Another American Jew “gets” Kosovo, albeit a bit late:

US should support Serbia, not Kosovo Albanian radicals, expert , March 19, 2007

US needs to stand on the side of democracy and stop supporting radical and quasi criminal elements with separatist tendencies in Kosovo, says Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Security at the Sarah and Douglas Allison Center of the Davis Institute for International Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

“…Implications of Kosovo’s independence can be dangerous if not catastrophic across the world,” says Cohen. Ariel Cohen has often been critical of Russia’s President Putin’s policies but in case of Kosovo, says Cohen, Russia is on the side of international law and that warrants us to listen.

Yes, THAT’S how pathetic we are: Russia has the higher moral ground here. Friggin’ RUSSIA!!!

“It is interesting that Holbrooke blames Russia,” for any violence Kosovo Albanians are threatening to initiate if their independence drive is thwarted but “while I do not support President Putin and frequently in my texts I have been critical of Russia, I must say that when Russia stands on the side of the international law and warns that support for separatism in Kosovo would have ramifications not only in Europe but across the world, I think we need to pay attention.”

In a recent Washington Post opinion piece, former US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke claimed that the forthcoming Kosovo Albanian violence if the world community does not grant them independence should be blamed on Russia because the Muslim Kosovo Albanian leadership believes that Russia should be blamed for their inability to become independent.

By the way, that’s been the plan: Break every international law and resolution, spit on hard-won values such as rule of law, equal justice, freedom of religion, property rights and minority rights, while raising Albanian hopes for the impossible (rightly impossible) — and when it all explodes in our face, blame Russia and Serbia for their “intransigence.”

All so that Richard Holbrooke, Wesley Clark and half of Congress can make an Albanian buck.

In 2004, Holbrooke hosted a Kosovo Albanian fundraiser which raised over half a million dollars for John Kerry’s Presidential campaign and Holbrooke promised there that, if elected, Kerry will pronounce Kosovo independent. That fundraiser was attended by a well-known Kosovo Albanian weapons smuggler.

“We have to be very careful as to the degree and locations of our support for independence movements that can destroy not only sovereign states but also democracy,” replies Cohen.

“I think that US should be on the side of democracy and not radical and quasi criminal elements that have predetermined political objectives,” advises Cohen.

Kosovo province has been administered by the UN since 1999 and since then Muslim Albanians have expelled over 200,000 Christian Serbs, destroyed over 150 Churches, instigated a widespread pogrom and are now threatening wholesale violence in the province if UN fails to give them independence. There are over 16,000 NATO troops in the province whose mandate is to, ostensibly, keep peace.

Thank you, Ariel. But I gotta ask you: WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG?! IT’S BEEN LONELY HERE FOR EIGHT YEARS! Why’d you let it go this long without saying something? The right side might have had other support from the Right if you’d opened your trap earlier! I might not have to be hiding under my desk every time I publish an article explaining what’s what! Our government might have been shamed into taking a different course! Bush might not have defaulted to the Clinton policy on this! Especially after 9/11! Bush might have followed the Bush Doctrine in Kosovo. He might not have gotten his watch stolen! Fewer people might be looking at me cross-eyed when I bring up the word “Kosovo”!