December 2012

She’s still actually proud of her parents. The poor brainwashed child won’t get it until the afterlife, when she’s in one place and her parents are in another, and she’s wondering why she can’t find them. (Unless, of course, she follows in their footsteps.)

Liz sent around this typically apolitical item about a tweet that Chelsea sent out in November:

Chelsea Clinton tweets unusual photo of Hillary and Bill
(Nov. 1)

Chelsea Clinton early on Thursday tweeted a rare photograph of her mother US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Kosovo waving in front of Bill Clinton’s statue in Kosovo.

This undated picture where the statue of Bill Clinton, towering over Hillary, is also waving, is quite an unusual sight…Here is the tweet by Chelsea Clinton:

Chelsea Clinton

Amazing picture of both my parents in Kosovo, albeit only one in person:). Thank you @Tetovari for initially sharing!

Yes. Amayyyyyyyyyyyzing! Because in America, the breadth of a 30-something First Daughter’s vocabulary is that of 16-year-old contestants on “American Idol” or “X-Factor,” who use “amazing” to describe anything and everything.

And yes, THANK YOU, Mr. Albanian for generously sharing!! : ) See how easy that was — from your fingertips to an American First Daughter’s twitter page! Just like the Albanian tall tales that became American “journalism” in the 90s. Direct from Albanian keyboards and cameras to U.S. newspapers!

Oh, and here was the standard-Albanian first comment under the item. We could have recited it in our sleep ahead of time:

Costandine 2 months ago:
Thank you based America for supporting Kosovo gain independence from serbian butchers.

Said the butchers about the butchered.

(Did he mean “debased America”?)


Jerusalem Post did ultimately publish my letter, in shortened form. It did not, however, appear online. Thanks to Michael Pravica for finding it through Lexis-Nexis. The published version appears at the bottom of this post.


The week after the verdict reversing the convictions of Croatian generals Gotovina and Markac, another legal battle involving war crimes was decided against Serbs: the extradition from Israel to Bosnia of Serb-Israeli Alex Cvetkovic, wanted for alleged war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. Such that the old pattern continues: Islam and unreformed Nazis (Croats), with the world’s help, will always triumph over Serbs. Below is a letter I submitted to The Jerusalem Post, from which I learned of the impending extradition:

Dear Editor:

I was quite galled to read the article by Yonah Jeremy Bob (“Court: Extradite Serb-Israeli for Genocide,” Nov. 29), given that these very pages have demonstrated the physical impossibility of the scale of killings of which Mr. Cvetkovic, the arrested Israeli-Serb, is accused. Yet Mr. Bob re-reports the old information, based on “facts” that his own paper has debunked. It’s a phenomenon that is reserved exclusively for the scoffed-at subject of the Balkans. Has there ever been a subject so immune to historical correction?

Then, not only did the reporter come up with his own original spelling of the name of the tribunal’s “star witness,” Drazen Erdemovic (“Ardomovic”), but he seems to be, rather typically, entirely unaware that Erdemovic’s testimony–upon which several people have been put away for life–is a proven and paid-for fraud. Instead, this “reporter” continues to cite the man credulously.

Then again, what can be expected from Mr. Bob, who not only doesn’t check the spelling of the Israeli-Serb’s name against previous reporting in his own paper, but can’t even spell it consistently within his own article?

As for the point of the article, of course the Serb lost the legal battle. The rule has always been: The Serbs lose. By publishing an approving report about Mr. Cvetkovic’s foreseeable extradition the week after The Hague’s callous but predictable reversal of convictions of two Croatian generals (effectively ruling that war crimes against Serbs are no crimes at all), J-Post was adding insult to injury. Without even noticing. But that’s all par for the course when it comes to the negligible Serbs.

Published letter:

‘Negligible’ Serbs

Sir, - I was quite galled to read “Supreme Court: Extradite Serbian-Israeli wanted for genocide” (November 30), given that your own pages have demonstrated the physical impossibility of the scale of killings of which Alexander Zvtkovic is accused. It’s a phenomenon that is reserved exclusively for the scoffed-at subject of the Balkans. Has there ever been a subject so immune to historical correction?

