On the point being constantly reitereated by our policymakers that “Kosovo is a special case”:

BANJA LUKA, Sept 6 (Tanjug) - World Jewish Congress (WJC) Special Emissary to the Yugoslav Successor States Arie Livne (86) has stated that the issue of Kosovo is not a special case, underscoring that granting independence to Kosovo would be major injustice.

The Albanians make up the majority of the population in Kosovo, but are an ethnic minority in Serbia, Livne said in an interview published by the Banja Luka daily Press RS. Granting independence to Kosovo would lead to major injustice and would be rather dangerous, because the Basque Country, Corsica, South Tyrol, Northern Ireland would request the same, said Livne.

Now read this:

War crimes indictee allowed to run in Kosovo election, UN says

The United Nations said yesterday it had no objection to a Kosovo-Albanian war crimes indictee running for parliament in the province’s November election…Critics say the UN mission has given Haradinaj special treatment since his indictment, believing his considerable influence has helped stop hardliners from turning to violence in the diplomatic deadlock over Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

And recall: “Prosecutors in Kosovo and The Hague say the United Nations and Western governments bent over backward to prevent his prosecution.”

Reading these items back to back, I finally figured out what “Kosovo is a special case” means. It’s code for:

Help. I’m being kidnapped. But please don’t let on that you know or they’ll kill my family. Don’t report this to the press, and no one will get hurt for the moment. Just help me out and play along.

Ever see “The Hitcher”? The kids wanted to help the hitchhiker get where he was going. Then they didn’t have a choice.