August 2012

I’m proud of Right Side News, which today has published my article “Propagandist at Washington Times Perverts WWII History to Scorn Serbs.”

It has photos and footage related to the most suppressed WWII story ever.

Did someone goof and classify our terrorist clients as terrorists? The KLA was supposed to be exempt from that designation. But how did this lone KLA-nik get so unlucky?

We can call this story “I Married a Terrorist?”

Texas woman fights to be reunited with husband (Local, June 19)

GARLAND, Texas — Julie Hysenaj of Garland and her husband Arben married five years ago, but for most of their marriage they have been apart.

Their dreams as a couple have been interrupted by an immigration hurdle.

“It’s always good to hear his voice. He lets me call no matter what day, no matter what time,” Hysenaj said. “Just calling him up to hear his voice, it keeps me going.”

Arben Hysenaj is currently in Kosovo. The undocumented immigrant returned to his homeland after his application for political asylum was denied.

Lawyers advised him to return to Kosovo to re-apply for legal status after he married his wife, who is U.S. citizen. But his application for an immigrant visa was also rejected. This time, a section of the law categorized him as a “terrorist.”

“I was shocked,” Hysena said. “I thought, ‘This has got to be a mistake.’”

The denial referred to a section of immigration law that was strengthened after the September 11 attacks in 2001. It bars those who engaged in terrorist activity from entering the U.S. or getting any immigration benefits.

The provision’s definition is so broad, it can include people not normally associated with terrorism.

Arben served two months in the Kosovo Liberation Army.

“The U.S. sent troops there,” Hysenaj said. “The U.S. trained the military and assisted them to get their independence.”

The Department of Homeland Security has the power to provide relief. The agency has approved exemptions that have allowed more than 14,500 cases to move forward.

It is the couple’s last hope, and Julie Hysenaj offered this plea to immigration officials:

“I’m begging you with all my heart… please sign that waiver so I can get this processed and get Arben home.”

But he is home. Home in his beloved Kosovo. Worth fighting for, huh.

Meanwhile, is there a tacit understanding in official circles that there was after all something “terrorist” about Kosovo’s ‘non-Muslimy’ “freedom-fighters”? This excerpt from a May 1999 Washington Times article would indicate there is:

Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden…

The KLA members, embraced by the Clinton administration…were trained in secret camps in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and elsewhere, according to newly obtained intelligence reports.

The reports also show that the KLA has enlisted Islamic terrorists — members of the Mujahideen –as soldiers in its ongoing conflict against Serbia, and that many already have been smuggled into Kosovo to join the fight.

…KLA has as many as 30,000 members, a number reportedly on the rise as a result of NATO’s continuing bombing campaign…

The intelligence reports document what is described as a “link” between bin Laden…and the KLA –including a common staging area in Tropoje, Albania, a center for Islamic terrorists. The reports said bin Laden’s organization, known as al-Qaeda, has both trained and financially supported the KLA.

Many border crossings into Kosovo by “foreign fighters” also have been documented and include veterans of the militant group Islamic Jihad from Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Many of the crossings originated in neighboring Albania and, according to the reports, included parties of up to 50 men.

Jane’s International Defense Review, a highly respected British Journal, reported in February that documents found last year on the body of a KLA member showed that he had escorted several volunteers into Kosovo, including more than a dozen Saudi Arabians. Each volunteer carried a passport identifying him as a Macedonian Albanian.

[O]fficials charged that the KLA used terrorist tactics to assault Serbian and ethnic Albanian civilians in a campaign to achieve independence.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said in a recent report that drug smuggling organizations composed of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians were considered “second only to Turkish gangs as the predominant heroin smugglers along the Balkan Route.”

France’s Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs said the KLA was a key player in the rapidly expanding drugs-for-arms business….German drug agents said $1.5 billion in drug profits is laundered annually by Kosovo smugglers….Jane’s Intelligence…said the KLA had rearmed itself for a spring offensive with the aid of drug money, along with donations from Albanians in Western Europe and the United States.

So hopefully this makes things less confusing for poor “Mrs. Hysenaj” of Texas. In case it doesn’t, there’s also this:


A training camp of Albanian militants functions near the village of Ropotovo, close to Kosovska Kamenica, in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo, which is controlled by the American force, sources from the Russian peacekeeping force in Kosovo reported on Tuesday.

