In an exchange between a man named Ray Robison and me, requested by and published today, Robison takes issue with my writings on Kosovo. While I make the most cogent points in my half of the exchange, I was limited in space and therefore am posting a few supplementary refutations of his claims on this blog.

Robison: Julia Gorin has laid out a stream-of-consciousness argument for FrontPage warning of a looming Islamic extremist epicenter from not Egypt, not Saudi Arabia, not Pakistan but Kosovo.

Gorin: There is something very wrong with this statement. While Muslims are attacking Europe and slowly conquering it with their increasing population and demands, Robison believes journalists should not point out Islamists anywhere other than in known hotbeds. Isn’t it more important to call attention to the dangerous rise of Islam in Europe, with Kosovo poised to become the third Muslim state in its belly (Albania and Bosnia being the others)?

Europe has a healthy fear of being dominated by Islam, otherwise Turkey would have been welcomed to the EU long ago. But, while the EU is blocking Turkey’s entrance through the front door, it’s leaving it’s back door wide open to the Muslims of Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo. It’s not a coincidence that al Qaeda considers those three entities their greatest successes as it penetrates Europe.

Regarding Robison’s labeling as a “stream of consciousness argument” my methodical take-down of his and others’ seditious attempts to keep Americans looking every which way but the Balkans for resurgent Islam — despite its having been the marshalling point for the resurgence: let’s keep in mind that this comes from a man who referred to my 22-page article in American Thinker, meticulously documented with 125 links, a “factless screed” — and then didn’t link to it so that readers couldn’t see he’s crazy.

When two buffoons validated him by also going on the attack against me, Robison posted a comment on one of their blogs, mocking me for writing in the American Thinker article that he was too close to the situation to be able to see the big picture. He forgot that he said the same thing in his original American Thinker article about Kosovo:

I have read several articles since the news broke of the Jersey Jihadists about the former Yugoslavia and links to Islamic jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo. I have read them openly to reexamine my position and see if I got it wrong because of my personal experience.

But back to his “arguments” today:

Robison: The reason the U.S. rendition policy became necessary is because the Islamic terrorists were not from Kosovo. They were sent back to Egypt in most cases because they were Egyptians. Now an argument can be made that these Arab jihadists, veterans of the Afghan mujahideen were supported locally by some Albanian Islamic extremists.

Gorin: In addition to the points made in today’s piece, Albanian terror ties go beyond “some locals supporting Arab jihadists.” —\Commentary\archive\200410\COM20041029f.html

Robison: In addition, Kosovars have consistently expressed a closer identity to the West than towards fellow Muslims in Asia.

Gorin (in addition to the points made in the article):

And here’s the Kosovo billionaire/money launderer/heroin trader/aspiring politician involved in bribing UN’s Kosovo envoy Martti Ahtisaari to include Kosovo independence in his final-status proposal. Admittedly, he is pleading to get his kidnapped cousin released:

“Shqipe Hebibi went to Afghanistan to help our brother people here,” Behgjet Pacolli said on a private Afghan televison channel. “Please release her. We are waiting every day.”

A videotape broadcast by Arab television station al Jazeera on Oct. 31 showed the distressed hostages answering questions from a captor whose face was hidden by a scarf. On the tape, Hebibi said she had thought she could help a country similar to her own. “I know the culture, I know the religion, and that’s why I thought I can help,” she said. “We are not related to America.”

Robison: Gorin would have you believe that nearly every single western media organization, UN member-nation and most of the American soldiers in Kosovo (except for the one she culled from the conspiracy) is out to enable Muslim extremists to begin the final solution of Muslim world-wide dominance beginning in Kosovo.

Gorin: One doesn’t have to be “out to enable” something in order to enable it. Media organizations that are against Kosovo independence are virtually non-existent; vocal UN member-nations that oppose Kosovo independence are but a handful: Russia, Bulgaria, Romania Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus.

Robison: How many of you are really ready to accept that every American soldier in Kosovo is simply keeping their mouths shut (under orders according to Gorin) to a U.S. funded ethnic cleansing campaign? For those of you with your hands in the air I refer you to The New Republic debacle in which a soldier just got himself in a heap of trouble for writing “journalistic” pieces about fictitious bad behavior by US soldiers.

Gorin: Apples and oranges. Nowhere do I accuse the U.S. soldiers of bad behavior. My whole focus is on the true nature of the Albanian Muslims and their land grab. I’m not accusing the soldiers of anything, only the command of backing the wrong side, as policy dictates.