May 2013

With thanks to Professor Ilia Toli for alerting me to the update on this story, and to Danny.

Prof. Toli mentions that at the bottom of this Albanian-language link about Hysen Sherifi’s sentencing, the comments “could have been from any Islamic forum whatsoever. They call for the extermination of all infidels (more than 80% of world population) and [other] typical Muslim jewels.”

Below is an English-language report, from AP:

Man sentenced in plot against terror witnesses (May 10)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man was sentenced Friday to four life terms for plotting to behead federal witnesses whose testimony helped convict him for his role in an earlier plot to slaughter U.S. servicemen and their families.

Hysen Sherifi, 29, was one of six Raleigh-area Muslims convicted in 2011 of planning to attack the Marine base in Quantico, Va., and overseas targets.

Shortly after starting his 45-year prison sentence in the terror case, Sherifi approached another inmate to help him hire a hit man to behead government informants and FBI agents. He recruited his younger brother Shkumbin Sherifi, 23, and former special education teacher Nevine Aly Elshiekh, 48, to help pay the hit man and organize the murders.

But the inmate whose help Sherifi sought turned out to be yet another government informant…Federal prosecutors recommended leniency for the two co-conspirators, who pleaded guilty last year and agreed to testify at the elder Sherifi’s trial on nine felony counts.

Before Hysen Sherifi was sentenced, he lectured the judge about Islamic teachings.

“The Koran is the truth that invalidates all other religions,” said Sherifi, who declined a court-appointed lawyer and represented himself at trial. “If you do not submit, he will severely judge you, and on the day of judgment you will enter hellfire.”

“That it?” asked Britt, who has served more than three decades on the federal bench. The judge then tacked the four life sentences onto the end of Sherifi’s earlier 45-year prison term, along with another 50 years on top of that.

Noting that the defendant was unsuccessful in killing anyone, Britt said Sherifi’s worst transgression was destroying the lives of his little brother Shkumbin and Elshiekh, with whom he had carried on a romantic dalliance from behind bars.

According to court testimony, she had just undergone a painful divorce from a cheating husband when she began attending Sherifi’s 2011 terrorism trial. She later began visiting him regularly in jail.

At Hysen Sherifi’s direction, Elshiekh gave a collection of gold jewelry given to her by her ex-husband to the younger brother, who pawned the pieces to raise the $5,000 he believed was needed to hire the hit man to execute the first victim.

In her early court appearances, Elshiekh wore a headscarf and a black dress that fully covered her arms and legs. On Friday, her long hair trailed down her back and she wore western clothes. In a tearful apology before the court on Friday, she accepted responsibility for what she had done.

The Sherifis are ethnic Albanians who fled Kosovo in 1999 during a brutal sectarian war with Serbs and ended up as refugees in Raleigh. Though Hysen gravitated toward a militant strain of Islam, his younger siblings acclimated more readily to life in America. Shkumbin went so far as to record an amateur rap album. [Yes, this is more Albanian than militant-Muslim, and the lyrics usually just advocate killing Serbian infidels.]

Among those testifying Friday was one of the government witnesses Hysen Sherifi wanted dead. Melvin Weeks was a U.S. Army soldier serving in Kosovo after the war when he met the older Sherifi, who was visiting his grandparents.

Weeks, a Muslim, said Sherifi praised Osama bin Laden and showed him jihadist videos that included a hostage being beheaded. Though an American bombing campaign had saved the ethnic Albanians from genocide just a few years earlier, Weeks said Sherifi called for holy war against the very nation that gave his family a new home. […]

Can you believe it??!!

Barely acquainted, Mr. Weeks already got a taste of Sherifi’s outlook. Yet remember the disbelief of Sherifi’s family that he could have anything to do with radicalism or hurting America.

Now, if we could just keep believing that part about the “genocide”…

Oh, Professor Toli, who is from Albania, also wanted the following point made:

Serbs have bigger reason to hate USA than Kosovo Albanian Muslims. Bill Clinton risked WW3 attacking Serbia in order to draw attention away from his Lewinsky affair. This is how Muslims pay back. There is a Bill Clinton Square, Bill Clinton Boulevard and Bill Clinton statue in Pristina, capital of Kosovo. I don’t know whether this is a compliment to be worshipped in the stronghold of the scum of the mankind.

