually kept out of the planning and preparation for the terror attacks, he always planned to participate. Ahmedzay said the group should carry out the operation during the month of Ramadan, Dahler reported.

[Now that’s really low. That’s the month that the West shows reverence for the sacred Islamic holiday, protecting their mosques and holding our fire in Muslim countries where we’re engaged — and they have the nerve to attack America during its holiest month.]

“Targets they looked at, the Stock Exchange, Grand Central, landmarks, but they settled on the New York subway system around the 9/11 anniversary in January of 2009,” [CBS’s John] Miller said.

Zazi testified that Medunjanin shared his views back then that “America is oppressing Muslims in Afghanistan” and that it was their duty to join the jihad and kill Americans.

However, defense attorneys said their client never intended to kill anyone on American soil.

New York man convicted in subway suicide bomb plot (Reuters, May 2)

A federal jury found a Bosnian-born U.S. citizen guilty on Tuesday of planning a coordinated suicide bomb attack on New York City subways in 2009 at the behest of senior al Qaeda operatives.

Adis Medunjanin, 28, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison following his conviction on all charges, including conspiring to carry out a suicide attack on American soil, receiving military training from al Qaeda and plotting to kill U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Medunjanin’s accused co-conspirator Najibullah Zazi was arrested in September 2009, just days before Medunjanin and a third member of the plot, Zarein Ahmedzay, were prepared to carry out what U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has called “one of the most serious terrorist threats” to the United States since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Prosecutors had argued Medunjanin was “ready and willing to sacrifice himself to kill” at the command of al Qaeda, saying he committed to carrying out a suicide attack on American soil, a mission given to him by al Qaeda operatives he met in Pakistan.

“What he was willing to do was to strap a suicide bomb to himself, walk into a New York City subway and blow it up,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Berit Berger said in closing arguments last week at the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, New York. […]

In my recent pre-election compilation, I had a short flashback to a quote by Jiri Dienstbier, the Chzech diplomat and UN human rights envoy who spent his final decade on this earth aghast at the Kosovo that America Made. It was only a few weeks before mentioning him in that recent blog that I’d found out he died last year. Below is The Economist’s obituary, which mentions that Dienstbier had been “on the sidelines since 1992.” A year that coincides with the West’s Germanesque assault on the Balkans.

Such is the political fate of a dissident who remains such — that is, who continues to take the moral position even when the “Free” World is the dictator. How ironic that he too — as I learned only from reading this — longed for a united Europe, and headed the rapprochement with Germany. Almost immediately, then, he found out what I did: that the only answer the West has to Communism is Fascism. Or rather, a hybrid of the two, which is what we’re experiencing now.

A Czech’s career
An idealistic ex-stoker mourned by the country he served
(Jan. 13)

INCONVENIENT truths tend to get lost in Bohemia. Jiri Dienstbier, a dissident who became Czechoslovakia’s first post-revolutionary foreign minister in 1989, kept a sharp eye on them. He was a journalist at heart: a star foreign correspondent in the 1960s. But his idealism made him one of tens of thousands of the brightest and best Czechs and Slovaks to be purged after the Soviet-led invasion of 1968 crushed the reformist hopes of the Prague Spring.

The urbane, polyglot Mr Dienstbier took a series of menial jobs, before settling down to work as a furnace-stoker on the Prague subway. It could have been worse, he said: at least it gave him time to read. In 1977 Mr Dienstbier was one of a tiny band of dissidents, which included his friend Vaclav Havel, to muster the courage to launch a modest human-rights manifesto called Charter 77.

Few remember now how hopeless that struggle seemed. The cold war was near its height. It required a huge act of faith to believe that communism was doomed and that Europe would be reunited. Mr Dienstbier, like many other Charter supporters, was persecuted and jailed. It did not stop him: he founded and edited a flimsy underground newspaper, Lidove noviny (The People’s News), the dissident press’s flagship (and now an important Czech daily).

In a few heady late November days in 1989, communism crumbled. The streets of Prague were thronged with demonstrators who booed their leaders and cheered the unknown outcasts of the dissident movement. Mr Dienstbier helped lead the negotiations that pried the regime’s nerveless fingers from the levers of power — breaking off during the talks to stoke his furnace. A few days later he put down his shovel for good and took up his new post as foreign minister of a free Czechoslovakia.

Though not a natural administrator, he was the right man for the job. His biggest achievement was a rapprochement with Germany that buried Czech resentments about Nazi aggression and German ire about post-war deportations. He negotiated the end of the Warsaw Pact, the military wing of the Soviet empire. Wielding bolt-cutters, he chopped symbolic holes in the barbed-wire fence along the Czech-West German border. Mr Dienstbier’s diplomats, mostly communist-era recruits, pirouetted obediently to the new tunes.

His big thing was Europe: a cause he adored before (and after) it was fashionable. He was not a natural Atlanticist, and a bit too soft, some thought, on Mikhail Gorbachev. Those struggling to leave the evil empire in 1990 and 1991 found it hard to convince Mr Dienstbier that they wanted the same freedom the Czechs and Slovaks had already won.

His career fizzled after he left office in 1992. He fell out with many former allies over the wars in Yugoslavia: family connections made him sympathise with Serbia. [Naturally, an objection to the Balkan war story could only be because of “family connections”; surely he didn’t genuinely discern Fascim being reborn in the heart of Europe.] He stayed on the margins of public life until his death on January 8th, aged 73. His son, another Jiri, is a rising star in Czech politics: a blessedly dull trade compared with his dad’s career.

Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt came up in some regional press last month. I’ve blogged briefly about him before, citing him as the prototypical Western meddler — Serb-reviling, Muslim-loving, and generally as wrong-headed as is required for a career in international affairs.