According to them, the camp is now preparing 50 Afghan and Algerian mujaheddin, led by Zaiman Zawahiri. He is supposed to be a brother of one of the closest associates of international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

This camp prepares militants for terrorist formations in Kosovo and Macedonia. Their “instructors” are former Albanian officers which in 1991-1992 deserted from the Yugoslav army.

And there’s this from Scott Taylor’s “Here’s Hoping the World Comes to its Senses on Kosovo”:

[T]he U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization because of its tactic of targeting innocent Serb civilians in order to provoke retaliation from Serbian troops.

So it seems that, for a moment, the Serbs counted as people too. That terrorism against Serbs counted as terrorism.

I must have been looking for a distraction and had the bad fortune to read an “article” by a Vietnam vet for a senior citizen newspaper insert in El Paso, Texas. It was called “Kosovo: Our Forgotten Conflict,” and for some reason I proceeded to waste the next hour writing the following letter to the author of the piece, A.C. Sanders:

Mr. Sanders,

You’re very confused in your article “Kosovo: Our Forgotten Conflict.” And that’s the whole point of withholding information from the very troops who are to serve in Kosovo (you mentioned the scant information made available to them).

I’ll never forget how in 2007, after writing the real story of Kosovo for American Legion magazine, I was contacted by a National Guard soldier serving there. He was floored that someone was paying attention to Kosovo, or knew that we’d be paying for our misguided policy there, driven by Albanian violence, for decades to come.

He told me how he’d have to dig for information himself, to find out what the Command wasn’t telling the troops, and he questioned why the orders were always to “not engage” when encountering armed Albanian hostiles, but to engage when encountering the (much more rare) Serbian ones.

He knew that the guys coming in after him—the ones who would be imposing the “Final Solution” on Kosovo’s Serbs (currently underway) — would be walking in blind to a dangerous situation, made more dangerous because its full dimensions were being suppressed. What they’re also walking into is a more hostile climate by the last of the resisting Serbs, who after complying with international directives while getting picked off over the past 13 years, understandably refuse to bite the last bullet and live under the rule of their slaughterers. But all that the soldiers will see is American-flag-waving Albanians and hostile Serbs, making the latter much easier to shoot at (which has been happening intermittently over the past year).

Mr. Sanders, there is no equivalence between Albanian and Serbian violence in Kosovo. This has been a one-way street for the past several decades, and with you and your acquaintances checking in on the scene only now, naturally it looks like more of a back-and-forth. Only after a decade have the Serbs finally started to lob back. I was particularly appalled by your paragraph about the Ibar River. KFOR was stationed on the Ibar bridge to halt the frequent Albanian attempts to cross it to get to the Serbs in the last part of Kosovo where you can still speak Serbian without being stabbed. I was embarrassed for you when I read your inversion that it was the Serbs being kept from crossing to the Albanian side (though in the past two years, we may have finally had a couple such incidents).

Lucky for you, Americans don’t know any better about Kosovo — despite its being the first NATO war and our most recent pre-9/11 war in which we again helped Muslims — and so you’ll have nothing to be embarrassed about.

What our soldiers, along with the Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Croatians and the rest of the “former” Axis now dressed as NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR), are doing in Kosovo will be to the eternal shame of our National Guard, and to America itself. Foreseeing this in 1999, when we turned a dark corner under Clinton to help the people bin Laden was also helping (there is much documentation for that), I allowed this issue to hijack my life. And for that I’m now called a “pro-Serb propagandist” by cheerleaders of this U.S. policy, and by its beneficiaries. “U.S. policy” being an insulting term in itself, given that the policy was driven by a handful of Washington bureaucrats who were Clinton holdovers even during the Bush administration, which itself was led down the same course. (And so, unlike with every other issue, you’ll find no Left-Right divide on this one. That’s right, no arguments from Americans on this policy, interestingly.)

In Kosovo, in what is a recognized (but just as often denied) precedent for Israel and Jerusalem itself, we have dismantled a Christian Jerusalem that has stood as a bulwark, with much Serb blood shed, against the barbarians at the gate. The Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, then Hitler (the Serbs having pushed his forces off long enough that they had to fight at Stalingrad during the Russian winter and lost).