Also, your reporter seems entirely unaware that the testimony of the tribunal’s star witness - for which several people have been put away for life - is a proven and paid-for fraud.

As for the point of the article, of course the Serb lost the legal battle. The rule has always been that the Serbs lose. By publishing an approving report about Zvtkovic’s foreseeable extradition, the Post is adding insult to injury. But that’s all par for the course when it comes to the negligible Serbs.

I’ve only just found out about the new organization June 28. Below is a video and partial transcription about it. (For non-Serbs, June 28th is the date of the Vidovdan, or St. Vitus Day, which Albanian authorities in Kosovo this year respected by harassing, stripping and dragging Serb pilgrims coming to participate in the ceremonies.)

According to the Red Cross,nearly 250,000 Serbs were forced to flee Kosovo since the war in 1999. Despite a campaign of ethnic cleansing, intimidation, and pogroms, 110,000 still remain. However ethnic segregation has left them without a viable health network and access to basic healthcare. The Serbs of Kosovo have since been building clinics and hospitals with the assistance of humanitarian organizations. Of the Serbian minority left in Kosovo, the most vulnerable are the estimated 40,000 who live in isolated enclaves south of the Ibar River. In October of 2011 the organization June 28 set out to help their brothers and sisters in Kosovo in an effective and meaningful way. June 28 organized a nine-month-long global awareness campaign and donation drive, “Fight for Kosovo.” The humanitarian effort involved Serbian communities across 80 cities in 30 different countries.

Fundraisers are planned in 100 cities worldwide…Planned beneficiaries include children’s hospitals, medical centers and refugee shelters in isolated communities. A crumbling infrastructure and supply shortages have left state institutions helpless and in peril. Serbia has never been territorially, economically and politically weaker than it is today. June 28 is founded on the belief that we can no longer stand by with inaction as our homeland suffers injustice and continued brutality. Serbs more fortunate have an obligation to get involved and take part in an active movement to make a difference. We urge you to join us in this movement. Become a member, donate what you can, or please spread the word. We invite you to find out more at, as well as on our twitter, facebook, and youtube platforms (@28junorg, /28jun, /28junorg)

If he’s such a national hero, shouldn’t Albanians be converting to Catholicism en masse rather than Islamifying?

Or is Skanderbeg invoked by Albanians to keep one foot in each camp: anti-Ottoman and pro-Ottoman, the Christian world and the Muslim world, buttressing the truest Albanian religion of opportunism.

Albania: 300 years later, Vivaldi’s Scanderberg back to life
On stage in Tirana, thanks to collaboration with Italian Opera

(ANSAmed) - ROME, NOVEMBER 15 - They had been lost in the mists of time, but between them, the Tirana Opera and Ballet Theater and the Verona Academy for Italian Opera recovered the notes of Antonio Vivaldi’s opera ‘Scanderberg, the Knight in Love’. The opera centering on Skanderbeg, the 15th-century Albanian national hero, premieres at the Tirana Opera House on Sunday as part of the celebrations of Albania’s 100th year of independence from Ottoman rule. The Italian embassy in Tirana is also participating with a series of events.

…Tirana Opera Theater director, Zhani Ciko. ‘’The role of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg (1405-1468) was decisive in the fight against Turkish expansionism. In defending his land, he defended Christian, civilized Europe.'’ Unifying the Christian principalities of Epirus and Albania, Skanderberg fought the Turks for 25 years, a feat for which Pope Calixtus III called him ‘’the athlete of Christ'’ and ‘’defender of the faith.'’ ‘’The opera will re-cross the sea that divides and unites us, returning to its birthplace in time for the next Florentine Musical May,'’ Ciko said…


While productions about “Albanian” heroes are being staged, the Serbian ethnicity of the Albanian hero is ignored. (I myself hadn’t known that Skanderbeg was ethnically Serb.) Below is a translation of a news item (I’m not sure of its origins), making the rounds currently in Serbia, which I’ve had corroborated by historian Srdja Trifkovic ( “Medieval nobility were interrelated; Skanderbeg’s roots are well known”), and by self-respecting Serb Nebojsa Malic:

About 10 days ago an interesting event occurred in Albania in the Skenderbeg Museum in Kruji.