Bildt was mentioned because he was in Sarajevo April 5-6 to take part in a memorial ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the war the Muslims insisted on, and to reunite with the foreign correspondents who told us it was the Serbs whodunnit, as well as with presidential chairman Bakir Izetbegovic, son of the fundamentalist who started the war.

Despite his tireless efforts to be a chump for the Muslims, Bildt — like other insistently idiotic do-gooders/evil-spreaders — has run afoul of the Bosniaks. Here was last month’s documentation to that effect:

“Bildt should be declared “persona non grata” in Bosnia and Herzegovina”
(Google translation of a press release by Civic Education Center in Tuzla, B-H, Apr. 7)

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s compromised politician, should be declared “persona non grata” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, considers the NGO “Civic Education Center” (GEC) in Tuzla.

“Carl Bildt is a person who is not welcome in Bosnia and Herzegovina because of his extremely compromising behaviors, or justifying the crimes and aggression on our country.

“And his arrival in Sarajevo to mark the 20th anniversary of the aggression in the capital [is hypocritical] when we consider his judicial views on the war in Bosnia. Recall that at the trial in the case of Biljana Plavsic, a former first high representative in Bosnia, Bildt said, among other things, that Biljana Plavsic was never part of the inner circle of extreme nationalist Bosnian[-Serb] leadership and commended her role in helping the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

To address all the governments and parliamentarians in B-H, we will send the initiative and ask the institutions to declare Carl Bildt persona non grata in Bosnia, says the statement of Civic Education Center (GEC).

And so, after helping set the international bar at exclusively positive comments vis-a-vis Bosniaks and exclusively negative comments vis-a-vis Serbs, Bildt’s lapse from chumpdom into fairness has cost him some friends. Because what happens when you spoil children is that nothing is ever enough; they must always have it their way and you must be amenable to seeing things their way.

Nonetheless, Bildt continues his unflinching, dutiful promotion of the requisite anti-Orthodox bellicosity whose ultimate target is Russia, even adopting the regional language by slinging the word “Chetnik” at Vladimir Putin. From Wikileaks on Bildt: “He is also very critical of Russia. He called Putin a “chetnik” in the middle of a meeting with an MEP group. He is essentially a [persona] non grata in Moscow.”

Chetnik, or “guerrilla,” is used among some Balkans peoples as an insult, which is an irony given that the Chetniks whom the slingers have in mind are the Serbs under General Mihaiolovic who fought against the Nazis and Communists (the latter after being attacked by them), and who saved hundreds of downed U.S. pilots from the Germans. Naturally, the people hurling the term tend to be descended from those who fought on the side of the Nazis.

As Serbstvo, who informed me of this rather stunning outburst, asked, “Has ‘Chetnik’ become the new N word?”

Indeed, one is reminded of this 1992 cover of Living Marxism:

So now we know that Carl Bildt, Swedish foreign minister and all-around UN servant, is low rent.

At least to balance things out, we also have the following about Bildt, from the cable at the Wikileaks link above (though Bildt would never give any public hint of it the way he does his antipathy toward Serbs): “From his experiences in the Balkans he has decided that he does not like Croats and Albanians.”

And we know he’s not the only one. But these after-the-fact opinions remain hidden from view, so that policy can proceed based on these two groups as protagonists.

Bildt with Kosovo Chief Mobster Hashim Thaci

A recent item related to these blog posts concerning Bosniaks setting up a state within a state in Serbia:

Bosniaks urged to boycott Serbia’s institutions (March 3)

NOVI PAZAR — Bosniak National Council President Esad Džudžević urged Thursday members of the Bosniak national community to boycott all state institutions.

He explained that the Bosniaks should boycott the institutions due to, as he put it, their community’s unsustainable positions in Serbia.

Džudžević told a press conference in Novi Pazar that the political parties and other election lists, which are to take part in the local and parliamentary elections on May 6, should inform the international community that Serbia was denying rights to one of its minorities.

“For this reason, Serbia does not fulfill the preconditions for the beginning of the EU accession talks,” he noted.

The 10-point Resolution calls on all political parties and election lists to support the petition which urges full recognition of the Bosniak national identity and the possibility of use of individual human and minority rights of Bosniaks in Serbia.

The Council urged the boycott of all state bodies until they harmonize the national composition of employees in the police, judiciary, prosecutions and other public services in Sandžak municipalities.

Bosniaks are called to support the process of unification of the Islamic community in Serbia, while religious leaders are urged to the dialogue which would lead to a solution in keeping with the Islamic law and the Ottoman tradition.

The Bosniak National Council calls for support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina, condemning the aggression and genocide against the Bosniak people, which served as the basis for the construction of a para-state entity [talking about Bosnia’s Serb Republic], and argues for the principle of reciprocity status and rights of Bosniaks in Serbia in relation to the position and rights of Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Bosniak National Council urges a clear political stance in terms of the process of decentralization and regionalization of Serbia, according to which Novi Pazar, Tutin, Sjenica, Nova Varoš, Prijepolje and Priboj would constitute a special regional self-government.

Džudžević, who is also an MP, is on the election list of Sulejman Ugljanin’s Bosniak List for a European Sandžak. [Sandzak, or Sanjak, being a separatist region, of course, which has gained political traction among the internationals who brought you Kosovstan.]

So those kindly, peace-loving Bosniaks should wield more Islamic power within Serbia. And if the latter allows it, that could speed up membership for it into EU-NATO, since Islamization is rewarded by the U.S. and EU.

A belated update to my blog “Albanians: We May Resort to Force if Serbs Hold Elections in Kosovo’s North; Washington: No Elections for Serbs in North” :

Daily: Only parliamentary elections in Kosovo (March 18)

BELGRADE — Brussels and the U.S. are against holding of [Serbian] parliamentary elections in Kosovo…An attempt to hold the local elections at the same time as the parliamentary elections, on May 6, would almost certainly lead to cancelation of both, Blic writes.

