Yesterday, after meeting with Condoleezza Rice, Kosovo “prime minister” Agim Ceku decided, and promised, that Kosovo would not declare independence unilaterally. However, a day earlier November 28th was the date announced for an independence declaration. Nov. 28th is Albania’s day of independence:

Kosovo sets Nov 28 independence date

Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku called on Parliament yesterday to declare unilateral independence from Serbia on November 28, faced with diplomatic stalemate between the West and Russia at the United Nations.

“November 28 is a day of celebration,” he said when asked by reporters why he had chosen that day.

November 28 marks independence day in neighbouring Albania, a date also celebrated by Kosovo’s 90-per cent Albanian majority.

“The United Nations has failed to act,” Ceku said after meeting UN Kosovo governor Joachim Ruecker. “My idea is a way out of this situation. We are offering our partners a solution.”

Technically, the UN mission would have to annul any unilateral declaration, and risk a violent backlash.

Serbia said the choice of November 28 pointed to the creation of a Greater Albania, something Kosovo and Albania have [denied].

And here we have Greater Albania preparing to fight for its Kosovo contingent:

Macedonian Albanian veterans prepared to fight for Kosovo

Text of report by Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik on 10 July - BBC Monitoring

I am prepared to lead 10,000 former ONA [National Liberation Army, NLA - UCK in Albanian] members from Macedonia to demonstrate solidarity by joining their brothers of the UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army] and, if necessary, using arms to gain Kosovo’s independence, Fazli Veliu has told Dnevnik. He is the chairman of the ONA Veterans’ Association and a DUI [Democratic Union for Integration - BDI in Albanian] deputy in the Macedonian Assembly.

Veliu’s message follows the UCK veterans’ demand that the negotiating team should not accept any postponement of the Kosovo status resolution, or else they would act as UCK soldiers. They also asked the international organizations not to obstruct the resolution.

Meanwhile, other Serbian parts of Greater Albania have been making moves to attach themselves to Kosovo in preparation for the province’s independence and eventual merger with Albania:

Valley Albanians Push for Talks on Merging with Kosovo

The Movement for Democratic Progress on June 5 called on the Albanian parties from the southern Serbian municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo to form a joint body, a national council, which, as a representative of the Albanian community, would start negotiations with the Serbian government about merging these municipalities with Kosovo.

This pushing for the next thing before you’ve gotten the first thing reminded me of this:

Gays Expand Battlefield

After a decade of fighting for same-sex ‘marriage,’ some homosexual activists are breaking their silence to say it’s time to fight for benefits for all kinds of relationships.

Other kinds of relationships that they say deserve marriagelike benefits include senior citizens who aren’t married but live together; single-parent families; blended families; ‘committed, loving households in which there is more than one conjugal partner’; ‘queer couples who decide to jointly create and raise a child with another queer person or couple, in two households’; and nonsexual cohabiters, such as friends or siblings, the statement said.

But some observers, both homosexual and heterosexual, are alarmed by the statement’s sweeping agenda…Washington Blade executive editor Chris Crain wrote in a recent column [that] calling for benefits and recognition for any kind of family group “really is the radical redefinition of marriage and family that the conservatives have been braying about for so long. Realizing the Right’s worst fears is the last thing that our movement needs to do at this critical juncture.”

In other words, the jig was up and the move backfired.

Of course, in the Balkans the jig is never up. Meanwhile, here was my favorite comment in response to the Kosovo-Bujanovac-Presevo merging news item — by “Jack”:

This is outrageous! Anyone that supports or promotes the creation of mono-ethnic states is a xenophobic racist. This is not only a racist plan, it is land grabbing. Thirty years from now the Republic of Kosova-Preshevo would still be so poor that many residents would be going across the [Serbian] border into Nis for work. Then when they had reached a significant majority in Nis they would claim it as ancestral Albanian land and demand independence.