January 2014


While the United States and Germany are browbeating Serbia into the last leg of surrendering Kosovo to the narco-terrorist mafia demanding it, the latter are beating up female missionaries.

It happened this past November, and for almost two weeks was kept quiet and out of the news. And it happened in the very capital of our Kosovo “success,” Pristina. The Albanian perpetrators attacked Americans, their stubbornly eternal benefactors at Christian-Orthodox expense. (And of course at the expense of local Roma, Turk, Bosniak, Ashkali and Gorani Muslims who were just fine with rule from Belgrade.) When the news did finally get out, via an AP report, it was carried only locally and in Utah:

2 LDS sister missionaries attacked in Kosovo (Fox 13 Now, Nov. 13, 2013)

SALT LAKE CITY — Two American missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were attacked in Kosovo; it happened in the city of Pristina ten days ago, but news reports of the beating just surfaced late Wednesday afternoon.

The incident is being tied to terrorism and the suspects responsible have been arrested.

[An actual arrest is unusual for Kosovo; then again, the victims weren’t among Kosovo’s ethnic minorities, so they count for something.]

Fox 13 News has learned two sister missionaries were beaten by Albanians, who are also tied to plotting a terrorist attack. The LDS Church said the two young women are out of harm’s way and doing OK.

[Also unusual: This local Fox affiliate actually identified the perpetrators directly as Albanians.]

Kosovo is tucked away in the Eastern block of Europe; the country is no stranger to political strife. Video from 2004 shows the break-away Balkan territory suffering from bombings, protests and riots. Civil unrest was not uncommon during that time, and today there are growing concerns about the rise of Islamic extremism in the country.

[Now there’s a nice, neutral way of putting it. Why provide readers/viewers context for what just happened to their fellow Mormons, such as being specific about who was rioting and hurling those Molotov cocktails in 2004? Specifically, Albanians continuing their ethnic and religious purification process while sending a message to the internationals to hurry up with the hand-over of the cleansed Serbian territory.]

Six Albanians suspected of plotting a terrorist attack were arrested ten days ago, and authorities believe two of them beat two sister missionaries in the capital city of Pristina on Nov. 3.

The LDS Church released a statement saying, “We can confirm two sister missionaries were beaten in Kosovo and have been moved out of the area. Gratefully they are making a full recovery.” […]

The video at the link below also uses that oh-so-controversial identifier “…attacked by a group of Albanians.” (As opposed to terms preferred by polite society, like “former Yugoslavs”; “Kosovars”; or “in Serbia.”) The accompanying report mentions that two of the total six arrested reputedly fought alongside Syrian rebels:

2 LDS Sister Missionaries Attacked in Kosovo

SALT LAKE CITY — Two suspected terrorists are being held in Kosovo after a Nov. 3 attack on two American women serving as missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A total of six men were arrested Nov. 5 in connection with an alleged terrorist plot “inspired by extreme Islamist ideology.” Two of the six are suspects in the investigation of the attack on the LDS missionaries, a senior police official involved with the investigation told the Associated Press.

After being treated in Pristina, the two women left Kosovo to return to the mission home in Tirana, Albania, about a three-hour drive. The women are part of the Adriatic South Mission, which includes Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. [What a lucky assignment for two women!]

Six ethnic Albanians suspected of plotting a terrorist attack inspired by extreme Islamist ideology, including two believed to have fought alongside Syrian rebels, have been arrested in Kosovo, officials said Tuesday.

A seventh suspect remains at large.

One last report had the detail of a flashlight being used to hit the women in the head:

Two LDS Sister Missionaries Recover after Attack in Kosovo (KUTV, Nov. 13)

…On November 5th, the beating suspects and four others, all ethnic Albanians, were arrested for allegedly planning a terrorist attack. Police said they found a sniper rifle, handguns and explosive materials at the suspects’ houses.

An elder serving in the same mission, posted on his blog that the American embassy in Kosovo reported that the attackers were part of a larger group that has unfriendly feelings toward the LDS church. That missionary also said the sister missionaries were beaten with flashlights and that since the attack, missionaries in that area travel in packs of four.

The mother of one of the victims told us over the phone the two young women are recovering and made the decision to continue serving, although in a different mission area.

Really? Not in safe and stable, multi-ethnic-democracy Kosovo? ( “[Biden] stressed the United States’ continuing, irreversible support for Kosovo’s independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty as a multi-ethnic democracy.” That’s Vice President Biden, who former Defense Secretary Robert Gates this month confirmed “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Meanwhile, what else in the political world is emphatically described as “irreversible,” with use of terms like “eternal,” a hint that Kosovo and the U.S. are condemned to each other, inextricably linked to guard each others’ secrets and crimes like a pair of Clintons.)

It was only thanks to reader J. Brock, a non-Serb outraged over “what the U.S. and other governments are doing to Serbs,” and his puzzlement that most everyone is fooled, that I even learned of this incident. He himself came upon it through some twitter post with a link to an angry ex-Mormon’s blog raging over the incident. So, it was only local Utah news and Mormons or ex-Mormons on forums or blogs, who wrote or knew of it. Some unreported details came from that ex-Mormon blogger — Utahnite — who claims that local media only covered it after community forums such as his shamed them into it:

It was 2 sister missionaries, who were beaten severely with a sharp [or blunt] object to the head & shoved down a flight of stairs…They had to have their heads shaved & stitched up & they’re now recovering in the church mission home & YES, OF COURSE, brainwashed as they are..PLAN TO FINISH THEIR MISSIONS! If their parents had ANY SENSE..they’d demand they come home, NOW!

Utahnite also wondered what Mormon missionaries were doing in Kosovo to begin with. According to an August 2012 article, the LDS Church established itself in Pristina in mid 2011, and Adriatic South Mission president Andrew Ford “says the country is ‘just another place, and we’re used to all sorts of places’ …There are plans to…introduce women (or ’sister missionaries’) into the country next year.”

That doesn’t seem to be going so well.

Kosovo’s being tough for Christian missionaries is a theme that’s come up before. A 2010 article in Cornerstone University’s The Herald (which has since been removed, and the young missionary couple — an American and her converted Albanian husband — asked that their names not be mentioned), read in part:

Kosovo is a Muslim country…religion is not just a faith for them — it is a culture… “When a person converts to Christianity in Kosovo it seems like you are betraying heritage, family, culture,” [____] said. Because of this, [her husband] could not openly tell others that he is a Christian. He needed to wait until the right time and build the right relationships. [His] faith is still a secret to some of his friends and family…

Another Christian group had the misfortune of operating in Kosovo in time for the 2004 riots. If one follows the World English Institute’s “Kosova” chronicle (Prizren, Kosova Church of Christ; the church in Kosova is under persecution) one will notice these excerpts:

The church grew in number and in spirit for a period. In April 04, the people of Prizren raided the school stealing property.

The church has changed significantly recently. Jim is back in Scotland. Several moved to Prishtina for university studies. The Muslim community has become violent, and the assembly is now in the home of Ismajl…”

April 2004
Comments: The church in Prizren is in a city subject to conflicts between the resident Muslims and a few Serbs. The Serbs, confined to their homes for the most part, recently have seen their church buildings burned. NATO failed to halt this conflict. WEI’s school and the church in Prizren suffered loss of some items in their building and are now meeting in homes, appropriately.

Note: August 04
It has been reported that shots were fired over the house where the church meets. This is the home of Ismajl who not only hosts the assemblies, but he regularly teaches students using WEI’s lessons.”

Dear Dick,

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

There were two days of “demonstrations” in Kosova on the 18th and 19th of March. About 30 people were killed around the country, including several UN workers. I arrived the following week, and by then all was calm….all of the windows had been broken out of the WEI office and church meeting place. However, they had regrouped, as it were, and were meeting in one of the members home…In Christ and for His sake,

One is reminded to be dismayed that the flood of Christian groups into post-war Kosovo has focused on Albanians more than on helping their Orthodox brethren, who needed food, clothes, medicine, housing and support. And of course this one uses the majority-Muslim usurper’s pronunciation and spelling of the Christian-Serb province.

Between the LDS news and this weekend’s shooting at Columbia Mall in Maryland, it’s become relevant to bring up a certain other mall shooting. This past October NY Post carried a noteworthy item by Paul Sperry, which deigned to bring up the 2007 Valentine’s massacre at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. The Post article also dared to utter the Bosnian-Muslim name and origin of the perpetrator, Sulejman Talovic, and to be emphatic via photos and a TV news clip. (Do check out the last sentence of that two-minute report.) “Dared,” because the Bosnian Muslims are our other protegees at Orthodox-Serb expense. Significantly, Trolley Square was the first deadly mall shooting in America. Links and bold emphasis added:

Could the Kenya attack happen here? It did (NY Post, Oct. 12, 2013)

After Islamic gunmen attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the collective reaction from the US media was to speculate whether such terror could happen here, as if a jihadist assault on a mall inside America had never before been tried.

