Just an update to Monday’s post: Iranian ambassador visits Serbia’s Muslim-majority region [Sandzak], discusses economy

Excerpt from report by Serbian local TV in Novi Pazar on 19 July:

[Presenter] Iranian Ambassador to Serbia [Sayyed Morteza Mirheydari] paid an official visit to Novi Pazar today [19 July]. During his visit, the ambassador met political parties’ representatives and the Mesihat [executive body] of the Islamic Community in Serbia chairman [Muamer Zukorlic]. Potential economic investments in the Sandzak region were discussed at the meeting with Mufti Muamer Zukorlic.

[Reporter] The Mesihat of the Islamic Community in Serbia chairman, Mufti Muamer Zukorlic, today received Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade Sayyed Morteza Mirheydari. During one-hour cordial talks, collocutors mainly elaborated on the topic already discussed at their previous meetings, i.e., potentials for investing into the Sandzak region by Iranian entrepreneurs and financial organizations.

Iranian “entrepreneurs”!! I love it!! Terrorpreneurs!

And here’s from Mickey at Serbianna on Iran in Greater Albania:

What Iran sees here is a ripe, failed state, ready for a takeover because Iran has a much more sophisticated and organized terror network that is internalized domestically inside Iranian institutions and will operate much more efficiently than al Qaeda under its diplomatic cloak in Albania.

Washington’s support of Kosovo independence is like gifting the enemy with operational space instead of having a rational plan to contain him.

That Albania is quietly undergoing radical Islamization is evidenced by the recent problems in electing a president. Parliament took 4 tries, and the opposition which wanted a Christian finally gave up and elected Bamir Topi, a Muslim and a choice of the ruling prime minister Berisha. This Muslim cadre is what will silently open doors to more radical Albanian Muslim elements such as Bashkim Gazidede, Berisha’s ex-chief spy, responsible for bringing in al Qaeda investors into the country [in the 90s]. Gazidede went into exile in another terror-friendly state, Syria.


Albania calls for Iran investment (Nov. 13, 2008)

Albanian President Bamir Topi on Tuesday called on Iran to make investment in Albania.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Albania Ali-Eqbal Zarech, president Topi discussed the latest regional developments as well as the issues about the Balkans and Kosovo.

Bringing stability in Kosovo would restore peace in the Balkans, the Albanian president said.

He also called for further Tehran-Tirana cooperation in the economic field.

Topi urged Iran’s participation in the Albanian investment projects.

Meanwhile, Iranian ambassador expressed Iran’s readiness to invest in the Albanian infrastructural projects and provide engineering and technical services for that country as well. –IRNA #