A friend of mine had told me that he was traveling to Albania on a business trip. I told him to be sure to visit the Skenderbeg Museum and I explained to him who Skenderbeg was.

And so he went off to Albania and visited the Skenderbeg Museum. And the museum curator was explaining who Skenderbeg was, this and that, and this friend of mine asked him that which I had taught him:

“And where are Skenderbeg’s father and brother buried?”

And the curator swallowed hard and said: “in the Serbian monastery Hilandar”.

My friend asked again: “Why there?”

And the curator said: “Well, you know, Skenderbeg and his family were great statesmen and they had good relations with other peoples”.

And the people in the tour group including a Swiss, a German and a Montenegrin listened in astonishment to what the curator was saying and then they asked my friend: “How is it that they are buried in the Serbian monastery?”

And my friend replied: “They were Serbs and Orthodox monks”.

The men in the group were shocked, as was my friend, because he could not believe that the entire nation of Albania exists on the basis of falsified history, on lies. It’s nothing new!

Malic’s take:

He was definitely a Serb on both sides of his family. I mean, look at his coat of arms: it’s the exact same as the sigil of the Serbian Imperial House, with the color of the eagle reversed. It’s not just a Christian symbol, but an Orthodox Christian symbol (it was a Byzantine adaptation of the Roman eagle, with the two heads symbolizing the union of Church and State under the Emperor). Russia’s Imperial Eagle is also derived from Byzantium, and also black.

There’s a common pattern of usurpation here: the Austrian “anthropologists” write up national templates for “Albanians” and “Bosnians” (in fact, I’ve even argued that Starcevic’s conception of Croats — Starcevic was the guy who formulated the Croat identity in crude anti-Serb terms as vicious as his anti-Semitism — was backed by Vienna as a way to create a Catholic Slav identity hostile to Serbs), then cherry-pick entirely inappropriate medieval symbolism, which is then fortified by atrocities. [i.e. Decimate the foundational people, so as to stake a claim to nationhood or identity of one’s own.]

Thus Skanderbeg is made into an Albanian hero (which he wasn’t), his colors become the flag of Albanian terror, and even a Waffen-SS division is named after him. This is like Gideon or Joshua being appropriated by the “Palestinians”… or if they adopted a red-on-black Star of David as their flag (instead of blue-on-white, that is).

It hasn’t been enough to just murder and expel the Serbs; the point was to steal their history, culture and identity as well.

Skanderbeg actually converted to Catholicism during the exile in Italy (the Catholics always made it a priority to convert people threatened by Islam; yet they never actually got around to saving them from Islamic conquest). So no wonder the Pope praised him.
Believing the official Albanian history requires so much cognitive dissonance, no wonder so many of them are insane.

A follow-up to the burgeoning Kosovo-Syria connections. On Nov. 13, I blogged that the first “Kosovar” fighting alongside the Syrian “rebels” has been killed, which was also an update to the wider story from May, of Syrian and Libyan “rebels” turning for pointers to the Albanians and their terrorist struggle in Kosovo. I meant to post the following related item from Nov. 15th:

Kosovo Albanian terrorists fighting alongside Syria rebels
(By Katerina Nikolas, Digital Journal)

Kosovo Albanians connected to the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) are reportedly fighting alongside the Syrian rebels against the regime of President Assad.

The advent of Kosovo Albanians fighting in Syria follows Syrian rebels being trained at terror camps in Kosovo…Al Qaeda members were known to have trained in Kosovo terror camps.

NSNBC [blog] reported the Albanian mafia, involved in drug and arms smuggling, and the sale of body parts, worked alongside Islamic terrorists. Thus the connections are in place for Kosovo Albanians to connect with Islamic terrorists that place the assassination of Assad on their agenda.

[Greek news site] Proto Thema reported at least two groups of Albanian fighters are now active in Syria. According to [Serbianna] the killing of Syrian civilians, blamed on the Assad regime, replicate tactics used by the Kosovo Albanians in Serbia. Tactics include sending the opposition to kill uniformed forces then take their uniforms, commit a civilian massacre, leaving witnesses alive to testify to western media that the security forces committed the barbaric slaughter.