CNN was typical: “Can it happen here? Yes, say security experts, but it hasn’t.”

News flash: it did.

On the evening of Feb. 12, 2007, a young Muslim man walked into the Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City with a pistol-grip, 12-gauge shotgun and a 38-caliber revolver and opened fire on shoppers, killing five and wounding four others, including a pregnant woman.

Police say he “sought to kill as many people as possible.” He had a backpack full of ammunition, enough firepower to massacre dozens of innocent people. But fortunately, an off-duty cop returned fire and eventually, with the help of other police, put an end to the terrorist’s life and grand plans.

Twice as many people were killed at the Utah mall than the Boston Marathon. Yet the attack garnered few national headlines.

Local media wrote it off as the act of a madman, parroting the quick conclusion of law enforcement.

Officially, the FBI declared the mass shooting was not an act of terrorism.

“We were unable to pin down any particular motive,” said Tim Fuhrman, then-special agent in charge of the bureau’s field office in Salt Lake City. “Unfortunately, his motivations went to the grave with him.”

Sulejman Talovic
Photo: AP

But the FBI ignored much of the shooter’s background.

A Salt Lake City police officer inside the Trolley Square Mall Feb., 12, 2007, the night of the shooting
Photo: AP

The shooter was Sulejmen Talovic, an 18-year-old Bosnian immigrant named after Suleiman the Magnificent, the 16th-century jihadist-turned-sultan.

As early as 2004, police were called to Talovic’s school after it was discovered that he was looking at Tek-9 semiautomatic firearms on the Internet and boasting that his “grandfather was in the jihad.”

It was a reference to the 1990s holy war between Bosnian Muslims and Christian Serbs in which his grandfather was reportedly killed.

And yet, even with this boastful admission, our news media and so-called law enforcement insisted that the boy probably became demented by the fighting that resulted from that jihad rather than by a family history of violence in the jihad itself. (Again, check out the last sentence of that news clip.)

Apparently, Talovic had prepared for his own martyrdom. He told a friend before the attack that “tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of my life, but it will happen only once.”

“One interpretation of this statement is that Talovic was happy that he was going to be a shahid — that he would be committing jihad and go to paradise,” according to a July 2, 2007, electronic communication from the Salt Lake City field office to the counterterrorism division of the FBI.

Before leaving for the mall, which was located just a few minutes from the mosque he attended, he showered and put on a necklace featuring a miniature Koran, a gift from his father [also a jihad veteran].

Prior to his death, some witnesses overheard Talovic shouting “Allahu Akbar!” — or “Allah is greatest!” — a ritual cry of suicide terrorists.

Talovic was “described as religious,” according to the FBI communiqué, marked “Secret.” “He had attend[ed] the mosque regularly for Friday prayers.”

That mosque was the Al-Noor Mosque, led by a Somali national. Some investigators suspect Talovic was radicalized there.

These details are buried in the more than 745 pages of investigative reports generated in the case by the FBI, the same agency that officially claims it found no evidence Talovic’s religion was a factor.

“Clearly, he had some religious beliefs,” Fuhrman said, “but just because someone has religious beliefs doesn’t mean anything is a terrorist act.”

No, but it strains credulity that Talovic wasn’t animated by his faith. There was an abundance of clues he was motivated at least in part by jihadist impulses. […]

According to a Utah-local report on Feb. 21, 2007 (link no longer available), Talovic’s initial target may have been an LDS church:

“Was Talovic Spotted at LDS Church?”

A security worker for the LDS church reveals to ABC 4 News, security guards watching over the crowds at Music and the Spoken Word the Sunday before the Trolley Square shootings were trailing a man he believes was Sulejmen Talovic… “There was a suspicious man with an overcoat and a back pack…[He] appeared to be carrying something inside the coat that he kept adjusting.”

The security worker says the young man resembled Talovic and in the week following the Trolley Square killings, many of his peers in LDS security agree Talovic was amidst the crowd at the conference center just one day before the shootings. “If we wouldn’t have been on our toes something could have happened. We highly believe it was him.”

ABC 4 News spoke with LDS church spokesperson Scott Trotter, who confirmed video tape was rolled on the suspicious person, and that the person had a similarity to Talovic…The security worker tells ABC 4 News he believes the man left after seeing that security procedures dictate purse and back pack searches before entrance to the conference center is permitted. […]

But the dossier on Bosnia and Kosovo be damned: Always in step with U.S. policy on the Balkans and Eastern Orthodoxy, “Hollywood has resolutely kept its eye on the real threat. Serbian terrorism,” Daniel Greenfield wrote last Friday. “The United States has remained unscathed by Serbian terrorism, though…this weekend, ‘Ride Along’…once again takes on the terrible threat of: Serbian terrorism. When the Serbs aren’t available, the Russians have to step in…When ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ featured a terrorist cell in Dearborn, even though Muslims dominate the area, the villains were shown operating out of a Russian Orthodox church and getting their cues from a priest reading the bible while the terrorists cried out, ‘Slava Bogu’ or ‘Praise God.’”

In closing, one must linger on a sentence contained in the NY Post item above: “[T]he Islamic element was so efficiently scrubbed from the Trolley Square terrorist attack that Salt Lake charities and local Mormons helped raise funds for Talovic’s family to prepare and ship their son’s bullet-ridden body to Bosnia for an Islamic burial.

The United Suckers of America have similarly stepped up for Kosovo, in one case donating and transporting a fire truck (link no longer available):

“2012 - Mason helps Kosovo, Dart grows and Dansville gets tech” (Lansing Journal, Dec 31, 2012)

INGHAM COUNTY — An international act of charity and growth for a company that has its international headquarters in Mason were top stories for southern Ingham County in 2012.

The Leslie School District opened a 100-acre nature center and Dansville Public Schools gave every student an iPad this year as well.

An unfortunate setback for a plan for Mason to donate a fire truck from Mason to Kosovo turned into [an] example of vigorous community support.

After two years of red tape, inspections and planning, the 1984 decommissioned fire truck donation from the Mason Fire Department was on its way to Selfridge Airforce Base when on Aug. 6 when it broke down near Brighton.

Mason Mayor Leon Clark was driving the truck in what he thought was its final ride in America before taking a 5,000-mile trip by cargo plane to Germany, than to the town of Vitina in Kosovo.

But instead it had to miss its flight because of a costly blown head gasket.

Undeterred, the community stepped up again to not only help get the truck repaired but raise funds to send people along with it.

An all-day fund-raiser on Sept. 10 at the Mason A & W raised $1,700 towards the cost of sending people, along with a $1,000 donation from the Ingham County Mounted Division and $1,000 private donation from a member of the Mason Rotary Club.

“If you add in the over $2,000 worth of repairs donated by Mark Hildebrandt at Done Right Auto and RV, you can see that this has truly become a community wide project, that everyone is proud of,” he said.

The truck and four Mason officials eventually made it to Kosovo along with extra equipment in November.

Fire truck that was headed for Kosovo. Poor fire truck.

From another report:

…The city seems to have a fondness for Kosovo: shortly after its civil war, eight refugee families moved to Mason. Jakup Jahiri, a Kosovo native, came to the city two years ago to visit his son and was amazed at the amount of firefighting equipment Mason had when his own city had so little.

“[Jahiri] said, ‘You must sleep very peacefully at night to have this amount of trucks and equipment for the size of town that you have,’” said Mason Fire Chief Kerry Minshall. “That led to the discussion about what they do and don’t have over there and we decided to see what we could do to get this donated to them.”

This time around, Clark, along with three other Mason firefighters, are accompanying the truck across the Atlantic. But the donations don’t stop there — they are also donating lightly used supplies, including coats, pants, boots, gloves, helmets, hoses, exhaust fans and a set of jaws of life. Clark and his team are going to spend some time in Vitina after the delivery showing the local firefighters how to use some of the equipment and making sure everything gets delivered intact — and with no breakdowns.

A reference point on Vitina, among countless others: Kosovo: Serb house destroyed in fire (B92, Oct. 1, 2007)

KOSOVSKA VITINA, Oct 1 (Tanjug) - A local Serb’s house burned in a fire that broke out late Sunday in the village of Klokot, near Kosovska Vitina. The house belonged to Milan Nedeljkovic, who escaped unharmed. Locals suspect that the incident was the work of arsonists…[T]he Nedeljkovic family moved to their old house because it is located in “a better protected part of the village.”

A week ago, in the same village, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a store owned by local Serb Bora Spasic. Although a dozen people were inside the store at the time of the attack, no one was injured.