People who were killed in the course of harboring 512 U.S. airmen from the Germans do not suddenly become monsters, Mr. Sanders. That’s where you need to have a little skepticism about the media that brought you the story of “the butcher Milosevic” and his “ethnic cleansing.” We did not go into Kosovo to halt ethnic cleansing or genocide, as the beheaded Jewish reporter Daniel Pearl learned in 1999, and wrote about it. The fact that we’re still subjected to a recycling of the debunked myth of a huge anti-Albanian plan by the Serbs is insulting.

I’m an American Jew, who has been watching our most un-American actions against our allies of two world wars in shock and horror. For our (initially) German-led crimes against the Serbs (payback for WWII resistance which we’ve for some reason signed onto), our entire civilization will pay. It already is paying, and yet we continue to expand the Caliphate in the Balkans. And you continue to equate the Christians that never did us any harm — and who had more experience living with Muslims than we ever did — you equate them with the Islamic monsters that have now come for the rest of us too. (The Albanian subset of them having killed U.S. servicemen last year in Frankfurt; planned the foiled Ft. Dix attack; undertook to explode Tampa before being stopped this year, and I could go on. That’s not to mention the Bosnian-born attackers against the U.S. We’ve imported the Serbs’ enemies in the course of doing their bidding in the region, and advancing their conquest.)

You ask readers if they even remember our Kosovo war. I remember it every day for the past 13 years, Mr. Sanders. It seems that you are the one who hasn’t given it much thought. And now you’ve unimpressively joined the ranks of the majority of the world, which owes the Serbs an apology. An apology that is not forthcoming in this lifetime, except by an occasional, regretful NATO soldier who did more than “do or die,” but indeed questioned why. As for me, today I wear the Scarlet Letter meant to marginalize the whistleblowers — “pro-Serb propagandist” — proudly.

With apologies for my hostile tone (but I am exasperated).
Julia Gorin

I emailed author Peter Brock about the article, who then enlightened me about “Southwest Senior”:

Oh, goody.

I’m a lifelong El Pasoan. I’m a “senior”! And, I’ve been to Kosovo without being brainwashed! I even wrote a book about Yugoslavia!

…That “newspaper” is a throw-away used to shake down local medical suppliers with “fill” to go around competing ads for hospices and other elder community crapola. It’s a pathetic little insert that a local weekly stuffs every other week or so. Not even worth the sports pages used to carpet a canary cage.

Finally, since it was too trivial to address in the letter, I didn’t respond to the part of Mr. Sanders’ article where he mentions that Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” was filmed in Kosovo. I looked it up and couldn’t find corroboration for this, so I emailed Nebojsa Malic, asking him if he knew anything about it. All he could say was: “This guy is so ignorant, it makes my head hurt.”

To contact the writer and his paper, email and .

Why should we be the only ones with headaches?

And why shouldn’t they? With Washington vying to spearhead the Fourth Reich, the world has no standard-bearer, and so what is there to lose?

Feb. 19, 2012:

Dear Julia,

I write to you once again, amidst what seems to be an unintentional coming-out of Nazis worldwide.

Just a few days ago, Heinz Gaertner, an Austrian, had the audacity to tell the Serbs that they are “repaying for Milosevic’s politics with Kosovo.” All we care to tell this Austrian is, NO Mr. Gaertner, the true bad side never pays for its crimes, as is abundantly clear from the fact that Austria - the birthplace of Hitler - still exists on the map. I don’t care to defend my people from accusations made by the likes of

Another Austrian, Christoph Leitl, president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, told Greece that it should sell some of its islands to Turkey.

I can’t emphasize how insulting that is to any of the Orthodox Balkans people who gave so much to regain their freedom. The Serbs and Greeks in particular gave so much, and still didn’t manage to liberate ALL their land (others got more than they ever had - Albanians first among them). Now this Austrian is telling them to give up on their sovereignty.

Indeed, the German-Austrian hordes are taking an unnaturally large amount of pleasure in the suffering of both Serbs and Greeks. Can’t imagine how they feel about the Jews, their number one on the list of those they hate.

And to top it all of, research done by the German government suggests that as many as 1 in 5 Germans are latent anti-semites. If that is the case in Germany, which underwent a de-nazification process, what can we expect from Austria, which never underwent a similar cleansing process?

You don’t have to be a genius to know that when you hear of a mass grave excavation site in Kosovo being set on fire, that the grave probably holds, or is expected to hold, dead Serbs. That’s the whole reason to set it on fire.

But if you’re an outfit called, which means you’ve assigned an Albanian to report on something that resulted from Albanian ethnic violence, you’re going to hope for reader ignorance and try to keep them guessing.