But it’s very fitting indeed. Very hand in glove.

Chase for Escaped Prisoner Shuts Subway Lines for 2 Hours
(NY Times City Room blog, May 6, By J. DAVID GOODMAN)

Vincens Vuktilaj (N.Y.P.D.)

…Arrested last Friday in connection with a string of necklace snatchings in the Bronx, Mr. Vuktilaj made bail the next day, celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday, was re-arrested Monday morning and proceeded to lead the police on a prolonged manhunt in subway tunnels and around Harlem after he escaped — handcuffed and shoeless — from custody.

The pursuit halted service on several lines for more than two hours in Manhattan, Brooklyn and into the Bronx as officers and police dogs searched the tunnels around the 145th Street subway station…The chase, which lasted about five hours, ended around 3:30 p.m. when the police grabbed Mr. Vuktilaj, who was still handcuffed, as he emerged from a subway station at West 135th Street, the police said.

Mr. Vuktilaj is accused of approaching at least two older women on the street in the Bronx last month and ripping the chains from their necks, according to a criminal complaint. Those two thefts were part of a pattern that included at least two others.

On Monday morning, after Mr. Vuktilaj had made $2,500 bail and been released over the weekend [so he could be free on his birthday, according to an earlier version of this article], the police went to his apartment at 141st and St. Nicholas to take him in for questioning on the remaining thefts, they said.

It was as detectives were leading him down the stairs that he bolted, shoving one officer before fleeing into the subway system, the police said…

A City Room commenter, R.B., alerted us to a video posted on Myspace in 2009 by a Vincens Vuktilaj. Over the hip-hop song “Proud To Be Albanian” by the Albanian group Etnon, the video shows a parade of images that include photos of a youth who looks like a younger version of the person in the photo of Mr. Vuktilaj released by the police.

Here’s that video, though I can’t tell if it is indeed the same Vincens Vuktilaj. Notice in the video the graffito “Who Runz New York.” My favorite line in the song, meanwhile, aside from the needs-no-comment title “Proud to be an Albanian,” is the one quoted by R.B. in his comment: “I don’t need to be a gangsta. Bein’ Albanian is even worse.” There you have it from the horse’s mouth!

Homosexual activist says gay ‘marriage’ isn’t about equality, it’s about destroying marriage (, May 1, by Johanna Dasteel)

…Masha Gessen, a journalist and author who campaigns for homosexual ‘rights’, made the comments last May in Australia on a panel at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. She said:

It’s a no-brainer that [homosexuals] should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago.

Providing her own life as an example for her advocacy to do away with marriage, Gessen described the complex family structure in which three children whom she parents live: one of them is adopted with her ex-partner, another - whom she birthed – has a biological father in Russia, and the third is the biological child of her current partner and Gessen’s brother. These three children have five adults in parenting roles, but not all five adults parent all three children.

“The five parents break down into two groups of three,” she said. “And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”

My new friend Jerry Gordon, a senior editor at New English Review, in March posted a blurb about Professor Raphael Israeli’s new book:

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Death Camps of Croatia Visions and Revisions 1941-1945

by Raphael Israeli

Transactions Publishers
ISBN :978-1-4128-4975-3
New Brunswick (U.S.A.) and London (U.K.)
201 p.

Blurb for Book Jacket

The Death Camps of Croatia — Visions and Revisions, 1941-1945 chronicles the virtually unknown Genocide committed in unspeakable ways by the Ustashi fascists, Catholic priests and Bosnian Muslims of 700,000 Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies and dissident Croatians in the Jadovno and Jasenovac death camps during the period from 1941 to 1945 in wartime Yugoslavia in the Nazi-supported [Independent State of Croatia]. Using recent archival research unveiled at the Jadovno Conference in 2011, the author reveals the catastrophic and grisly testimonies of how these atrocities were committed and the evidence destroyed. It is a masterful and scholarly expose of the hitherto revisionist history of the Holocaust committed in wartime Yugoslavia.