So, who’s sleeping less “peacefully at night”? Kosovo’s Albanians, because there aren’t enough fire trucks? Or Kosovo’s non-Albanians, because the Albanians habitually set their houses, schools, and churches on fire? Knowing, of course, that there aren’t enough fire trucks.

I leave you with a Vitina news item that opened 2013, with its festivities for Kosovo’s five-year independence anniversary:

KPS suspend members over WW2 memorial incident (Beta, Jan. 22, 2013)

PRIŠTINA — The Kosovo police, KPS, have announced that five of their members were suspended over an incident that occurred on Monday in the town of Vitina. They include the police station and operations chief, according to a statement.

According to a Beta report, it was said that “despite announcements” from the directorate in Priština, they did not undertake the measures to prevent the tearing down of a monument.

The memorial was dedicated to the fighters of the WW2 anti-fascist Partisan troops (NOV).

According to the news agency, “a group of about 100 citizens led by the president of the organization of veterans of the former KLA” yesterday attacked and brought down the memorial.

The incident - filmed and posted on YouTube - was one in a series in Kosovo on Sunday and Monday, when ethnic Albanians targeted Serb cemeteries and memorial sites.


I missed one additional report, on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” blog, confirming that the women were thrown down a flight of stairs, and offering a few other specifics about the suspects:

Islamic Extremists Reportedly Attack Two Female Mormon Missionaries in Kosovo (The Blaze, Nov. 14, By Billy Hallowell)

Arrests have been made after two American women were brutally beaten on Nov. 3 in Pristina, Kosovo. The victims were serving there as missionaries…[and] were reportedly followed home by the assailants, thrown down a flight of stairs and hit in the head with a sharp object. While they sustained numerous wounds, the victims miraculously survived.

It didn’t take long for authorities to locate their alleged attackers. Just two days after the incident, six men were arrested in connection with an alleged terror plot that was “inspired by extreme Islamist ideology,” The Associated Press reported.

Two of these individuals who are being identified as ethnic Albanians are also reportedly suspects in the investigation of the missionaries’ beating. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, they are accused of joining four others in planning an attack on an unidentified target. A seventh suspect is reportedly still on the run.

The Associated Press said that an arrest warrant listed the men following names: Genc Selimi, Nuredin Sylejmani, Valon Shala, Adrian Mehmeti, Musli Hyseni, Bekim Mulalli and Fidan Demolli. […]

The above-linked AP-Salt Lake Tribune report, meanwhile, mentioned a few other unmentionables (links and bold added):

…Authorities have grown increasingly worried about the rise of extremism in a country with a strong presence of NATO peacekeepers, including hundreds of U.S. troops. Authorities had followed the alleged terrorist cell for three months after intercepting a call allegedly plotting an attack with another person of Kosovo descent in an unnamed European country….

Gee, any chance this “alarming” trend of rising extremism in a U.S.-overseen area has something to do with the Rules of Engagement for our troops in Kosovo: If you encounter Albanian rebels, turn tail and run (but report it to a “higher,” so he can do nothing about it). Oh, and if you stop patrolling the dangerous areas, then you’re not likely to encounter them in the first place.

Four of the suspects were arrested in a park in Pristina by undercover police agents posing as weapons dealers, the police official said. Another suspect was arrested in central Pristina and the sixth in the eastern town of Gnjilane…A sniper rifle, handguns and material for making an improvised explosive device were found in suspects’ houses, according to the police official.

A justice official said the suspects had been watched by video surveillance, phone tapping, and email monitoring….Though the country of 2 million is overwhelmingly secular, ethnic Albanians from Kosovo and neighboring Macedonia have been linked with terror plots in the United States, including a foiled bombing last year in Tampa, Fla., and a 2007 attack on military personnel at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Nice to see that someone in MSM world has belatedly started keeping track.

Around 150 ethnic Albanians are believed to have joined foreign fighters battling the forces of Syria’s President Bashar Assad and some 12 are believed to have been killed there.

On Tuesday local media said police and justice officials received an email threatening to launch “painful attacks” on police if they do not release the suspects. […]

Sounds a lot like the kinds of demands and threats that Serbian authorities are used to getting from those secular, ‘non-extremist’ Albanians. Ah, the new Albanian ’state’ may eventually get a taste of its own medicine, becoming the Serbs dealing with Albanian threats and violence. It’s always nice to get to know oneself a little bit better.

I had a recent update to the Bosniran phenomenon, but didn’t include a few relevant parts from this August 2012 Jerusalem Post article by Gordon Bardos. The article is helpful also because of the impressive cataloging that Bardos does of Bosnia-connected major terrorist operations, including September 11, 2001:

The Balkans: Militant Islamism’s new front (Jerusalem Post, Aug. 20, 2012)

…In 2010, Serbian police broke up a terrorist cell in the mountainous Sandzak region straddling the border between Serbia and Montenegro planning to attack western embassies in Belgrade.

Long ignored or downplayed by western countries, al- Qaida and Hezbollah surrogates in the Balkans are increasingly important, thanks primarily to Saudi and Iranian financial support and the influence and power it buys. From Skopje to Sarajevo to Novi Pazar, Islamists and Wahhabis are attempting to take over mosques and building their own network of almost extra-territorial, sharia-run villages in remote Balkan areas. According to Malcolm Hoenlein, for radical Islamists Sarajevo, home to the largest Iranian embassy in Europe, is becoming “a jumping-off place, a radicalization place, a crossroads, something like Berlin during the Cold War.”

I have to pause there for a second, to point out the irony that the two interesting factoids in that sentence are coming from Malcolm Hoenlein, vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Who, if readers recall, looked at me like I had two heads sometime in 2000 or 2001, when I said that the poor reception his delegation of Americans concerned about rogue nukes got in Russia could have to do with America’s reduced credibility after what we’d done in Kosovo. But moving on…

The origins of the Islamist/Wahhabi threat to southeastern Europe go back to the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s, when the late Islamist president of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, invited militants from the Middle East and Central Asia to join his war effort. In August 1993, Izetbegovic ordered the formation of the Kateebat el-Mujahidin, his own personal al-Qaida “Battalion of Holy Warriors.”

The roster of veterans of Izetbegovic’s Bosnian jihad reads like a who’s who of terrorist all-stars. On September 11, 2001, three of Izetbegovic’s holy warriors – Khalid Sheik Muhammed, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mindhar – planned and participated in the greatest mass murder in American history. Another Izetbegovic jihadi, Juma al-Dosari, was involved in the June 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Riyadh which killed sixteen US citizens.

In August 1998, Izetbegovic jihadi Abdul Rashim al- Nashiri participated in the bombing of the US embassies in Dar es Saalam and Nairobi in which over 400 people were killed; the mastermind of the plot, Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, visited Bosnia shortly before the embassy bombings for a three-day “business trip” on a visa issued by the Bosnian consulate in Turkey.

IN DECEMBER 1999, Bosnian jihadi Ahmed Ressam was apprehended attempting to bomb LAX airport as part of the failed Millenium [sic] Bomb Plot; the document forger for the plot, Karim Said Atmani, was a resident of the Bosnian mujahedeen village of Bocinja Donja.

In October 2000, Izetbegovic army veterans Juma al- Dosari, Ahmed Zuhair, Jamal al-Badawi, Abu Asim al- Makki, and Abd al-Rahim Hussein Mohammed al-Nashiri attacked the USS Cole in Aden Harbor, killing 17 US servicemen.

In February 2002, Izetbegovic jihadi Omar Saeed Sheik was involved in the murder/ritual beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Amer Azizi, the key go-between for al-Qaida’s top leadership and the March 2004 Madrid Train bombers, trained in terrorist camps near the central Bosnian town of Zenica. The list goes on….

[Right. It includes Khalid Sheikh Muhammad’s and Mohamed Atta’s Bosnia connections.]

Moreover, while it is true that Bosnia is not unique in having al-Qaida cells, what does make Bosnia unique is that it is the only country in Europe in which sympathizers, surrogates and collaborators of radical Islamism are in the highest levels of government.

In February 1996, plans to attack NATO installations in Bosnia were discovered at a terrorist training camp near Sarajevo staffed by Iranian instructors. The commandant of the camp was Alija Izetbegovic’s personal intelligence chief. In October 2001, a plot to use aerial suicide bombers to attack US Camp Eagle Base in Bosnia was disrupted.

The airport planned for the operation was controlled by Izetbegovic’s closest political confidant.

During the 1990s, the leading Islamic cleric in Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, controlled a bank account with, among others, Fatih el Hassanein, a Sudanese national with close ties to Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

Even today, the head of the security affairs committee in Izetbegovic’s Islamist party is considered one of the main Iranian agents in Bosnia, despite the fact that he is on the US black list of individuals with ties to terrorist groups.