Reports of Albanian terrorists fighting alongside the Syrian opposition, are corroborated by the report of the death of Albanian Naman Demoli, former member of the KLA, in Syria. Demoli was a leading Kosovan activist advocating that Pristina build a large Wahhabi mosque.

The inclusion of KLA fighters in Syria raises further questions about western support for the Syrian opposition and the potential arming of international terrorists.

Closing with Serbianna’s editorial from June about the Kosovo-Syria cooperation which, it goes almost without saying, has been coordinated by U.S. intelligence services. The piece by Serbianna proprietor Mickey Bozinovich is most revealing about how the Kosovo intervention went down (links added):

Syrian “rebels” learn fast from Kosovo Albanian terrorists (June 7)

Last month we learned that the Syrian “rebels” have arrived in Serbia’s occupied Kosovo to be trained by the Kosovo Albanian terrorists in tactics that could topple Syria’s dictator Assad.

As a result of such training, we have also been hearing in the last several weeks of gruesome mass killings of innocent women and children in Syria. These killings have been blamed on the Assad’s army, and while predictably, Assad denies them, the killings are a replica of tactics Kosovo Albanians employed against Serbia’s defenders in order to get NATO to intervene on their behalf.

So what could have Kosovo Albanians taught the Syrians?

First lesson is that in order for the US to have an excuse for its military intervention against a regime it wants to topple, [a] lot of innocent people have to be massacred and since the regime knows that [and] therefore won’t do it, there has to be other mechanisms in place that will result in lots of deaths of innocent people, particularly women and children, that can be blamed on the regime.

For this mechanism to work an implicit understanding between Washington and its proxy gunmen on the ground has to exist – namely, that the Washington will use its media infrastructure to “outrage” the public and use this manufactured outrage to mobilize its military.

…Such approach by Washington has been successfully deployed in Bosnia where Bosnian Muslim successfully implemented massacres of [their] own people that were blamed on Serbs; and in Kosovo where such implicit understanding with the Kosovo Albanian gunmen was established via clandestine operations in bases in Albania where CIA had its presence.

Second, the killing has to look as though it is perpetrated by the government forces, so Kosovo Albanians could have taught the Syrian opposition of their ways of achieving this against the Serbian security force: send some killers to hide in bushes, shoot the cops in the back and let them die, then take their uniforms so you can outfit your gang of killers in it to commit these gruesome murders.

Finally, dispatch your own gang of killers into a village and have them kill the people, particularly women and children, making sure that there are survivors and witnesses to the staged atrocity because these witnesses will later get sourced by the Western media that is dispatched in the region to look for such atrocities in the first place.

After the killing, reporters from CNN or Reuters, already on a lookout for such atrocities, are tipped [off] about the particular massacre and the story develops all on its own: they tape all the moaning and the dead bodies, interview the deliberately saved witnesses….

After such reports are aired, people like McCain, Lieberman and other like minded global warmongers start demanding US intervention.

Once the above killing cycle is repeated sufficient amount of times, military action is initiated.

[A]nd what happens with the men that did the killing in the villages?

Often, such men, after committing these atrocities several times…are themselves killed and disposed of by the insider assassins. In the Kosovo Albanian case, several of these assassins have been disposed of during an actual battle against Serbian forces, with a deadly bullet wound not from Serbian soldiers but from their own in the back of the head.

Having these killers die during a battle with Serbs also utilized the assassination in the Albanian favor because it could be blamed on Serbs while creating mythology of “martyrs” who died “honorably” as warriors while hiding the fact that they are mass murderers of their own people.

Otherwise, those killers who failed to be assassinated during skirmishes against Serb forces were assassinated in cold blood away from a battle.

For example, one such Albanian assassin is Nazim Blaca [or Bllaca] who in 2009 admitted that he murdered many Albanians per orders of the Kosovo Albanian chief thug who is supported by Washington. Blaca is alive because he ran off to the EULEX which does not have an assassination arm (yet!) making them obligated to investigate deaths of some of the names he revealed…