A report earlier this year cited 45 internet café bombings in Gaza since December 1, 2006:

About 45 Internet outlets have been bombed since Dec. 1, according to figures from Gaza’s Central Police Office…A group called the Swords of Islamic Righteousness has claimed responsibility for the attacks.”

“This just shows how confused these fanatics are,” said [bombed Internet Cafe owner Alaa] Al-Shawa, 27. “Even they use the Internet to circulate their statements, but they think everyone else uses it for porno.”

Imagine: There you are, just minding your own business downloading bomb recipes and beheading videos, and boom! How is a person supposed to concentrate on becoming a jihadist with these constant disruptions?

And here was a Thursday news item from Gaza:

An explosion ripped through a car east of Gaza City late Thursday, witnesses said, and hospital officials said one person was killed and another was seriously wounded.

The Israeli army, which customarily acknowledges its air and ground operations against Palestinian militants, denied involvement. Some blasts that do not involve the military are caused by explosive devices intended for use against Israel that go off prematurely.

I love the glibness of that last sentence. Did someone write that with a straight face? Meanwhile, about all these “premature” explosions that happen (like, every month) to Muslims on their way to blow up Jews, do they ever stop to think that maybe that’s Allah talking to them right there? Does it ever cross their minds that maybe Allah is just not that into them?