…[Radicals] are also having a severely negative effect on efforts to stabilize inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations in the region. [Didn’t see that coming out of Western intervention!] Catholic nuns in Sarajevo report that they now only go out in pairs for fear of being attacked by Wahhabis, and that Wahhabi-run bakeries refuse to sell them bread – even when it is in plain sight.

Misogyny and anti-Semitism are of course the Islamists’ and Wahhabis’ other favorite pastimes. A few years ago, after Grand Mufti Ceric announced on television that Israeli actions in Gaza were “genocide,” graffiti appeared around Bosnia equating the Star of David with a swastika.

As a correspondent from Der Spiegel reported when visiting the Saudi-funded King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo run by one of Izetbegovic’s wartime commanders, the obliteration of Israel is heralded in a torrent of words.

“Zionist terrorists,” the imam thunders from the glass-enclosed pulpit at the end of the mosque. “Animals in human form” have transformed the Gaza Strip into a “concentration camp,” and this marks “the beginning of the end” for the Jewish pseudo-state… .

Currently, the Bosnian security minister estimates there are 3,000 potential terrorists in Bosnia alone. Hundreds of others can be found in Kosovo, Macedonia and the Sandzak…Western policymakers have ignored this problem for far too long….

Just a footnote reminder on Ceric. No one noticed that in 2012, this “Balkan-Muslim moderate,” this U.S.-touring “interfaith dialoguer,” was on a short list to lead the Muslim Brotherhood. As Mickey Bozinovich wrote me in October 2012:

Well, our dear friend Mustafa Ceric, chief Imam of Bosnia, is retiring from that position and is being talked of getting a promotion to lead the Islamic Brotherhood! Since Ceric has been proclaimed a “moderate” Muslim, I guess it is the moderates that will lead the vanguard of Jihad.

Saudis and Kuwaitis have been opening Ceric’s doors for a long time, schooling him, and placing him at Harvard and other schools in the US so as to appear a “moderate” and establish a network of friendly media and political figures who need an example of a “moderate” Muslim in order to shield themselves from being accused of anti-Islamic policies. Talk of a Manchurian figure!

In the end, Ceric was not chosen and instead now serves as the head of the World Bosniak Congress. Naturally, on his wikipedia page there is no mention that he was being considered for the Muslim Brotherhood position, but there is mention of all the awards he’s been given by the endless supply of Western suckers who populate and lead this earth. Just two examples: “He was the co-recipient of the 2003 UNESCO Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize[10] and recipient of the International Council of Christians and Jews Annual Sternberg Award ‘for exceptional contribution to interfaith understanding.’[11]..In 2008, Cerić accepted the invitation of Tony Blair to be on the advisory council of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.[15]”

There was an update this past August on the case of Serb-Israeli citizen Aleksandar Cvetkovic, who was wanted by Bosnia for alleged Srebrenica crimes. Unfortunately, his fight ended predictably:

Israel extradites war crimes suspect to Bosnia (AP, Aug 17, 2013)

A former Bosnian Serb soldier accused of taking part in the Srebrenica massacre has been placed into custody to face trial after his extradition from Israel.

Aleksandar Cvetkovic, who fled to Israel and obtained citizenship there, allegedly participated in mass executions of Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995, Bosnia’s war crimes court said Friday.

Cvetkovic was extradited late Thursday after he was arrested by Israeli authorities in 2010. During the extradition process in Israel, the courts rejected all of his appeals.

More than 8,000 males were killed by Serb troops in Srebrenica, the worst massacre in Europe since the Second World War.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it, as the item’s disseminator, Liz M., said in response to that staple line.

When the publication New Serbian Political Thought reprinted my 2012 Algemeiner article on Cvetkovic, they titled it “Israel and the ‘Genocide’ Bait.” Meaning, the Cvetkovic case was a baited hook intended to score recognition for the Srebrenica myth by having Israel accept it at face value.

Israeli courts took the bait.

Then again, look at the name of the head of the supreme court judge issuing the decision: Selim. Even in Israel, a Serb never had a chance:

Srebrenica suspect loses extradition battle in Israel
(BBC.com, Nov. 29, 2012)

A Serb-Israeli has lost a court battle in Israel to avoid extradition to Bosnia….Aleksander Cvetkovic, a Bosnian Serb with Israeli citizenship, is accused of being part of a military firing squad that allegedly shot up to 1,200 people.

On Thursday, he lost his appeal at Israel’s supreme court.

“I believe the appellant’s extradition is not… a wrong or unjust deed,” wrote the head of the Israeli panel, Selim Jubran, in the ruling.

“Therefore there is no justification in not extraditing him to Bosnia,” he added, his words quoted by AFP news agency.

A spokeswoman for Israel’s justice ministry told AFP this was the first time a genocide suspect had become liable to be extradited.

[Yet another Serb-related judicial first; so many exceptions and precedents made at Serb expense.]

The final authority to order an extradition rests with Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, she said. […]

I guess Yaakov didn’t come through.

No sooner did I post a blog about a Kosovo Albanian in Edmonton, who was still mythologizing his war in Kosovo, than we got an even thicker-layered sob story about Kosovo Albanians in Nebraska.

As Bill Dorich titled his email about this one, “Get out your handkerchief…”

A new American family: After fleeing Kosovo, at home in Nebraska
(Lincoln Journal Star, By Peter Salter, Dec. 25)

They didn’t know what to make of the 200 strangers offering them applause, balloons and teddy bears when they stepped off the TWA flight 14 years ago.

But they had already seen so much. They had hidden and huddled together in dark basements. They were marched at gunpoint through the streets of their own city. They were loaded into train cars and hauled, with other Albanians, out of Kosovo. Like animals.

They lived in a field, sleeping in the mud. They lived in a camp…That changed in late May 1999, when they learned the name of their destination.

Nebraska? They had never heard of such a place. An airman unfolded a map of America and put his finger in the center.

And a few days later, Bahtije Govori and her sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren — the same 14 who shared their big home in Kosovo’s capital…landed in Lincoln.

Lincoln was waiting. It had read about the brutality and genocide and ethnic cleansing of Albanians in the late 1990s. Men rounded up and slaughtered, buried and burned in mass graves. Families driven from their homes.

“We had a really happy childhood,” said Tina, now 32. “It was a good life. I had happy memories until the war.”

There it is, again. Happy memories. Until the war. The war that Albanians insisted on, and persisted in, for decades. So, living in Belgrade-run Yugoslavia wasn’t, after all, bad for Albanians, the most subsidized ethnic minority in Yugoslavia.

The change, the tension, came gradually.

The Serbs closed her public school after she finished the fourth grade, so students met with volunteer teachers in a neighbor’s unoccupied home.

There’s that familiar inversion of the Albanian boycott of public institutions. In addition to the recent handling of this here, Bill Dorich wrote to writer Peter Salter the following:

…Before this war the Serbian government provided schools in Kosovo that taught in both Albanian and Serbian. There were 7 Albanian radio stations and a dozen Albanian newspapers in Kosovo. Ms. Govori can pretend that Albanians were persecuted by the Serbs but the fact that the Tito government provided a “form of welfare” unheard of in any communist country speaks volumes about how Albanians were treated. I remind [you] that when the war broke out, more than 90,000 Albanians fled to Belgrade…into the arms of their Serbian enemies?

When Tito granted “autonomy” illegally to the Kosovo Albanians from 1978-1989, Albanian authorities fired every Serbian teacher, judge, doctor, policemen and government official. Albanian authorities banned the Cyrillic alphabet and the Serbian language used by the Serbs since the 8th century. Over 2 million books were burned along with priceless religious manuscripts. Two major Serbian libraries, and two Serbian monasteries went up in smoke. Serbian girls and Serbian nuns were raped and hundreds of Serbian farms were burned in an Albanian effort that forced over 100,000 Serbs to leave Kosovo. This was ten years prior to the current war in 1999.

Back to Mr. Salter’s Christmas-day hack job, 14 years debunked:

…The massacres started in 1998. Led by Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslav soldiers and Serbian forces were hitting hard, targeting ethnic Albanians.

By early 1999, even Pristina didn’t feel safe. Especially at night. Their home didn’t have a basement, so they’d all gather in a cousin’s house…

That night, they looked out that window and saw the officers marching their way, dressed in black, like a SWAT team.

“We were just running, a bunch of people. Then some people we didn’t even know, they said, ‘Come in here.’ So we went.”

The soldiers came later. A knock on the door, and they were marching through their city, guns pointed at them. They seemed to walk through the day, Tina remembers, more Albanians joining them all the time.

“Eventually, everybody marched together in the main street. We didn’t know where we were going. They just told us to walk.”

The guns led them to a street blocked by tanks, turrets pointed their way.

“This is it,” Hateme said to Tina. “They’re going to shoot us all here.”

They didn’t.

