In response to today’s earlier post “Amanpour’s Jewphobia is no Surprise Coming from a Serbophobe”,’s Mickey Bozinovich writes:

In 2002, Muslim World Council (aka Rabita), a proselytizing tool of the Saudi state that has a ponderous influence in the Organization of Islamic Conference, has officially designated Jews and Serbs as enemies of Islam.

“[A]ccording to the Islamic Fiqh Council, there are various forms of terrorism, which include state terrorism, the most conspicuous illustration and the most heinous of which is practiced in Palestine today by the Israelis, and by the Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo,” writes Muslim World League Journal in its July 2002 issue.

Both Serbia and Israel did not need this official Islamic designation to realize that an active Islamic conspiracy is seeking to exterminate them, because policies practiced on [Israel and Serbia] are nearly identical.

Consider the 2000 Rabita Communiqué that addresses the “Zionists” and Serbs.

On Jews:

“The communiqué called on the Chairman of the Jerusalem Committee, member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and other Islamic and international commissions to take the necessary measures to put pressure on the Zionists to halt the judaization of Jerusalem, prevent the occurrence of any geographical or demographic change, remove all Jewish settlements from the occupied territories…”

On Serbs:

“The communiqué urged OIC member states to exert efforts to help the Muslims in Kosovo to gain their right for self-determination and establish their independent state, and to seek to put pressure on the Serbs to recognize that demand and provide all assistance to the Kosovan Muslims.”

In fact, just yesterday, [the] Muslim “president” in Kosovo went public telling Serbs to give up on Kosovo. “It is important for Belgrade to understand that it is surely easier for them to give up their claim, once and for all,” said Muslim Sejdiu.

The Islamiane Amanpour is then just another in a long procession of useful media idiots that perpetuate a myth that a way for America to get along with the Muslim world is to inflict tangible pain on Jews and Serbs.

I fortuitously just stumbled upon one of thousands of pieces of additional confirmation that Western policies have been shadowing Islamic ones, in Chris Deliso’s excellent book The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The Clinton administration’s support for the foreign mujahedin in Bosnia…opened a vital window of opportunity for Islamic terrorist organizations to deepen and diversify their operations in all of Europe — directly expediting the 9/11 attacks and the 2004 Madrid bombing. The Bosnian support was allegedly necessary to prevent a “Greater Serbia.” However, “what the West seems to have forgotten,” states [security expert] Darko Trifunovic, “is that long before the [2001] terrorist attacks against America, the Bosnian Serbs were fighting against jihad, a literal jihad ordered and funded by Osama bin Laden, in their own country. Former mujahedin have told me that bin Laden personally ordered them to fight Christians in the Balkans — and later, to expand in Europe, especially Italy and Spain. The West is now paying the price for supporting the mujahedin against the Serbs.”

Incidentally, the Serbs, even under Milosevic, were not trying to create a Greater Serbia.