…According to the current scenario, the parliamentary elections could be held and they would be monitored by OSCE.

“Brussels and the U.S. practically do not support any elections in Kosovo that would be organized by Belgrade but they will not allow the Kosovo government to be repressive if only the parliamentary elections are held,” Blic quoted its source as saying.

Priština will ban the elections called by Belgrade and the Kosovo assembly has even adopted a resolution banning the elections.

If Serbia decided to hold the local elections in Kosovo as well, the election material could be confiscated at administrative crossings, daily pointed out.

Belgrade has held parliamentary and presidential elections in Kosovo regularly since Serbian police and military withdrew from Kosovo in 1999 but the local elections were only held in 2008.

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci has stated that Kosovo citizens who also have Serbian citizenship could vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections but only if they were organized by OSCE in the territory of Kosovo.

Western countries pressured Dačić over Kosovo (March 19)

BELGRADE — The European Union and the United States exerted pressure on Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Ivica Dačić in order for local elections not to be held in Kosovo.

…[W]hile the request not to hold elections in Kosovo was sent to “several addresses of the authorities in Belgrade”, Dačić was “asked explicitly” due to Speaker Slavica Đukić-Dejanović’s party affiliation.

However, the speaker called local elections, while Dačić “refused that order”, writes Press, and adds that this came because the leader of the SPS “did not wish to betray Serbian national interests”.

Ivica Dačić confirmed the report on Monday, saying that EU and U.S. officials did exert pressure aimed against the holding of local elections in Kosovo, claiming this would not be in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Dačić stressed Serbia will respect Resolution 1244, but above all its Constitution, which has been the basis for calling elections in the past.

According to him, Serbia should call elections in its entire territory. “This does not jeopardize anyone,” he was quoted as saying.

Jahjaga: Holding Serbian elections in Kosovo unacceptable (March 21)

Holding Serbian elections in Kosovo is unacceptable, because this jeopardizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo and contributes to the country’s destabilization, Kosovo President Atifeta Jahjaga said on March 20.

Jahjaga conveyed this message to UNMIK chief Farid Zarif at a meeting behind closed doors…. [Note that the UNMIIK chief is now a Muslim, or Arab sympathetic to same.]

“Any attempt by Serbia to organize any form of elections in Kosovo is a violation of international norms and laws and fundamental European tenets,” Jahjaga said.

On March 20, Kosovo Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi told the Pristina RTV 21 station in an interview that if necessary, Kosovo’s institutions would use force to prevent Serbian elections in Kosovo on May 6. [No kidding!]

Krasniqi said the Kosovo Assembly had adopted a resolution that prohibits Serbian local and parliamentary elections in Kosovo and that “the resolution obliges the government to prevent any kind of illegal behavior that is contrary to the Constitution and laws of Kosovo.”

As Liz, who circulated this item, wrote:

“Atifete Jahjaga has been well-coached by Hillary….In their view, it was quite all right when they jeopardized the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia by bombing that sovereign country for 78 days and nights, it was quite all right when they destabilized Serbia and stole a piece of its territory, and it was quite alright when they violated international norms and fundamental tenets. So, t’s OK when USA-NATO break laws all over the world, at will. And, they install and coach stooges like Jahjaga.”

Naturally, then: Local elections in Kosovo uncertain (April 3)

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Secretary for the state electoral commission Veljko Odalovic said Monday that a letter has been sent to UNMIK….Odalovic told Tanjug that the commission has still not had direct contact with UNMIK….State Secretary with the Ministry for Kosovo Oliver Ivanovic said he is concerned about UNMIK’s unclear position regarding Serbian elections in Kosovo.

“They said they cannot organize elections in this situation. This response is not clear enough and I expect it will be clarified in the period ahead,” he said. [UNMIK’s “unclear” pattern has been purposeful through the years, so that without any definitive decisions for these things, when Pristina does use the promised force, it can be justified and the rules made up ad hoc. Further, with confused parameters, the ensuing chaos is confusing enough that the public won’t understand what’s happening (as usual) and will stay out of the Kosovo fray (as usual), and Serbs can be painted as “wild” and “aggressive” (as usual), and the next stage of the Albanian usurpation can be advanced.]

Ivanovic said it is almost impossible to hold elections south of the Ibar without the help of UNMIK, and that if the UN, EU or some international organization respond negatively, holding the elections will certainly be a problem, which could lead to the Kosovo Interior Ministry “sending police, arresting people carrying election material, closing polls and detaining people.”

[Serbian] electoral commission spokesman Miodrag Petrovic told Tanjug that the commission does not have the legal authority to conduct local elections in Kosovo, and that they will be carried out by municipal commissions.

“When we conduct parliamentary elections, we need to have cooperation with UNMIK, and we have had this in the past, because organizing these elections is our legal obligation,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic stressed Serbia would respect Resolution 1244, while UNMIK Head Farid Zarif has said Serbia will be violating the Resolution if it organizes local elections in Kosovo.

Zarif sent a letter to the Serbian government saying the UN mission can not organize local elections in Kosovo under the current conditions.

Last week Dacic confirmed that some EU and US officials have pressured Serbia not to hold local elections in Kosovo, because this would supposedly violate Resolution 1244.

…Head of Belgrade’s team in the dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic confirmed for the daily Press on Monday that Serbian institutions will remain in Kosovo regardless of the election, noting that “local elections will probably not be held, because UNMIK has come out with a negative stance.”

Stefanovic added that Serbia does not want to violate Resolution 1244 “which guards our sovereignty in Kosovo.”