How about that? Lucky thing those gun-pointers weren’t the Albanians’ KLA heroes. Or the family wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.

They eventually loaded them into a train car, the 14 of them sharing a small cabin. No water, no fresh air, no answers…

“The train would start going and then it would stop. Every time it would stop, you wouldn’t know what to expect.”

Then they were walking again….They ended up in the borderland between Kosovo and Macedonia. They had nothing.

People were dying. Old people, children, who couldn’t hold on long enough for relief supplies — food and blankets — to fall from the sky.

The Govoris made it to the tents of the refugee camp in Macedonia…They told humanitarian workers they wished to go to Canada or Germany, where they had family.

But one day, Fahri found their names on a list, Tina said.


We insist!

…In Lincoln, Curt Krueger was busy. The Catholic Social Services resettlement staffer had learned a big family was waiting at Fort Dix in New Jersey for their new home to be ready.

Fort Dix. That military base that four Albanians wanted to shoot up.

The story the world had been watching — the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo — was about to hit home.

“It was a big thing nationally,” Krueger remembered. “’60 Minutes’ did a story on the ethnic cleansing and it was on the covers of Time and Newsweek. There were stories in the newspaper.”

After a scramble to find and furnish homes, volunteers and reporters gathered at the airport on June 2, 1999.

But they hated their first house, tucked behind a U-Stop at 27th and E, old and dirty….And worse, after surviving so much together, they were split among three rentals: Bahtije and her single children in the house; a son and his family a few blocks to the south; a daughter-in-law and her kids miles away.

“We were all heartbroken when we moved here,” Tina said. “We didn’t know anything and we were all separated.”

Know-nothing Americans. Don’t they understand that Albanians live at least 12 to a house? Which in American-living terms translates into the bare necessity of a mansion.

… “I remember all of a sudden we were taken to this really, really horrible house,” Lena said. “Everything was cracking. We thought it was terrible. And we were depressed; we thought we were going to be stuck in that house.”

If they thought that house was bad, I’ve got a yellow one I can sell them.

So many years later, Georgia Stevens wants to apologize. The resettlement volunteer has long been bothered by their early splitting of the Govori family.

That bitch!

“Oh, my goodness. We put them in three apartments. And they were so far away from each other. I have regretted that for a long time. We were so naïve.”

No apology needed. Bahtije and her children found a better home, closer to their brother’s. And Tina has warm memories of Georgia Stevens. When Tina and her younger brother, Ramush, were given bikes, Georgia followed them in her car all the way down D Street to their English lessons at Park Middle School. Making sure they knew the way.

They celebrate Thanksgiving now. They go all out: turkey, potatoes, beans, stuffing. They’re grateful. […]

The Dorich letter to Mr. Salter adds:

…This article reveals a disgusting truth…14 years after 78 days of bombing and $70 billion in damage to Serbia, journalists…still have a knee-jerk reaction of blaming the Serbs. Not since Hitler has “Collective Guilt” been used so successfully against the Serbian Christians in a Muslim dominated Kosovo.

Today, there are 1.2 million Serbian refugees…this represents twice the combined number of Croatian, Bosnian Muslim and Kosovo Albanian refugees, so it is rather clear who was the most skilled at “ethnic cleansing.” [Mr. Salter] should be ashamed of such ruthless journalism meant to pull at heartstrings while camouflaging the real human rights violations in Kosovo against tens of thousands of Serbian, Roma Gypsies and [other] non-Albanian minorities that exceed 250,000 victims.

In the reply which Mr. Salter was decent enough to write to Mr. Dorich, he wrote:

Mr. Dorich –

I appreciate the letter, and the additional context.

This was a story about one family starting over in Lincoln, Nebraska. I did not intend to advocate, offend, sympathize or gloss over anything. I included their backstory about leaving Kosovo so I could show our paper’s readers what that family remembered going through before they landed here. Again, I was telling just one family’s story – not the story of all Albanians or all Serbians or all the atrocities.

Thanks again for your letter.

Peter Salter

Since Mr. Salter doesn’t think he took any sides, anyone who can succinctly explain to him how his article, like a million others like it, was a bit more damaging and insidious than “just one family’s story,” can email him at psalter@journalstar.com.

Never mind that it was a million of these uncorroborated one-sided tales in 1998-99 that got us on board a jihad in the first place.

Oh never mind. I emailed him myself. With the following letter:

Dear Mr. Salter,
…Allow me to explain what was wrong and unfair about your article, which did all of the above: advocated, offended, sympathized, and glossed over. I’ll briefly take you through just the earlier paragraphs of your own article, complete with thickly-laid accentuation, for dramatic effect:

Lincoln was waiting. It had read about the brutality and genocide and ethnic cleansing of Albanians in the late 1990s. Men rounded up and slaughtered, buried and burned in mass graves. Families driven from their homes.

Here you’re recycling pre-war claims and labels which — by the end of 1999 — had been shown to not be based in any fact. Publics from the UK to Germany demanded an accounting from officials such as Robin Cook and Joschka Fischer as to why their countries were dragged into a war on premises of ethnic cleansing and genocide that used grossly inflated numbers. No one ever got an answer. And so, to this day — despite Daniel Pearl’s and others’ findings in the fall of ‘99 that the Yugoslav Army was centering its operations on KLA towns — we’re treated ad nauseum to a fresh round of recycled obsolescence. And no one corrects anyone. Albanians, meanwhile, are all too happy to perpetuate the original perception for gullible Westerners. They’ve even come to believe it themselves, which is why they seem so in earnest when talking about it.

While much trumpeted mass graves like the Trepca zinc mine turned up empty, and roundups like the “stadium concentration camp” didn’t exist, if you want to talk about burnings and mass graves, look up the town of Klecka, where 22 Serbs were killed and burned.

In addition to every newspaper running the story of Kosovo not being ethnic cleansing, much less genocide or even intended genocide, the proceedings at The Hague court reluctantly showed the same. That’s why Bosnia and Croatia indictments against Milosevic were tacked onto the Kosovo indictment. Because there was otherwise nothing there. Milosevic was flushing out KLA. Defense witnesses including Serbs and Albanians testified how everyone was told to stay in their homes or, when too dangerous, to leave but come back after the crossfire was over. Sometimes that latter option was executed indelicately, which is where we got scenes of Albanians being “marched at gunpoint”:

They had hidden and huddled together in dark basements. They were marched at gunpoint through the streets of their own city. They were loaded into train cars and hauled, with other Albanians, out of Kosovo. Like animals. They lived in a field, sleeping in the mud. They lived in a camp…

Considering that the vast majority of refugees had been ordered to leave by the KLA (for the benefit of Western cameras), your pointing the finger at the disproportionately fewer cases of Serb troops doing the marching of Albanians (and for less nefarious purposes) is a distortion.

Ah but you were just faithfully repeating what the family told you. That’s pretty much how we got into the war in the first place. This was the war notorious for “information” being transmitted directly — directly — from Albanian lips to reporters’ notebooks to newspapers. With none of the usual story-vetting processes interfering. I see the tradition continues.

…The Serbs closed her public school after she finished the fourth grade, so students met with volunteer teachers in a neighbor’s unoccupied home.

Naturally, you didn’t check out whether this really was the case, or whether there might not have been an organized Albanian boycott of Yugoslav public institutions, the way separatist movements usually start.

Blood was starting to spill onto other parts of the country, but it was scattered, isolated.

“Country,” Mr. Salter? Province.

The massacres started in 1998. Led by Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslav soldiers and Serbian forces were hitting hard, targeting ethnic Albanians.

There weren’t “massacres” of Albanians by Serbs, certainly not any that were officially directed. The army and police were ordered to protect civilians. That’s why your favorite Albanian family made it out alive. This was all demonstrated at the international court. And it’s why the staged massacre in the town of Racak was needed.

There were isolated war crimes, mostly by irregulars but a few by actual soldiers or police, and the culprits were prosecuted by Yugoslavia itself. Again, your “targeting ethnic Albanians” was in reality the army and police targeting KLA rebels and their stronghold villages, as confirmed in after-the-fact reporting by WSJ’s Daniel Pearl and others.

And this was the moment they fled their old world, their longtime home — photos in their backpacks, baby nieces in their arms. This is the story they carried, what Lincoln couldn’t see and couldn’t know….They joined cousins and neighbors, cutting through side streets and backyards.. They eventually loaded them into a train car, the 14 of them sharing a small cabin. No water, no fresh air, no answers. For Tina, that was the scariest stretch of their journey… Then they were walking again, this time between the rails because the land along the tracks was peppered with mines. They ended up in the borderland between Kosovo and Macedonia. They had nothing…People were dying. Old people, children, who couldn’t hold on long enough for relief supplies — food and blankets — to fall from the sky.