In this 13-paragaph article by Fatmir Aliu, you don’t find out that the Zhilivoda mass grave is of Serbs…until the 10th paragraph.

And now for the standard “It’s Being Investigated” portion of this typical Kosovo story. From Tanjug, which tells you in the first paragraph who’s in the grave:

EULEX:Cause of fire unknown,investigation underway (July 17)

OBILIC - Representatives of the EU mission in Kosovo released that the cause of the fire in Zilivode near Obilic in Kosovo, which the authorities believe holds the remains of some of the missing Serbs, has not been established yet and EULEX has launched an investigation into the case.

Co-head of the EULEX Forensic Medicine Department Alan Robinson…stated that considerable damage has been done to the site which is believed to hold the remains of some of the missing Serbs.

This constitutes an important step back for EULEX as regards the assessment of the site….

The families of persons kidnapped or gone missing claim the right to say that somebody purposefully lit the fire at the site so as to destroy the evidence about the existence of a mass grave of Serb civilians at Zilivode as was done in the previous years when in cases of crimes committed against Serbs, a letter sent on the occasion states.

The families of the victims were embittered and appalled to learn about the fire at the moment when the excavation teams reached the level of 25 metres which, as the satellite photos show, holds remains of at least 26 persons.

EULEX forensic medicine experts and their colleagues from the Department of Forensic Medicine, in cooperation with the Kosovo Security Force, recently restarted excavation at the site, which had stopped four years ago.

The remains of 26 missing Serbs, including nine miners from the Belacevac coal mines, who were kidnapped in 1998, are believed to be buried at the site, in a coal mine 25 meters below the surface. A total 1,796 people are considered missing in Kosovo, including 537 Serbs and other non-Albanians, and several more sites are waiting for excavation.

A week later, with no further insights into the cause of the fire, no bodies had yet been found in the grave either, and so this time Fatmir has no problem announcing in his very first paragraph — and even in the subhead — that it was supposed dead Serbs that were to be found there — and even brings in Serbia as having been the source of the ostensibly mistaken suspicion:

Suspected Mass Grave in Kosovo Draws Blank (July 25)

An official from the Kosovo Missing Persons Commission says no evidence has been found at Zhilivoda to support Serbian claims of a mass grave.

Digs at a suspected mass grave site in Zhilivoda, where Serbia suspects Kosovo Serbs are buried, have shown no results to date and the final results of the findings should be announced in couple of days, a Kosovo official said. […]

Meanwhile, even the AP got wind of this fire, though it tries to make it seem like it was one of many recent fires caused by “high temperatures”:

…[A] fire severely damaged an alleged mass grave believed to contain the bodies of Serb civilians killed during the 1998-99 Kosovo war.

…[E]xcavations have been put on hold. The mission is investigating the cause.

Robinson says in a statement that authorities fought a 12-meter (40-foot) wall of flames for over 7 hours Monday before subduing the fire. High temperatures have fanned several fires in Kosovo since last week…

Interesting that, during the four years that the dig had been on hold, there were no fires in the area. But suddenly, now that it’s been taken up again, there’s a fire at precisely the site of the excavation.

I meant to get to this from May:

Egyptian parliamentarians [tried] to pass a “farewell intercourse” law legalizing sex with one’s wife up to six hours after she dies…

And for full Islamic closure, that still leaves five hours to beat the shit out of her.

( “It’s not really beating, it’s more like punching…It’s like shoving or poking her.” )

“Clinton Deeply ‘Hurt’ By Charges That U.S. is Anti-Muslim,” by Rachel Hirshfeld for Israel National News, May 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday she was deeply hurt by charges that the United States was biased against Muslims, adamantly defending America’s record in protecting minorities.

Clinton, visiting the world’s third largest Muslim-majority country Bangladesh, was asked by a student at a public forum about perceptions that the United States was against Islam, the AFP reported.

“That hurts me so much,” Clinton said. “It’s a painful perception to hear about and I deeply regret that anyone believes that or propagates it.”

Clinton said that the decade of U.S.-led war on terror was “self-defense” after the September 11, 2001 attacks by al-Qaeda, and she said extremists “perverted” the teachings of Islam….

Ever notice how the less we respond to jihad, particularly on our own shores, the more Muslims repeat the question: ‘Do you hate Muslims?’ or ‘Are you at war with Islam?’ I think what they’re actually asking is what the Muslim comedian below was asking:

“I mean, what do we have to do?!”

