As the immigrant groups we’ve resettled to our shores bring their ethnic rivalries with them and recreate the Balkans here, an American of Serbian descent explains why he moved out of Detroit:

If you have never been to Kosovo, but would like an idea of just how bad their crime is, (and what the Serbs have tolerated for centuries, not a decade), simply go to Hamtramck, Michigan, a city within the city of Detroit, teeming with Albanians. Remember though, the Detroit police department has Hamtramck circled in red on their city maps, and it’s not because of a low crime rate…

Cops there look for a reason not to enter Hamtramck, which was once known and respected for being a very clean, law-abiding and predominantly middle-class Polish community. There are very few Poles left there and the small African American community is being forced out as well. SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE BORN ON BALKAN SOIL? Sadly, if you so much as utter a word in any Slavic language, your life expectancy will be drastically reduced. [This is familiar.] And I’m referring again to Hamtamck, Michigan, not some backward village in Kosovo, where death to Slavs has been a common Albanian practice for as long as anyone can recall.

How and why would anyone dare to give away part of someone else’s country to Muslim terrorists, when they are a 20% minority within that country’s borders and constantly threaten it’s non-Muslim inhabitants with death?? Why are US politicians trying to help a Narco/Nazi Muslim people establish a foothold on Serbian soil, and who gave them that right?

I tell my 15 year old daughter, whom we adopted from Yugoslavia in 1993, that I hate no one. I do this for obvious reasons; number one, it’s true and number two, I want her outside any circle of hate.

However…I have had a number of more than negative, personal contacts with Albanians in Detroit, my hometown. One left me semi-conscious for three days after I took a severe beating from twelve Albanians on drugs, in our church Saint Lazarus. They used fists, dozens of bottles, steel chairs, tables, knives and guns. They demolished our hall and left me with broken teeth and ribs, two stab wounds to the arm, 54 stitches to my head and permanent damage to the center for sight and sound deep within my brain.

Detroit Albanians pipe-bombed our church on several occasions during the seventies, including one attempt to bomb our junior choir’s practice room in our social hall. Had they thrown the bomb through the window twenty minutes earlier, there would be twenty-something grieving Serb families. They painted “Fuck all Serbian Mothers,” in ten-foot red letters, on the face of our church, just prior to a national gathering. Conversely, you will not find one single recorded attack on an Albanian or any of their institutions in Detroit, by a Serb.

Here in California, an Albanian from AOL’s discussion board came within ten feet of my daughter’s bedroom window, at three in the morning and fired off four, live 9mm rounds. The same people described the interior of my house on AOL. A silly attempt to shut me up…. I had been careless around predators, thinking we were safe from their narco/nazi fanaticism here in a civilized American Metropolis. When I adopted my daughter in Yugoslavia, I promised the people at the orphanage that I would always keep my child out of harm’s way.

I have not lived in Detroit since 1980…Most of the things I described to you regarding Hamtramck’s sizable Albanian population happened during the 60’s and 70’s. It was also about then that Detroit’s more radical Croatians formed a weird coalition with the Albanians. Their mandate was never publicly stated, however, the Serbs understood all to well that this was simply another cloaked continuation of WW II Nazi doctrines.

What I told you about St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox church of Detroit being bombed at least twice, during that period, and covered in the most vulgar forms of graffiti, was spot-on accurate. Also, young Serbs such as myself, who had made a habit of frequenting Hamtramck’s well known Polish restaurants and Taverns were often accosted or intimidated by Albanian gangs, who were busily trying to cleanse Hamtramck of her old Slav population. They were successful.

I think it was an 80 year old Polish owner of Three Star BBQ, on Joseph Campo Street, that had his nose bitten off by Albanian thugs. After resisting their low-ball offers to sell for years, he finally did so within a week of his release from the hospital and at a ridiculously low price. These stories ring true, whether one is describing Albanian behavior on Serbian or US soil.