In touches like these the implication is that this was all drummed up to be done to Albanians, rather than a conscious path and sacrifice that Albanian themselves chose, motivated by nationalism, in order to acquire the Kosovo appendage of their Greater Albania. (Or are you still not familiar with that quickly unfolding endgame?)

She remembers a man insisting on returning home. They saw his body in the street when the sun came up; he had been shot.

You would have readers believe that the man could only have been killed by Serbs. Considering that he was trying to return home, against KLA orders, there was at least as likely a chance he was killed—as promised–by KLA, who were watching everyone in a way that would make the KGB blush. It was a threat backed up by NATO bombs, which targeted Albanian areas that weren’t emptying out, and refugees heading back home. The cases of such KLA-inflicted punishments — especially punishments of Albanian “collaborators” such as government workers, plus Albanians who were friends with or married to Serbs — being labeled as “Serbs did it” are too many to count, and were an integral part of padding atrocity numbers.

There’s an act in Las Vegas now that goes by the name Recycled Percussion. That’s what your article was like: recycled percussion. And I’ve got a 14-year headache from it.

NYPD Officer Arrested in Staten Island on Extortion Charges (Dec. 3)

NEW YORK (WABC) — An NYPD officer was arrested Tuesday on charges of helping two other men exort a restaurant owner in Astoria, Queens.

34 year old officer Besnik Llakatura was taken into custody at his Staten Island home.

He was charged with extortion and brandishing a firearm in relation to extortion.

33 year old Denis Nikolla of Brooklyn and 37 year old Redniel Dervishaj of Queens will also appear in federal court.

Prosecutors say the scheme began shortly after the victim opened a restaurant in Astoria when he was visited by Dervishaj and told that he had opened a business in “our neighborhood” and, as a result, “you have to pay us.”

The restaurant owner, who understood that he was targeted because he, like the defendants, is of Albanian descent, sought help from his friend Llakatura.

Unbeknownst to him, Llakatura was conspiring with Dervishaj in the extortion, and he told the business owner to pay, according to the indictment.

“The defendants told their victims they offered “protection,” but in reality they peddled fear and intimidation through the Albanian community, their community, of Queens,” said United States Attorney Loretta Lynch. “When one victim turned to law enforcement for help, he was betrayed again by a corrupt officer on the take, who turned his back on his badge, his oath and his friend in exchange for extortion money in his pocket.”

Both Nikolla and Dervishaj have prior arrests, Nikolla for promoting prostitution, and Dervishaj for burglary.

Federal authorities are also looking into whether Dervishaj was in the country illegally.

Dervishaj was accused in February in the fatal stabbing of Antonio Lacertosa, a groom-to-be, during his Staten Island engagement party.

A grand jury later determined that Dervishaj was acting in self defense.

The name Dervishaj should sound familiar, since he was in an April 2012 blog when he was let off after killing fellow Albanian Antonio Lacertosa, the finding being that it was in self-defense. Ah, but it’s not enough to have narrowly escaped murder and burglary charges. Dervishaj just can’t give up the good life of crime. Then again, he’s got a gang leader brother to live up to. According to NY Daily News, “Dervishaj even boasted about Lacertosa’s death, warning the restaurant owner to ‘look him up’ on the Internet if he didn’t know who he was, court papers state.”

Since we’re on the subject of NYPD, I’ve been meaning to point something out for over a year. While it wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that the NYPD is monitoring Egyptians and Syrians, one wonders why-oh-why would it be monitoring Albanians:

NYPD kept Muslim businesses under surveillance, documents show (NY Daily News, March 9, 2012)

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department collected information on businesses owned by second- and third-generation Americans specifically because they were Muslims, according to newly obtained secret documents…

The NYPD has faced intense criticism from Muslims, lawmakers — and even the FBI — for widespread spying operations that put entire neighborhoods under surveillance. Police put the names of innocent people in secret files and monitored the mosques, student groups and businesses that make up the Muslim landscape of the northeastern U.S.

In late 2007…plainclothes officers in the department’s secretive Demographics Unit were assigned to investigate the region’s Syrian population. Police photographed businesses and eavesdropped at lunch counters and inside grocery stores and pastry shops. The resulting document listed no threat. And though most people of Syrian heritage living in the area were Jewish, Jews were excluded from the monitoring.

“This report will focus on the smaller Muslim community,” the report said.

Similarly, police excluded the city’s sizable Coptic Christian population when photographing, monitoring and eavesdropping on Egyptian businesses in 2007, according to the police files.

“This report does not represent the Coptic Egyptian community and is merely an insight into the Muslim Egyptian community of New York City,” the NYPD wrote.

The AP has posted the documents at hhtp://apnew.ws/ABtsAH and http://apne.ws/A1s5BQ and http://apne.ws/xUlmEQ .

If police, for example, ever received a tip that an Egyptian terrorist was plotting an attack, investigators looking for him would have the entire community already on file. They would know where he was likely to pray, who might rent him a cheap room, where he’d find a convenient Internet cafe and where he probably would buy his groceries.

As a result, many people were put into police files, not for criminal activities but because they were part of daily life in their neighborhoods. Shopkeepers were named in police files, their ethnicities listed. Muslim college students who attended a rafting trip or discussed upcoming religious lectures on campus were cataloged. Worshippers arriving at mosques were photographed and had their license plate numbers collected by police.

[A]fter Moroccans were involved in terrorist attacks overseas, the NYPD photographed and eavesdropped in New York businesses where Moroccans might work, shop and eat.

The AP has since obtained documents outlining NYPD efforts to monitor Albanians, Egyptians and Syrians. Each report focused specifically on ethnicity.

In the case of the Egyptians and Syrians, the reports explicitly focused on Muslims. The Albanian report mentions Albania’s diverse religious composition but police only photographed and mapped mosques for the report. There was no indication that criminal leads prompted any of the reports. […]

What, no priority given to spying on Orthodox Christian communities? At least some elements of law enforcement still get it, if the foreign policy establishment does not. (Indeed, for the latter, all three — Egypt, Syria and Albania/Kosovo — were pet projects.)

Also related is this May 2011 item: Europol: Albanian crime the most dangerous in Europe

Separately, countries where young women live in fear and whose Islam they are fleeing include — what? — Albania and Kosovo.

The title may sound sarcastic, but I haven’t decided if that’s what I’m being. Because this Bosnian Muslim (media a.k.a. “Muslim from Serbia”), who in the end didn’t manage to kill anyone, seems to be genuinely remorseful about his actions, and shows some post-terrorism sensibleness. Though it could all be thanks to the abandonment by his more Muslimy mentors:

Bosnia’s US Embassy Attacker Apologises for ‘Stupid Act’ (International Business Times, Nov. 14)

A Bosnian man being re-tried for an attack on the US Embassy in Sarajevo in 2011 has apologised for his “stupid act”.

Mevlid Jasarevic told the court that he had been manipulated and then rejected by his radical Islamist mentors.

“I truly apologise and regret any problems that my acts have caused to anyone,” Jasarevic told a Sarajevo court.

“I have been a victim of those who were telling me it was necessary to fight for Islam, to lead jihad,” he said, wearing a white shirt and jeans.

“How is it possible that all those who were telling me about jihad are now playing with their children and live free, with their wives, while I have not seen my child for months?” [That’s the sensible part.]

Jasarevic, 25, fired at the embassy for more than 40 minutes with an automatic rifle, seriously wounding a police officer. The attack sparked fears that, as Bosnia recovered from the wars of the 1990s, its Muslim population was becoming radicalised. [It didn’t “spark fears” but confirmed the obvious.]

Jasarevic, originally from Serbia, was sentenced to 18 years in prison after being found guilty of terrorism by Bosnia’s state court in December last year.

The verdict was withdrawn on appeal in July and a fresh trial was ordered after judge[s] deemed the original trial to be flawed while defence lawyers argue[d] they did not have sufficient access to witness testimony and evidence.

At his first trial, Jasarevic had a long beard and appeared in a traditional Wahhabi robe and cap. He boycotted many hearings, declaring that he only obeyed Allah and did not recognise the court.

In Bosnia, 40% of the population follow Islam and most Bosnian Muslims practice a moderate form of the religion. There has been a notable rise in the number of homegrown Islamist militants emanating from Bosnia, according to analysts.

Jasarevic was a member of the strict Wahhabi brand of Islam, which has risen in prominence after the Bosnian War of 1992-95. [How about that?!] He had resided in the northeastern village of Gomja Maoca for three years, an isolated community of Wahhabi believers.

He claims to have embraced Islam as a teenager during a prison term for bank robbery in Austria, where he originally lived throughout his childhood. He told the court that, in Go[rn]ja Maoca, he was exposed to videos illustrating the difficulties that Muslims faced in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations.

