Tadić and Mesić discuss WW2
28 June 2007 | 11:26 | Source: Beta

A Zagreb daily reported Wednesday that Boris Tadić and Stjepan Mesić, both attending an energy summit in the Croatian capital last Sunday, “talked and agreed that the two countries ought to put the World War II issues behind them for good.”

The initiative reportedly came from Mesić and was accepted by Tadić.

Večernji List says the Serbian president agreed that “for the sake of cooperation between the two countries, issues from history should not count among open questions on the agenda.”

According to the daily, Croatia sees closure of the World War II question in the shape of “Serbia’s official historiography abandoning the claim of 700,000 Jasenovac victims and placing of the Chetnik movement in a realistic context.”

However, Tadić’s cabinet has denied the report.

“Tadić and Mesić met and talked about the innocent victims of Jasenovac, Jadovna, Operation Storm. The president said that he will never engage in determining the number of victims, leaving that to historians.”

“The president said in his meeting with Mesić that each innocent victim was one too many and that death camps such as Jasenovac and other locations must never be forgotten. He also said that victims ought to be treated with respect and repeated that all those guilty of crimes must face justice,” Tadić’s office said.

This is just beautiful. The European country that has zero compunction over having been a Nazi ally, the country that was never held accountable collectively for its crimes the way Germany was, wants to “move on” — before someone besides me and the Serbs notices.