…That genocide is now considered the worst per capita in Europe surpassing those of the SS death factories of Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Treblinka. The slaughter was even found to be despicable by the Nazis…Over 80 percent of Yugoslavia’s [sic: Croatia’s] pre-war Jewish population of over 86,000…lost their lives in the death camps…Marshal Josip Broz Tito, wartime Partisan leader immured knowledge of these Croatian Death Camps in postwar Yugoslavia. The book defeats the revisionist history of the genocide perpet[u]ated by contemporary Croatian leaders aimed at covering up what occurred…The author pays special attention to the insidious role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Haj Amin al Husseini, and Hitler’s guest in Berlin during WWII. The author connects the Grand Mufti to the Muslim Brotherhood, his intervention in pogroms against Jews in Iraq, recruitment of Bosnian Muslim SS Waffen troops and scuttling of Jewish Children transports to Palestine…

Jerome B. Gordon, author of The West Speaks and a senior editor of The New English Review.

One sentence in the review which I did not include has the book revealing a “hitherto unknown genocide by nationalist Serbs and Cetniks who during the Nazi occupation relentlessly tracked down and killed Jews.” This caused me to raise my eyebrows, and I supposed that perhaps Israeli — like every other journalist, scholar and historian who’s worried about making the Serbs look too much better than their enemies — felt compelled to include such a section in order to morally equalize WWII Serbs with WWII Croatians. While I’d be surprised if some tracking-down and turning-in of Jews didn’t go on in Serbia, as it did in almost every European country, it certainly wasn’t the case with the most famous Chetnik fighters — those of Draza Mihailovich — who had 2,000 Bulgarian Jews fighting alongside them.

It’s possible the moral equivalence came from Communist sources that the author may have used. Or perhaps from the notorious, paid-for screed by Philip Cohen Serbia’s Secret War. Mihailovich did specifically address anti-Semitism as unacceptable, which implies there was at least some of it among his forces. But that’s a very long way from “relentlessly tracked down and killed,” much less “genocide.” It’s possible also that Israeli is conflating Mihailovich’s men with the collaborationist Nedic government, which did help hunt down Jews for the Gestapo. (Mihailovich had moles within the Nedic regime, funneling money, food and supplies to the resistance.) Even in that case, though, it would be a bit like comparing Vichy France to the SS itself. (Worse, since it took a lot more Serb blood than French before collaborating.)

This item caught my eye just because it illustrates one of the many similar dynamics between what the Israelis are put through with Palestinian terrorists they imprison, and what Serbs are put through with the Albanian terrorists and murderers they’re not even allowed to imprison (or, alternately, are pressured to release).

Abbas: Palestinians who kill Jews cannot be punished (Israel Today, April 29, By Ryan Jones)

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, hailed the world over as a “moderate,” again insisted last week that Palestinian Arabs who murder Israeli Jews cannot be punished for their crimes.

Abbas was hosting a two-day “Freedom and Dignity” conference in Ramallah to mark the 11th anniversary of Israel’s arrest of Marwan Barghouti, a senior member of Abbas’ own Fatah party who was convicted of directing numerous terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Polls show that a vast majority of Palestinians want to elect Barghouti as their president, if he is every freed by Israel.

At the event, Abbas declared that whether or not Israel frees the thousands of jailed Palestinian terrorists will determine its true commitment to peace.

Many of the Palestinians jailed by Israel took part in attacks that killed innocent Jewish men, women and children. And most of the rest were captured while trying to do so.

According to Abbas, these killers and would-be killers must not be held accountable for their crimes. After all, they were only trying to kill Jews. [Just like the tones of understanding in reports of Albanians kill Serbs.]

Even more shocking than Abbas’ position on this matter is the support it receives from America and Europe.

The Freedom and Dignity conference was graced by the presence of Isabelle Durant, vice president of the European Parliament, who Palestinian media reported is making “immense efforts” to win the freedom of the jailed terrorists.

Durant read a speech on behalf of the European Parliament president, Martin Schulz, who charged Israel with committing a human rights violation by imprisoning Palestinians who kill or try to kill Jews.

Former US President Jimmy Carter [sent] a videotaped speech in which he stressed that setting the Palestinian terrorists free is a necessary condition for peace.