Is that Stefanovic buying into the definition of “1244 violation” by the very internationals who have been violating 1244 since its inception? Talk about not fulfilling obligations. FLASHBACK to March 30, 2000:

UN special envoy for human rights in former Yugoslavia [Jiri] Dienstbir said yesterday that UN provisional administration in Kosovo and KFOR “have failed to [fulfill] any of the set tasks” … “There is no revenge in Kosovo but very well organized policy of ethnic cleansing…. Except in Kosovska Mitrovica, in all other towns and villages there is almost no non-Albanian population”, Dienstbir said at news conference held at the Palace of Nations on Geneva.

So now you know why the north has to submit: so that it can look like the rest of Kosovo.

Not to mention that all this talk about local elections “violating” 1244 — as always merely the internationals parroting Albanian diktat — is based on the rule that any Serbian election held in Mafia-stan would have to be organized by UNMIK or Eulex, except that these two bodies don’t want to do it since in their minds — and in their sustained, frantic efforts toward same — Kosovastan is a separate, independent state. Which it isn’t. (90 countries is less than half of 193 UN members.) Selective interpretation has always been the name of the game. One has to ask also: How was it legitimate to hold local elections four years ago, but isn’t now? Kosovo was no less “independent” in 2008 than it is now, right?

Below, illustrating just how brain-warping Kosovo apparently is, we got the 1244-violation accusation from an international who, at the same time, is unbrainwashed enough to actually suggest the unsuggestible: autonomy for the north. (Recall that autonomy, like partition, used to be on the table, but the Albanians nixed it since the whole point is that they “dream of a Kosovo without Serbs.” But it seems some internationals — who haven’t yet heard that the threat of Albanian violence guides U.S.-led Kosovo policy — would still actually be puzzled to learn that autonomy too is out of the question.)

“Northern Kosovo should be autonomous” (March 20)

BELGRADE — The technical dialogue between Belgrade and Priština “should become more political”, said Carnegie Europe Endowment expert Stefan Lehne.

According to him, the current talks - sponsored by the EU and held in Brussels since last March - should be guided toward the issue of autonomy for northern Kosovo.

Now Lehne told Belgrade-based daily Politika that “although the technical dialogue of Belgrade and Priština has been productive, in order to achieve a significant improvement in relations, a more political and ambitious process is necessary”.

Lehne, a former envoy for the Balkans of former EU high representative Javier Solana, proposed…that the EU immediately name a special envoy who would direct the process…. “…A balance needs to be struck between the desire of the local population to control their own destiny and the fact that the region will still be part of Kosovo and will have to have ties with the authorities in Priština,” believes Lehne.

Asked if he expects new conditions will be put before Serbia before it can start accession talks with the EU, Lehne said important EU leaders have expressed the desire to see “parallel structures” abolished.

“Serbian President Boris Tadić’s proposal on regional autonomy in northern Kosovo is a way to solve the problem. An autonomous region in northern Kosovo would transform the structures into legitimate Kosovo institutions,” Lehne was quoted as saying.

Lehne said it was “contradictory” that Belgrade constantly refers to UN Security Council Resolution 1244, “and then violates it by calling local elections in Kosovo”. [Whatever.]

“An option to consider is to have an international body, for example OSCE, organize local elections as a special interim measure, until agreement is reached on northern Kosovo,” said Lehne.

Lehne was outdone, and outclassed, two weeks later: Former British ambassador backs Kosovo partition (April 8 )

Former British ambassador to Yugoslavia…Sir Ivor Roberts has stated that the partition of Kosovo would be the most logical solution, and that the territory north of the Ibar River should remain part of Serbia.

That would be some kind of fair solution, Roberts said in an interview for Sunday’s edition of Belgrade daily Politika. [Fair? Who claims to be interested in fair? Not the international overlords.]

Roberts believes that Kosovo is an unresolved issue, noting that less than half of the UN members have recognized it as an independent state, and that therefore it would be logical to make a new attempt to find a solution.

He thinks it would be utterly hypocritical to block Serbia’s EU accession before it recognizes the independence of its province, as Kosovo has not yet been recognized by certain EU countries.

The idea to ban the EU membership due to the unresolved border issue would keep not only Cyprus, but also Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, and Denmark out of the EU, said Roberts….”

But as we know, the international community is operating on the Serbia-only standard: what doesn’t apply to anyone else applies to Serbia.

And from Washington, a.k.a. Kosovo West, the prime minister underscored it:

Kosovo’s prime minister says integration is the only option he will accept for his country’s aggrieved Serb population.

Speaking after meetings with Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week, Hashim Thaci rejected calls for greater autonomy for Serb communities in Kosovo’s north.

He also said that he would never consider a territorial swap with Serbia as a solution.

“There will be no territorial swap, there will be no autonomy, no special favour,” he said. “There will be only integration.”

Mr Thaci said he would like to have Kosovo’s border open [of course he would, he’s a smuggler and smugglers like open borders], but he added: “There will be no change of the border.”

Kosovo’s leaders have been under pressure from the European Union to find ways to reduce tensions in northern Kosovo. Greater autonomy for Serbs as well as a land swap with Serbia have been suggested. But those options could spark a new series of border claims in the war-torn Balkans. [Sort of like the Kosovo secession did.]

Mr Thaci said that Mrs Clinton and Mr Biden had assured him that the United States wanted to see Kosovo’s territorial integrity maintained.

The meetings in Washington were a boost to Mr Thaci whose reputation has suffered from a 2009 European investigator’s probe that accused him of leading an organ trafficking ring. Mr Thaci has denied the charges.

Back to the election controversy. As always, ready to encourage the international community in its Albanian bought, bribed and bullied “resolve” to not give an inch to the Serbs, are all of those manymysterious” “maskedmen — kind of like the mysterious masked men who have resurfaced in recent months in marked and doomed Macedonia.

Mysterious Kosovar Force Vows to Quash Serb Polls (March 22)

A little known formation calling itself the Albanian National Army has resurfaced and vowed to confront any Serbian-run elections held in Kosovo in May.

