In Yahoo’s issues-oriented “Hot Zone” last week, there was an item profiling Kinneret Boosany, an Israeli survivor of a 2002 suicide bombing. At the top of the piece was a disclaimer reading, “*Note: in keeping with our mission, the Hot Zone is putting a human face on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’re profiling doctors, victims of the violence, journalists and artists — one from each side. In focusing more on the human picture than the political one, we aim to present a clearer portrayal of the scope of the conflict.”

One gets the sense that this “note” was a means of explaining Yahoo’s putting a human face to the Israeli side of the conflict. Because you’ll notice that the frequent human face attributed in the media to Palestinians has never been accompanied by a “note”. But here, in this rare and highly unusual depiction of Israeli as victim, suddenly there is a “note” explaining the feature.

To my knowledge, it took more than a decade of one side targeting civilians–something the other side doesn’t do–via an innovative new tool of terror known as suicide bombing, for the media to produce even a single human-interest piece about a survivor of such a thing, which is designed to inflict maximum damage upon innocents. That piece wasn’t produced by any of the well-funded pack journalists working for prominent news organizations, but by a freelancer peddling a piece to It was written by Yours Truly, and it featured the same Kinneret Boosany.

Yet here, despite being more than a decade late, Yahoo feels it still needs to explain doing the piece at all.

It is also striking that despite there being no shortage of limbless young Israelis available for journalists’ plucking, Yahoo managed only to scrounge up the same, albeit worthy, subject to profile, Ms. Boosany.