Mickey Bozinovich at Serbianna recently pointed out that not long before Croatian Nazis rocked through North America in recent weeks, a Bosnian Nazi of Albanian origin was touring here as well:

This summer…another Jihadist took a tour of the American land of the “infidel” and preached Islam to his loving Bosnian Muslim flock… and much of his tour went under the radar.

In an interview for a Bosnian Muslim extremist web site Bosnjaci.net, Hafiz Sulejman Bugari explains that during his tour of North America this summer he “felt Islamic and Bosnian pride” even though Bugari is an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo. Bugari was sent on a mission from the leader of the Bosnian Muslims, Chief Mufti Mustafa Ceric.

“Remember,” says Bugari in the interview while reminiscing what he said to his believing Bosnian Muslim flock of North America “all technology and every science has been taken out of Quran. Exactly all…”

Then a question: “Someone might says that 1428 years ago no one knew that there will be Internet…”

Bugari: “But man, our Ulema knew everything, and even the old Bosnian Ulema was saying, that a time will come when people will talk through a box which will be carried in a hand.”

…and here’s more Islamic science from Imam Bugari at his mosque in Sarajevo, Bosnia:

“Americans rule the world, and so do the Jews. With the Americans’ help, they have again outsmarted the entire world, especially the economy. We consume American-Jewish products every day. We drink their ‘Coca-Cola’ and their ‘Pepsi’, we use their banks, buy their weapons, their ‘Nikes’ and various other products. Imagine how many ‘cokes’ a billion and a half Muslims drink every day. According to some data, 700 million ‘Coca-Colas’ every day, and you know well that 10 percent of every ‘Coca-Cola’ goes to Israel”.

One of Bugari’s typical sermons in Sarajevo then concludes:

“By purifying the heart of all idols, and then, if necessary, by the jihad. And jihad was necessary and will be necessary! Don’t think that we can survive in any other way, except by these three things: faith, economics and responding to Allah when the time for jihad comes.”

Just to recap who the chief mufti that sent him — Mustafa Ceric — is, here are previous posts on him. He is also the imam who was invited by a rabbi in Birmingham, Alabama for one of those “interfaith dialogue” routines, which Muslim clerics use to ingratitate Islam to the credulous American masses before the plan to saw our heads off kicks in.