The Albanian National Army, ANA, a blacklisted organization in the US, has threatened to use force to stop Serbian polls from being held in Kosovo if the international community doesn’t prevent them.

The mysterious group, which seeks the unification of Kosovo with Albania [as do the rest of Albanians and U.S. officialdom], sent an email to Balkan Insight and other members of the press saying it had decided to reactivate its structures to protect Kosovo from another Serbian invasion. [Gotta love the language on that.]

“The headquarters of the Albanian National Army, at a meeting on March 17, has decided to reactivate all its military structures and confront with Serbia and its gangs in the Republic of Kosovo,” reads the message.

ANA, known in Albanian as AKSH (”Armata Kombëtare Shqiptare”) has been blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the US. [For now, and not really.]

Serbia announced last week that it was extending its local elections, due on May 6, to Kosovo.

This move was condemned by the Kosovo government and the international community as a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country, which Belgrade does not recognize.

Uniformed ANA members have been seen periodically in Kosovo since the Kosovo conflict ended in 1999, and even filmed patrolling with arms. The group took responsibility for several bombing incidents in Kosovo since 1999.

AKSH/ANA said in its letter that it had ceased all activity when Kosovo declared independence in 2008, hoping that Kosovo would be left to progress by its northern neighbour.

“But for four years on [since independence], Serbia has not stopped its sabotage of the Republic of Kosovo,” the press release continues. “We ask you [the international community], before the war starts; intervene and prevent a Balkan war.”

Kosovo police said that they were “aware of the information,” and were dealing with the issue. Kosovo politicians have in the past dismissed ANA as a “phantom” organisation.

Which happens to have the same goals, opinions, vocabulary, and methods as Kosovo politicians — who themselves came from a once blacklisted organization known as KLA. Nothing “mysterious” here at all.

Belgrade Confirms Plans for Kosovo Vote (March 27)

Serbia is not giving up on its plans to hold parliamentary elections in Kosovo despite criticism from the international community, Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic said on Tuesday.

“We will continue our discussions with the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), OSCE, all relevant international factors, in order to secure unimpeded elections in Kosovo,” Bogdanovic told Belgrade-based daily Danas.

On March 13, days after Serbia became a candidate for EU membership, President Boris Tadic called for parliamentary elections to be held in Kosovo.

The head [of] UNMIK said in his reply…that “under present circumstances”, that mission could not organize the voting in Kosovo.

Serbia’s plans for elections in Kosovo may escalate hostilities in the region. Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi has said that police are preparing an operational plan to prevent Serbia from organizing the vote. [There it is.]

And here it is:

BELGRADE - April 2 - State Secretary with the Ministry of Justice Slobodan Homen urged Monday representatives of the Kosovo authorities to refrain from arresting innocent people to keep tension from escalating.

Homen told Tanjug that all steps have been taken to prevent further incidents violating Resolution 1244. “At a very sensitive time, when Serbia is trying to solve problems through diplomatic means, these provocations will not contribute to a better dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina,” said Homen. “We call on the Kosovo institutions to refrain from using force and arresting innocent people in order to avoid an unnecessary rise in tensions,” Homen said in his statement for Tanjug.

On March 25, the Kosovo police arrested five Serbs from Kosovsko Pomoravlje who were carrying material for the local election which are set for May 6 but which the Kosovo government is trying to prevent.

The court ruled to convert the initial two months in custody to house arrest with daily contact with the nearest police station. They are suspected of undermining Kosovo’s constitutional system.

Attack in Pristina aimed at influencing elections (April 4)

BELGRADE - Belgrade’s lead negotiator in the dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said Wednesday that today’s attack on the secretary of the Belgrade negotiating team in Kosovo was a criminal act, and was evidently an organized attempt by extreme Albanian actors to influence the elections in Serbia.

In a statement for Tanjug, Stefanovic said that the attack on Pavicevic and vehicles of the Serbian government that went to Kosovo and Metohija today to discuss the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels was only one of three attacks against the Serbs that took place in Kosovo the same day.

“It is obvious that it was an organized attack. This is just one of the provocations coming from the extreme Albanian factor….” [By limiting his criticism to the “extreme” Albanian elements, Stefanovic is being diplomatic, since he knows that there is no substantive difference between “extreme” Albanians and moderate ones.]

Stefanovic said that this was yet another attempt to destroy the negotiating process, the peaceful resolution of outstanding issues and the implementation of agreements from Brussels.

“This is evidence of how much Pristina really cares about the dialogue, the agreements and their implementation. Such behavior is totally unacceptable and shows what it means to ‘live together’ in Kosovo and Metohija,” said Stefanovic. […]

Cooper condemns attack on Serbian delegation (April 5)

BRUSSELS - EU facilitator for the talks between Belgrade and Pristina Robert Cooper condemned on Thursday…the attack on the Serbian delegation convoy in Pristina that occurred on Wednesday….Such an act is not in the spirit of dialogue, he pointed out, adding that the delegation was part of the work group for the implementation of the agreements reached in the EU facilitated talks.

Two vehicles with members of a Serbian government delegation were stoned in Pristina on Wednesday…One member of the delegation was injured lightly in the incident.

Extending Serbian elections in Kosovo idea faces criticism (April 6)

Bloggers argue [that] statements from Belgrade and Pristina are calculated to avoid organising local elections in the Serbian enclaves in Kosovo on May 6th.

Many Kosovo Serbs want to vote in the upcoming May 6th Serbia elections.

The international community has opposed the idea. “Due to circumstances on the ground, UNMIK will not be able to organise local elections in Kosovo,” UNMIK chief Farid Zarif’s office said in a statement.

Serbian officials promptly modified their position, saying they are negotiating with UNMIK as required by UN Resolution 1244 but have not reached an agreement yet.

