From Human Events July 23, 1999:

On July 1, by a vote of 261 to 162, the House approved a controversial motion by Rep. Ike Skelton (D.-Mo.) to instruct House members of the House-Senate conference committee on the Defense Authorization bill to Insist on inclusion of a provision commending everyone involved in prosecuting the war against Yugoslavia.

“Customarily, at the end of a conflict, we compliment as a body those who participated in and helped achieve a victory,’ said Skelton.”There is no question about it, this is a substantial victory for the allies, a substantial victory for NATO, and a substantial victory for the United States of America.”

But other Republicans strongly disagreed and opposed the motion. Combat veteran Rep. Duke Cunningham (R.-Calif.), while supporting the troops, said, “I disagree extremely with the laudatory comments about our diplomatic corps and the President in this effort. As a veteran, it is sickening to me, and I will tell my colleagues why.

“The total number of people killed in Kosovo prior to our bombing was 2,012. We have killed more than five times that amount in our bombing, and yet we are supposed to be saving people. Rambouillet was a joke to start with and, in my opinion, caused us to go there…”

Further, he said, the mission in Yugoslavia has worn down America’s aging military infrastructure. “So, yes, our troops were exemplary, we did the job. But, in my opinion, the President of the United States and the whole diplomatic corps, through their failure, caused the war in the first place. I am very concerned that this [cease-fire] could be misconstrued as an endorsement of support for our policy in Kosovo.”