(To get you to give us a fight/To get you to hate us/To get you to turn us into actual victims of something.)

Charting their progress: Fear of Islam on Rise in US, Says CAIR Report (June 17, 2007)

A prominent US Islamic civil rights group has released a study showing a significant increase in the total number of complaints of anti-Muslim bias in the United States between 2004 and 2005…[CAIR] said the increase is due to…a general increase in anti-Muslim sentiment in American society.

According to the study, called “Presumption of Guilt,” that total is a 25.1 percent increase over the preceding year’s total of 1,972 cases. One of the most significant increases is in the category dealing with government agencies, which rose sharply from 19.22 percent of total reports in 2005 to 36.32 percent in 2006. This increase, said CAIR, was due primarily to the number of cases related to immigration issues such as citizenship and naturalization delays.

“These disturbing figures come as no surprise given growing Islamophobic sentiments and a general misperception of Islam and Muslims,” said CAIR Legal Director Arsalan Iftikhar, who wrote the 62-page report.

Robert Spencer: “The astonishing thing, really, is the restraint shown by Americans following 9/11. I heard a Muslim comic put it this way: after 9/11, ‘hate-crimes’ against Muslims went up one-thousand percent — which puts them fourth behind blacks, Jews, and gays. Hurt, he scratches his head and wonders aloud, ‘I mean, what do we have to do?’”

p.s. I think that the more they hear politicians saying that the terrorists pervert Islam, the more likely we are to soon see a politician get called out by a Muslim somewhere, for being a liar, and finally be told: “You know damn well they don’t; it’s right there in the book. What’s wrong with you?”

Are they doing this purposely to infuriate me?

With Bill Clinton in Africa, Newsmax CEO Ruddy Blogs (July 18)

Newsmax’s CEO Christopher Ruddy has joined former President Bill Clinton on his current mission to Africa.

Last week, President Clinton and his delegation arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of a 10-day, five-nation tour across the African continent.

The Clinton Foundation sponsors programs that support sustainable development, education, and healthcare working with individuals, private business, and local government.

[Does this even sound like Newsmax to you?]

“President Clinton and his foundation have made a huge difference in their private-public programs,” Ruddy said. “These programs have helped millions, have been extremely cost-effective and help build bridges between the United States and emerging countries.”

You can read Christopher Ruddy’s blog reporting from Mozambique on the Clinton Foundation website — Click Here

Read more on With Bill Clinton in Africa, Newsmax CEO Ruddy Blogs

Seriously, Chris? I mean, seriously?

Checking the comments under one of Ruddy’s blogs from Mozambique (and I don’t think any Newsmax readers are reading that), this top comment appears to be the level of a remade-Ruddy reader:

“I’ve always liked President Clinton. He has done a lot of work helping people and is very compassionate.”

Well Ruddy hasn’t always liked Bill Clinton. Because he knew he was the opposite of compassionate, any show of compassion having some connection to self-aggrandizement.

What is that Ruddy up to? Is Bill bringing him along the way Hillary toted Huma Abedin along? Yes, I’m implying an affair.

Macedonian citizen linked to Staten Island ‘Ninja Burglar’ spree is accused of N.J. burglary while awaiting deportation hearings (Staten Island Advance, Jan. 18, 2012)

A Macedonian [Albanian] citizen facing deportation after being linked to the original “Ninja Burglar” spree has been arrested in New Jersey, following a burglary escapade where an accomplice stole a police car to escape, authorities say.

Police in Edgewater, N.J., arrested former Staten Islander Nazmi Papraniku, 28, and current borough resident Fadil Sadiku, 27, following the Monday morning incident.

Back in 2008, police linked Papraniku to a crew of Albanian and Macedonian [Albanian] nationals they thought responsible for a string of burglaries in the Todt Hill and Grymes Hill neighborhood in 2007 and 2008. The media had dubbed the spree the work of the “Ninja Burglar.”

Papraniku was loosely connected to those burglaries…but ultimately implicated in a break-in that wasn’t part of the Todt Hill-Grymes Hill pattern. He was arrested in November 2007, after a Grasmere homeowner caught him in the act during a break-in.

That led to a 45-day jail sentence, five years of probation, and the start of federal deportation proceedings, sources said. Bergen County Jail records list Papraniku as a citizen of Macedonia, and Sadiku a citizen of Albania.