“If there are problems and it is determined there is risk in holding the local elections, at a minimum the parliamentary elections will be held,” Parliament Speaker Slavica Dejanovic-Djukic said.

[Analyst Dejan Vuk Stankovic] noted that should Belgrade [choose] to organise elections in Kosovo, it would cause a conflict with Brussels, which would strain the EU integration process that Serbian officials so value. [Like a horse values a carrot. Note it says “Serbian officials so value.” Not necessarily the Serbian public.]

Kosovo Serb MP Rada Trajkovic argued that failing to hold local elections in Kosovo will not be an issue if the outcome does not weaken Serbian institutions there.

“Everything we see — the discussions, the threats from Pristina, demands from Belgrade — appears to be a synchronised, agreed-on communication that should result in not having local elections here,” Trajkovic said.

“That would not be a big problem unless we all know that with the withering of our [local] institutions, usually the people wither away too, because the Kosovo institutions are not ready to adequately accept Serbs, nor have the institutional capacity to accept those Serbs who worked in the institutions,” she added. […]

The upshot to all of this is that there will in fact be elections tomorrow, handled by OSCE, but only national and not local ones:

Kosovo Serbs to vote under OSCE deal (May 3)

Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo can vote in Serbia’s upcoming parliamentary and national elections under a deal brokered this week by regional peacekeepers.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the governments of Kosovo and Serbia announced Tuesday that OSCE workers and EU-sponsored police would be allowed to oversee Sunday’s elections and deter potential clashes with ethnic Albanians.

Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic has accused the Albanian-dominated Kosovo government of planning to foment disruptions in a bid to prevent the ethnic Serbs from voting.

Oliver Ivanovic, the Serbian state secretary for Kosovo, said OSCE personnel alone would be allowed to handle the ballots under the deal.
Only voting for Serbian national races will be allowed — not local elections as sought by Belgrade.

“In keeping with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, there will be no local elections in Kosovo and Metohija,” Ivanovic told Tanjug. “This resolution also envisages that (U.N. peacekeepers) have the right to gradually transfer their competencies to Kosovo’s institutions, which it has been doing in the recent years.”

OSCE Secretary-General Lamberto Zannier said preventing ethnic violence will be his group’s foremost task during the polling.

“The OSCE has begun its preparations to organize polling stations to enable eligible voters in Kosovo to exercise their right to vote in these elections,” he said. “I call on all to refrain from provocation and to allow the voting to proceed in an orderly and peaceful manner.”

The United States also praised the deal.

“Given the short time until the elections, we expect both Serbia and Kosovo authorities to cooperate fully with the OSCE and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo to ensure that the agreement can be successfully implemented in a safe and secure environment for all,” U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. [That “safe and secure environment” mantra which our National Guard troopsrecite usually means more dead Serbs. Let’s hope it’s not a harbinger this time.]

The elections have prompted NATO to beef up its contribution to the KFOR international peacekeeping presence in Kosovo as EULEX is seeing its resources stretched.

NATO said this week it has begun deploying more than 700 soldiers to Kosovo at the request of KFOR Commander Erhard Drews.

“We need to consider the legitimate rights of the Serbs in the north, but at the same time we need to respect the law which bans the holding of local elections, due to the fact Kosovo is a sovereign country,” KFOR German contingent commander Col. Bernd Holthusen told the Pristina daily Koha Ditore.

Which, again, it isn’t.

NATO chief urges ‘restraint’ in Kosovo vote (May 4)

Brussels. The NATO chief Friday urged “restraint” this weekend when tens of thousands of Kosovo Serbs with dual citizenship [What?!] vote in the Serbian parliamentary and presidential elections, AFP reported.

“I strongly urge all leaders and all communities to show restraint during the voting process,” Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said ahead of the Sunday ballot.

“In this critical period, it is important to avoid any unilateral actions or statements that can raise tensions,” he said, calling on both Pristina and Belgrade “to continue cooperating with the international community in order to ensure a calm and peaceful vote.”

Serbia still considers the territory its southern province. The Serb majority in northern Kosovo has announced it would also organise local polls, but both Belgrade and Pristina rejected the plan as unacceptable.

Note especially the Middle East standard in terms of the language being used by the mediators: “We call on both sides to show restraint…” And just as with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, so it is here: Only one side is restrained. And while the other does as it pleases, it creates the new reality for the other side to accede to, urged along by the internationals, of course.

Topping the whole thing off was a propaganda piece today to, as always, make the job of world governments easier in pulling Kosovo wool over public eyes. Naturally, the magazine interviewed the organ-trafficking prime minister, to answer the question “Can Voting Be an Act of Aggression?

Voting is otherwise always a laudable thing in the enlightened eyes of entities like TIME, but sure enough the first time an exception is made and voting is suddenly bad, it’s when the Serbs are doing the voting.

Voting as the aggressive act, rather than the ethnic cleansing, war-making, and murdering that brought us to a point where the last breathing Serbs in Kosovo are desperately trying to stay breathing by reinforcing their ancient, universally long recognized Serbian citizenship.

As usual I’m about a month late, but in the first week of April someone at an outfit called The Washington Free Beacon actually noticed Washington’s love of war criminals, mobsters, terrorists and organ-traffickers. Despite the fact that the terrorized, trafficked, and lynched people were mere Serbs.

A writer there named Adam Kredo wrote the article below, and The Washington Times blog actually picked up the link, as did Matt Drudge. Perhaps this owes to election year partisanship, but one is grateful even for that small favor, since the Democrats’ terrorist war should have been seized on by Republicans in Election 2000 (the year the fiction leading to the war was exposed); Election 2004 (the year our Kosovo project exploded and NATO peacekeepers were killed); and Election 2008 (when our Dem-driven pro-jihad policy there culminated in “inevitable” Bush-supported state recognition). As American Council for Kosovo director Jim Jatras wrote in an email responding to the circulated item below: “When it comes to tempting targets, you’d think the Romney folks would be interested in this. GOP grassroots would love it! But then it would expose the Bushies’ and neocons’ identical support for these same KLA criminals, Hashim ‘Snake’ Thaci foremost.”