“I felt the need to do something, to get attention for the sufferings of the Muslims in the East,” he said. “I did not plan this dangerous, tragic and unbelievably stupid and sad act.”

He claimed that his radical Islamist mentors abandoned him after he was arrested, telling him that he had “misunderstood” their messages and teachings.

“Believe me, I understood them well and turned their words into acts,” Jasarevic said. He stated that he was now willing to assist the authorities in preventing “any youngster from going to fight in Syria”.

Jasarevic requested that the court cut his original prison sentence and take into account the fact that he was not aligned with an organised group and acted of his own accord as a “confused young man”. […]

This reminds me of Arid Uka, the young Albanian who likewise apologized for his actions in which he shot five American servicemen in early 2011 in Frankfurt. Uka likewise credibly claimed manipulation, in his case by inflammatory videos. As I’ve said before, though it sounds perverse, the Balkan terrorists do have a touch more humanity about them. After they’ve killed or maimed, of course. Jasarevic and Uka seem genuinely to be victims of the realer Muslims (though it’s distasteful to call themselves “victims” after claiming victims of their own).

So, when the MSM and worldwide political establishment were getting us on board the comparative moderates’ jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo, with terms like “modern, pork-eating, alcohol-drinking, European, non-religious, Westward-facing Muslims of the Balkans,” what they meant was, “Even if we are helping terrorists or helping make terrorists, they’ll be more remorseful ones.”

My favorite of this type, though he isn’t from the Balkans, is Ali Hamad, on whom there was an update not long after the November update on Jasarevic:

Ali Hamad, former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: We were torturing Serbs in concentration camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals (There Must Be Justice, Nov. 30, by Grey Carter)

Belgrade – Ali Ahmed Al Hamad, former Al Qaeda member and commander of [the] ruthless ‘El Mujaheddin’ unit, who sent a letter to [the] Serbian Government, requires extradition to Serbia.

After talks with Dusko Tomic (Al Hamad’s lawyer), the Prosecution is of the opinion that testifying by his client could be important for investigation of crimes committed by ‘El Mujaheddin’ against Serbian prisoners in Kamenica camp at the Town of Zavidovici in Bosnia.
According to Tomic, Al Hammad’s extradition to Serbia is a matter of days.

“If the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina decide to extradite Al Hammad to Bahrain where he was recruited by Al Qaeda, that would be a death sentence to him.” Tomic explained that Al Hammad “would have preferred to be extradited to Serbia in order to testify about all the crimes against Serbian population they committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also said that after testifying he would go to Bahrain only after all preparations for his safe return are done.

Meanwhile Serbian Prosecution for war crimes is leading a pre-trial action over crimes in Zavidovici and nine witnesses have been heard already.

The Prosecution notes that the Zavidovici massacre was among the most horrible crimes ever. [The] El Mujahedin detachment, composed [mostly] of fanatic volunteers from the Arab countries, had captured 60 Serbian soldiers. The Serbs [were] subject to unprecedented torture and suffering in [a] concentration camp in the village of Gostovići near Zavidovići.

The captured Serbs were forced to stab each other with daggers; Mujahedins hammered them alive with nails on a fence; the rusty nails were driven through their genitals. After the most horrifying bestiality which lasted for days, at the end the Mujahedins cut off their heads.

According to so far findings it has been determined that on July 21, 1995 the ‘El Mujaheddin’ unit of the 3rd corpus of the Bosnian Army attacked the place of Krcevine in the Zavidovici municipality. Soldiers of Republica Srpska Army were captured and taken to the village of Livade.

Two soldiers, Momir Mitrovic and Predrag Knezevic, were decapitated and it could be seen in the films the mujahedin recorded on tapes. Other prisoners were taken to a camp in Kamenica where they were beaten and tortured by electro-shocks constantly, every day. The most monstrous crime took place on July 24, 1995 when they decapitated Gojko Vujicic and forced other prisoners to kiss the cut-off head. Then they hung the head on a hook on a wall of a room where the prisoners were kept. More than 52 prisoners were killed in Bosnian Muslim Kamenica concentration camp.

Lawyer Dusko Tomic said that his client decided to speak because of a “deep remorse”.

“…My client believes that it’s Serbia’s interest to know the truth about all the crimes committed against Serbian people in Bosnia,” said Tomic.

Ali Hamad, a Bahraini citizen and former Al Qaeda warrior who claimed asylum in Serbia this week after [a] 12-year prison sentence in Bosnia, admits that he personally took part in atrocities against [the] Serbian population during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tomic says that the authorities of Bosnia launched [an] extradition procedure of Ali Hamad to Bahrain as revenge for his testifying against Rasim Delic, former Bosnian Army commander, before the Hague IC tribunal.

“Ali Hamad gave statements to [the] CIA and ‘other intelligence services’, thus Al Qaeda cells in Spain and Germany were disclosed a few years ago; [and] thanks to Ali Hammad 12 Al Qaeda members were arrested in Italy, [confirming] his statement that the mujaheddins were transferred there from Bosnia, once jihad was over there”, said Tomic.

The finishing year saw a sort of positive epilogue to the previous year’s scene in which a former U.S. secretary of state who’s still on the wrong side of World War II after escaping it herself, famously revealed that she waged her 1999 world war out of hatred for one of the sides.

An unsaid modern phenomenon was identified, labeled, and stigmatized, via an unlikely award nomination for someone who called it out, though I couldn’t find whether this individual ultimately did receive the award:

Swedish Journalist Nominated for Prestigious Award for Fighting “Politically Correct” Racism (Justitia Pax Veritas, Global Research, July 20, 2013)

…Justitia Pax Veritas, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, recently nominated Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize. The award was established this year by the government of Sweden in memory of the late diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews during World War II. The prize is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the fight against racism and xenophobia.

The explanation of the nomination stated, among other things, that Jan Hagberg is about the only journalist in Sweden [or anywhere else] who has drawn attention to a very dangerous kind of racism, one within the establishment, which Hagberg called “the fine mingling racism” towards those Slavic peoples and nations who are “not entirely subordinated to the dictate of the West.”

As a clear example of such a “politically correct” racism Hagberg has written about an incident from October 2012 when Madeleine Albright was filmed screaming “Disgusting Serbs!” to a group of Czech protesters. As Hagberg noticed, rather than condemning Albright, media in Sweden [were] completely silent “because it was the accepted, the fine circles’ racism which was exclaimed by the ex-minister”. […]

Below is the nomination letter from Justitia Pax Veritas:

To the Raoul Wallenberg Academy

…The background of Raoul Wallenberg’s honourable deed was the Nazi totalitarianism and the expansionism which eradicated millions of people merely for being considered a ‘lower race’. Aside from Jews, who were especially targeted, Slavic peoples in Eastern Europe were also put through the Nazi extermination politics. The Nazi Drang nach Osten expansion affected millions of Poles, Belarusians, Russians and Serbs, among others. The latter suffered in particular, because of their persistent resistance against the Nazi occupation and the break-up of Yugoslavia. Due to their two resistance movements – the communist and the monarchist – Hitler maintained particularly harsh policies against the Serbian people. Partly, he allowed various chauvinist regimes in newly founded vassals to carry out extermination politics directed at Serbs, as well as Jews and Roma (the most infamous example is the concentration camp Jasenovac where even Nazi SS-officers were appalled by the extent and brutality of the crimes). Partly, the Nazi occupiers applied the so called 100:1 policy whereby 100 civilian Serbs were executed for each soldier killed in duty of the Third Reich.

When honouring Raoul Wallenberg we should remember that he operated in a time when racism was normalised through its advocacy and enactment by many within Europe’s highest social order. Today there are a number of organisations and individuals who fight different forms of intolerance and xenophobia carried out by extremist groups and individuals. Naturally, this fight is valuable and important but Jan Hagberg is nearly alone in having drawn attention to a particularly dangerous form of racism – the one which is cultivated by parts of the establishment. In his article “The fine mingling racism” Hagberg writes the following:

“Open and read a Swedish daily newspaper about the Slavic peoples, about the countries which do not entirely submit themselves to the dictates of the West. Countries such as Russia, Belarus or Serbia. Read any article on Serbs – and then change the article’s Serbs to Jews. In the former case not an eyebrow is raised over the grossest of insults. The fact that over 100 000 people with this descent live in our country doesn’t seem to matter…

“President Clinton’s foreign minister Madeleine Albright, a war criminal and partly responsible for air strikes in violation of the UN charter, recently visited her birth country the Czech Republic to promote her new book The Prague winter. She was met in a shopping mall by a demonstration led by the Czech director Vaclav Dvorsak, creator of the movie “The Stolen Kosovo”. This mischief made the well-mannered ex-minister completely lose her senses and howl before the congregation, ‘Disgusting Serbs!’.