While it’s unclear if he was naturalized, Papraniku’s case is under appeal before a federal immigration judge, a law enforcement source said.

Confusion over his status, and the fact that Papraniku remains free to get arrested for burglary again, is particularly frustrating from a law enforcement perspective, the source said.

“Obviously this is a real telling sign that something is broken when someone with questionable citizenship status commits a felony in this country and is not deported,” the source said.

One NYPD source added, “It’s the federal government. Slow, stop and reverse. That’s the only speeds they have.”

…New Jersey authorities say Papraniku, Sadiku and a third man broke into the storefront next door to Taline Jewelry in Edgewater, early Monday morning, and tried to break in through the wall.

[Papraniku] was linked to a different set of break-ins, where the culprits would wait for the other members of their Albanian community to go out to cultural events, then strike their vacant homes.

A second man, Bashkim Capa, 25, was arrested in January 2008, in connection with a May 27, 2007 break-in, after he allegedly left his fingerprints at the scene.

Similarly, Capa was not believed to have been directly linked to the 19 residential burglaries in the “Ninja” pattern.

Rather, sources said, two other members of the group were believed responsible for several of the break-ins in the Ninja Burglar case, but were never charged.

In April 2008, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said regarding the burglaries, “Investigators believe that an individual suspected (but with insufficient evidence to make an arrest) of being the burglar is among three Albanian nationals currently facing deportation because of their illegal status in the United States.”

Investigators have since deemed that the Albanian crew was only responsible for some of the original Ninja pattern, sources said.

The so-called “Ninja Burglar” pattern garnered nationwide media attention in 2007 and 2008, after a Dongan Hills man reported battling a nunchuck-wielding thief in his kitchen. […]

Underground sect found after nearly a decade in Russia’s Kazan (Aug. 10)

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Seventy members of an Islamist sect who have been living in an underground bunker without heat or sunlight for nearly a decade have been discovered living on the outskirts of the city of Kazan in Russia, local media reported.

The sect members included 20 children, the youngest of whom had just turned 18 months. Many of them were born underground and had never seen daylight until the prosecutors discovered their dwelling on August 1 and sent them for health checks.

A 17-year-old girl turned out to be pregnant.

The group - known as the “Fayzarahmanist” sect - was named after its 83-year-old organizer Fayzrahman Satarov, who declared himself a prophet and his house an independent Islamic state, according to a report by state TV channel Vesti.

Satarov was described as a former deputy to a Sunni Islamic cleric in the 1970s. His followers were encouraged to read his manuscripts and most were banned from leaving their eight-storey underground bunker which had been dug in the basement of a building, Vesti said.

Prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the sect and have said it will be disbanded if it continues its illegal activities, such as stopping its members from seeking medical assistance or education. […]

Infidel stupidity knows no bounds. WHAT is so wrong with leaving them underground? But no, we have to dig them up and make them live among us, where they will soon join Muslims who are tired of praying “underground” and demand more and more mosques be built on their behalf or else. (As Russia has already been given the ultimatum.) Instead of prosecuting these people, they should be hailed as the harmless Muslims that they’ve been thus far, and we should help expand the sect to include as many Muslims as possible. It’ll be safer for everyone.

And cheaper, as now Russia is adding these 70 individuals to its welfare lists and putting the children in orphanages while they and their parents undergo evaluations and all kinds of health services.

And from CNN:

…The state-run newspaper Russia Today said some were born underground and had never seen daylight.

Police say that more than 30 adults lived in the warren of rooms, where three people shared each square meter of living space, according to the state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

“The premises consists of cells without natural light and ventilation located in the basement and foundation and dug into the ground,” said Irina Petrova, assistant to the state attorney. “It is an eight-level anthill.”

“A child involved in a sect becomes a hostage and his or her life is at risk,” said Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov. “This violates nearly every one of the child’s rights to health, education and normal development…”

Well now our lives are at risk. There is no normal development in Islam, so isn’t it better to let them develop abnormally under ground, rather than above it?

…Russian media reports say Satarov’s followers refused to recognize Russian laws or the authority of mainstream Muslim leaders in Tartastan.

RIA Novosti said members of the underground sect and their children had spent nearly a decade living in tight quarters without heat, ventilation, sunlight or proper food.