Biden’s Buddy: Organ Trafficker
Biden to welcome accused trafficker of human organs to White House

[Caption flashback: “Now if I had a head of hair like THAT!” “Joe, I can get you a transplant!” “Of a head?” “That too.”]

Vice President Joe Biden is set to welcome to the White House a man who is currently under investigation for trafficking human organs on behalf of a “mafia-like” crime ring.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is schedule to meet with Biden this Thursday at the White House, according to the vice president’s public schedule.

Thaci is accused by the Council of Europe of being one of the central players in a crime syndicate that smuggled guns, drugs, and human organs in run-up to the 1998 Kosovo war.

The Guardian newspaper outlined the case against Thaci in a 2010 article:

“Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country’s government since.

“The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted ‘violent control’ over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.”

“This is striking — even for Joe Biden,” said one GOP operative. “Talk about being out of touch. And can you imagine if the president does a drop-in on the meeting?”

The European Court of Human Rights named Thaci as the head of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a “mafia-like” militant [group] that is said to have trafficked in human organs and committed routine assassinations and beatings.

Biden — who has not shied away from public meetings with Thaci — met with the leader in 2010 “as part of the Administration’s frequent consultations with our European partners on our shared agenda,” according to a White House press release.

Actually, it didn’t take the human rights court to “name Thaci as” its head. He was the KLA capo whom the Clinton administration dealt with officially. And the nature of the KLA was being reported by The Washington Times in 1999.

Meanwhile, one has to express some puzzlement over the unnamed GOP operative’s appropriate denunciation of Biden, since it was at least as “striking” when Bush — not a vice president — met with Thaci in August 2008. Talk about being out of touch, GOP.

Or are friendly meetings with terrorists and criminals only noticed in election years?

Come to think of it, 2008 was an election year. And this woman’s husband was the GOP candidate:

About the Soros-funded John McCain, thankfully in 2008 we did have World Net Daily noticing “Group Tied to al-Qaida Backs McCain for Prez” (with honorable mention to the Stop Islamic Conquest blog for “McCain’s Ties to Islamic Terrorists — and Heroin Traffickers” ; to Serbianna for “John McCain Armed Kosovo Islamic Terrorists” ; and to Accuracy in Media for “McCain Supports Radical Muslims in Kosovo” ).

It would have been a great talking point for the 2008 Obama campaign, except it would de-legitimize the “model war” which Democrats tout in “contrast” to Iraq. Similarly, the 2000 Bush campaign could have, but didn’t, seize on the lie-driven Kosovo war that was spreading that year, despite Bush’s opponent being vice president of it; and again in 2004 the Bush campaign didn’t seize on the Democratic Convention having John Kerry pal Hashim Thaci as an invited guest.

Also apparently missed by the GOP operative is that McCain’s top fundraiser — as well as the GOP candidate in the 2010 New York Senate race — was terror financier and father of an American Idol judge, Joseph DioGuardi.

I also note the irony of a Washington Times blog cross-posting the Free Beacon item, given that despite The Times‘ 1999 research into, and objections to, the KLA — and despite my 1400-word effort in 2010, at their request, to inform the public about the real Kosovo — the paper closed 2011 by printing a standard pro-Kosovo whitewash praising the province’s “president” Atifete Jahjaga after her propaganda tour on which the Washington Times editorial board was a scheduled stop. (Not that this is the first time they decided to balance truth and propaganda on the Kosovo front, an interesting equilibrium indeed, and unique to Balkans coverage.) Yet Jahjaga represents the government of the very gangsters and ghouls that the Times-linked Beacon piece balks at.

It was so outside the norm to see any objections in the U.S. — even in supposedly “alternative” media — to American officials’ close relationship with proud monsters, that Serbian news agency Tanjug was compelled to cover the coverage, quoting most of the Washington Free Beacon piece:

Biden criticized for announced meeting with Taci (April 3)

Washington Free Beacon expressed criticism of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden for his decision to meet with Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci…Taci has arrived in Washington, and according to Pristina press, he is now expecting to be received by U.S. President Barack Obama, though there is still no confirmation that the meeting will take place. [It did not. Which is more than can be said of his predecessors.]

Unused to Washington’s friendship with terrorists, mobsters and traffickers not going unnoticed, during his meeting with Thaci Biden felt he had to express some disapproval over the past year’s worth of attacks on churches and monasteries by Thaci’s stable, democratic, law-abiding, EU-ready populace. (Damage control requires some condemnation of Serb-killing while hosting a Serb-killer at the White House.)

Thaci also met with Madeleine Albright, Ban Ki Moon, and gave a press conference with Hillary Clinton; meanwhile, Serbian president Boris Tadic — who was to be in Washington at the same time — canceled.

Washington-based analyst Obrad Kesić explained rather generously, “The American administration has decided that, at least for the time being, Hashim Thaci despite all his shortcomings represents the best solution for them….” And the most apt summary of the situation unsurprisingly came from David Yeagley, of the Bad Eagle blog, with a caption under the above picture reading, “…Kosovo mobster Hashim Thaçi, head of the newly US-created crime center in Eastern Europe. Kosovo was literally robbed from Serbia under Bill Clinton’s Administration.”

White House Celebrates Crimes Against Serbia (April 2)

In an endless stream of national denigrations, the Democrat administration has now invited Kosovo’s Albanian Muslim mobster Hashim Thaçi to the White House. Vice-President Joe Biden has met with thug Thaçi before (2010). This is a continuation of America’s greatest crime of the 20th Century: the international theft of Kosovo from Serbia, and the creation of a new, East European Muslim state and haven for every species of international crime known to man. Bill Clinton started it, George Bush celebrated it, and [Obama] continues it.