I was watching “Game of Thrones” on Sunday, and there was a line — simply stated, as if it couldn’t be any more obvious: To release your enemies is treason.

Bosnia expels two Iranian diplomats (Jerusalem Post, April 28, by Benjamin Weinthal)
Minister of security declares Iranian embassy secretaries “persona non grata”; unclear involvement in past terrorist plots.

…A Serbian-language paper in Sarajevo, Voice of Serbia, reported on Friday that Bosnia’s Security Ministry sent a request to the Foreign Ministry to expel the second- and third-ranking diplomats at the Iranian Embassy in Sarajevo.

Israeli intelligence officials apparently warned Bosnian officials about an “unnamed Iranian diplomat” who was present in Thailand, Georgia and India, where Israelis faced terrorist attacks in 2011.

The diplomats, Hamzeh Dolab Ahmad and Jadidi Sohrab, the second and third secretaries at the embassy, appear to work for the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MISIRI).

Fahrudin Radoncic, minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, declared the Iranians persona non grata because their conduct violated diplomatic rules…It is unclear if either of the Iranian diplomats was involved in the terrorist plots against Israelis in Thailand, Georgia and India.

The Bosnian paper wrote that “according to unofficial information,” Ahmad and Sohrab were members of the Iranian secret intelligence and were connected to terrorist activities in Bosnia.

In a lengthy article on the website of World Affairs in the January/February edition, Gordon N. Bardos wrote that last August, “the American and British ambassadors to Sarajevo reportedly warned Bosnian officials to cut their ties to Iran, and a former international high representative in Bosnia publicly lectured the Bosnians about how their future lay with the European Union, not with Tehran.

[Good thing they have the West to assure them of which way they’re facing — toward Mecca or toward the West.]

The motive for such actions became clear in September when the Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz claimed that pro-Iranian factions in the Bosnian government were reactivating para-intelligence cells tied to the Islamist regime of the late Bosnian leader Alija Izetbegovic.”

[While “Islamist regime” is mentioned casually, remember that this correct notion is still kept out of, and alien to, the American mind.]

According to Bardos’s report, the news magazine Slobodna Bosna reported that “200 Iranian ‘businessmen’ had been granted visas to enter Bosnia in the first six months of 2012 along with an unnamed Iranian diplomat whom Israeli intelligence officials have tracked in Thailand, Georgia and India – all places in which Israeli citizens have been attacked in the last year.”

[So 200 Iranian “businessmen” entered Bosnia last year in the ongoing Bosniran phenomenon, in a resurgently Izetbegovic-esque Bosnia, whose son was elected president in 2010.]


Bangkok: Iranian man throws bomb at police; 5 hurt
‘Link found to Thailand-India-Georgia bombs’

More on the Bosniran phenomenon, from last December:

Iran, Bosnia Stress Promotion of Bilateral Trade Ties

TEHRAN (FNA)- Bosnia Ambassador to Iran Amir Haji Kadonich and Head of Iran-Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentary Friendship Group Mohammad Hassan Asafari in a meeting explored expansion of the two countries’ cooperation in economic and trade spheres.

During the meeting in Tehran on Tuesday, Asafari stressed the strong will of the Iranian and Bosnian officials to promote mutual cooperation, and said, “Increasing reciprocal visits by the nationals, traders, private sectors and officials of the two countries will boost and consolidate the friendly relations between the two states.”

He further called on Iran and Bosnia to use their potentials to expand the volume of their bilateral trade and economic exchanges.

Kadonich, for his part, said, “Bosnian lawmakers, specially members of Bosnia and Herzegovina-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group, are determined to expand all-out and friendly relations with Iran.”

Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina have made abundant efforts to develop their bilateral relations and mutual cooperation in recent years.

In May, 2010, Iranian and Bosnian officials signed several memoranda of understanding (MoUs) on economic cooperation at the end of the first meeting of the two countries’ joint economic commission in Sarajevo.

The agreements included mutual cooperation between the two countries’ chambers of commerce as well as cooperation in the different fields of transportation and communication, banking and insurance, industry, tourism, standard, agriculture, science and technology, and health.

The two countries also agreed to form a strategic committee, which will hold biannual meetings in the two countries in rotation, to ensure implementation of the MoUs.