The children had no access to health care or schooling and were discouraged from contacting outsiders, though sexual activity was encouraged, the agency said, adding that one of the children, a 17-year-old girl, was pregnant.

Satarov founded the sect in 1964, declaring himself a prophet and his house an independent Islamic state, Ria Novosti reported.

In 1966, he bought the property near Kazan, the region’s capital, and built the bunker as a religious school, it said.

Almost 10 years ago, some 70 Satarov followers cloistered themselves inside and declared themselves an Islamic caliphate, it said.

Tatarstan police said that the house, built on 700 square meters, was built illegally and is subject to demolition.

“They have decided to eliminate our community, decided to wage war against Allah,” sect member Gumer Ganiyev told Vesti TV. “They won’t defeat Allah.”

See? It’s already starting!

“This could just be some 83-year-old who wants to control people,” said Shireen T. Hunter, a scholar on Islam and Russia who directs the Carnegie Project on Reformist Islam at Georgetown University and has visited the region several times.

“This may have nothing at all to do with radical or extreme Islam as we understand it. This man — creating a caliphate? How is he going to do that? This just doesn’t seem like the modus operandi of a serious radical cell bent on challenging the government.”

EXACTLY! Leave them alone! Because now they will become a radical group that joins the rest of Islam in challenging the government.

(And keep laughing, Shireen. CNN - Aug. 10, 2034: “Claiming responsibility for the simultaneous attacks on the Duma and the Capitol, which yesterday killed 190 Russian and American lawmakers, respectively, is a group led by Suhail Podzemlyenov, son of a young woman found pregnant 22 years ago when Russian authorities unearthed an underground ‘caliphate’ in Tatarstan.”)

Meanwhile, let’s take stock of the media sources being cited by America’s “reliable, credible, accurate, honest” presses: Russia Today; RIA Novosti; Vesti. Gee, wouldn’t that mean Western news media are reporting “Russian propaganda?” I think I’ll remember this the next time I’m being dismissed for citing the same sources when they’re reporting what no one else will, on Kosovo.

70 sect members found living underground in Russia

A reclusive sect that literally went underground to stop contact with the outside world kept 27 children in dark and unheated cells, many of them for more than a decade, prosecutors said Wednesday. The children have been freed and the parents charged with child abuse.

What’s wrong with Muslims stopping contact with the world?! I don’t like the contact! It stings!

…The children were discovered last week when police searched the sect grounds as part of a probe into the recent killing of a top Tatarstan Muslim cleric, an attack local officials blame on radical Islamist groups that have mushroomed in the oil-rich, Volga River province.

“They will come with bulldozers and guns, but they can demolish this house over our dead bodies!” sect member Gumer Ganiyev said on the Vesti television channel. The ailing Satarov appointed Ganiyev as his deputy “prophet,” according to local media.

Muslim leaders in Tatarstan said Satarov’s views contradict their dogma.

“Islam postulates that there are no other prophets after Mohammad,” Kazan-based theologian Rais Suleimanov told the online publication Tuesday…

But I prefer Satarov!

The sect members stopped accepting new members and are “only dangerous to themselves and their children,” Suleimanov was quoted as saying.

You see? The “normal” Muslim is faulting Satarov’s sect for not converting more people to Islam, and for being dangerous only to themselves and not to the rest of us.

Police entered Satarov’s house last Friday as part of an ongoing investigation into the killing of Valiulla Yakupov, Tatarstan’s deputy chief mufti, who was gunned down in mid-July as he left his house in Kazan. Minutes later, chief mufti Ildus Faizov was wounded in the legs after an explosive device ripped through his car in central Kazan.

Both clerics were known as critics of radical Islamist groups that advocate a strict and puritan version of Islam known as Salafism.

See? And the Satarov people had nothing to do with it. Stop bothering them!

The emergence of Salafist groups in Tatarstan and other Volga River provinces with a sizable Muslim population has been fueled by the influx of jihadists and clerics from Chechnya and other provinces of Russia’s Caucasus region, where Islamic insurgency has been raging for years.

Last year, Doku Umarov, the leader of the embattled Chechen separatists, issued a religious decree calling on radical Islamists from the Caucasus to move to the densely-populated Volga River region that includes Tatarstan.

Prosecutors have named two suspects in the cleric’s killing who remain at large and arrested five others in the case. Islamist youth groups have staged rallies in Kazan demanding the detainees’ release. […]

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