…[The KLA is] a violent para-military group known for trafficking humans, human organs, weapons, drugs; for committing routine assassinations, extortion, and brutal beatings…Hashim Thaçi has a long history of antagonism against Serbia. He became Prime Minister of Kosovo in 2007, and vowed to make Kosovo independent from Serbia then [as well as a decade earlier, actually]…This is the kind of man celebrated by the White House. This is a hero in the eyes of our national government.

The American liberal news is all well-aware of the criminal process in Kosovo. Thaçi has been watched carefully for some time. Even congratulated the monster, just last year:

“Hashim Thaçi should be congratulated. He has managed to declare himself Prime Minister of a country which does not exist (and under international law, never will), after leading one of the most monstrous terrorist organizations to acts of barbarism and terrorism, torture and rape, kidnapping and murder. He is the example of a monster-turned-Prince, unethically fêted by members of the international community, despite having an arrest warrant issued against him for terrorist activities.

“Congratulations to Hashim Thaçi, former commander of the Albanian terrorist group Ushtia Çlirimtare ë Kosovës, or Kosovo Liberation Army, a group which he admitted perpetrated terrorist acts against civilians to create trouble for the Serbian authorities. As leader of the Partia Demokratike e Kosovës (Democratic Party of Kosovo), he now claims to be Prime Minister after this weekend’s legislative elections, the first since the self-proclaimed ‘independence’ of this Serbian Province. The problem is how can he be the Prime Minister of a country which does not exist according to all the norms of international law?”

Moscow has at least notions of concern about Serbia, a [Slavic] state, more than for a US-created Muslim criminal state in Eastern Europe. has said many times in the past, the mistake Serbia made was letting Muslim Albanians migrate into Serbia. The lesson of Kosovo is simple enough: enough foreigners move in, then they claim the territory. But, just how and why the United States decided to support such an international crime, a global theft, so obvious, so outrageous, is a mystery which is as yet unsolved.

(Well, I solved part of it with my do-as-Albanians-say-or-else article, and the other parts involve a) trying to win Islamic favor; b) Clinton needing a war to displace “Lewinsky” and “Broaddrick” from headlines; c) Kosovo fitting in with the longer-range goal of destroying the nation-state and having open borders and a one-world government; d) our encroaching into Russia’s neighborhood and having a practice run for the eventual break-up of that country, again using Muslims to help achieve it; and e) the nature of foreign policy being only forward-looking and never reevaluating: we’ve made a mistake, so let’s keep making it until we make it work for us. That’s precisely why neither Democrat nor Republican campaigns ever seize on the 800-pound Kosovo gorilla (and Romney won’t either): Cowing to Albanian blood blackmail even before it was that dangerous not to, both sides have decided there’s “no way out” of Kosovo, and have figured out how to mine it to their advantage. If both sides agreeing to agree doesn’t say that something is rotten in Denmark, nothing will.)

Heroine, arms, sex, whatever any organized crime has to offer, apparently Clinton approved of it, and the Bush administration covered for it, and [now] the White House openly celebrates.

The White House honors Hashim Thaçi. This is truly beyond the pale. This fantasy nationhood. There is no dignity, no pride, no honor, and no strength in the United States government. It cannot be. Not now. It is about power and money, in the hand[s] of a few players. Nations are only cards or chips in the game, tools in the trade. Nationhood is nothing to them. These elitist power mongers think themselves above nationhood, above humanity.

It is blasphemy.

In a footnote that’s even more twisted (if you can imagine), last Friday Thaci penned an
essay for Foreign Policy Magazine praising the Obama administration for establishing the Atrocities Prevention Board. Whatever Satanically-orchestrated events had to come together for the magazine to come up with a known murderer and torturer to be its author for this piece, it all inspires one to request an early check-out from this earth.

To my knowledge, only The American Conservative’s Daniel Larison mentioned it: “Leading Kosovo War Criminal Praises the Atrocities Prevention Board

Kosovo Prime Minister and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci has written a paean to the new Atrocities Prevention Board. This is both utterly hypocritical and disgraceful. Thaci is one of the men implicated in a 2010 report in human and drug trafficking and organ-harvesting during 1998 and 1999:

“…The report alleged that the ICTY, United Nations, NATO, and individual Western governments had failed to thoroughly investigate serious war crimes committed by the members of a KLA unit known as the Drenica Group during the 1998-1999 conflict with Serbia. According to Marty’s report, the unit had violently seized and operated the lucrative trading routes across the Prokletije mountain range on the Kosovo-Albania border. He alleges the group amassed considerable fortunes supplying weaponry to local forces — and trafficked in human beings, heroin, and organs taken from Serb and Albanian prisoners of war. Marty’s report identified the leader of Drenica Group as a man called “The Snake” — a.k.a. Hashim Thaqi, who two days earlier had been named prime minister re-elect of the Republic of Kosovo…”

The Atrocities Prevention Board may be mostly useless, or it may provide the means for increased military interventionism in the future, but it’s absurd to take seriously arguments for it from a war criminal. Indeed, the empowerment of Thaci and his associates since 1999 is a sobering reminder of [the atrocities that] can result from “humanitarian” military interventions carried out in the name of halting atrocities.

One can only imagine what additional atrocities we have in store for the Serbs this year, given that it’s an election year. As I’ve pointed out before, U.S. election years tend to be most violent in Kosovo. Election 2000: Roma- and Serb-killing spree; Election 2004: province-wide riots and fires to expel remaining Serbs; 2008: secession recognition leading to Serb protests violently disrupted by NATO troops. Especially if 2012 is set to be the end of supervised independence, then that means our final solution for the resisting Serbs — whose final stages were set in motion last July and erupted again in September-October — will occur very soon.