Over the years, in addition to hate mail, I’ve gotten letters from Albanians that were polite and even warm but bewildered and hurt in tone; hurt over my not being pro-Albanian the way everyone else is — especially when Albanians, they remind me, are pro-American and pro-Jewish. (Something that I’ve addressed here, here and here.) On these occasions I’ve written back that even though today they are convinced that they were the victims, their horrifying experiences during the war made them victims of something that their own people set in motion by virtue of their designs on the region and their ethnic separatism and supremacy — which, I allow, the particular letter-writer may or may not have shared. I also remind them that it was an ethnic separatism and supremacy that the United States empowered and made king, leaving individual-minded Albanians nowhere to go but the KLA. And so I have told them that we, the U.S., actually owe them an apology for taking their side in that war.

Then there are letters like this one, which was sent to the Political Mavens blog in July, 2007 :

You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing that racist bitch Gorin to spew her anti-Albanian venum as one of your contributors. Especially since Albanians, while Albania was under Nazi occupation, risked their lives to save every Jew that sought refuge in Albania. Unlike Gorin’s Greek Orthodox cousins who turned 60,000 Jews over the Nazis on a silver platter so they could be shoved into gas chambers. But this is typical of Jews. Go f yourself.

Note: I don’t have any Greek cousins. But if he’s talking about the Serbs’ Greek cousins, let me be clear: When it comes to Jews, the Serbs and the Greeks are two very distinct creatures (as are the Serbs and the Russians), and I’d sooner cast my lot with the Serbs. But it’s interesting that the best this complainant could come up with in terms of painting negatively the Serbs during the Holocaust is telling me what the Greeks did. That’s more honest than what the Croatians try to get away with when they equate their enthusiastically Hitler-aligned, genocidal regime with the reluctantly Hitler-cooperative Nedic regime in Serbia.

I mentioned the other day that the only Albanians who are capable of thinking outside their skin are either dead or biting their tongues. Or they’re of mixed parentage. Here is a 2007 letter I’ve been meaning to post from Vic, who is of both Albanian and Montenegrin parentage, which apparently facilitates rational thinking. He also can tell that despite my deserved slamming of that tribe, I don’t do it because I have something against anyone’s blood — only against their actions and agendas. And, of course, against their culture when that culture considers itself above others:

I greatly enjoy your posts about the Balkans. You are one of the few people who writes the truth about what goes on there.

…I am actually of Montenegrin-Albanian background. My last name believe it or not is actually of Albanian origin. Having a background from both sides, I think I know both cultures very well, and the Albanian culture is a lot more nationalistic and fanatical, especially in Kosovo and Macedonia. I am actually Catholic while my mom is of Orthodox Christian background. Most Albanians I dare not talk to about this issue because they are so, well you know how most Albanians feel about the Kosovo issue. It’s hard to discuss this issue sensibly with them, and actually I fear sometimes ramifications from them if I discuss it with them. People of Serbian background you can discuss the issue intelligently with. Knowing both sides, I know that the Albanians are the more violent people. I know the history of Kosovo, and it’s historically always been Serbian. The whole 1999 bombing campaign was based on a bunch of lies, starting with Rambouillet, where Appendix B stated that NATO would in effect occupy all of Yugoslavia. Any sane country would have rejected being occupied. I could go on, but you know the whole story already anyway.

That was sad what you wrote about the Serb person who died because he was not allowed to be treated by an Albanian doctor. There is no question that NATO’s presence has exacerbated relations between the Serbs and Albanians. Of course one factor most people don’t mention is that Tito played a huge role in aggravating relations between Serbs and Albanians, and between Croats and Serbs. Tito did this to keep his grip on power solid. Unfortunately, Yugoslavia suffered as a result of this. Interestingly, one of Tito’s most devoted followers, Alexander Radosavljevic, said in 1971 that Tito made a historical mistake in worsening the relations betweens the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians, and that Yugoslavia would pay a heavy price for it.

Another thing Tito did in addition to letting illegal Albanian immigrants come into Kosovo was to forbid Serbs driven out of Kosovo during WWII from returning, and this also destroyed the balance in population. It is interesting that Tito gave autonomy to the Serbian provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina in 1974 to limit Serb power, but not to the Serbs in Krajina, despite the fact they had been there for centuries and that Krajina had never been really Croatian historically.

Not sure if you are familiar about these old articles about Kosovo from the 1980’s. These were written when 99.9% of America never heard of Kosovo. It discusses things like the Serb exodus from Kosovo. Some of them are even from the New York Times, believe it or not. Check out this web site for the articles:

http://members.tripod.com/~sarant_2/ksm.html [Title: “Articles Written when Kosovo was not Famous]

The reporting back then was much less biased. Now of course Bosnian Muslim terrorists that are arrested are referred to by Fox News as from the former Yugoslavia, just like the Fort Dix terrorists were.