“Try to change the word Serbs for Jews, exclaimed by – even as a thought – an eastern foreign minister, and it is easy to realize what sort of headlines would be spread (over the Western world). In the real case it was dead silent here, because it was the accepted, the fine circles’ racism which was exclaimed by the ex-minister.”

As Jan Hagberg implies in his article Swedish examples of the establishment’s racist and xenophobic outbursts à la Albright are not few. About one year ago a famous Swedish radio host called Serbs “Breiviks, psychopaths and retards”; in a live national radio programme. The justice councillor, who otherwise frequently prosecutes incitement to racial hatred on the basis of anonymous comments on websites of marginal political movements, decided to not initiate an investigation, with the motivation that the right of free speech is especially strong when it comes to “political opinions” and “debates in issues of public interest”. The justice councillor’s decision was preceded by two ‘anti-racists’ who
(!) the radio host’s spiteful outburst. Another very prominent ‘human rights activist’ made gross and generalising statements on Swedish public radio about the Serbian people by claiming that Serbs are especially violent and that their church “always has been a negative force”. The programme in question, which was completely in line with Albright’s statement “Disgusting Serbs!” was acquitted by the Swedish Broadcasting Commission, in spite of the commissions otherwise very restrictive praxis when it comes to negative statements about peoples.

In some Swedish upper secondary schools a current project which deals with the conflict in former Yugoslavia subjects Swedish students to simplified messages while hiding the great powers’ crucial role in the blood bath between the Yugoslavian peoples. The Serbian people are this time especially afflicted because of their resistance against the break-up of Yugoslavia as well as against the colonisation and devastation of the resourceful and strategically important Balkan peninsula – against a contemporary Drang nach Osten – expansionary politics. Justitia Pax Veritas has received several reports of Swedish-Serbian students feeling bad due to collective blaming and for them Jan Hagberg’s brave words are a consolation for their spiritual wounds.

It is obvious that Jan Hagberg, in Raoul Wallenberg’s spirit is acting in extremely hard head winds as he undresses the establishment’s racism or, to use minister of integration Erik Ullhenhag’s expression; normalised hate. Therefore Justitia Pax Veritas believes that Jan Hagberg is an obvious winner of the Raoul Wallenberg award.

Thank you Jan Hagberg! Long live the memory of Raoul Wallenberg!

Justitia Pax Veritas

Stockholm 10 June 2013

Just another one I’m catching up on from 2013. In August, missionaries in Albania sent this note to reader Maksim, who forwarded it to me, with a link to the following development. I don’t know whether this has been resolved yet or not:

“Church of the Dormition in Permet in southern Albania…Hopefully this will be reversed by the national government, but please remember the church of Albania in your prayers.”

Albania Seizes Orthodox Church
(Greek Reporter, Aug. 20, by Maria Korologou)

Tension still prevails in Përmet in Albania, where hundreds of Orthodox residents of the town came into conflict with the forces of private police that were lined up outside the Church of Virgin Mary.

The church was taken over in a violent way some days before following the orders of the municipal authorities.

Photos of the scene showed crews building a brick wall at the entrance to prevent people from using the church as well as using sheet metal around columns.

The municipality sent private police to the church in order to implement a Supreme Court decision concerning the returning of the church building to the municipal authorities who maintain that the place belongs to them and that it is a cultural center.

However, according to the Orthodox Church of Albania, and as it is widely known, the building was confiscated by the Communist regime in 1968 an was turned a cultural center as were hundreds of other churches in the country.

Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, talking about the incidents of Aug. 16, spoke of “a very sad incident” and reminded, among others, the agreement of 2010 between the government and the religious communities in the country for returning to them all the religious institutions.

Christians violently ousted from Church in Premeti; Orthodox Archbishop of Albania urges calmness and respect to rule of law (tovima.gr, Aug. 22)

The Christian Orthodox Church of Albania has condemned the violent ousting of clergy and believers from a temple in Premeti, during the celebrations for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the 16th of August, by private security guards and municipal authorities.

Worshippers and clergy refusing the leave were violently removed by municipal police, while religious artifacts such as religious icons and utensils were confiscated. On Monday local residents reacting clashed with police outside the church, demanding that they be allowed to resume services.

The church was evacuated under the pretext of following a court order, which stated that the building be returned to municipal authorities. According to Albanian legislation, the building must function as a culture center.

During his lecture at the Cathedral Temple in Tirana, the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Albania Anastasios commented that the ousting harkened back to the communist era in Albania, when religious beliefs were banned. He also demanded that the Albanian government fulfill its 2009 promise to return seized church assets.

Regarding the legal pretext, Archbishop Anastasios explained that the Albanian [government] recognized that the cultural center was built on top of a Christian holy temple and handed it over to the Church in exchange for the cost of converting it. In the past the Church has repeatedly been vandalized, with the clergy alleging the attacks have municipal backing.

The spokesman of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Mr Konstantinos Koutras commented that the violent ousting of the clergy and believers from the temple “are unacceptable, condemned and without any legal backing”.

The violence was also condemned by former President of Albania and outgoing Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Catching up on a few late-2013-breaking items this week.

Just when you thought post-9/11 flakiness passed her over, don’t count her out. Just when you thought she wasn’t merely another dumb blonde dating a Muslim, it turns out Madonna did decide after all to join the “stupid hen” club, as one German social worker some years ago called a woman trying to escape her violent Muslim husband.

We know she’s into S & M, and maybe those death threats about performing in Tel-Aviv turned her on too much to resist. But to give her some credit, she’s probably studying it to find the loopholes allowing for Muslim-Jewish co-existence.

Has Madonna ditched Kabbalah for Islam? Singer reveals she is studying the Koran (Daily Mail, Oct. 7)

It is almost a quarter of a century since she first sang Like A Prayer.

But it seems the intervening years have done little to help Madonna decide exactly who she’s praying to.

For it appears the queen of re-invention may be on the verge of one of her most startling changes yet, after she revealed she was studying the Koran.

Now the singer, whose current partner is a Muslim, has begun investigating Islam. [Well it’s about time someone did!]

She said: ‘I am building schools for girls in Islamic countries and studying the Koran.

‘I think it is important to study all the holy books. As my friend Yaman always tells me, a good Muslim is a good Jew, and a good Jew is a good Christian, and so forth. I couldn’t agree more.’

Madonna has followed Kabbalah since 1996…But she and her current partner Brahim Zaibat, 25, have reportedly argued about religion because of his Muslim faith.

No kidding!

And yet, what pious Muslim runs around with damaged infidel goods more than twice his age? An infidel that’s the very embodiment of Western misbehavior.

Someone should also explain to him how a harem works: he’s supposed to have one, not be part of one. And what’s a Muslim to do with all her gay-love? She worships gays probably more than he worships Allah.

One wonders what his reaction was to the penis-shaped bong she instagrammed to fans as her favorite present of 2013. (It’s nice the 15-year-old — I mean, 55-year-old — still finds novelty in, and flaunts her excitement over, things shaped like penises. Yes, Dear, we know. And it’s nice that Daily Mail still classifies such trifles as “controversy.” The instagram was part of her announced New Year’s resolution to “f***in’ own it. 2014 is mine!’ As if she hasn’t owned the last three decades.)

But let’s see how well the sultana’s bodyguards protect her, given that she’s dating, essentially, a CIA profile. One hopes security is allowed into the bedroom. Because there’s a 50-50 chance that a more radical pal will convince Zaibat that, given his proximity to the biggest symbol of Western depravity, it is his duty to deprive the West of one of its most celebrated icons. They’ll have to rewrite the song as “Like a Snare.”

It’s quite the long-term rebound from half-Jewish Sean Penn, to whom Madonna never lost her attachment. Or maybe she’s looking to outdo the violence of that relationship which ended when she drove to police after Penn gagged, beat, bound, and molested her, threatening also to cut off her hair. Which is always good practice for the Islamic version of that.

In other flaky-Westerner news, the six-year-old Colorado boy suspended for kissing a girl’s hand was allowed back to school in December, and the “sexual harassment” charge has been changed to “misconduct.” The things we teach our kids. I’m sure if he had kissed a boy’s hand instead, he’d be Student of the Month.

On that note, a 13-year-old boy’s Bar Mitzvah speech that went viral in December advocated redefining marriage to include gay marriage. (Because, as evidenced by Reform doctrine, to be Jewish is to love gays. Which means that, no matter how much Koran she reads, Madonna is hopelessly Jewish.)

As an argument for gay marriage, the boy cited how much traditional marriage has changed since the days of Jacob and his two wives. Not realizing, of course, that by redefining marriage he’s moving us backwards to those ancient days.

Anyway, that’s one for the gays, and one for the Muslims. In both cases, the recruits and fellow travelers are adding up. We don’t know when the final showdown will be (gays have to first admit there’ll be one), but I want a front-row seat.